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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Palestinians win UN state recognitionAFP - Ahramm-online "The UN General Assembly on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to recognize Palestine as a non-member state, handing a major triumph to president Mahmud Abbas in the face of fierce US and Israeli opposition.Even though it is not a full member it can now join UN agencies and potentially join the International Criminal Court.In a 22-minute speech laced with references to Israel`s assault this month against rockets fired from Gaza, Abbas said Palestinians would accept "no less than the independence of the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital. The Palestinian Authority and UN agencies that accept Palestinian participation could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in financing because of the vote.US law prohibits funding for any international body recognizing a Palestinian state." ca30/11/2012
Will Hamas squander its Gaza victory?Hicham Safieddine - Electronic Intifada "National unity reasonably remains a top demand for most Palestinians. But with the Palestinian Authority unequivocally acting as the de facto native enforcer of Israeli occupation, unity can easily turn into impunity for the occupier and its agents, and co-optation for the forces fighting them. Achieving unity is easier said than done; previous attempts have failed. The future of armed resistance rests on the outcome of such talks, and those in turn will have to take into account the fall-out of Israel’s latest attack on Gaza amid an evolving military and regional political configuration." ca30/11/2012
Why Gaza?Assaf Kfoury--Three weeks before Israel launched its Operation Pillar of Defense on November 14, I was part of an academic delegation on a short trip to the Gaza Strip on October 18-22. For the mainstream media, October was a "normal" time, because hardships endured by Gazans are not newsworthy when there are no F-16`s dropping laser-guided smart bombs. That one or two Gazans were killed by Israeli army patrols from one week to the next in October, because they had transgressed the limits of the Israeli siege, went largely unnoticed.dn25/11/2012
Our correspondent meets Israel`s legendary leftist Uri Avnery, a man who roars out against NetanyahuRobert Fisk--One of Israel’s great leftist warriers wants peace with Hamas and Gaza—but does he know the Knesset. dn25/11/2012
America’s Failed Palestinian PolicyBy Yousef Munayyer - New York Times - The failure of America’s approach toward the Israelis and the Palestinians, much like its flawed policies toward the region in general, is founded on the assumption that American hard power, through support for Israel and other Middle Eastern governments, can keep the legitimate grievances of the people under wraps. What message is sent to Palestinians when the only time we pay attention to their plight, and the only time they make gains, is through the use of arms? ak 24/11/2012
For Israel, Gaza Conflict Is Test for an Iran ConfrontationDavid E. Sanger and Thom Shanker - New York Times - The conflict that ended, for now, in a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel seemed like the latest episode in a periodic showdown. But there was a second, strategic agenda unfolding, according to American and Israeli officials: The exchange was something of a practice run for any future armed confrontation with Iran, featuring improved rockets that can reach Jerusalem and new antimissile systems to counter them. ak24/11/2012
Jeff Danziger`s `New Goliath` cartoon bz24/11/2012
Reformatting deterrence: A new day in Gaza and Israel Jon Elmer--In Gaza, warplanes don`t amble, they seem to tear a hole in the sky, unleashing fiery-metal horror in an instant [AFP] Whether or not Wednesday night`s ceasefire holds, one thing is certain: it`s a new day for Gaza and Israel. dn 24/11/2012
Dr Said Zulficar, former director of UNESCO analyzes the Gaza-Israel situationVideo about 25 minutes an excellent analysis dn24/11/2012
Sunni Leaders Gaining Clout in MideastNEIL MacFARQUHAR - NYT - "For the United States and Israel, the shifting dynamics offer a chance to isolate a resurgent Iran, limit its access to the Arab world and make it harder for Tehran to arm its agents on Israel’s border. But the gains are also tempered, because while these Sunni leaders are willing to work with Washington, unlike the mullahs in Tehran, they also promote a radical religious-based ideology that has fueled anti-Western sentiment around the region." - id 28/11/2012
Iranian Missiles in Gaza Fight Give Tehran Government a LiftTHOMAS ERDBRINK - NYT "“Maybe in the short term Iran is increasing its influence among the Palestinians, but politics are fast nowadays,” said Allahgoli Abbaspour, 53, a shop owner. “The Palestinians need their independence, but I doubt they will ever get it. It’s not like normal Iranians have anything to say about this.” ca23/11/2012
Seven Takeaways From The Gaza CeasefireDaniel Levy - The Daily Beast "...there is domestic criticism of Morsi’s role suggesting both that Morsi was back to playing Egypt’s old role as America’s policeman and/or that he was insufficiently focused on Egypt’s needs at home." ca23/11/2012
Gaza: storm before the quietEditorial - Guardian - "Killing is part of the talking. If you lose the argument, you die. No one but Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, knew whether he thought he had achieved enough from the operation to stop it. Its even more unclear what he would gain by continuing it." - id 21/11/2012
Gaza Without End ROGER COHEN - IHT - "Is all this good for Israel? No. Unless good is defined as policies that radicalize the situation, erode middle ground, demonstrate the impossibility of agreement, and so facilitate continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the expansion of settlements there and the steady eclipse of the idea of a two-state peace." - id 21/11/2012
Israel`s minister of incitementEditorial - Haaretz - "Many of his party`s elected officials and voters don`t serve in the IDF, yet their leader is exhorting the IDF to get entangled in Gaza, kill and be killed." - id 21/11/2012
Israel`s `right to self-defense` - a tremendous propaganda victoryAmira Hass - Haaretz - The foreign ministries in the West and in the United States knowingly collaborate with the mendacious representation of Israel as victim. On November 8, two days before the attack on the holiest of holies - soldiers in a military jeep - they could have read about IDF soldiers killing 13-year old Ahmad Abu Daqqa, who was playing soccer with his friends in the village of Abassan, east of Khan Yunis. The soldiers were 1.5 kilometers from the kids, inside the Gaza Strip area, busy with "exposing" (a whitewashed word for destroying ) agricultural land. So why shouldn`t the count of aggression start with a child? On November 10, after the attack on the jeep, the IDF killed another four civilians, aged 16 to 19. bz20/11/2012
Try talking to HamasAvner Fainguelernt - Ynet - Gaza vicinity resident says Israeli leaders have tried out every single weapon in the world – except dialogue 19/11/2012
A Nobel Laureate on Israel`s Operation Cloud Pillar - Israel’s Gaza Attack: Not Defence But Murder of Unarmed CiviliansMairead Maguire - CounterPunch - "The question on many people lips is; ‘When is the Israel government going to stop this bombing and continual wars and threat of war, against the Palestinians, and its neighbours, admit that there will be no military solution to the Palestinian Occupation, and begin to talk seriously with their enemies, in order to solve the problems for the sake of the Palestinians, Israelis, and indeed the whole of the middle east and world!’?"19/11/2012
Another Superfluous WarUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Peace is the answer. But when visibility is obscured by pillars of cloud, who can see that?"19/11/2012
The Four Guilty Parties Behind Israel’s AttackJonathan Cook - AntiWar - "Israel has denied Gaza a port, control of its airspace and the right of its inhabitants to move to the other Palestinian territory recognized by the Oslo accords, the West Bank. It is not, as Israel’s supporters allege, that Hamas is hiding among Palestinian civilians; rather, Israel has forced Palestinian civilians to live in a tiny strip of land that Israel turned into a war zone"19/11/2012
Red Rag Weekly ColumnGideon Spiro - Obama`s victory - violence between Israel and Gaza, again - Idolators - National suicide18/11/2012
Let`s try something newGideon Levy--The Palestinians try three different approaches, weapons, diplomacy and nonviolent resistance, and Israel says no to all three. dn18/11/2012
I’m losing hope for a peaceful IsraelJessica Apple--SINCE Wednesday, when Israel killed Hamas’s military chief, Ahmed al-Jabari, in the Gaza Strip, Hamas had fired rockets and mortars only into southern Israel. So on Friday, when I heard an air-raid siren sound in Tel Aviv, I assumed it was a test. But just for a moment. Then I snapped to my senses, grabbed my phone and ran to my apartment building’s stairs. I began to make my way down, running at first, thinking only of my three young sons. Two were in a judo lesson. One was with his grandmother. I could not get to them. dn18/11/2012
Trapped in GazaLara Aburamadan--I don’t know how the story ends. What I know is that this all started on a quiet day with my friends, as we sat down to watch the initial movie in a series that was supposed to be part of a “Nordic Film Festival” — the first of its kind in Gaza. The main character’s name was Sebbe, a Swedish boy five years my junior. dn 18/11/2012
REPORT FROM GAZA Adie Mormech--I`m writing this from near the Gaza seaport from where I can see smoke rising around me from the bombs that fall down on the Gaza Strip from the Israeli planes above. Words fail me. Despite the limits to life from Israel`s five-year siege on Gaza some kind of normality is attempted in Gaza. How could it be any other way when the majority of the population are children, do parents and older siblings have any other option?dn18/11/2012
History is repeated as the international community turns its back on Gaza Raji Sourani--History is repeated as the international community turns its back on Gaza As was the case in Operation Cast Lead, the international community is once again turning its back on Gaza. dn 18/11/2012
Hamas finds greater support in a changed Middle EastAbigail Hauslohner--As the conflict between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip intensifies, Arab governments are throwing their weight behind the territory’s long-isolated Islamist leaders in a reflection of the region’s shifting political dynamics after nearly two years of upheaval. [Whether or not this will amount to anything more than words, time will tell. DN]18/11/2012
Refusing the Elections WarSarah Anne Minkin--This morning, four social justice and anti-occupation groups—the Women’s Coalition for Peace, the Alternative Information Center, Yesh Gvul, and New Profile—placed a joint advertisement on the front page of Haaretz. The ad reads: dn17/11/2012
Laying the Ground for War in IsraelIrris Makler - The Global Mail - The flare up of violence between Israel and Gaza looks like its about to escalate, with an Israeli airstrike today killing a Hamas commander and Israeli military leadership talking openly about the possibility of an expanded war on Gaza, possibly including a ground invasion.-rh 15/11/2012
Is Israel Escalating War on Gaza to Foil US-Iran Deal?John Glaser - Anti War - This escalation occurs just days after widespread reports about newly reelected Obama mulling a grand bargain with Iran over its disputed nuclear program.-rh15/11/2012
`The Ideology of Hatred`: An interview with Niza Yanay Neve Gordon - Aljazeera - After 9/11, the word hate began colonising new spheres, operating as a social and political force that can both manipulate and mobilise an entire public in very specific ways.People began using the word hatred in the context of terrorism, particularly referring to Islamic groups who had expressed anger and criticism towards the West and the ravages of capitalism.-rh15/11/2012
Four more years of the same for US, Israel on PalestineJonathan Cook - The National - The reality is that the White House is stuck with an Israeli government, with or without Mr Netanyahu, that rejects an agreement with the Palestinians. As tensions flare again on the Israel-Gaza border, as they did in the run-up to the last Israeli election, it looks disturbingly like four more years of the same.-rh 15/11/2012
Is the Cat Out of the Bag on Israel?Emily Johanson - Foreign Policy in Focus - In his latest book, Knowing Too Much: The American Jewish Romance with Israel is Coming to An End, veteran activist Norman Finkelstein argues that the growing international awareness of the Israeli occupation has heralded a perceptible shift among the U.S. Jewish community away from a close identification with Israel.-rh 15/11/2012
Netanyahu and Barak have decided to deliberately violate a cease-fire which had just been stabilized. Uri Avnery - Press Release - "At the price of great suffering on both sides of the border, the government`s aim has been accomplished: the social issues, which threatened to assume prominence in these elections, have been pushed aside and removed from the agenda of the elections campaign.-rh14/11/2012
Obama and the Israel lobby: Quo vadis?Stephen M. Walt - Foreign Policy - "Obama doesn`t have to run for re-election again but Congressional Dems do, and they`ll put the same pressure on him in 2014 that they did in 2010 if he tries to force Netanyahu to abandon his vision of `greater Israel.` The bottom line: No U.S. pressure on Israel, and thus no chance for a deal"12/11/2012
Is the new group that shows the IDF as do-gooders all it seems?Shay Fogelman--New movement, Zionists Breaking the Silence, is a response to groups who criticize the IDF, but others stand to benefit. dn11/11/2012
Israel`s grand illusion on Palestinian UN recognitionHanan Ashrawi--Palestine is seeking UN recognition in accordance with international law, but Israel claims that this constitutes a barrier to peace, or even “diplomatic terror.” The idea that we are supposed to get permission from our oppressor to obtain our freedom is simply absurd.dn10/11/2012
Goodbye to a War Uri Avnery - I hope that Obama will return to his starting position and try to compel both sides to commence serious negotiations. The forthcoming Palestinian application to the UN General Assembly to accept it as a state (with observer status) may be a test. Its acceptance is of great importance, since it would put the two-state solution squarely back on the international table. The US has no veto power there, and it is up to the president to decide whether to apply pressure or not. The US is like a huge aircraft carrier. To turn around it needs a lot of time and space. But even a slight change of course can have a major impact. bz9/11/2012
The importance of who says it, and whereDan Margalit - Israel Hayom - Working to preserve the cooperation on security issues and progress toward blocking Iran`s nuclear ambitions, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process will inevitably come back to life. Obama will want to have an achievement under his belt. Israeli courtship of Obama will exact a price on the accelerated construction in Judea and Samaria. The overt battle, as well as the battle behind the scenes, will be waged over the question of whether settlement construction will be halted before the general elections, or the day after. bz 9/11/2012
Obama`s American revolution Ari Shavit - Haaretz - Obama`s reelection now, despite the American economy`s continued floundering and its high unemployment - speaks for itself. (...) The president`s less than brilliant report card in his first term is precisely the proof of how profound a choice his reelection is. It`s a choice of the new values he represents, the new identity he embodies. It`s a choice of a very different America than that of the last two centuries. (...)
- In recent decades more and more Israelis took to leaning on the reactionary forces in American society. It was convenient to lean on them. The evangelists didn`t ask difficult questions about the settlements, the Tea Party people didn`t say a word about excluding women and minorities or about Jewish settlers` attacks and acts of vandalism against Palestinians and peace activists. (...) So it seemed to many (...) that Israel could commit any injustice and get away with it. Since Uncle Sam is on our side, lawlessness can run amok. Since Uncle Sam is financing us and protecting us, we don`t have to answer to anyone. (...) The Obama revolution put an end to this Israeli tea party [hopefully!]. bz
Reality bites for Benjamin Netanyahu after he threw his solid support behind Mitt Romney Matthew Kalman - The Independent - After several abrasive encounters with President Barack Obama, Mr Netanyahu and his Likud Party had thrown their support solidly behind Mitt Romney in what opposition leader Shaul Mofaz described as “a rude, blunt, unprecedented, wanton and dangerous intervention in the United States election.”-rh 8/11/2012
Palestinians at the U.N., AgainInternational Herald Tribune - Editorial - Now the Palestinians plan to seek admission as a ‘nonmember’ observer state in the General Assembly. The 193-member Assembly is dominated by developing nations that are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and are expected to approve the application next month.-rh8/11/2012
Netanyahu Says He’d Go It Alone on Striking IranJODI RUDOREN - The New York Times -“The big phenomenon here is what I’ve called the revolt of the Israeli security barons,” Mr. Allison said. “I can’t think of a prior Israeli government or an analogous case anywhere where there’s such a clear gap between a prime minister on one hand and his security establishment on the other.”-rh 8/11/2012
The resonance of Abbas` statements on the right of returnLarry Derfner = +972 - "Netanyahu called them a bluff, but Peres, Barak, Olmert and Livni called them ‘brave.’ With luck, they could be a catalyst for shaking things up around here." - id 7/11/2012
A week of democracy Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "Maybe it will be the American voters, by re-electing Obama, who will enable their president – if so he wants - to end the occupation and not let it roll on sedately to its fiftieth anniversary." - id7/11/2012
Angela Davis: At least in the Jim Crow South the roads were not segregatedAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss - "And when I saw the signs, the signs didn`t say white and colored like they did when I was growing up, but they say `Authorized Persons`, or `Authorized vehicles.`"6/11/2012
US Democrats and Republicans increasingly diverge on Israel Martin Sherman - Jerusalem Post - Israel has largely been a bipartisan matter in the US, but in the polarized campaign towards today`s elections, evidence emerged of a deep divide beginning to develop. A recent Pew Research Center poll found that “[v]iews on US support for Israel are deeply divided along partisan lines.(...) 46 percent of Republicans say the US is not supportive enough of Israel, compared with just 9% of Democrats.” Conversely, the proportion of Democrats who feel that the US is too supportive of Israel (25%), is almost double that of Republicans (13%). (Note: this article, written from an extreme-right perspective, provides some interesting data and insights. Ed.)6/11/2012
Das System 5/11/2012
Abbas clarifies: I will never give up demand for Palestinian right of returnAvi Issacharoff and Barak Ravid--Palestinian president tells Al-Hayyat that his comments on not returning to live on land that is now Israel reflect his own stance, not policy; Netanyahu: Abbas has already taken back his words. dn4/11/2012
Turkey`s Erdogan to Break Gaza SiegeRichard Silverstein--It’s typical of the NY Times in reporting a story that is injurious to Israel’s Occupation policy and strangulation of Gaza, that it would focus largely on the impact it will have internally on Palestinian politics. dn4/11/2012
Red Rag - Gideon Spiro`s weekly column*Elections 2013 *`Mood` parties *In memory of Senator George McGovern *Letter to Judge Hadad *Occupation refuser 4/11/2012
`We have decided to raise Palestine’s status to an observer state, and we ask for your recognition.`Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz - Abbas explained that he has no expectation as a refugee to return to his house in Safed, and that to him, Palestine will exist only within 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital. Meanwhile, Netanyahu and Lieberman present the Palestinian appeal to the United Nations as nothing less than an existential threat to Israel. Absurdly, in this way they actually assist Abbas, who seeks to convince his audience, not just that of Channel 2, that he too can achieve results. bz 3/11/2012
Netanyahu`s Game and the Two GulfsPaul R. Pillar - The National Interest - The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the trigger for a Congressional resolution authorizing what became the Vietnam War. (...) The difference between a twelve-mile territorial limit and a flight path that is sixteen miles from a coast is an awfully thin margin on which to rest the avoidance of war. It is hard enough as it is to avoid accidentally stumbling into war under such conditions. It is harder still when the prime minister of Israel is doing what he can to help make accidents happen.13/11/2012
A country at war rarely spares a thought for the children of the enemyAdam Keller - Crazy Country - Gaza was not on the news last Thursday - but the Israeli Defense Forces are busy with Gaza every day, headlines or no headlines. At the same time that the IDF rescue mission to Ghana went on the plane, Israeli tanks and bulldozers were crossing the Gaza Strip border fence into the Palestinian side, and above them flew helicopter gunships. There was a lot of shooting and counter-shooting and counter-counter-shooting, and during this shooting the bullets from an Israeli machine gun hit a piece of land east of Khan Younis, where boys were at that time playing football. 13/11/2012
Where are we Headed? A Reflection on the 74th Anniversary of KristallnachtRabbi Lynn Gottlieb - Systematic and massive land appropriation, settler brutality, Jewish only roads, the permit regime, the cutting down of trees, restrictions on family unity, arrest of children, administrative detention without legal recourse, constant military incursion, movement restrictions, severe limitations on export and import capacity, home demolition and the threat of demolition, denial of education and health care, unjust distribution of water, internal transfer and in the case of Gaza, a siege which is making the entire stripe “uninhabitable”. These conditions make Palestinians vulnerable to mass killing. 13/11/2012
The limits of deterrenceEditorial - Haaretz - "Israel would be better off recognizing that the deterrence formula has limits and adopting the mechanism of informal agreements instead." - id14/11/2012
Separation from Palestinians crucial Ami Ayalon - Ynet - "Creating two-state reality only way to secure Israel`s existence as Zionist, Jewish and democratic state." - id 14/11/2012
Apartheid, by any other name Gideon Levy - Haaretz - No, Israel is not an apartheid state, but the occupation in the territories is apartheid12/11/2012
After the ceasefireBeate Zilversmidt - Crazy Country - "The ceasefire brought about a very strange experience: I agreed with the government. And that after a week of pent-up anger against that same government." - id 28/11/2012
When It Comes to Gaza, Don’t Let Obama Speak for Black AmericansJesse Hagopian--Yet when it comes to Gaza and the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Obama doesn’t speak for African Americans. A recent CNN/ORC poll found that people of color are among the segments of the population in America most likely to oppose Israeli military attacks. dn25/11/2012
Welcoming the Gaza ceasefire: First impressions Richard Falk--The Gaza ceasefire, unlike a similar ceasefire achieved after Operation Cast Lead four years ago, is an event that has a likely significance far beyond ending the violence after eight days of murderous attacks. It is just possible that it will be looked back upon as a turning point in the long struggle between Israel and Palestine.dn25/11/2012
Ombudsman Photo of dead baby in Gaza holds part of the ‘truth’Patrick B. Pexton--A photograph may be worth a thousand words, but even at its most revealing it never tells an entire story. It is the capture of a single moment, a split-second version of the truth. But if it is an effective photograph, it moves the viewer toward a larger truth.dn25/11/2012
Few facts, a lot of racism: Palestine in US media Charlotte Silver--Western media often fails to adequately cover Israeli `militarism` espoused by the "Dahiya" doctrine [AFP] dn25/11/2012
Where’s our humanity for Gaza?Sara Roy--The current crisis is framed in terms devoid of any real context. The issue goes far beyond which side precipitated the terrible violence that has killed innocents on both sides. The issue — largely forgotten — is one of continued occupation and blockade, a grossly asymmetrical conflict that has deliberately and systematically disabled Gaza’s economy and people.dn25/11/2012
International law, the Gaza war, and Palestine`s state of exceptionMark LeVine & Lisa Hajjar - Al Jazeera "The large-scale military assault launched by Israel on Gaza, and the manner in which both Israeli and Palestinian forces are fighting this war, raise numerous red flags regarding large scale violations of human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL). Such violations have long characterised the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; yet despite post-Cold War improvements in the enforceability of international criminal law, in the Israeli-Palestinian context those who perpetrate human rights violations and war crimes seem largely immune to legal accountability." ca23/11/2012
Behind the pillars of cloudRami Zurayk - Al Jazeera "Since its creation in 1948, Israel has used food and nutrition as a means to entrench its military and territorial occupation of Palestine. While all eyes are turned today to the savage eradication of children and entire families in Gaza through operation "Pillar of Cloud", Israel pursues its long-term goal of decimating the means of food production, livelihoods and the ability of those in Gaza to make economic and political decisions about what they grow and what they eat." ca23/11/2012
Israel`s `Right To Self-Defense` - A Tremendous Propaganda VictoryAmira Hass - ZCommunications "One of Israel`s tremendous propaganda victories is that it has been accepted as a victim of the Palestinians, both in the view of the Israeli public and that of Western leaders who hasten to speak of Israel`s right to defend itself. The propaganda is so effective that only the Palestinian rockets at the south of Israel, and now at Tel Aviv, are counted in the round of hostilities. The rockets, or damage to the holiest of holies - a military jeep - are always seen as a starting point, and together with the terrifying siren, as if taken from a World War II movie, build the meta-narrative of the victim entitled to defend itself." ca23/11/2012
The Israel-Palestine conflict won’t go awayYossi Alpher--THE Israel-Hamas clash in and around the Gaza Strip offers an important reminder to the second Obama administration: You can ignore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for only so long. dn18/11/2012
For Israel’s PR war on Gaza, it may be all downhill from hereChemi Shalev--For Israel’s PR war on Gaza, it may be all downhill from here Despite the sympathy of world leaders and the Twitter and YouTube wizardry of Israeli spokespeople, history teaches that the continuation of the Gaza campaign will inevitably lead to increasing criticism and condemnation. dn 18/11/2012
Cairo`s Balancing Act Ulrike Putz--ANZEIGE Three days into what Israel is calling "Operation Pillar of Defense" the prime minister traveled to the region to mediate a truce between Israel and Hamas. A further reason Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi -- a former Muslim Brotherhood leader -- dispatched the prime minister to Gaza was to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.dn18/11/2012
Israel’s Shortsighted AssassinationGershon Baskin - New York Times - Mr. Jabari is dead — and with him died the possibility of a long-term cease-fire. Israel may have also compromised the ability of Egyptian intelligence officials to mediate a short-term cease-fire and placed Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt at risk. This was not inevitable, and cooler heads could have prevailed. bz17/11/2012
The One-State Condition: Guided ImaginationAriella Azoulay and Adi Ophir--Imagine a Middle Eastern democracy not based on negation of the Middle East; one which embraces the Mizrahi Jew, woman and the Arab, the Muslim and the Christian, granting Judaism a truly safe haven, a living space in which the memory of annihilation does not become a concrete, imminent threat. An excerpt from The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine. dn 3/11/2012
Ever since the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Britain has denied our people their rights Nabeel Shaath--Over the past few weeks, British diplomats have stated that they are doing all they can to discourage Palestine’s bid for “observer state” status in the UN General Assembly. If this is an official British position, then it is reprehensible, yet not all that surprising. dn3/11/2012
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