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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

For now, Israel stuck paying Gaza`s electric bill Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - “In the case of Gaza, there’s a difference between the desirable and the factual,” an Israeli defense source concluded, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Since Hamas won’t pay for the power, he said, the only realistic way forward is to create an international fund to ensure a regular flow of electricity for the residents of Gaza.-rh 31/5/2017
All Trump left Israelis with is a lot of hot airSima Kadmon - Ynet - During his visit, the US president didn’t say anything beyond what he had already told Netanyahu on the prime minister’s visit to Washington, which translates as ‘do whatever you like.’ So is there any wonder that the Right is satisfied? No one has ever established a state with words.-rh31/5/2017
If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations Yossi Gurvitz - Mondoweiss - If the Oslo Accords are null and void, why do we still speak of Areas A, B and C? Mostly, because the system works exceedingly well for the Israeli occupation. By clinging to most of Area C, yet claiming they may yet be turned over to the Palestinians – as soon as they marshal their first squadron of airborne porcine – Israel managed to legitimize the quiet annexation of much of Area C. [bz]30/5/2017
`50 years of occupation is 50 years too many`Eli Bitan - +972 - As the Right celebrates 50 years of military rule over the Palestinians, the Left must not be afraid to create alliances between struggles and remind Israelis that ending the occupation is everyone’s task [ry]29/5/2017
Fear as an Obstacle to Peace: Why Are Israelis So Afraid?Ramzy Baroud - CounterPunch - “Aside from the fact that Israel Hayom serves, along with other Israeli media, as a major platform for fear-mongering, the need to be afraid is a collective phenomenon in Israel, which it insists on imposing on Jewish communities around the world. One could in fact argue that ‘fear’ in Israel is an official industry” [ry] 29/5/2017
The VisitationUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Thank God for Oren Hazan. Without him, this would have been an exceedingly dull visit" [ry]29/5/2017
Why the Palestinian Authority Should Be ShutteredDIANA BUTTU - NYT - To remove this noose that has been choking Palestinians, the authority must be replaced with the sort of community-based decision making that predated the body’s establishment. And we must reform our main political body, the Palestine Liberation Organization, which Mr. Abbas also heads, to make it more representative of the Palestinian people and their political parties, including Hamas. Hamas has long indicated that it wants to be part of the P.L.O., and its revised charter, recently released in Doha, Qatar, affirms this aspiration. [bz for dn]28/5/2017
The Israeli Left must show up to protest 50 years of occupationHaggai Matar - +972 - After 50 years of a racist military regime, it’s time for the Israeli Left to go out and protest en masse — and, in the face of such an urgent task, to overlook our differences. [bz]27/5/2017
On Jordan`s East Bank, Palestinians grasp at old idea for statehoodTaylor Luck - Christian Science Monitor "Confederation, a union of sovereign states, has long been a polarizing fringe idea that was – and mostly still is – publicly dismissed outright by Palestinian and Jordanian officials alike. Palestinians were suspicious it would make a Palestinian entity subservient to Jordan, while Jordanians feared Israelis would use it as an excuse to drive thousands of Palestinians from Israeli territory into Jordan, upsetting the kingdom’s delicate balance of Palestinians and Jordanian tribes. Joining Palestine with Jordan was a political non-starter.So why is there a groundswell of new support for a rejected idea?" ca 27/5/2017
Trump Is About To Really Mess Up In The Middle EastRobert Fisk - Information Clearing House - In Riyadh, Trump couldn’t mention where most of the the 9/11 hijackers came from or whose Sunni cult-faith was the inspiration for Isis – nor which country chopped off heads with Isis-like relish. (Answer: Saudi Arabia). And when he arrived in Israel on Monday, Trump was faced with a new censorship protocol: don’t mention who was occupying whose property in the West Bank or which country was outrageously and continuously stealing land – legally owned by Arabs – for Jews and Jews only. (Answer: Israel). So bingo, in the biggest Middle East alliance ever created in history, the Saudis and the other Sunni Arab dictators and America’s crackpot President and Israel’s cynical Prime Minister have all agreed on the identity of the devil country they can all curse with one voice, inspirer of “world terror”, instigator of Middle East instability, the greatest threat to world peace: Shia Iran.-rh 24/5/2017
Trump Chases His “Ultimate Deal”Nathan Thrall - The New Yorker - The man behind “The Art of the Deal” has called Israeli-Palestinian peace “the ultimate deal.” If he is serious about pursuing it, he will need to do more than sweeten the pot; he will need to revisit the advice dispensed in a section of the book’s second chapter: “Use Your Leverage.” So far, the Trump Administration has vowed to do the opposite.-rh24/5/2017
Reflections of a daughter of the ’48 Generation’Tikva Honig-Parnass - Mondoweiss - As said, in the world of thought that characterized my generation, there was no place for criticism of Zionism and its leadership. In the essays I used to write, which were hung in a prominent place on the wall in my elementary school in Hadera, I repeated the mantra which had been drummed into my head: “We sow, and they come and uproot; we plant and they come and burn them; we build and they destroy.” We never ever asked the obvious question: “But why?” We were indeed well-trained not to think and not to challenge.-rh24/5/2017
Hypocrisy and Condescension: Trump’s Speech to the Middle EastRobert Fisk - CounterPunch - "The fawning leaders of the Muslim world, needless to say, clapped away when the mad president of America had finished speaking. But did they understand what his words really portended?" - id 24/5/2017
Mr. President, beware Israeli and Palestinian lies Major-General (Res.) Noam Tibon - Ynet - "In light of the voices on both sides, which aim to present a distorted picture that is completely “fake news,” I was unable to keep silent and decided to publish this letter. If you want to succeed, it’s important that you carefully filter these comments and check every “fact” twice." - id 24/5/2017
Trump’s Art of the Deal in the Middle East: Selling wars and terrorismFinian Cunningham - Information Clearing House "The one tangible takeaway was the American president’s mammoth arms deal signed with Saudi Arabia – $350 billion-worth over ten years. It was hailed as the biggest ever weapons contract, with an initial payment of $110 billion. Put in perspective, Trump is selling the Saudi rulers a total three times what Obama managed to achieve over his two administrations – some $115 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia, which itself was a record high." ca27/5/2017
Ripples of the 1967 WarAhmad Samih Khalidi - The Cairo Review of Global Affairs - The 1967 war did much more than register the defeat of three regular Arab armies, only this time without any of the alleged mitigating circumstances of 1948 (such as underequipped forces or foreign tutelage), or the unabashed external colonial interventions of 1956. The war demonstrated the fundamental vacuity of the Arab existential threat to Israel and the limits of post-independence Arab military power, amateurish and incompetent at best, criminally negligent at worst.-rh24/5/2017
Israel jails writer Ahmad Qatamesh without chargesPatrick Strickland - Aljazeera - When Israeli forces showed up last week to arrest 66-year-old writer Ahmad Qatamesh at his home in the occupied West Bank, his wife says she was overcome with shock and confusion. "Why now? Why him? He`s old, he has health problems, and he`s just doing what he knows: speaking," said Suha Barghouti, Qatamesh`s wife. "Our family and friends are shocked," she told Al Jazeera by phone from Ramallah. Israeli soldiers arrested Qatamesh, a public intellectual known for his writing and lectures, during the pre-dawn hours of May 14 after raiding his brother`s nearby home.-rh 24/5/2017
Trump’s Wavering Promises And Scandals Complicate Israel TripNick Robins-Early - Huffington Post - The controversies around Trump’s visit underscore a larger shift in how some Israel officials are viewing the new U.S. president. Since the inauguration, analysts say Trump’s changing policies and vague statements have made him a more unreliable ally than many on the Israeli far right anticipated. “There is a sense of disappointment with Trump, because their knee-jerk reaction to his election was ‘great, we don’t have to worry about a Palestinian state, we don’t have to worry about pressure on settlements and we’re going to have the American embassy in Jerusalem,’” Yossi Alpher, a former senior Israeli intelligence official, told HuffPost. “It’s clear to them that this is not the case, and they are confused and disappointed.”-rh 24/5/2017
Trump Must Solve Netanyahu’s ‘No-Solution’ Option and Bring Israel’s Apartheid To An EndAhmad Tibi - Newsweek - We all know how a solution should look like: two sovereign and democratic states granting full equal rights for all their citizens, with East Jerusalem as a capital of Palestine, and all final status issues, including refugees, negotiated based on international law. The only alternative to that scenario would be one single democratic state for everyone. Palestinians, whether in Israel, Palestine or the diaspora, would be willing to accept the first two options. Netanyahu would accept neither. His approach is not about equality, but supremacy. [bz]23/5/2017
The lie of Netanyahu`s economic `gestures`Noam Sheizaf - +972 - Netanyahu’s goodwill ‘gestures’ to the Palestinians are nothing more than a way to appease President Trump on his visit. So why is the media playing along? [ry]22/5/2017
Red Rag column - Victory Day over Nazi Germany - Independence Day ceremonies Gideon Spiro - The 8th of May is Victory Day over Nazi Germany for the West, and for the Soviet Union it was 9 May. It is fittingly symbolic that on that date the fascist Marine Le Pen was defeated in the French presidential elections. The defeat of Nazism did not extirpate the roots from which fascist movements are now sprouting. gm21/5/2017
Would Israel`s Knesset support a Trump Mideast deal? Akiva Eldar - Al-Monitor "Leaders of the opposition Zionist Camp who recently visited Washington, led by Labor Party Chair Isaac Herzog and Hatnua Chair Tzipi Livni, made it clear to the Trump administration officials with whom they met that their faction in the Knesset would support any move that advances the “big deal” the president aspires to make. Zionist Camp leaders believe that if Netanyahu adopts the road map that he worked out with Herzog in 2016 before changing his mind, most of the faction’s Knesset members would agree to join the ruling coalition, replacing Bennett and his Knesset members." ca 19/5/2017
Gulf states offer improved ties with Israel in return for peace talksYNet - The Wall Street Journal reports Saudi Arabia and UAE call on Israel to freeze settlement construction, ease the blockade on Gaza and resume negotiations with the Palestinians in exchange for normalization.-rh18/5/2017
A New Palestinian Generation Amira Hass - Haaretz - Nakba Day, which was observed this week, marks the 69th year of the Palestinian nation’s disaster, but also of its dignity, capabilities and strength.17/5/2017
Israeli doctors reject force-feeding prisoners on hunger strikeDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Ran Goldstein, the Israeli executive director of Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI), told Al-Monitor that Israeli doctors see any force used in medical treatment as unethical. “Our organization and the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) see eye to eye on this issue. Force-feeding or forced treatment are unethical, and Israeli doctors will not participate in them.”-rh 17/5/2017
The destructive potential of Israel`s nation-state billMarzuq Al-Halabi - +972 - The “nation-state bill,” which was approved by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday, is no different from the day-to-day political discourse taking place in Israel these over the last years. By revoking Arabic as an official language of the state, and maintaining that “the right to realize self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people,” the bill enshrines the ideas, desires, ideology, and actions of Israel’s political leaders since the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin/-rh17/5/2017
Israeli Educational System: Handmaiden of National Security StateRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "The proposed “nation-state law,” which I call (more accurately) the “apartheid law” would relegate Arabic from a co-equal national language to being a language with “special” indeterminate status."..."Almost everyone who studies Arabic seriously is doing so for one reason: to train to become an intelligence operative." - id 17/5/2017
Israel`s Nation-state Bill Is Undemocratic Aeyal Gross - Haaretz "Opposing the bill doesn’t mean negating Israel’s history, only recognizing that a democratic state cannot identify itself with only part of its population." ca 13/5/2017
Give Trump a chance Nahum Barnea - Ynet - One of the characteristics of the conflict is the parties’ addiction to details. They can fight for years over the location of a joint industrial zone or over fishing rights. These fights sometimes stem from real concern about the future, and sometimes from tactical or propaganda considerations. In recent years, delving into the details has been a sort of distraction. (...) Trump doesn’t care about the details. In this sense, he presents a challenge to Netanyahu and Abbas. He strives to reach a deal before anything else, and then send the lawyers to finalize the details. After 100 years, in which serious people have tried to end the Israeli-Arab conflict and failed, giving a non-serious president a chance likely won’t hurt us. [bz]13/5/2017
Israel’s Final Solution to the ‘Palestine Problem’Richard Silverstein — Tikun Olam "One of the ruling Bayit Yehudi’s leading firebrands is Orthodox settler, MK Bezalel Smotrich. He has a long and sordid history inciting hatred of almost every Israeli minority, Jewish or Palestinian. He’s hosted a “Beast Day” featuring live animals on Gay Pride Day. He called himself a “proud homophobe.” He rejects the term “Jewish terrorism,” and the notion that the arson murders of the Dawabsheh family are terrorism...Israeli Jews are in a state of constant war against the Palestinians and it will not end until we exterminate their will to nationhood. And if we cannot, then we will exterminate them." ca12/5/2017
Is Trump Palestine’s new hope? Daoud Kuttab - Arab News "Of course, promises to broker peace are nothing new for a US president. But Trump is no ordinary US president. Many Palestinians are encouraged by the fact that he does not seem bound by the usual lobby-influenced ideologies and commitments of US political parties. In their view, a US president who puts “America First” surely will see the absurdity of spending so much political and financial capital on Israel, which provides little strategic benefit to the US, at the cost of greater instability in the Middle East." ca 12/5/2017
Israel: health and beyondProf Karl Skoreck&Dr Richard Horton - The Lancet " An assessment of the level of success that Israel has achieved in health, in the face of formidable challenges, including rapid population growth, diverse and often divided ethnic affiliations, and existential security threats, leads us to propose that extension of this principle of global human identity and dignity, together with the objective of a decent society, as overriding values beyond health to other domains of human endeavour within Israel and in its relations with neighbouring peoples, represents an entirely achievable imperative." ca 12/5/2017
Will Hamas’ new policy document allow it to enter international scene?Ahmad Abu Amer - Al-Monitor "On May 1, then-head of Hamas’ political bureau Khaled Meshaal announced the movement’s new General Principles and Policies Document during a press conference held at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, in the presence of Hamas leaders as well as Palestinian and Arab media and political figures... Hamas leader Sami Khater told Al-Monitor that the new policy document took four years to prepare with the help and approval of the movement’s Shura and executive institutions. It reflects the evolution of Hamas’ ideology and political performance that had prevailed for over 30 years, he added...The next few months will reveal to what extent Hamas’ new document and new leadership are able to achieve the movement’s goals, amid Palestinian expectations that this document could open some closed doors." ca 12/5/2017
Netanyahu’s vision of one-state-one-people solutionAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor "As Education Minister Naftali Bennett said in an Al-Monitor interview with Ben Caspit on May 8: Trump must now be told the truth. So this is the truth: The option being promoted by Netanyahu and Bennett is one state for one people. One state for the Jewish people, between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. As far as they are concerned, the Palestinians are not “a people” and never were “a people.” Therefore, they do not deserve a state. They should thank Israel for not expelling them from their homes and for even being willing to make “economic” peace with them." ca 12/5/2017
Gaza military court sentences 2 to execution by firing squad for drug dealingMa`an News Agency - "Hamas, the de facto ruling party in Gaza, has come under repeated criticism from international human rights organizations and foreign governments for its use of the death penalty... According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, at least 22 death sentences have been carried out in the besieged Gaza Strip since the Hamas movement rose to power there in 2007." ca12/5/2017
Israel’s New Cultural War of AggressionRichard Falk - Counterpunch - In all my years of speaking on various topics around the world, I had never previously had events cancelled, although quite frequently there was similar pressure exerted on university administrations, but usually threatening financial reprisals if I was allowed to speak. What happened in Britain is part of an increasingly nasty effort of pro-Israeli activists to shut down debate by engaging in disruptive behavior, threats to security, and by smearing speakers regarded as critics of Israel as ‘anti-Semites,’ and in my case as a ‘self-hating,’ even a self-loathing Jew.-rh11/5/2017
Israeli Police Show 5th Graders How To Kill Palestinian AttackersDaniel J. Solomon - Forward - Israeli police taught elementary school students how to kill Palestinian terrorists as part of an event on Monday highlighting police-community relations in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Hasharon. Using a dummy, police officers used active fire to demonstrate how to take down an assailant armed with a knife and then verify that the assailant was dead. Hundreds of fifth graders sat and watched the enactment. “Has someone there lost his mind? It’s simply stupidity for its own sake, this demonstration of fire,” a parent told Haaretz. “Can’t you bring a traffic cop to demonstrate how he gives a ticket to an offender - they have to see how to dismantle magazines?”-rh 10/5/2017
Why UNESCO`s `Jerusalem resolution` is a win for NetanyahuAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - "The May 2 resolution by UNESCO’s executive committee criticizing archaeological digging in east Jerusalem plays into the hands of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who portrays UNESCO and the international community as enemies of the Israelis." - id 10/5/2017
Arab Knesset leader denounces Israeli racismRay Hanania- The Arab Daily News - "Israeli Knesset Deputy Speaker Ahmad Tibi denounced Israel’s government on Friday as a racist body that practices discrimination in Israel against non-Jews and Apartheid against non-Jews in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip and Occupied Jerusalem." - id 10/5/2017
Red Rag column: Kudos to Minister Sigmar Gabriel; Letter to Judge Neal Hendel; Sultan ErdoganGideon Spiro - Letter I sent to Supreme Court Judge Neal Hendel: You had an opportunity to act as an independent judge and lift the restrictions on Mordechai Vanunu, as a gesture of delayed justice on the Feast of Freedom – Passover 2017. To my dismay, you have failed shamefully by preferring the cowardly recourse of your predecessors who act like the Israel Security Agency’s puppets. Like a parrot you repeat the ISA’s fabrications to the effect that Mordechai Vanunu presents a security danger. gm10/5/2017
What are European Union’s plans if Trump fails on Mideast peace?Uri Savir - Al Monitor - If US President Donald Trump fails to advance his Middle East conference initiative, the European Union will advance its own initiative for a third Paris conference (or in any other EU member capital) and the monitoring of Security Council Resolution 2334 implementation on the illegality of settlement construction. [bz]9/5/2017
Analysis // Abbas` Meeting With Trump Proves the PA Is Strong - Even When It`s Weak Amira Hass - Haaretz - Officially, the Palestinian Authority is perceived as an essential corridor to the establishment of the Palestinian state. In fact, it is a project that the world supports for the sake of regional stability. (...) The Palestinian leadership knows better than Trump that a peace agreement with Israel is farther away than the end of his term. But the leadership allows itself to expect that Trump, a businessman, will understand the severity of Israel’s economic restrictions, and will intervene to soften them. In that, the Palestinians’ reported cautious optimism is not ridiculous. [bz]6/5/2017
Hamas Party Moves Towards Practical Politics Transcript of interview with Dr. Imad Alsoos - The Real News "Dr. Imad Alsoos wrote his PhD at the Free University of Berlin. He`s a scholar of the Hamas Party, and of Palestinian Nationalism. "IMAD ALSOOS: I think we have to take this new document from a point of view of a political gain." ca5/5/2017
Israelis celebrate 69 years, ignore occupationAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - "It appears that the Israeli public prefers to see the half-full glass of a state founded 69 years ago that has flourished on the blood, sweat and tears of the Jewish people. It succeeds in ignoring the other half of the glass, the one poisoned with the blood, sweat and tears of another people." - id 3/5/2017
How Israel`s violent birth destroyed PalestineRamzy Baroud - Al-Jazeera - "Two dates are often used to frame the so-called Palestinian-Israeli conflict: Nakba Day on May 15 and Naksa Day on June 5." - id 3/5/2017
The Jewish-Arab love story that threatened Israel`s national identityDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - "‘All the Rivers,’ the latest book by Dorit Rabinyan, generated international headlines when it was banned from Israel’s high school curriculum for depicting a Jewish-Arab romance." - id3/5/2017
Why I am still hopefulOri Nir - Americans for Peace Now - Israelis will make the annual abrupt shift from solemnity to celebration, from the collective bereavement of Memorial Day to the jingoistic euphoria of Independence Day. And the next day, they will wake up again to the doldrums of the conflict, the occupation, settlements, international pressure and no prospect for peace.(...) It`s not hopeless. Had I thought it was hopeless, I would have found something else to do.Peace is possible, and people on both sides want it. The constituency for peace exists. The big challenge, particularly on the Israeli side, is activating this passive, dormant constituency, energizing it and mobilizing it to demand action from its government. [ak] 2/5/2017
This Is How Israel Inflates Its Jewish Majority Haaretz editorial May 1 - The Central Bureau of Statistics counts the Jews in all areas under Israel`s control from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. But it counts only the Arabs living within the pre-1967 border. [bz]2/5/2017
Palestinian, Jewish Voices Must Jointly Challenge Israel’s PastRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - "Israel has resorted to three main strategies to suppress Palestinian calls for justice and human rights, including the Right of Return for refugees. One is dedicated to rewriting history; another attempts to distract from present realities altogether and a third aims at reclaiming the Palestinian narrative as essentially an Israeli one" [ry]1/5/2017
100 days in: Is the Middle East Trump`s new playground?Farah Najjar - Al Jazeera - One hundred days into office, analysts say Trump`s Middle East policies remain largely unclear and arbitrary [ry]1/5/2017
Trump’s Visit to Israel: How Palestine Disappeared from US Media CoverageRamzy Baroud - Palestine Chronicle - For Palestinians, it must not be easy to find the humour in these tough times. Hundreds of their prisoners, including their most popular leader, Marwan Barghouthi, were enduring a prolonged and life-threatening hunger strike in which they were making the most basic demands for better treatment, longer visitation hours with their families and ending of arbitrary detentions. More telling, on the day Trump, along with rightwing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, lectured Palestinians on peace, a 17-year-old Tuqua Hammad was shot for allegedly throwing stones at Israeli military vehicles at the entrance of her village of Silwad, near Ramallah.-rh31/5/2017
Trump risks repeating Obama`s Mideast mistakesAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - President Donald Trump has placed the resolution of this conflict at the top of his agenda. He chose the Middle East as his first overseas trip and was quick to appoint a special envoy to the region. Trump has invested the presidential prestige before the entire world in a speculative startup stock, a stock that has for years been a source of bitter disappointment to anyone who touched it. Most importantly, Trump invested in it a huge chunk of his ego. He probably doesn’t believe a Jew (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), whose country is not even the size of New Jersey, and a Muslim (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas), who has no state at all, would dare say “no” to Donald Trump. After all, both promised him that they want peace. So, let them sit down together. Each will present his positions. One will compromise a bit, the other will budge slightly. Special envoy Jason Greenblatt will give a little push when necessary, and we have a deal. Piece (or “peace”) of cake.-rh 31/5/2017
Trump makes no promises during Bethlehem whistle-stopDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - For Palestine to be part of the discussion, inclusion in the first foreign tour of a new US president is important. The real question is whether this president is willing to spend the time and political capital not only to bring the sides back to the talks, but to ensure that a resolution is reached and implemented. The present right-wing Israeli government and the makeup of Trump’s team don’t bode well for that.-rh 31/5/2017
Why Trump is on track to disappoint Israel’s NetanyahuIshaan Tharoor - The Washington Post - Even by their standards, the bromance between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed particularly deep in Jerusalem on Monday. Netanyahu, relaxed and beaming, welcomed the American president to the “united capital of the Jewish state,” the second stop on Trump`s overseas tour“ "I think we quote each other,” said Netanyahu, with Trump grinning at his side. “We understand each other and so much of the things that we wish to accomplish for both our countries.”-rh 24/5/2017
Trump Selfie with Israeli MK Features Two Moral Degenerate Birds of a FeatherRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "...and posterity will record that America’s leading moral degenerate president suffered a selfie with Israel’s leading moral degenerate MK (and that’s saying a lot because there are so many prominent Israelis to fit the bill)." - id 24/5/2017
Trump vows to support Palestinian economyRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "“As I discussed with President Abbas in Washington earlier this month, I am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians and I intend to do everything I can to help them achieve that goal."" - id 24/5/2017
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