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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Israel is using Iran to sidestep Mideast peace talksHaaretz Editorial - Rival parties on Israel`s center and left have adopted a policy of unilateral disengagement from Palestinian issues. Kadima is busy with infighting, the Labor Party prefers to focus on social issues, and Yair Lapid, the new immigrant to the political arena, has decided that peace is for dreamers. It`s hard to understand how a society that has so impressively brought social injustice to the top of the agenda has fallen victim to our nationalist-religious leaders` criminal ploy and the irresponsible opposition`s helplessness. 30/1/2012
Will Israel Attack Iran?Ronen Bergman - NYT - There is that peculiar Israeli mixture of fear — rooted in the sense that Israel is dependent on the tacit support of other nations — and the fierce conviction that only the Israelis can ultimately defend themselves.30/1/2012
God rules all in 2012 Israel, even the stateGideon Levy--Israel: Not what you thought, not what the world thought, not what Israelis imagine themselves to think. Israeli society isn`t secular, it isn`t liberal and it isn`t enlightened. 29/1/2012
Science vs. Lies - Imagining a “Clean Break” with Israel…Over IranGary Leupp - CounterPunch - "The world of science acknowledges matter-of-factly that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program. There is simply no evidence for one. The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, staffed by specialists on nuclear power and maintaining a tight watch on Iran’s civilian facilities, finds no evidence of a military program. [...] But then there is the political world of systematic disinformation. The world of big, bold lies which, as they are constantly repeated, acquire a certain life of their own"31/1/2012
Students must be exposed to the Israeli occupationHaaretz Editorial - The so-called heritage curriculum introduced by Education Minister Gideon Sa`ar hides the occupation and its injustices from pupils31/1/2012
Israel is using Iran to sidestep Mideast peace talksHaaretz Editorial--It`s hard to understand how a society that has so impressively brought social injustice to the top of the agenda has fallen victim to our nationalist-religious leaders` criminal ploy and the irresponsible opposition`s helplessness.dn29/1/2012
The Rights`s handbook on American-Jewish loyaltyNoam Sheizaf - - Jerusalem Post’s deputy editor wants Jews to put Israel before the interests of their own country, while Daily Beast’s Eli Lake demands that Israelis stay out of the debate on Israel. 28/1/2012
The predictable aftermath of the anti-CAP smearGlenn Greenwald - Salon - The aim is to render it not only illegitimate, but even evil, to suggest that �some conservative American Jewish reporters, pundits, and policymakers are more concerned with the interests of the Jewish state than those of the United States.� But �It hardly strains credulity to imagine that folks with the views described above would welcome an attack on Iran�s nuclear program to protect Israel, regardless of its implications for the United States and the world.�28/1/2012
Israel, Settlements and DemocracyRobert Fantina - Counterpunch - "The U.S. has proven to be a stumbling-block to the rights of the Palestinian people to live in peace, dignity and freedom." And the US, by subsidizing the Israeli colonization of the West Bank which makes peace impossible, has also proven to be a stumbling-block to the rights of the Israeli people to live in peace, dignity and freedom. gm28/1/2012
Hurrah for Egypt!Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - THE IMPOSSIBLE has happened. The Egyptian parliament, democratically elected by a free people, has convened for its first session. For me this is a wonderful, a joyful occasion. 28/1/2012
One State, Two States: Who Is the Subject of Palestinian Liberation?Max Ajl - Mrzine - One state or two? Boycott of Israeli goods or goods from the settlements? Is the lobby the genesis of American wrongdoing in Palestine or is it imperialism? The questions -- regarding vision, strategy, and analysis -- produce sharp cleavages on the Left. Indeed, generally ones much deeper than they need to be. And they remain stubbornly unsettled.28/1/2012
Welcome to the fastest-growing Jewish community in the world: GermanyOfer Aderet--Jewish Voice from Germany, published by former Israeli, marks renaissance of long-dormant culture. dn28/1/2012
Red Rag: Letters to Supreme Court judges - Murders of Iranian scientistsGideon Spiro - Letters to Israeli Supreme Court judges - murders of Iranian scientists.27/1/2012
What is Ashkenazi identity?Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz - Israeli mobility is great enough to accept Mizrahim into the elite - but on one condition: They must repudiate what is taking place down below. To be accepted into the elite, one must not be a rightist, and it`s also better not to be religious. And even in the Likud party, one is only allowed to talk about how `the left is to blame for it all.` rh 25/1/2012
Preventing `Politicide` in the Middle EastHenry Siegman - Huffington Post - The bilateral peace process that the U.S. has doggedly sought to insulate from outside "interference" is not only an empty exercise but has served to provide Israel with cover for its settlement project. From its outset the goal of this project has been to subvert Palestinian statehood, a goal from which Israel is but a hair`s breadth away. By insisting that Palestinians return to this empty exercise, and by continuing to block attempted interventions by other parties, including the UN and its various agencies, the U.S. has in effect been collaborating with Prime Minister Netanyahu`s goal of "politicide"--the violent termination of Palestinian national political existence. 25/1/2012
Yalla Peace: Palestinians’ worst enemy – themselves RAY HANANIA - JPost - "Yes, the tragedy of the Palestinians isn’t that they are victims of injustice at the hands of the Israelis. It is their own tendency to destroy themselves from within." - id 25/1/2012
National Suicide in three actsAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Stay out of my bedroom." "Foreign country, or what?" and "The cat came, and ate the goat (Chad Gadya)." - id 25/1/2012
Would another Obama term be better for Israel/Palestine than Romney?Noam Sheizaf - +972 - Should all that be a reason to prefer Romney over Obama? It depends on what guides one’s vote. I tend to like Obama. My point was that based on past behavior, there is no reason to think that he would be much better than Romney. 24/1/2012
The writing has always been on the wallSam Bahour - Bitterlemons - Soon, if the current trajectory continues, Palestinians will tell Israelis: "You win! You get it all--the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, the Jordan Valley, the settlements, all the water, and guess what? You get us too! Now, where do we sign up for our health care cards?" [This is Bahour`s contribution to a discussion of How do we know if and when the two-state solution is no longer feasible? The article includes links to those of Yossi Alpher, Ghassan Khatib and Shlomo Avineri.]24/1/2012
A softer touch on the Nakba Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - More of the Israeli mainstream than previously thought adopted the critical approach on 1948 already years before the advent of New Historians like Tom Segev and Benny Morris. The study (Nets-Zehngut`s doctoral thesis) is based on roughly a hundred interviews and more than a thousand publications released over 56 years, including those of veterans of the 1948 war, and state agencies such as the Education Ministry and the Israel Defense Forces.24/1/2012
Egypt’s election results are none of Israel’s businessLisa Goldman - +972 - Outsiders who wish for a return of the dictators are pushing against the inevitable tide of history. And Israelis who express a preference for Mubarak only contribute to the perception, widely held in Egypt, that the dictator was able to survive because he was supported by ‘the Zionists’23/1/2012
Israel`s legal `abuse` of Arab minority is undemocraticOudeh Basharat - Haaretz - The call for international public opinion to raise its voice completes the struggle of the democratic forces here. This will make it clear to all that the right-wing establishment in Israel has crossed a line in the direction of apartheid23/1/2012
Israel`s `national suicide` Mark LeVine - Aljazeera - In titling last Wednesday`s legal decision, upholding the controversial Citizenship Law that prevents Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens from living in Israel "Human rights are not a prescription for national suicide", the court`s majority well summed up the existential predicament Israel faces today - indeed, has always faced - as it attempts to be both Jewish and democratic. 18/1/2012
EU delegates: Palestine Liberation Organization should return to JerusalemAmira Hass - Haaretz - "Without Jerusalem as the future capital of two states, a sustainable peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will not be possible," said the opening sentence of the report, which is currently being sent to foreign ministries in various capitals, and for a discussion at the Political and Security Committee of the European Union in Brussels. rh 18/1/2012
Israel`s immigration plan for `ethnically pure` bunker stateJonathan Cook - The National - The new infiltration law is the latest in a set of policies fortifying Israel`s status as the world`s first "bunker state"- and one designed to be as ethnically pure as possible. The concept was expressed most famously by an earlier prime minister, Ehud Barak, who called Israel "a villa in the jungle", relegating the country`s neighbours to the status of wild animals. 18/1/2012
Yalla Peace: Falafel, fences and Syria RAY HANANIA - JPost - "A common complaint is that Israel “stole” the falafel. Well, Israel has stolen Palestinian land, but can you really steal a food?" - id 18/1/2012
Don’t Do It, BibiROGER COHEN - IHT - "Choosing between the United States and Iran is a no-brainer. One is a great power and essential friend. The other is a blustering, combustible society that’s been tinkering with a nuclear program for decades and whose closest regional ally, Syria, is on the brink." - id 18/1/2012
In Signal to Israel and Iran, Obama Delays War ExerciseGareth Porter and Jim Lobe - Antiwar - "U.S. officials told the Associated Press Saturday that Israel was considered responsible for the killing, and the London Times published a detailed account of what it said was an Israeli Mossad operation." - id 18/1/2012
Reports of Israeli readiness to negotiate an insultMairav Zonszein - +972 - "How can anyone talk about “peace talks,” “negotiations” or a “two-state solution” with a straight face anymore?" - id 18/1/2012
Israel’s new Supreme Court: Liberalism doesn’t live here anymoreEyal Clyne - +972Magazine - Recent rulings by the High Court and the appointment of a right wing settler signal the twilight of Israel’s juridical liberal-democratic period.17/1/2012
EU Report on Israel: Saving the Two State Solution? Jonathan Cook - Al-Akhbar - Already-strained relations between Israel and Europe hit an all-time low after a leaked internal European report criticized Israel in unprecedented terms, warning that the chances of a two-state solution were rapidly fading, and reflecting mounting exasperation among the 27 European member states. Israeli newspapers, reported on the developing crisis with headlines such as “Israel vs Europe.” 17/1/2012
Terrorism double standard: Framing Mossad-CIA storyYossi Gurvitz - +972 - Foreign Policy’s piece about Israel’s false flag activities reminds us that Israel has been supporting terrorists for a long, long time 16/1/2012
Bit by bit, coverage of occupation disappears from Israeli newsHaggai Matar - +972 - And then I saw this picture of a segment of the Wall around Bethlehem, taken by Anne Paq. A strong picture of a strong painting, which made me write all this down. Because there IS an incredible struggle going on here against a brutal occupation. It’s an occupation that can be dreadful, when it entails military campaigns and the killing of hundreds of people, and similarly dreadful when it creates the appearance of a peaceful routine. 22/1/2012
ISM turns tenNeta Golan - International Solidarity Movement - It saddens me that in the global solidarity movement with Palestine, some experienced activists, some of whom grew up as activists in ISM, (...) have fallen back on the old fashioned vertical politics of top-down coalitions, charismatic leaders, and a version of professional activism, where experience is used as a tool to withhold power rather than something we have a responsibility to share with others.14/1/2012
Supreme Court thrusts Israel down the slope of apartheid Haaretz Editorial - The High Court of Justice`s ruling Wednesday on the legality of the Citizenship Law proves the erosion of this institution`s role as Israel`s guardian of civil rights. Let`s look at how the justices voted at the moment of truth on the law, which bans Palestinians from living in Israel with spouses who are Israeli citizens. 14/1/2012
Palestinians castigate `illogical` Amman meetingKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly "The leftist camp described the meeting as "illogical: in light of the unrelenting continuation of Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank as well as seizure of Palestinian land for settlement purposes. The PA consistently said it wouldn`t agree to resume stalled talks with Israel until and unless Tel Aviv agreed to freeze all settlement activities in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.However, the US has been warning the vulnerable Palestinian leadership that it wouldn`t continue to bankroll the PA unless it agreed to resume talks without preconditions with Israel." ca 13/1/2012
Israel to increase defence budget by $700m Aljazeera - Israel will boost defence spending by about six per cent this year in the face of deepening regional instability, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said, after saying last year that he would make cuts to the military to finance social reforms. 12/1/2012
Three Settler MKs Expose IDF Movements to Settler-Rioters Who Assaulted West Bank Army Base Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - But it’s a relatively new phenomenon for Israeli Jewish MKs not just to be accused, but to boast that they gave away classified information to settler hoodlums that was used as part of an assault against a West Bank army base in which two senior officers were wounded by bricks and rocks. Because of the assault. the IDF was prevented from demolishing an illegal outpost, which was the original goal of the settlers. In most other democratic countries this would be considered akin to sedition. In Israel, not so much. 12/1/2012
Cyber wars could be better than rubber bulletsRAY HANANIA - JPost - "I fully expected Israel to launch an retaliatory cyber-strike against the Saudis." - id 11/1/2012
The phony war over which US party loves Israel mostJosh Ruebner - EI- "While fretting about Israel as an electoral issue has been confined largely so far to the self-described “pro-Israel” crowd, an open and honest debate about US policy toward Israel and the Palestinians desperately needs to take place in the broader body politic as well." - id 11/1/2012
About Antisemites and KindergartensAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "The government of Israel is providing to all and sundry, free of charge, a comprehensive preparation course guaranteed to make you a world class expert on antisemitism at record speed." - id 11/1/2012
Red Rag weekly columnGideon Spiro - radioactive government - Abu Mazen and Amna Muna - Berlin and Palestine - new film on the Bund11/1/2012
The Stolen WarUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Even worse, Hamas is about to join the PLO and take part in the Palestinian government. High time to do something about it. Attack Gaza, for example. Compel Hamas to become extremist again. Not content with stealing our war, Mash’al is carrying out a series of more sinister actions. By joining the PLO, he is committing Hamas to the Oslo agreements and all the other official deals between Israel and the PLO. He has announced that Hamas accepts a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders"9/1/2012
Economic separation under Israeli control Shir Hever - AIC - "Israeli citizens, and especially Jewish settlers, enjoy privileges in the OPT over the indigenous Palestinian population. As a result, the Palestinian economy is strangled. Businesses depend on special permits from the Israeli authorities for importing raw materials and machinery, for transporting finished goods (not only to Israel but also within the OPT itself). As the Palestinians have no borders, Israel controls all of their imports and exports, and collects customs from products intended for the OPT (customs which are often withheld by the Israeli government"9/1/2012
FOREVER AFTER - Is Israeli rule of the West Bank really a temporary occupation? As if.Gershom Gorenberg - The American Prospect - Supreme Court President Beinisch accepted the government`s argument that the quarry question was political and diplomatic, not judicial. Under the 1995 Oslo II accord, she wrote, Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are supposed to negotiate the future of the quarries. Beinisch could have stopped with this technical reason to reject the suit, but she couldn`t resist addressing its merits. Since the Israeli occupation was "formally temporary, but certainly long-term," the laws of occupation had to be adjusted, she said. 7/1/2012
High Court ruling on Nakba Bill reveals its waning powerFady Khoury - - The High Court of Justice (HCJ) on Thursday dismissed a petition submitted by Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, challenging the constitutionality of the the Nakba Law "since the law has not yet been applied to any cases." 7/1/2012
The Mideast Peace Process in 2011: Hopes and DisillusionmentHenry Siegman - The National Interest - 2011 was the year in which the international community, including America’s most important European allies, realized the groundlessness of their long-standing belief that the United States is uniquely positioned to leverage its unprecedented support for Israel into pressure to accept a just and balanced peace accord. Netanyahu and Obama have put an end to these illusions.7/1/2012
Is Israel losing the battle?Steve Rubin - Ynet - On college campuses Israel`s de-legitimization is not an issue of bigoted anti-Semitism; rather, it is a case of educated and intelligent young adults having been easily and convincingly swayed by an overwhelmingly powerful Palestinian narrative. (...) The majority of American Jews may still profoundly support the conceptual idea of Israel, but are mentally exhausted in having to defend her.7/1/2012
Hamas And The Brotherhood: Reanimating History Ramzy Baroud - Countercurrents "By venturing out of Gaza, Haniyeh is hoping to expand the diameters of the Palestinian Islamic movement into Egypt and beyond – thus reclaiming what Hamas once considered ‘the strategic depth’ of the Palestinian cause. While such a push failed to attain its objectives in 2006, 2012 is a brand new year." ca6/1/2012
Peace in Palestine: Is Reconciliation Between Hamas and Fatah Just Around the Corner? Kathleen Peratis - The Nation - Hamas is stronger now, Fatah is relatively weaker and both are ready to defy the United States and Israel. “The US told [Palestinian Authority president and Fatah leader] Abu Mazen to choose between the US and Hamas. But he now knows there is no hope that Israel will give him anything in the years to come,” said Huda Naim Naim, a member of the Hamas politburo and the Palestinian Legislative Council. 5/1/2012
Just what Israel needs - more Jewish sushi chefs RAY HANANIA - J-Post - "My real question though is, can investing in sushi chefs create peace?" - id 4/1/2012
`You have found the place of my shame, O King of the Kazars`Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "...who live in poverty and misery, subject to scorn and agony and killing, are exactly therefore "closer to God.." - id4/1/2012
Moving closer to Gaza warRon Gilran - Y-Net - Islamic Jihad is being restrained by Fatah and Hamas, who are not interested in escalating the situation at a time when reconciliation talks between Palestinian factions are underway. However, Israeli decision makers consider current political trends and events in the region and elsewhere as providing Israel with a comfortable period in which to launch what would undoubtedly be a highly controversial operation. (Note: this article reflects Government positions and is interesting as such. AK]3/1/2012
What Hanna Arendt already understood long agoPhilip Weiss selection - Mondoweiss - The Palestinian Jews would degenerate into one of those small warrior tribes. (...) Financial help and political support will be necessary for a long time to come. And that may turn out to be very troublesome indeed for Jews in this country [the U.S.], who after all have no power to direct the political destinies of the Near East. 3/1/2012
An unwelcome intro to the binational state A.B. Yehoshua - Haaretz - Unlike their brethren in Syria and other Arab states - who, bare-chested, confront army bullets fired by their own compatriots - the Palestinians passively watch accelerated settlement construction; and with their sub-conscious patience they drag us toward a binational state. [Sic!] bz 3/1/2012
Binationalism only way for Palestinian minority to be “Good Citizens”Fady Khoury - +972 - Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict around the lines of the two-state solution – with a Jewish state within the Green Line and a Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip – will not fix that. A large Palestinian minority will remain inside the Jewish state and a Jewish minority will probably remain within the borders of the Palestinian state. On the other hand, the binational state model, a one-state solution for the two nations, could, if genuinely implemented, give the Palestinians and the Jews the opportunity to be good citizens while preserving their ethnic and cultural identities. 3/1/2012
Israel`s humane societyBelen Fernandez - al-Jazeera - Last week, Israel`s High Court voted to uphold a law denying Israeli citizenship or residency not only to Palestinians married to Israeli Arabs, but also to spouses of similarly distasteful nationality (Lebanese, Iraqi, etc). I read the news of the court verdict on the Haaretz website, where it was offset by another breaking headline of a more compassionate nature: `Serbian vulture set free after treatment at Israeli veterinary hospital`.21/1/2012
Israel backs Jundallah in Iran - audioScott Horton interviews Gareth Porter - - Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for IPS News, discusses the Israeli Mossad’s false flag operation that made the CIA appear responsible for terrorist attacks inside Iran; using Jundullah to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists to provoke a military response – not set back their nuclear program - gm21/1/2012
The Bibi connectionMax Blumenthal - Al Akbar English - The prime minister and his inner circle are moving full steam ahead in their political shadow campaign whose ultimate goal is to remove Obama. Bibi’s war against Obama is unprecedented. While Israeli prime ministers have tried to help incumbent presidents, none have ever waged a full-scale campaign to overthrow them.21/1/2012
Where is the international community?Uri Yacobi Keller - Alternative Information Center - The Israeli High Court`s racist ruling approving the citizenship law that differentiates between Jews and non-Jews is a turning point. Activists and organizations working for human rights in Israel-Palestine must take the High Court`s move seriously and begin to petition international courts on behalf of the Palestinians.21/1/2012
The "anti-Semitism" smear campaign rolls onGlenn Greenwald - Salon - The goal here is the same as it always is for efforts to smear critics of Israel (or those who question the AIPAC line on U.S. policy toward the region) as anti-Semites: namely, to gather scalps, even low-level ones, in order to intimidate others21/1/2012
Brzezinski: Israel "bought influence" and out maneuvered ObamaJordan Michael Smith - Salon - Brzezinski believes that space has opened up in the United States to be more critical of Israel. “The American public is becoming more discriminating, and the Jewish public in America is becoming more discriminating,” he says. “They realize that extremist sloganeering and warmongering are not the most helpful approaches.”21/1/2012
The BlockbustersUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - “ISRAEL HAS no foreign policy, only a domestic policy,” Henry Kissinger once remarked. This has probably been more or less true of every country since the advent of democracy. Yet in Israel, this seems even truer. (Ironically, it could almost be said that the US has no foreign policy, only an Israeli domestic policy.) 21/1/2012
Pressure Israel; not IranMarjorie Cohn - - Acts of aggression against Iran are designed to provoke Iran to retaliate, including possibly closing the Strait of Hormuz, which will spark a war that could spread to the entire Middle East.21/1/2012
Shukran, IsraelUri Avnery--IF ISLAMIST movements come to power all over the region, they should express their debt of gratitude to their bete noire, Israel. dn1/1/2012
In West Bank, Israel`s rule is that of the jungleHaaretz Editorial--In the hands of this government, which mainly involve moving buildings built on private lands to `state lands`, have become instruments to deepen the occupation and obstruct the two-state solution. dn1/1/2012
Israeli war drums ignore Hamas move for changeGideon Levy--Instead of encouraging moderation, whether genuine or imaginary, whether strategic or tactical, Israel is rushing to nip it in the bud. dn1/1/2012
Gaza Lives: Reflecting on `Operation Cast Lead` Mohammed AlNadi--In Israel, nothing is more rewarding than committing systematic mass killings and war crimes against Palestinians. It seems, according to Israel`s moral system and code of conduct, nothing is more trivial than a Palestinian life. Inflicting death on Palestinians is not punishable in Israel but instead ornamented with decoration and job advancement. I reckon it`s the highest and most honorable accomplishment through which an Israeli soldier can achieve most prominent ranks in the military. dn1/1/2012
Reut seeks meaning in her life Gideon Levy--Instead of encouraging our young to volunteer and help society, we send them to the Border Police; it be better were they to stay at home.dn8/1/2012
3-year-old arrested, leftist writer interrogatedMax Blumenthal--another day in the `Jewish and democratic` state dn8/1/2012
Obama`s real Israel problem -- and it isn`t Bibi [Blowback]Phyllis Bennis--Aaron David Miller is right: President Obama does have an Israel problem. But Miller is wrong about the roots of the problem. The problem isn`t Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or his Likud Party, or even Israel`s current extreme right-wing government. Israel`s fundamental policy toward the Palestinians is the problem, and that policy has hardly changed, despite the seemingly diverse sequence of left, right and center parties that have been in power. dn8/1/2012
The smear against AdalahBen White--This smear against Israeli human rights activists is all too familiar Adalah defends Palestinian rights. The European Jewish Congress attack on it reflects a wider pattern of bullying dn8/1/2012
Former IDF legal officer slams Netanyahu`s plan to court martial right-wing extremistsGili Cohen--Avichai Mendelblit: No one wants to see dead children, Palestinian or is very sad, but we do not need to initiate an investigation into everything. dn8/1/2012
The `invented people` stand little chanceRobert Fisk--Thank goodness we don`t have to hear Newt Gingrich for a while. His statement that the Palestinians were an "invented people" marked about the lowest point in the Republican-Christian Right-Likudist/Israel relationship. So deep has this pact now become that you can deny the existence of an entire people if you want to become US president. It`s time, surely, to take a look at this extraordinary movement, to remind ourselves – since US "statesmen" cannot – just what its implications really are. dn 15/1/2012
Israel had a promising summer of protests, but then came the fallGideon Levy--January 13, 2012--Prices are rising, the cottage-cheese discounts are over, the rich are recovering from the blow, the defense budget has grown, the settlements thrive and Daphni Leef is once again looking for an apartment. dn15/1/2012
Israel`s tent protest left homeless to deal with their own problemsIlan Lior and Eli Ashkenazi--Six months after Daphni Leef set up the first tent on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, the social protest has all but disappeared. The tents have been taken down, the mass demonstrations dwindled then stopped, the activists ceased squatting empty buildings and the faces identified with the protest are no longer in the limelight or headlines. dn 15/1/2012
Israeli citizen Leehee Rothschild riting to James BlakeIsraeli citizen Leehee Rothschild -A letter to James Blake explaining why he should cancel his performance. dn15/1/2012
The Vast Danger of Narrow Minds Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - The fact is, no one in their right mind could take pleasure at the sight of a traumatized seven-year old girl scared to walk to school for fear that she might get spit on. That was the image that shook Israel last week.5/1/2012
Israel`s suicidal leftYitzhak Laor - Haaretz - It should be no surprise that the periodic incitement against the Haredim leads to right-wing extremism; incitement always ends up with adoration of the state2/1/2012
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