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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Shalit is free: Lift the siege of Gaza now Robert Naiman--Israel used captured soldier Gilad Shalit as a justification for the blockade of Gaza - which makes even the most basic supplies extremely difficult to get into the territory dn30/10/2011
Regaining Citizenship--Jewish-American Families Reclaim German RootsMary Beth Warner--An increased number of American children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors have applied in recent years for the German citizenship stripped from their family members by the Nazis. Many are interested in settling elsewhere in the European Union. But one family has found a new home in Berlin. dn30/10/2011
What Free PressIlana Dayan--While landmark court decisions seem to protect freedom of expression in Israel, power and money impose a very different reality on reporters; in a new book, legal analyst Moshe Negbi warns that this censorship is threatening the democratic foundations of the state. dn30/10/2011
Shalit deal reveals Israel`s superiority complexAlon Idan--As of October 2011, in the Israeli market, the price of one Jew equals 1,027 Arabs, and the price increases every day. dn30/10/2011
Sharon’s right-hand man attacks NetanyahuCatrina Stewart--The former top aide in Ariel Sharon`s administration has blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for squandering an opportunity to make peace with the Palestinians, slamming a policy to marginalise the Palestinian Authority as both "dangerous and stupid". dn30/10/2011
Call to action for the right of EducationRight to Education Campaign--International Week of Action - 15th-22nd November 2010 (14 September 2010)--We demand that Palestinian rights are recognised. dn30/10/2011
Settlers succeeding in hostile takeover of IsraelGideon Levy--Do you really want to live in a country where the heads of the settlement enterprise allocate its lands, plan its nature sites, rule on its laws and are increasingly controlling its lifestyles? dn30/10/2011
Blind to suffering : The Shalit deal shows once again how human suffering has become a matter of cost accounting. Moshe Zuckermann - Haaretz - The cost accounting spirit is by its nature blind to suffering and raises the price of ending suffering to the level of a meta-criterion of the instrumental reason that always drives it. It does not wish to nullify the suffering, but to justify it and its continued existence by converting it into what is presented as its parallel equivalent, which is intended only to cause the suffering itself to be forgotten. rh26/10/2011
Gilad Shalit has been brought home to an Israel that has no plan for peaceJonathan Freedland - Guardian - ""You can`t have discussions about how we are going to share a pizza, while one side is eating the pizza." This is a problem that predates Bibi." - id 26/10/2011
Yalla Peace: Celebrating freedom... together RAY HANANIA - JPost - "For the first time, I saw both sides celebrating simultaneously, instead of assaulting each other verbally and/or physically." - id 26/10/2011
This government WANTS Hamas for its “partner”Larry Derfner - +972 - "If Hamas is my ’partner’ – I have no partner. I don’t have to do anything – no negotiations, no ’67 borders, no settlement freeze, nothing." - id 26/10/2011
Who do we talk to?Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "...what would Netanyahu say if and when the Palestinians actually establish a joint government of Fatah and Hamas?" - id26/10/2011
Latin America Promotes Independence for Region, PalestineAlternative Information Center - With a region surprisingly united behind it and no great changes in the horizon, Brazil has a good chance to challenge the US one man performance in the Middle East and open the field for other actors, which could contribute to a more credible future peace process in the Middle East.25/10/2011
With Shalit free, it is time to lift the Gaza siegeSari Bashi - Y-Net - In the past five years it was impossible to separate the Gaza siege policy from Gilad Shalit’s captivity. During these years, Israeli decision-makers invested their efforts in formulating and implementing a policy that would express the public’s fury and frustration. Now that the painful affair of Shalit’s abduction is over, the time has come to also end the painful, embarrassing affair of the Gaza Strip blockade. 25/10/2011
U.S. looks increasingly irrelevant as Mideast Peace BrokerJonathan Guyer - IPS - Abbas followed through with the Palestinian application for UN Membership, over the vehement objections and a veto threat by Obama himself - while Netanyahu has shrugged off repeated U.S. objections to new settlement activity, including last week`s announcement of 8,000 new housing units for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem. "The notion that the U.S. has the wherewithal to get the parties to do what it wants them to do is …a thing of the past," said Robert Malley of the International Crisis Group. 25/10/2011
Back to basics in Palestine – Time for unity, synergy and mobilisationSusan Abulhawa - The Palestinian Chronicle - "If we continue on the path of nonviolent resistance that we started in the occupied territories and throughout the world, and with the solidarity of justice-seeking people everywhere, I believe with all my being, that we will eventually be in a position to say to the Israelis in no uncertain terms, and with a force they will have no choice but to listen to, that they are welcome to stay as our equals, but not as our masters" 24/10/2011
Everybody’s SonUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - “The most sensible – I almost wrote ‘the only sensible’ – sentence uttered this week sprang from the lips of a 5-year old boy. After the prisoner swap, one of those smart-aleck TV reporters asked him: ‘Why did we release 1027 Arabs for one Israeli soldier?’ He expected, of course, the usual answer: because one Israeli is worth a thousand Arabs. The little boy replied: ‘Because we caught many of them and they caught only one’”24/10/2011
Red Rag: The Shalit dealGideon Spiro - The Shalit deal - Hanan Porat: fascist? Hooray! Another Nobel! Good news - And bad news - Rani Talmor, R.I.P. 23/10/2011
In Search of a `solution` in PalestineAhmed Moor--The conflict in Israel and Palestine is a generational conflict, and as such it might take generations to resolve. dn23/10/2011
United States needs to reevaluate its assistance to IsraelWalter Pincus--As the country reviews its spending on defense and foreign assistance, it is time to examine the funding the United States provides to Israel. dn23/10/2011
Palestinian PM Fayyad: Time is not right for serious peace talksNatasha Mozgovaya - Haaretz - "All we want is a sovereign and sustainable state on 22% of the land. That`s what we want. We want freedom from Israel, not the right to vote in Israel. If that doesn`t happen, who will be able to prevent this conflict from turning into a struggle for equal voting rights [for Palestinians in Israel]," Fayyad added. 20/10/2011
The Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap offers little new hope for peaceThe Washington Post - Editorial - Mr. Netanyahu, however, has been making any concession by Mr. Abbas difficult. Last week his government announced plans for a new settlement on the outskirts of Jerusalem, even though Mr. Abbas has made a freeze on Israeli settlements a condition for talks. Now Israel has given Hamas an extraordinary prize in exchange for the release of a hostage. For Mr. Abbas to return to peace talks without any such concession — or for Mr. Netanyahu to meet him halfway — would require courage and statesmanship that neither seems able to muster. 20/10/2011
Free at Last Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Just as Gilad Shalit is seen by his fellow countrymen as a soldier on duty, so do Palestinians view the prisoners as soldiers of a noble cause. If it were not for Israel’s occupation of Palestine and its total dominance over the lives of all those under its military rule, our men and women would be living normal lives among their family, friends and society. 19/10/2011
Occupy protest critics exploit anti-SemitismMJ Rosenberg - Aljazeera - An ugly old tradition is back: Exploiting anti-Semitism to break the backs of popular movements that threaten the power of the wealthiest one per cent of our population. It is being used to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has conservatives in a state of near panic. 19/10/2011
Israel`s asymmetrical prisoner swapRachel Shabi - Aljazeera - The Israeli-Hamas prisoner swap is not a measure of life value, but rather an illustration of the asymmetrical conflict 19/10/2011
Illusionary peace negotiations can only lead to a hallucinated peaceSam Bahour - The Economist- Launching historic peacemaking negotiations is not the same as asking the Palestinians and Israelis to conduct a dialogue. Dialogue can be variously facilitated, although since the construction of Israel`s illegal separation barrier it has been severely hampered. Political negotiations, however, are not "dialogue" and must have a suitable legal foundation.19/10/2011
The link between Shalit`s release and Iran`s bombSefi Rachlevsky - Haaretz - In Netanyahu`s view, the PA president has already been thwarted in the United States by AIPAC, evangelical Christians and Congress, which, together, strong-armed U.S. President Barack Obama. Thus, it seems the real story is an attack on Iran. rh 19/10/2011
Gilad Shalit and the End of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace ProcessTony Karon - Time - Even with no more kidnappings, however, the prisoner exchange is a reminder that the situation in the West Bank and Gaza remains fraught with peril, with the peace process moribund and Israelis and Palestinians only just beginning a new diplomatic, political and economic battle over the terms of their coexistence. The Gilad Shalit deal may, in fact, prove to be a first milestone of the post-peace process. 19/10/2011
Gilad Shalit’s ReleaseEditorial- NYT - "As for Mr. Netanyahu, we saw on Tuesday that the problem is not that he can’t compromise and make tough choices. It’s that he won’t. That won’t make Israel safer." - id 19/10/2011
Shalit deal offers brief respite from Israel`s dance of despair Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "Yesterday was one of those rare days - too rare - in which happiness, the exact same happiness, reigned in both Gaza and the Galilee." - id 19/10/2011
Dreams DeferredJennifer Hitchcock--Video--68 minutes must see, covers subjects as Israeli education about events in 1948-9, refusing to enlist, nonviolence, being raised in fear-bereaved families--and more. [forwarded by Ruth Hiller] dn16/10/2011
In West Bank, Palestinians have mixed views on Shalit swap dealAvi Issacharoff--Although Hadi Barghouti and Naji Abu Hamid both have family members in Israeli prisons, they see don`t exactly see eye-to-eye on Hamas` prisoner exchange. dn16/10/2011
Erekat denies plans to meet Israelis in JordanMa`an News Agency "The PLO says the peace process that got underway 20 years ago has brought them no closer to independence and instead given Israel time to expand Jewish settlements and undermine the prospects of a viable Palestinian state." ca14/10/2011
Yediot: Bibi Did Shalit Deal Because He Has Something Bigger Prepared for IranMondoweiss If you’re looking for the things that worry Netanyahu and Barak they’re always connected to Iran. This appears to be the background for the prime minister’s decision to back down from his previous position and to pressure the senior ministerial committee not to interfere and to close the Shalit deal." ca "14/10/2011
Democratic governments don`t deal with terrorists – until they doRobert Fisk - The Independent - Once upon a time, we lived in a world where democratic governments did no deals with "terrorists". No country promoted this nonsense more than Israel. And no Israeli leader repeated the mantra so often as one B Netanyahu Esq. After all, America never "gave way" to "terrorists". No deals would ever be done by Britain. 13/10/2011
Born on the day war broke out - Observations on Yom Kippur 2011 (1) Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "Who still remembers that the Yom Kippur War could have been avoided, and that in 1978, Israel signed the peace agreement with Egypt which could have been signed already in 1970? This is a lesson which only a few hint at." - id12/10/2011
Anatomy of a deal Ron Ben-Yishai - Ynet - "Several architects can take credit for the decision: First and foremost new Shin Bet Chief Yoram Cohen, followed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz and Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo." - id 12/10/2011
Red Rag weekly column: What happened to Obama?Gideon Spiro - The Palestinian Authority`s cooperation with Israel has not proven effective. All coordination in the spheres of security and other things should be stopped. The Palestinian Authority – which in any case has no real control over anything, but excuses the Israeli regime from the hassle of the daily business of garbage disposal and other such things – should be dismantled. The keys should be handed over to the UN, which can then decide what to do. 12/10/2011
After Schalit, Israel likely to move (further) rightLarry Derfner - - I think the deal for Schalit shows a humanity in Israeli society that’s inspiring to witness. But the political mentality in this country, the attitude toward all those “thems” out there, is something else again.15/10/2011
The Second Herzl Uri Avnery - I was thinking about our state, the State of Israel, in which I have, so to speak, a founder’s share. Will it endure? Will it be here in another 100 years? Or is it a passing episode, a historic fluke? 15/10/2011
`Malki calls timing of Schalit deal suspicious`JPOST.COM STAFF, KHALED ABU TOAMEH - Jerusalem Post "PA Foreign Minister accuses Hamas of intentionally stealing limelight from Palestinian statehood bid; Abbas welcomes prisoner exchange." ca14/10/2011
Hague: Expansion of Settlements Must End; They are Illegal, Obstacle to Peace F.R.- WAFA "British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Thursday, “For the Israelis, time is slipping away for them to act in their own strategic interest. Expansion of settlements must end. They are illegal under international law and an obstacle to peace. This is why we voted in favour of the UN Security Council Resolution in February on this subject and why we continue to condemn announcements of new settlements.” ca 14/10/2011
Congress Blocking Aid to the Palestinians: the Facts & What They MeanLara Friedman - Americans for Peace Now - Congress is blocking $192 million in funds for U.S. humanitarian programs for Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Gaza. These funds are for programs funded through USAID and carried out by non-governmental organizations, which are completely distinct from U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority and long been kept hermetically sealed off from it. 11/10/2011
Obama`s Israel problem Ian Buruma - Al-Jazeera - Forced to back Israel, right or wrong, the US is quickly losing credibility and influence in a turbulent Middle East. 11/10/2011
Lynch the leftistsYishai Rosen-Zvi - Ynet - Friday evening, at the end of Rosh Hashana, a lynching was carried out outside the settlement of Anatot. No less. View the videos online and see for yourselves. Fortunately, the incident ended with only 26 people wounded and several razed cars, with no fatalities. However, those exposed to the story via the media heard at most about “clashes” between leftist activists and settlers. Three people were held by police for questioning – leftists, of course. 11/10/2011
‘Scuffles’ between Israelis, Palestinians on Jerusalem’s light railJoseph Dana - +972 - "All said and told, the light rail is a clear strike against any equitable two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. Confrontations will likely increase as the status quo currently looming over the conflict gives way to renewed movements of Palestinian civil unrest. Just as the ANC targeted railroads during the anti-Apartheid struggle, the Jerusalem light rail might just emerge as a primary target of Palestinian violence"10/10/2011
Jerusalem can do strange things to your sanityRobert Fisk - The Independent - "All of which makes me think that the Holy Land, Jerusalem, `Al-Quds`, `Yerushalayim` – the Israelis print the Hebrew name of the city in Arabic script on Arabic road signs, I notice – is all a bit mad. I don`t think I`ve ever been to a city where people go insane the nearer they get to it"10/10/2011
The great and the poor AmericaEyad Sarraj - Poor America for standing alone against the whole world only to satisfy the extreme Zionists.8/10/2011
The More Enemies, The More Honor Uri Avnery - Counterpunch - The ancient Hebrew sages said: “Who is the bravest hero? He who turns his enemy into a friend.” The modern sages who govern us have turned this around. 8/10/2011
Still the same Shin Bet Ishai Menuchin - Haaretz "The 1980s are over, and yet the torture continues to this day, as does the culture that permits lying to judges and to the public in the name of "security." The same culture of fabrication and the same sense of immunity remain in place. Only the style of institutional backing and cover-up has changed." ca7/10/2011
You and I and the next Yom Kippur WarGideon Levy - Haaretz - Not even the trauma of the Yom Kippur War, the mother of all traumas, led to a genuine strategic change for Israel. The generals and pundits will promise that the IDF learned its lessons, but Israel didn`t learn anything. rh6/10/2011
Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy?NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF - The New York Times - Friends don’t let friends drive drunk — or drive a diplomatic course that leaves their nation veering away from any hope of peace. Today, Israel’s leaders sometimes seem to be that country’s worst enemies, and it’s an act of friendship to point that out. 6/10/2011
Following criticism, IDF raises age for Palestinians to be tried as minors to 18 Anshel Pfeffer - Haaretz - The Israel Defense Forces last week upped the age for suspects to be tried as minors from age 15 to up to 18. The move comes following criticism by human rights groups of the IDF`s treatment of minor suspects. rh 5/10/2011
The Arab Awakening and the Israeli-Palestinian ConnectionTony Klug - Tikkun - While the future course of events is not yet clear, there are certain tentative deductions that I believe we can risk making even now. [One of these:] that nonviolent mass action is not the poor relative of an armed uprising but can often be more effective in achieving and sustaining change. Had the popular rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt been commandeered by men and women of the gun, they would probably have invited instant and overwhelming counterviolence by the respective regimes, which would have gladly seized the opportunity to crush the incipient protests.4/10/2011
Looking back at “September”: Reclaiming the Palestinian StoryToine van Teeffelen--September was marked by a momentary sense of joy and celebration and also a sense of relief in the West Bank. Would Mahmoud Abbas keep his promise to submit the UN bid for a Palestinian state, or would he withdraw at the last moment under pressure of the Western powers? In Bethlehem we saw flags on the street and listened to the honking of cars, as normally occurs during wedding celebrations or when a political party wins the university elections. There was a sense of anticipation, of possibility. That sense was not felt since long. dn9/10/2011
Getting banished by the Jewish Federation on Yom Kippur.Cecelia Surasky--What does Chabad Rabbi Manis Freidman have that I don’t have? Is it the beard? The religious authority? Or is it the record of advocating for the killing of Arab women, men and children? Why does he get to stay on the Jewish Federation’s much promoted Jewish Heroes competition list, while I was unceremoniously deleted- without explanation- this morning, less than 24 hours after a story about my nomination appeared in JWeekly, the Bay Area Jewish paper. dn9/10/2011
Israel`s stance in the community of nationsLetter in the Guardian insisiting that the Uefa not agree to host the 1913 under-21 tournament in Israel. dn9/10/2011
AIPAC Acolytes Demand Palestine Aid CutoffMJ Rosenberg - Foreign Policy Matters - The Democrats who want to punish the Palestinian people for ignoring our request that they not go to the United Nations have never threatened to cut our $3.5 billion in aid to Israel by even a dollar when Israel rejected repeated U.S. requests that it freeze settlements, ease the Gaza blockade and stop the abuse of Palestinians by settlers. 4/10/2011
Analysis: Jewish terrorism gaining steamYaakov Katz - Jpost - There is no clear way to stop this violence. On the one hand, what is needed, some IDF officers claim, is to create a deterrent to prevent attacks. This is difficult when in most cases no one is ever arrested, and if someone is arrested they are sometimes let off without charges. [emphasis-OM] 4/10/2011
Netanyahu is `happy` to accept peace plans, less so to seal the dealAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - Since the Israeli government "adopted" the Road Map plan in 2003, thousands of apartments have been added to the settlements, and the vast majority of outposts are still standing. And who is the American Congress punishing for breaching agreements by cutting aid? That`s right, the Palestinians, who dared to ask the UN to recognize their state. 4/10/2011
Israel Police turned a blind eye to a lynchingEyal Raz - Haaretz - Media outlets that don`t see fit to report a pogrom of this magnitude are partners in the policy, or the sins of omission, of abandonment. The same goes for those who term it a "confrontation," or a "clash," or any of those other laundered words that indicate mutuality.4/10/2011
Naomi Klein on social protest and Israeli security-related exports Ari Libsker interview - Kalkalist - Originally the Israeli business elite pushed Rabin into the peace process, in order to turn Israel into an international trading center. But later they realized that Israel`s main export area is high-tech, and within it the domain of security is prominent. They abandoned the peace efforts and find many creative ways to profit from the ongoing lack of peace, from Israel being considered the world`s best expert on security. 4/10/2011
Five lessons learned from Palestinian UN bidYousef Munayyer - Aljazeera - The United States is an exceptional place and it is a country that believes in its exceptionalism. Washington likes to believe it can do anything, and it can do and has done many things. But there is one thing it simply cannot do and that is even-handedly broker a deal between Israel and Palestinians. 4/10/2011
Video--Some of my best friends are ZionistsAbout 15 minutes of your time excellently spent. A trailor of a movie that promises to give hope by showing that American Jews brought up as Zionists or in households that looked upon Israel favorably are seeing Israel through non-Zionist eyes. Please distribute widely. Dorothy2/10/2011
The Shin Bet scandal that never diedGideon Levy--In the Bus 300 affair, Shimon Peres and Yaakov Neeman, entrusted with enforcing the law, proved in the 1980s how they truly related to the rule of law. [dn]2/10/2011
American Jews are not single-issue voters MJ Rosenberg--A common mistake is the assumption that US Jews care more about Israel than life in the US [GALLO/GETTY] dn2/10/2011
This Week in PalestineMazin Qumsyieh--In today`s news letter: events, good and bad news, good articles and commentaries. (also posted on the blog 2/10/2011
Palestinian Return, Jewish Return, and Insufferable Western recently as the mid-19th Century, less than 1% of the world`s Jews lived in what is now Israel-Palestine. And even this small population did not speak one single language or see itself as the seed of a modern nation... We were made to feel that this radical transformation of world Jewry, its language and its self-identity has been normal and natural and legitimate - because of the sanctity of Jewish collective memory. Memory of exile and destruction some 2000 years ago. Now, the very same "enlightened" West... turns around and tells Palestinians: no, your 60-year old living memory of personal and collective exile and destruction, simply doesn`t count. Scrap it. 1/10/2011
Washington Post Columnist: Cut Aid to Israel MJ Rosenberg--For the first time in memory, if not ever, a highly respected mainstream columnist is calling on the United States to cut aid to Israel. Writing in the Washington Post, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and columnist Walter Pincus says "it is time to examine the funding the United States provides to Israel." dn23/10/2011
Overdue books Hannah Mermelstein--Cultural genocide extends beyond attacks upon the physical and/or biological elements of a group and seeks to eliminate its wider institutions... Elements of cultural genocide are manifested when artistic, literary, and cultural activities are restricted or outlawed and when national treasures, libraries, archives, museums, artifacts, and art galleries are destroyed or confiscated. – David Neressian.1 dn23/10/2011
Shalit Deal - A Teaching Moment [1] DEATH OF THE "NO PARTNER" LIEthis was Abbas, the most moderate and accommodating Palestinian leader Israel can dream of, that Bibi was dissing as if he was some incorrigible fanatic. In Bibi`s rhetoric, that gained him so many Congressional standing ovations, Hamas are beyond the pale, "worse than the Nazis." And here he is, the very same Bibi, barely a fortnight later: in bed with the very same Hamas... in a deal that his more "moderate" predecessor didn`t have the stomach to sign. WTF?22/10/2011
Parchment of PeaceCarol Lipszyc - Say the word land in a single breathless syllable./Soon a multitude of words, dense and dislocated,/crowd around like jockeying spectators/at a match to the bloody death. 22/10/2011
Congratulations!Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "Congratulations to all of us, for having gotten a practical demonstration that it is possible to negotiate - not only with Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, but also with Hamas - and reach a successful conclusion." - id 19/10/2011
Obama’s Palestinian Veto: Let’s Be HonestHenry Siegman - The New York Review of Books - Moreover, Obama’s depiction of today’s Israel was neither honest nor factual. Far from waging repeated wars on Israel, a decade ago its neighbors offered to establish full normal relations, including diplomatic recognition, trade and security—an offer Israel has to this day spurned and rejected. 5/10/2011
The Jewish-Palestinian Book of LifeMarc H. Ellis - God, if on this Yom Kippur you find me worthy of being written into the Book of Life, I ask you to place my name on the same page as the Palestinian people. Right there. With other Jews and Palestinians who want a future of justice and equality. Book of Life. Same page. 5/10/2011
Seeking Asylum in Norway: Never Easy for Palestinians Julie Holm - MIFTAH - Many Palestinians I have met in Norway have been in this situation; unable to return, and not allowed to stay. Application processes for asylum and residence permits can take months and in some cases years. Meanwhile there is not much to do but wait. From what I have been told, that is the worst part, the waiting. And even if the applications are denied the Palestinians can’t return to Palestine, which means that they have to wait even longer.5/10/2011
The difference between Arafat’s pride, Abbas’ humiliation RAY HANANIA - JPost - "Until Israel is ready to give up significant tracts of land and to recognize the right of Palestinians to exist in a Palestinian state – the parallel to Israel’s demand to be recognized as a Jewish state – there can be no peace." - id 5/10/2011
Story of Jewish terrorZohir Andreus - Ynet - "The arson is a direct result of the reckless campaign of incitement against the Palestinian residents of Israel, with the government’s active participation." - id 5/10/2011
US-Israel role reversal: Who needs whom?Mairav Zonszein - "972 - "It just goes to show how problematic the link between Jewish identity and “pro-Israelism” can be." - id 5/10/2011
The end of the Oslo years Adam Keller - Crazy County - "In essence, both alike would say "we tried to make peace with them, we made every effort, but they only want to kill us and take our land" – differing only with who are "we" and who are "they"." - id 5/10/2011
Mutiny on the Titanic Uri Avnery - Can you really chant “the People Demand Social Justice” and ignore the daily oppression of four million Palestinians in the occupied territories? When you abandon your principles on the way to power, what are you likely to do with that power? 1/10/2011
Merkel questions e. Jerusalem housing planAssociated Press - Ynet - German chancellor tells Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in phone call that decision to approve new housing units in east Jerusalem has `raised doubts that Israeli government is interested in starting serious negotiations` 1/10/2011
Israel lobby empowers Palestinian solidarity Kristen Szremski--The ADL report targets pro-Palestinian student groups and warns college presidents they could lose funding for protests. dn 16/10/2011
We Need HelpNeri Livneh--Racism, violence, murder: things here are going from bad to worse, and it`s not hard to spot the link. 16/10/2011
Israel’s ugly Jews Nimrod Aloni--Op-ed: Religious, nationalistic thuggery becomes trademark of indifferent Israeli society16/10/2011
Palestinian prisoners must become part of the overall solutionDimi Reider - - The Schalit exchange will see nearly a thousand Palestinian and one Israeli prisoners go home. But the hostage-exchange practice cannot be allowed to go on. Prisoners should be invited to take an active part in dealings with Israel, and their release should become part of the diplomatic process. 15/10/2011
10 Comments on the Israeli-Palestinian prisoner exchange dealDaniel Levy - Foreign Policy "The battle of spin will not await those particulars, with both parties keen to explain why this was a good deal for their side. When the full story of the Shalit negotiations are known, we are likely to discover that a very different price was available in the earliest days, one involving a broader ceasefire arrangement between Israel and Hamas. That option was lost long ago. Here then are ten reflections on the broader implications and consequences that this dramatic deal might have for Israelis, Palestinians, the region, and the conflict." ca 14/10/2011
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