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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

The clarity of Dani Dayan: Settler leader exposes the ethnic privilege underlying Israeli societyDavid Samel - Mondoweiss - While we debate one-state versus two-state solutions, and speculate whether Israel would ever dare a large scale expulsion of millions of “ethnic undesirables,” with or without cover of war with Iran, continuation of the status quo is a short-term certainty, a medium-term likelihood, and a long-term option. [Without considerable international pressure] the status quo of occupation is unbearable only for its victims. 31/7/2012
Talking ZionismUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Today, Zionism is firmly in the hands of the extreme Right, a mixture of nationalists, religious fanatics and the settlers, supported by very rich Jews in Israel and outside"30/7/2012
Israel obstructs the peace, and is paid handsomely for itJonathan Cook - The National - "Europe`s only real leverage over Israel is economic: business between the two already accounts for about 60 per cent of Israeli trade, worth nearly 30 billion euros (Dh136 billion). But rather than penalising Israel for repeatedly stomping over the flimsiest prospects for a two-state solution, the EU is handsomely rewarding it. It is not alone. The United States is also showering economic benefits and military goodies on Israel, in addition to the billions of dollars in aid it hands over every year" 30/7/2012
US presidential campaign as fundraising opportunity for IsraelSergio Yahni - AIC - The idea of a regional war in the Middle East is not strange to the US Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who foretells an "American Century" based on US military and economic strength30/7/2012
The Checkpoint—Terror, Power, and Cruelty [forwarded by Lynda]Oded Na’aman--[An accurate depiction of the checkpoint and what it does not only to Palestinians but also to the soldiers ruling it, assuming that the soldier was a decent person before becoming Lord of human beings captive to his beck and call. dn]29/7/2012
A Champion for the Displaced in IsraelJODI RUDOREN--UP two steaming, dingy flights in an aging Bauhaus building here, Michael Sfard imagines that his is one of the few law firms with no parking spaces. The young lawyers and interns who toil inside dressed in T-shirts and shorts always walk or bike to work, and visitors are rare. [a correction--Rudoren states that "Bassam Aramin, the father of a 10-year-old girl killed in a 2007 protest"--she was not killed in a protest, but was killed by an Israeli soldier when walking home from school! dn]29/7/2012
Institutionalizing occupation: the ‘University’ of ArielLouis Frankenthaler--In the U.S. slavery was an accepted, normal institution for the first 140 years of the country’s existence. While American universities are now trying to come to terms with their historical corroboration with slavery, Israel is just beginning to institutionalize its system of oppression through accreditation of the Ariel settlement college. dn29/7/2012
What Dani Dayan Says and Why It Is Interesting Richard Falk--There are new realities pertaining to the Israel/Palestine conflict. dn29/7/2012
Pyromania in the Hebron Hills Haaretz Editorial--Defense Minister Ehud Barak is evicting hundreds of Palestinian farmers and shepherds by declaring the land on which their villages stand `firing zones.` dn29/7/2012
Muslims are an integral part of Europe Dr Leon Moosavi--Muslims in Europe made major contributions to the fields of science, philosophy, and architecture [Reuters] dn29/7/2012
Israel`s Joan of Arc Gideon Levy--In the reality of Israel`s right-wing, docile public broadcasting, even a persecuted, mainstream radio presenter can suddenly become a temporary hero. dn29/7/2012
Who’s next on the hit list?Neri Livneh--The director of Israel Radio, Michael Miro, wants to get rid of presenter Keren Neubach, and that fact of course speaks in Neubach`s favor. She was originally taken off the Israel Broadcasting Authority`s Channel 1 on the ridiculous grounds that she was not suited to the screen. Now they have decided to make her life a misery on her highly popular morning radio show, "Seder Yom." Since they cannot use the excuse that she is not "radiogenic," the IBA has decided for the time being to "balance" her (since she is a woman she is suspected of being unbalanced hormonally ) by pairing her with a man, and not just any man, but with columnist Menachem Ben. dn29/7/2012
`Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me` - a comic artist`s disillusionment Nirit Anderman – Ha`aretz – "Israel’s creation was politically amazing. For centuries, Jews endured horrible suffering, and like other people deserve the right to self-determination, but the way Israel is going now frightens me. Jews make awkward colonial overlords “ In his younger age, the late American comic book writer Harvey Pekar considered going to live in Israel. Later he became increasingly disillusioned - as chronicled in his posthumously published last work. ak28/7/2012
Is Israeli annexation of Area C of the West Bank imminent?Mya Guarnieri - +972 - Over 15,500 Israeli citizens moved beyond the Green Line in the last year, making 2011 a record-breaking year of settlement growth. At the same time, the state is putting the Palestinians and Bedouins who live in Area C under extreme, unrelenting pressure, as exemplified by this week’s report by Haaretz that Defense Minister Barak has ordered the demolition of eight Palestinian villages to make way for IDF training. bz28/7/2012
Palestinian investments require divestmentSam Bahour--Nearly two decades ago, I had a dream. I thought the historic tragedy that befell the Palestinian people was about to end. As such, I refused to be an observer to the historic events that were unfolding; instead, I chose to employ my U.S. education and work experience to contribute to building a new reality on the ground -- to build an economy that could serve the new and emerging state of Palestine.dn28/7/2012
Salam Fayyad: `We have never been more marginalised`Donald Macintyre--The cause of the Palestinians has never been more "marginalised" than it is today, according to a warning by their internationally respected Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. dn 28/7/2012
Racism and Ignorance know no nationalityNima Shirazi--Iranian government officials often make bigoted, ignorant statements - but so do many in Israel and the US.dn28/7/2012
Tisha B`Av as the Jewish Nakba Steven Klein - Haaretz "It should come as no surprise then that the Palestinians too seek to preserve hope of their redemption. Just like us, they have a date. Just like us, they make maps of their destroyed villages and omit modern Jewish cities. And just like us, they justify the war that led to their own destruction and deny Palestinians, including Palestinian-Israelis, the commemoration of Nakba Day is hypocritical. We certainly did not like being told that it was forbidden to mark out commemoration days when we were the occupied. " ca28/7/2012
Another Israeli Barbarian - MK Michael Ben-AriTony Greenstein - According to the Israeli website NRG, MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) tore the New Testament to pieces and then threw it in the trash after the Bible was sent to all 120 members of Knesset by a man named Victor Kalish, who according to NRG specializes in publishing Christian religious texts.-rh 26/7/2012
Israel`s crackdown on UN aid organization part of an assault on democracyMichael Sfard - Haaretz - The same approach that seeks to reduce the scale of civil protest against the government`s policy, the same approach of summoning activists for "discussions," of outlawing boycotts and of defunding dissenters, is the approach which seeks to control the work done by those who proffer humanitarian aid in the territories.-rh26/7/2012
There may never be peaceTom Phillips - Prospect Magazine - There may be no happy ending to the Israeli-Palestinian clash, says Britain’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Israel-rh 26/7/2012
Under Israeli blockade of Gaza, books are a rare, cherished commodityRuqaya Izzidien - The Christian Science Monitor - Israel does not explicitly ban importing books to Gaza, but the blockade makes it extraordinarily difficult to do so. The shortage amounts to a kind of censorship, Gazans say.-rh 25/7/2012
Europe rewards Israel unconditionally: how does this advance peace?Brigitte Herremans and Deborah Casalin - Open Democracy - Europe has created dangerous expectations by reinforcing Israel’s belief that it can continue to expand settlements and effectively annex occupied territory without any real consequences. As long as European leaders do not send a strong signal - beyond statements - that violations of international humanitarian law and human rights are unacceptable, they are contributing to the degradation of the international legal order.-rh25/7/2012
Israeli human rights lawyer: Levy Report shows occupation is not temporarySari Bashi - +972 Magazine - The recent government-sanctioned Levy Report on settlement outposts unmasks the comfortable lie that Israeli government lawyers have told the courts and the rest of the world for decades, namely that Israel’s presence in the West Bank is temporary and measures designating Palestinian land and natural resources for Israeli use are motivated by security concerns. ak 24/7/2012
Red Rag column: Moshe Silman; propaganda film; Olmert`s acquittal; the Levy Report; ugly IsraelGideon Spiro - Moshe Silman; Propaganda about Dimona; Olmert`s acquittal; military service for Haredim; the Occupation is over? Deportation of Sudanese23/7/2012
Israel coined the term "Nakba" and is still implementing itIlan Pappe - EI - "Nakba 2012 — in contrast to Nakba 1948 — is done through municipal master-planning, administrative regulations and special police forces. It is incremental and bureaucratic and hence off the radar of a world that anyway does not seem to care much"23/7/2012
Netanyahu’s stability and the disintegration of Israeli politicsSergio Yahni - AIC - The stability of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the disintegration of Israeli politics go hand in hand23/7/2012
Will we in Israel have a future together?Eva Illouz - Haaretz - What advice or hope can I give a group of young Israelis involved in the social protest movement, at a time of deep unease about what it means to be a citizen of Israel today? 23/7/2012
Israel fears Iranian terror attack at London 2012 Olympics Anshel Pfeffer--Israel has more to fear from lone actors than Iran at the Olympics The Sunday Times` report `Israel Fears Iran Attack at Games` is not based on any new information, and the connection between Iranian terror and London 2012 is tenuous at best. DN 22/7/2012
Israel Air Force veteran says that on Iran issue, leaders are playing with our livesAri Shavit--As part of a special series, Ari Shavit talks to Kobi Richter, who spent more than 20 years in the IAF, and feels compelled to speak out about Israel`s dangerous game. cn21/7/2012
Time for Good JudgmentHaaretz Editorial--Despite the pain and the anger, Israel must not repeat the mistake that led it to launch two wars (in Lebanon) following terror attacks. dn21/7/2012
Erekat Appeals to International CommunityKelly Joiner - IMEMC "He expressed the serious concerns of the Palestinian leadership regarding a series of recent Israeli statements. Most provocative, is the assertion by Israelis that they have jurisdiction over the Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem which he decried as “illegal and dangerous.” CA20/7/2012
Re-examining the niqabAzmi Ashour - Al-Ahram Weekly "Regardless of how the investigations eventually pan out, the incident itself throws into relief a subject that has become increasingly controversial in our society in view of the fact that the niqab has come to make an appearance in a number of crimes committed these days. This phenomenon begs the question of to what extent the niqab can become a means to mislead justice or even a screen for perpetrating a crime?" ca20/7/2012
Pros and cons of Western Palestinian solidarity Richard Falk--Sympathetic Westerners should avoid insisting on their own solutions, and let Palestinians lead instead. dn19/7/2012
Abbas: Israel’s man in RamallahLarry Derfner - +972 - "Since his bid for statehood ended at the UN last September, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, has become strictly an enforcer of the occupation." - id 19/7/2012
If settlements are `legal`, the ground is laid for annexationJonathan Cook - The National - "Even Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel`s prime minister, seemed a little discomfited by the coverage last week. He was handed the report more than a fortnight earlier but was apparently reluctant to make it public." - id 18/7/2012
US Counterterror Policy Brought to You by Our Sponsor, IsraelRichard Silverstein - Antiwar - "Though very few people, as far as I know, have written about this connection in great detail, it seems clear to me that the U.S. counterterror strategy adopted after 9/11 owes much to the Israeli model." - id 18/7/2012
Israel`s old certainties crumble in Arab spring falloutIan Black - Guardian - "Israel should do something in response and that has to mean movement on the Palestinian question." - id18/7/2012
The Legitimate Criticisms of the Popular ResistanceMaath Musleh - Beyond Compromise - A lot of people criticize the use of the term “unarmed resistance,” but what is the alternative? Stay home and do nothing? bz17/7/2012
Signs of a transitional moment in the Israeli-Palestinian dynamicNoam Sheizaf - +972 - The fragility of the Palestinian Authority and growing support within Israel for direct control over the West Bank are reshaping the political dynamic16/7/2012
Two FacesUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Two former Prime Ministers of Israel are in the news these days. They represent two of the many faces of Israel. They also raise a universal question: which is preferable - an honest fanatic or a corrupt pragmatist? 16/7/2012
Israel’s Embattled DemocracyNYTimes Editorial--Six decades after Israel’s founding, its citizens remain deeply at odds over the future of their democracy. The latest illustration is the disintegration of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new governing coalition after only 10 weeks. dn22/7/2012
No longer the burning issue Amir Oren--As President Bashar Assad`s grip on power in Syria loosens by the week, so Israel`s focus will shift away from a conventional war with its northern neighbor and onto even more unpredictable elements.dn22/7/2012
Poll: Despite smears, left’s brand has not been damagedNoam Shseizaf--Poll: Despite smears, left’s brand has not been damaged According to a couple of new polls conducted by the Meretz Party, 18-19 percent of Israeli Jews identify themselves as ‘leftists.’ The party’s recently elected leader, Zehava Galon, is hopeful regarding the chances to ‘bring them home.’ dn 22/7/2012
Israel lobby groups acknowledge that occupation is ‘delegitimizing’/`killing’ IsraelPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Rachel Lerner of J Street is not reaching out to other communities to take action; no, she just spoke against any kind of action, divestment, to the Presbyterian gathering in Pittsburgh. By doing so she maintained her Jewish community cred. bz21/7/2012
The Wall, 10 years on / part 11: Security for Israel?Haggai Matar--The immediate trigger to start building the wall was the security of Israeli citizens. Ten years later, with all the known accumulated effects on Palestinians, nature, economy and political affairs – has the barrier fulfilled its stated goal for Israelis? dn15/7/2012
Between Tunisia and Israel: A personal tragedy becomes the symbol of Israel`s social struggleOr Kashti--The tragic act of Moshe Silman setting himself on fire during a social protest reflects the depth of the gaping chasm between the people and the government. dn15/7/2012
Is the IDF the world’s most liberal institution?Noam Sheizaf--If you read the international press and watch the images of female and gay soldiers, it can sometimes seem that way. Yet an institution cannot be separated from its main function. dn 15/7/2012
Service to Israel Tugs at Identity of Arab CitizensJODI RUDOREN--.. .the seemingly simple scene here in the Galilee was actually caught up in some of the most contentious issues confronting Israeli society: How do Arabs reconcile their identity as citizens of a Jewish state? What is the appropriate role for a growing Arab minority in a state determined to be democratic and Jewish? dn15/7/2012
This week’s legal developments signal human rights declineYossi Gurvitz - +972 - From arresting activists for erasing graffiti, to proposing a law preventing asylum seekers from sending money they earn abroad - the picture they draw of Israel as it is seen by its jurists, should disturb us much, much more than a canny conman who has once more eluded justice. bz14/7/2012
Levy is Right Yousef Munayyer - Open Zion - The Levy Committee report should not be so immediately dismissed; it should be taken instead as an opportunity to reevaluate our understanding of the situation in Israel/Palestine and the language we use to describe it. bz14/7/2012
We musn’t allow Muslims in public life to be silencedMehdi Hasan--Even in polite society fear mongering, negative sterotyping and abuse are now out of control--as I know from bitter experience. dn14/7/2012
NYT’ sees end of 2SS in Levy report, Munayyer sees Israel’s growing int’l isolationPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss "The Levy report, the Israeli government`s legal finding that Jews are free to settle in Judea and Samaria because of the League of Nations a century ago, is turning out to be a good wake-up moment. Below are a number of responses. The Yousef Munayyer quote is at the end-- "Israel exists in an isolated realm completely separate from the rest of the world." ca 13/7/2012
European Parliament Passes Landmark Resolution: Condemns Israeli Policies, Alludes to SanctionsICAHD - The European Parliament passed on July 5 2012 a landmark resolution condemning Israeli policies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, focusing on home demolitions and forced displacement, with the strongest language to date. The resolution comes as a result of a concerted advocacy effort on the part of ICAHD and other human rights organizations.-rh 11/7/2012
Wrong Time for New SettlementsThe New York Times - Editorial - Now comes another, potentially disastrous, blow. An Israeli government-appointed commission on Monday issued a report asserting that Israel’s 45-year presence in the West Bank is not occupation. The commission endorsed the state’s legal right to settle there and recommended that the state approve scores of new Israeli settlements.-rh11/7/2012
Does Netayahu`s Government Threaten Israeli`s Future?Craig Harrington - IMEMC - "Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza live like prisoners, convicted and punished en masse of threatening the sanctity and security of the Jewish state." - id 25/7/2012
Tragedy, and farce, and tragedy againAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "And Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, the renowned philosopher, immediately opened his usually tightly clenched fist, and fifty millions were duly transferred to the new university." - id 25/7/2012
To shirk or not to shirk – is that the question?Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "The demolition of Palestinians homes is an everyday occurrence, as is the dispersal of demonstrations by the military." - id11/7/2012
Bombshell for the settlement enterprise in Levy reportDavid Kretzmer - Haaretz - While the object of the Committee was to help the government out, adoption of the report’s position on the status of the West Bank would have far-reaching consequences that seemed to have escaped the Committee. It is doubtful whether the Report will be of much help even to a government committed to strengthening settlements on the West Bank. 10/7/2012
Israel`s New Politics and the Fate of PalestineAkiva Eldar - The National Interest - Since Israel refuses to undertake any commitment to freeze settlement, it uses the interim phases, whose purpose was to advance toward a two-state solution, to create obstacles that would impede a fair, agreed-upon partition of the territory.10/7/2012
There. It`s finally done. Israel has ended the occupation. Tick. Tick. Tick.Bradley Burston - Haaretz/A Special Place in Hell - I thought that when the occupation finally ended, Palestinians would flood into the streets in delight and reliefץ. But when a former deputy chief justice of the Supreme Court was commissioned by the prime minister and announced that there was, in fact, no occupation, the only sound that could be heard was an uncomfortable squirm from the prime minister himself. 10/7/2012
Knesset extends legislation that facilitates tortureDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - "Extending the legislation for another two years is also another example of a practice commonly used to keep controversial legislation and policy in place. Whether in order to avoid accusations of human rights violations or just because Israeli policy is often notoriously short-term by nature, some of the most significant conflict-related policies begin as temporary situations. The best example is occupation itself"9/7/2012
The Illuminations of Birthright [forwarded by Ruth]SANDRA Y.L.KORN--[Instead of Birthright, Jewish Americans and others would do better to select Birthright Unplugged—a very different experience from the one below. Dorothy • ] dn 7/7/2012
Liberal Zionism - possibly Israel`s last hopeMira Sucharov - Haaretz - It’s tough to be a liberal Zionist these days. Believing in a Jewish and democratic state, while despairing over the ongoing occupation is a recipe for criticism from both the right and the left. bz7/7/2012
A Post ‘Arab Spring’ PalestineRamzy Baroud - Countercurrents - Palestinians in Gaza, as elsewhere, still speak of Arab solidarity with passion, but also with obvious bitterness. They still pray for their brethren to come to the rescue. The older generation speaks of the bravery and sacrifices of many Arabs who fought alongside Palestinians. But the generational expectations have also been altered. Palestinians simply want real solidarity. They want to see Palestinian communities treated with respect and a complete end to Arab normalization with Israel.-rh 4/7/2012
My Less Equal IsraelEtgar Keret - Tablet Magazine - ".we can see clearly that you’re better off breaking the law in the territories..." - id4/7/2012
Culture Shock Kevin William - MIFTAH/The Palestine Telegraph - Imagine being black—or a minority—in the southern United States. Then imagine getting pulled over by the police, and their only purpose is to make your life difficult. Then imagine having to go through this every day just to get to work, or just to go see friends and family. That is the reality of the situation here. 3/7/2012
An immigrant in his own countrySami Michael - If we don’t find a solution besides the machine-gun and the tank, which we have already seen are helpless in the face of a barefoot boy with a stone in his hand, we could lose everything. The State of Israel could turn out to be a transient phenomenon like the First Temple and the Second Temple. 3/7/2012
Syria intervention prelude to war on Iran?Jonathan Cook - EI - "If the West succeeds in its slow-motion, proxy intervention in Syria and disables yet another Arab state for refusing to toe its line, the stage will be set for the next war against the next target: Iran. That is not an argument condoning Assad’s continuing rule. Syrians should be left to make that decision. But it is an admonition to those who justify endless meddling in the Middle East in the service of a Western agenda. It is a caution against waging wars whose destructive power is directed chiefly at civilians. It is a warning that none of these humanitarian wars is a solution to a problem; they are only a prelude to yet more war. And it is a reminder that we have no right to play God"2/7/2012
Pro-Divestment Presbyterians Win By LosingJames M Wall--You really want to know what happened at the just-concluded 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian U.S.A. denomination? As a veteran watcher of Protestant church political struggles, I urge you to expect a touch of charity and a minimum of clarity. dn8/7/2012
IDF reservists demanding equality in national service are inciting against Israel`s minoritiesAluf Benn--Haaretz Editor-in-Chief Aluf Benn says politicians who propose `equality in bearing the burden` know that there is no scenario which will lead to tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox and Arab youths donning IDF uniforms.dn8/7/2012
Water torture Gideon Levy--Avi is an inspection coordinator for the "Civil Administration" - the occupation regime, to speak without euphemisms. Presumably Avi likes his job. Maybe he`s even proud of it. dn8/7/2012
Draft them into our own cultureYitzhak Laor--Battle for the ‘Haredi draft’ contributes empty content that has nothing to do with its own arguments, not even patriotic or militaristic content. dn8/7/2012
The Strange Death of Yasser ArafatGeorge Galloway--The investigation into the alleged poisoning of the late Palestinian leader leaves many questions unanswered. dn8/7/2012
State Dep’t says it is ‘not consistent’ on human rights violations involving Israel and neighborsPhilip Weiss, Matt Lee - An extraordinary public admission by US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland that the US uses human rights as a political weapon against governments it disapproves of.7/7/2012
Ramallah: Breaking bones, breaking trustDaoud Kuttab - Something deep and painful was broken in Ramallah last Saturday. Along with the bones broken by violent Palestinian plainclothes officers and security officials dealing with the protest, Palestinian trust was permanently wounded.7/7/2012
Absolute suckers Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "Energetic young folk take to the streets to call on our elected officials to guarantee the equal right of every Jew to die for the homeland. […] As if all the wars were necessary. As if the next war, presumably in the occupied territories, will be a divine decree, totally unrelated to Israeli government policy and lapses" 2/7/2012
Arab volunteers firmly against service for allHassan Shaalan--Young Arabs who volunteer as part of national service say they may leave program if it becomes compulsory. `This is an attempt to humiliate us,` they say dn1/7/2012
Arab-Israelis won`t be able to fight their brothersMuhammad Halaila--We are a part of the Palestinian nation, and there is no way we will ever fight our Palestinian brothers. dn1/7/2012
Bombing or the BombDavid Ignatius--A popular new slogan making the rounds among government ministers here is that in dealing with Iran, Israel faces a decision between “bombing or the bomb.” In other words, if Israel doesn’t attack, Iran will eventually obtain nuclear weapons. dn1/7/2012
The Wall 10 Years onHaggai Matar--After a long run-down of the wall’s history and effects, and as the series nears its end, I wish to share a collection of thoughts and notes on the aesthetics of the barrier and on the way it fits into the Israeli and Palestinian landscapes, all gathered while wandering along its route. dn1/7/2012
Shamir and Netanyahu: It takes one to know oneAmi Kaufman--Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir passed away yesterday at the age of 96. To me he will be remembered as the man who loved the status quo. The man who did nothing, and for years. The man who basically taught Benjamin Netanyahu the art of stalling. Shamir can rest in peace knowing his pupil has outdone him in the field of inactivity. dn1/7/2012
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