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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Gaza flotilla drives Israel into a sea of stupidity Gideon Levy - Haaretz - Of course the peace flotilla will not bring peace, and it won`t even manage to reach the Gaza shore. The action plan has included dragging the ships to Ashdod port, but it has again dragged us to the shores of stupidity and wrongdoing31/5/2010
Political Israel does not understand the new worldYitzhak Laor - Haaretz - " In no time, our leaders got addicted to a new kind of landlordship - a world with a single power where Israel enjoyed the status of a regional power under the aegis of the patron...But the United States also knows that it has the largest national debt in the world, and, to a large extent, the economic crisis of 2008 did not become a huge world disaster thanks to China`s economic prowess. 30/5/2010
Who lost Zionism?Mondoweiss - " Gabriel Piterberg : What I would argue for is the de-Zionization of the single state that has now de facto existed between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean for 43 years—more than twice the duration of Israel within the Green Line—so that it may become a modern state based on something resembling universal suffrage, rather than one predicated upon Judaeo-supremacy. "30/5/2010
A Day in NovemberUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - " AIPAC is blackmailing Obama, and until now it has been successful. It will go on doing so after November. Obama should face up to the idea and decide: no more. Will he have the courage to do so? I don’t know. I hope. "30/5/2010
The Failure to Free GazaThis is not the first attempt by the group, known collectively as the Free Gaza Movement (, to break through Israel’s blockade. In the summer of 2008, the organization set sail from Cyprus on two small wooden fishing boats carrying 44 activists from 17 countries. That mission successfully docked at Gaza, the first international ships to have done so since 1957. 29/5/2010
Bring in the third parties Gershon Baskin - Jpost - The Palestinian leaders, US President Barack Obama and the heads of the Quartet must say to Netanyahu: we recognize [that there are real] threats, but the answer to them cannot be continued occupation or control of a future Palestine’s external borders or airspace.25/5/2010
The Palestinian economic boycott of the settlements Bitterlemons editors - Ghassan Khatib - It was intriguing to note that in all Israeli reactions, whether official or from the business sector, no differentiation was made between products made in Israel, which the Palestinians continue to import and consume, and the products of settlements, which every country on earth considers illegal and dangerous to the prospects of peace. // Yossi Alpher - The boycott is escalating just as peace talks are resuming. Why didn`t the boycott start full-speed a year ago? Why now? [two from a series of four articles]25/5/2010
US / Israel Challenged on IranRay McGovern - Counterpunch - The times may be a-changin’ – at least a bit – with the United States and Israel no longer able to dictate to the rest of the world how crises in the Middle East must be handled, though the new reality has been slow to dawn on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her neocon friends in Congress and the U.S. media. 25/5/2010
Taking Gaza seriously Haaretz Editorial - Jerusalem continues to view the siege simply as a public-relations problem, and is currently readying to intercept the aid fleet of pro-Palestinian activists that is now on its way to protest the closure. Instead of allowing Gazans to rebuild, Israel is setting up a televised confrontation between the navy and unarmed civilians.25/5/2010
Israel`s complicity in apartheid crimes undermines its attack on GoldstoneGary Younge - The Guardian - To rubbish the former judge`s report on Gaza, Israel has dredged up his record in South Africa – while forgetting its own. 25/5/2010
Hypocrisy: Israel, Apartheid South Africa and Goldstone Haim Baram - Kol Hair / AIC - “The important investigation about him [Goldstone], which was accompanied by harsh descriptions of actions taken by the racist regime in South Africa, were received by us with applause. Thousands of talk backers suddenly ‘remembered’ their long-standing opposition to the Apartheid regime, and (Israel’s) Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered its representatives throughout the world to make liberal use of these discoveries about Goldstone, ‘who spoke badly about Israel.’ Suddenly, the natural inheritors of the apartheid regime in the Israeli establishment were conducting a successful public relations campaign, and everyone was covered in disgusting righteousness”24/5/2010
Israelis` ideal state: A country without criticism Gideon Levy - Haaretz - Let us imagine the dream-country of most Israelis - without criticism, neither from within nor from without. It speaks in one voice and is eternally united, with devotion and cohesion; all-Jewish, that goes without saying24/5/2010
Red Rag column: The same tune againGideon Spiro - The same tune again - "The most dangerous man" - Jerusalem racism day23/5/2010
Amos Oz, A.B Yehoshua and the Military Industry ComplexUdi Aloni - " The two distinguished gentlemen have also failed to disclose, in their letter to the students, their recurring betrayal of the peace camp and their consistent support of all the wars of choice which Israel has embarked on. Their view is the view of a prophet looking upward, but their deeds are the deeds of sycophant priests (Kohanim). Sometimes it seems as if the designated role of the leftist author is to perform a verbal whitewashing of Israeli racism."23/5/2010
`Walking in the path of fascism`Khaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - Israel`s denial of entry to Noam Chomsky is but the latest in a long list of attempts to silence critics of Zionist oppression and violence..."The young man [the Israeli border official] asked me whether I had ever been denied entry into other countries. I told him once, to Czechoslovakia, after the Soviet invasion in 1968," Chomsky said, adding that he had gone to visit ousted Czechoslovak leader Alexander Dubcek, whose reforms the Soviets crushed. "23/5/2010
The charge: ArabsGideon Levy -Haaretz - " While it may be true that Israeli Arabs enjoy more rights than most of the world`s Arabs, hey are worse off than most of the world`s Jews... We can`t ignore that the debate about the "Jewish state" excludes Israel`s Arabs by definition, shunting them into a corner from which there is no way out. "23/5/2010
Abbas: No agreement on land swapAli Waked - Ynet - Abbas also addressed the boycott of Israeli products: "The European Union and the Mideast Quartet officially declared that the settlements are illegal, so there is nothing illegal in us boycotting goods that originate from places that have been defined as illegitimate." 22/5/2010
More settlements as talks beginKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - " 21/5/2010
We can’t make peace but we can sure make up termsRAY HANANIA - J-lem Post - "What exactly do proximity talks mean? Well, for starters, it means not talking to each other, which probably makes both sides happy. It does allow them to talk to everyone else." 21/5/2010
Land of Security Know-HowNeve Gordon - LRB-Blog - "Most recently, new ‘revealing information’ was disseminated to the press, accusing the Jewish Zionist South African judge of sentencing 28 black South Africans to death during the apartheid years." 21/5/2010
Minister Ben Eliezer shaken by hostility to Israel in EU, OECD membership notwithstandingBen Caspit - Ma`ariv (translation of excerpt, Didi Remez-Coteret) - We are sick of Israel, stop carrying on about the Iranian bomb as long as you don’t put an end to your conflict with the Palestinians. 18/5/2010
ACRI: Chomsky one of many stopped Ron Friedman - Jerusalem Post - Danish student and peace activist Rikke Gram was denied entrance to Israel at the beginning of April. Gram, who studied history at the University of Haifa and later completed an internship at IPCRI was detained in Ben-Gurion Airport’s holding facility for three days after being denied entry, and then flown back to her home country. 18/5/2010
Yediot legal editor: Chomsky affair part of trend that “could mark the end of Israel as a freedom-loving state of law”Boaz Okon [legal affairs editor] - Yediot - "When freedom disappears — it comes first of all at the expense of the weak, the marginal groups or the minorities. But it does not end there. Now it is also reaching intellectuals with a worldwide reputation. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the decision to shut up Prof. Chomsky is an attempt to put an end to freedom in the State of Israel. I am not talking about the stupidity of supplying ammunition to those who say that Israel is fascist, but rather about our concern that we may be becoming fascists"17/5/2010
Nakba Day: A request from the Palestinian Refugees, by Eitan BronsteinMy request is, therefore, that you persist and will not give up your right to return. 15/5/2010
Iranian Human-Rights Hero at Conservative Washington Event: Bush Caused Lasting Damage - and Palestine must Be Free800 folks in the Washington Hilton ballroom in black tie, for the awarding the bi-annual Milton Friedman award... This year’s award was given to Akbar Ganji, an Iranian author and democracy activist who spent six years in prison, some of it in solitary confinement... at the heart of his speech, was the core bit of advice: don’t invade, don’t bomb, and bring justice to Palestine.15/5/2010
Israel`s repression of its Palestinian citizens unites us in struggle by Ameer Makhoul,- The Electronic Intifada "I am the director of Ittijah, Union of Arab Community-Based Associations and the chairman of the Popular Committee for the Defense of Political Freedoms, which is a sub-committee of the High Monitoring Committee of Arabs in Israel." 14/5/2010
Desperately smearing Goldstone By LARRY DERFNER - Jerusalem Post "Goldstone`s "exposure" as apartheid-era hanging judge is so pathetic. " 14/5/2010
Israelis` state of denial over treatment of PalestiniansBy Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz "The only thing the public does not want to hear about is the repression of the Palestinians. This is not a matter of keeping secrets, but of denial. "14/5/2010
From the West BankMark Fisher - Guardian - "...a playwright finds himself incapable of communicating his tourist`s eye view of the Middle East to his wife. In her indifference and his effusiveness we see our own conflicted response to the region." 12/5/2010
Red Rag columnGideon Spiro - The Left and the Burqa - The beginning of change? - A quarrel between racists - Rising violence in Israel12/5/2010
Palestinian Civil Society Slams OECD Over Israel’s AccessionBNC - Palestine Monitor - “The only legally sound course of action for OECD governments would have been to put Israel’s accession process on hold and give due consideration to the serious legal ramifications put forth by prominent legal experts. Not doing so means that these states are actively abetting Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people and cementing Israeli impunity in maintaining its occupation and apartheid system.” 11/5/2010
The `Get Goldstone` CampaignMJ Rosenberg - Media Matters - The defenders of the Gaza war cannot win any argument about Gaza unless they change the subject11/5/2010
Special Place in Hell / If the secret police ran a Jewish stateBradley Burston - Haaretz - If the secret police ran the Jewish state, any and every move could be explained in two words and never more than two. Security reasons. 11/5/2010
How the US and Israel Draw Ever Closer Together - Cementing RelationshipsBrian Cloughley - CounterPunch - "The relationship between the White House and Israel has been officially cemented, just as effectively as the Washington-supported cementation of illegal Jewish condos on stolen Arab land. Palestinians will continue to be persecuted and dispossessed"10/5/2010
Buy Palestinian products Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "It takes no small amount of audacity to threaten the Palestinians with harm to their economy if they refuse to continue building Israeli settlements on their own land. Only we are allowed to threaten boycotts every Monday and Thursday against countries that dare to criticize us. After all, we, as is well known, have the monopoly on patriotism"10/5/2010
The price of courage: Goldstone`s barmitzvah and Finkelstein`s bookRamzy Baroud - Counterpunch - “The times they are a-changing,” wrote Finkelstein. True, and that is a most impressive achievement that was made possible by the likes of Jimmy Carter, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt, Richard Goldstone, Richard Falk, John Dugard, Finkelstein himself, and the innumerable authors, journalists and bloggers who tirelessly worked to document the truth.9/5/2010
Fatah, Hamas watch, waitMkhaimar Abusada - The Japan Times - With dueling authorities running Gaza and the West Bank, the Palestinian people find themselves in the middle of an experiment. In Gaza, where Hamas is in charge, the high price of armed resistance to Israel has discredited any attempts to revive the conflict. In the West Bank, under Fatah rule, negotiations have gone nowhere. 9/5/2010
A fantasyUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - I ADMIRE Prof. John Mearsheimer. His rigorous logic. His lucid presentation. His rare moral courage. I was very honored to host him and his colleague, Prof. Stephen Walt, in Tel Aviv, after their book about the Israel lobby in the US provoked a furor. And I don’t agree with his conclusions.9/5/2010
VIDEO Israeli Deputy Ambassador Propaganda Talk in Manchester - w/commentaryEnglish student-activists grill the propagandist with questions and expose her hollowness. Video with a lot of additional commentary by the activists8/5/2010
The Charge: ArabWhat can we possibly want from our Arab citizens? The truth is, more than anything, we would like them to disappear, though not their hummus restaurants...Let them obey the Citizenship Law and not marry members of their people from the occupied territories. Let them obey the so-called Nakba Law and not dare mention the events of 1948, even in a whisper, ever. Let them not dare buy an apartment in Upper Nazareth or Carmiel, which were built on their lands15/5/2010
On Israel, Jews and leaders often disagreePaul Vitello (commentary by Sol Salbe) - New York Times - Criticizing Israel has long been the equivalent of touching a third rail in many Jewish families and friendships, relegating disagreements to a conversational demilitarized zone where only the innocent and foolhardy go.6/5/2010
Rashid Khalidi: "Inform people"Israeli Occupation Archive - Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University, discusses US-Israel relations, The Obama Administration’s Middle East policies, and effective strategy and tactics for those fighting for justice for the Palestinians.6/5/2010
Bitter or sourDov Weissglas - Yediot (translation Didi Remez-Coteret) - The interest that the Obama administration has begun to show in a Middle East that is “clean” of nuclear weapons imposes on the Israeli government a supreme obligation to ensure a considerate and supportive administration, as much as possible. It would be a terrible mistake to continue to quarrel with an already angry administration on settlement matters. [Weisglass has been PM Ariel Sharon`s confidential advisor]4/5/2010
Who Lives in Sheik Jarrah?Kai Bird - NYT - In a cruel historical twist, nearly all of the Palestinians evicted from their homes in Sheik Jarrah in the last year-and-a-half were originally expelled in 1948 from their homes in the West Jerusalem neighborhood of Talbieh.4/5/2010
A welcome Jewish voiceHaaretz Editorial - During the latest crisis with the U.S. administration, Prime Minister Benjamim Netanyahu spared no effort in getting Jewish public figures like Elie Wiesel to join the battle against pressure for a construction freeze in East Jerusalem. Those who recruit Jews from the right to support their policies must honor the right of the Jewish left to express its views. The contribution of Jewish peace activists in Europe is a suitable response to the damage that members of the Netanyahu government, mainly Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, are doing to Israel`s interests there. 4/5/2010
"The Future of Palestine: Righteous Jews vs. the New Afrikaners" with Professor John J. Mearsheimer John J. Mearsheimer - The Jerusalem Fund - "The story I will tell is straightforward. Contrary to the wishes of the Obama administration and most Americans – to include many American Jews – Israel is not going to allow the Palestinians to have a viable state of their own in Gaza and the West Bank. Regrettably, the two-state solution is now a fantasy. Instead, those territories will be incorporated into a ‘Greater Israel,’ which will be an apartheid state bearing a marked resemblance to white-ruled South Africa. Nevertheless, a Jewish apartheid state is not politically viable over the long term. In the end, it will become a democratic bi-national state, whose politics will be dominated by its Palestinian citizens"3/5/2010
Israelis and Egyptians are killing youth who challenge the siege of Gaza Ann Wright - Counterpunch - The Palestinians in the Death Zone called Gaza are being slaughtered again as Israel and now Egypt kill and wound more innocent civilians who challenge their illegal siege, blockade and quarantine.2/5/2010
Insulting the memory of an anti-apartheid activistVivian Tabar - Palestine Chronicle - In recent years, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has announced its plans to rebuild a section of the Birya forest, located in the Galilee, and to name it after the late Coretta Scott King, the renowned civil rights and anti-apartheid activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr. The Coretta Scott King Forest is being built as part of ‘Operation Northern Renewal,’ a $400 million JNF campaign that aims to rebuild its forests in the North that were destroyed during Israel’s brutal assault on Lebanon the summer of 2006.2/5/2010
The "Intercosma" company left the Occupied Territories and was removed from the settlement boycott list Gush Shalom - The Gush Shalom Settlement Boycott Team decided to remove the name of the cosmetics company "Intercosma" from its list of settlement products, following confirmation that the company finally left the Atarot Industrial Zone on the West Bank. 2/5/2010
Rights groups attack Israeli bill to shut down military criticsRory McCarthy - The Guardian - Proposed law could allow closure of any organisation that investigates and legally challenges abuses by Israeli military2/5/2010
A cloud over JerusalemUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Everyone the right to change his or her mind. Even Danny Tirzeh. Colonel Tirzeh was responsible for planning the wall that “envelopes” Jerusalem – the one that cuts the city off from the West Bank in order to turn it into the United Capital Of Israel For All Eternity. 2/5/2010
`Learning the Lesson from South Africa` - When Haaretz Publishes a Cynical Piece...In further correspondence with Prof. Hetsroni, he added that "Arabs, as a rule, understand only force", and claimed "All we have done to them was to take a few olive trees, that`s all".4/5/2010
Zero sum gameby Saleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram Weekly "Fatah and Hamas remain locked in contention, unable to resolve their differences and unable to move forward"28/5/2010
Israel’s Propaganda War - Blame the Grand MuftiGilbert Achcar - Le Monde Diplomatique - Many Israelis and Palestinians would like peaceful coexistence, but myths, propaganda and denial have a habit of getting in the way17/5/2010
Boycotting the boycotters Gideon Levy - Haaretz - While the international boycott against apartheid South Africa is credited with leading to the regime`s downfall, here it is considered irrelevant and unworthy of comparison17/5/2010
The Career of Shimon Peres - Israel`s Master of Deception Rannie Amiri -CounterPunch - "The international community has long been enamored by current Israeli President and former Prime Minister, Shimon Peres. Regarded as a voice of reason and a dove among hawks, he adroitly assuages fears and reassures critics with soothing, yet empty words advocating dialogue and the creation of a Palestinian state. By duping the world into believing significant differences exist between his ‘left wing’ views and those of Israel’s far right, he has proven himself a master at deception"17/5/2010
Palestinian Population of Israel: Israeli Secret Services Promise and Deliver Issam Aburaya - AIC - "The GSS is above democracy. It perceives itself as authorized to define the meaning of a Jewish state, those who are subverting it and also to employ almost all the possible tools to neutralize them. It should be recalled that the GSS has always acted both within and outside the law. In truth, when it comes to the Palestinian population, to a large extent the GSS is the law! […] The Palestinian population in Israel is exposed and abandoned to the capricious power of the GSS. The GSS promised to persecute activities conducted with tools provided by democracy, and the GSS delivered"17/5/2010
Proximity talks a waste of timeby Eitan Haber - Israel Opinion - Ynet "At the ultimate end of everything, in a month, a year, or 10 years from now, everyone knows what the final result will be. Netanyahu and Barak, Obama and Sarkozy, Abbas and Haniyeh all know the ultimate outcome of the “proximity talks”, and the direct talks, and the secret and open negotiation sessions." 7/5/2010
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