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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

`It is a filthy war, this` Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz - "He [Yizhar] was a lyrical prose writer of a single consciousness, a single mourning, mourning for his beloved brothers, for the land that he loved, a land of citrus groves, and it is true that nature looked to him, always, like a place where Jews and Arabs lived together, and the expulsion and the robbery looked to him like an unnatural act. Therefore few have succeeded in repeating what he did by means of his language, because language does not suffice and the honesty of which he possessed so very much is also necessary. "31/8/2006
Cluster bombing of Lebanon `immoral` UN official tells Israel Rory McCarthy - The Guardian - "Jan Egeland said civilians were facing "massive problems" returning home because of as many as 100,000 unexploded cluster bombs. "What`s shocking is that 90% of the cluster bomb strikes occurred in the last 72 hours of the conflict, when we knew there would be a resolution," Mr Egeland said. "Every day people are maimed, wounded and are killed by these ordnance." 31/8/2006
Talking to the neighbors: It`s time Israel embraced the Mideast Avi Azrieli - International Herald Tribune - "To revive its hopes, Israel must dare to consider a change of paradigm: transform itself into a Middle Eastern country" 31/8/2006
Missing the point again?- The Jordan Times - "The UN-led post-war arrangements in Lebanon seem to be missing the point once more. All efforts so far seem to focus on containing the conflict rather than eradicating it. That is not only complicated and costly, but also risky."31/8/2006
Analysts see `disaster` in U.S. positionDavid R. Sands - The Washington Times - "The authors of a hotly debated study on the influence of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington said yesterday that the Bush administration`s unquestioning support for Israel`s military action in Lebanon confirms their thesis that the power of the lobby hurts both U.S. and Israeli national interests. "31/8/2006
PA`s future not only in Palestinian hands Ghassan Khatib-bitterlemons-In the years up to 2006, Israel worked on narrowing the space granted the PA not only geographically, but also at the economic, security and political levels30/8/2006
For Israel`s Security? Zainab Fawqi-Sleem and the Question of LebanonRAMZY KYSIA- Counter Punch-Yesterday, I was discovered by Zainab Fawqi-Sleem - a young, Lebanese woman who was killed in Houla, alongside her sister-in-law, Selma, on July 15th. Zainab is but one of over 1,300 innocents killed in this war, but she is the one who found me. 30/8/2006
Can you really not see?Amira Hass-Ha`arestz-Could it be that you do not know what is happening 15 minutes from your faculties and offices? 30/8/2006
How Washington goaded IsraelStephen Zunes - Foreign Policy in Focus/Znet - There is increasing evidence that Israel instigated a disastrous war on Lebanon largely at the behest of the United States.27/8/2006
Good morning, Elijahu! Uri Avnery - Counterpunch - For 39 years now Israeli soldiers have been compelled to carry our the jobs of a colonial police force: to run after children throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. Suddenly these soldiers were sent to Lebanon to confront tough, well trained and highly motivated guerilla fighters. "We were not trained for this war!" the reserve soldiers now complain. They are right.27/8/2006
Who`s to blame? Israel on the slideAlexander Cockburn - Counterpunch - Disfigured by its "special relationship" with the US arms industry, of which the US Congress is an integral component, the IDF has been morally corrupted by years of risk-free brutalization of unarmed Palestinians, many of them children.27/8/2006
Palestinians must be ready for 3 NovemberDaoud Kuttab - Bitterlemons - Palestinian leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh seem to have realized the need to remove any Israeli excuses not to engage with them.27/8/2006
Hizbullah surprised at Israeli offensiveJerusalem Post - "Hizbullah had information that the US and Israel were planning to launch an attack against the organization in September or October, but due to American and Israeli public pressure following the kidnapping of the two soldiers, the attacks were carried out earlier, prior to Israel being fully prepared for a full-scale attack."26/8/2006
The great beneficiary of Israel`s Lebanon adventure: IranAL-AHRAM - Mustafa El-Labbad - Israel`s architecture of destruction, drafted by its raiding aircraft across large swaths of southern Lebanon, could not conceal the limits of Israeli military might.26/8/2006
Israel at a LossPalestine Media Center - Azmi Bishara - "Israel had one specific war aim, which was to revive the mainstay of its security creed, its deterrent power. (...) If the war made anything clear it is that Israel`s dependency on its air force may wreak appalling destruction (and therefore deter societies), but it fails to deter a resistance force that has entrenched itself deep beneath the ground. "26/8/2006
Wars you don`t win by force - at the death of Yizhar SmilanskyMiddle East News Service / Yitzhak Laor - Ha`aretz - "It is once again obvious that there are wars that you do not win by force. Even when the force is superlatively massive and smart. You don`t beat Katyushas, it seems, by force. In the same way that the suicide terrorists didn`t win by force, in the same way that the intifada wasn`t won by force."26/8/2006
Uncomfortable Truths about IsraelLarry C. Johnson - AlterNet - "Now we have the spectacle of Hizbullah acting with statesmanship and restraint while the Israelis destroy their credibility among the international community. That is a truth Israel`s true friends need to communicate to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the strongest terms possible."26/8/2006
A Tsunami of Confusion - Antisemitism and the Arab-Israeli conflictTony Klug - Prospect Magazine - "There is little doubt that there has been a marked increase in open antipathy towards Jews in a number of countries around the world, most strikingly among Arabs and Muslims. If this trend continues much longer, the mood it reflects could become firmly entrenched within these societies. While deeply worrying, there is no mystery about what has triggered it."26/8/2006
After Lebanon, a wise Palestinian strategy requiredDaoud Kuttab-Arabic Media Internet Network-"A more significant change will occur if a solution is found that could lead to the release of the captured Israeli soldier, coupled with an end to the firing of cross border rockets from Gaza into Israel."25/8/2006
And the Loser Is... Everyone Leon Hadar - Antiwar - "The only possible good news resulting from the crisis has to do with the bad news. The rising influence of the radical forces in the Middle East could create incentives for the more moderate elements in the Arab world and Israel to step up the efforts toward accommodation and help revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But don`t hold your breath." 24/8/2006
The `New Middle East` Bush Is ResistingSaad Eddin Ibrahim - Washington Post - "President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may be quite right about a new Middle East being born. In fact, their policies in support of the actions of their closest regional ally, Israel, have helped midwife the newborn. But it will not be exactly the baby they have longed for. For one thing, it will be neither secular nor friendly to the United States. For another, it is going to be a rough birth." 24/8/2006
International involvement more important than everGhassan Khatib - - Ramifications of the Lebanon ceasefire - Ed. 33 - "The way the war in Lebanon ended strengthened the support for political Islamic movements and armed resistance among Palestinians... Until the capture of an Israeli soldier in Gaza and the war in Lebanon the more moderate and realistic wing of Hamas in the ministries and parliament seemed to be in the ascendancy. The way the war in Lebanon ended, coupled with the Israeli arrests of relatively moderate members of the government, has played into the hands of the more radical wing of Hamas."22/8/2006
This is no way to make a dealDanny Rubinstein - Haaretz - "The unilateral concept now seems to be dying. Along with it may die its twin sibling: the separation wall. What use is there for a wall when war is fought with Katyushas, Qassams and kidnappings? When the wall`s path followed the Green Line, it was one thing, but when it started to penetrate into the West Bank, and particularly into the Jerusalem area - it became a delusional annexation plan that is nearly impossible to carry out, other than with suffering, discrimination and exploitation that cannot last in the long run."22/8/2006
Not Sparta - and just as wellDoron Rosenblum - Haaretz - "Israel is not Sparta, and this is a good thing. It was not established in order to be a spearhead against global Islam, or in order to serve as an alert squad for the Western world." 19/8/2006
Talking only to ourselvesDaniel Ben Simon-Haaretz-"It is torturous to think that had similar diplomatic energy been invested vis-a-vis Palestinian leaders, Lebanese leaders and Syrian leaders, perhaps everything would look different. Perhaps we would even be living in peace with them."18/8/2006
From Mania to DepressionUri Avnery- Gush Shalom Web Site-"This is how it goes: At long last, two days before the end, the land offensive started to roll. Thanks to our heroic soldiers, the men of the reserves, it was a dazzling success. And then, when we were on the verge of a great victory, the cease-fire came into effect."18/8/2006
Cease-Fire: Shaking Core Beliefs in the Middle EastGeorge Friedman -Stratfor Geopolitical Intelligence Report -"Hezbollah and Iran hoped for this outcome, though they did not really expect it. They got it. The question on the table now is what they will do with it. "18/8/2006
The meaning of Israeli Arab support for Hizballah Yossi Alpher - Bitterlemons - "Hizballah, with Iran`s backing, has in recent years successfully recruited several Israeli Arab agents. Now we must recognize that it has also made progress in winning over the hearts and minds of the Palestinian citizens of Israel." 17/8/2006
After 34 days of war, Hizbullah turns its attention to rebuilding southern Lebanon Declan Walsh - The Guardian - ""We want to bring south Lebanon back to life and rebuild it better than it was before the war," said Nabil Kaouk, Hizbullah`s top official in southern Lebanon, standing before the group`s flattened headquarters building in Tyre. " 17/8/2006
Lebanon`s pain grows by the hour as death toll hits 1,300 Robert Fisk - The Independent - "How many of these dead would have survived if George Bush and Tony Blair had demanded an immediate ceasefire weeks ago will never be known. But many would have had the chance of life had Western governments not regarded this dirty war as an "opportunity" to create a "new" Middle East by humbling Iran and Syria. " 17/8/2006
Love it or hate it, Hizbullah has lessons for all ArabsThe Daily Star - Editorial - "Hizbullah did not suddenly materialize magically on a Persian carpet or a divine edict. The organization methodically built itself up and sharpened its capabilities in all fields over a period of years. The core of its success is its capacity to identify the real needs of its constituents, meet those needs systematically through an efficient network of staff and managers, and not to waste time bragging about the fact in public. " 17/8/2006
Talking only to ourselves Daniel Ben Simon - Haaretz - "Instead of speaking with our enemies we speak with our friends, not to say our patrons, the Americans, as though we were lowly vassals. We have adopted English almost as a mother tongue and we relate to Arabic as almost an existential threat. Thus far, the subordination of our lives, our values and our future to the Americans has not proved itself. We have never been as insecure as we are today. As part of our despair we are surrounding ourselves with a wall and turning the symbol of national rebirth into a fortified Jewish ghetto closed on all sides." 13/8/2006
Hezbollah gaining strength where democracy once dweltRashid Khalidi - Chicago Tribune -"The Israeli government and the Bush administration both suffer from the foolish illusion (one easy to understand among warmongers in Washington who have never been near a battlefield) that war is the solution to problems in the Middle East. The idea that Arabs understand only force, which underlies American and Israeli policies, is racist and profoundly mistaken. As long as such dangerous illusions reign, innocents will continue to die in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Israel. " 16/8/2006
Bush `helped Israeli attack on Lebanon` Dan Glaister - The Guardian - "The US government was closely involved in planning the Israeli campaign in Lebanon, even before Hizbullah seized two Israeli soldiers in a cross border raids in July."16/8/2006
Deepening the fault linesOmar Yousef Shehabi - The Electronic Intifada - "Olmert and Bush know that the Israeli public has lost its nerve and its stomach for a unilateral withdrawal from one inch of the West Bank."16/8/2006
Limits of force: Israel`s hollow victory in Lebanon Amin Saikal - IHT - " a warning that the use of force may not be the best means to bring about peace and stability to the Middle East." 16/8/2006
We told Olmert the army is hollow Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "This was not the first time Olmert had heard the army is not properly prepared for war."16/8/2006
In the face of Bush`s lies, it`s left to Assad to tell the truth Robert Fisk - The Independent - "that the Lebanese Hizbollah guerrilla army has, in effect, won this round of their war with Israel.16/8/2006
Lessons Learnt from the WarHanna Siniora - IPCRI - "An assessment of what took place on the two fronts, Gaza and Lebanon demonstrated again that force can never resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict."16/8/2006
First the Truce, Then the Test of How Long It Can Last STEVEN ERLANGER - NY Times - ""why should the Israeli public support a withdrawal from the West Bank to create a Palestinian state?”" 15/8/2006
Israel`s verdict: we lost the war Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "The fragility of the ceasefire was underlined by four incidents in which Israeli troops shot dead six Hizbollah fighters after the ceasefire began at 8am yesterday."15/8/2006
American support may no longer be enoughMartin Jacques -- The Guardian -- Israel`s long-term future lies in connecting with its Arab neighbours, not a western superpower thousands of miles away14/8/2006
As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war beginsRobert Fisk -- The Independent -- "At this fatal juncture in Middle East history - and no one should underestimate this moment`s importance in the region - the Israeli army appears as impotent to protect its country as the Hizbollah clearly is to protect Lebanon"14/8/2006
Doves of preyB. Michael – YNET – “Israel`s belligerent doves should pause to ponder one small question: If they – famous peace lovers – have turned into doves of prey after deaths of 100 Israelis, then what do they suppose is going through the minds of doves, hawks alike who have suffered 1,000 casualties, hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, and scores of pounded villages?”14/8/2006
What the Hell has happened to the Army?Uri Avnery -- Gush Shalom – “The common denominator of all the failures is the disdain for Arabs, a contempt that has dire consequences. It has caused total misunderstanding, a kind of blindness of Hizbullah`s motives, attitudes, standing in Lebanese society etc.” 14/8/2006
To failure`s creditGideon Levy - Haaretz - Israel has failed in its latest Lebanon adventure - and that`s a good thing, for everybody. 13/8/2006
Dershowitz` descent into moral barbarismNorman Finkelstein - Counterpunch - a discussion of Alan Dershowitz` latest apologia for the USA and Israel, his new book, "Preemption".13/8/2006
How to talk to your Jewish friends about IsraelIra Chernus - Commondreams - “I can talk to my Jewish friends about anything -- except Israel. When that subject comes up, they just shut down.” I’ve heard this complaint from so many people, so many times, that I want to offer a few suggestions about how to talk to your “pro-Israel” Jewish friends.13/8/2006
Learning from its mistakesCharles Glass - London Review of Books - "As the last shot was fired, the terrible, savage cry rose again from the crowd. Mothers with babies rushed forward to look on the bodies at close range, and small boys ran from one to the other spitting upon the bodies. The crowd dispersed, men and women laughing and shouting at one another. Barbarous?"13/8/2006
You are terrorists, we are virtuous Yitzhak Laor - London Review of Books - The mainstream left has never seriously tried to oppose the military. The notion that we had no alternative but to attack Lebanon and that we cannot stop until we have finished the job: these are army-sponsored truths, decided by the military and articulated by state intellectuals and commentators. So are most other descriptions of the war, such as the Tel Aviv academic Yossef Gorni’s statement in Haaretz, that ‘this is our second war of independence.’ The same sort of nonsense was written by the same kind of people when the 2000 intifada began.13/8/2006
Who? Me?! Uri Avnery - WHO? ME? Now everybody already admits that something basic has gone wrong in this war. The proof: the War of the Generals, that previously started only after the conclusion of a war, has now become public while the war is still going on.13/8/2006
Ceasefire on paper, fire on the groundThe Other Israel - weekly comment13/8/2006
The heart of stone and three un-motherly mothersNurit Peled Elhanan - Hagada Hasmalit - "What a masculine and sexy word: to crush. How good it is to crush `them.` Who, exactly, is being crushed? It’s not clear, not to the three mothers, nor to anyone else, only the sense that the crushing somehow sooths the awful fear of the other, across the border." 13/8/2006
101 Uses of ChaosMark LeVine -- TomDispatch -- "With George Bush still insisting on the need to fight `Islamic fascism` to the bitter end, Labor Party Defense Minister Amir Peretz imploring Israeli soldiers to turn southern Lebanon `to dust,` and Iran`s Mahmud Ahmedinejad declaring the need to wipe Israel off the map, the hubris, arrogance, and utter disdain for human life that has brought the Middle East to its latest precipice continues to harden the hearts of leaders and peoples alike. And all will be the losers because of it"12/8/2006
On Israel, Lebanon and PalestineNoam Chomsky -- ZNet -- "Every published Western `timeline` takes that [the capture of Corporal Gilad Shalit on June 25] as the opening event. Yet the day before, Israeli forces kidnapped two Gaza civilians, a doctor and his brother, and sent them to the Israeli prison system where they can join innumerable other Palestinians, many held without charges -- hence kidnapped"12/8/2006
If Gaza is forgotten due to Israeli war on Lebanon, what of the West Bank & East Jerusalem? Kristen Ess -- PNN -- "Shall I mention once again that the Israelis continue to wage the most effective propaganda campaign in history, that the Americans who are not saying, `Israel has the right to defend itself` think that it is the Israelis under occupation?"12/8/2006
Commercial and political exploitation of stolen land -- Settlers on Israel’s eastern frontierGadi Algazi -- Le Monde diplomatique -- The settlements of the West Bank built in the past decade, privately financed and publicly backed, have attracted nonpolitical Jews, both the well-off looking for gated communities and poor, big families who just want affordable housing12/8/2006
The End of Lebanon?Ran HaCohen - Electronic Lebanon - "The UN Security Council resolution draft on Lebanon reflects a new stage of Western colonialism in the Middle East, and perhaps a historic precedent: for the first time, the UN Security Council - should the resolution draft be endorsed - breaches the fundamental principle of the right of people under occupation to resist, and in fact legitimizes the violent partition of the sovereign state of Lebanon." 11/8/2006
Crisis in Lebanon The Nation - Editorial - "The United States cannot in good conscience allow Lebanon`s humanitarian crisis to continue. Washington must put aside its usual support-Israel-at-all-costs stance and use its influence to get Israel to call off its offensive and withdraw from Lebanon. The alternative--more warfare, increased instability and rising sectarian hatred--is a dead end for all of us. " 11/8/2006
Israel has already lost this war Ghayth Armanazi - The Independent - "Every war is won or lost not by measure of the cold statistics of hardware or lives - or even territory - lost or consumed by the protagonists at the end of hostilities. Rather, it must be seen against the overall strategic picture that emerges through the dust of battle. The Sixth War is going to leave an indelible mark on that strategic picture - and it will not make pretty viewing for the Israelis or their US backers." 11/8/2006
Hizbollah`s iron discipline is match for military machine Robert Fisk - The Independent - "Israel`s frustration - and its sense of loss since 15 of its soldiers were killed in just the fraction of the south Lebanese border area which it "controls" over the past 24 hours - was evident in a potentially criminal document which it dropped over Beirut yesterday. Signed "the State of Israel" - which at least makes its origins clear - the tracts announced that "the Israeli Defence Forces intend to expand their operations in Beirut"." 13/8/2006
Someone to fight with Tom Segev - Haaretz - "On Shabbat morning Amos Oz phoned his friend, MK Haim Oron (Meretz), and informed him that the time had come to end the war. He and two other leading Israeli authors, A.B. Yehoshua and David Grossman, wanted to sign a public declaration to that effect"11/8/2006
Twilight zone / The home-front brigade Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "Where else are there places like this? Where else are there wars like this? Huddling together in an underground shelter in a border town are the mother of a soldier who is fighting in Lebanon, together with a Lebanese neighbor whose whole family is in bomb-blasted Beirut, the new immigrant from an upper floor who just arrived from the steppes of Kazakhstan, and the unemployed neighbor from the ground floor who says she`s seen it all"11/8/2006
Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister`s office Ari Shavit - Haaretz - "And after arrogantly and hastily bursting into war, Olmert managed it hesitantly, unfocused and limp. He neglected the home front and abandoned the residents of the north. He also failed shamefully on the diplomatic front." 11/8/2006
The New Middle East Rami Bathish - MIFTAH - "Without doubt, the so called “New Middle East” doctrine represents a clear paradigm shift in the political map of the region; one that is fully compatible with US and Zionist global strategic interests"10/8/2006
It is Lebanon, not Israel, that faces a threat to its existence in this war Ahmad Samih Khalidi - The Guardian - "The Franco-US resolution is an absurdity: it would give Israel immunity while denying Lebanon the right to defend itself" 10/8/2006
Between cholera and the plague Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "The result of this whole mess is that an incursion deep into Lebanon will leave Israel with a choice between cholera and the plague, between sitting for a prolonged period in fortified positions in the killing fields around the Litani or abandoning the whole of Lebanon to the hands of the war coalition of Hezbollah-Syria-Iran." 10/8/2006
Regressing a full generation Meron Benvenisti - Haaretz - "Those who began this unrestrained war want to inflate its importance, in order to justify the terrible - and steadily increasing - price that is being paid solely in order to achieve a victory for the gambler. But perhaps the fact that they are conducting a 1950s strategy with a 21st-century society and culture is cause for optimism: It will not work." 10/8/2006
What do you say to a man whose family is buried under the rubble? Robert Fisk - The Independent - "Perhaps there are two moral lessons from this, one obvious, the other familiar. Don`t shoot at drones. And don`t believe for a moment the Israelis will care about firing missiles into your home when their little toy spots a man with a gun." 10/8/2006
Israel set to invade Lebanon despite lessons of 1982 war Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Israel has approved a major escalation of war by voting to send thousands of fresh troops deeper into Lebanon in an expanded offensive echoing its invasion nearly a quarter of a century ago." 10/8/2006
Their power of endurance Amira Hass - Haaretz - "Take what the northern residents have been going through for a month, multiply it by 1,000, add an economic blockade, power and water cuts, and no wages. This is how the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been "living" for the past six years." 9/8/2006
Israel`s promise of humanitarian corridors is exposed as a sham Robert Fisk - The Independent - "Requests from humanitarian organisations for clearance from the Israelis are now being refused."9/8/2006
An End to UnilateralismNADIA HIJAB - Counterpunch - "What Israel and the U.S. Wanted May Not Be At All What They Get" 9/8/2006
The refugees` fury will be felt for generations to comeKarma Nabulsi - The Electronic Intifada - "In Gaza and Lebanon, in the refugee camps of Khan Younis, Rafah and Jabaliya, in Tyre and Beirut, in Nabatiyeh and Sidon, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children seek refuge."8/8/2006
Crocodile tears of leaders as city burns Robert Fisk - The Independent - "It was preposterous, scandalous, shameful to listen to these robed apparatchiks - most of them are paid, armed or otherwise supported by the West - shed their crocodile tears before a nation on its knees."8/8/2006
Three conflicts, two mind-sets, one solution Marwan Bishara - International Herald Tribune - "The only means of halting the cycle of violence and terrorism in the Middle East, and paving the way toward real freedom, is to end military occupation." 8/8/2006
Same old crisis Mustafa Abu Sway - bitterlemons - " One should not lose sight of the original cause of all that is going on today: the Israeli occupation of Arab lands." 8/8/2006
Israeli Intellectuals Love the WarRan HaCohen - Antiwar - "The present war is always inevitable, and necessary, and just, and worthy of support." 8/8/2006
When the skies rain deathAzmi Bishara- Al-Ahram - " It is a cowardly and vindictive way to behave, open to those who possess an air force which enable them to become arrogant airborne tyrants."8/8/2006
Is Israel Any Safer Now?Am Johal -- -- There are wiser courses of action which Israel and the US could follow which would not lead to the same outcomes which occur with such frequency7/8/2006
All the Time in the World to Kill and DestroyOn the relationship between the non-intervention of the international community in the face of crimes against humanity committed by Israel in Gaza and the provocation of Hezbollah in the Northern border, Israel’s decision to go to war against Lebanon, and the extension granted by the international community to continue the killing and destruction7/8/2006
Thinking in terms of the other sideYitzhak Laor -- Haaretz -- "That is the great trap of military thinking, the Israelis` only way of thought regarding the conflict: not only belief in the need to be superior, right or wrong, able or not able, but especially the inability to think in terms of the other side, not as an object translated and interpreted by the Intelligence Corps, but as human beings"7/8/2006
Israeli pilots `deliberately miss` targetsInigo Gilmore -- The Observer – Fliers admit aborting raids on civilian targets as concern grows over the reliability of intelligence 7/8/2006
The Case for Boycotting Israel -- Boycott Now!Virginia Tilley – CounterPunch – “’Demographic threat’ is the most disgustingly racist phrase still openly deployed in international parlance. It has been mysteriously tolerated by a perplexed international community. But it can be tolerated no longer”7/8/2006
A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11 Robert Fisk - The Independent - And do the Israelis realise that they are legitimising Hizbollah, that a rag-tag army of guerrillas is winning its spurs against an Israeli army and air force whose targets - if intended - prove them to be war criminals and if unintended suggest that they are a rif-raff little better than the Arab armies they have been fighting, on and off, for more than half a century? 7/8/2006
Junkies of warUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - So we shall get to the Litani River. Beyond it, there is another river, and another one. Lebanon has an abundance of rivers we can get to. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for these two junkies, Olmert and Peretz, to come down from their "high" and study the map. 6/8/2006
Errand boy/girlCharley Reese - King Features Syndicate - "For a long time I believed that World War I was the most stupid war ever fought in human history, but by golly, the brain-dead governments in Washington and Tel Aviv might yet blunder into one that surpasses it." 6/8/2006
Gilbert Achcar interviewed by Andrew KennedyGilbert Achcar - Socialist Outlook/Alternative Information Centre - "Hatred for Israel and the US is reaching new peaks. All this will undoubtedly fuel the growth of terrorist organisations of the Al Qaeda type. I’m afraid that what we have seen up to now — 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid—is but a foretaste of horrors to come that will affect the civilian populations in the West." 6/8/2006
Jihad against HezbollahStephen Zunes - Commondreans/Foreign Policy in Focus - it appears that the USA has insisted on labelling Hezbollah a "terrorist organization" in order to have a pretext to attack Syria and/or Iran.5/8/2006
Command, logistics main problems for proposed Lebanon peacekeepersPrashant Rao -Jordan Times/Agence France-Presse -"The United States would be seen as the wrong actor in the region, NATO is seen by some as the wrong actor, as well,"5/8/2006
IDF carving out buffer zone in south LebanonZe`ev Schiff, Amos Harel and Aluf Benn-Haaretz-"A missile crashed into the two-story house of Hani Abdo Marmar, killing him instantly along with his wife and child"5/8/2006
The Long-Term Battle: Defining ‘Victory’ Before the World STEVEN ERLANGER - New York Times - "Prime Minister Ehud Olmert wants to ensure that when a cease-fire is finally arranged, Israel is seen as having won a decisive victory over Hezbollah. It is important for him politically, especially after a slow and fumbling start to this war. In part, Israel wants to recover from an image of an unimpressive military venture against a tough, small, but well-trained group of fighters." 3/8/2006
Tactics of insurgency Amyas Godfrey - The Guardian - "The difficulty inherent with asymmetric warfare - the military term for fighting irregular forces with conventional forces - is that your enemy is able to "move among the people like a fish in water"." 3/8/2006
How Israel`s gung-ho leaders turned victory into calamity Nehemia Shtrasler - The Guardian - "Our government, in its desperation to outgun its predecessor, spurned a glorious chance to come out of this with honour" 3/8/2006
Entire Lebanese family killed in Israeli attack on hospital Robert Fisk - The Independent - "An attack on a hospital, the killing of an entire Lebanese family, the seizure of five men in Baalbek and a new civilian death toll - 468 men, women and children - marked the 22nd day of Israel`s latest war on Lebanon. 3/8/2006
Between two friendsTom Segev - Haaretz - "Israel has adopted the moral values of Hezbollah: Whatever they are doing to the residents of northern Israel, we can also do to the citizens of Lebanon, and even more. Many Israelis tended to look at the Qana incident primarily as a media disaster and not as something that imposed on them any ethical responsibility."3/8/2006
What the right has to offerGideon Levy – Haaretz – “The right has to come up with some answers now. All the despairing leftists and the new and confused enlistees in the right must stop and ask themselves: What exactly is the developing right actually offering? While in Syria, for example, they are thinking about the long term, and its president Bashar Assad has a vision for future generations to make Israel surrender, the Israeli discourse is characterized by total evasion of any long-term thinking. At most, the talk is about tomorrow. There`s a reason for this: the Israeli right has no solutions”21/8/2006
As Full of Pro-Israeli Holes as Swiss Cheese -- Inside 1701: What the UN Security Council`s Ceasefire Resolution Actually SaysVirginia Tilley – CounterPunch – “Brought under the microscope, what exactly does Resolution 1701 say? A line-by-line analysis reveals that it is as full of pro-Israeli holes as a Swiss cheese. It also has two significant pro-Lebanese holes. But the over-all weight of the resolution indicates that Israel holds the crucial card: whether and when to withdraw its forces from Lebanese territory” 21/8/2006
The logic of suicide terrorismScott McConnell - It’s the occupation, not the fundamentalism: there is evidence that withdrawal of military forces really does diminish the ability of the terrorist leaders to recruit more suicide terrorists. [editor`s note: this article is over a year old, but still very relevant to the present day] 20/8/2006
What are the achievements of this war?Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom/Counterpunch - every one of the 154 Israeli dead of Lebanon War II (until the cease-fire) died for the settlers on the [occupied Syrian] Golan Heights. 20/8/2006
Israel was the AggressorAhmad Tibi - Bitterlemons - "It was just natural that [Israeli Arabs] would express empathy for the victim, saying at the same time that we are against targeting civilians, whether in Beirut, Haifa or Gaza."20/8/2006
Always at a disadvantageGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Palestinian citizens of Israel, almost to a man, maintained their principled positions against Israeli aggression and occupation of neighboring Arab land, including in Lebanon. That added strain to the already tense relations between them and many Israeli right-wingers20/8/2006
The war to end the warYehonatan Gefen - Maariv - "How much time did our leaders, the deep thinkers, spend in asking themselves whether we would really achieve something by starting this war? How much? Thirty seconds? Five minutes? When you buy yourself a new t-shirt or decide which film to see tonight, you spend more time on thinking." 19/8/2006
What now for Hizbullah?Omayma Abdel-Latif - Al-Ahram - "The fighting may have ended but, say many observers, another battle awaits Hizbullah, this time on the home front where calls began to be voiced for Hizbullah to disarm even before the guns went silent." 19/8/2006
Peacekeepers Are Not Peacemakers NANCY SODERBERG - NY Times - "These are goals so ambitious that no peacekeeping force, not even NATO, could achieve them."2/8/2006
Crossing `red lines,` an apt mood for describring the region`s futureEmad Omar - The Daily Star - "There is no space for moderate voices, just their marginalization"2/8/2006
Bush and Blair vs. Peace: Appeasing/Assisting Israel`s War On Lebanon And Gaza Milan Rai - ZNet - "The Lebanese Government plan is being ignored. The Hezbollah offer is being ignored. Peace is being rejected by Israel, George Bush - and Tony Blair." 2/8/2006
The most unsuccessful war Ze`ev Sternhell - Haaretz - "a war of survival was invented, which by nature must be long and exhausting."2/8/2006
A Nato-led force would be in Israel`s interests, but not Lebanon`s Robert Fisk - The Independent - "And this time, we will watch a Nato-led army`s disintegration at close quarters."2/8/2006
Palestinians Also Want Multinational Force Kaled Abu Toameh - PMC - " "If the international community wants to send troops to patrol the border between Israel and Lebanon, there`s no reason why a similar force should not be deployed in the Gaza Strip." 1/8/2006
Making its own bed - Israel`s consistent refusal to release PrisonersGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - " The oppression embodied in the large scale and widespread imprisonment of Palestinians together with ever more oppressive measures...are responsible for maintaining the active rejection of and hostility and resistance to the Israeli occupation and Israel. " 1/8/2006
The 155th Victim Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "What remains? No peace, no negotiations, no solution at all for the historic conflict. "23/8/2006
Lessons from historyMIKE MARQUSEE - The Hindu - "Apologists for Israel`s militarism are drawing perverse lessons from the Holocaust and the wider history of anti-semitism."22/8/2006
The Arab world`s silence has left the last word to those we call extremists Alain Gresh - The Guardian - "Hamas began in Gaza in 1987, after 20 years of Israeli occupation, surfing on the tidal wave of the first intifada. Hizbullah emerged from the fight against occupation forces after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. What new extremist organisation will rise from the fresh ruins of Lebanon? "22/8/2006
A home front without backingHaaretz -- "The population that is paying the war`s heavy price is divided into two: the weaker section, stuck unprotected or in inhuman conditions, and those who moved to the center of the country and are forced to manage on their own"5/8/2006
What Can Israel Achieve? Immanuel Wallerstein - "If Israel wants not to become a Crusader state that is in the end extinguished, it is only Hamas and Hezbollah that can guarantee the survival of Israel. " 4/8/2006
Hezbollah`s Top Ally in Israel. On Halutz`s Bombing WarALEXANDER COCKBURN - Counterpunch - "history shows air power doesn`t win wars, or even battles."4/8/2006
Sheik UpAnnia Ciezadlo - New republic - on Hezbollah`s leader Nasrallah. [Editor`s comment (VB): the article underscores the idiocy of the Israeli policy which is currently empowering this man]4/8/2006
The Apache war Salman Masalha - Haaretz - "This is the time to make a conscious turnabout, among both the Israelis and Palestinians, before we all march gloriously to hell. Needless to say, the deluge won`t follow. "4/8/2006
Scaling the Heights of Perverted LogicReuven Kaminer - "It simply had not occurred to the two of them that it is harder to get out of a war than to get into one. Now they are finding this exit especially hard to find since their political hides and careers are on the block."5/8/2006
Punishment rains down on proxiesASSAF ORON -Seattle Post- Intelligencer - "If we fail to uphold the sanctity of life regardless of nationality, we risk seeing the whole planet drenched in blood soon."5/8/2006
Mayors for Peace: Cities Are Not Targets!Mayors for Peace-Communique - "With excessive and indiscriminate firepower, military action has lost all sense of proportion. Continued armed conflict cannot be condoned. There must be an immediate ceasefire."5/8/2006
The Family That Stays Together Dies TogetherRobert Fisk -- The Palestine Chronicle -- "Hizbollah is killing more Israeli soldiers than civilians and the Israelis are killing far more Lebanese civilians than they are guerrillas"5/8/2006
The Knife in the BackUri Avneri -- Gush Shalom -- "Always, in every country and after every war, when the generals fail, the `knife in the back` legend raises its head. If only the politicians had not stopped the army just when it was on the point of achieving a glorious, crushing, historic victory..."5/8/2006
Massacre at Qana may be a turning pointKarim Makdisi -- Philadelphia Inquirer -- "This latest massacre in Qana, however, may be a turning point against U.S. plans for Lebanon and the region: It has wiped away any ambivalence about who started this war, and has unified Lebanon and the Arab world"5/8/2006
War of deception and stupidityProf. Zeev Maoz – YNET – “The real war is over the image and soul of the State of Israel […] – its results, however, are more important than the struggle between Israel and the Hizbullah in Lebanon. This is a war over values, over the essence of civilian courage, over stating truths however painful and unpopular […]; this is a war over the image and the future of Israel as moral state. This is in fact a war between a minority and a majority: between few in number, who since the first shot was fired named this war appropriately - a war of deception and stupidity between those who started it, are running it and lending it an ideological tailwind”5/8/2006
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