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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Rabbi accuses Peace Now of grave sinKobi Nahshoni - YNET - " Yisrael Rozen writes article blaming left-wing organization for tale-bearing. Quoting Maimonides, he says punishment for such behavior is death; Peace Now head threatens to press charges . "30/8/2008
The Shministim Movement , The Ordeal of Sahar Vardi, RefusenikNEVE GORDON - Counterpunch - " While Vardi is the first woman to be imprisoned this year, she is part of a broader movement of Shministim, high-school seniors who refuse to be conscripted due to the military’s oppression of the Palestinians. Two other conscientious objectors, Udi Nir and Avichai Vaknin, were imprisoned earlier this month and a few others are likely to follow suit. " 30/8/2008
Derek Summerfield: Apartheid revisitedAmira Howeidy-Al Ahram-"Because he`s a doctor, his approach and activism have been focussed on the medical aspect of the boycott campaign where he has been raising compelling questions on the ethical and moral responsibility of the medical profession. He`s public enemy number one for Jewish pressure groups in the UK, and for the Israeli Medical Association (IMA), because he poses the right questions....It is appalling, he says, how the Israeli medical profession remains "completely silent" about the health and human rights consequences of the occupation."29/8/2008
Sailing Into GazaHUWAIDA ARRAF-Counterpunch-"Gaza is on the threshold of becoming the first territory to be intentionally reduced to a state of abject destitution, with the knowledge, acquiescence and – some would say – encouragement of the international community." 29/8/2008
Israel Broadcast Authority silences radio campaign for students trapped in Gaza Ma`an - ""Hello, this is Yossi Sarid," begins one of the ads..."We all need to learn; Gaza students included.""28/8/2008
Israel faces quandary over Gaza boatsYAAKOV KATZ - J-lem Post - "The organizers said that among the Palestinians were students with valid foreign visas or dual citizenships who had been accepted to universities abroad."28/8/2008
ISRAELI FREE GAZA MOVEMENT LEADER ARRESTEDRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "You see, if he was an IDF soldier he could enter and depart at will as long as he was “defending” the Occupation." 27/8/2008
New wave of COs starts filling military prison - you can send support and protest letters 26/8/2008
CO Sahar Vardi, third of a new wave of draft refusers to go to prison - including request for lettersNew Profile - "The bloody times in which I live (consisting of assassinations, aggression, bombings, shootings) result in increasing numbers of victims on both sides. It is a vicious circle that emanates from the fact that both sides elect to engage in violence. This choice I refuse to take part in."26/8/2008
New group battling Israel`s self-righteousness head-onEnglish-language information, though given unfriendly, about an initiative of Hebrew University students (coming from the right-wing`s self-appointed and industrious "academia monitor") [ed]26/8/2008
Soldiers attack a peaceful protest in Ni’linSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers attacked on Sunday a nonviolent protest against the Annexation Wall in Ni’lin village, near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Soldiers fired gas bombs causing several injuries and detained an Israeli peace activist. On Saturday, soldiers kidnapped two children in the village"25/8/2008
Blockade-running activists tour Gaza Strip, vow to bring 10 students on return voyageAFP - The Daily Star - "The group plans to spend 10 days in Gaza visiting schools, hospitals and refugee camps before sailing back to Cyprus with 10 Palestinian students who have been accepted to study abroad but were prevented from leaving Gaza. ‘This is a symbolic mission, and the idea is to break the siege,’ Jeff Halper, the only Jewish Israeli member of the group, told AFP. ‘Israel should have no right to control the movement of Palestinians’"25/8/2008
We hit a nerve, says leader of Gaza sailAnat Shalev - Ynet - Prof. Jeff Halper, only Israeli who took part in peace sail to Gaza, says idea came from realization that Israel, world governments sluggish about lifting blockade on Strip; adds restrictions on Gaza symptomatic of more than security needs24/8/2008
CO Udi Nir sentenced to 21 days in military prisonNew Profile-"I refuse to enlist into an occupying army so that I will not lend my own hand to the occupation and to acts that contradict my most basic values: human rights, democracy and the personal responsibility each and every human being bears towards fellow human beings."22/8/2008
High Court suspends proceedings in Ni`lin shooting caseB`tselem Report-“It transmits to officers and other soldiers an extremely grave message of contempt for human life, and paves the way for future cases. . . It is hard to avoid the conclusion that a systemic defect is involved, one that has spread not only among IDF officers but also among those responsible for enforcing law and order in the army”22/8/2008
Palestinians shoot back at Israelis -- with camerasAlistair Lyon - Reuters "The settlers try to frighten people and make them leave," said Nasr Nawajah, 25, sitting in a tent with other farmers. "The Israeli authorities deny it, but with the cameras, we can prove what happens and force them to do their jobs." Nawajah acts as a camera coordinator with Israel`s B`Tselem human rights group, which launched a project called "Shooting Back" last year to promote law enforcement and accountability. 21/8/2008
Can A Handful Of International Activists And Two Boats Break The Siege Of Gaza?Sharat G. Lin - Countercurrents - The SS Free Gaza and the SS Liberty either may pave the way for unrestricted international access to Gaza by symbolically breaking the Israeli naval blockade, or they will be stopped by the Israeli Navy which will prove that Israel still occupies Gaza despite its denials. The action places the Israeli government on the horns of dilemma, out of which neither outcome will work in its favor. It is only regrettable that no Arab government or organization has had the courage to challenge the Israeli blockade. 21/8/2008
Israeli-Palestinian Workshop on Education for PeaceDecember 5-6, 2008 - Tantur, Jerusalem - 20/8/2008
Is this the way?DANIEL GAVRON - J-lem Post - "Very much in defiance of the triumphal mood in the Jewish community at that time, Zander criticizes the Zionist policy toward the Arabs." 20/8/2008
Barak’s skunk tactics prove themselves once again at Bil’in David Nir - Occupation Magazine - The "skunk" turned out to be the star of this demonstration at Bil`in. The magical contraption that candidate Barak launched in order to deter those demonstrating against his tricking of the Supreme Court`s decision regarding the hijacked land - was to win the day via massive stench drenching of Bil`in`s soil.20/8/2008
Al-Kurd family home again threatened - volunteers urgently needed 19/8/2008
Palestinians block settler takeover of house in south Jerusalem Ma`an/ISM/ Wikio Jerusalem - A group of Palestinians successfully blocked Israeli settlers from occupying the home of Baha` Addin Darwish in the town of Beit Safafa, south of Jerusalem. Last week, the settlers attempted to occupy the house with furniture and religious books, but Palestinian residents sent them away. 19/8/2008
Petition against indictment in Ni`lin shooting caseB`Tselem e.a. - Human Rights groups demand the indictment to be altered to reflect the severity of the offense, which ostensibly constitutes abuse of a detainee in aggravated circumstances, punishment for these acts being imprisonment for seven years.19/8/2008
From Palestine to Beijing Olympians face the fear of failure but few have to overcome such tremendous obstacles as Nader Al Masri. The Palestine runner comes from the Beit Hanoun refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, a frequent battle zone between Hamas and Israeli troops. The sound of gunfire and exploding bombs punctuate his daily training schedule. 19/8/2008
Israel may use force to halt boat trying to break Gaza siegeRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Israeli Defense officials favor forcefully blocking two boats which a group of U.S.-based activists plan to sail to Gaza to protest what they call "the Israeli siege on the Strip. Spokesperson Greta Berlin responds: "We are determined to go on". 19/8/2008
When the Boats Arrive in Gaza Stuart Littlewood - The Palestinian Chronicle - "Volunteers are doing in their small way what the EU – if it had a shred of moral decency – should have done massively with cargo ships, helicopters and the necessary armed escorts when this offence against every code of humanity was first committed. The slightest interference by Israel, or attempt to re-seal Gaza’s borders, should have resulted in the EU-Israel Agreements being torn up and consigned to the wastepaper basket of history"18/8/2008
Threats to Free Gaza Ship illuminate Israeli stance on missionMa`an - "The Free Gaza statement, responding to rumours of the use of force against their vessel, stated: ‘We are nonviolent human rights activists and we have vowed to take no violent action, in either word or deed, against any other human beings - including against Israeli government and military officials who, apparently, wish us harm’"18/8/2008
Military judge: Naalin arrest unfoundedAli Waked - YNET - Military court orders release of father of girl who documented IDF soldier firing rubber bullets at bound Palestinian in Naalin, accuses prosecution, police of being unprofessional. Father`s attorney: `Release proves arrest was out of vengeance`18/8/2008
Standing up for justice in the Middle East: Yes, we can!Ramzi Kysia - Counterpunch - In a few, short days, the Free Gaza Movement, a diverse group of international human rights activists from seventeen different countries, will set sail from Cyprus to Gaza in order to shatter the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. I’m proud to stand with them. Over 170 prominent individuals and organizations have endorsed our efforts, including the Carter Center, former British Cabinet member Claire Short, and Nobel Peace Prize laureates Mairead Maguire and Desmond Tutu. 17/8/2008
Seven injured as Israeli army attacks prayer demonstration in Ni’linInternational Solidarity Movement - Every Friday at 1pm the villagers from Ni’lin meet in the fields outside the village to pray. This Friday, more than 50 soldiers and some jeeps were in the surrounding area during the ceremony. Once it finished, the army without provocation shot 36 tear gas canisters17/8/2008
Holocaust survivor joins peace voyage into troubled watersMichael Jansen - Irish Times - Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein is set to sail this weekend into the troubled waters off Gaza in a bid by peace activists to break Israel`s siege of the strip.17/8/2008
Toilet water – the new kind of weapon used against the people from Bil’inIyad Burnat-Bil’in’s Protest-"Soon after, confrontations started, the soldiers started firing tear gas, and sprayed us with toilet water. We would like to take a sample for analysis. Many people immediately had to be sick after being sprayed with this water. This is not the first time they use water, but this time was the first that they used water from the toilets...Chief Justice, Dorit Beinisch, and two of her fellow colleagues, condemned the Israeli government’s neglictance of the Supreme Court’s ruling last year, which ordered the correction of the current track of the wall. "15/8/2008
[GazaFriends] Dicing with death for Gaza: Day 12Yvonne Ridley-Press TV-"We could be in for a rough ride, but without going into too much detail, we probably are more at risk by not moving. Israel has a history of using Mossad and Kidon to sabotage and destroy peaceful operations designed to help or show solidarity towards Palestinians....We will be able to see in a few days time exactly how the Israelis react to a group of peaceful activists who want to sail into Gaza armed with nothing more than love and support for their Palestinian brothers and sisters."15/8/2008
The Latest from Free Gaza and Liberty,Lauren Booth - Crete Bulletin - Free Gaza have the boats, the crew, and the willpower to challenge Israel`s illegal barricade. Now all they need is the weather. Here is a message to the Gazans watching their sea for signs of ships: the Free Gaza Movement are on their way. When the winds are with them, nothing else should be able halt this mission of peace and goodwill. 14/8/2008
Academic freedom for whom? Please sign petition:
RWB condemns detention of Palestinian soundman Ibrahim HamadWAFA - “The Israeli military may not under any circumstances arrest journalists or media assistants without giving a reason,” Reporters Without Borders said. “If they think a journalist has done something wrong, they must say what it is and they must explain why they are arresting him. 12/8/2008
The occupation`s stench soars to new heights at Bil`in and Ni`linDavid Nir - " It is a flame-thrower like device carried by a well trained and obedient soldier that is equipped also with a protective face mask - against poisoning, which sprays a stream of the most horrible stinking fluid to a range of 20-30 meters. One has no words to describe this - it`s the most disgusting stench beyond imagination. "9/8/2008
An Israeli Jew in Gaza Jeff Halper - Ma`an - "My voyage to Gaza is a statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people in their time of suffering, but it also conveys a message to my fellow citizens." 6/8/2008
Anarchists arrested outside Naalin commander`s homeAhiya Raved - Ynet - "A police statement said officers acted aggressively due to an Attorney General order which strictly prohibits political activity outside of IDF officers` homes."6/8/2008
Ni’ilin: Known For All The Wrong Reasons Yasmin Abou-Amer - MIFTAH - Only recently, the Israeli army informed the village about a new tunnel it is planning to build at the entrance to Ni’ilin on the western side of the village. Some 150 dunums of the land will be confiscated for this purpose. The current entrance will be closed, and the tunnel is to be built under Road 446 to take its place. The first aim of the tunnel is to control the life of Ni’ilin’s 5,000 inhabitants and to cut them off from their links with the surrounding villages, as well as Ramallah city. It will be built on some of the village’s most fertile agricultural land, and will see the destruction of hundreds of olive trees that serve as livelihood for the local people. 5/8/2008
B`tselem to call for Ni`lin death probeTOVAH LAZAROFF AND YAAKOV LAPPIN - The Jerusalem Post - But B`tselem spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli said that according to several witnesses at the scene the young man was not involved in the clashes that occurred that evening between Border Police and young Palestinian men from the village. He was standing at the entrance to his home when he was shot, she said. 5/8/2008
`Breaking the Silence` appeals to Supreme Court - call for supportBreaking the Silence - Over the last three years "Breaking the Silence" has been conducting guided tours in Hebron. In these weekly tours, more than 5000 people have already participated, among them Knesset members, foreign diplomats, journalists and ordinary citizens. The tours provide a unique first-hand encounter of the occupation and are thus an indispensable tool for generating a democratic and responsible debatBreaking the17/8/2008
`The Military is Grossly Interfering with Academic Freedom`Gisha - The heads of Israel`s universities demand that the Defense Minister respect their academic freedom and stop preventing them from enrolling Palestinian students. Senior academics ask to join a Supreme Court petition against discriminatory restrictions on Palestinian students studying in Israel.2/8/2008
Ni`ilin: the West Bank focus of unarmed demonstrations and civil disobedience Donald Macintyre - The Independent - Strikingly, however, the mourners were joined not only by leftist independent politicians like Mustafa Barghouti but also by Rafiq Husseini, the right hand man of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. For Ni`ilin has become the West Bank focus of unarmed demonstrations and civil disobedience against the military`s separation barrier, which farmers here say is cutting them off from more than 800 acres of West Bank olive groves on which their livelihood depends.2/8/2008
ADDAMEER URGENT APPEAL Administrative Detention of Salwa Salah and Sara SiurehAddameer - Both girls are relatives (cousins) and one of the girls is still at school. The ISA claim that the girls are involved in militant activities . They were taken to Telmond Prison and then taken to Ofer Prison where they were interrogated for one hour. In the interrogation they were asked about what they were doing and if they had any relations with any political group. The girls did not confess to anything. 16/8/2008
Can unarmed seaborne civilians break the siege of Gaza?The Free Gaza Movement - A press conference at The Journalists’ House, Nicosia - On Monday, August 4, 2008, the Free Gaza Movement publicly introduces its international team that will take volunteers from Cyprus to Gaza in popular solidarity with Palestinian human rights. From that day, any attempt to damage the project will be considered an act of aggression against a nonviolent international human rights mission. 2/8/2008
Write Condoleezza Rice - protest settlement extensions! 10/8/2008
An Urgent call for donations from Anarchists Against the WallAATW - "The mounting legal costs of the joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle against the occupation, and the heightening legal persecution of Palestinian activists, are forcing us to send this urgent appeal for funds. We are asking for your support to continue the work of the Israeli group Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW), and perhaps even more importantly, to allow us to expand our legal fund in an attempt to also cover the legal costs of our Palestinian partners arrested at demonstrations"21/8/2008
Let the freedom boats reach Gaza!FIDH - These boats symbolize the moral authority of the international civil society community. These sixty civilians from a total of sixteen countries have come together in order to break the conspiracy of silence about the criminal and inhumane siege that is suffocating the 1.7 million civilian population of the Gaza Strip.12/8/2008
Another Voice from SderotNaomi Tzion - press release - "No to silence and to violence, yes to continued truce, yes to dialogue and good neighbourliness" Supporters of dialogue from Sderot and the Gaza border region held a bicycle tour and talked with Palestinian neighbours from Gaza and Sajaiya – by phone, for the time being 12/8/2008
Eight hours in Planet Kishon Prison – After a demonstration against the commander of the Binyamin BrigadeDavid Nir - Occupation Magazine - An Israeli activist speaks of his experience in an Israeli jail after demonstrating at the Zichron Yaakov home of an Israeli army commander, Col. Aviv Reshef10/8/2008
Bnei Avraham: tour to Hebron on 4 SeptemberSeptember 4th Breaking the Silence" tour to Hebron Costs: 40 NIS Please bring your passports (ID card for Israelis) For further questions and to sign up please contact Silvana: silvana.hogg@gmx.ch31/8/2008
A summer camp for political dissenters in IsraelDanna Harman - The Christian Science Monitor - " At Alternative Camp, draft dodgers and declared conscientious objectors hope to develop a new generation of young Israelis who refuse to fight. "30/8/2008
Free Gaza boats return to Cyprus, with Palestinian patients on boardSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - " Among the Palestinians leaving are Saed Mosleh, age 10, of Beit Hanoun, Gaza. Saed lost his leg due to an Israeli tank shell and is leaving Gaza with his father to seek medical treatment. Also on board are the Darwish family, who will finally be reunited with their relatives in Cyprus. "30/8/2008
Holy land trust update: A New Home Built By Holy Land Trustrebuilding the home of Walid Ahour, which was destroyed by the Israeli military in 2005. About fifteen international volunteers from Europe and the US are working side by side with Palestinian builders to build a new house in just two weeks30/8/2008
Palestinians say youth shot in Naalin uninvolved in riotAli Waked - Ynet News - Neighbor of 18-year-old critically wounded in Palestinian village on Wednesday says he was shot by Border Police officers at close range while standing in his front yard, far from rioting 1/8/2008
Sailing to Gaza: intimidation will not stop our missionOsama Qashoo - Counterpunch - The biggest friend of psychological terror is silence. The Free Gaza Movement aims to challenge the physical stranglehold on Gaza, but more importantly, this mission seeks to break the silence for millions of voiceless civilians whose daily stories of persecution go so cruelly ignored by the international community.24/8/2008
Free Gaza boats sail into Gaza port!!! Laila El-Haddad - A mother from Gaza Blog - " According to journalist Yvonne Ridley, one of those on board the SS Liberty: "We`ve entered Gazan waters. We`re flying the Palestinian flag, and we now believe that we`re going to reach the shores of Gaza very soon. I missed the start of the Berlin Wall coming down by just a few days, but now I know how people felt when they tore down those first few bricks. Today is a huge victory of people over power." Also, Aljazeera report on the boats` arrival.23/8/2008
Shministim letter 2008- refusing the occupationDeclaration by Israeli high school graduates refusing to serve the Occupation23/8/2008
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL URGENT ACTION - critically ill patients denied permission to leave Gaza for treatmentPlease send appeals - see end of posting23/8/2008
Free Gaza MissionUrgent: Free Gaza statement on the seas: "The electronic systems which guarantee our safety aboard the SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty have been jammed and scrambled. Both ships are flying Greek flags, and are in international waters. We are the victims of electronic piracy." Also, "Israel declares navy drills to deny activists passage to Gaza" - Michael Jansen - The Jordan Times. Also, press release by Gush-Shalom - "The Gush Shalom movement calls upon the government to let the two humanitarian boats which sailed yesterday from Cyprus, carrying peace and human rights activists from 17 countries (among them Prof. Jeff Halper of Jerusalem) to sail unmolested, reach the Gaza shores and unload their cargo – hearing aids urgently needed by deaf children in the Strip." 23/8/2008
ICAHD Building Camp - reports by participants 8/8/2008
Rabbis for human rights - OT update 1/8/08Rabbis for human rights - On Sunday evening settlers from Har Brakha firebombed a home in Burin *** A letter was sent to the police and the legal adviser of the territories, with a demand to punish Yaakov Talya and others from Mitzpe Yair, for breaking into Nawajaa family`s lands, setting dogs on Palestinian shepherds and chasing them on ATVs *** A 5 story house in Beit Hanina has been demolished this week.8/8/2008
2 Boats with activists sailing from Cyprus to Gaza - Call for - Although the boats are on their way to Cyprus, the actual action has not yet been inaugurated. There is still time - even after the boats leave Cyprus - to endorse.8/8/2008
Stop the Wall BDS newsletter #5 THE GRASSROOTS PALESTINIAN ANTI-APARTHEID WALL CAMPAIGN - On the fourth anniversary of the International Court of Justice`s ruling that Israel`s Wall is illegal, the BNC called on the EU not to upgrade its relationship with Israel and to suspend the EU Association Agreement. 8/8/2008
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