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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Israel’s Self-Destruction as a Jewish State William Pfaff - Truthdig - "The Zionist movement, by insisting on keeping possession of Palestine, and the Palestinian population conquered in 1967, has destroyed the Jewish state it was its dream to create. This only now is being recognized."31/5/2008
Thoughts are Free, Entry is Not Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - It doesn’t even matter what bogus excuse the Shin Bet offered to justify their deportation order. We all know why Finkelstein is persona non grata in Israel. Not only is he a harsh critic of Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, as a Jew he is also critical of Zionism and what he says is the exploitation of the Holocaust by the Jews. That is heavy stuff, especially for a country that has fooled most of the world into believing Israel is forced into these heinous practices against the Palestinians in defense of their security and that the establishment of the state was essential for the Jew’s survival after the Holocaust. For a highly intelligent and educated man such as Norman Finkelstein to shoot these claims down is not exactly what Israel is looking for. 29/5/2008
Tutu: Gaza blockade illegal Bahrain Tribune - Agencies - The South African cleric, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 over his non-violent struggle against apartheid, heads a UN fact-finding commission investigating the deaths of 19 Palestinians in a 2006 Israeli artillery attack. Israel has said a technical problem caused shells to mistakenly hit two homes in an area used by militants to fire rockets at the Jewish state. The investigative team will present a report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Israel, which regards the group as biased against it, denied Tutu a visa, forcing him to cross into the Gaza Strip through Egypt. 29/5/2008
Do Negotiations Mean a Chance for Peace?Reuven Kaminer - The logic of established patterns of behavior creates a set of expectations. For example, when countries involved in a sustained conflict decide to commence peace talks, such an act suggests that they believe that there is some chance for success. However, there are circumstances in which negotiations for peace have little or nothing to do with that objective. I am afraid that this is the case with the new round of negotiations between Syria and Israel. 29/5/2008
Who Lost the Middle East? Leon Hadar - Antiwar - "While the era of Pax Americana in the Middle East is not over yet, the balance of power in the region is beginning to shift from the U.S."28/5/2008
Why did Nasrallah yield? Smadar Peri - Ynet - "Instead of making tens of millions of dollars through hotel and nightclub income, the Lebanese are forced to invest millions in renovation." 28/5/2008
Bethlehem investment conference - is Palestine open for business?Aaron Lakoff/Dawood Hamoudeh - IMEMC - While some are optimistic at the economic opportunities that such a conference could bring to the impoverished West Bank and Gaza Strip, others are critical of the conference, charging that it is being used as a tool to normalize Israeli apartheid policies in the region.27/5/2008
Carter urges `supine` Europe to break with US over Gaza blockadeJonathan Steele & Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian - The blockade on Hamas-ruled Gaza [was] "one of the greatest human rights crimes on Earth," since it meant the "imprisonment of 1.6 million people, 1 million of whom are refugees". "Most families in Gaza are eating only one meal per day."27/5/2008
The Same Apartheid, a Different SuzmanIqbal Jassat - The Palestinian Chronicle - "Suzman ought to familiarize herself with at least two notoriously racist enactments in this regard: the `Law of Return` and the `Absentee Property Law`. The first law defines the boundaries of inclusion whereby every Jew (including Suzman) has the right to immigrate to Israel while the second law defines the boundaries of exclusion (‘absentee’)"26/5/2008
The ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Palestine - Judaism is universalEric Rouleau - "Avraham Burg [...] can hope that his dream may one day become reality. And, like the wave of iconoclasts in the Israeli intelligentsia who have absorbed the work of the new historians, he is living proof that his society is undergoing profound change"26/5/2008
Getting closerSaleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram - A Gaza-Israel truce is on the horizon, though Israel is still sabre rattling and seeking more Palestinian concessions26/5/2008
The Continuing CatastropheLinks to a 4 part Aljazeera program in YouTube - " To conclude Al Jazeera`s special coverage of the 60th anniversary of the creation of Israel - an event known to Palestinians as al Nakba (catastrophe) - senior political analyst Marwan Bishara hosts a debate examining why the events of 1948 still have wide-ranging political ramifications today."25/5/2008
Rashid Khalidi: Liberation DeferredRashid Khalidi - The Nation - `The "Palestine Question" has been with us for sixty years. During this time it has become a running sore, its solution appearing ever more distant. Whether the events sixty years ago that created this question solved the previously perennial "Jewish Question" is once again open to debate. This is the case after many years when the apparent triumph of Zionism stilled doubts and drowned out the protests of those who argued that what purported to be the solution to one problem had created an entirely different one. It is considered by some to be a slur on Israel and Zionism, and indeed even tantamount to anti-Semitism, to suggest that these events sixty years ago should be the subject of anything but unmitigated joy.`25/5/2008
Money in the BankBen White - "This week, an estimated 1,000 foreign representatives from hundreds of companies gathered in the West Bank city for the Palestine investment conference... While Israel`s colonisation of the occupied territories continues, the risk for business is that investment can provide, at best, only superficial relief for besieged Palestinians. At worst, it will be pouring money into a bottomless pit. And at the same time, distract from the root causes of Palestinian economic woes."25/5/2008
FM Livni, the Nakba is not going to disappear!Dror Etkes - Ynet - translated from Hebrew by Sol Salbe - "The events marking the state’s 60th anniversary celebrations, of which the President’s Conference was meant to be one of the high spots, served to focus attention on a crucial contradiction. On one hand we have the democratic ethos and the pretension to be “a light unto the nations”. On the other hand we have the gloomy political reality. And the gap between the two is increasing. The clearest expression of this gap can be seen in the inability of the Israeli political establishment to accept even a modicum of responsibility for choices made and actions taken by the state, both past and present. "25/5/2008
The Age of the Warrior, by Robert Fisk. Fisk`s new book, reviewed by Frank McLynn. The Independent.25/5/2008
Escaping ForwardsUri Avnery - " In the Biblical legend, the hero Samson killed a young lion, and when he returned to it, "behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase." Samson put forth a riddle unto the Philistines: "Out of the strong came forth sweetness", and nobody was able to solve it (Judges, 14). Now we can well ask: "Will the weak bring forth sweetness?" 25/5/2008
Celebrating Ethnic CleansingKathleen M. Barry - The Counterpunch - a letter to Nancy Pelosi - "I stand with Jews, with Palestinians, with every people who seek protection from persecution, but never with those who persecute others, who conduct well documented ethnic cleansing to gain their own protection which in six decades of Israeli wars has been no protection at all for Israelis."25/5/2008
Two-track tango: Peace on the horizon? Or just a mirage?The Economist - "Mr Olmert`s critics in Israel suspect that he is pursuing the Syria track merely to divert attention from how badly talks on a peace deal with the Palestinian president, Fatah`s Mahmoud Abbas, have been going, and from some recent corruption scandals. For his part, Mr Assad may hope the talks will dampen anger at home caused by rising food prices and foreign pressure over Syria`s meddling in Lebanese politics. This confluence of interests could lead to something real; the question is whether either leader has the determination or the clout to make it so."25/5/2008
Israel at sixtyRan Hacohen - - Christians – the ancient self-designated heirs to the Jews – commemorate Christ`s tormented way to resurrection and redemption in the weeks leading to Easter. Zionists – the modern self-designated heirs to the Jews – have their Lent after Passover, commemorating what they construct as their via dolorosa leading to the "Jewish State." In the weeks following Pesach the country indulges in a nationalistic orgy, hardly imaginable in any other modern state, reminiscent of a primitive tribe. If you want to understand how a whole nation is led to defy its own interests, to follow a corrupt, de facto military leadership wasting the nation`s fortune and blood on unnecessary wars and immoral occupation for decades, pay a visit to Israel shortly after Passover.24/5/2008
The loss of an imperial dreamMichael Schwartz - Tomdispatch - It is the duty of civilized people everywhere to help the people of Iraq eject the USA from the Middle East24/5/2008
A loss of balance on IsraelLinda McQuaig -Toronto Star -"To celebrate the founding of Israel without at least acknowledging the flip side of this occasion – the beginning of the Palestinian diaspora – is to deny that there are two sides to this story. With this denial, Harper – in line with the Bush administration – has become an obstacle to reaching a Middle East peace. To continue to portray Israel as uniquely vulnerable stretches credulity. ... Meanwhile the Palestinians – in refugee camps, under military occupation in the West Bank and under siege in Gaza – barely eke out an existence."23/5/2008
Global Peace Index: Israel hits rock bottom : Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Israel 136th out of 140 countries, alongside Afghanistan, Chad Reuters - YNet - Iceland is the world`s most peaceful nation while Israel ranked 136th out of 140 nations, according to the "Global Peace Index," compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The study ranked the United States 97th out of 140 countries according to how peaceful they were domestically and how they interacted with the outside world. 22/5/2008
Ordinary Palestinians unconvinced as international leaders gather for investment summit Maan News Agency - “If we continue to live in the great prison which is the Israeli occupation and this wall continues to surround us, the money will not change our lives. Does the money make me cross the wall to Jerusalem? They can bring as much as money they like, as long as there is no freedom, no independence, no calm, no peace, this money will not be effective, it will not have any meaning.” 22/5/2008
Israel`s secret fearsHaim Baram - New Statesman - Many Israelis, even liberals and left-wingers, hold Europeans morally responsible for the Holocaust either by participating in, or being indifferent to, the annihilation of the Jews during the Second World War. It would be a mistake to underestimate the profound influence such attitudes continue to wield on Israeli politics. 22/5/2008
Bush`s Middle East travelsEditorial - IHT - "After a three-day stay in Jerusalem, Bush met the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, in Egypt - not Ramallah - a fact that was duly and angrily noted by Palestinians."21/5/2008
PALESTINIAN POLICE TRAINING - Too little, too lateSteven Smith - IHT - "In the classrooms, I watched as students were taught radio communications without radios, driving and vehicle maintenance with no vehicles, foot-patrol tactics without weapons or radios, and mounted-patrol tactics without vehicles." 21/5/2008
Nadine Gordimer: Israel must talk to its worst enemiesTom Hope and Steve Linde - Jerusalem Post - Nadine Gordimer`s message is emphatic: Don`t give up. It can be solved, but only by realizing one thing: Talking to your worst enemies is the only way out. The `other side` is always the enemy, and you have to, I`m afraid, swallow that and talk. You cannot exclude Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, you have to all talk together. 20/5/2008
A Two-State Solution for the United States and Israel David Bromwich - The Huffington Post - Israeli opinion covers a far wider range than American neoconservatism. The former Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ami said that the United States had become a Colossus -- "an intrusive colossus that is hated throughout the Arab world," because of its support for the Arab autocrats. The solution, Ben-Ami implied, was not for the U.S. to intrude still further into the affairs of the Middle East but to change its course and resist the promptings of organizations like AIPAC. 20/5/2008
Did Hezbollah Thwart an Attack on Lebanon?Franklin Lamb - The Palestinian Chronicle - "According to US Senate Intelligence Committee sources, the Bush administration initially green-lighted the intended May 11 Israel `demonstration of solidarity` with the pro-Bush administration militias, some with which Israel has maintained ties since the days of Bashir Gemayal and Ariel Sharon. In the end, `the Bush administration got cold feet`, a Congressional source revealed. So did Israel"19/5/2008
Blair, Bush and Israel`s ruthless expansionist policy Michael Jansen - Ma`an News Agency - "What can Blair and Bush do about the checkpoints, settlements, outposts and the wall? Plucking up a few checkpoints and outposts will do nothing to end Israel`s colonisation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem or ease the lives of the Palestinians who live there. Israel`s mechanisms of control and expropriation/dispossession must be disabled and Israel`s `facts on the ground` uprooted. But, as a colleague once observed, `The politician has not yet been born who will seriously tackle Israel and reverse its occupation policies`"19/5/2008
Hebron is a ghost town where joggers carry automatic riflesIan Jack - The Guardian - "On our last evening in Jerusalem our programme of readings was meant to include a performance by a sextet from the Edward Said Conservatory of Music in Ramallah, which turned into a quartet because the lute player and the percussionist were refused entry to the city. Nobody could say why. Perhaps a security manual categorised lutes and drums as more dangerous than flutes and violins. More likely, a soldier broke his boredom by the small exercise of power"19/5/2008
For Israelis, an Anniversary. For Palestinians, a Nakba.Elias Khoury - New York Times18/5/2008
Bush and Israel`s AlamoTony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan. - "Even if Washington is unwilling to engage with the realities of the region, Israel has plenty of incentive to independently and directly engage the powers that be in Damascus, Beirut, Tehran, Gaza and Ramallah. The reason is simple: It`s a safe bet that Assad, Nasrallah, Ali Khamenei and Hamas will be there long after Bush, Rice and their fantasy are wheeled off the stage. ". 18/5/2008
So just where does the madness end?Robert Fisk - the Independent - "That George Bush declared in Jerusalem that "al-Qa`ida, Hizbollah and Hamas will be defeated, as Muslims across the region recognise the emptiness of the terrorists` vision and the injustice of their cause" ... Al-Qa`ida is not being defeated. Hizbollah has just won a domestic war in Lebanon, as total as Hamas`s war in Gaza. Afghanistan and Iraq and Lebanon and Gaza are hell disasters - and this foolish, stupid, vicious man is lying to the world yet again. "18/5/2008
Bush in Israel - Refugees are the KeySam Bahour - CounterPunch - "The rights of the Palestinian people, and in particular the refugees, should be recognized alongside any legitimate rights of the Israeli people. Ultimately, it is through the evenhanded application of international legitimacy that we may be able to get out of the current stalemate and reach real grounds for peace. Otherwise, the failed Israeli practice of `might is right` will prevail and prolong needless death and destruction on all sides"19/5/2008
The View from the Crusaders` CastleAlexander Cockburn - the Counterpunch - "in retirement [Peled] had become a dove, publicly urging his country to negotiate seriously with the Palestinians, abandon the illegal settlements, return to the `67 borders and resolve all the other major issues obstructing a proper peace. "What do you think will happen," I asked the former general, "If no Israeli government ever emerges strong enough to take such a path?" "Oh, I think we`ll end up like the Crusaders," he answered."18/5/2008
Links to a debate of young Palestinians and IsraelisYoung Palestinians and Israelis face off in a debate about their past, present and future. What do they think about their leaders, and do they think they will see peace in their lifetime? Hosted by Riz Khan - Aljazeera18/5/2008
With Friends Like These...Uri Avnery - "LATELY WE are flooded with friends. The Great of the Earth, past and present, come here to flatter us, to fawn on us, to grovel at our feet. "God, save me from my friends, my enemies I can deal with myself!" says an old prayer."18/5/2008
Resisting the NakbaJoseph Massad - The Electonic Intifada - One of the most difficult things to grasp in the modern history of Palestine and the Palestinians is the meaning of the Nakba. Is the Nakba to be seen as a discrete event that took place and ended in 1948, or is it something else? What are the political stakes in reifying the Nakba as a past event, in commemorating it annually, in bowing before its awesome symbolism?17/5/2008
Americans helping IsraelGywnne Dyer - - There is a curious asymmetry in the US-Israeli relationship. Israel is the sole beneficiary of this alliance -- indeed, the US pays a significant price for it in terms of its relations with other Middle Eastern countries -- and yet Israel can spy on the United States with impunity.17/5/2008
Finding Obama guilty of insufficient devotion to IsraelGlenn Greenwald - Salon - Has there ever been another foreign state to which US politicians must swear absolute, eternal fealty?17/5/2008
Obama vs the LobbyJustin Raimundo - - No matter how much Obama grovels, it`s never enough. 17/5/2008
The lament of Iqrit and Kafr BirimGeorge S. Hishmeh-Jordan Times-"All that Israel under Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has done so far is dismantle one - yes one - outpost, called Amona, in February 2006. On the other hand, Israel has this month ordered the demolition of the Palestinian village of Al Aqabah, in the Jordan River Valley - “the mosque, medical centre, the roads, all the homes and a kindergarten serving more than 130 children” - because it lacked a building permit."16/5/2008
Harper`s extreme posture no way to support IsraelHaroon Siddiqui-Toronto Star-One wonders what Harper would make of those Israelis, as well as Jewish Canadians and others, who do strongly support Israel but also question some Israeli policies. ...Harper`s position is designed to silence and delegitimize even the mildest criticism of Israeli policies. It`s an undemocratic formulation that the Israelis themselves would reject...I don`t think it`s fair to say that everybody who has or expresses concerns about Israeli foreign policy is anti-Semitic. If that were true, three-quarters of the population of Israel would be anti-Semitic."16/5/2008
RETHINKING ISRAEL AFTER SIXTY YEARSJeff Halper-ICAHD email-"And finally, the greatest irony of all, it is Israel, by its own hand, through its massive settlement project, that has foreclosed partition and created a thoroughly bi-national entity which can only lead to a one state or apartheid. ...Most dramatic development, one ignored or denied by Israelis even though their successive governments bear responsibility, is the disappearance of the two-state solution. Anyone familiar with Israel`s massive settlements blocs, its fragmentation of the Palestinian territories and their irreversible incorporation into Israel proper through a maze of Israeli-only highways and other "facts on the ground," anyone who has spent an hour in the West Bank, can plainly see that this is true."16/5/2008
Without handshakes, without hugsLarry Derfner-THE JERUSALEM POST-"...the prime minister, the defense minister, the foreign minister, the IDF brass and the Shin Bet and Mossad leaders weigh offers from Hamas`s leadership, conveyed by Suleiman, on a cease-fire, a prisoner exchange, and an end to Israel`s blockade of the Gaza Strip. Afterward, Suleiman receives an Israeli counter-offer to pass to Khaled Mashaal, Mahmoud a-Zahar and the other warlords who make decisions for Hamas. Back and forth. And from all reports, ... both Israel and Hamas are genuinely trying to reach an agreement. But I guarantee you - not one word of encouragement or hope for this process will be heard from the podium at Shimon Peres`s big bash in Jerusalem with President Bush and the rest of Israel`s powerful, rich friends. Probably not even a word of acknowledgment." 16/5/2008
This land was theirsHannah Mermelstein - The Jewish Advocate - "Adnan is an Israeli citizen, yet the land that was stolen from him has been given to a body that refuses to let him live on it. As an American Jew, I could move to Lajun/Megiddo tomorrow, gain full citizenship rights, and live on the land that Adnan’s family has tended for centuries. Adnan, who lives just a few minutes away, is forbidden from doing so"15/5/2008
Bush`s Middle East swan songMiddle East Times - "He came. He saw. He faltered. There appears to be little else to say about U.S. President George W. Bush`s curiously truncated trip to the Middle East this week"15/5/2008
Adrian Hamilton: Should we still view Israel as a `special friend`?Adrian Hamilton - The Independent - "The tragedy of the Middle East is that, by supporting the Israeli government so uncritically, we are only making it more difficult to achieve what most of its citizens wish for – peace and security"15/5/2008
Rice: Peace deal by 2009 `improbable`ASSOCIATED PRESS - J-lem Post - "She said the US did not anticipate any major breakthroughs this week."14/5/2008
A meeting of lame ducksYitzhak Benhorin - Ynet - "Bush is a true friend of Israel, but we should not be expecting great changes during his time in Israel – aside from road closures perhaps." 14/5/2008
God must be leftistB. Michael - Ynet - "Therefore, this is what Olmert has been punished for – for fooling the people, both in Israel and in Palestine. For doing nothing and intending to do nothing. For talking too much while continuing to build in the settlements and confiscate land."14/5/2008
My land, my pain - ISRAEL AT 60Daniel Barenboim - IHT - "We wanted to own land that had never belonged to Jews and built settlements there. The Palestinians see this as imperialistic provocation, and rightly so."14/5/2008
Five Myths on Who`s Really `Pro-Israel`Jeremy Ben-Ami - Washington Post - Six decades ago, my father fought alongside Menachem Begin for Israel`s independence. If you`d have told him back then that politicians in the world`s last superpower would be jockeying today to see who can be more "pro-Israel," he would have laughed at you.13/5/2008
Targeting media outlets is never a good ideaThe Daily Star - Editorial - One of the most disturbing aspects of the violence that broke out in Beirut last week was the targeting of media outlets. The extent to which freedom of the press is respected in Lebanon is one of the most important features distinguishing this country from less fortunate peers across the Middle East. Any failure to cherish and protect this characteristic is therefore a failure to preserve the principles of tolerance which alone can help make Lebanon`s diversity a strength rather than a weakness. 12/5/2008
A letter from SA students to Nadine GordimerMaya Goldman and others - We know that you have said that the Festival in Israel "is to assert vitally that whatever violent, terrible, bitter and urgent chasms of conflict lie between peoples, the only solution for peace and justice exist and must begin with both sides talking to one another". However, the official programme reveals that no Palestinians living under the Occupation will be participating in the festival. 11/5/2008
Middle East peace requires forgivenessGhassan Rubeiz - Common Ground News - The Damascus visit involves five main parties: Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Israel, the United States, and former President Carter. There is no uncompromised party among the five listed. Hamas compromised in violence, the Palestinian Authority in corruption, Israel in a harsh occupation, the United States in nursing erosion of justice, and Jimmy Carter in over-tolerance of Arab autocracy. 11/5/2008
Musing on memorializingRela Mazali - Jewish Peace News - To me, as I wrote many years ago, the commemoration of military dead is a vital blind obscuring and romanticizing the fact that the young people who have been conscripted for sixty years now into military service for the state are exploited as a form of currency used for the attainment of political and economic profits.11/5/2008
Israel is 60, Zionism is Dead, What Now?Tony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan - "The curious irony of history, though, is that while the Zionist movement managed to successfully create a nation state in the Middle East against considerable odds, that movement is dead — the majority of Jews quite simply don’t want to be part of a Jewish nation-state in the Middle East... without justice for the Palestinians, Israel is no closer now than it was 60 years ago to being able to live in a genuine peace with its neighbors. At this point, however, the Israelis don’t seem to care."11/5/2008
Israel at 60Daniel Levy - the American Prospect - "The disconnect, I would argue, is that Israel has locked itself into a box of fear that is not only substantially self-generated and all-embracing, but has also become a danger in itself, preventing Israel from taking urgently needed steps. Explaining that fear is easy -- remember the Holocaust, look at how Israel is targeted. But it does not alter the fact that it has become utterly unhealthy and paralyzing, and ironically a reason to actually be concerned."11/5/2008
From LebanonLebanon army freezes government moves against Hezbollah, Lebanese opposition to withdraw militants from Beirut - AFP - Daily Star; Nasrallah has a chance to write his own legacy - The Daily Star Editorial; Fighting rocks north Lebanon city - Aljazeera; Lebanon does not want another war. Does it? - Robert Fisk in Beirut - The Independent11/5/2008
Realism from RiyadhIan Black - The Guardian - "[The Saudi foreign minister] made it clear that Palestinian unity was a prerequisite for peace. "We sincerely believe that there is an absolute need to effect change in the approach of the Quartet and introduce a shift in its focus. The focus should not be on stipulating conditions that cannot be fulfilled, but rather on creative suggestions that would help move things forward."11/5/2008
Ten facts about the NakbaThe Institute for Middle East Understanding11/5/2008
1948Uri Avnery - "Even the eye-witnesses who are still alive sometimes have problems distinguishing between what they actually saw and the myths that have twisted and falsified the events almost beyond recognition."11/5/2008
The one state solution and irreversibilityMichael Warschawski - Alternative Information Center - “As a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I prefer one state over two states!” How many times do I hear such a statement in my public meetings abroad?! And the more I hear it, the more upset I get: who cares what you prefer, and it also does not matter what I prefer. Did you ask the Palestinians what THEY want, what are THEY fighting for? 10/5/2008
For some Palestinians, one state with Israel is better than noneRichard Boudreaux and Ashraf Khalil - Los Angeles Times - "The number of people who believe in two states for two peoples is decreasing, and that worries me," said Yasser Abed-Rabbo, a Palestinian official involved in the talks. "And I`m talking about a circle of rational intellectuals, people with an open mind. On the street, the two-state idea has become a joke." 10/5/2008
The case against Alan DershowitzFrank J. Menetrez - Counterpunch - There is compelling evidence that Dershowitz himself committed academic misconduct both before and in the course of his intervention in Finkelstein`s tenure case. I present that evidence below, along with some reflections on its ramifications for both DePaul and Harvard. In the end, this is not merely a story about two professors who dislike each other. It is a scandal implicating the leading institution of higher learning in the United States.10/5/2008
Israel vs. South Africa: Reflecting on cultural boycottOmar Barghouti - The Electronic Intifada - Israel at 60 is a more sophisticated, evolved and brutal form of apartheid than its South African predecessor, according to authoritative statements by South African anti-apartheid leaders, like Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the country`s current government minister Ronnie Kasrils10/5/2008
The loathsome smearing of Israel`s criticsJohann Hari - The Independent - In the US and Britain, there is a campaign to smear anybody who tries to describe the plight of the Palestinian people. It is an attempt to intimidate and silence – and to a large degree, it works.10/5/2008
A human rights crimeJimmy Carter - The Guardian - The world must stop standing idle while the people of Gaza are treated with such cruelty10/5/2008
Re: Death Penalty: the sentencing to death of Emad Mahmoud Sa’ed Sa’ed and Tha’er Mahmoud Husni ErmeliatDr. Ishai Menuchin-PCATI-"We call on President Mahmoud Abbas not to ratify the death sentences imposed .. Emad Mahmoud Sa’ed Sa’ed, convicted of treason and collaboration with Israel, and Tha’er Mahmoud Husni Ermeliat, who was convicted on 6 April 2008 of the murder of a National Security Forces officer... In the case of Emad Mahmoud Sa’ed Sa’ed, in particular, the death sentence was the outcome of legal proceedings that fail to meet international standards of a fair trial including the right of appeal. "9/5/2008
Israel: From independence to intifadaDonald Macintyre - The Independent - Certainly, it is a sobering thought that, 60 years after Ben Gurion signed the declaration, Israel remains a state without agreed or defined borders. The declaration itself came in the midst of a bloody war – on both sides – of course. Or, rather, two wars, the first between the Jews and Arabs of the Holy Land, and the second between Israeli forces and the Arab national armies. In the non-Jewish calendar, 15 May is the actual date – the day after Ben-Gurion signed the declaration – of the end of the British mandate, and it is that which will be marked by most Palestinians as the anniversary of the Nakba, or disaster which saw 700,000 forced out or flee their homes in what is now Israel. 8/5/2008
After 60 Years, Arabs in Israel Are Outsiders ETHAN BRONNER - The New York Times - As Israel toasts its 60th anniversary in the coming weeks, rejoicing in Jewish national rebirth and democratic values, the Arabs who make up 20 percent of its citizens will not be celebrating. Better off and better integrated than ever in their history, freer than a vast majority of other Arabs, Israel’s 1.3 million Arab citizens are still far less well off than Israeli Jews and feel increasingly unwanted. 8/5/2008
An unconventional coup?Veronika Cohen - I am not as naive as to think that Olmert has become a champion of the peace camp. But complex circumstances may be propelling him towards concessions the right sees as unacceptable7/5/2008
Minister of Defence, I send back your letter of condolencesBenny Gefen - To the Minister of Defence, the Condolences Letter you have sent for the Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day I am hereby returning to you. In your acts as the Minister of Defence you are perpetuating death, hatred, vengefulness and bloodshed, while completely abandoning all moral values. I have heard you on TV, following the killing of the four children and their mother in Gaza; a cold, rational analysis, without the slightest expression of regret. Regretfully, I send back your letter. In sorrow and shame, Benny Gefen, IDF Serial Number 52997. 7/5/2008
Controversy over San Francisco Mayor`s trip to Israel Ramiz Rafeedie - San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is one of the many international VIP`s accepting the invitation to share in Israel`s Sixtieth Anniversary. Ramiz Rafeedie, a Palestinian activist based in Newsom`s city, writes: "Newsom`s itinerary will likely shield him from seeing the unequal and lawless treatment that Palestinians suffer. He will not visit the political prisoners, detained without trial, who watch their children grow up in photos. He will not see the bright lights turned on at 3 a.m. that blind those like my cousin, who spends his days in an interrogation cell for resisting the occupation". 7/5/2008
`Israel offering mini-state of cantons`Khaled Abu Toameh - Jerusalem Post - "If the Israelis and Americans think that they will ever find a Palestinian leader who would accept less than the 1967 borders, they are living under an illusion."6/5/2008
The roadmap revisited Naomi Chazan - - The built-in conditionalities on progress, coupled with the loose dependence on "the good faith of the parties", meant that it was doubtful--if not thoroughly unrealistic--to expect that the chosen route could lead to the desired destination. 6/5/2008
We didn’t mean to kill themB. Michael - Ynet - Again we didn’t mean to do it. We have never meant to do it. Yet as usual, even though we didn’t mean it – we hit them. We hit them 1,000 times already without meaning to do it.6/5/2008
Unwilling to Stand Aside Like the GermansTzipi Saar - the Marker - translated by Daphna Levit 6/5/2008
There is hope in GazaMiko Peled - EI - "Israel`s assault on the people of Gaza is so horrendous that it will not soon be forgotten. This vicious attempt by Israel to destroy an entire nation has tipped the scales for good and Zionism will forever be remembered as a blemish in the history of the Jewish people. The people of Gaza, however, give us hope and they will forever be remembered for their courage and resilience during these trying times"5/5/2008
Red RagGideon Spiro - Hagada Hasmalit - Gideon Spiro comments on a variety of topical issues, including Israeli war crimes, the settlers in Hebron and the Middle East nuclear arms race5/5/2008
Jimmy Carter and the art of growing upTony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan - Carter, bless him, is sticking to his guns, making the rather straightforward adult argument that has eluded so much of the U.S. political mainstream that the only way to achieve peace is to talk to all of those whose consent it requires.4/5/2008
Talking to "terrorists"Jimmy Carter - International Herald Tribune - A counterproductive Washington policy in recent years has been to boycott and punish political factions or governments that refuse to accept U.S. domination. This policy deters the ability of revolutionary or uncooperative leaders to moderate their attitude and demands.4/5/2008
Preparing for war with Iran?Joel Beinin - Jewish Voice for Peace - This is the fourth of Professor Joel Beinin`s monthly analyses of the current state of affairs in Israel, Palestine and beyond. Beinin is currently Director of Middle East Studies at the American University in Cairo while he is on temporary leave from his position as History Professor at Stanford University. Beinin is also a past president of the Middle East Studies Association of North America.4/5/2008
` ... Namely the State of Israel`Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - EVERY TIME I hear the voice of David Ben-Gurion uttering the words "Therefore we are gathered here…" I think of Issar Barsky, a charming youngster, the little brother of a girl-friend of mine.4/5/2008
What`s next, Abbas?Al-Ahram Weekly - Spurned in Washington, can President Abbas defer any longer the imperative of re-establishing Palestinian national unity, asks Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah3/5/2008
Israeli fiction: The good soldierThe Economist - "“Are we killing them? We`re taking them to their side. Let them sit there and wait. It`s very decent of us... That quotation sums up why, despite being a school text, and despite the historians` efforts, “Khirbet Khizeh” is not central to the national consciousness. The whatever-we-did-we-suffered-worse rationale has allowed most Jewish Israelis to draw a veil over the sins of the state`s early years."3/5/2008
Get Carter!: The Attack on Jimmy Carter`s Middle East Peace Efforts by Bush & OlmertBill Fletcher, Jr. - - "Actions aimed at intimidating pro-Palestinian and pro- peace forces must be halted, but, as with any bully, will only be halted when people of good will stand firm and insist that this will not be tolerated."3/5/2008
Behind Israel’s Independence, a Great Injustice Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - On this 60th anniversary of Al Nakba, the opportunity has arisen once more. To be fair, there have been events organized by Palestinian grassroots organizations to mark the occasion, such as marches and demonstrations. On May 15, Palestinians will release 21,915 black balloons (one for every day of the last 60 years) into the sky from Qalandiya checkpoint and Bethlehem to counter Israel’s celebrations and to remind the world of the destruction and death Israel has brought upon the Palestinians since then. 1/5/2008
Israel is suppressing a secret it must faceJohann Hari - The Independent - Meanwhile, in order to punish the population of Gaza for voting "the wrong way", the Israeli army are not allowing past the checkpoints any replacements for the pipes and cement needed to keep the sewage system working. The result? Vast stagnant pools of waste are being held within fragile dykes across the strip, and rotting. Last March, one of them burst, drowning a nine-month-old baby and his elderly grandmother in a tsunami of human waste. 1/5/2008
A Survey of Israel at SixtyProf. Daniel Bar-Tal-Tikkun Magazine -"The continuation of the occupation of the territories touches first of all on the security problems and on the moral soul of the state. The fact that the occupied territories were settled by Jews adds special folly. This act not only negates international law but also constitutes one of the biggest barriers to solve the Israeli-Arab conflict peacefully. In addition, it is estimated that directly and indirectly Israel spent through the years at least 100 billion shekel to build the infrastructure, settlements, and roads and maintain their security,....In my view the most salient sign of the democratic and moral deterioration of Israeli Jewish society is the lasting occupation."30/5/2008
Peace could be our strategic assetDANNY ROTHSCHILD-The Jerusalem Post-"Whatever we fail to do today we will regret in just a few years from now. Just as we understand today that the gratuitous obstinacy we displayed with Hafez al-Assad during the final years of his rule and with Mahmoud Abbas four years ago have brought about less than desirable terms for negotiations today, in three or five years from now we will regret missing the window of opportunity that presented itself in 2008. A peace accord is our most important strategic asset, and the strong peace with Egypt and Jordan proves this. "30/5/2008
A True Housing CrisisSeth Freedman-Guardian- "The wall cuts off Arab from Arab here", Halper noted. "It`s got nothing to do with security, since there are no Jews living here. The route of the wall doesn`t follow the borders; neither does it provide security - instead it`s all part of putting so much pressure on the Palestinians that they up and leave the area. It`s the policy of the `quiet transfer`". 30/5/2008
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