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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

An Armed GhettoUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - “The West Bank […] is riddled with Israeli settlements, and it is only a slight exaggeration to say that every tenth Palestinian there is an Israeli informer. 47 years of occupation have given the Israeli Security Service innumerable opportunities to press Palestinians into their service by blackmail, bribery and other means. Yet so far no sign of the captors or captured has been detected – an extraordinary achievement by the perpetrators” [ry]30/6/2014
The Politics of Panic Mongering in the Middle East - Israel’s Existential ThreatAndrew Levine - CounterPunch - “Serviceable existential threats are hard to find. So far, however, Israel has made due. But times change. Before long, it may actually face a real one, an existential threat worthy of the name. The irony is palpable. If and when this happens, it will be an object lesson: be careful what you wish for” [ry]30/6/2014
Number of Palestinian Children in Israeli Jails eSurpasses 250Œ The Palestine Chronicle--gIsrael is violating international childrenfs rights agreements by detaining Palestinian minors, and it is trying to cover up these violations with the story of the three missing settlers,h Hiba Masalha said in a statement.dn29/6/2014
‘I was a Zionist till I was 64. I want to hit myself’Philip Weiss--Yesterday there was a demonstration in Union Square, New York, to protest the Israeli “rampage” in the West Bank. Several demonstrators held up the names of Palestinians killed or critically injured by Israeli soldiers during the raids. One of the organizers of the demonstration was an Israeli-American named Tzvia Thier. I interview her as she passed out flyers, above. dn29/6/2014
The Villages VoiceArella--Indeed I live in the dark ages! A guileless word is an absurdity. A smooth forehead betokens A hard heart. He who laughs Has not yet heard The terrible tidings. dn 29/6/2014
The world is sick of Israel and its insanitiesGideon Levy--What a cruel world: Three yeshiva students were kidnapped, and the world isn’t interested; three mothers are crying out, and the world doesn’t answer. It’s all because the entire world is against us; it’s anti-Semitic and hates Israel. The Anti-Defamation League is already preparing a report. But the truth is, that’s just the way things are: When you openly thumb your nose at the world for years on end, eventually, it thumbs its nose back. dn29/6/2014
Feiglin to Huckabee – Stop US Financial Aid to IsraelJewish Press--Feiglin - "We share the same values. This is the basis the relationship should be based on. [I never imagined that I could ever agree on anything with an ultra-rightwinger as Feiglin, but I wholly support his call to stop US Financial Aid to Israel. dn)29/6/2014
Red Rag weekly column: kidnapping and solidarityGideon Spiro - Some will say: kidnapping that the army does under the rubric of the arrest of suspects is not terrorism, but kidnapping by Palestinian resistance groups is terrorism. Supporters of human rights cannot accept that distinction. The slogan "the Occupation is terrorism" reflects the situation in reality. 28/6/2014
Israel wants to destroy Palestine’s unity governmentKhawaja Umer Farooq - Saudi Gazette - Israeli raids and aerial bombardment in Gaza have become a troubling question for the conscience of the modern world. Israel cannot use the disappearance of its citizens to justify capital punishment. The residents of Gaza are besieged and living without the daily necessities of life, while thousands of Palestinians remain in Israeli prisons without any legal charges having being brought against them. [bz]28/6/2014
Israel`s addiction to military force, its only response in times of crisisEmily L. Hauser--When three yeshiva students were kidnapped two weeks ago, the collective response was immediate, and visceral: Bring the boys home, and spare no effort, no matter how costly or violent. The nation’s security forces leapt into action, and Israelis’ prayers were mixed with palpable rage. Few worried that dozens and then hundreds of people – Palestinians -were being swept up in a massive and indiscriminate dragnet; few paused to consider the efficacy or ethics of raiding well more than a thousand targets, including private homes, universities, and media outlets; few questioned the wisdom of using live fire against those who dared protest it all, killing (among others) a 15-year old boy and a mentally unstable man on his way to morning prayers. Military spokesman Peter Lerner told us, and few questioned it, that the government and military “are committed to resolving the kidnapping and debilitating Hamas terrorist capacities, its infrastructure and its recruiting institutions.” dn28/6/2014
Egypt and Palestine in the age of SisiAbdullah Al-Arian - Al Jazeera "As for the future, the Sisi regime is likely to step up Mubarak-era efforts to maintain disunity and conflict among the Palestinian factions. In late April, Hamas and Fatah announced that they had reached an agreement to form a unity government. Notably absent from the latest round of negotiations was Egypt, the traditional intermediary in these talks." ca28/6/2014
Linguistic terrorism: Somebody buy Israeli politicians a dictionaryMichael Omer-Man - +972 "On Wednesday, Regev made a new addition to the list of insane Israeli uses of language — by herself and countless other politicians and officials — by inventing new types of terrorism." ca27/6/2014
Hamas gains in backlash to Abbas speechAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor "As time passes, the negative effect of President Mahmoud Abbas` June 18 speech to the foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah is getting worse. As soon as Abbas finished his speech, social media was abuzz with shock and anger." ca27/6/2014
Under-the-Radar Palestinian ConnectionsRaja Khalidi - MERIP - With intensity unknown since the second intifada and at a daily cost of $12 million to the Hebron economy alone, Israel is cracking down on the West Bank in its search for three missing Israeli settler youth. The result is a growing Palestinian chorus: Stop Israeli-Palestinian “security coordination.”-rh 25/6/2014
Bibistan: Chasing Hamas, finishing Abu MazenYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - The sentence which more than any other expresses this feeling of the end of the road is a statement from Abu Mazen at the same forum: “The abduction is intended to destroy us.” It is not clear whether the abductors do indeed aim to destroy the Palestinian Authority, but it is clear that Israel’s operations in the Occupied Territories not only harm Hamas but also pull the rug from under the PA’s feet. The fact that Israeli paratroopers walk around at night unhindered, sowing fear and horror, while Palestinian police huddle together in their bases, creates a feeling of ruin and lack of control among ordinary Palestinians.-rh 25/6/2014
Israel sees Jordan as buffer against regional `madness`Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - "Most Israeli security officials wonder how much longer Jordan can cope with the threats on its other borders." - id 25/6/2014
Palestine`s Future: What Are the Options?Richard Falk - Al Jazeera - When Kerry stampeded the Palestinian Authority and Israel into negotiations that "failed" before they even started, he was at least prudent enough to warn both sides that this was their do or die moment for resolving the conflict on the basis of two states for two peoples. With what seems like the end of this peace process, silence in high places about how the conflict might end has for the present replaced earlier false hopes invested in diplomatic negotiations. In retrospect, it is easy to conclude that political preconditions for conflict-resolving negotiations never existed on the Israeli side.(...) Where differences seem irreconcilable, the common call is "to think outside the box". ak 24/6/2014
Sisyphus Redeemed Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Here is a life-long politician, who has never won an election. Here is the world-renowned Man of Peace, who has started several wars and never done anything for peace. Here is the most popular political figure in Israel who for most of his life was hated and despised" [ry]23/6/2014
Netanyahu playing with fire Michel Warschawski - AIC - Netanyahu masks the failure of the security services to find the missing teens using a method he has mastered: Speech. If Netanyahu`s attack against Abbas remains on the verbal level, this is because Israel needs collaboration of the Palestinian security. Against Hamas, however, it is total war [ry]23/6/2014
about being PalestinianNadia Harash22/6/2014
Civil society takes the lead on Palestinian rights Yousef Munayyer--As the war in Syria rages on and as the security situation in Iraq deteriorates, threatening ever-widening conflict, many might look at the Israeli-Palestinian issue and see an island of relative calm amid a neighbourhood rife with war. But the notion that Israeli-Palestinian dynamics are static could not be further from the truth. dn22/6/2014
Palestine`s future: What are the options?Richard Falk--Where differences seem irreconcilable, the common call is `to think outside the box`. dn22/6/2014
Israelis close their ears to reasons for kidnapJonathan Cook--Death threats pour in as Palestinian legislator Hanin Zuabi dissents from Israeli consensus while Lieberman calls her an `inciter`dn22/6/2014
Battle against force-feeding law is battle for democracyHaaretz Editorial--Opposition and coalition Knesset members must join forces to shoot down bill to legalize force-feeding Palestinian prisoners. The force-feeding bill that the government is trying to fast-track continues to spawn preposterous ideas that are an affront to the law, to international declarations and to democratic values. dn 21/6/2014
Red Rag weekly column: President Rubi RivlinGideon Spiro - the "Fighting Family" captures the Israeli Presidency - a cherry-eating diversionary force - Hannah Meron RIP21/6/2014
Israel Alleges al-‘Arouri Of Hamas “Planned The Abduction Of Israelis”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "In the first direct accusation since the three Israeli settlers went missing a week ago, an Israeli security source, accused Hamas leader, Salah al-‘Arouri, of being the mastermind, and financier, of the believed kidnapping." ca20/6/2014
Netanyahu wrong to blame Abbas for kidnappingAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - "Israel should rethink its Palestinian prisoner detention policy." - id 18/6/2014
Kidnappings put Netanyahu back on offenseMazal Mualem = Al-Monitor - "The abduction of teenagers in the Hebron region puts an end to Netanyahu’s political hard times, and, without a dominant defense minister such as Ehud Barak at his side, he is seen, even by the left, as a balanced authority on matters of security and leadership." - id 18/6/2014
Expect IDF Operation Gaza Punching-Bag ImminentlyRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - “In response to the kidnapping and Israel’s inability to quickly solve it, I expect a broad military adventure in Gaza. It is Bibi’s punching bag whenever he needs someone to blame. […] Perhaps the most troubling official statement was this one by senior minister Naftali Bennett: ‘…From the dawn of Zionism, the Arabs and Islam are out to kill Jews. We shouldn’t be confused or beat ourselves up.’ […] Along the same lines, Israelis have created a Facebook page dedicated to the proposition that Israel should kill a Palestinian terrorist every hour until the Israeli kidnap victims are returned. The page has 16,000 Likes” [ry]16/6/2014
Reward activism and diplomacy, not violenceNoam Sheizaf - +972 - Far too many times Israel has mocked peace initiatives and adored violence. Altogether, it seems that the government is about to score major points in the propaganda war, only that each such victory is another step on the path to defeat [ry]16/6/2014
A Coup? Nonsense! Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "They come to the army already prepared. The Israeli education system is a factory for Zionist indoctrination, from kindergarten on. These 15 years, crowned by the three army years, produce a vast majority of narrow-minded, nationalist, ethnic-centered men and women" [ry]16/6/2014
‘We know best how to liberate you’ — the misguided attack on Presbyterian divestmentRobert Ross--The Presbyterian Church (USA) will soon embark upon a set of votes that will affect the denomination’s involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Church’s 221st biennial General Assembly, in Detroit next week, will examine, among other measures, an overture calling for the Church to divest its pension funds from three American companies that profit from the militarized Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. The same overture was effectively defeated by a razor-thin margin in 2012, at the 220th General Assembly, in Pittsburgh. dn15/6/2014
The Presbyterian Church’s Tough Love Of IsraelSam Bahour--The 2 million-member Presbyterian Church (USA) is about to make history in the Middle East, yet again. In the coming days, local delegates from the Church will travel to Detroit to attend the 221st Presbyterian General Assembly to consider a set of eight overtures that ask church leaders to review . . . dn15/6/2014
Netanyahu and Bennett bear responsibility for teens` fateAmir Oren--Passing the bill to thwart prisoner releases has made it clear that Israel will skip all negotiating – a phase which could have allowed for gathering intelligence and planning a rescue operation. dn 15/6/2014
The real reason Netanyahu is blaming Abbas Zvi Bar`el--But the facts are a little different. Netanyahu himself reported in June 2013, some ten months before the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation, that 30 kidnapping attempts of citizens and soldiers had been thwarted. dn15/6/2014
Pride and predicamentAdam Keller - Crazy Country - Prime Minister Netanyahu has already found the culprit: "Abu Mazen is responsible for the welfare of the boys, all this is the result of the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas." President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) noted that the boys appear to have been kidnapped from an area under exclusive Israeli security control. [bz]14/6/2014
What the MLA vote showed: Israel is losing the battle for liberal supportDavid Lloyd--Yet the substantial majority that voted in favor of the resolution is striking. Its opponents expended enormous energy in the effort to delegitimize it, even before the Delegate Assembly deliberated at an unusually turbulent meeting last January. dn14/6/2014
Who’s afraid of transparency and accountability?DANYA COHEN - The Jerusalem Post - would like to ask MK Ayelet Shaked and all proponents of laws that seek to brand Israeli entities that receive foreign funding as foreign agents if those proposed laws will also apply to the Israeli government, the IDF, Israeli universities, and hospitals, or only to peace and human rights organizations? Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of US foreign assistance.-rh 12/6/2014
Difficult Tests Await The New Palestinian Unity GovernmentJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - The elections, expected next year, are vital. Palestinians have had no say in who rules them since 2006, when Hamas was victorious. A year later, Hamas and Fatah created separate fiefdoms in Gaza and the West Bank. Both need to prove their legitimacy at the ballot box. Should voting take place, and Hamas win again, the US and others can be expected to boycott the new government as they did back in 2006.-rh 12/6/2014
Lame duck, not nuclear duck: Netanyahu`s staggering defeatDimi Reider - +972 - "The slow crumbling of Netanyahu’s political prestige reached its nadir on Tuesday, when his own heir apparent Gideon Sa’ar turned against him to elevate arch-rival Reuven Rivlin to presidency." - is 11/6/2014
Why we need to ramp up our fight against “extremists”Ray Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "In a way, Palestinians have a guilt complex. Most want peace but just as many can’t contain their anger. It’s been 66 years of hell, a conflict in which all Palestinians have seen is the steady destruction of their lands by Israel." - id 11/6/2014
The Longest WarAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "The open radio said that the army was counter-attacking after the Egyptians launched an attack on our southern border. Years later I found this was factually untrue; but disbelieving military communiqués is not something you learn in school." - id11/6/2014
Palestinian unity and Israeli arroganceDaoud Kuttab - Ma`an News Agency - “Netanyahu is pandering to the right-wing Israelis that have become the majority of the population in Israel. It appears that the influence of the settler ideology is so strong that no Israeli politician can survive elections without speaking their ideological lingo. As a political animal, Netanyahu probably made the calculation that he can easier withstand international or even US pressure than pressure from his own right-wing politicians” [ry]9/6/2014
Reconciliation confronts both Hamas and Abbas with opportunities and dangersSafa Joudeh - EI - "The dimensions of the new partnership remain unclear, but a national unity deal ultimately means more time for Fatah to rebuild its support base and for Hamas to reinvent itself within the framework of a unified national agenda. In the meantime, both sides will be forced to review policies that have served to alienate Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank from their respective leaderships, such as heavy-handed security measures and partisan favoritism" [ry]9/6/2014
Good for the Jews? Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - “Inclusiveness is better than exclusiveness. Hamas bearing the responsibility for a Palestinian Unity Government is better than Hamas attacking it. If you really want to make peace with the Palestinian people. IF…” [ry]9/6/2014
Israel’s moral retirementCarolina Landsmann--Feeling they have accumulated a moral fortune, the Jews feel free to lecture the world while doing what they please. dn8/6/2014
Are these the first blooms of a `Palestinian summer`?Ahmad Samih Khalidi--The new Palestinian "reconciliation" government is first and foremost a response to an overwhelming popular desire to end the seven-year-old rift between Fatah and Hamas – a split that has inflicted deep scars on the Palestinian polity and threatened to leave Gaza in permanent secession from the West Bank. dn8/6/2014
Horrors of the occupation go way beyond the settlementsGideon Levy--Every decent citizen, both in Israel and around the world, must cry out against the many horrors of the Israeli occupation- which have little to do with any West Bank construction. dn8/6/2014
Pope Francis’ pilgrimage to the Holy Land proved to be an unbalanced impossible mission.Nicola Nasser--Pope Francis’ “”pilgrimage” to the Holy Land last week proved to be an unbalanced impossible mission. The pontiff failed to strike a balance of neutrality between contradictory and irreconcilable binaries like divinity and earth, religion and politics, justice and injustice and military occupation and peace. dn8/6/2014
Annemarie Jacir: an auteur in exileNicholas Blincoe--Palestinian film-maker Annemarie Jacir lives in Jordan and can see her homeland but cannot go there. Like the protagonist of her film, When I Saw You, she is an outsider – with a clear view dn7/6/2014
Obama could spare Israel terrible outcomeWilliam Pfaff - Chicago Tribune - [Kerry`s] effort was a waste of time so long as he was incapable of bringing to the talks a changed position on the part of the Obama administration. Without that, and so long as Benjamin Netanyahu remained prime minister of Israel, and the character of the Israeli government remained unchanged, the Jewish state remained, and will remain, locked into self-destruction. [bz]7/6/2014
Netanyahu`s opponents and allies sense weakness on Palestinian unityNahum Barnea - Yediot Ahronot/Ynet - Analysis: The PM has reached a new low in influence on world leaders who welcomed the new Palestinian government, while his cabinet attacks him for `walking on eggshells`; meanwhile, the opposition leader Labor`s Herzog has a plan of his own. [bz]7/6/2014
`Administrative detainees must have done something wrong`Haggai Matar - +972 "When discussing administrative detention with Israelis, there comes a point when the discussion becomes an argument like one about religion — based on blind faith in the security establishment." ca 6/6/2014
A coward posing as a macho he-manYoel Marcus - Haaretz "Bibi’s policy of zero initiative and zero vision are turning Israel into a target for world criticism. Israel must launch a peace initiative that will mobilize the entire enlightened world.Not doing anything out of fear and torpedoing the initiative out of hand is the worst option of a coward who sees himself as a macho he-man." ca6/6/2014
BDS lays the basis for a true peace processDavid Letwin - Mondoweiss "Half a century ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded the world there can be no peace without the “presence of justice.” BDS, by insisting on liberation and full equality throughout historic Palestine, embodies this self-evident principle. Any genuine peace process must do no less." ca6/6/2014
Netanyahu is Running Out of ExcusesCésar Chelala - Information Clearing House - Urging Israel‘to go from defense to offense’ Bennett urged the annexation of settlement blocs in the West Bank. The actions proposed by Bennett have been strongly condemned by important Israeli figures. “In the meantime, the number of settlements in the West Bankgrew threefold and fourfold, and the brutality of the occupation increased to the point where soldiers now shoot demonstrators out of nothing but boredom,” wrote Gideon Levy, a leading Israeli journalist.-rh 5/6/2014
In Their Silence, Israeli Academics Collude With OccupationNeve Gordon - The Chronicle of Higher Education - Wittingly or unwittingly, Israeli universities play a central role in sustaining the occupation. They are the face of Israel’s democracy that serves to hide its dark colonial side. One could call it "university washing.".rh 4/6/2014
A wave of hunger strikers.Eldad Kisch, MD - Amongst the Palestinians there are those who find themselves for months or even years in `Administrative Detention`. That means they are locked up without visitors, often without recourse to judiciary counsel, and no information on what basis they are held, because that is a state secret. This is all according to Israeli law that is in force on the occupied West- Bank, and I use the word `law` with a certain hesitation.-rh4/6/2014
Five possible consequences of Hamas-Fatah unityDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - The Hamas-Fatah reconciliation is either the end of days, or the dawn over new horizons. The deal is so confusing because it might mean one thing – or else the opposite. Here are some of the polarized possible outcomes:-rh4/6/2014
Liberman outlines vision for `regional arrangement` with Arab statesBen Caspit - Al-Monitor - "Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman offers a plan for open contacts with "moderate" Arab states to deal with the threat from Iran and in pursuit of an agreement with the Palestinians." - id 4/6/2014
Israel learns the Palestinian narrativeAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - "A Ben-Gurion University study has found that learning the Palestinian narrative developed a genuine dialogue among the parties, without destabilizing the Israeli narrative among the students." - id 4/6/2014
Israel`s missed opportunity Ben-Dror Yemini - Ynet - "Instead of a position of frowning and naysaying, Israel could`ve welcomed the Palestinian unity government, saying it would take to any authority, Hamas included, that would honor the Quartet`s conditions." - id 4/6/2014
The Pope at the Wall and Tchernichovsky’s DreamAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Ayelet Waldman: "If in the meantime you don’t destroy everything here, if something is still left after Netanyahu and all his friends are done."" - id 4/6/2014
Separate not equalIssa--Arab MKs, start calling for the end of school segregation and for the merger of Arab and Jewish public schools. dn1/6/2014
Israel stands by ‘the damned’ of 1948 as it seeks to finish the NakbaMax Blumenthal--It is said that supporters of the Soviet Union grappled with the reality of Stalin’s gulags in three stages. During the first stage, they denied the gulags’ existence; in the second stage, they accepted their existence but defended their necessity; in the third, they apologised for Stalin’s crimes and promised never to repeat them again. dn1/6/2014
Ethnic cleansing by other meansIlan Pappe--The term `ethnic cleansing`, not catastrophe, should be used to describe the events of 1948 and Israeli policies ever since, says Ilan Pappe. dn1/6/2014
After visiting, some random reflections on Israel and Palestine, apartheid, one and two statesMichael Heiser - Facebook - Maybe in the long run there will be a state that can commemorate both the ma`apilim ( the boats that broke the British blockade before 1948) and the fedayeen. I think that if I was a Palestinian Arab in Jaffa or Nazareth I would rather be a citizen of such a state; the challenge is to persuade Jewish Israelis.3/6/2014
Hamas and Abbas driven together by desperationAbdel Bari Atwan - Electronic Intifada - Perhaps it is too early to render judgment about Hamas’ choice, but there is no doubt that Abbas dictated all the conditions and put a gun to Hamas’ head. He told them either you accept or I will put a bullet into the “reconciliation” agreement. Hamas, or at least the prevailing faction within it, preferred to accept Abbas’ terms, dropping all the movement’s objections. [bz]3/6/2014
Marking 47 years of occupationSaeb Erekat - (...) we call upon the international community to ban all Israeli settlement products, divest from all companies involved directly or indirectly in the Israeli occupation and to take all possible measures in order to hold Israel, the occupying power, accountable for its daily violations to Palestinian rights, international law and international consensus. 3/6/2014
The Palestinian Unity Government is a partner for PeaceGush Shalom warmly congratulates the Palestinian People and their leaders for having finally managed to overcome a malignant division which had caused considerable damage - to the Palestinians themselves as well as to Israel. The new Palestinian government could and should be a full partner for peace with Israel. ak 3/6/2014
Red Rag weekly column: Judge David Rosen - Four decades of civil disobedienceGideon Spiro - Maybe Judge David Rosen did not undergo any transformation at all, but has two selves, a kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as depicted in the book by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. When he puts on his uniform and crosses the Green Line he is the evil Mr. Hyde, and when he comes back across the Green Line and puts on a suit and tie he is Dr. Jekyll, the gentleman who campaigns against evil.3/6/2014
What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is negotiableAlain Gresh - Le Monde diplomatique - The US, chief guarantor for the Israeli-Palestinian talks for decades, is so habitually and instinctually pro-Israel that it can’t understand that the Palestinians even have a viewpoint, let alone what it is [ry]2/6/2014
Law of the Jewish nation state encourages price tagEli Aminov, Committee for a Secular Democratic State - AIC - "These gangs do not act in a vacuum. They receive backing both from sections of the settler populations and parts of the security establishment, as well as from those serving in law enforcement agencies who belong to this same population. Together with the rise in frequency and number of attacks came the demand to declare the implementers of ‘price tag’ as members of a terror organization and to deal with them accordingly (Haaretz, 16.2.2014). However, eventually State Attorney Weinstein found it appropriate to continue the policy of his predecessors and to allow the government not to make such a declaration" [ry]2/6/2014
`Shrapnel in Israel`s backside` is bleedingYariv Oppenheimer - Ynet - "Teens` abduction was expected, as loss of hope on Palestinian side and Israeli unwillingness to compromise are blowing up in our faces." - id 18/6/2014
Middle East Christians Must Define Their Own VoiceRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Pope Francis put the spotlight on Palestine when he referred to the “State of Palestine” during a Christian mass in Bethlehem." - id 18/6/2014
Every child has a nameAdam Keller - Crazy Country - As far as I know, in the entire Israeli communications media, the news website Y-net was the only one to publish a complete news item on the child`s death. It was also the only one to publish the child’s name. His name was Ali Abdel-Latif al-Awoor, and he was seven years old at his death. ak 17/6/2014
West Bank kidnapping: Israel`s crackdown moves beyond Hamas militantsHaggai Matar - +972 Magazine - By arresting Hamas-affiliated journalists, charity workers and parliament members, Israel is going way beyond any attempt at trying to find the kidnapped teens.Someone’s gotta say it: what Israel has been doing in the West Bank over the past several days goes way beyond any attempt at trying to find the kidnapped teens. It is a military and political attack on Hamas intended on serving the government’s agenda, with no connection to the attempts to find the teens, and no clear connection between Hamas and the kidnapping. ak 17/6/2014
Netanyahu Can Disinform on Iran Just as Well as IraqPeter Hart - Fair - "Netanyahu`s ubiquity as an Iran expert is a reminder that Iraq isn`t the only issue on which TV bookers have relied on guests who have been, and continue to be, wrong." - id 25/6/2014
When `The New York Times` embeds its reporters with the IDFNoam Sheizaf - +972 - "Just like reporters from Israel Hayom and Yedioth Ahronoth, Rudoren was embedded within an army unit conducting searches for the missing teens." - id 25/6/2014
The Arab Knesset Member you love to hateAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "...what a surprise, the Arab Knesset Members who represent the Arab citizens are not Zionists, no do their cars bear the bumper sticker "Long Live the IDF”." - id 25/6/2014
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