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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Palestinian boycott of Israeli settlement goods starts to biteHarriet Sherwood - Guardian - ""It will help ensure that the Palestinian economy is self-sufficient. There will not be a store in Palestine which cannot carry our stickers."" 30/6/2010
June 26, 2010 Bi`r el-`IdDavid Shulman - The cell was filthy, [Ezra Nawi] says, and infested with cockroaches who slept with him in his bed, emerged from his towel when he showered. One day he asked the commanding officer: "Are these part of the menu or part of the punishment? (...) of course I`m optimistic. You must be optimistic, too, otherwise why would you be here?"29/6/2010
Nocturnal Terror in SilwanDaniel - As we leave the neighborhood, escorted by our Palestinian friends, we know [that] we shall return any time our presence is needed. This injustice, this folly of settlement, especially in the heart of Palestinian neighborhoods, must come to an end. 29/6/2010
Raising the stakes in Silwan Bernard Avishai - Jerusalem Post - It would be terribly provocative to make 22 families homeless or impose a development plan on the neighborhood without the agreement of its residents. Assaf Sharon, unofficial leader of last Friday`s protest in Silwan, said the idea was to let Jerusalem Mayor Barkat know that if he brings bulldozers, there will be hundreds sitting down to block them. 29/6/2010
Quiz: What do you really know about the occupation? HaMoked - The occupation is cloaking its actions through an ever more complex bureaucracratic system. HaMoked activists work to expose and publicize essential truths about the occupation. So take the quiz, and find out: What do you really know about the occupation? 29/6/2010
U.S. may agree - we concerned citizens do not (appeal to the Supreme Court)Gush Shalom - The rule which the State asks the Supreme Court Judges to endorse, that the investigation of soldiers about their acts in the field should be carried out solely through the debriefing carried out by the army itself and that statements made during debriefing should not at all be passed to anyone outside the armed forces, is a dangerous erosion of the principle of civilian control over the armed forces, a cornerstone of any democratic regime. 29/6/2010
Protest for Freedom of Movement in Shufa Village, Friday, 2.7.2010Since 2002, IDF is cutting off Shufa Village, south of TulKarem, by blocking the road which connects the 2 parts of the village. To get from one side of the village to the other, its residents need to walk a long distance by foot; for getting to TulKarem city, they need to drive over 25 km, thus they are isolated without any justification28/6/2010
Swansea City Council resolve to exclude Veolia from future contractsAngus Geddes - Breakthrough! I have just heard that on 17 June Swansea City Council passed a resolution to exclude Veolia from all future contracts. Swansea is the second largest city in Wales. This is highly significant. It is the first time that a council in UK has passed such a resolution. To my knowledge the only local authorities in Europe to pass similar resolutions are Irish: Dublin recently, and I think Sligo and Galway earlier.27/6/2010
MachsomWatch volunteers join Villages Group tour of Massafar YattaOn June 17, four MachsomWatch volunteers joined the Villages Group weekly tour of Massafar Yatta (South Hebron Hills).26/6/2010
Hebron: Rightists confront Hadash MKsShmulik Grossman - Israel News "Ben-Gvir, Marzel shout `traitors, enemies of Israel` at Leftist lawmakers taking part in tour organized by Breaking the Silence. Barakeh`s spokesman: Police allowing them to do whatever they want" 25/6/2010
Justice for Adeeb Abu Rahma: Peaceful protest is not a crimeInternational Solidarity Movement - "Join us to support Adeeb:Adeeb has been convicted for crimes of “incitement” – that is, urging the villagers to come out on Fridays to join the weekly protest – and for belonging to the Bil’in Popular Committee. These manufactured “crimes” apply to all the leaders and most of the participants of all the nonviolent movements in all the towns and villages of Palestine. If they are determined by the Israeli military to be illegal in Palestine, and a heavy sentence applied, then the entire resistance movement is threatened." 25/6/2010
Gaza moves New York City mother from apathy to activism Alex Kane - EI - ""Killing civilians indiscriminately with US weapons, paid for with our tax money, seemed to be so hideously wrong."" 23/6/2010
How I was summoned to the Knesset following my unequivocal words to my students condemning the 43 year-old occupation/ Ram Cohen in YNet transl. OM20/6/2010
Israel Officially Informs UN It Will Intercept Lebanese Solidarity ShipSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The army received instructions to stop the ships by all means and to use force if needed. It is worth mentioning that that the Lebanese ship will only carry women, Muslim and Christian, in addition to medical and humanitarian supplies." 20/6/2010
Anti-wall protestors clash with Israeli soldiers in West BankXiong Tong - Xinhua - "In the meantime, many demonstrators fell unconscious during the protest due to inhaling the tear gas."20/6/2010
Letter from Gilboa PrisonAmeer Makhoul - According to the media in Israel, I`m already guilty, a terrorist & a supporter terror. The rule of the game here is that I’m guilty whether or not I prove that I`m not. [With an introduction by Rela Mazali/Jewish Peace News.] 22/6/2010
Maariv: Targeted boycott and divestment pushing companies out of the settlementsRonit Morgenstern - Maariv [translation-Coteret] - Achva has recently invested some NS 35 million of its capital in setting up a new factory in the Ariel industrial zone, near Barkan. “Despite the large investment, we are preparing an alternative within the Green Line.22/6/2010
How do you get from Gaza to Ramallah? Play `Safe Passage` Gisha - "Safe Passage" allows the user to experience interactively the restrictions on movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The game includes an archive of dozens of legal documents that shed light on military legislation and legal rulings since the 1990s22/6/2010
Stop the bullets! A call to end the use of live ammunition against unarmed civilians in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’ISM - "30% of Gaza’s arable farmland, and some of it’s most fertile, lies within the ‘buffer zone’. Farmers who attempt to work in the zone face routine live fire and crop destruction, in addition to occasional artillery shells. Israel shoots farmers trying to grow crops on Gazan land for an impoverished and malnourished society"21/6/2010
Daybreak outpouring of Bay Area picketers stops unloading of Israeli shipHenry Norr - Mondoweiss - "somewhere between 700 and 1,000 demonstrators from all over the San Francisco Bay Area made their way at 5:30 on a Sunday morning deep into the Port of Oakland to stage a spirited community-labor picket line in front of a berth where an Israeli freighter, the Zim Shenzhen, was due to dock; dock workers from Local 10 of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union refused to cross the picket line"21/6/2010
Soldiers Attack Nonviolent Protestors in Beit JalaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Soldiers also fired gas bomb at a number of homes far away from the protest location, and also fired gas bombs at Saint Nicolas Hospital forcing the patients to leave the building"21/6/2010
Sun. June 20: Beit Jalla DemonstrationFrom Jerusalem - Daniel 054-6236609, from Tel-Aviv - Ayala 052-470788519/6/2010
Mon. June 21: Book Launch, `Seizing Control of Space in East Jerusalem`June 21, 7 PM, American Colony, Jerusalem, with author Dr. Meir Margalit, member of Jerusalem city council.19/6/2010
Conscientious Objector Diane Kogan in Prison"It makes no sense that one side will use violence as a way towards peace in the hope that the other side will just accept it." [The announcement on the New Profile site includes addresses for letters of support & protest.]18/6/2010
Folk singer Devendra Banhart cancels Israel showsOr Barnea - Ynet - "We will be overjoyed to return to Israel on the day that our presence is perceived and reported on as a cultural event and not a political one. We truly hope that day comes soon."18/6/2010
Police investigating Ha`aretz reporter Lahav Harkov - Jerusalem Post - Hammerman brought 18-year-old Palestinian girl Aya and her two cousins into Israel without permits, for "a day of fun" in Tel Aviv.18/6/2010
US Consul Asks Israeli Government To Look Into How American`s Eye Was Shot Out In West Bank ProtestSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The Israeli government says it has already carried out an investigation of the incident, and that its officers acted impeccably and according to procedure." 16/6/2010
Visiting the family of the Hamas terrorist who tried to kill my wifeDavid E.H. Gershon - Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Not out of revenge. Out of desperation.15/6/2010
Palestinian activist faces prison sentence - his case been taken up by Amnesty International AI - "The broad scope of Israeli military orders means that Adeeb Abu Rahma could be imprisoned solely for legitimately exercizing his right to freedom of expression in opposing Israeli policies in the West Bank." 15/6/2010
Palestinian boycott coordinator: `The movement has a huge impact` Adri Nieuwhof - Electronic Intifada - It took the South African BDS campaign 25 years to achieve what we achieved in five years.15/6/2010
A cover-up commission, toothless and powerlessGush Shalom - Even if it wants to, the Tirkel Commission can`t probe the real issues - and the international friends of Dore Gold won’t bite either [from press release announcing appeal to the Supreme Court]. 15/6/2010
Norwegian Port Union Boycotts Israeli ShipsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Responding to requests from the Palestinian Workers Union and other unions and organizations around the world, the Norwegian Ports Union decided to follow its Swedish counterpart by launching a boycott on all Israeli ships. The boycott will begin on June 16"14/6/2010
The Boycott Divestment Sanctions Movement Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss - The Nation - "The Berkeley bill failed, but the all-night debates only seemed to give the movement confidence that the next vote will go differently. We might not have to wait long to find out: six more American university student bodies are said to be taking up the call in the near future"14/6/2010
Activists disrupt Caterpillar shareholder meeting Kristin Szremski - EI - "In addition to being retrofitted to hold heavy machine guns and in some cases grenade launchers, many D9 bulldozers are now driverless and can be operated by remote control, according to a March 2009 article in The Jerusalem Post. […] Israel has demolished some 24,000 homes using the D9 since it illegally occupied the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem in 1967, according to Joel Finkel of Jewish Voice for Peace, who introduced a shareholder proposal requesting a review of CAT`s global corporate standards"14/6/2010
Israeli Minister of Defence Cancels Trip Due to Possible International Charges for Role in Attack on Freedom Flotilla Tania Kepler - AIC - "The announcement comes after French activists who were aboard the Gaza bound aid convoy threatened to bring charges against Barak over the raid that killed nine. [...] Three members of French parliament have also joined the effort"14/6/2010
Israel Plans Prosecution of Ameer Makhoul, Uri Blau Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "The so-called Israeli left continues to embarrass itself by betraying its values (or at least what its values should be)." 13/6/2010
Their Lives for Gaza - Corrie and Dogan: Murdered, American HeroesRANNIE AMIRI - Counterpunch - "Rachel Corrie and Furkan Dogan are American heroes. They were killed upholding human dignity, and their deaths were not in vain." 13/6/2010
Ni`lin Residents protest the wall and settlers chant `Palestinians go to Jordan`George Rishmawi - IMEMC - "A number of Palestinian protesters choked as a result of tear gas inhalation and were treated by field medics." 13/6/2010
Galloway announces convoy to ‘end the siege’JONNY PAUL - J-lem Post - "“We will arrive off Gaza together. We will enter together with the mightiest breach of the siege there has ever been, and we will end this siege that day.”" 13/6/2010
French Protest of Israeli Raid Reaches Wide AudienceSTEVEN ERLANGER - IHT - "Mr. Boeken said that Israeli filmmakers and Israeli state financing for them were “under constant attack from the Israeli right.”" 13/6/2010
Arab league chief accuses Israel of atrocitiesSELCAN HACAOGLU - AP News - "Hariri said the Middle East was suffering under Israel`s "criminal and barbaric" attitude." 11/6/2010
British firm cuts ties with Israeli companyMeirav Crystal - Ynet - "Even though Disk-In Pro were good clients, he continues, they do not want to support Israel`s policy in the Gaza Strip as well as in the other "occupied Palestinian territories"." 11/6/2010
Italian flotilla journalist: My credit card was used after IDF confiscated itDimi Reider - Haaretz - "Luppichini says he wants to know who used his credit card, along with why and how. He is also demanding that all of his equipment be returned to him immediately." 11/6/2010
Free Gaza Leader: ‘We’ll Be Back – With Bigger Flotillas’Mel Frykberg - Antiwar - "Q: What are the future plans of GF? A: More boats and bigger flotillas until we break the siege on Gaza completely. We will be back."9/6/2010
Peace activist, Emily Henochowicz, loses eye after being shot with tear gasNaomi Klein - - "She devoted her life to seeing, to witnessing. And for this she lost her left eye." 9/6/2010
Flotilla passenger: Willing to face Israeli probeRonen Medzini - Ynet - Former US marine who was on board Marmara ship, took part in resisting the Israeli commandoes attempting to intercept it, calls IDF`s accusations against him `absolutely absurd`, says may return to Israel to face charges. 8/6/2010
IDF admits doctoring audio of raid on Gaza flotillaDaniel Tencer - - The original clip released by the Israeli Defense Force on May 31, 2010 does not include any of the inflammatory comments heard in later versions [with three versions of same IDF video recorded-ed].8/6/2010
Emily Henochowicz: `O America, my America..stop making weapons to test on demonstrators in Palestine.`Editor:Watch the Photo of wounded Emily Henochowicz . No report in Israeli media up to now - as far as we checked.6/6/2010
Register for Transportation to June 11 - June 13 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the SettlementsFri: Bil`in & Al Ma`asara (+ ? continue to Sheikh Jarrah) & Al Walaje/ Sat: Beit Ommar & Hebron/ Sun: Beit Jala 8/6/2010
Video: Tel-Aviv demonstration 43 years of occupation Israel Social TV - with considerable part of writer Nir Baram`s speech (english subtitles)8/6/2010
More important than ever to participate in demos marking 43 years of occupationFrid morning: on Apartheid Road 443 / Noon: Jerusalem Paris Sq / Afternoon: Sheikh Jarrah / Sat. night Tel Aviv 3/6/2010
Accompanying Shepherds and FarmersSaturday, June 5, 2010 South hebron Hills - 054-8184467 - 2/6/2010
Israel deports aid activistsAljazeera - "Erdogan, in his speech, "mentioned the unmentionable, saying that Israel acts because it has powerful friends"." 2/6/2010
Reporters Without Borders: 15 journalists still missingMa`an - "An Al Jazeera TV crew was meanwhile attacked by Israeli citizens in the port of Ashdod Monday after the Israeli defense minister gave a news conference about the attack on the flotilla."2/6/2010
ECESG: “We Have Donations To Prepare First Three Ships of Freedom Flotilla 2”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - " Freedom Flotilla 2, is expected to sail in the coming weeks, and that the flotilla expresses a “real international will to break this unjust and illegal Israeli siege on Gaza”." 2/6/2010
Palestinian-Israelis from Gaza Flotilla Face Extended DetentionSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Although Israel has continued to refuse to release information about who was killed or injured in the commando raid on the Flotilla, Israeli officials confirmed that none of the four Arab Israelis were killed or wounded." 2/6/2010
Gaza flotilla passenger: Ship became lake of bloodYnet - "We waited in the fore room and saw them carrying an Israeli soldier who looked to me like he`d had a breakdown. Then the second and third came, but after these three injured soldiers then I saw a lot – maybe 10 – passengers who were severely hurt, injured, covered in blood. They were treated in the salon next to me. One was so badly injured I am sure he must have died soon after."2/6/2010
`Security cannot be built on the corpses of protesters!`Social TV/Gush Shalom - More than 2000 people, old and young, gathered opposite the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv in a spontaneous demonstration of anger and protest. Similar protests took place within hours after the bloody assault of the flotilla in Ashdod, Jerusalem, Haifa and Be`er Sheba.1/6/2010
Returning Gaza flotilla activists recount Israeli raidLiel Kyzer, Yair Ettinger, AP - Haaretz - The boat`s captain was beaten for refusing to leave the wheel, and had sustained non-life-threatening injuries, while a cameraman filming the raid was hit with a rifle butt in the eye-as quoted from Greek activist Dimitris Gielalis.1/6/2010
US activist loses eye after being shot in face with tear gas canisterISM - US citizen and solidarity activist Emily Henochowicz was shot directly in the face with a tear gas canister as she non-violently demonstrated against the Flotilla massacre in Qalandiya. 1/6/2010
RELEASE THE PEACE ACTIVISTS TRYING TO HELP GAZA! demo Wedn. June 2, 6pm in Beer Sheva in front of the prison: transportation from: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv 1/6/2010
Sheikh Jarrah in Solidarity with DahamashThis Wednesday (9.6) we, residents and activists of Sheikh Jarrah, will join the people of Dahamsh in a demonstration ending with a concert of the Palestinian band DAM7/6/2010
Jewish Group Prepares for Gaza Voyage AIC - "In solidarity with the recent wave of ships attempting to break the siege on Gaza, a boat of European Jewish activists, accompanied by television journalists, will be sailing to Gaza from a yet to be announced Mediterranean port"7/6/2010
`Pixies` cancel Tel-Aviv showJPOST - " The latest cancellation follows earlier cancellations by the `Klaxons` and `Gorillaz` following the killing of 9 Turks, when the Navy boarded ships belong to the Gaza-bound flotilla on Monday.Before the raid on the ship, `Elvis Costello` canceled a show, a cancellation which generated a lot of publicity, and anger in Israel. "6/6/2010
Rightists slam `stinking Tel Avivians`Yoav Zitun - " Dozens of rightist activists, including fans of the Betar Jerusalem Soccer Club, clashed with locals in Tel Aviv Saturday in the wake of the leftist rally in the city. Earlier, thousands of leftists marched through the city to mark "43 years of occupation" and express their displeasure with the lethal IDF raid on a Gaza-bound ship earlier this week." 6/6/2010
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