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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

What are 20 tons of explosives?Amira Hass - Haaretz-Zmag - "Israelis are convinced that we are facing an existential danger. But what has been erased from the Israeli consciousness is that Israel is a weapons superpower, and that the weapons this state has, as is the nature of all weapons, are lethal and frightening. "31/10/2006
The way to eliminate terrorDanny Rubinstein - Haaretz - "First of all, Israel `s government has to return the money to the PA that Israel owes it, amounting at present to about NIS 1.5 billion. This is money that belongs to the PA, and the claim that it will fund terror is ridiculous. If there is one thing in Gaza that does not suffer from budgetary problems, it is terror... And in general the problem with terror is not money, but rather motivation - the urge to carry out attacks. The real infrastructure is idleness and frustration, 70-percent unemployment, lack of hope and bitterness. "31/10/2006
Israel`s scandalous siege of GazaPatrick Seale -- International Herald Tribune -- "How long will the `international community` allow the slaughter to continue? The cruel repression of the occupied territories, and of Gaza in particular, is one of the most scandalous in the world today. It is the blackest stain on Israel`s patchy record as a would-be democratic state"30/10/2006
Who is Afraid of the Iranian Bomb?Uri Avnery -- Gush Shalom -- "It seems that we Israelis are always in need of something to be afraid of. When we open our eyes in the morning, we must see the danger-of-the-day. Otherwise, what is there to get up for? Perhaps it`s not the public that is to blame, but the politicians who use fear as a means of control"30/10/2006
Let`s hear it for the HaidersAkiva Eldar -- Haaretz -- "Haider is far from being a righteous man, but even in his most fascist days, he never called on Austria to rid itself of citizens who`d been living in the country for generations. Also, Haider never suggested standing up legislators representing these citizens in front of a firing squad"30/10/2006
The Neo-Barbarians Michael Warschawski -- AIC -- "The US and Israel — but also Blair’s Great Britain, Italy of Berlusconi and even Romano Prodi, and increasingly other western countries — are conducting a world-war against the peoples of the planet, with an unhidden agenda: to impose, by violence and/or threat, the rule of the Neoliberal Empire. This global war is a crusade of the Neo-Barbarians against human civilization"29/10/2006
It`s not racism, it`s just patriotismZvi Bar`el -- Haaretz -- "The fascist alliance between the settler-style right and the Lieberman-style right is, therefore, accepted as self-evident [...] The political doctrine is identical, and so is the political path. Both sit in the Knesset spouting the slogan that Israel is for the Jews. Excuse me, Israel is for the patriots. And who else can be a patriot? This is the equation of identity that the extreme right has succeeded in planting: Your loyalty to the homeland is measured by how anti-Arab you are"29/10/2006
In praise of the Lebanon war Yossi Sarid - Haaretz - "Let us sum up: The Lebanon war left 156 [Israeli] dead - 117 soldiers and 39 civilians - and about 4,200 wounded. But in light of this overall positive balance, who would dare any longer to cast doubt on its justification and success? Who would dare to be so cruel as to say that the victims died in vain? The dead commanded life to Olmert and his government, a long and good life. "28/10/2006
Feed Palestine, or Breed WarO. Karmi`s contribution to the discussion on whether "bread is more important than democracy", as suggested by President Abbas28/10/2006
Christian ZionismCouncil for the National Interest: "Christian Zionism: An Egregious Threat to Middle East Understanding". And AP-Haaretz article on arrival of American evangelical group in Ashdod on solidarity mission - "We had to be nice to these people," port spokesman Yigal Ben-Zikry said, "they`re more Zionist than any Israelis I know." 28/10/2006
50 Years After Suez, US Hegemony Ebbing FastJim Lobe - Inter Press Service - "Our strong point was always that we were the only power that could do anything with the Israelis," according to Parker. "We still have that influence, but the key is whether we`re prepared to use it. If not, it`s going to waste away."28/10/2006
Out of the shadows: Israel`s Minister of Strategic ThreatsJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - "In the newly established post of Minister for Strategic Threats, Lieberman -- the self-avowed Arab hater -- will shape Israel’s response to Iran, leading the chorus threats being made by Israel that it is only a hair’s breadth from dropping bombs, possibly nuclear warheads, on Tehran. After that, he will presumably help the government decide what other “strategic threats” it faces. " 26/10/2006
World silent as fascists join Israel governmentAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - "Lieberman called for all Palestinian prisoners held by the Israeli occupation authorities to be drowned in the Dead Sea and offered to provide the buses."25/10/2006
Conflict sustains stability, compromise erodes legitimacy Tamar Hermann - Bitterlemons - "The Rabin assassination, whose eleventh anniversary will soon be marked, testified more than any other event to the de-legitimization of his government in the eyes of sectors of the Israeli public that opposed Oslo."25/10/2006
Ex-Mossad chief says Hamas cannot winChristopher True - Aljazeera - "I related in my book the process whereby I proposed a line of action to my political master."25/10/2006
Try being an Arab for a weekJubran Jubran - Ynet - "Low income, poor education, high mortality rate, occupied land and an oppressed identity." 25/10/2006
New Voice on Right in Israeli Cabinet Is Likely to Be Loud GREG MYRE - The NY Times - "The husky, bearded Mr. Lieberman, 48, has made his reputation with provocative statements and proposals, many outside the mainstream."25/10/2006
Fatah`s US saviourErica Silverman - Al-Ahram - "The United States is standing squarely behind Fatah as rumours spread of possible new legislative elections,"24/10/2006
The King of the JungleRima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - "When it comes to imposing law and order on the Palestinians, what applies is not international humanitarian law, but the law of the jungle. And, of course, it is quite clear who the king of the jungle is."24/10/2006
Lieberman is a strategic threatHaaretz Editorial - " The choice of the most unrestrained and irresponsible man around for this job constitutes a strategic threat in its own right. Lieberman`s lack of restraint and his unbridled tongue, comparable only to those of Iran`s president, are liable to bring disaster down upon the entire region. "24/10/2006
Art of resistance Ahdaf Soueif - the Guardian - on how Palestinians are reaching out across the globe 24/10/2006
Surprised again? Baruch Kimmerling - Haaretz - "Make peace with Syria"24/10/2006
Third Intifada comingAl Ahram Weekly-"Israel has been refusing to strike a prisoner swap deal with the Palestinians in the hope that the Israeli army would succeed in finding and freeing the soldier, .... However, the equally determined refusal of the Palestinian resistance factions to release the soldier unconditionally, as Israel has been demanding, has given Israel a comfortable pretext to ramp up its killing."20/10/2006
Serious discriminationJordan Times Editorial-"In many cases, families have been split apart, careers jeopardised and houses lost. The policy has been all the more damaging as it, almost by definition, targeted what remains of the Palestinian middle class and with it, any scrap of hope for the Palestinian economy."20/10/2006
Meltdown loomsGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - "In spite of all the differences between the Palestinian and Israeli situations they have one thing in common: both sides are suffering government crises causing internal instability." 19/10/2006
A clear collision courseDanny Rubinstein -- Haaretz -- "During the coming days, there will be additional religious events connected to the month of Ramadan [...] The fact that Israel does not allow Muslims (or Christians) from the territories to enter freely in order to pray at their holy sites in Jerusalem distresses and annoys them. It is hard to deny that this is a crude violation of freedom of religious observance"16/10/2006
What happened to the Gaza Strip? Imogen Kimber -- IMEMC News -- "While the shelling and the shooting, the lack of sanitation and access to water, the destruction of the road networks and the closures of crossings in and out of the hermitically sealed Gaza strip is desperately inhumane, there is something particularly sadistic about the need to deny the residents of Gaza a minute’s rest through the use of sonic bombs"16/10/2006
Commissions of reconciliation, not inquiryDaphna Golan-Agnon – Haaretz – “No state commission of inquiry is needed in order to know that our prime minister is guilty of not proposing a plan for a better future - a future without checkpoints, without walls, without wars. A future in which we will be able to harvest olives together, Jews and Arabs, without fear. A future in which Jews will not have extra privileges”16/10/2006
The Great ExperimentUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Is it possible to force a whole people to submit to foreign occupation by starving it? 15/10/2006
Mashaal okays state with 1967 Staff - Jerusalem Post - Hamas politburo leader Khaled Mashaal reiterated Wednesday that his group would not recognize Israel. In an interview published Thursday in the London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat and cited by Maariv, Mashaal said he was willing to accept a Palestinian state within 1967 borders, as well as a hudna [truce] with Israel but not to recognize the "occupation." 14/10/2006
Hamas against recognition of Israel as precondition to talks; not excluding peaceful coexistence Reuters - - "Let`s force Israel to compromise. Let us keep some cards in our possession. We have seen the fate of those who accepted recognition as a precondition for negotiations. They have gained nothing. (...) A joint Palestinian government could be formed if we listen to our prisoners, the cries of our wounded and the souls of our martyrs," [Mashaal] said.14/10/2006
Abusing the Arab Peace InitiativeNicola Nasser-Arab Media Internet Network-"The API, (Arab Peace Initiative) was put now on the table not to revive the peace process but to be thrown in the face of Syria and Iran as a direct response to Iran’s rejection of Israel’s existence, although it was originally a genuine Arab peace endeavor dictated by Arab impotence to stand up to Israeli military superiority."13/10/2006
Why the Lebanese won and the Palestinians did not yetDr Salim Nazzal-Arabic Media Internet Network -"The Oslo agreement put Palestinians in a situation where they had no clear position: they were neither a state nor were they a liberation movement as it was before 1993. ...Palestinian leadership had been reduced from a liberation movement to a subsidiary of the Israeli occupation. reality any Israeli officer on the check points has more power than the Palestinian president. "13/10/2006
A re-run of the Lebanon war in Palestine?Hasan Abu Nimah & Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - "There are ominous signs that the long-contemplated plan to overthrow the democratically-elected Hamas-led Palestinian Authority cabinet is about to enter its most dangerous phase: a political coup, supported by local militias, with foreign and regional backing. This could ignite serious intra-Palestinian violence. "12/10/2006
Illusions of Unilateralism Dispelled in IsraelYoav Peled - MERIP - "The peace course is already urged by what is left of Israel’s liberal punditry, and the Olmert government, desperate to hold on to power, has released a few trial balloons in that direction, as well as in all others. It is still quite difficult to imagine the peace camp being revived, or what its concrete political program would look like. But the elimination of the unilateral option by the actions of Hamas and Hizballah raises the hope, for the first time in six years, that this line of development is at least possible." 12/10/2006
ALWAYS THE VICTIM - ISRAEL`S PRESENT WARSTanya Reinhart - State of Nature - "Israel simply substituted the expensive occupation of Gaza with a cheap occupation, one which in Israel’s view exempts it from the occupier’s responsibility to maintain the Strip."11/10/2006
The Age of Terror - a landmark report Robert Fisk - The Independent - "Over the next 15 pages and 7,000 words, our man in the Middle East looks back over a lifetime of covering war and death, and lays out a bleak future for all of us." 11/10/2006
Olmert`s true colorsTom Segev - Haaretz - "A decent person should not even think about bringing into the government a man who wants to remove from the state one out of every five citizens, just because they are not Jewish." 11/10/2006
Point proven, talk canceled Michael Powell - Washington Post - The historian Tony Judt was scheduled to talk Oct. 4 to a nonprofit organization that rents space from the [New York] Polish consulate. Judt`s subject was the Israel lobby in the United States, and he planned to argue that this lobby has often stifled honest debate. 10/10/2006
Unwritten historyRashid Khalidi - Boston Globe - In a sense, the history of the Palestinians has disappeared under the powerful impact of the painful and amply recounted story of the catastrophic fate of the Jews of Europe in the 20th century. However, achieving any serious understanding of the Middle East conflict requires comprehension of Palestinian history in its own terms, which includes but cannot be subsumed by Jewish and Israeli history.10/10/2006
Assad on Israel: It takes two to tango Hagit Klaiman - Ynet - “…we don`t know if this government is strong enough to move towards peace. Like what happened during Barak`s term in 2000 when we went to meet with the Israelis and it was proven in President Clinton`s memoir that when he mentioned that the Syrians were ready to deliver while the Israelis weren`t, because of internal issues. So the first question - can they and do they have the will? The other question is the decision for peace now is not in Israel - it`s in Washington.10/10/2006
The King of the JungleRima Merriman -- The Electronic Intifada -- "The logic of the jungle is the logic of the Oslo Accords, which is basically a (mis)understanding between the strong and the weak. For such a relationship to work in the animal world, the weak party must continually show submission by exposing its neck and belly to the dominant party, and the strong party must continually strut its stuff. Among human beings, such a relationship is a recipe for elemental violence, not elemental harmony"9/10/2006
The mystery of AmericaGideon Levy – Haaretz – “The U.S. […] speaks loftily about peace. At the same time, its president warns Israel against any attempt to forge peace with Syria. Here America is taking a stance that not only fails to advance an accord but even undermines it. Ever since it began to give Israel a free hand to impose the brutal occupation in the territories, it has become a party that bequeaths undemocratic values to the entire world”9/10/2006
Analysis: Syria still holds the keyClaude Salhani -- United Press International via Middle East Times – “the ruling Baath Party will see to it that even if a peace deal is reached between the Palestinians and Israel, no lasting peace will be enjoyed in the Middle East without including Syria in the fold”9/10/2006
An Interview with Tanya Reinhart -- the Roadmap to NowhereTanya Reinhart -- Counterpunch -- “Sharon`s legacy, as it unfolds in the period covered in this book, is eternal war, not just with the Palestinians, but with what the Israeli army views as their potential network of support, be it Lebanon now, or Iran and Syria tomorrow. At the same time, what Sharon`s legacy has brought to perfection is that war can be always marketed as the tireless pursuit of peace. Sharon proved that Israel can imprison the Palestinians, bombard them from the air, steal their land in the West Bank, stall any chance for peace, and still be hailed by the Western world as the peaceful side in the Israel-Palestine conflict”9/10/2006
We need to switch gears Manuela Dviri - Haaretz - Whatever the conclusions of the committee of inquiry, at present we have no need for a weak government and a prime minister busy defending himself on a personal level, and certainly not for cheap demagoguery and belligerent populism, negative energy, self-righteousness and eye-rolling. We are in need of hope: of a broad forward perspective (rather than always just looking back in anger), a comprehensive and creative view, a practical plan of action. But mainly we are in need of a break, in order to give the prime minister and the entire government time and opportunity to prove whether they do in fact have the necessary courage, strength, depth of thinking and will to repair the mistakes of the past and lead the nation - this time, to a diplomatic step that will be as great as was the disappointment with the war (see the signals from Syria). 7/10/2006
Squaring the circleHelmi Moussa - Al-Ahram - The Palestinian Prisoners` National Conciliation Document (...) was supposed to provide an exit strategy from the vicious circle engulfing the PA. (...) For this to work, though, a revised political programme was needed, together with the reallocation of the factions` quotas on the basis of proportional representation and no real effort was exerted in either direction.7/10/2006
Guests on a frail planet - Sukkot as a reminder of human unityRabbi Lewis Weiss - - As anyone has built a sukkah can attest, it is a frail home, a place where it doesn`t do to depend on material security. We are required to be able to see the stars through its roof -- a potent reminder that we lie beneath the heavens shared by all God`s creatures. The message is clear: We are all but guests on a frail planet. If we don`t work together, our future is endangered, our temporary structure will collapse. 7/10/2006
A Zionist prison guard and a Palestinian prisoner becoming friendsJeffrey Goldberg/Shmuel Rosner - Slate - [American Jewish journalist Jeffrey Goldberg and Israeli journalist Shmuel Rosner discuss Israeli-Palestinian relations, and also the relations between Israelis and American Jews. The starting point is Goldberg`s new book "Prisoners", which describes the friendship between himself and Gaza Palestinian Rafiq Hijazi - which started when Goldberg served in the Israeli army as a prison guard, while Hijazi was his prisoner. An excerpt from the book is given separately. A.K.]7/10/2006
ICG: "Now is the time to launch an Arab-Israeli peace initiative" ReportInternational Crisis Group-electronic intifada-“ and full recognition to the state of Israel ... an end to the occupation for the Palestinian people in an independent, sovereign state with East Jerusalem as its capital, recovery of lost land to Syria and a fully sovereign and secure Lebanese state.”6/10/2006
Bad faith and the destruction of PalestineJonathan Cook-Arab Media Internet Network-"The occupation of Gaza did not begin this year, after Hamas was elected, nor did it end with the disengagement a year ago. The occupation is four decades old and still going strong .... Israel has followed a consistent policy of subjugating the Palestinian population, imprisoning it inside ever-shrinking ghettos, sealing it off from contact with the outside world, and destroying its chances of ever developing an independent economy."6/10/2006
The Golan in the role of SharmDanny Yatom and Moshe Amirav-Ha`aretz-"The leadership explains its inflexibility with the slogan: "Syria has not changed." This judgment ignores important developments, the most significant of which was the Arab League`s decision (endorsed by Syria) in Beirut, supporting full peace and normalization of relations with Israel in return for the territories it has captured."6/10/2006
Refuseniks: IDF employs apartheid regimeYael Ivri-YNet News- "Instead of Gaza becoming part of a future Palestinian state, it became a prison. Nothing enters and nothing leaves, and the Palestinian population is being starved. The solution is negotiations, not one-faceted steps."6/10/2006
After war in Lebanon, Israeli settlements growing again : West Bank expansion may complicate Secretary Rice`s aim for Israeli-Palestinian talks.Ilene R. Prusher - The Christian Science Monitor - "But while cameras were focused on the Israeli-Lebanese conflict, building in illegal outposts in the West Bank accelerated, an Israeli organization that keeps track of settlement growth says. Peace Now, a left-wing organization opposed to settlement in the occupied territories, charged this week in its biannual report that during the war, 31 illegal outposts underwent expansion and infrastructure works, while 12 outposts saw the construction of permanent buildings." 5/10/2006
Rice meets Abbas as the road map to peace lies in tatters Anne Penketh - The Independent - "The three-phase road map, guaranteed by the US, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations, grouped together as the Quartet, never even fulfilled the promises in its first phase under which the Palestinians were to rein in the militants, and Israel to freeze settlement building. Israel took it upon itself to execute Palestinian militant leaders, and forged ahead with settlement building on the West Bank." 5/10/2006
A struggle among losers Danny Rubinstein - Haaretz - "A courageous and creative Israeli government could announce the flow of extensive aid to the Gaza Strip. This would include the transfer of funds and investments, an increase in subcontracting work, the construction of the port, the development of natural gas and water resources, and the passage of workers into Israel. This is unlikely to happen. The bleak forecasts are the realistic ones." 5/10/2006
Not an internal Palestinian matter Amira Hass - Haaretz - " The experiment was a success: The Palestinians are killing each other."4/10/2006
The settlers are not resting Editorial - Haaretz - "t is difficult to know whether the settlements are continuing to grow because of government indifference or as part of an effort to buy quiet on the right."4/10/2006
Anti-war struggle in war zone (report from Haifa)Iris Bar - The Other Israel - And then, on August 14, at 8:00 am, the Open War stopped, as suddenly as it began, putting an end to a really strange period. Despite the fact that we were active almost every day (we organized and participated in protests three to four times a week, and also did more social activity than usual) I felt, more than ever, that the real politics, the real changes in the world, are achieved by other people who use other means.3/10/2006
Education or mind infection?Nurit Peled-Elhanan - "We must all ask our children`s forgiveness for not being more alert, for not fighting hard enough to keep our promises for a better world, for not refusing the evil viruses before and for letting them be the victims of the horrible, mental infection we are all suffering from, to look at their innocent, astonished, disillusioned small faces and ask ourselves: why does that streak of blood rip the petal of their cheek???" (Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan is a Lecturer in Language Education at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In September 1997, Nurit`s daughter Smadar was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. She and her family are members of the Palestinian and Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace) 1/10/2006
National unity is more important than foreign conditions Yehya Mousa - Bitterlemons - "If we stay in the pit of foreign conditions, we revert to the previous system that caused the intifada. With preconditions we will be hostages to political extortion again. This will take us back to the same catastrophes that Fateh led us to in the last 12 years."1/10/2006
Nearing the point of no return Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - While it may be true that the guidelines agreed on by Abbas and Haniyeh for the national unity government were not identical with the Quartet`s positions, the fact that the agreement moved in that direction was a sign of progress that needed to be appreciated and encouraged 1/10/2006
Losing our compassAli Jarbawi -- Bitter Lemons -- "If the two parties themselves are incapable of reviving a political process and giving it the substance and momentum it needs, then effective and urgent external intervention is necessary. But for all the current international attention, tours of the region and statements reaffirming the need to find a solution to the conflict, the international will to reactivate the political process is still clearly absent"21/10/2006
The new rejectionistGERSHON BASKIN-THE JERUSALEM POST -"Preconditionality, it should be understood, is also reciprocal. If Israel demands recognition, than it must grant recognition. Even senior Hamas leaders have said that they would be willing to recognize Israel, but first Israel must say which Israel they should recognize - in what borders - and that Israel too must recognize Palestine. "13/10/2006
Boycotting Myself? Juliano Mer Khamis -- AIC -- "When I signed the petition, as an Israeli citizen I wanted to be sure that I would not be boycotting myself. As the petition clearly asserts, the boycott is not directed against Israelis as such, but against `those cultural and artistic institutions that to date have refused to take a stand against the Occupation, the root cause for this colonial conflict` (from the petition)"23/10/2006
40 years of solitudeYehuda Litani -- YNET -- Continued occupation will isolate us like apartheid-era South Africa23/10/2006
Third Intifada comingKhaled Amayreh – Al-Ahram Weekly -- Israel appears sure that increasing aggression against the Palestinians will lead them to internal collapse whereas it is more certain to lead to a new national uprising23/10/2006
Letter by Palestinian director Elia Suleiman"To whom it may concern, I hereby suspend my signature from the petition of Palestinian and Lebanese artists, which calls for a boycott of, what was supposed to have been, all cultural activities participated in and sponsored by the state of Israel ... My suspension comes in protest of the practices of certain artist petitioners who recently participated in cultural activities around the world. Such practices involved the boycott of filmmaker (individuals) known to these petitioners as (individual) artists who strongly support Palestinian and Lebanese resistance... haunt segregation walls and promote and engage in Palestinian and Arab culture around the world. ". And a response by Juliano Mer Khamis.22/10/2006
Palestine Peace Not ApartheidA new book by Jimmy Carter [Editor`s comment: finally a prominent US politician with courage to call the Occupation system by its proper name]22/10/2006
Flying while muslimLaila El-Haddad - "To make matters worse there was a big orange sign indicating that today’s terrorist threat level was “high”. Probably people looking suspicously, thinking they had caught the suspect: the strawberry yoghurt toting Gazan on her way to a social forum in Norway-because that all links back to the Oslo Accords, a good cause to sabatoge if there ever was one. "22/10/2006
An empty carGideon Levy - Haaretz - "Even the harshest critics of Peretz have to acknowledge the important contribution he has made: He has demonstrated that the position of defense minister is completely superfluous. It is possible to go to war, withdraw forces, pulverize Gaza, deploy vis-a-vis Iran, and even control the West Bank without a defense minister. It suddenly becomes apparent that an answering machine at the defense minister`s office is sufficient. Fact: Peretz has faded away, yet all of these things occurred."22/10/2006
Gaza BurningHanna Siniora - The Jerusalem Times - "When politicians fail, civil society is ready to take the lead and demonstrate that an equitable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is possible."18/10/2006
Israel`s Plan For A Military Strike On IranJonathan Cook - ZNet - ""With America unlikely to take military action, the pressure is growing on Israel`s leaders to launch a raid."" 18/10/2006
IDF rabbi`s twisted ZionismGavri Bar-Gil - Ynet - "Just like other settler rabbis, Rabbi Ronsky views the settlements as a sole, supreme value, thus leaving most Israeli society outside his cycle of values."18/10/2006
Hamas Official: Is Violence Palestinian "Disease?" REUTERS - NY Times - "``Has violence become a culture implanted in our bodies and our flesh?`` "18/10/2006
A lethal combinationZe`ev Sternhell-Haaretz-" Because it betrayed all its promises, from the convergence plan to repairing society, and thus finds itself in serious distress, the governmental elite is now calling for help from the most dangerous politician we have ever had in Israel."27/10/2006
The Palestinian track that Olmert ignoresMohammed Shaker Abdallah-Arabic Media Internet Network-"Consequently they closed their eyes and wiped from their memories the experiences of several decades through which these Israeli (military) policies had failed to deal with the Palestinians."27/10/2006
No negotiations, no peaceGERSHON BASKIN -JPost ePaper-"But even if and when Shalit is safely returned home, it is important to recognize that history did not begin with his kidnapping. The Israeli-Palestinian relation was dead-ended long before June 25, 2006. The Shalit kidnapping is but just another excuse not to renew the dialogue."27/10/2006
Talking to Syria - on the condition of no conditionsJP staff & AP - Jerusalem Post - PM Olmert would agree to hold negotiations if the Syrians entered without pre-conditions and only if the recognition of Israel`s right to exist were promised, Army Radio reported.3/10/2006
The seeds of disasterKhaled Amayreh -- Al-Ahram -- "A majority of Palestinians remains opposed to Hamas recognising Israel, for both religious and ideological reasons, but also because Israel has not indicated any willingness to recognise a viable Palestinian state on all the Palestinian land it occupied in 1967. Israel has also consistently rejected the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in what is now Israel. Repatriation and indemnification for refugees is a key clause in the Prisoner Document on which any national unity government will be based. Another factor militating against recognition of Israel by Hamas is the widespread suspicion that Israel is only using the issue as propaganda tool, something Israel`s treatment of the PA during the Oslo years (1994-2000) confirms"2/10/2006
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