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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

AUDIO Interview with Khalil Alamour, organizer of protest at Al Araqeeb demolished villageFrom JVP`s Jesse Bacon.31/7/2010
Let Us Join Those Who RefuseRebecca Vilkomerson, JVP`s executive director, presents and explains the campaign to divest TIAA-CREF from five Occupation-related corporations.31/7/2010
We shall be as dreamers by Yossi Sarid - Haaretz "The Palestinians` starting position is better than ours: They have fulfilled most of their obligations under the road map peace plan, while we have not removed even one of the illegal outposts we were supposed to dismantle."30/7/2010
Is there really a difference? by George Giacaman - Bitterlemons "Thus without a clear end in sight to "negotiations", the PA`s future is doomed. Abu Mazen understands this quite well." 30/7/2010
A state afraid of its past Editorial - Haaretz - Israel, which this year celebrated its 62nd birthday, can and must confront the less than heroic chapters in its past and reveal them to the public and for historical study. The public has a right to know about the decisions made by the state`s founders, even if they involved violations of human rights, covering up crimes or harassing political opponents by security means. The country is mature and strong enough to absorb the criticism that could arise if, for example, previously unpublished testimonies are discovered about the events at Deir Yassin. 29/7/2010
When Past Mistakes Haunt Our Present Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is seemingly a "man with a mission", trying to build up the state, one institution at a time before the actual entity is declared. Many may see this as a sound philosophy, with the argument that there needs to be a solid foundation when independence is actually declared. However, the fact that Israel is the occupying authority and does not seem to have any plans to relinquish power any time soon through negotiations or any other civilized means, this approach can hardly bear fruit. 29/7/2010
The Palestinian Authority is imprisoning GazansAmira Hass - Haaretz - The same government that includes a call to end the blockade on Gaza in every one of its statements, in practice aids in imprisoning the Gazans by preventing many of them from holding valid Palestinian passports. Not only does the Fatah government refuse to send blank passports to Gaza to be filled out, thus forcing Gazans to use the services of special go-between agencies which send the applications to Ramallah, but its general intelligence service even intervenes - as has been revealed lately - and in many cases vetoes passports for Gaza residents. 28/7/2010
Universalism and lsrael`s UniversitiesMenachem Klein - The Jerusalem Report - In internal academic debates and in public discourse, there is a growing chorus of voices who judge academics by the level of their patriotism. This potentially repressive approach is encouraged by a rightwing governing coalition and a public that feels threatened by "leftwing intellectual terror" they believe threatens Israel`s very existence. 28/7/2010
Ethnic cleansing in the Israeli Negev : The razing of a Bedouin village by Israeli police shows how far the state will go to achieve its aim of Judaising the Negev regionNeve Gordon - The Guardian - I suddenly experienced deja vu: an image of myself walking in the rubbles of a destroyed village somewhere on the outskirts of the Lebanese city of Sidon emerged. It was over 25 years ago, during my service in the Israeli paratroopers. But in Lebanon the residents had all fled long before my platoon came, and we simply walked in the debris. There was something surreal about the experience, which prevented me from fully understanding its significance for several years. At the time, it felt like I was walking on the moon. 28/7/2010
Turkey: A vital playerEditorial - Guardian - "What David Cameron said about Gaza yesterday was not new. He had already said that it was a giant open prison, and adding the word "camp" was not to ratchet up the rhetoric." 28/7/2010
Negotiations must be about substance not formGhassan Khatib - Bitter Lemons - "The fear among Palestinians is that resuming direct negotiations without ensuring a cessation of all Israeli settlement activity will only provide a cover for continuing these Israeli violations of Palestinian rights." 28/7/2010
Good news is hard to come byRAY HANANIA - Jpost - "Positive stories do not generate the same passion as fear-mongering and name-calling or the political blame game. Those stories need our help." 28/7/2010
Thanks to the critics, for forcing IDF to check itselfHaaretz Editorial - The IDF`s belated inquiries and the willingness to change its directives hold an important lesson for the political leadership as well. It is better to display openness and cooperate with international committees than to boycott them and then accept some of their demands under pressure. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak should consider this lesson in their response to the international investigations into the Turkish flotilla affair. 27/7/2010
You may not! Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz - Israel is gradually relinquishing the rule of law and becoming a tribe. The killing of an Arab is immediately associated with "the Middle Eastern reality." A demand for restraint becomes "living in a bubble." A shrugging off of all inhibitions is now typical of relations between the right, including Kadima, and the creators of the news as purveyors of cheap thrills. It`s clear that the passion to protect private property by imposing the death penalty is not what played the primary role here, but rather contempt for the life of an Arab. 27/7/2010
IDF Report Confirming Goldstone’s Key Findings Is Suppressed Inside IsraelMax Blumenthal - "A report quietly submitted by IDF Military Advocate General Avichai Mandelblit to the United Nations two weeks ago regarding Israel’s conduct during Operation Cast Lead confirms the key findings of the Goldstone Report"26/7/2010
Human Rights Watch flotilla stance mirrors that of US, Israel Michael Corcoran, Stephen Maher - EI - "Thus, on two major issues related to the siege of Gaza and the raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, HRW has largely taken the same position as Israel and its supporters. In the aftermath of the flotilla attack, Israel, Tony Blair, the United States and HRW stood on one side, and virtually the entire rest of the world stood on the other"26/7/2010
Israel`s Fingerprints Surface - The Hariri AssassinationRannie Amiri - CounterPunch - "The arrest of Qazzi and al-Raba’a in the breakup of Israeli spy rings should prompt the STL [Special Tribunal for Lebanon] to shift its focus to the only regional player that has benefited from Hariri’s murder; one that will continue to do so if and when their designs to implicate Hezbollah are realized. It is time to look at Tel Aviv"26/7/2010
We were right, the US-Israel rift was simply much ado about nothingDiana Buttu - Bitter Lemons - "But the US is too afraid to use its annual $3 billion in assistance to Israel as a stick. Instead, it will continue to turn a blind eye to Israel’s colonization while promising an increasingly compliant and complacent Palestinian leadership that, for domestic reasons, the Palestinians will have to wait until mid-term elections, or maybe second-term elections before the stick will be used against Israel"26/7/2010
Tish`a B`Av Drash...our faith is a faith that it is based on our ancient sources, but is not based on the desire to get back to a mythological past in which there was a perfect Jewish society. It is not based on the idealization of either ourselves or the Palestinian people in the present. Our faith and belief is in what should and could be in the future.24/7/2010
ArabesqueI was overjoyed to be told: The proximity talks will be renewed. ...You mean the renewal of talks with Abu Mazen?" Again with this Abu Mazen? What does he have to do with it? Who cares about Abu Mazen? I am talking about the talks with Obama.24/7/2010
Not in security, but peace Merav Michaeli - Haaretz - As long as we don`t want peace or to believe in it, no matter what we call it, we will live with occupation and war, and not for long26/7/2010
Rightist Philosophy Lecturer Dismissed by Hebrew University Tikun Olam--The Philosophy department at the Hebrew University recently dismissed Ran Baratz, a lecturer on Greek philosophy. And ever since, the Israeli media has been in a mini-uproar. The Knesset’s Education Committee will take up the affair. According to Maariv and other publications, Baratz was let go because he violated the leftist academic code prevailing in Israeli academic institutions.25/7/2010
Alternative TA wedding to mark Tu Be`av JONAH MANDEL-- “We are Jewish enough to serve in the army, pay taxes, and fulfill our civil obligations, but we are not Jewish enough to get married here,” says 28-year-old Granin, who made aliya from the FSU in the 1990s. Granin and Tagil, 29, are part of an estimated body of 350,000 Israelis, who were sufficiently Jewish to be recognized as such by the State of Israel for the Law of Return, but are not necessarily perceived as such by the Chief Rabbinate, which would necessitate an inquiry into such a person`s Judaism or a conversion, were they to seek a marriage license as Jews.25/7/2010
And if he were Jewish?Sima Kadmon-- Op-ed: Arab man’s rape conviction raises disturbing questions about our legal system25/7/2010
A bad Knesset for Israel Haaretz Editorial - The blatant flouting of basic laws and civil rights is a common theme running through every recent bill: the loyalty bill sponsored by Yisrael Beiteinu`s David Rotem, intended to deny citizenship to those who are not "loyal to the state;" the bill to deny the Islamic Movement`s legal status, sponsored by Likud`s Ofir Akunis; legislation seeking to deny support to "unpatriotic" filmmakers, sponsored by Michael Ben Ari (National Union ) and Ronit Tirosh (Kadima ); the conversion bill, the Nakba bill and many others like them mock the principles of equality and freedom in Israel`s Declaration of Independence.25/7/2010
A new party of good tidings Avraham Burg-- In almost every area of the Israeli rift we need a new and clean political ocean: on issues of war and peace, in the realm between religion and the state, in the spaces between the insensitive Jewish majority and the oppressed minorities. There is also a gap between the rich who grow richer and the have-nots who have less and less all the time. 25/7/2010
United against peaceby William Cook - Al-Ahram Weekly "Every principle on which the United States rests, from the Declaration of Independence to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, cries out against the actions of the United States and Israel as they inflict a merciless set of attacks, invasions and wars on the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, and now, Turkey and Iran."23/7/2010
Wrong visitorBy Salama A Salama - Al-Ahram Weekly "These are critical times for the Palestinians and their future. We should be helping them, not helping the Israeli prime minister. Egypt should set the pace, instead of being dragged into useless meetings and irrelevant banter. If we lose heart now, the damage may be irreversible. So irreversible indeed that not even Obama would be in a position to help us, not that he wants to."23/7/2010
Jewish and democratic?Shulamit Aloni - Ynet - The shift from “Israel” to “Jewish, democratic state” reflects harm to democracy, because “Jewish” and democratic do not go hand in hand. Just look at the laws pertaining to marriage and divorce and the horror of conversion, which are certainly reminiscent of the dark days in Spain when everyone was required to be Catholic. 20/7/2010
Settlements and anti-Zionists Gershon Baskin - Jerusalem Post - In the 32 years I have been involved in advancing peace, I have never spoken about a deadline. But today, it is there and time is not on our side. If it makes anyone feel better, I can also say that time is not on their side either. Time is running out for us both. 20/7/2010
Palestinians Suffer as Court`s Authority Hits All-Time Low - Israel Stops Listening to Its Judges Jonathan Cook - CounterPunch - "Critics have accused the government of violating the rule of law and warned that the defiance has been possible chiefly because right-wing politicians and religious groups have severely eroded the Supreme Court’s authority over the past few years. […] Legal experts, however, warn that, because Israel lacks a constitution, the court is the only bulwark against a tyrannical Jewish majority abusing the rights of the country’s 1.3 million Palestinian citizens, as well as 4 million Palestinians living under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza"19/7/2010
Editor`s Notes: Unconverted DAVID HOROVITZ--There can be no solution that resolves a reality – a healthy reality – in which Judaism has developed down the generations in multiple directions with different emphases. And no Knesset legislation or High Court ruling can resolve the fact that the global Jewish nation includes differing streams that exercise conflicting criteria for admission to the faith.25/7/2010
I am not declaring loyalty Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - The time has come that all of us, irrespective of whether we are Jews or Muslims, ultra-Orthodox or secular, declare our loyalty to the only Jewish democracy in the world. On one condition: the declaration ceremony would take place in the courtyard of the Tomb of the Patriarchs, following a tour of the center of Hebron19/7/2010
An Open Letter to All who supports Shalit’s Family by Yossi Schwartz, July 17, 2010Yossi Schwartz --In your eyes Shalit is an innocent solder who did his duty. You do not see that this so-called duty was a crime. We understand the pain that Shalit family feels. They cannot hold him, speak with him, or be sure that he is well, But we also understand the pain the families of 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli jails. They cannot hold their children, speak with them, or be sure that they have not been tortured. 18/7/2010
Bibi`s strategy to Deceive America Caught on TapeIsrael’s Channel 10 secured a video (Hebrew) recorded in 2001 ... For those... who claim that the Oslo Accords broke down due to Palestinian terror or any such thing, watch this and you will see that Bibi brags that he destroyed Oslo.17/7/2010
West Bank Prosperity is a MythProminent Zionists have spent recent months crowing loudly about the so-called economic miracle currently underway in the Israeli-occupied West Bank... a recent Save the Children UK report debunks the prosperity claim. But even if it hadn`t, Zionists ought to understand that a Lexus is no substitute for individual freedom and dignity. 17/7/2010
"Arab Villages get Bus Routes"?That was the headline in the Jerusalem Post the other day. It is about the Israeli government approving, for the first time ever, bus routes that actually reach Palestinian towns in Israel. As offensive as this inequality is, it reminds us how little is known about the rampant discrimination against Palestinians in Israel. 17/7/2010
Boycott the Knesset I call on parliaments throughout the democratic world, and interparliamentary associations, to boycott Israel`s parliament, once the pride of the Jewish people, until it buries the bill and recovers its democratic heritage.17/7/2010
They`re terrorists, too By Amir Oren - Haaretz There are Jewish terrorists. They are no different from other terrorists in terms of the danger they present, except in one aspect: They are more dangerous. They are part of the society against which they are plotting, they know how to get close to the centers of power and are familiar with democracy`s weak points by dint of their civil rights. " "16/7/2010
PA `must not bow to blackmail` By Lamis Andoni - "Washington is seeking a semblance of progress on the Israeli-Palestinian issue in the aim of boosting its efforts to rally Arab opinion against Iran and to allay anti-American sentiment among Arabs and Muslims."16/7/2010
Cheer, Then Gloom, on Talks for Peace Deal in MideastISABEL KERSHNER - The New York Times - Mr. Erekat disputes that version, insisting that Mr. Abbas made a counteroffer. Addressing an Israeli audience at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University in May, Mr. Erekat produced a map that he said Mr. Olmert received, allowing for Israeli annexation of 1.9 percent of the West Bank in return for an equitable land exchange. After 16 years of an intermittent peace process, the sides do not yet agree on which settlement blocs Israel would retain. 15/7/2010
Tricky BibiGideon Levy - Haaretz - Israel has had many rightist leaders since Menachem Begin promised "many Elon Morehs," but there has never been one like Netanyahu, who wants to do it by deceit, to mock America, trick the Palestinians and lead us all astray. The man in the video betrays himself in his own words as a con artist, and now he is again prime minister of Israel. Don`t try to claim that he has changed since then. Such a crooked way of thinking does not change over the years. 15/7/2010
Endangering democracyHaaretz -Editorial - It seems elected officials no longer understand the meaning of freedom of expression. If they believe Zuabi broke the law, the Knesset`s legal adviser is supposed to handle the matter. If this is not the case, even if her opinions are considered offensive, her colleagues must resolutely support her right to have them heard. 15/7/2010
With friends like these: Bill Kristol`s `Emergency Committee?` Give me a breakStephen M. Walt - FP - "Bottom line: If you want to kill off any prospect for peace, ensure that Israel`s current difficulties multiply, and reinforce anti-Americanism throughout the region.:14/7/2010
Revolution continuedElia Leibowitz - Haaretz - "In recent weeks there has been vigorous anti-intellectual activity throughout Israel, mostly against professors, both male and female, writers, artists and intellectuals, who are depicted as anti-Israel, haters of the state and traitors to the principles of Zionism, the bedrock of our existence." 14/7/2010
Presbyterian Church shouldn`t accept bullying at the pulpitHanan Ashrawi - IMEU - When Katharine Henderson and Gustav Niebuhr call in the Washington Post for Presbyterians to "listen to all involved, including American Jews, essential partners who were not consulted in the report`s preparation," Presbyterians should bear in mind that the American Jewish community is not monolithic and goes beyond the Israel lobby. The white community in the American South was not monolithic, the white community in apartheid South Africa was not monolithic, and Jews in the US and Israel are not monolithic. 13/7/2010
Red Rag column: The march for Gilad ShalitGideon Spiro - March for Gilad Shalit - "Arab-lover"!10/7/2010
Lift the blockade on us allDavid Grossman - Haaretz - Instead of insisting for years on the number and identity of the Hamas prisoners who will go free in exchange for the release of Gilad Shalit − prisoners whom Israel will release in the end in any case, in one agreement or another − perhaps Israel should now turn to Hamas with a far broader and more daring offer. An offer of a memorandum of understanding that will include a total cease-fire, an end to all terror activities from Gaza and a lifting of the siege. An agreement in which the issue of Gilad Shalit and the Hamas prisoners will only be one clause among many, one that will be implemented first, immediately upon the start of negotiations. 7/7/2010
Palestinian state nowOrly Azoulay - Ynet - "Obama’s demands will be enveloped by soft words, yet the message will be decisive and uncompromising."7/7/2010
History has shown that we have good reason not to trust each other, so why should we now?Gershon Baskin - Jerusalem Post - Time is running out. Options for resolving the conflict that exist today may not be there tomorrow. Our main problem is that until now this has been a failed peace process. 6/7/2010
Hasbarapocalypse — Leaked Frank Luntz memo: Israeli public diplomacy in US on Flotilla failed dismallyChico Menashe - Channel Ten TV [Coteret transcription + translation] -"There is no hunger in Gaza and no humanitarian crisis; no shortage of food, no shortage of medicine", statements by Netanyahu and Barak which destroyed Israel’s credibility in light of the images on the television screens. 6/7/2010
US questions its unwavering support for IsraelChris McGreal - The Guardian - Netanyahu would prefer to be seen as an indispensable ally in confronting Islamist terror. But his insistence on building Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem is causing a deep rift with Washington, where it is seen as evidence of a lack of serious interest in the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. 6/7/2010
Energy Hegemony - Israel Eyes Lebanon`s Offshore Gas Reserves Rannie Amiri - CounterPunch - "In all regional disputes, big or small, Israel will invariably threaten or implement violence. It is the preferred method of conflict resolution. The recent discovery of natural gas reserves in Lebanese territorial waters, and Israel’s claim to them, is no exception"5/7/2010
A Broomstick Can ShootUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - A VICTORY is a victory. A big victory is better than a small one, but a small victory is better than a defeat5/7/2010
Jordan is not Palestine Lamis Andoni - Al Jazeera - "The fulfillment of the right wing dream of turning Jordan into Palestine cannot happen without a gradual or mass expulsion of Palestinians from Israel, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, along with the use of force against Jordanians. […] But even though this `vision` cannot be easily fulfilled without resorting to all out war, it must be taken seriously as it offers an excuse to force yet more Palestinians from their homeland"5/7/2010
And if a thousand prisoners go free? Gideon Levy - Haaretz - We don`t have to recall Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi`s statements to know that the danger in releasing the prisoners is less than what is being described. The opportunity, in contrast, is great5/7/2010
Israel can`t be trusted to probe Gaza flotilla raid, say Rachel Corrie`s parentsNatasha Mozgovaya - Haaretz July 3, 2010 - "Our personal experience has made it all too painfully clear that the Israeli government is unable or unwilling to adequately investigate itself and that the U.S. does not, apparently, have the ability or will to compel such an investigation," the Corries said. 4/7/2010
The Two Sides of a Barbed-Wire FenceBy NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF - NYT "Elad Orian, an Israeli human rights activist, nodded toward the poultry barn and noted: “Those chickens get more electricity and water than all the Palestinians around here.” 2/7/2010
Rattling the Cage: Israelis don’t want peace By LARRY DERFNER - Jerusalem Post "YOU CAN say it doesn’t matter why the public has accepted the idea of a Palestinian state, the important thing is that it has. But this is a misunderstanding of Israeli public opinion. People here accept the idea of a Palestinian state in theory, but they’re so antagonistic toward Arabs, so determinedly mistrustful of anything any of them says that in practice, Israelis are dead set against any move that might actually help bring a Palestinian state into being." " 2/7/2010
Bolstering Turkel Ha`aretz editorial "Turkel must demand not only investigative powers, but also the power to determine factual findings, draw conclusions and make recommendations about both the conduct of the government and the preparations of the military establishment."2/7/2010
Lieberman Slams Netanyahu Over Secret Turkey Meeting : Is Israel`s Undiplomatic FM Being Cut Out of Foreign Affairs?Jason Ditz - - Indeed, Netanyahu dispatched his Industry Minister to Turkey to talk with Ahmet Davutoglu because in all likelihood Lieberman would have refused to do so, as his foreign ministry has been at odds with Turkey for months and has been trying to portray them as a new enemy since Israeli soldiers attacked a Turkish aid ship bound for the Gaza Strip. 1/7/2010
A little rain on the Palestinian paradeFayyad is not building a state, he`s holding down the fort until the next crisis. And when that crisis comes, Fayyad`s cabinet has no democratic legitimacy or even an organized constituency to fall back on. What he does have -- contrary to those who laud him for not relying on outsiders -- is an irreplaceable reservoir of international respectability. 3/7/2010
Death Becomes Her: Women, Occupation, and Terrorist MobilizationWomen in traditional Islamic societies that are under occupation face dual pressures from both foreign military forces, who routinely harass and degrade them, and their own societies, who may challenge their conduct... The mere presence of a woman alone in a room with a man who is not a relative can have serious repercussions. Aware of this constraint, Israeli occupation forces have used a variety of sexually inappropriate behaviors to their advantage to secure testimony or collaboration from detained Palestinian women.3/7/2010
Democracy and Its ChallengesHaaretz - Avishai Braverman "Braverman: Israel should embrace its Arabs, Haredim Minister of Minority Affairs says Israel has the most unequal society amongst western nations." 23/7/2010
A bad Knesset for Israel Haaretz - Editorial "In both words and actions the MKs are undermining democracy`s fundamental values, making cynical, cheap use of parliamentary tools, dragging Israeli society to sectorial disputes and separatism, and isolating Israel from the world. " 23/7/2010
He impersonated a human Gideon Levy - Haaretz - Now the respected judges have to be asked: If the man was really Dudu posing as Sabbar, a Jew pretending to be an Arab so he could sleep with an Arab woman, would he then be convicted of rape? And do the eminent judges understand the social and racist meaning of their florid verdict? Don`t they realize that their verdict has the uncomfortable smell of racial purity, of "don`t touch our daughters"? That it expresses the yearning of the extensive segments of society that would like to ban sexual relations between Arabs and Jews? 22/7/2010
In Israel, the Noble vs. The Uglyby Nicholas D. Kristof - New York Times "Yet there’s also another Israel as well, one that I mightily admire. This is the democracy that tolerates a far greater range of opinions than America. It’s a citadel of civil society." 9/7/2010
King for a day by Ari Shavit - Haaretz "If Netanyahu does not immediately take advantage of the hard-won credit he has been granted in order to come out with an Israeli diplomatic initiative, his situation will become desperate again."9/7/2010
Defenseless minister by Yossi Sarid - Haaretz "But Ehud Barak is a bad defense minister - a defenseless minister. He is avoiding any serious investigative committee because he is protecting our soldiers with his own body. But that`s too transparent: He knows only how to protect himself. "9/7/2010
An excellent meeting By Gideon Levy - Haaretz "Two statesmen met in Washington on Tuesday who are looking smaller and smaller, who are taking smaller and smaller steps." 9/7/2010
The chronic failure of Israeli leadershipPatrick Cockburn - The Independent - Ever since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, Israel has been ruled by one of the stupidest and least responsible leaderships in the world. Their failings have been masked by propaganda and by Israel`s American insurance policy, but nothing else can explain Israel`s record of repeated failure in military and security operations. So much of Israeli politics revolves around manipulating the sense of threat felt by Israeli voters, that the capacity to deal with real threats is stultified. 8/7/2010
Breaking the Silence founder Yehuda Shaul, is there a crack in the Israeli army`s wall of silence?Nir Hasson - Haaretz - "When the operation began I remember that we sat in the office and watched the broadcasts and said that this time it`s a different story, and it turned out that we were right. To date we have collected testimonies from 26 soldiers who served in Operation Cast Lead - half of them in the regular army and half of them reservists. Operation Cast Lead was the first time the IDF admittedly crossed lines that had not been crossed before. The soldiers were told not to risk their lives at all. It was the first time that the IDF said `I don`t care about the other side.` It`s not that they wanted a lot of casualties, but the familiar criteria of targets - a person with the means and intention of causing injury - were overturned.8/7/2010
Citizenship Law extended by 6 monthsAttila Somfalvi - Ynetnews - Fifty-three MKs vote in favor of extending temporary order banning family reunification for Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens or residents; 13 oppose. `Calling this law racist is a great compliment,` says Balad MK Zahalka. `It`s retroactive and ruthless` 22/7/2010
An assault on democracyIshai Menuchin - Haaretz - As the political left has shrunk in size and influence, the organizations that promote universal values have become the only clear and systematic opposition to official human rights abuses, whether within Israel proper or in the occupied territories. Thus, HROs have become the new enemies of the Israeli far right. For it, the human-rights agenda is unacceptable and inherently "anti-Israeli," and thus it has a duty to stop it. 21/7/2010
Why are there No Hammers on the Bus? Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Such a seemingly random observation such as the missing emergency hammers in a bus is only significant in that it sheds light on the deceptive and often bogus Israeli premise of security concerns, which as a result, has allowed it to abuse and oppress the Palestinians unimpeded for years. At the risk of oversimplification, it is my strong belief that if this false premise were debunked, things would be very, very different. 21/7/2010
Israelis embrace one-state solution from unexpected direction Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - The Likudnik and settler advocates of a one-state solution with citizenship for Palestinians realize that Israel has lost the argument that Jewish sovereignty can be maintained forever at any price. A status quo where millions of Palestinians live without rights, subject to control by escalating Israeli violence is untenable even for them. At the same time repartition of historic Palestine -- what they call Eretz Yisrael -- into two states is unacceptable, and has proven unattainable -- not least because of the settler movement itself. 21/7/2010
Yalla Peace: The Israel questionRAY HANANIA - JPost - "For the first time, many Americans are saying they support Israel, but question the occupation of the West Bank, its exclusive claim to Jerusalem and the conduct of its military." 21/7/2010
Another Palestinian Gandhi Crushed by Israel (w/Haithem Katib VIDEO)Adeeb Abu Ramha will have to remain in prison for an unknown amount of time while the appeal is filed despite already serving his sentence.10/7/2010
A Parliamentary MobUri Avnery-- In comparison to the present Knesset, that Knesset [in 1967] now looks like Plato`s Academy. 18/7/2010
Endgame Noam Sheizaf-- These remarks, which to many sound subversive, were not voiced by a left-wing advocate of a binational state. The speaker is from the Betar movement, a former top leader in Likud and political patron of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a former defense and foreign affairs minister - Moshe Arens. On June 2, Arens published an op-ed in Haaretz ("Is there another option?" ) in which he urged consideration of a political alternative to the existing situation and the political negotiations. He wants to break the great taboo of Israeli policy making by granting Israeli citizenship to the Palestinians in the West Bank. Arens is not put off by those who accuse him of promoting the idea of a binational Jewish-Palestinian state. "We are already a binational state," he says, "and also a multicultural and multi-sector state. The minorities [meaning Arabs] here make up 20 percent of the population - that`s a fact and you can`t argue with facts."18/7/2010
Efficient Killing, Profits and Human Rights - Cluster Bombs and Civilian Lives Ramzy Baroud - CounterPunch - "Of course, Israel’s friends, especially those who are yet to ratify the Convention on Cluster Munitions, will be pleased by the initial successes of the Israeli army testing. Under pressure to ratify the agreement, these countries are only too eager to offer a ‘safer’ version of current cluster bomb models. This would help not only to maintain the huge profits generated from this morally abhorrent business, it would also hopefully quell growing criticism by civil society and other world governments" 12/7/2010
A peace crimeGideon Levy - Haaretz - What more can Assad say that he hasn`t already? How long must he knock in vain on Israel`s locked door?12/7/2010
BDS campaign wants Israel to abide by international law Boycott Divestment and Sanctions strategy arises from realisation that the occupation will not end unless Israelis understand it has a priceNeve Gordon--The Observer-- There is a considerable amount of misunderstanding about Boycott Divestment and Sanctions. BDS is not a principle but a strategy; it is not against Israel but against Israeli policy; when the policy changes BDS will end.11/7/2010
‘Israel’s Status Worst Since 70s’JPOST.COM STAFF-- UN ambassador compares situation to days when Zionism deemed racism. 11/7/2010
Slaughter at SeaGreta Berlin-- As we get ready to challenge Israel`s illegal blockade of Gaza once more, we would ask you to remember the nine men murdered in cold blood by Israeli commandos, who came down from helicopters firing live ammunition. 11/7/2010
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