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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

A War of religions? God forbid!Uri Avnery - Znet - I am increasingly worried that the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, which dominates our entire life, is assuming a more and more religious character31/5/2006
Israeli unilateralism is not new Ali Jarbawi - Bitterlemons - The Americans are putting pressure on the Palestinians, and we`ve already seen the result: the proposed referendum. The immediate result of what happened in Washington is that the impression has been created that Palestinians might have a venue for negotiations, Hamas is blocking that, so Hamas must be removed 31/5/2006
Dead end unilateralismGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Israeli Minister of Defense Amir Peretz officially approved the expansion of the jurisdictions of four major settlements, three of which are near Jerusalem and one in the Jordan Valley, at the expense of the land of Palestinians living next door31/5/2006
A first and last budget? Today`s situation by ArigaRobert Rosenberg - - Speaking to Channel One last night, [former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy] pointed out that it is mistaken to consider Hamas and even Hizbollah as part of the al Qaida network, since they are very territorial in outlook. Indeed, Hamas explicitly rejected expressions of support from bin Laden31/5/2006
PCHR Condemns Attempted Abduction in Gaza; Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small ArmsPalestinian Centre for Human Rights -Press Release - "PCHR is concerned about the continuation of internal violence, including the use of weapons in personal and clan disputes, which is further aggravating the current state of security chaos in the Occupied Palestinian Territory."30/5/2006
The Big Question: Can Hamas and Fatah ever agree on how to negotiate with Israel?Donald Macintre - The Independent - "Yes...* A `yes` vote in a referendum could help Hamas to recognise Israel without unilaterally sacrificing its long-standing ideology; No...* Hamas has often stated that the Oslo agreement, which enshrines the two-state principle, has failed to help the Palestinian people."30/5/2006
Punishment of Palestinians will create a crucible of trouble for the worldDavid Hirst -- "George Bush`s policies helped build Hamas; now a dangerous linkage with Iran and Iraq threatens a mega-crisis"29/5/2006
Failed States (Preface & Afterword)Noam Chomsky -- “The US and Israeli governments now have to adjust to dealing somehow with a radical Islamic party that approaches their traditional rejectionist stance, though not entirely, at least if Hamas really does mean to agree to an indefinite truce on the international border as its leaders state. The idea is completely foreign to the US and Israel, which insist that any political outcome must include Israeli takeover of substantial parts of the West Bank (and the forgotten Golan Heights). Hamas’s refusal to accept Israel’s ‘right to exist’ mirrors the refusal of Washington and Jerusalem to accept Palestine’s ‘right to exist’ a concept unknown in international affairs” 29/5/2006
Fire coming from east JerusalemMeir Margalit – YNET -- “Eastern Jerusalem is on the threshold of a powerful explosion. This explosion will bear no relation to nationalist elements… It will be ignited by a seemingly meaningless spark, almost certainly having something to do with the border police, a ministry of the interior guard or a city inspector”29/5/2006
Now The Hague`s okay?Zohair Androus -- YNET – “If the International Court of Justice in The Hague has no jurisdiction over your wall, why do you consider it such a competent authority with regard to Iran? Can somebody please explain to me Israel`s double standard with regard to The Hague – The ICJ is great when it serves my interests, but it is too biased to rule cases I could stand to lose?”29/5/2006
Fire coming from east JerusalemMeir Margalit - Israel`s `enlightened occupation` is over in the capital 28/5/2006
If not boycott, what?Prof. Steven Rose - Guardian Blog -Years of hand wringing and resolutions have simply prolonged Israeli immunity and the sufferings of the Palestinians. Editor`s Note: The editors of Kibush magazine have different opinions on this issue 28/5/2006
Missed Opportunities (Partial List)Uri Avnery - "THE PALESTINIANS never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!" - this phrase, coined by Abba Eban, has become a by-word. It also illustrates a wise Talmudic saying: "He who finds fault in others (really) finds his own faults."28/5/2006
Two-State SolutionBeate Zilversmidt - The Other Israel - "Discredited, without workable alternative"27/5/2006
New Old GamesAdam Keller - The Other Israel - editorial overview " `Separation` is now the byword in Israel. Declaring that "there is no (Palestinian) partner", politicians embark on ever-new programs and projects of unilateral actions, and the Separation Wall/Fence/Barrier grows ever higher and cuts ever deeper into Palestinian territory. But rather than disentangling, it is only intensifying the lethal embrace in which the two peoples are trapped"27/5/2006
Olmert`s profound ethics and deep liesRami G. Khouri - The Jordan Times - "I must, reluctantly, tip my cap to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his propaganda machine for their sheer audacity. The more the Israeli troops, settlers and Israel&rsquos official occupation policies injure and kill Palestinians and make life miserable for the whole population the more eloquently Israeli officials praise their own humanitarianism in front of the world. " 27/5/2006
Countdown to ApartheidJeff Halper - ICAHD - "Just as Orwell’s totalitarian propagandists proclaimed WAR IS PEACE and Israeli government signs placed at the Wall (sorry, fence) at the entrance to Bethlehem greet Palestinians with the blessing PEACE BE UNTO YOU, so Olmert declared in Washington: UNILATERAL REALIGNMENT IS PEACE...And, finally, what was meant? Apartheid." "27/5/2006
I am ashamed to be a citizen of this country – An interview with Prof. Tanya ReinhardtBy Ofer Aderet - Walla - translated by Daphna Levit - "Prof Tanya Reinhardt has had enough. Of the army that manages the country, of the lack of any alternative to the government and of the media that covers up the transfer." 27/5/2006
Iran offered `to make peace with Israel`Gareth Porter - Asia Times Online - " The two-page document contradicts the official line of the Bush administration that Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel and the sponsorship of terrorism in the region. "26/5/2006
Today`s situationRobert Rosenberg - Ariga - Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh gave an interview to Haaretz’s Danny Rubinstein, dean of the Israeli journalists covering the Palestinians. In the interview, Haniyeh offers an automatically renewable hudna ceasefire, in exchange for an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 lines24/5/2006
Israel was established on top of usInterview with Issam Makhoul - Bitterlemons - The decision that was handed down by the High Court this last week legitimized the refusal of citizenship to the spouse of an Israeli citizen who is from the occupied territories. This is a law built on a kind of racism that Israel has never openly expressed before24/5/2006
Palestinian citizens of Israel: Specific concerns, and a special role to play Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Israel`s treatment of Arab Israelis has always been one indicator of the attitudes of successive Israeli governments24/5/2006
Abbas Stretches Arms for Peace with Israel, Olmert Smears Him Palestine Media Center – PMC - “The drawing of the final borders cannot happen through dictations, but rather in the negotiations,” he said, warning that “unilateralism will quickly put an end to the two-state solution and will increase violence.” 23/5/2006
A national unity government for Palestine Marwan Bishara - International Herald Tribune - "Paradoxically, the best way for the Palestinians to escape Israel`s dictates is to learn the lessons of Israel`s own national unity governments."23/5/2006
Israel`s new plan: A land grabJimmy Carter - USA Today - "New Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has announced that Israel will take unilateral steps to establish its own geographical boundaries during the next four years of his administration. His plan would... encapsulate the urban areas within a huge concrete wall and the more rural parts of Palestine within a high fence. The barrier is not located on the internationally recognized boundary between Israel and Palestine, but entirely within and deeply penetrating the occupied territories."22/5/2006
Checkpoints; Palestine and The Occupied Territories Link to a superb collection of occupation photographs, by Kashfi Halford, a young British photographer who recently accompanied MachsomWatch. (Click "View as slideshow" top right) 22/5/2006
The incredible shrinking PalestineSandy Tolan - The Los Angeles Times - "Israel is whittling away at Palestinians` land again, but it needs the U.S. to sharpen the knife. " 22/5/2006
NEW OLD GAMES - The Other Israel May issue is outThe Other Israel - TOI-Billboard is the `ezine` of the independent THE OTHER ISRAEL bi-monthly peace newsletter, existing since 1983, and published by its editors Adam Keller & Beate Zilversmidt. One time free sample via:, US addresses via: 22/5/2006
Four killed, including child, mother, grandmother, in Israeli airstrike in Gaza IMEMC - Kibush Editor`s Comment: This act amounts prima facie to murder 21/5/2006
Israel should face sanctionsRonnie Kasrils and Victoria Brittain - The Guardian - Editor’s comment: Ronnie Kasrils, a South African Jew, was head of intelligence in the African National Congress`s armed wing and is now South Africa`s intelligence ministerõ 21/5/2006
Managing crueltyKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - " Real hunger is beginning to strike the Palestinians as the boycotting of Hamas continues ..."Let no one deceive you. This siege, this starvation, is not about meeting certain conditions, such as recognising Israel and abandoning resistance, this is about forcing you to give up Al-Masjidul Aqsa (the Aqsa Mosque) and to accept perpetual Jewish domination and occupation of our land," said Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniya... " 20/5/2006
This Palestinian Crisis Can End James Zogby - IMEMC - " The West must be told, and not quietly, to make it clear to Israel`s leadership that their behavior toward the Palestinians is not just "an obstacle to peace," it is criminal and will not be tolerated and because the consequences of this behavior are not only killing Palestinians and aggravating Israeli-Palestinian tensions, it is also fostering extremism and deepening the divide between the Arab world and the West. Too much is at risk. "20/5/2006
Who`s guilty? The victim of course Uri Avnery - Those who listened to the radio news last Saturday heard a stunning report: that Muhammad Abu-Ter and Uri Avnery had barricaded themselves together in a private home in a-Ram. The very fact that these two - the No. 2 man of Hamas and the notorious Israeli leftist - were together was already shocking enough. But the fact that they had invaded the home of an innocent Palestinian family and barricaded themselves there, like criminals fleeing from the police, was even more staggering. *** Editor`s Comment: Avnery will be the guest of a discussion in English held at the Daila Center on Wednesday, 31st of May, at 7:30 PM. See info after the article 21/5/2006
An Arab scandalAl-Ahram Weekly - Editorial - " Immense American pressure has led all banks to refuse the transferal of aid. Has the impotence of Arab governments no end? " 20/5/2006
Is Arab-American irrelevance our goal?Hussein Ibish -- The Daily Star -- "We Arab-Americans have failed ourselves and our Arab brethren through self-imposed alienation from American politics. While substantial efforts are required and obstacles must be overcome, there is nothing preventing Arab-Americans from serious political engagement, or from having a major impact on U.S. foreign policy, except a tradition of ignoring our own interests and being seduced by beguiling pseudo-revolutionary excuse"19/5/2006
Shadows and Distortions, the Nakba in PalestineNora Barrows-Friedman -- CounterPunch -- "How dare we as American Jews allow this to happen. How dare we. How dare we support the ethnic cleansing in Palestine. How dare we argue over oppression hierarchy. How dare we march against the war in Iraq and keep our mouths shut on Israeli policies in the West Bank and Gaza. How dare we let lobby groups such as AIPAC drench our collective histories in soups of militarism, imperial domination, and snarly relationships with US weapons manufacturers and fascist politicians"19/5/2006
Saudi Minister warns against isolating HamasReuters - Khaleej Times - " Saud told a small group of reporters invited to the Saudi Embassy in Washington he has argued strenuously about the policy with the administration. "18/5/2006
Election Backlash: Iraq, Palestine and IsraelRoni Ben Efrat – Challenge – “Democratic elections, in sum, can be harmful, especially when conditions are such that they can only lead to sectarian strife, as in Iraq; or when they offer no meaningful political prospect, as in the Palestinian territories; or when they distract a nation from facing reality, as in Israel”15/5/2006
Hamas or Kadima: True State of TerrorismWilliam A. Cook -- Palestine Chronicle – “How can the international community swallow the lie that Hamas can destroy Israel? How can it continue to allow a rogue state to defy international law? Let’s review the facts” 15/5/2006
High-Octane Rocket-Rattling Against Tehran Won`t WorkTariq Ali – CounterPunch – “The hypocrisy of Bush, Blair, Chirac or Olmert - their own states armed with thousands of nuclear weapons - making a casus belli of what are, by all accounts, primitive gropings on Iran`s part towards the technology necessary for the lowest grade of nuclear self-defence, hardly needs to be spelled out. So long as these powers are allowed to enlarge their nuclear armouries unimpeded, why should Tehran not?”15/5/2006
Where is the global outcry at this continuing cruelty?Ghada Karmi -- The Guardian – “We Palestinians had no hand in the Holocaust, nor in persecuting Jews. But we were transformed from a peaceable agrarian people into a nation of beggars under occupation, refugees, exiles and second-class citizens of Israel. Worse still, we are now labelled terrorists, suicide bombers or Islamic extremists. Our crime? We were in the wrong place at the wrong time”15/5/2006
Making (Non) Sense of the Funding Cut-Off: Hamas and Israel`s `Right to Exist`Virginia Tilley - Counterpunch - "Let us first be clear: no conceivable good can come from this policy...What does a "right to exist" mean exactly?"13/5/2006
Israel`s Road to `Convergence` Began with Rabin: A Short History of Unilateral SeparationJonathan Cook - Counterpunch - "With his coalition partners on board, Israel`s prime minister Ehud Olmert is plotting his next move: a partial withdrawal from the West Bank over the next few years which he and his government will declare as the end of the occupation and therefore also any legitimate grounds for Palestinian grievance. "13/5/2006
A just war? HardlyNOAM CHOMSKY - Khaleej Times - " By "just war," counterterrorism or some other rationale, the US exempts itself from the fundamental principles of world order...The concept of aggression was defined clearly enough by US Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, who was chief prosecutor for the United States at Nuremberg..."We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which history will judge us tomorrow... " 12/5/2006
Palestinian Sees Another Israeli FaceSanjay Suri - IPS - " Adi Dagan from the Women`s Coalition for Peace in Israel has been talking to enough Palestinians for years..."We work on many issues, like action against occupation, for equality for women, for equality of citizens including Palestinian citizens, and for demilitarisation."12/5/2006
Keep Hamas in Power, Israeli Leader DemandsBaher Kamal - IPS (Inter Press Service)- "We need to warn against any attempt to bring about the collapse of the Hamas government...It is unfair to say that the victory of Hamas brought the end of the peace process. This had already died" ,says former Israeli minister Shlomo Ben-Ami. " 12/5/2006
Arrest fears prompt Israeli general to avoid BritainAgence France Presse - The Israeli army scrapped plans Thursday to send one of its generals to a course at a British military academy over fears he could be arrested on war crimes allegations, military sources said." 11/5/2006
Israel defence minister urges Palestinian boycott rethinkAgence France Presse - "New Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz is pushing for a rethink of the government`s blanket boycott of the Palestinian Authority which he fears is only strengthening Hamas, reports said Thursday." 11/5/2006
Gas cutoff worsens West Bank, Gaza crisisAli Daraghmeh and Josef Federman - The Boston Globe - Citing growing debts, Israeli firm halts fuel for Palestinians 11/5/2006
Election Backlash: Iraq, Palestine and IsraelRoni Ben Efrat - Challenge - "THE PHRASE "democratic elections" can be misleading in its positive connotation, especially when the countries where the elections take place are embroiled in conflict."11/5/2006
Israel to transfer NIS 50 million to PARonny Sofer - Ynet - Israel succumbs to international pressure, agrees to transfer NIS 50 million of Palestinian tax revenues to PA. Foreign minister: Money to be channeled solely to humanitarian projects 11/5/2006
Keep Hamas in Power, Israeli Leader DemandsBaher Kamal - Inter Press Service - ""We need to warn against any attempt to bring about the collapse of the Hamas government," says former Israeli minister Shlomo Ben-Ami." 10/5/2006
Just three steps toward peaceGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - "There are three steps required of the new Israeli government in order to reverse the previous government`s actions, which were largely responsible for the change in Palestinian public opinion and the election results."10/5/2006
US opens the door for Europe to save Palestinians from funding disasterEwen MacAskill - The Guardian - " The US softened its hardline position on providing aid to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority last night in the face of a catastrophe which threatens to leave thousands of people in Gaza and the West Bank short of cash, food, medicines and petrol." 10/5/2006
America bows to EU pressure to allow aid for Palestinians David Usborne - The Independent - "The United States has bowed to pressure from the European Union and agreed to find a "temporary international mechanism" to channel humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people."10/5/2006
Intolerance shows ignorance of Islam Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti - Aljazeera - "Nowadays, the more "religious" some Muslims regard themselves to be, the less tolerant they are. The cause is a troubling intellectual decline of the Islamic civilisation. 10/5/2006
Church Leaders’ LetterChurches for Middle East Peace - "Church Leaders’ urgent appeal to Bush, Abbas and Olmert: prevent humanitarian crisis and restore hope for a two-state solution "6/5/2006
Letter: The Israel LobbyJohn Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt - London Review of Books - response to salient points of criticism 6/5/2006
Review of Arab editorialsMiddle East Times,Nicosia -- A regularly updated roundup of commentary from Arab newspapers4/5/2006
BBC is criticised for misleading coverage of Middle East Ciar Byrne - The Independent - "The investigating panel chaired by Sir Quentin Thomas, a former political director in the Northern Ireland Office, recommends the BBC should appoint a "guiding hand" to oversee its reporting, provide more historical context and analysis, consider the case for basing a correspondent in the West Bank and not be afraid to use the word "terrorism" where appropriate." 3/5/2006
No outside influence yet Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - "At the moment, what we see in Palestine are genuine Palestinian expressions of frustration both with the Palestinian leadership and its international allies." 3/5/2006
Olmert to meet Abbas — officialJordan Times - "Israeli leader Ehud Olmert plans to meet moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after visiting Washington, an Israeli official said Tuesday"3/5/2006
We remember - but differently: Dr. Nurit Elhanan-Peled writes to the prime ministerAkiva Eldar - Ha`aretz - "I saw soldiers use their guns to threaten Palestinian children who brought us water and wanted to play a little outside of their homes-prisons. Marzel advised the soldiers to blow us up because we are leftists, and his wife cursed us, while a bunch of their offspring showered us with rocks. And this was all happening under the watchful guard of Israel Defense Forces soldiers.." 2/5/2006
A message to Ehud Olmert from the former Egyptian minister of defence and chief of General IntelligenceAmin Howeidi - Al Ahram Weekly - "Go to the negotiation table and leave your sword at the door. Nothing is more perilous to regional peace than a country that is bent on vengeance. No place is more dangerous than one brimming with injustice and filled with grievance. Time is running out. And security is a two-way street."2/5/2006
Al-Ahram Weekly: Slurs and slandersKhled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - "Hamas`s statements, however, viewed as reasonable and just by nearly all Palestinians, including many Fatah leaders, seem to be falling on deaf ears in Israel, within the Bush administration, and within the circles surrounding Abbas." 2/5/2006
Converging on AbbasGraham Usher - Al Ahram - "Ehud Olmert appears to be near forming his government -- Mahmoud Abbas may be near dissolving his, writes Graham Usher in Jerusalem"1/5/2006
Displacement, Dispossession Is Essence of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Jeff Halper - Palestine Media Centre interview - "Since 1967 Israel has demolished a further 12,000 Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territories. Contrary to common assumptions, in 95 percent of the cases these demolitions had nothing to do with security."16/5/2006
Commemoration of the NakbaHanna Siniora -Jerusalem Times - "It is clear that those who fought and are paying the price in prison have reached an accord that clearly implies the recognition of Israel, and allows the Hamas movement to climb down its rigid covenant that refuses to recognize Israel. "16/5/2006
Crack of Israeli bullets ends activists` protest against barrierDonald Macintyre - The Independent - "Almost instantly there is the crack of rubber bullets fired by the policemen. Despite regulations requiring a minimum 40-metre range, the first are fired directly at the protesters."16/5/2006
Don`t be dismissiveHa`aretz Editorial - "For the first time, the document refers to the willingness of senior Hamas officials to establish a Palestinian state alongside Israel, based on the 1967 borders, and to the need to respect agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinians. "16/5/2006
The Al Quds Brigades aghasts at British newspaper report that they intend to assassinate Abbas Palestine News Network, IMEMC News – “An Al Qassam spokesperson, Abu Obaida, told PNN Sunday, ‘This news lacks credibility, it is untrue, and its aim is to plant internal discord with Palestine and sabotage this time in which Fateh and Hamas are attempting to reconcile their recent disagreements’"8/5/2006
300 Kisses Uri Avnery - According to the plan, all the settlers will remain on the other side of the Green Line. Olmert has already rejected out of hand the suggestion that compensation be paid to the settlers who are willing to come back to Israel now. 7/5/2006
Government non grataErica Silverman - Al-Ahram Weekly - " Meanwhile, Stuart Levey, the US Treasury Department`s undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, arrived in Israel Monday to coordinate US efforts to isolate Hamas. "5/5/2006
Interview with Prof. Norman FinkelsteinProf. Norman Finkelstein - The Electronic Intifada - " The Palestinians won`t be bought out. And the push out option is less and less tenable because international law ... the only other option is to confine them in smaller and smaller parcels of land, and keep as much of the land as you can for the Jewish State which is what Israel is currently doing. And I think they`re hoping that Palestinians will reach such a State of despair that quietly they`ll leave. That`s pretty much what happened in Lebanon. "26/5/2006
SHARON`S LEGACY IN ACTION Tanya Reinhart- Biella conference - " Sharon’s legacy is well alive. It has brewed for over a decade in the Israeli military, which, in effect, is the dominant factor in Israeli politics. "25/5/2006
A Viable Palestinian State The New York Times - Editorial - "Anyone who has ever really looked at a map of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza can see how hard it will be to form a Palestinian state. Even a future Palestine that includes all of the West Bank and Gaza is still going to be in two pieces with Israel in the middle, separating Gaza from the West Bank." 25/5/2006
`How can people live, I wonder?` Chris McGreal - The Guardian - "Eight months ago, the Palestinians were celebrating the end of Israel`s military occupation of Gaza. But the artillery shells keep falling, factions are fighting each other and the economy is on its knees as Israel blockades exports. Has anything changed for the better? 25/5/2006
In the Name of “Security” Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - "Needless to say, the Palestinians are not happy about anyone deciding their fate, especially their occupiers. What the Palestinians should be asking now is why they are under such demand to adhere to signed agreements when Israel and the US are allowed to circumvent and disregard them at whim? " 25/5/2006
Review of Arab editorialsMiddle East Times - "A regularly updated roundup of commentary from Arab newspapers" 25/5/2006
‘Greater Israel’, ‘convergence’ — no ingredients for peacemakingMichael Jansen - Jordan Times - "The visit to Washinacegton this week of Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert will do nothing to improve the prospects of accommodation between Israel and the Palestinians or promote regional pemaking." 25/5/2006
France: Unilateral border unacceptableRonny Sofer - Ynet - "French Foreign Minister Douste-Blazy and Israeli counterpart Tzipi Livni hold joint press conference after meeting in Jerusalem; Douste-Blazy emphasizes disapproval of unilateral moves, presses to renew Israeli-Palestinian negotiations 18/5/2006
“Till Israel do us Part”Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - "Most people consider the future spouse’s character, their financial situation and perhaps their in-laws before saying “I do”. Forget all that – when asking for a woman’s hand these days, a suitor must first display his ID card and hope it is compatible with his future wife’s." 17/5/2006
Israel must Renounce ViolenceGhali Hassan - Axis of Logic - Israel’s-state violence has the advantage to be condone by Western (US and EU) governments and ignored or distorted by all mainstream media. Yet, Palestinian self-defence and miniscule retaliations, including resistance to Israel’s illegal occupation is magnified and condemned as “terrorism”." 17/5/2006
From Palestinian state to something else Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemon - "The collapse of the Palestinian Authority, a plausible outcome of the current Israeli and international embargo of aid, is a byproduct of the stated Israeli strategy of ignoring the Palestinian side." 17/5/2006
Israel at 58 still ‘immature’Hasan Abu Nimah - Jordan Times - "It would have been much easier to reach a final settlement between Israel and its Arab neighbours on the basis of the 1949 armistice lines when there were no settlements and no settlers, and when the Arab refugee problem was, in terms of size and territorial space, much easier to handle. In other words, the 1947 war could have been the first and the last." 17/5/2006
From Generation to GenerationKarma Nabulsi - The Electronic Intifada - "Nakba commemoration is not an attempt to institutionalise a historical national trauma or from the fear that this memory will fade when that generation dies. Instead, because of the relentless and dynamic nature of the Catastrophe – because it is an ongoing daily Palestinian experience – the current attempts to destroy the Palestinian collectivity today bind this generation directly to that older one, and bind the exile to the core of the Palestinian body politic."17/5/2006
No Palestinian support for convergenceGershon Baskin - THE JERUSALEM POST/IPCRI News Service - "Most Palestinians believe that Israel lost a golden opportunity to strengthen the cause of peace by not turning Gaza over to Mahmoud Abbas as part of a process of dialogue and negotiations. "9/5/2006
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