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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

This Is How to Stay BehindHaaretz Editorial--The figures show that Israel’s gap in math-test scores between students from richer areas and those from poorer areas is the third largest among the countries surveyed, preceded only by Turkey and Qatar. In sciences, the income gap in Israel is the ninth largest. The meaning is simple: If you have money and access to high-standard schools, you’re in good shape educationally. If you don’t have money and live in the periphery – the Israeli radar will probably not find you. dn3/12/2016
Will Netanyahu’s collective blame sink Israel?Akiva Eldar--Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s collective blame strategy will punish many Israeli Arabs who had no connection to the wildfires and will only aggravate tensions between Jews and Arabs. dn3/12/2016
Why a settlement boycott is so scary for IsraelMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - Israeli leaders see the idea of a limited boycott of the settlements alone as a farce because they know it would bleed right through the Green Line they’ve been working so hard to erase. [bz] 3/12/2016
Ashrawi: Partition is a historical concession, and solidarity should be an active engagementRamallah/PNN/ "Even when the Palestinians accepted the principle of partition in 1988 and went even further in agreeing to the 1967 borders, there was neither a recognition of the enormity of the sacrifice nor an appreciation of the historical magnitude of such a concession. As such, it is the only key to peace with minimal justice which is being destroyed by Israel’s continued violations and fundamentalist extremist Zionist ideology." ca2/12/2016
The Real Link Between Israel’s Forest Fires And Muezzin BillJonathan Cook - Counter Currents - Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his support this month for the so-called “muezzin bill”, claiming it was urgently needed to stop the dawn call to prayer from mosques ruining the Israeli public’s sleep. A vote in the parliament is due this week. The use of loudspeakers by muezzins was unnecessarily disruptive, Mr Netanyahu argued, in an age of alarm clocks and phone apps. But the one in five of Israel’s population who are Palestinian, most of them Muslim, and a further 300,000 living under occupation in East Jerusalem, say the legislation is grossly discriminatory. The bill’s environmental rationale is bogus, they note. Moti Yogev, a settler leader who drafted the bill, originally wanted the loudspeaker ban to curb the broadcasting of sermons supposedly full of “incitement” against Israel.-rh 1/12/2016
WATCH: A new brand of Jewish nonviolence in Palestine Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - In the summer of 2016, dozens of Jews from the U.S. and other countries came to Palestine, at the request of Palestinian activists, to use nonviolence, civil disobedience, and their privilege as Jews to help oppose the Israeli occupation. Under the banner of “Occupation is not my Judaism,” the activists helped rebuild homes demolished by the Israeli army, facilitated an entire displaced Palestinian village’s return to to its former homes, and put their bodies on the line to challenge the Israeli military regime of segregation and settlement in Hebron.-rh 1/12/2016
Bernie Sanders Is Not Giving Up on Positive Change Because of an Election Bernie Sanders, Thomas Dunne Books - Truthout - Despite the dismay and consternation that so many of our readers felt with the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency, Bernie Sanders released a 450-page book recently with the proud rallying cry of Our Revolution as the title. The book emphasizes a roll-up-our-sleeves optimism in progressive populism despite the election of a white nationalist leader to the highest office in the land. That is further emphasized by the cover photo that includes his campaign slogan -- now his rallying cry -- "A Future to Believe In."1/12/2016
In Jerusalem, insurance becomes extortionJoharah Baker - The Electronic Intifada - Earlier this year, new regulations made it mandatory for all residents in Jerusalem with temporary family unification permits to obtain Israeli medical insurance. The law, which came into effect on 1 August, will cost those affected a monthly fee in addition to a large backdated one-time charge. It has caused an angry uproar among Jerusalem’s Palestinians, who see it as yet another attempt by Israeli authorities to target their community and make their precarious existence in the city even more challenging.-rh 1/12/2016
How Israel is bypassing the PAAdnan Abu Amer - Al Monitor - Israel communicates with the Palestinians at the checkpoints and online. Examples of the latter are the Facebook page of Gen. Yoav Mordechai, the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), his Twitter account and his official website, which are visited by thousands of Palestinians daily. On Nov. 11, the COGAT Facebook page posted about 10,000 job opportunities in Israel for Palestinian workers and listed the conditions required; it seems that this page has turned into an official Israeli platform to directly address the Palestinians.-rh 1/12/2016
Deported from Palestine: Why Israel fears journalistsEoin Wilson - Aljazeera - As Israel tightens its grip on Palestinians and their international supporters, a growing number of activists, researchers and journalists have been denied access by the Israeli authorities. Among them is Eoin Wilson, an Irish-Scottish freelance journalist specialising in social movements and international solidarity activism. Earlier this month, he was refused entry and banned for 10 years. Here, he reflects on his ordeal at the hands of Israeli interrogators.-rh 1/12/2016
Red Rag column - Trump and Ze`evi - Advice for Ilana DayanGideon Spiro - The session to honour the memory of Rahavam Ze’evi was one of the low points in the history of the Knesset. gm1/12/2016
Now is the moment for us Palestinians to renew our national movementSalem Barahmeh - The Guardian - Fatah has long been the backbone of the Palestinian national movement. Today it is plagued by infighting between its various camps, often headlined by the feud between President Mahmoud Abbas and the former leader Mohammad Dahlan. This infighting is crippling Palestinian politics and society. It is incumbent on Fatah to hold itself to a higher standard and live up to its responsibility as the leader of the national movement. It must take this as a serious opportunity to elect fresh young faces and address its issues – not as an opportunity to further polarise the party and consolidate power. The final opportunity is the rumoured Palestine National Council meeting, which could be held before the year’s end.-rh 1/12/2016
The new axis of evil: Trump, Putin, NetanyahuYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "The Tea Party recorded a historic achievement, but this was not only a triumph for the American right-wing. Benjamin Netanyahu and his extreme right-wing allies in Israel were also celebrating. On that fateful Tuesday, the Kremlin was biting its nails in anticipation of a Trump victory. Putin openly welcomed the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House." - id 30/11/2016
Ethnic Cleansing: Negev is a Battlefield for a Very Fierce Struggle The Palestine Chronicle - “Since the start of the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948, all of the indigenous Palestinians who managed to stay in their homes have been called Israeli-Arabs. Consecutive Israeli governments have been trying to assimilate Arab communities, but most of them insist on maintaining their Palestinian identity,”-rh30/11/2016
Illegal Jewish Settlers Hunker Down for Fight in West Bank OutpostMaayan Lubell - Forward - On a hilltop in the occupied West Bank, Israeli teenagers are hammering stakes into the earth and erecting tent frames, preparing the ground for a confrontation with Israeli security forces. The devoutly religious young men see themselves as a last line of defense for Amona, a collection of pre-fabricated homes perched in the highlands of the West Bank.-rh 30/11/2016
Why Israel is closely following Fatah conventionShlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - MI head Gen. Herzl Halevi issued a warning about the situation, in a closed-door conference at Tel Aviv University last week. Halevi said that power struggles in the Palestinian Authority (PA) may lead to a destabilization of the security situation in the West Bank in the coming year. In his estimation, power struggles between Fatah’s rival sectors will give Hamas great achievements on the ground. “The result will be a very challenging reality in Judea and Samaria,” Halevi said.-rh 30/11/2016
How will Israel punish suspected wildfire arsonists?Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - "Israeli politicians are asking to revoke the citizenship of the Palestinian arsonists, even though international law prohibits leaving a person without citizenship." - id 30/11/2016
Trump Strives to Undo 70 Years of Bipartisan U.S. Mideast ConsensusRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Despite Trump’s avowed inclination to stay out of overseas conflicts, it’s quite possible key advisors and allies in the region like Benjamin Netanyahu could inveigle him into military adventurism." - id 30/11/2016
How “Trump-Muslims” debate chokes Palestine rightsRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "More harm was done to Palestinians under the administration of President Barack Obama than under any previous president. Home demolitions, killings of civilians, racist Jewish only settler expansion, and anti-Palestinian legislation to curb American Arab rights adopted or proposed in 19 US states. Thanks but no thanks Obama!" - id 30/11/2016
Jimmy Carter: America Must Recognize PalestineJimmy Carter - New York Times - The United States can still shape the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before a change in presidents, but time is very short. The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on Jan. 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine, as 137 countries have already done, and help it achieve full United Nations membership.(...) The Security Council should pass a resolution laying out the parameters for resolving the conflict. It should reaffirm the illegality of all Israeli settlements beyond the 1967 borders, while leaving open the possibility that the parties could negotiate modifications.[ak]29/11/2016
If you`re Palestinian in Israel, satire can land you in jailJohn Brown - Abudaabes’ Facebook posts actually criticize Arabs from surrounding countries who are praising the fires on social media. The irony of the posts was lost on the police detectives, and he will have to stand trial. Meanwhile, Y., an Israeli Jew published the status on Facebook that reads “Haifa and Jerusalem share the same fate as Umm al-Fahm burn them back sons of whores.” He was arrested but immediately released.[bz]29/11/2016
Netanyahu’s Divine InterventionYoav Litvin - Counterpunch - Just when the heat under Netanyahu’s throne started ratcheting up, in an ironic and devastating form of divine intervention, multiple fires have broken out all over Israel, causing vast devastation and the evacuation of thousands from their homes, including both Jews and Palestinians. Now he can bask in his element – fear – and revert to autopilot, a standard operating procedure in which he cynically colludes with his coalition puppets and an all-too-eager Israeli media to incite against Palestinians. [bz]29/11/2016
It’s Fun Being an Arab in IsraelGideon Levy--It’s fun being an Arab in Israel. If you’re a pharmacist at a high-street drugstore, you can wake up to discover that you’re a potential arsonist. A nursery-school teacher in Shfaram gets up and finds she’s a member of the Islamic State group. Every construction worker from Taibeh is part of a fifth column, and every nurse at the Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem is a demographic threat. That hummus vendor may just be a hummus vendor, but he could be spreading poison, too; that dishwasher could come out of the kitchen with a knife. And you can’t even count on an Arab doctor, which is reason enough to ask for a Jewish one. dn27/11/2016
Trump Prepares Vicious Attacks – We Must Prepare Massive ResistanceTom Crean and Philip Locker--Trump’s victory in the presidential election two weeks ago was a profound shock to tens of millions of progressive workers, young people, immigrants, women, people of color, Muslims and LGBTQ people across the US. As Trump’s reactionary cabinet appointments have been announced and the list of targets of his administration has become clearer there is enormous fear and anger in many communities. dn27/11/2016
45% of Palestinian population is compromised of childrenPNN/ Bethlehem/ - "PCBS said, according to WAFA, that whereas children constituted 49.6% of the population of the Gaza Strip, they represented 43.4% of the total population of the West Bank." ca25/11/2016
What Trump`s new UN envoy could mean for Israel-PalestineSamer Badawi - +972 "How a child of South Asian immigrants, whose signature act as Governor was to counter the BDS movement — on grounds that it resembled “Nazi” tactics — will fare in a Trump administration remains to be seen. But if Trump’s other appointments to date are any indication, Haley’s views on Israel are what will matter most in her new position." ca25/11/2016
Fire Breaks Out across Israel and West BankIMEMC News & Agencies - "Fires have broken out all over Israel and the occupied West Bank, starting Tuesday and continuing until Thursday evening, due to “dry winds.” However, PNN reports that, according to the Israeli minister of public security, Gilad Erdan, reasons to the fire were due to arson." ca 25/11/2016
The different ways Israel treats Jewish, Palestinian outposts in the West BankHaggai Matar - +972 - Dozens of Palestinian activists erected an “outpost” in the Jordan Valley Thursday, in protest of recent Israeli army demolitions of Palestinian homes in the area, a marked contrast to a de facto military decision to allow the establishment of two new Jewish settlement outposts nearby. The Israeli army has not demolished either of the two Jewish outposts despite the fact that itself says they were illegally built. It only took a few hours before significant numbers of Israeli troops arrived at the new Palestinian outpost on Thursday, forcefully removing the protesters.-rh 24/11/2016
Israel to build 500 new settler homes in East JerusalemAljazeera - More than 200,000 Israeli settlers now live in communities in East Jerusalem, which Israel has occupied along with the rest of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and parts of Egypt and Syria since the 1967 war.-rh24/11/2016
Hell on Earth: Being a Cancer Patient in Palestine Tamar Fleishman - Palestine Chronicle - Being a cancer patient in Israel is no child’s play, and in the West Bank it is that much worse. But being a cancer patient in the Gaza Strip is hell on earth. For aside from the physical and mental torment of the illness itself, the Gazan patient and his/her family members are doomed to struggle against the bureaucratic barriers imposed by the Israeli authorities who practically incarcerate all humans inside the Gaza Strip, and in order to exit for treatment the patient – as well as his/her accompanier – need the sovereign’s permission.-rh24/11/2016
Global outcry appears to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian village to make way for Jewish settlers Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - The large presence of journalists, Arab parliamentarians, and community leaders and activists that gathered in Atir-Umm al-Hiran, as well as the vigilance of supporters and allies around the world, appears to have deterred the Israeli authorities from carrying out their plans this morning to demolish several homes in the village. The demolition remains imminent, however. According to the court order, the state has until November 30 to carry out the demolition.-rh24/11/2016
Even Israel says this Jewish settlement is illegal. Now comes the showdown.William Booth - The Washington Post - It is also going to be a real test for Netanyahu, who was elected with help from the Jewish settlers but who also fears international censure over allegations of a bold land grab. Most of the world considers all the Jewish settlements in the West Bank to be illegal, not just those built on Palestinian private property. The United States calls these communities “illegitimate” and “an obstacle to peace.” Israel disputes that.-rh24/11/2016
Israeli guard kills Palestinian at Qalandiya checkpoint after alleged stabbing attemptMA’AN NEWS AGENCY - According to Ma`an documentation, Khalil is the latest of 240 Palestinians to have been killed by Israelis since the beginning of a wave of unrest across the occupied Palestinian territory in October 2015, the majority of whom were shot dead by Israeli forces.-rh24/11/2016
Declaration of Independence barely remembered in PalestineDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - While many Palestinians in the diaspora commemorated the 28th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the celebrations in the occupied territories were not even newsworthy. The reality is that Palestinians in daily confrontation with Israel are no longer convinced by words and declarations. So long as the reality on the ground has not changed, and the occupation continues, there will not be any genuine celebration.-rh 24/11/2016
Reminder Arabs forgotten even in Obama eraRay Hanania- The Arab Daily News - "It’s a true reflection of Obama’s hypocrisy in limiting the definition of “diversity” to include only certain minorities." - id 23/11/2016
Israel’s New FriendsNeve Gordon - London Review of Books - In February, the Israeli prime minister praised the British government for introducing new guidelines prohibiting publicly funded bodies from boycotting Israeli products. ‘I want to commend the British government for refusing to discriminate against Israel and Israelis and I commend you for standing up for the one and only true democracy in the Middle East,’ Netanyahu said.-rh23/11/2016
Israeli parliament votes for suspected terrorist interrogations to remain secretBethan McKernan - Independent - “This bill would give every security interrogator total immunity to do whatever he pleases, and nobody will know how much force he uses or what he does to the suspect,” “This is a crime not only against international law, but also against basic morality, which says that people suspected of security offenses have basic rights that must be upheld.”-rh23/11/2016
Israel police to probe alleged Netanyahu submarine scandalPeter Beaumont - The Guardian - The affair – which has dominated Israeli headlines for days – involves allegations of a serious conflict of interest in the purchase of the submarines. At the heart of the issue is a claim that Netanyahu’s personal lawyer, David Shimron, was representing the German arms manufacturer making the submarines at the same time Netanyahu was pushing for the submarine purchase. Among the allegations are that Netanyahu purchased the new submarines for the Israeli navy over the objections of his own defence ministry.-rh 23/11/2016
Were Israeli ministers the last to learn about Gaza tunnels?Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - "According to different sources, Israeli Cabinet ministers did not receive information about the tunnels dug by Hamas in 2014, though the information was gathered by Israeli intelligence and was transferred to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." - id 23/11/2016
Because BDS, Israeli archeologists want West Bank work kept secretHaggai Matar - +972 - "An Israeli court rejects a freedom of information request for the names of archeologists digging, under IDF license, in the occupied territories, and where Israel is storing the antiquities they uncover. The reason: so they don’t face academic boycott." - id 23/11/2016
Why Israel isn’t shocked by anti-Semites in White HouseYaron London - Ynet - Thousands of Jews from France who see Israel as a lifeboat, as an insurance policy, purchased apartments here and raised real estate prices in the coastal cities. That’s good. It proves Zionism was right. (...) It would be good to have some anti-Semitism in America. Not serious anti-Semitism, not pogroms, not persecutions that will empty America from its Jews, as we need them there, but just a taste of this pungent stuff, so that we can restore our faith in Zionism. [bz]22/11/2016
Pro-Israel and racist? Palestinians aren’t surprised in the slightestSamer Badawi - +972 - Though it may have sparked debate in the Jewish-American community, the idea that Israel can be a cause célèbre for white nationalists is hardly news to Palestinians, whose very existence vies with a state steeped in European, colonial racism. [bz]22/11/2016
What’s an illegal settlement?Michael Schaeffer Omer - +972 - The Israeli government is working tirelessly to retroactively legalize over 100 illegal West Bank outposts. They’ll probably get away with it. Is that such a bad thing? [ry] 21/11/2016
In Gaza, we aren`t mourning Clinton`s lossYasmeen Elkhoudary - Aljazeera - Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, none of them tried to allay Palestine`s misery. Hillary wouldn`t have either [ry] 21/11/2016
Dismissed Fatah leaders look to reform movement from outside Ahmad Abu Amer - Al-Monitor "A number of Fatah leaders, namely Jamal al-Tirawi and Najat Abu Bakr, who were dismissed from the movement at the end of October on the grounds of having other allegiances, have called for the formation of a committee of Fatah elders to try to re-boost the movement, reunite it and thwart any exclusionary decisions by the movement’s seventh conference scheduled for Nov. 29." ca 18/11/2016
Hamas blames Abbas in stalemate over PLO reform lRasha Abou Jalal - Al-Monitor "In a speech at the fourth Palestinian National Security Conference in Gaza on Nov. 2, Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas’ political bureau, urged the parties to work on reforming the PLO and restore its role as representative of the Palestinian people.Meshaal denied talks that his movement is seeking to take control of the PLO, saying, “No one has the right to dominate the PLO. We are partners in sharing responsibility and in [preserving] the nation.” He stressed the need to form a common and unified authority for all Palestinians at home and abroad...Mudallal agrees with Abdo on this point, saying, “Abbas fears that Hamas will pull the rug from under his feet within the organization and thus threaten his monopoly over Palestinian political decisions.” ca 18/11/2016
Welcome to the bi-national state’: Livni says Knesset bill to legalize settlement outposts sets stage for annexing West Bank Kate - Mondoweiss "Israel’s parliament gave preliminary approval on Wednesday to a disputed bill that would retroactively legalize Jewish settlement outposts built on privately owned Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank. The United States has described the measure, promoted by far-right members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition, as “troubling” and said it could pave the way for the legalization of dozens of outposts, built deep in the West Bank without Israeli government authorization." ca18/11/2016
Israel`s biggest paper ignores anti-Semitism of senior Trump advisorEdo Konrad - +972 - "This is the same logic that undergirds the thinking of Israeli politicians who back far-right European politicians such as Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilder, and Heinz-Christian Strache: we will politely ignore their Nazi pasts, pesky anti-Semitic cartoons, and outright incitement — as long as they continue to back the Jewish state. This is what a deal with the devil looks like." - id 16/11/2016
Trump: the Night Hell FrozeRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Donald Trump didn’t win this election.  Hillary Clinton lost it.  To win, she needed to stand for something.  She needed to have a message that resonated, a platform that motivated.  She needed to believe in something and convey that belief to the electorate." - id16/11/2016
The bitter morning Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "Maybe this might increase Obama’s willingness to use his remaining two months in order to leave at least one final lasting legacy– i.e., removing the American veto and letting the UN Security Council adopt a binding resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for whatever it is worth." - id 16/11/2016
Settlements bill puts Israel on collision course with Obama Tovah Lazaroff - Jpost - Throwing diplomatic caution to the wind, the Ministerial Legislative Committee gave their initial approval to legislation to retroactively legalize over 2,000 settler homes, many of which are built on private Palestinian property. This means putting Israel on a collision course with US President Barack Obama over settlements, precisely as he weighs action on settlements at the United Nations Security Council in his last two months in office.[bz]15/11/2016
Israel consolidates grip on Golan under cover of Syria’s chaosMatt Broomfield - EI - “Israeli designs on the Golan are no secret, but are often wrapped in seemingly innocuous language. Last year, Israel presented itself as a concerned protector of the Druze on the Syrian side of the 1967 boundary from the threat of Islamist militants” [ry] 14/11/2016
Middle East will quickly teach Trump rules of the gameAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - At the start of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, people also said that he would not go near the quagmire of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He was dragged in, however, ending up presenting Prime Minister Menachem Begin with a peace plan based on an Israeli withdrawal from the territories it had captured in 1967. After a furious Begin rejected the blueprint, Reagan lifted the US boycott of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and launched talks with its leader, Chairman Yasser Arafat. [bz]13/11/2016
The bitter morning Adam Keller - Crazy Country - Would Trump be able - even if he wanted - to put down the flames of hatred which he had constantly fanned in his year of wild campaigning? Could he get rid of this blazing hatred, even if he tried? Does Trump have anything real to offer to the hopeless people to whom he gave a fleeting hope – and if he disappoints them, to whom and to what will they turn next? [bz]12/11/2016
Trump’s victory leaves Obama with only one option on Israel-PalestineNoam Sheizaf - +972 - The old peace process is officially toast. The people who led it won’t be part of the next administration. The policies they pursued are the furthest possible from a Trump administration’s agenda — be it isolationist or neo-con/interventionist. That leaves Obama with one play, and one play only – a Security Council resolution against the settlements. In practice, all it would require of the Obama administration would be to not veto a resolution similar to the one it blocked in 2011. [bz]12/11/2016
Why Egypt`s Sisi welcomes Trump winShahira Amin - Al-Monitor "While President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his supporters welcomed the news of Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States, Egypt’s liberals and pro-democracy activists expressed shock and anguish on social media networks. The widely divergent views on the shocking election outcome reflect the increased polarization in Egyptian society, a society as divided as the American electorate itself." ca 11/11/2016
Trump`s first steps on Israel/PalestineSam Bahour - +972 "The Israeli prime minister is laughing all the way to the next West Bank hilltop, thinking he is better positioned than ever to impose his right-wing (some Israelis call it fascist) agenda on America. He is correct to think so given the Israeli settler community mobilized to support Trump’s campaign, so all indications would point to Trump embracing illegal settlement building with open arms." ca11/11/2016
Settlements Aren’t an Obstacle to Peace says Top Trump AdvisorIEMEMC - "Jason Greenblatt, prospective advisor to Donald Trump on Israel, emboldens Israeli hopes of annexing the West Bank... Greenblatt is a real estate attorney from Teaneck, New Jersey, who worked for Trump for the last 19 years on business matters, exclusively.In an interview with the Jewish Telegraph Agency, Greenblatt admitted that he hasn’t met any Palestinians since he was a yeshiva student in the mid-1980s at Yeshivat Har Etzion – located in a West Bank settlement. He attests he “interacted” there with Palestinian laborers, gardeners and shopkeepers. He also did occasional armed guard duty for the settlement." ca 11/11/2016
Palestinian Parties React to Trump’s ElectionIMEMC - "The US and Israel have been long term allies and have had an unbreakable military bond, over the years, a relationship that has always affected the Palestinian political ground. However, the reactions of Palestinian political parties to the election of Trump as president have varied, according to the PNN. PLO congratulates, hopes for two-state solution..." ca 11/11/2016
Israel accused of destroying Muslim graves in East Jerusalem to make way for parkHarriet Agerholm - Independent - “Personnel from the so-called Israeli Nature Authority – backed by large numbers of Israeli forces – stormed the historical Bab al-Rahmeh cemetery and knocked down eight graves,” Mustafa Abu Zahra, head of the committee for the preservation of Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem told the Turkish state-run Anadolu news agency. “Israel wants to transform the cemetery into a national park for Israeli Jews,” he added.-rh10/11/2016
What President Obama Must Tell Israel Before JanuaryHenry Siegman - The National Interest - But if Israel’s Jewish population continues to value territory over peace and over justice and perseveres in its denial of Palestinian statehood, it will have to come to terms with the inescapable adjustment of its Jewish religious, cultural and national identity it will have to make to accommodate the religious, cultural and national identity of a majority Arab population. Given the assaults Netanyahu’s government has of late been making on Israel’s shaky democracy in the name of the state’s Jewish identity, this might well be the best possible outcome.-rh10/11/2016
How Abbas could end up with three successorsDaoud Kuttab - AlMonitor - At present, Abbas is not only the Palestinian president and the head of the Fatah movement, but he is also the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee. Traditionally, the PLO position is considered the most important one, as the organization represents all Palestinians and is the highest Palestinian political body. But Palestinian analysts say that the PLO has become an empty shell with few financial resources. A senior Palestinian source privy to discussions within the ruling Fatah movement told Al-Monitor that there are no plans at present to distribute the positions held by Abbas. The source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue, said that the focus of the seventh Fatah congress is to rejuvenate the movement and to bring in new blood, while at the same time putting an end to what he called the Dahlan movement.-rh 10/11/2016
Israel’s ruling party used Facebook to track ‘antigovernment’ journalistsRuth Eglash - The Washington Post - Likud parliamentarian David Bitan, who serves as chairman of the government coalition, told the gathering that he and some friends had been following the Facebook pages of journalists hired recently to set up a new public broadcasting service. “We went and we checked the Facebook pages of these people. We saw what they are writing and I will tell you that we are talking about people who are leftist. They want to impose their own agenda on the new channel,” he said in the forum.-rh 10/11/2016
Soldiers Attack Olive Harvesters near QalqiliaIMEMC News & Agencie - Israeli soldiers, on Sunday, attacked and wounded two Palestinians who were picking olives in the village of Kafr Qaddoum, east of Qalqilia, according to local WAFA sources. Witnesses said that the soldiers attacked two farmers, identified as Abdul-Mahdi Hekmat, 16, and Qusai Aqel, 20, and also verbally assaulted them while they were tending their olive trees.-rh 10/11/2016
The military trial that’s tearing Israel apartWilliam Booth and Ruth Eglash - The Washington Post - On trial for manslaughter before a military tribunal is a pint-size recruit who sits in the courtroom beside his mother, who wraps her arms around his shoulders and sometimes cries. Such a public trial of a soldier charged in the killing of a Palestinian is almost unprecedented here.-rh10/11/2016
A Second Unauthorized Settlement Outpost Sprouts in Northern Jordan Valley Amira Hass - Haaretz - About two months ago, a group of Israelis built a hut in the Megamat Netzah area and then left. But according to residents of the area and members of the Jewish-Arab Ta’ayush organization, on the night between Wednesday and Thursday of last week, the Israelis returned, cleared land and began new construction activity. A spokeswoman for the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories confirmed that the construction was illegal and had been carried out without the authorities’ approval.-rh10/11/2016
Netanyahu attacks Israeli media, singles out investigative journalistMaayan Lubell - Reuters - After declining to be interviewed by Channel Two anchorwoman Ilana Dayan for a piece investigating the workings of his administration and the role his wife plays in appointing officials, Netanyahu`s office sent a written statement. Dayan read it in its entirety on air, taking six minutes to deliver the tirade against her as she stood in front of the prime minister`s office. "It is time to peel the mask off the face of Ilana Dayan, who has shown once more that she has no professional integrity," the statement said. "Ilana Dayan is one of the leaders of an orchestrated attack on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, intended to topple the right-wing government and bring about the establishment of a left-wing government."-rh 9/11/2016
What does Trump`s victory mean for the Middle East?Gilbert Achcar - Aljazeera - another regional "strong man" whose relations with Washington will greatly improve under Trump is Benjamin Netanyahu. Thus, another direct victim of Trump`s election will be the Palestinian people as Netanyahu will be given more of a free hand in dealing with them than any Israeli prime minister has had since Ariel Sharon in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.-rh 9/11/2016
Obama’s last chance of ending Israeli occupationAkiva Eldar - AlMonitor - Israel feels free to conduct itself in the West Bank as if it owned the place, simply because it can. It can because the United States enables it, because Obama turned his back on the promise he made during his landmark 2009 Cairo speech to promote the establishment of a Palestinian state. Not only have things not improved since then, they have deteriorated. The hope that a democratic president, committed to human rights, would be the one to bring peace is all but gone. If Obama does not dare to expel Israel from the occupied territories, who will? He has only a few months left to rectify the wrong and stop our plunge into an abyss.-rh 9/11/2016
Trump vs. the National Security Establishment: Will There be a Revolution in US Foreign Policy?James Luchte - CounterPunch - "Since the beginning of his presidential campaign, Trump had been savaged by the National Security establishment, castigated as unfit to lead, dangerous, incompetent, and ignorant." - id 9/11/2016
Israel`s bogus history lessonJonathan Cook - Moondoweiss - It was presumably intended as an Israeli history lesson to the world. A video posted to social media by Israel¡¦s foreign ministry shows an everyday Jewish couple, Jacob and Rachel, in a home named the ¡§Land of Israel¡¨. A series of knocks on the door brings 3,000 years of interruptions to their happiness. First it¡¦s the Assyrians, followed by the Babylonians, Hellenists, Arabs, Romans, Crusaders, Mamluks, and Ottomans ¡V all straight out of Monty Python central casting.-rh 3/11/2016
Why 30 Palestinians celebrated Jewish holiday with settlersDaoud Kuttab - AlMonitor - The public visit of Palestinians to a nearby long-established settlement should not be a surprise to anyone; in fact, the real surprise is that these kinds of visits haven’t happened until now. The international community has not been able to do anything to reverse the nearly 50 years of occupation and the colonial settlement enterprise that has come with it. The Palestinian government, which is in control of small areas of the West Bank (Area A), is completely impotent when it comes to defending Palestinians in Israeli-controlled Area C, which covers 60% of the West Bank and where all settlements are located.-rh 3/11/2016
How Arab women are reshaping Israel`s film industryShlomi Eldar - Almonitor - The rift between the Jewish and Arab communities in Israel has deepened recently, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning his constituents on the last day of the elections in March 2015 that Arabs were "voting in droves," thus making more than a million Arabs feel like second-class citizens. But despite this deepening rift, three films have taken the Israeli film world by storm, providing a fascinating glimpse into Arab society in the Jewish state.-rh 3/11/2016
The Almighty Military OrderSam Bahour - - It was 60 years ago today that a scene of cold-blooded murder fell upon the hill-top Palestinian village of Kafr Qassem (also written Kfar Kassim), located in Israel about 20 km east of Tel Aviv, near the Green Line (1949 Armistice Agreement’s demarcation line) separating Israel and the West Bank. It was in Kafr Qassem on this day in 1956 where the Israeli military literally mowed down in cold blood 48 innocent civilians, one being a pregnant woman whose fetus is counted as the 49th victim. It was said that all of this was done in the service of the almighty Israeli “military order,” which no one dared to challenge.-rh3/11/2016
Child Rights Briefing: October 2016 : News and updates on the situation of Palestinian children living in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.Defence for Children International - “He asked for my Facebook password,” said Ahmad H., 17, recalling his first interrogation at Ofer military prison on August 1. “I gave it to him. He logged in and said it had inciting photos.” “I told [the interrogator] of my arrest earlier in April 2016 for 10 days, when I was interrogated [at Shikma prison] in Ashkelon about my Facebook account. I told him I deleted everything upon my release and the account is clean. I told him to check it.” Ahmad told Defense for Children International – Palestine that his interrogator at that point accused him of “obstructing the interrogation, claiming that I had asked someone to delete the photos, but I denied it.”-rh 3/11/2016
Netanyahu`s coalition whip wants to revoke B`Tselem director`s citizenshipMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - How does the only democracy in the Middle East deal with outspoken human rights activists? By threatening to revoke their citizenship, of course.“I examined whether, legally speaking, if I can ask the interior minister to revoke the citizenship of B’Tselem’s executive director,” declared the Israeli parliament’s coalition chair, David Bitan, who serves as the whip for Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party.-rh 3/11/2016
Israelis charged with inciting terrorism for celebrating murder of Palestinian toddler in arson attack at weddingLizzie Dearden - Independent - An Israeli groom and 12 of his wedding guests have been charged with inciting violence and terrorism by celebrating the murder of a Palestinian toddler who was burned to death in an arson attack. Ali Dawabsheh died alongside his parents after their home in the West Bank village of Duma was firebombed by settlers in July last year. Only Ahmed, Ali’s four-year-old brother, survived with serious burns.-rh 3/11/2016
Pro-Israel activists smear student solidarity with Palestine Middle East Monitor - The attack on Palestine solidarity activists, and students in particular, is not just about intimidation and Islamophobia. It is also about using the smear of antisemitism to try and stifle debate, and stigmatise tactics like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. A statement condemning the UCL protest was released in the name of the Board, the JLC, the Union of Jewish Students, and, notably, the Community Security Trust (CST), a charity whose evidence was heavily relied upon by the recent Home Affairs Select Committee report on antisemitism. The statement, which referred to “violent” protests without any acknowledgement that this is a contested allegation, claimed that an “extreme and intolerant minority” on campus is “determined to prevent pro-Israel, Israeli or Jewish speakers from being heard.”-rh 2/11/2016
Israel increasingly defiant as the world loses interest in PalestineMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "From the prime minister down, the Israeli government has effectively dropped the charade that the occupation is temporary, or that it actually fears consequences for its intransigence." - id 2/11/2016
The coming Palestinian prisoners` struggle in 2017 - a view from inside Wael Jaghoub - IMEMC/Handala Center for Prisoners/Samidoun Solidarity Network - Writing from inside the Israeli prison, Jaghoub points out that the prison authorities once again attempt to restrict the Palestinian prisoners and worsen their conditions, and sets out detailed strategies for the prisoners` struggle likely to intensify in 2017. Wael Jaghoub is among the leaders in the prisoners’ movement affiliated to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine [ak]1/11/2016
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