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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Six injured at the Bil`in weekly protest & how a new refuser was born Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - 3 Israeli demonstrators were detained, one of whom is current serving in the Israeli army. Upon being detained, the man stated his military number, unit and name. Despite this he was beaten up and held for approximately one hour. Upon his release, the man stated that he was ashamed of what the army was doing in the area and vowed not to return to service.30/6/2007
In Rafah - thousands of Palestinians stuck without humanitarian assistance MEP Luisa Morgantini - press release - "I call on the European Union and the whole international community not to stay static in front of the Palestinian population which has been wounded for the hundredth time. I call on them to put pressure on the Israeli government instead, to immediately re-open all the border crossing points at the Gaza Strip, in which Palestinian civilians are arbitrarily and unilaterally imprisoned and forced to survive with no food, nor water and with a health service on the verge of collapse.30/6/2007
A reservist refuser in prisonNew Profile - CO Eilam Oren was sentenced to 14 days in military prison for refusing to perform reserve service in the Israeli military. Solidarity action recommended.30/6/2007
FROM SUNDAY WE NEED 2-4 VOLUNTEERS EVERY DAY STARTING AT 7:00 AM TO WATCH THE POINT WHERE SALEM FARMERS CROSS THE MADISON ROAD. IT WOULD SAVE US MONEY IF SOME OF YOU WERE WILLING TO DRIVE. Please sign up: the office: 02-6482757, or after office hours to Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann 050-2110639 or Rabbi Arik Ascherman 050-5607034 (Not on Shabbat) 30/6/2007
Call for international help : burgeoning humanitarian crisis in GazaFrom the Rebuilding Alliance - Please call your congressperson`s office, write letters to your representatives29/6/2007
Boycott and divestment gains ground in Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Public Service Alliance -- EI -- "Northern Ireland`s biggest trade union, the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance, unanimously passed all five motions on Palestinian solidarity discussed at the 2007 annual delegate conference. These motions contained # Severe condemnation of Israel # A commitment to boycott and divestment and # Support for Trade Union Friends of Palestine and the Enough campaign against Israeli Occupation"28/6/2007
The Danger in Planting Twenty TreesSami Awad - « Israeli Army in Full Force to Stop Nonviolent Action aimed at Preventing a Sewage Dump from being created on Farm Land 27/6/2007
New England Methodists Pursue Divestment to End Israeli Occupation Report and recommendations of the divestment task force - "Over the past two years, the task force has examined many companies to determine which ones support the Israeli occupation. The task force has compiled an initial list of twenty companies from which it is recommending that United Methodist churches and investment managers in the New England Conference divest. Reasons for the divestment recommendations are provided for each company, and those reasons are backed up with supporting documentation."27/6/2007
Friday demonstrationsAs in previous weeks you are invited to register to the organized transportation to the 29th of June, Friday demo - in Bilin (the 125th). and at south of Bethlehem too. Please contact as early as you can but not later than Thursday night. (Village style cloths are recommended.) Phones: 03-648-2749 (the best) 052-4-655520 Or better by e-mail with your mobile phone number to: ilan@shalif.com26/6/2007
ISM Summer Campaign: “We need you now more than ever!”Hisham -ISM - In ISM, we have the respect and protection of ALL the Palestinian factions. In the last few days, I had a lot of phone calls from Europe and the United States, asking if we are still having the summer campaign or not. My answer was, “yes we need you now more than ever!” 23/6/2007
Soldier threatens to castrate a left-wing activist Hanan Greenberg - Y-Net -`We`ll kill you and castrate you,` threatened an IDF soldier in a phone call to a left-wing activist who takes part in controversial protests against army checkpoints. Soldier now facing court martial. 23/6/2007
UK trade union backs total boycott of IsraelUNISON media team /Ronen Bodoni - UNISON website/Y-net - Despite the massive anti-boycott campaign launched by the government of Israel, UNISON - the British union of public sector workers - went ahead with its declaration of a boycott on Israel. 23/6/2007
At least about the shame I can do something Arnon Lapid - Al Hatzafon - I knew already what occupation means. I had gotten some lessons during two turns of reserve military duty in the Territories, when I broke at night into the homes of sleeping families, pushed out and scattered the meagre contents of their cupboards, and terribly frightened babies and toddlers. A few years ago, when I visited Gaza with a groups of journalists, I saw the terrible poverty and squalor, and the permanent trace which the butt of a soldier`s rifle left on the shoulder of an an old woman. But at Hawara I saw that you can always learn a bit more. 23/6/2007
Gaza crisis - Israel not without blame Gush Shalom press release - Directly, the death and destruction in Gaza over the past week are the work of Palestinian factions which acted irresponsibly and caused great damage to their own people – but the government of Israel is not without blame. Those who push their neighbors to civil war cannot avoid responsibility even when the results are not as expected. 16/6/2007
Right of Reply: Anarchy in the Holy Land!By Uri Gordon - Jerusalem Post - It`s pretty rough being an Israeli anarchist these days. On a good day you are dismissed as irresponsible and naive, ignorant of history and blind to reality while your dedicated, life-risking activities are, at best, an easily-absorbed tantrum in the Nanny State. And that`s on a good day. 16/6/2007
Call for a letter-writing campaignRecognition Forum-"In February 2007, members of the Al-Nasasra clan received warnings that all village houses would be demolished. The unrecognized Bedouin villages such as `Al-Sadir`, `Atir, Um al-Hiran`, `Tel-Arad` received similar warnings, and all households in the village `Amara-Tarabin` received demolition orders. We request your participation in a letter-writing campaign that we are initiating in order to counter this policy of force, coercion and demolition by the Israeli government."15/6/2007
A Village Mobilized: Lessons from BudrusIda Audeh - The Electronic Intifada - "The story of Budrus is noteworthy because it reminds us that unarmed people are not powerless. Confronted with an Israeli plan to confiscate 1,000 dunums of village lands to erect a wall that would ultimately enclose area villages in a canton, Budrus residents put their bodies in front of the bulldozers that came to raze their farmlands. Unarmed, and abandoned to their fate by the increasingly useless and indifferent Palestinian Authority, the villagers quickly realized that the wall would stifle the area and make their lives unsustainable. They resisted the Israeli juggernaut with their bodies and temporarily stopped it in its tracks."14/6/2007
Tours of Hebron 11/6/2007
Ronnie Kasrils` speech to S. African Parliament on 40th anniversary of occupationRonnie Kasrils -- "Israel`s conquest and occupation, with the latest land grab caused by its monstrous Apartheid Wall and continued construction of the illegal settlements has reduced the West Bank into several disconnected pockets amounting to 12 percent of former Palestine. No wonder that Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Tutu and others compare the situation to Apartheid and the infamous Bantustans -- which gave 13 percent of land for South Africa`s indigenous people"11/6/2007
Pressure mounts on Israel’s architects to end complicity in illegal settlement building Susannah Tarbush -- -- "Just days before 5 June`s 40th anniversary of the start of the June 1967 war, some of the biggest names in British architecture signed a petition calling on Israeli architects and their fellow professionals to stop participating in the creation of `facts on the ground`, which obliterate the idea of a viable future Palestinian state"11/6/2007
Sailing to GazaSilvia Cattori -- CounterPunch - A group of 50 to 80 men and women, coming from all over the world, Palestinians, Israelis, Australians, Greeks, Americans, English, Spanish, Italians, just to name a few, have organized an unusual project -- sailing a boat to Gaza. They will begin their journey in Cyprus toward the end of this summer on a boat called FREE GAZA. They intend to challenge Israel`s claim that it no longer occupies Gaza11/6/2007
Statement by Mairead Maguire at rally in London, 9 June 2007Mairead Maguire - "I join with you all in calling for an End to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, and a negotiated settlement to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. It is over 30 years since many of us from Northern Ireland stood here in Trafalgar Square, calling for a peaceful settlement to the Northern Irish conflict, and insisting that there would not be a paramilitary nor a military solution to our own situation. We insisted then that our conflict could only be solved through nonviolent means, with Governments and Armed Groups upholding human rights and international laws, all-inclusive dialogue, including with one’s enemies, and determination and belief that peace is our right and it is possible. Today in Northern Ireland the guns (both legal and illegal) are silent and we are building genuine democracy and a nonviolent community."10/6/2007
MEPs Stand up for the immediate release of 45 Palestinian MPs held in Israeli jail Luisa Morgantini - Right before the beginning of the debate with Mr. Solana on the situation on the Middle East, 45 MEPs stood up symbolically in the plenary, each representing one of the 45 Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council detained in the Israeli jails in a clear violation of international legality. 9/6/2007
`If my name was not Begin there would have been no sensation`AFP (quoting Maariv) - In the photo, the 32-year-old Avinadav Begin and a young Palestinian are seen facing off with Israeli soldiers in riot gear during a weekly demonstration against the barrier. "I would like to blow up this barrier, it will not help bring peace between Israel and Palestine" the young Begin reportedly wrote.9/6/2007
Want to end the boycott? End the occupationYosef Gorali - Maariv - We seem to have forgotten that there is a condition to membership in this prestigious club, the Family of Democratic Nations: Namely, to be truly a democracy. Does Israel fulfil this condition? Are we truly a democracy? 9/6/2007
EU parliamentarians call for boycott endArab Media Internet network-"The only solution is to recognize the government that was legitimately elected - and talk with all of its members,"8/6/2007
`40 Years-Enough!` - report on a week of protest Adam Keller - Gush-Shalom / Occupation Magazine - "The Six Day War has already lasted forty years - it is time to end it" 12/6/2007
ANC STATEMENT ON WEEK OF SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINEANC-"Today, thirteen years after the end of apartheid, South Africans need to join hands and act in solidarity with the people of Palestine as they struggle for the realisation of their basic human rights. These include the right to self-determination and the return of the people of Palestine. "8/6/2007
OUR OWN GOODGush Shalom-Ad published in Haaretz, June 1, 2007-"Every year of occupation/Causes the state/To be more corrupt and sleazy,/More cruel towards the occupied,/More callous towards the occupiers."8/6/2007
PRESS RELEASE BY LUISA MORGANTINI (GUE/NGL) Vice President of the European ParliamentLuisa MORGANTINI - Press Release/Coalition of Women for Peace -“We are deeply worried not only for the plight of the 45 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council but also for the near 11000 Palestinian political prisoners currently imprisoned by the Israeli Army, without a true process and often brutally abducted by the Israeli soldiers. " 8/6/2007
Why as an Israeli I support boycott Reuven Kaminer - email - What shall I tell you? It is not with such pleasure that I suggest sanctions against my country`s educational and cultural institutions. But the truth is that every nonviolent action against the occupation is an action on behalf of Israel`s future... so I signed. The text is absolutely reasonable. Please, consider. (To sign please send your name to: )7/6/2007
Letter to MandelaAli Al-Azhari - Despite the despair among Palestinians and in the Israeli `peace camp` of ever reaching a solution that will end occupation, or perhaps because of that despair, I cannot, as a person and as a Palestinian, remain indifferent to these voices, loud and clear, coming from today’s South Africa. After all, who can tell us better than the citizens of South Africa, black and white, about the efficacy of the boycott in fighting tyrrany and oppression? And who hopes and yearns for it to be applied more than the Palestinians? 7/6/2007
Occupation made visible on the Israeli streetKobi Snitz - Indymedia Israel - (...) banner drops and ad busting actions took place in Tel Aviv; a mutilated manikin was hung on Rothschild Boulevard wearing a poem by Aharon Shabtai; a main highway on ramp was blocked by smoke and fire; a massive bicycle critical mass rolled through Tel Aviv in the late afternoon; in Jerusalem, a razor wire action. 7/6/2007
100s attend left-wing Hebron demoTovah Lazaroff/Lilach Shoval - Jerusalem Post/Y-Net - "One right-wing activist yelled that the Peace Now group was equivalent to skinheads and Nazis. The Peace Now demonstrators, in turn, shouted that the settlers were like a "bone in their throats."" 6/6/2007
Leftists stage `Tel Aviv checkpoint`Yaakov Lappin - Ynet - ""We are two nations living here, with extremists on both sides. I want to be able to go to Gaza and eat hummus there, to live in peace," he said." 6/6/2007
Protests to mark 40 years of Israeli occupationNicholas Bowen -- IMEMC News -- "Among the planned events for the 40-year anniversary are simultaneous rallies in Tel Aviv and the Anata neighborhood in east Jerusalem Tuesday, which will be broadcast live to each other on giant screens. [...] The centerpiece of the events will be a rally in Tel Aviv Saturday, to coincide with protests against the Israeli occupation being staged in cities around the world" 4/6/2007
List of global actions 9-10 JuneUS Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation - The world says no to occupation!3/6/2007
Don`t say we did not know 58 - pollution on top of land grabAmos Gvirtz - The fence is meant to go around two planned Jewish neighbourhoods, east of Efrat. A ditch is being built as well, for the sewage pipeline of Efrat. The sewage is planned to go to the other side of the fence, to the land of the Abu Sway family of Ertas. 570 dunums of their lands may be polluted, as well as Ertas` water sources.2/6/2007
Talking to Syria beats bombing HamasJ. Zel Lurie - Palm Beach Jewish Journal - [From `talking to Syria` to 1967 memories. Lurie is a remarkably alert 90+ writer and fighter for peace - ed.]2/6/2007
UNISON to boycott Israeli products Press TV/Jerusalem Post/UNISON website - In 2006 the UNISON (British Public Workers` Union) conference welcomed the union`s delegation to Palestine and Israel to see first-hand the reality of the situation on the ground. The conference noted that "the political situation in both Palestine and Israel is extremely fluid" and that "therefore, trade unions have a crucial role to play within civil society in building support for the peace process and a just resolution to the conflict". The coming conference, this month, is expected to call for a boycott on the products made by Israel. 2/6/2007
TA fountains painted red to protest killing of PalestiniansMoran Rada - YNET - "In a pamphlet distributed by the activists, they wrote, "We believe that after 40 years of murderous occupation, the Tel Aviv public no longer has the right to enjoy decorative displays while ignoring the crimes that are being committed in its name in the occupied territories on a daily basis."`12/6/2007
Friday June 15th 4 demonstrations in one dayFrom the Anarchists Against the Wall Four Palestinian villages have invited Israelis and Internationals to join them in their demonstrations against the wall and the theft of Palestinian land. Each village that joins the struggle strengthens the struggle of the next village and every week of continued resistance builds on the previous weeks and months of struggle. In addition to the Friday demonstration in Bilin, three of the demonstrations are in the area south of Bethlehem where the next stage in the dispossession and caging of Palestinians is underway. A few months ago construction of infrastructure for the wall began and it will take the combined efforts of the villages in the area and Israeli and international supporters to resist it. Four demonstrations in one day require a large number of Israelis to support them and a large effort on our part. That is precisely because this is an opportunity to increase the strength of the resistance. Please make every effort to join one of the demonstrations this Friday. From Tel Aviv contact Ilan to register. 03-6482749 052-4-655520 0526383482 and from Jerusalem call Oded 0528590924 02671400412/6/2007
British MPs: We should support the Arab peace offerOpen Letter - The Guardian - [After 40 years of occupation] the Gaza Strip is the world`s largest prison, with 1.4 million Palestinians trapped inside, deprived of the freedom to travel or trade, and with little hope for the future. The West Bank is covered in hundreds of illegal settlements containing almost 500,000 illegal Israeli settlers, and carved up by settler roads, 549 roadblocks and a wall that serves not just to protect Israelis, but to imprison the Palestinians within it and to annex around 10% of the West Bank.7/6/2007
Supreme Court continues ban on Israeli settlement in Bil`in lands ISM - - Judge Prokachya told the respondents that the Court will not cancel the temporary injunction before a final verdict is given in both petitions. This means that at least for the time being, no building can take place in Matityahu East and no new residents are allowed to move in.7/6/2007
A justified boycottBenny Gefen - Yisraeli - Let us hope that these boycotts arouse our consciousness before they cause our economic collapse.7/6/2007
Rallies oppose Israeli occupation Agencies - Al Jazeera - "Walid Batrawi, Al Jazeera`s correspondent in Ramallah, said rallies will continue across the West Bank for the rest of the month, primarily in Ramallah and Nablus, and culminating on June 28 with the anniversary of the annexation of East Jerusalem into Israel." 6/6/2007
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