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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United StatesRobert Jensen - Counterpunch - The basics of that propaganda are easy to identify: simplistic phrases, repeated over and over, designed to engage emotions rather than produce rational arguments, all shaped to fit into a narrative of good (Western-oriented Israel, the Middle East’s only true democracy) versus evil (Arab/Muslim terrorists who seek not only to destroy the Jewish state but kill all Jews).-rh30/3/2016
Most Israelis support soldier accused of shooting Palestinian, says poll Peter Beaumont - Guardian - "The shooting of Sharif...has turned into a bitter political debate, splitting Israel’s rightwing cabinet and inspiring demonstrations in several Israeli towns." - id 30/3/2016
"I am in prison and you are with me on the outside" Adam Keller - Crazy Country - ""Contrary to what all kinds of politicians and commentators try to tell us, those who follow their conscience do not constitute a threat to the fabric of Israeli society. The true danger of that comes from blind obedience to immoral orders!"" - id 30/3/2016
Lieberman Is Right About the Hebron Shooting Amira Hass - Haaretz - Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avidgor Lieberman is right when he says the “onslaught” directed at the Kfir Brigade solider who executed Abdel Fattah al-Sharif in Hebron last Thursday after Sharif had already been subdued is hypocrisy. It’s clear, after all, that it is only because a camera documented a soldier shooting a “neutralized” Palestinian in the head that the people at the top rushed to disassociate themselves from the act. [bz]29/3/2016
In Israel, BDS is winningMairav Zonszein - +972 - It was a tell-tale sign that the global movement to boycott Israel has become significant enough to warrant such an event, whose speakers included President Reuven Rivlin, senior Knesset ministers, members of the opposition, World Jewish Congress head Ron Lauder and comedian Roseanne Barr. (There were, of course, no speakers at the conference who represent or support BDS). [bz]29/3/2016
Netanyahu has nothing to teach Europe about terrorSamah Salaime - +972 - Netanyahu is trying to paint Israel as a terror-stricken victim, while at the same time painting his country as one that has successfully defeated terrorism. No matter how he spins it, he cannot hide the fact that Israel is also an occupying power [ry] 28/3/2016
BDS is an existential threatTal Keinan - Ynet - In 2014, 35 percent of Israel’s exports went to Europe. Thirty-two percent of the Israeli GDP is comprised of exports. That means that exports to Europe account for 12 percent of Israeli GDP. Let’s say that the BDS movement succeeds in getting 25 percent of European consumers to boycott Israeli products. That would represent a 2.8 percent drop in Israeli GDP. As Israel’s current GDP growth rate is 2.5 percent, this would push Israel into recession. Not the cyclical sort of recession that can be moderated by monetary and fiscal policy until economic imbalances correct themselves. [bz]26/3/2016
When medical personnel stand by and watch a murderDr. Tslil Regev--Before he was executed on camera by an Israeli soldier, the wounded Palestinian man in Hebron appears to have been refused treatment by two medical teams. One doctor examines the ethical outrage displayed in the video. dn26/3/2016
Israel-Palestine: The delusion of a two-state solutionSharif Nashashibi--The one-state debate for both peoples is moot given that the two-state solution is no longer feasible. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way people view the conflict and ways to solve it, writes Nashashibi [AP]dn 26/3/2016
Hebron shooting shows why Breaking the Silence is so crucialOrly Noy - +972 "Instead of calling Breaking the Silence ‘traitors,’ Israel’s defense minister should listen to what they have to say — just for once...Instead of calling them traitors, listen to them. At least today. Then you can go back to the lies and incitement. But at least today, for one single Purim holiday, shut up and listen to them." ca25/3/2016
Israel loses its grip on democracy Charles Enderlin - Le Monde "The social and political divide in Israel is no longer between left and right, but between those who do and do not believe in democracy." ca25/3/2016
Dancing with the Abyss: Netanyahu`s Toxic Embrace with IsraelNicola Abe - Spiegel International - When Netanyahu looks around in his government, he determines that he is the cleverest and most experienced man far and wide. Advisers come and go, but only Netanyahu remains. In his administration, each minister is assigned to the most unsuitable position, both for himself and for the country. That too is part of his calculus. The culture minister is a former military sensor. The acting foreign minister shocked international diplomats by demanding that the Israeli flag be flown from the Temple Mount. The tourism minister is a lawyer. None can truly distinguish him or herself, and the opposition lacks strong leaders.-rh23/3/2016
Decades on, Israel tries to bury its darkest timesJonathan Cook - The National - Western understandings of the 1948 war – what Palestinians term their Nakba, or catastrophe – are dominated by an enduring Israeli narrative. Israel’s army, it is said, abided by a strict moral code. Palestinians left not because of Israel’s actions but on the orders of Arab leaders. In this rendering, the Palestinians’ mass dispossession was the fault of the Arab world – and a solution for the millions of today’s refugees lies with their host countries. For decades Israel’s chief concession to the truth was an admission that a massacre took place just outside Jerusalem, at Deir Yassin.-rh 23/3/2016
Bernie Finally Addresses Israel-Palestine Richard Silverstein - Tikkun Olam - "Instead, Sanders delivered the speech (transcript) in the most unlikeliest of places, Mormon-country: Utah. I’ve now read the speech and I have to say that I’m very pleasantly surprised... it’s far better than any other presidential candidate in this election cycle and probably better than any presidential candidate in the history of the country." - id 23/3/2016
A Spymaster Who Saw Cyberattacks as Israel’s Best Weapon Against Iran DAVID E. SANGER - NYT - "It is impossible to say what role the public campaign by Mr. Dagan and other former Israeli security leaders against a military strike played in Mr. Netanyahu’s decision not to pull the trigger." - 23/3/2016
Why is Netanyahu ignoring the legacy of late Mossad chief? Akiva Eldar- Al-Monitor - "In a memorable speech delivered one year ago, late Mossad chief Meir Dagan stated that he fears the current leadership and its policy of diplomatic stalemate." - id 23/3/2016
Israel: The Broken SilenceDavid Shulman - The New York Review of Books - Israeli peace activists have graduated from being protesters, in theory, at least, protected by the law, to being dissidents—that is, legitimate targets for government-inspired attacks. [bz]22/3/2016
The only people planning for the day after AbbasMenachem Klein - +972 - Mahmoud Abbas’s sudden departure from the political stage could throw Palestine into complete chaos. And the only two sides preparing for such an eventuality are the Israeli Right and Hamas [ry] 21/3/2016
Reflections on the Brussels attackRichard Falk - Mondoweiss - This latest terrorist outrage for which ISIS claimed responsibility exhibits the new face of 21st century warfare for which there are no front lines, no path to military victory, and acute civilian vulnerability. As such, it represents a radical challenge to our traditional understanding of warfare, and unless responses are shaped by these realities, it could drive Western democracies step by step into an enthused political embrace and revived actuality of fascist politics.-rh30/3/2016
Analysis: The old-new fight over Israeli unilateralismBen White - AlJazeera - Israeli politician Isaac Herzog is calling for a greater physical separation between Israelis and Palestinians [ry] 21/3/2016
Protesting Bigots and Demagogues at AIPAC? Don’t Stop at Trump. Call Out Netanyahu Too Roy Isacowitz--Many American Jews are angered at the prospect of Donald Trump addressing the AIPAC policy conference in Washington this coming week and are promising to abstain from attending, walk out of the hall or protest his presence in other ways. 20/3/2016
Why Democratic Party Foreign Policy Fails and Will Continue to Fail Richard Falk--How are we to explain this inability of Democrats to follow through on a foreign policy that is linked to law and ethics? (File) dn20/3/2016
Gaza woes force educated to leaveMousa Tawfiq--When Egypt opened the Rafah crossing in February for three days, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza applied to leave. Among them were 29-year-old Rani Humeid.dn 20/3/2016
The unravelling illusion of Palestinian autonomy Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man--Palestinians have been told for decades that limited autonomy in the West Bank is just a stop along the road to sovereignty. But more than 20 years after Oslo failed to bring usher in independence, the illusion is unraveling — and fast. dn20/3/2016
From Gaza to the Corries, with loveMohammed Alhammami--I am writing this letter, because I have been thinking about you lately. I know that no words can lessen the pain you must be feeling right now, on the day when your daughter Rachel was killed. Being a Palestinian, I know that sometimes words are meaningless in the face of tragedy. But I also know that words can be empowering and life changing. I decided to write this letter not only for you, but also for myself. I need to get things off my chest. dn 19/3/2016
Israeli Minister Calls for Even More Refugee Detention Camps? 5 of the Most Dangerous Incitements to Come out of Israel This WeekDavid Sheen - Alternet - On Wednesday, Interior Minister Arye Deri announced that if the country’s courts continue to stymie the government’s efforts to expel non-Jewish refugees back to Africa, Israel will undertake the construction of an additional desert detention center for the refugees.-rh 16/3/2016
Why Bibi snubbed Obama and is skipping next week`s AIPAC conferenceBen Caspit - Al Monitor - The diplomatic reason is connected to the discussion over a memorandum of understanding between Israel and the United States that will determine the dimensions of the military aid package from the United States to Israel in the decade starting in 2017. Currently, Israel receives about $3 billion a year in security aid. Following the nuclear agreement with Iran, Israel hoped to upgrade the package to more than $4 billion. However, Netanyahu refused to open contacts while the US administration was willing to meet it halfway (in the middle of last year), in order to wage his hopeless struggle against ratification of the nuclear agreement in Congress.-rh 16/3/2016
Literary world celebrates Palestinian poet`s 75th birthday Daoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - "The Palestinian cause is omnipresent in the minds of Arab and world peoples thanks to renowned poet Mahmoud Darwish, whose work is still widely appreciated seven years after his death." - id 16/3/2016
Israel`s education minister wants to reduce Jewish history to pogromsGil Gertel--A new committee is tasked with exposing Israeli students to Mizrahi and Sephardic Jewish history. The problem? There is more than one narrative. dn13/3/2016
Israel`s Father of the Year (And Netanyahu`s Potential Successor) Sure Ignores Palestinian Kids Gideon Levy-- . . .Gideon Sa’ar is waiting. This Likudnik is still in his warm-up suit, hardly able to keep off the field. But he occasionally lets loose a statement to remind everyone of his existence. That was the case Thursday: “If Israel is to win the current battle,” it must “change the rules of the game and make the Palestinians feel that they are losing,” he said. Good thing there’s an alternative; good thing we have somebody who knows what to do. dn 13/3/2016
“Airbnb profits off stolen homes”Ben Norton--More than 140,000 people from around the world have joined peace groups in calling on international housing rental giant Airbnb to stop profiting off of illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. dn13/3/2016
Joe Biden in JerusalemBernard Avishai--On Tuesday, Vice-President Joe Biden arrived in Jerusalem, to discuss, among other things, a long-term military-aid package—in effect, funding for the Israel Defense Forces to acquire advanced American weapons. That morning, however, Haaretz reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had decided to cancel a planned trip to Washington, claiming that he could not secure a meeting with the President. The White House, which learned about the cancellation from news reports, said that it had offered a meeting on a day that the Prime Minister’s office had proposed dn13/3/2016
PFLP denounces occupation attack on “Palestine Today” satellite channel, salutes Palestinian media workers PFLP--The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the Zionist state’s attack on the Palestine Today satellite channel and expressed its full solidarity with the channel after occupation forces invaded the station at dawn, arrested its director and some individual workers, emphasizing that this targeting of journalists and media institutions is a desperate attempt by the occupation to silence the truth.dn13/3/2016
On the good Zionists who did not bother to read HerzlShmuel Amir - Hagada Hasmalit - It is regrettable that even Amos Schocken, in his excellent and courageous article in Haaretz of 26 January 2016, in which he calls for external pressure on Israel in order to force it to withdraw from the Occupied Territories, also writes that “the two-state solution is the Zionist way”, and “Zionism, which is always willing to divide the Land of Israel with its Arab residents …” Where did he gets that idea from? gm11/3/2016
Bibi Cancels Meeting With Obama, Demands More Money InsteadDaniel McAdams - Information Clearing House "So Bibi`s plan B is now in full motion. First he blindsided the White House by suddenly canceling a meeting with Obama scheduled for this month. Much preparation had already gone into the meeting and a last-minute cancelation sent a very clear message to the White House. But the coup de grace is Netanyahu`s masterful manner of cancelation. He didn`t bother to notify the White House of his change of plans. Instead, the news came out today in a report by the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz." ca 11/3/2016
IDF Intelligence Chief: More Worried About Israeli Society Than Terror Attacks Barak Ravid - Haaretz "Israel Defense Forces intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi told a parlor meeting on Tuesday night that he was more worried about the cohesion of Israeli society and the risk that it could diminish over the coming decade than he was about terror threats." ca 11/3/2016
Ethnic cleansing poll a dangerous sign for IsraelMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 "The picture of the Jewish Israeli body politic drawn by the Pew survey seems to mirror the state of Israel’s politics, an indication that Israel’s system of government is more akin to a tyranny of the majority than democracy.For instance, we learn from the survey that the vast majority of Israeli Jews (79 percent) think Israel should give preferential treatment to its Jewish citizens. A statistically identical number (76 percent), with some obvious dissonance, say they believe that democracy is compatible with a Jewish state. Democracy without full equality for all citizens, however, is only a democracy in name." ca 11/3/2016
Israel loses its grip on democracy Charles Enderlin - Le Monde diplomatique - Israel’s right and far right claim almost every week to have unmasked more traitors: leftwing NGOs are described as “moles financed by foreign powers” collaborating with the “Palestinian enemy”; writers, artists, political figures have been accused online, and subjected to racist insults and threats because they oppose the occupation of the Palestinian territories, or simply defend democracy.-rh10/3/2016
Austrian Parliament cancels International Women’s Day event following attacks on Hedy EpsteinAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss - So it is with profound sadness to learn that a special event, previously scheduled for today, has been canceled by the Austrian Parliament due to the deliberate slandering of Hedy Epstein, almost certainly for her support for Palestinian freedom.-rh 9/3/2016
Right-wing Israeli Group Elad Received Millions From Shadowy Private Donors Uri Blau and Nir Hasson - Haaretz - Donations to the NGO, which champions Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, topped $115 million over eight years, much from companies based in global tax shelters.-rh 9/3/2016
Are Israeli Jews racist?Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "Two surveys published recently find a link between Jewish-Orthodox identity and discriminatory opinions against Israeli-Palestinians." - id 9/3/2016
Israel`s anti-democratic administrative detention policyTamar Kaplansky- Ynet - "I am asking irritating questions. Indeed, it is clear that the authorities arrested him because they arrested him and they will free him because they will free him. If the security services say so, they know." - id9/3/2016
States of denial: Israel and the impending collapse of the Palestinian AuthorityYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - "The message of young Palestinians going to their deaths clutching knives or scissors is clear: There is no way that Abu Mazen is going to liberate them from occupation." - id9/3/2016
How and why Palestinian nonviolent resistance failedThimna Bunte - +972 - A decade ago popular protests against the separation wall, settlements, and occupation were the great promise of the Palestinian struggle. Now a new book takes a look at why these demonstrations were never actually able to bring out the Palestinian masses to the streets, and what activists can learn for the future. [Review of Marwan Darweish and Andrew Rigby’s new book, Popular Protest in Palestine – The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance-bz]8/3/2016
A Plea For Reason: An Open Letter to Prime Minister NetanyahuAlon Ben-Meir - Huffington Post - I write this letter to you with a heavy heart, as it pains me deeply to see what happens to the beautiful dream of a strong and proud Israel. As the Prime Minister who served longest in this position, the country is virtually crumbling under your watch. The social fabric is being torn apart by political divisiveness and economic injustice. The country is increasingly isolated, degenerating into a garrison state surrounding itself with walls and fences, vilified by friends and reviled by enemies. ak 8/3/2016
2017: A crucial year for the Palestine QuestionHelena Cobban - Mondoweiss/Just World News - 50 years of rule by a foreign military is already a terrible travesty. Next year, 2017, will mark not only the somber anniversary of Israel`s occupation, but also the anniversaries of three other crucial developments in the Palestine Question: The centennial of the Balfour Declaration, the diktat that imperial London would support the creation of a “Jewish national home” in Palestine; the 70th anniversary of the UN Partition Plan which gave a “birth certificate” to Israel (along with its conjoined twin, the never-born Palestinian Arab state); and the only it has ever had in international law; and the 30th anniversary of the launching of the First Intifada, which started in Gaza and spread rapidly through the Occupied Territories. ak 8/3/2016
How serious is the French proposal on Middle East peace?Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor "A major stumbling block to the conference has been the possibility of Israel refusing to attend over the French desire to recognize a Palestinian state if the talks fail... Camille Mansour, a board member of the Institute for Palestine Studies and former professor of international relations at the University of Paris, is skeptical. “I am not convinced that an international conference attempting to solve the Palestinian conflict can succeed while the US is busy in a presidential election campaign,” ca 4/3/2016
Red Rag column: On silence; Balad MKs; Dov Yermiya, RIP; letter to the Attorney-GeneralGideon Spiro - The anti-Occupation organization Breaking the Silence is being subjected to a campaign of incitement by the fascist movement Im Tirtzu, which began as an ephemeral delusional grouplet, a kind of ugly little fascist, and which developed into a highly influential venomous snake that spreads democracy-killing poison wherever it goes.3/3/2016
The Israeli-Egyptian love affairBen Caspit - Al-Monitor - Egyptian parliament member and TV talk show host Tawfiq Okasha let the genie out of the bottle. Even though a shoe was thrown in his face by Kamel Ahmed, another parliament member, and despite the savage attacks directed at him in the Egyptian media and public forum in recent days, the sharp-tongued, brazen Okasha doesn’t get excited. His crime was defined by the media as “the crime of normalization,” for the fact that he invited Haim Koren, Israel’s ambassador to Egypt, to his house for dinner on Feb. 24.-rh 2/3/2016
Conflict of Interest: Americans in the IDFMohamed Mohamed--In the latest unrest gripping the Occupied Palestinian Territories, 21-year old Tuvya Weisman was stabbed and killed. Weisman was an Israeli settler and off-duty sergeant in the IDF, but he also happened to be a US citizen. dn6/3/2016
Crimes against the Palestinians Are finally Called ‘Crimes’ Hasan Afif El-Hasan--Unlike the political elites and Zionist activists, Western public had not known or cared much about the Zionist project in Palestine before the establishment of Israel. Only after the birth of Israel, devout Christians and many Zionist Jews and secular intellectuals activated the call for sympathy with the European Jews to have a secured national home not in Europe where they had been ill-treated but in distant Palestine, and ignored the immorality and injustice of colonizing it. They knew Palestine was populated by a community that had nothing to do with the Jews suffering in Europe, but they perpetuated the Zionists big lie of “land without people for people without land” to reshape world opinion in support of Israel. Instead of describing the establishment of Israel as European colonization of a country and the ethnic cleansing of a nation, they focused on the “plight of Jews” in Europe.dn5/3/2016
‘Slippery slope to a Weimar Republic’Charles Enderlin--Israel’s right and far right claim almost every week to have unmasked more traitors: leftwing NGOs are described as “moles financed by foreign powers” collaborating with the “Palestinian enemy”; writers, artists, political figures have been accused online, and subjected to racist insults and threats because they oppose the occupation of the Palestinian territories, or simply defend democracy. dn5/3/2016
In response to “George Shultz in Jerusalem” (Moshe Arens, Feb. 22)Ofer Dafni - Haaretz "...the Six-Day War, instead of being a seminal event and an instrument for attaining peace, was a disastrous turning point which converted that wonderful Israel, living in the mists of memory residing in the mind of an elderly American statesman, into a colonialist, racist, fundamentalist, benighted country, ruled by a prime minister who incites against half of his subjects..." ca 4/3/2016
Why so many US presidents have failed to bring Middle East peaceAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor "Elie Podeh, a professor with the Department of Islamic and Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, recently published the book "Chances for Peace: Missed Opportunities in the Arab-Israeli Conflict." He told Al-Monitor just this week that his research shows that a peace initiative introduced at the beginning of an American president’s term of office has higher chances of success than one that emerges later on." ca 4/3/2016
Is Sisi Plotting With Israel To Have Dahlan Replace Abbas?Alan Hart - Information Clearing House - "Information Clearing House" -It`s not too much of a secret that Egypt`s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a Trump-like megalomaniac and a tyrant with few equals, is happy to do dirty work for Israel. And it may now be that he is seeking to prepare the ground for Mohammed Dahlan, almost certainly an American and Israeli intelligence asset (not a fulltime agent) to succeed Mahmoud Abbas as president of the Palestinian Authority (PA).-rh2/3/2016
Following Molad exposure State Comptroller inspects transfer of development funds to Jewish Home affiliatesMolad - In September 2014, a Molad report exposed that state funds earmarked for developing Israel’s socioeconomic periphery were, in fact, being channeled to national-religious nonprofits working to indoctrinate secular communities, some in wealthy areas. The funds were transferred from the Housing Ministry, headed by Jewish Home member Uri Ariel, via the WZO`s Settlement Division.-rh2/3/2016
Why so many US presidents have failed to bring Middle East peaceAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "Attempts by a long line of American presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, to broker an accord between Israelis and Palestinians or promote initiatives to end the conflict have hinged more on timing than anything else." - id 2/3/2016
It is time to rebuild ties between Mizrahim and the Arab worldAlmog Behar - +972 - "We wanted to show that we too are part of the religious, cultural, and linguistic history of the region, even if we seem like we were “forgotten”." - id2/3/2016
A THIRD WAY, A FILM THAT OFFERS HOPERAY HANANIA - The Arab Daily News - "Stein is showing the documentary at film festivals around the world, most recently in Copenhagen, although not enough Arab film festivals have included it because of its underlying message of “normalization.”" - id 2/3/2016
EU says Israeli land seizure threatens peace processRobin Emmott - Reuters "A seizure of land by Israel in the West Bank raises questions about its commitment to a two-state solution to end the conflict with the Palestinians, the European Union said in a statement on Thursday..."Israel`s decision ... is a further step that risks undermining the viability of a future Palestinian state and therefore calls into question Israel`s commitment to a two-state solution," the EU said in a statement." ca18/3/2016
Red Rag column: What is a terrorist organization? Letter to Alshaikh and Yaalon. Donald Trump.US citizens: there is still time to extricate this malignant tumour. Here in Israel we waited too long, metastases are in the government and the cancer is spreading. Chemotherapy is useless. 28/3/2016
Pressure forces amendment to Univ. of California intolerance reportCharlotte Silver--A decision came down this week in a battle that may influence how university administrators deal with campus activism on Palestine around the US. dn27/3/2016
A look inside GazaElior Levy--Gaza has beautiful sunny beaches, and almost all of its residents live in an urban environment, but the catastrophic economic situation - including immense poverty and high unemployment - has led many of its residents to nickname the coastal enclave the "biggest prison in the world." Nonetheless, many Gazans persevere to make the best of their situation with their few resources. dn27/3/2016
Israel`s next steps in the West BankGeoffrey Aronson--US Vice-President Joe Biden was not revealing a secret when, during a recent speech to the pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC, he observed that there is "no political will at this moment among Israelis or Palestinians to move forward with serious negotiations". dn27/3/2016
What will wake Israelis from their collective coma?Orly Noy--Our collective moral compass has become so fundamentally twisted that even the most decent of people, those who are not considered extremists, believe that there is nothing wrong with shooting a man as he lies dying on the ground.dn27/3/2016
Nobody should be shocked at the Hebron executionNatasha Roth--When Israeli leaders keep pushing the message that killing Palestinian attackers is a laudable act, is it any wonder that the shooters become our national heroes? dn27/3/2016
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