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Racism and treasonHaim Baram - Kol ha-`Ir - in the wake of the Police Investigations Committee`s decision to close the files on the murders of October 2000, the Jewish Left must form an alliance with the Israeli Arab community to demand justice. 30/9/2005
Divide and conquer Bitterlemons - An interview with Ali Jarbawi - "Israel does not want the Palestinian political system to be shaped in a way that might pose problems for Israel in the future."28/9/2005
Inclusion means progressGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon`s repeated assertions that he opposes Hamas` inclusion in parliamentary elections and will not facilitate the holding of these elections should Hamas participate, have only one practical effect. That is to play into the hands of Hamas, which can present itself as the Palestinian faction facing the maximum amount of hostility from the enemy.28/9/2005
Black September Itamar Inbari - Maariv /NRG - There is no doubt that the announcement of the Department of Policemen Investigations (DPI) according to which there was no need to indict the policemen that were involved in the killing of thirteen Arab citizens during the events of October 2000, will gain a ‘place of honor’ in the “Black Document”, perhaps even under the title of “Black September”. 27/9/2005
Soldiers’ VoicesYehonatan Geffen - Maariv /NRG - Everyone who reads the authentic, bone-chilling report from which these excepts were taken, must agree with the spokespersons of the organisation that published them – a civilised society cannot exist without constant criticism and monitoring of its army, which is the entity entrusted with the greatest power. We must demand an independent public panel to be set up, to investigate these testimonies. 27/9/2005
Israeli army`s shoot to kill policyDerek A Summerfield - Letter in the British Medical Journal - "Israeli soldiers confirm the policy documented in journal. "My personal view last October on the Israeli army operations in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, attracted support as well as vilification. I noted that two thirds of all Palestinian child fatalities had been caused by small arms fire (from relatively close range), in fully half of the cases to the head or upper torso—the sniper`s wound. My statement that "clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat" has now been confirmed.27/9/2005
U.N.: Palestinian rights still violated YnetNews - Official monitoring situation on behalf of UN says in report, ‘(security) wall and settlements seriously undermine the fundamental right of self-determination of the Palestinian people upon which all other rights depend’; charges that freedom of movement is radically undermined by military checkpoints 26/9/2005
EU appeals to Israel, PA not to squander chance for peace Reuters - The European Union`s foreign policy chief appealed to Israel and the Palestinians on Monday not to squander the chance to revive peace moves offered by Israel`s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. 26/9/2005
UN rights expert: Gaza pullout diverts attention from West Bank expansion The Associated Press - A UN rights expert on Monday said Israel`s recent withdrawal of settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip has allowed the Jewish state to divert attention from its further expansion into East Jerusalem and other Palestinian territories. 26/9/2005
`Praying with Their Eyes Closed: Reflections on the Disengagement from Gaza` Sara Roy - Journal of Palestine Studies - Israel’s disengagement plan is widely hailed by the international community, led by the United States, as a first step toward the final resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. This essay is a refutation of that view. 24/9/2005
A long and bitter experience Bitterlemons Crossfire - an interview with Saleh Abdel Jawad, a political scientist at Birzeit University, currently working on a history of Israeli massacres of Palestinians in 1948 for the Max Planck Institute. 24/9/2005
Buildings formerly known as synagogues Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons Crossfire - The last-minute Israeli decision to leave behind buildings that had formerly functioned as synagogues in Israeli settlements in Gaza put a spotlight on the role of religious sites in the conflict. 24/9/2005
Tactical retreat?Deborah Stokes - Al-Ahram Weekly - The Gaza disengagement was just an Israeli smokescreen to hide extremely sinister developments in the West Bank 25/9/2005
Hot under the collarDina Ezzat - Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt`s security role in Gaza is becoming a source of concern. Egypt is coming under increasing pressure from the US and Israel to impose strict security measures on the Rafah-Gaza border to prevent a repeat of the chaotic scenes witnessed in the first days following the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. 25/9/2005
Taybeh October Fest Reflects Democracy in PalestineMaria C. Khoury - Amin Org - Following a barbaric and tragic day in Taybeh where tribal law overpowered any judicial system that the Palestinian Authority might want to implement, we are viewing the existence of the Taybeh Brewery as a symbol of democracy in Palestine.25/9/2005
The state of Gaza?Daoud Kuttab - Amin Org - As was predicted, the Israeli government is moving quickly to absolve itself of any and all responsibility for the people of the Gaza Strip. The latest sign of this has been the order signed by the Minister of Interior Ophir Pines declaring Gaza foreign territories and, as a consequence, the four Israeli checkpoints with Gaza international borders. 25/9/2005
Mahatma ArikNadav Eyal - Maariv/NRG - Nadav Eyal thinks that the legitimacy granted to Sharon by leftists reflects the early signs of myth-creation. But Sharon is not joining the peace camp, or the Arab sympathizers. He is the foremost unilateralist. 24/9/2005
Hamas: We`ll rethink call to destroy IsraelReuters - YnetNews service -"The idea of negotiating is not something problematic and is not a dogma," Hamas official said on Wednesday at his office in an-Najah university, where he is a professor of engineering. "The organization may in future amend vow to destroy Israel". 21/9/2005
Three commentsKaterina Heller - Occupation Magazine - Beilin`s Geneva dreams are doomed to crash into the rocks of reality; for his part, Sharon is not so naive23/9/2005
Palestinians, Israelis on explosive collision courseOmar Karmi - The Jordan Times - "The issue of Hamas` participation in Palestinian parliamentary elections seems set to put Israel and the Palestinians on a potentially explosive collision course."22/9/2005
Hey, There are Palestinians in HereTodd May. "Among the very few controversial claims in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is this one: the Palestinian rights movement is at a crossroads. " Some ideas on the possible future direction.22/9/2005
Israel plans buffer zone in the north of the Gaza StripDespite "disengagement" Israel seems to be settling in to a security zone in the northern Gaza Strip; seemingly the lessons from the Lebanon occupation have not been well learned and the occupation of Gaza may be being continued by other means - naturally on expropriated Palestinian lands. 22/9/2005
"Israel`s two-state solution is dead "Alistair Sparks - A review of Virginia Tilley`s book "The One State Solution" in the Johannesburg paper The Star: "It is an important debate, courageously initiated". 22/9/2005
Palestinians, not PhilistinesSami Shalom Chetrit -Kedma website - In a September 9, 2005 editorial entitled, “The New Disorder in Gaza,” Haaretz newspaper provides a to-date review of the conflict by waving a warning finger at the Palestinians: We have given you this second opportunity and you will be in big trouble if you miss it.22/9/2005
Red Rag: Thus will be done to the criminalsBy Gideon Spiro - Hagada Ha’smalit - As someone who was among the founders of ‘Yesh Gvul’ I was delighted by the issuing of the arrest warrant in England against General (Res.) Doron Almog for war crimes committed when he was the commander of the Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip. 21/9/2005
Palestinian Leader Appears Weak, IsolatedLara Sukhtian - Associated Press - GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is having trouble imposing order in Gaza, and he is cut off from his people by a wall of bodyguards. His government faces a no-confidence vote in parliament, and his main rival, Hamas, is parading its private army in the streets. 21/9/2005
Hamas could one day change vow to destroy IsraelWafa Amr - Reuters - NABLUS, West Bank (Reuters) - Hamas could one day amend a charter calling for the destruction of Israel and hold negotiations with the Jewish state, a political leader of the Islamic militant group in the West Bank said. 21/9/2005
We have long ago lost our moral compass, so how can we lecture the Islamic world?Robert Fisk - The Independent - A hundred years of Western interference in the Middle East has left the region so cracked with fault lines and artificial frontiers and heavy with injustices that we are in no position to lecture the Islamic world on human rights and values. Just look at ourselves in the mirror and we will see the most frightening text of all. 21/9/2005
Zionism – A Major ObstacleMoshe` Machover - "Zionist ideology constitutes a major obstacle. For Zionism – like a father denying the existence of his unwanted child – denies the existence of a Hebrew nation, newly created in Palestine/Israel. It shares this denial with mainstream Palestinian nationalism (as illustrated by the programmatic article quoted above), but for a very different reason."24/9/2005
Mistery drags onKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - Leaked medical records have failed to resolve the mystery of Yasser Arafat`s death. The long-time Palestinian leader died in Paris 11 ovember 2004 after a brief illness. While the Israeli media made much of Arafat`s leaked media records, Palestinians are apathetic, even resigned to the worst.19/9/2005
This is my country. As it is commonly known, "the only democracy in the Middle East."By Avraham Oz. Thoughts of an Israeli professor. "Where not a single police officer of the many who shot into demonstrations of its Palestinian citizens, killing 13 and injuring many others, is found accountable as much as to be brought to court - not even for a minor negligence, let alone more serious offence .."20/9/2005
Sharing their joyGideon Spiro - Hagada Hasmalit - An Israeli peace activist proposed that Israeli Jews should demolish the Gaza synagogues, to prevent the settlers from using the issue to foment hatred between Jews and Palestinians19/9/2005
`Almog better get a good lawyer`Hagit Kleiman - Ynet News - Daniel Machover talks to Ynet about the proceedings he brougt against former southern command chief Doron Almog; denies being motivated by anti-Israel political stance 18/9/2005
Why the Intifada became militarized?Saleh Abdel Jawad - The Palestine Report - Thus paoer examines the reasons that led to the militarization of the 2000 Intifada, contrasting it with the first Intifada in 1987, which was characterized by non-violent forms of protest. 18/9/2005
`The nature of the resistance` Paul McCann - The Jordan Times - According to polls taken earlier this year, 75 per cent of Palestinians believe this weeks` Israeli withdrawal from Gaza was a victory for the Palestinian armed resistance of the last four years. Significantly, 44 per cent of Israelis agreed with them. 17/9/2005
Gain independence, not pennies, in GazaGeoffrey Aronson - The Daily Star - Recent reports on the post-disengagement economic and security arrangements for the Gaza Strip-Egypt border region raise troubling questions about both Israeli and Palestinian intentions for Gaza`s future. 17/9/2005
Castles in the sandGraham Usher in Gaza - Al Ahram Weekly - With the last soldier out of Gaza, Palestinians ponder a future in which freedom may mean even greater isolation, writes Graham Usher in Gaza 17/9/2005
Israel considers security zone north of Gaza; Thousands continue to illegally stream across the border into EgyptThe Daily Star staff - Israel is considering creating a no-man`s land to the north of the Gaza Strip to bolster security after its historic pullout in a move set only to further isolate the impoverished Palestinian territory. The possibility was raised after thousands of people illegally streamed across Gaza`s border with Egypt since Israeli troops left the territory on Monday, exacerbating fears that militants could infiltrate the Jewish state. 17/9/2005
`The nature of the resistance` Paul McCann - The Jordan Times - Whatever efforts President Mahmoud Abbas makes to convince his people that Israel remains militarily impossible to defeat, few will remember his words while watching the scenes of jubilant Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters raising their flags above Neve Dekalim. 16/9/2005
Gaza withdrawal: momentous but unlikely to lead to peaceKatharine von Schubert - The Electronic Intifada - The recent withdrawal of Jewish settlers from Gaza was a momentous event in history. For the first time, an Israeli government insisted that Jews evacuate territory which it encouraged them to populate in the first place. 12/9/2005
Investigation urged after Israeli officer avoids arrestVikram Dodd and Conal Urquhart - The Guardian - Scotland Yard was urged yesterday to launch a criminal investigation into officials at the Israeli embassy in London who helped a retired Israeli general wanted in Britain for war crimes to escape arrest. 13/9/2005
Disengaging from ZionismIssa Mikel - The Electronic Intifada - As the so-called "disengagement" from Gaza has come to an end and the Israeli government turns its hawkish eye towards consolidation in the West Bank, the lines of debate over the motives and value of the pull-out have been drawn. But whatever the future may hold, the redeployment has contributed to a pernicious vein of thinking about the colonial settlers and their relation both to the Israeli state and to Zionism itself. 15/9/2005
Anyone Responsible for Perverting the Court of Justice Must also Face ProsecutionOn 10th September 2005, following an application made by Hickman & Rose and PCHR on behalf of victims of alleged grave breaches in the Gaza Strip, a warrant was issued by Bow Street Magistrates’ Court for the immediate arrest of Major General (reserve) Doron Almog. However, thanks to an alleged leak, Almog escaped. Those who allegedly leaked the information are perverting the course of justice.15/9/2005
The ruse behind leaving the synagogues Dekel Avshalom - Hagada Hasmalit - the Right expected that the Palestinians would destroy the synagogues in Gaza - and that`s exactly what they wanted15/9/2005
Of Liars and Hunters, B. Michael - Translated from Yediot Aharonot - Ever since the Intifada outbreak, the official communiques published by the IDF have progressively liberated themselves from the constraints of truth. By now, the time when the factual veracity of an IDF communique was taken for granted is no more than a distant and faded memory. 5/9/2005
Amro Mussa: `Bi-national state if settlements continue`Roee Nahmias - YnetNews - Arab League Chairman tells London lecture his organization would only support a two-state solution if settlements and security fence are dropped by Israel - otherwise let it be a bi-national state 14/9/2005
The Rafah arrangement creates a true non-zero-sum gameKhalil Shikaki - The Daily Star - Israel is changing its definition of vital interests. Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip with its 1.3 million Palestinians, regardless of the immediate motivation, fit well into Israel`s desire to remain Jewish and democratic. But instead of negotiating the conditions of its withdrawal with the Palestinian Authority (PA) - thereby paying a heavy price in the West Bank - it was willing to withdraw unilaterally. 14/9/2005
The Settlers` mistakesYossi Alpher - Bitterlemons - "Yet another failure of the settlements is economic: they cost huge sums of money, with veteran settlers by and large living better than the average Israeli, yet for the most part the settlements don`t appear to be self-sustaining. The majority of settlers either commute to major Israeli cities to work, or are employed in one form or another by the state." 12/9/2005
Settlements: Only half the problem Joharah Baker - Bitterlemons - The tragedy is that the withdrawal of just 8,000 settlers from a few settlements in five percent of occupied Palestinian territory, that is, about one percent of historical Palestine, should elicit such hysterical hyperbole. It is a measure of how successful Israel has been in deflecting attention from two of the most important issues that need to be tackled for this conflict to be settled. 14/9/2005
Settlements are the occupation Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The Israeli disengagement from Gaza and some areas of the northern West Bank, involving as it does the evacuation of a few settlements, has brought back to the forefront the role Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory play in the conflict in general.14/9/2005
Israeli renouncement of Gaza not enough for PalestiniansHarvey Morris in Gaza City - Financial Times - Carefully avoiding the word occupation, Ariel Sharon, Israel`s prime minister, will on Thursday tell the United Nations that his country`s responsibility for and military presence in the Gaza Strip is over. 13/9/2005
Amnesty deplores failure to arrest Israeli war crimes suspectAmnesty International UK - Deplored the failure of the United Kingdom authorities to arrest Israeli army General Doron Almog when he arrived at London`s Heathrow airport, describing this as a clear violation of the UK`s obligations under both national and international law. 14/9/2005
Israel still calls the shots after pull-outRichard Beeston - The Times - As Gaza inhabitants celebrated the end of Israeli military occupation, there were fears that Palestinians have traded one form of control for another.14/9/2005
Children of Gaza happy for "Bigger Prison"A diary account of Palestinians "touring" the abandoned colonies of Israeli settlers, assessing the damage, but all too aware that Gaza remains a prison, controlled on all its borders by Israel.13/9/2005
Disengaging from ZionismAs the so-called "disengagement" from Gaza has come to an end and the Israeli government turns its hawkish eye towards consolidation in the West Bank, the lines of debate over the motives and value of the pull-out have been drawn. But whatever the future may hold, the redeployment has contributed to a pernicious vein of thinking about the colonial settlers and their relation both to the Israeli state and to Zionism itself. 13/9/2005
In Gaza, Egypt and Israel are interdependent on securityAdel Monem Said - The Daily Star - In the past quarter of a century, Egyptian foreign and national security policies have revolved around four pillars: Egyptian-American strategic relations, the Egyptian-Saudi regional alliance, Egyptian-European economic interactions, and the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Egyptian efforts in Gaza should be understood with reference to this last pillar. 12/9/2005
Holy Land or Living Hell?Ethan Ganor - Earth First Journal - From the Jordan River Valley and Dead Sea Basin, through the central highlands comprising the West Bank`s populated core to the fertile western hills bordering Israel, recent reports from occupied Palestine reveal a worsening environmental crisis. 11/9/2005
The meaning of ending occupation David Brodet - Bitterlemons - Disengagement was intended in part to create a new reality for the Gaza Strip: international recognition that the Israeli occupation of Gaza has ended. But removal of the Qatif Bloc and other settlements in the Strip is not in and of itself sufficient to attain this objective. Evacuation of the philadelphi route is also required in order to end Israel`s occupation. These steps will "release" Israel of its responsibilities in the Gaza Strip and end its direct control. 5/9/2005
Thorny crossing remains a problem Ghazi Hamad - Bitterlemons - The issue of the Rafah crossing is one of the thorniest of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. Israel views it primarily as a security issue, while the PA sees it as an issue of sovereignty with huge economic and political implications. 5/9/2005
A make or break issueGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The deliberations over the future of the Rafah crossing point between Gaza and Egypt are of growing importance for more than one reason. First and foremost, Rafah is the only point of contact for Palestinians in Gaza with the outside world. 5/9/2005
So, Gaza was occupied Daoud Kuttab - The Jordan Times - For 37 years, Israel has consistently rejected Palestinians` and the world view that the status of the areas its military took in 1967 was occupied. When Israel was not using the biblical terms of Judea and Samaria (to refer to the West Bank) they used the terms “administered territories” or “disputed territories”. That is until now. 10/9/2005
Israel flouts US-backed peace plan: wants to hold on to large blocs in any peace dealAl Jazeera - Israeli analyst: "As long as Sharon delivers something successful, like disengagement (from Gaza), and as long as no strong, stable Palestinian leadership emerges, he could have something of a free ride, at least in America". 10/9/2005
Dichter slams Palestinian lies [sic]Roee Nahmias - YnetNews - Speaking in Jerusalem, former Shin Bet chief says Palestinian Authority failed to live up to even one agreement reached during past five years, provides examples of lies uttered by PA leaders 10/9/2005
Egypt`s democracy has no destinationRami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - The Egyptian presidential election this week was a major challenge to all those in this region and abroad who seek to promote more democratic political systems in the Arab world. 10/9/2005
Gaza: journey of a thousand milesAmin Howeidi - Al-Ahram Weekly - Israel remains largely in control in Gaza and the West Bank, yet the dynamic has changed, writes Amin Howeidi, Cairo 9/9/2005
Nothing really endedKhaled Amayreh - Al Aharam Weekly - Hamas has drawn its upper echelon from the shadows in a clear challenge to the Palestinian Authority, writes Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank 9/9/2005
Building bridgesErica Silverman - Al Aharam Weekly - Egypt is committed to helping Palestine build its economy, following the military withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza later this month, writes Erica Silverman 9/9/2005
Trail of `targeted killings,` repeated threats stirs suspicions of Israeli hand in Arafat`s deathThe Daily Star - Circumstances of Palestinian leader`s passing raises question of whether his `natural` demise was in fact an assassination, and if so, in who`s best interest was it to get ridd of the Palestinian leader? 10/9/2005
Vested Interests: U.S. hopes Gaza pullout will revive peace processDaily Star staff - The United States expressed hope that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza will create momentum toward peace between Israel and the Palestinians as Israeli occupation troops prepared to hand over the territory to the Palestinians early next week. 10/9/2005
Israel`s `Disengagement`: The Day AfterThe Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) would like to stress the fact that Israel`s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip and parts of the Northern West Bank, although welcome and long overdue in terms of the implementation of international law, does not constitute an end to Israel`s military occupation of Palestinian land. 8/9/2005
On the eve of the 23rd anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, Sharon to address UN Press release by the International Committee for Justice for the Victims of Sabra and Shatila 8/9/2005
Israel works hard to reap benefits of Gaza pulloutAgencies - The Daily Star - Reports in the Israeli press seem to indicate that relations with the Arab and Muslim world are improving, including visits to israel by President Mubarak and King Abdullah. However, Egyptian and Jordanian sources deny that such plans are in the offing. 7/9/2005
Pakistan, Israel held secret contacts for `decades`: reportsAgence France Presse (AFP) - The Daily Star - Pakistan and Israel engaged in secret diplomacy for decades before embarking on historic talks in Turkey last week, reports quoted Pakistan`s foreign minister as saying.7/9/2005
Israeli troops say they were given shoot-to-kill order Conal Urquhart - The Guardian - Soldier testimonies published by the Breaking the Silence Organization have led to an IDF investigation into allegations that soldiers were ordered to shoot to kill unarmed Palestinians. 7/9/2005
A letter from JerusalemRev. Clarence Musgrave - "One of the problems of attempting to create a State based on religious or racial identities is what is done when laws of the State have to be applied to citizens of a different racial or religious group." "6/9/2005
Israeli Pullout Creates Political Opportunity Shift of Gaza Land and Assets to Palestinians Sharpens Hamas-Fatah RivalryScott Wilson - The Washington Post - DEIR EL-BALAH, Gaza Strip - This city of 60,000 people has been sandwiched for decades between two Jewish settlements that soon will be nothing but names on old maps. In their demolition, Ahmad Kurd, the city`s frenetic mayor, sees opportunities for his people and his party. 6/9/2005
Hoping to Buttress Sharon, U.S. Urges Allies` RestraintSteven R. Weisman - The New York Times - WASHINGTON, Sept. 3 - The Bush administration, hoping to strengthen Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the Israeli turmoil after the Gaza withdrawal, is urging allies of the United States to refrain from pressing Israel to make new concessions to Palestinians, senior American officials said this week. ( Seems that Livnat is right - Editorial comment...) 6/9/2005
Fury at Israeli plans for 3,000 West Bank homesThe Jordan times - OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (AFP) - The Palestinians accused Israel of wrecking the peace process Monday after it announced plans to build thousands of homes in the West Bank, a fortnight after clearing all Jewish settlers out of the Gaza Strip. 6/9/2005
Gaza border dispute still unresolvedAl Jazeera - Abbas said the issue is under discussion with the Israelis. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he has not been able to resolve a dispute with Israel over Gaza`s vital border crossing with Egypt, but he hopes a deal will be reached "very soon". 5/9/2005
U.S. asks allies to avoid new pressure on IsraelSteven R. Weisman - The New York Times - WASHINGTON The Bush administration, hoping to strengthen Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the Israeli turmoil after the Gaza withdrawal, is urging allies of the United States to refrain from pressing Israel to make new concessions to Palestinians, senior U.S. officials say. 5/9/2005
Shedding light on the successes of the Ramallah concertMariam Said - Special to The Daily Star - Last Friday The Daily Star printed an article by Maureen Clare Murphy from the Electronic Intifada entitled "Freedom for Palestine: Ticket holders only?" In it Murphy misses the point of why the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (she gets the name wrong) performed in Ramallah. The review is full of nasty undertones, deliberately inciteful and her remarks are negative and offensive. 5/9/2005
After the ExodusSherine Bahaa - Al Aharam Weekly - What strategic direction will the main powerbrokers in Gaza take post-withdrawal? 4/9/2005
Egypt in GazaGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly - One of the several successes of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon`s disengagement plan has been the marginalisation of the Palestinians. The plan was broached, negotiated and agreed with Washington before being foisted on the Palestinian Authority as a "unilateral" Israeli fait accompli. 2/9/2005
This Will Be the Last BattleNahum Barnea - Yediot Ahronot - Binyamin Netanyahu has always believed that the prime minister should be elected in direct, presidential, elections. He was so fervent about this that he went against his party and voted in the Knesset in favor of changing the system. 2/9/2005
Walls and ghettoesMaren Karlizky - Al-Ahram Weekly - Without doubt, the Zionist occupiers of Palestine did not evacuate the Gaza settlers out of good will. The occupation understood that it would never be able to defeat Palestinians in Gaza; that despite all the Israeli massacres, atrocities and sieges, the Palestinian resistance could not be broken. 2/9/2005
Exclusive: Sharon to `set out dovish vision`David Horovitz - The Jerusalem Post - If Ariel Sharon opts to leave the Likud and runs for election at the head of a new faction, he will set out a vision for Israel`s borders in the West Bank similar to the route of the security barrier with minor additions, The Jerusalem Post has been told. 2/9/2005
A meeting of mindsTamar LaFontaine - The Jerusalem Post - This is Daila. The name means "an end to...." It`s a sort of in-joke, taken from the slogans used by protest groups, such as "Dai lakibush" ("an end to the occupation") or "dai lagizanut" ("an end to racism"). It is meant to be, in the words of its co-directors, "an intercultural performance space that promotes social change through independent arts, media, and educational programs." 2/9/2005
The common enemy in Gaza: religious zealotryMona Eltahawy - The Washington Post - Watching Israeli soldiers dragging Jewish settlers from Gaza was a reminder of just how much Palestinians and Israelis need each other. Without the "enemy," Israelis and Palestinians would divide along the fault lines that are barely concealed beneath the face of unity they put up to confront each other. And there is no bigger fault line than the secular/religious crack that exists in both Israeli and Palestinian societies. 2/9/2005
Sharon to `set out dovish vision`David Horovitz - The Jerusalem Post2/9/2005
Israel Halts West Bank Expansion PlansAssociated Press 2/9/2005
Withdrawal from Gaza Won`t End the OccupationLama Hourani - MERIP - Gaza City - "I`ll go visit Auntie Lina in Ramallah after I obtain a tasreeh (an Israeli permit) and when Erez checkpoint is open, OK mama?" This is what my son, who is almost three years old, told me the other day after having a chat with his cousin Laila who lives in Ramallah, in the West Bank. 2/9/2005
"Who Rules Gaza?!!!"Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj - Amin Org - International organizations decided to prevent their workers from entering Gaza Strip until further notice. Those who are currently staying in Gaza are prohibited from walking the streets of Gaza… This is not a joke, nor is it Israeli propaganda. The UN organizations and others took this decision because they are concerned about their employees, not from the Israeli bombs, which have stopped completely in the last few months, rather; they fear being kidnapped by Palestinians. 2/9/2005
Red Rag: A number of comments in the wake of the retreat from Gush KatifGideon Spiro - Hagada Ha’smalit - Now, following the removal of the racist settlers from the Gaza Strip, I note with satisfaction that my foot never stepped in the settlements that were evacuated. However, from now on there will not be any reason not to visit there providing that the elected Palestinian Authority will grant me permission for such a visit. 1/9/2005
Freedom for Palestine: Ticket-holders only?Maureen Clare Murphy - The Electronic Intifada - The Ramallah Cultural Palace concert, performed by both Israeli and Palestinian musicians and conducted by world-renowned Israeli musician Daniel Barenboim, was definitely one of the more newsworthy cultural events in Palestine this year.1/9/2005
Jewish gunman was no terrorist, Israel rules In an act of outright discrimination, families of the four Israeli-Palestinian victims of a Jewish terrorist will not receive compensation, since only "enemies of the state of Israel" can be declared terrorists. Meanwhile the US has frozen the considerable assets of the Hamas in retaliation for the murder of an American Jewish citizen. 1/9/2005
Running after the mirageBy Hasan Abu Nimah - There are striking similarities between Israel`s departure from southern Lebanon in May 2000 and the events in Gaza over the past two weeks. This is no surprise, as events in the Arab-Israeli conflict have been seemingly moving in circles for years. 1/9/2005
The Gaza disengagement and the prospect of further human rights violationsIlan Pappe - Adalah Newsletter - "There is an amazing gap between the global discourse on the Gaza Disengagement Plan of the Sharon government and the local realities on the ground."1/9/2005
Palestinian children free to dream again after Jewish disengagement from GazaAgence France Presse (AFP) - DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip: Hisham is 12-years old and he wants to be a pilot. Like many youngsters in the impoverished Gaza Strip, he is starting to envision a better future now that the long-awaited dream of Israel leaving Gaza has finally become a reality. "I dream of becoming a pilot. I want to fly over the West Bank, over Egypt. I want to see other skies," says this youngster from Deir al-Balah in central Gaza. 3/9/2005
Post-Arafat syndromeKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - Broad fissures are appearing between the Palestinian Authority,Fatah and the PLO as to who exactly is in command, writes Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank Fatah, the de facto ruling party of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and mainstream faction of the PLO,continues to experience and suffer from what many observers term the "post-Arafat syndrome".3/9/2005
Palestinian security: post-disengagement and beyondThe Daily Star - Expert Briefing by Amjad Atallah from the Washington-based Palestine Center30/9/2005
Let us not fall into the trapAli Jarbawi - Al Ayyam - Palestinians must not fall into the trap of letting Israel and the USA set the Palestinian agenda: the focus must always be the ongoing Israeli occupation4/9/2005
PA`s decline palpable in GazaMathew Gutman - The Jerusalem Post - Across Gaza banners in English and Arabic read the same. An especially telling, and common, banner reads: "Four years of fighting is better than 10 years of negotiations," referring to the Oslo negotiations throughout the 1990s. 4/9/2005
`Who Rules Gaza?!!!`Eyad El-Sarraj - Gaza Community Mental Health Programme - International organizations decided to prevent their workers from entering Gaza Strip until further notice. Those who are currently staying in Gaza are prohibited from walking the streets of Gaza… This is not a joke, nor is it Israeli propaganda.4/9/2005
The Bang and the Whimper Uri Avnery - "Eliot prophesied: "This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper." The fate of the Likud may well be the opposite: it may end not with a whimper, but with a bang. "4/9/2005
Gaza withdrawal: momentous but unlikely to lead to peaceThe Gaza withdrawal masks other developments by Israel that do not make for peace: whilst the world watched the withdrawal of 8000 settlers from Gaza, Israel has been expanding the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem where 400,000 settlers live12/9/2005
Hamas celebrates victory of the bomb as power of negotiation faltersChris McGreal - The Guardian - The last Israeli troops rolling out of Gaza last night could not miss the flags flying from the roofs of Palestinian homes or their singular message: victory. 12/9/2005
Apartheid and Agrexco in the Jordan ValleyLena - ISM - In Israel and occupied Palestine the colour orange is symbolic of opposition to the Gaza ‘disengagement’. It can be seen on banners; t-shirts; propaganda material; protesters storming the old city in Jerusalem or the young people with petitions gathering signatures in Israeli bus stations. Orange streamers are handed out at road junctions in Israel and attached to cars flying down the settler-only highways of the West Bank6/9/2005
Gaza: Embryonic state or bound for chaos?Nidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - GAZA - With Israeli settlers gone and troops heading out, Gaza stands at a crossroads. One way could lead to peaceful Palestinian statehood, the other to chaos. 6/9/2005
Is Gaza really free?Gershon Baskin - The Jerusalem Post - `Ariel Sharon declared at the United Nations last week that "the last Israeli soldier left the Gaza Strip, and military law there was ended..." But are the Palestinians really free to take full responsibility over Gaza? `20/9/2005
A letter from JerusalemCommentary on last week`s events, by Rev. Clarence Musgrave20/9/2005
The Fear of Arab Democracy Yoav Frumer - Maariv/NRG - Yoav Frumer thinks that Israel needs to understand that the Arab World is becoming increasingly more democratic, and must change accordingly. 19/9/2005
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