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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Requiem for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflictCarlo Strenger--There are moments when the truth flies into your face and you realize your political program is no longer viable. But while I have no alternative to offer, I know one thing is sure: the two-state solution is dead. dn30/8/2012
America preparing for a post-Israel Middle East?Franklin Lamb--Congresswoman Illena Ros-Lehtinen will have her hands full as she makes the political and social rounds at this month’s Republican National Convention. Illena, is the only female committee chair in the House of Representatives and arguably Israel’s most ardent agent. She is a constant thorn in the Obama administration`s side, regularly castigating the president for playing "political games with U.S. foreign policy” and being “soft on Iran” and undermining the legitimacy of Israel. Ros-Lehtinen is a congressional cheer leader also for her Jewish voters in Florida -- a key battleground in the rapidly approaching US presidential election. Most recently, Ros-Lehtinen helped shepherd through Congress yet another bill tightening sanctions against Iran while calling for US military action against the Assad regime in Syria. dn30/8/2012
The echo chamber of campus anti-Semitism Yaman Salahi--Many Students for Justice in Palestine chapters have "anti-discrimination and anti-racist clauses in their mission statements" [EPA] Although few people are aware of the United States Commission on Civil Rights’ (USCCR) 2006 findings about "campus anti-Semitism", they have recently been invoked in a growing number of campaigns that threaten to curb students` First Amendment right to freedom of expression. dn 30/8/2012
Pogroms and Patriotism--The State is With YouRachel Liel--Is it any wonder that the lynch mob thinks of itself as a savior, and the thugs believe they are carrying out the government’s will, while the Israeli state itself pays only the faintest of lip service to its duties? dn 30/8/2012
The secret reason for Netanyahu`s timing on Iran warSefi Rachlevsky--In private conversations, Netanyahu has said there is nothing after Election Day, which falls on November 6. If Obama wins, Netanyahu says, he will take revenge for the overt efforts to defeat him and will prevent Netanyahu from attacking Iran. For this reason, and only this reason, Netanyahu must go on the offensive over Iran now - some reliable sources say he will probably do it during the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina next week - when the timing is the worst for Israel. That`s the price of getting portrayed as being a member of the Romney-Netanyahu-Sheldon Adelson trinity. den30/8/2012
New Campaign set on putting friendly Iranian faces on TA billboardsHagao Mattar--Israeli and Iranian activists met in Germany to plan a follow=up to the viral solidarity campaign that swept the web with messages of mutual love earlier this year. dn30/8/2012
Red Rag weekly column: Left-wing assassination? Gideon Spiro - a left-wing assassination? Rachel Corrie, RIP - Soldier-teachers for Israeli children30/8/2012
Week 2359 of OccupationThe incitement index incites - Lieberman going rogue - Settler violence27/8/2012
HOLLOW LAND: ISRAEL’S ARCHITECTURE OF OCCUPATION by Eyal WeizmanForwarded by the JPLO List--From the tunnels of Gaza to the militarized airspace of the Occupied Territories, Eyal Weizman unravels Israel`s mechanisms of control and its transformation of Palestinian towns, villages and roads into an artifice where all natural and built features serve military ends. Weizman traces the development of this strategy, from the influence of archaeology on urban planning, Ariel Sharon`s reconceptualization of military defence during the 1973 war, through the planning and architecture of the settlements, to the contemporary Israeli discourse and practice of urban warfare and airborne targeted assassinations. dn 26/8/2012
The Fifth QuestionMira Sucharov--In Israeli and Jewish politics, turning love and hate on their heads is just what we need How Internet-meme campaigns are reshaping Jewish discourse in Israel and beyond. dn 26/8/2012
Israel’s Moral Crisis is a Palestinian Problem TooMai Abdul Rahman--Israel’s moral crisis while alarming to its enlightened citizens, friends and supporters is a serious concern for Palestinians. As my mother has often stated, “When an Israeli child catches a cold, Palestinian children cough”. Most Palestinians understand Israel’s moral well-being and challenges equally impact them. Israel’s practices, attitudes, ethical beliefs and stance spill over and impact on the Palestinians it dominates today as well as the Palestinian who will liberate it tomorrow- when Palestinians’ aspirations for equality and freedom are realized will also liberate their occupiers. dn25/8/2012
Setting the record straight on Peres and Israel’s LeftCarlo Strenger--The left’s political views were never given a chance; and there are strong arguments for the thesis that Israel’s troubles are a direct consequence of the right’s blunders, mistakes, messianic ideology and aggressive expansionism of the last thirty-five years. dn25/8/2012
Settler violence against Palestinians raises alarm in IsraelKarin Brulliard and Samuel Sockol--The vicious nighttime beating of an Arab teenager by a mob of Jewish youths in a downtown square here last week has prompted arrests, condemnation and soul-searching about the depths of ethnic hatred in Israeli society. dn25/8/2012
London’s Frontline Club discussion about “After Zionism” and the one-state solutionNigel Wilson - Antony Loewenstein blog "Anybody who looks at the map and at reality realises it’s completely impossible so we must stop talking about this two-state solution. What we need to concentrate on is how to turn a reality that is one-state, an unequal state for its citizens, in to one where its citizens enjoy equality.” ca24/8/2012
`Lynching` in Zion Square - Are We Responsible, Too?Jill Jacobs - Forward - Within the Jewish community, I regularly hear descriptions of Palestinians as a group that would be condemned as virulent anti-Semitism if one were to substitute the word “Jew.” I hear questions about whether they love their children. I have seen offensive caricatures of Palestinians hanging in synagogues. I often hear dismissals of Palestinian identity claims and casual disregard for their history. I have heard racist jokes told by rabbis and other Jewish leaders.-rh 23/8/2012
What Avigdor Lieberman learned from George OrwellCarlo Strenger - Haaretz - Lieberman may just have to wait until he is appointed Big Brother. He will then finally be able to orchestrate huge rallies in which all Israeli citizens will swear allegiance to his version of history and truth.-rh 22/8/2012
Islamophobia, not Islam, will be the end of IsraelBradley Burston - Haaretz - Israel has elaborate defense systems against military attack and terrorism. Its defenses against its own extremists are much more porous. The Gellers and Kahanists attack Israel at the root. An Israel torn apart from within doesn`t need an external enemy to destroy it. The enemy is right here.-rh 22/8/2012
The Israeli debate on attacking Iran is overShai Feldman - Foreign Policy - With President Peres publicly joining the many formidable opponents of a military strike and General Sagi raising questions about the competence of Israel`s current leaders, Israel now lacks the minimal consensus required for a demanding military campaign to destroy Iran`s nuclear installations. The debate has been settled. At least for now.-rh22/8/2012
Does a barking dog not bite?Adam Keller - Crazy Country - ""Yes, I know it and so do you, but the question is: Does the dog know?"" - id 22/8/2012
Bibi’s Game: Nuclear Blackmail?Justin Raimondo - AntiWar - An Israeli strike against Iran is bound to go nuclear21/8/2012
Red Rag weekly column: polishing swords; value of a Palestinian woman`s life Gideon Spiro - polishing swords - price of a Palestinian life - hardship of life in Israel - brainwashing Jewish youth21/8/2012
Reality Check: Peres and the voice of reason Jeff Barak - Jerusalem Post - After Peres’s birthday interview, sources in the Prime Minister’s Office were quick to lambast him for politicizing the presidency. They seem to have forgotten that earlier on in Netanyahu’s tenure, the prime minister was not shy in using Peres to lobby Obama on his behalf and provide Netanyahu with a kashrut certificate with regards to his sincerity (later shown to be false) for searching for a diplomatic solution to the Palestinian issue.20/8/2012
Leftist views don`t keep professors from teaching at Ariel Chaim Levinson --Part of the Israeli left sees the recent decision to upgrade Ariel University Center to a full university as a move that bolsters the occupation. dn19/8/2012
Israeli Academic Accuses Manchester Trust of DiscriminationHelen Carter--Professor Moty Cristal says his invitation to host a workshop was withdrawn on account of his nationality. dn19/8/2012
American IDF soldiers serve on campusLAUREN SCHMIDT, ICB REPORTER--Three American-born IDF veterans have returned to the US after completing military service. Each has been involved in campus Israel advocacy efforts. dn19/8/2012
Palestinian youth beaten unconscious in attempted J’lem ‘lynch’Mairav Zonszein--In the last 24 hours, two near-fatal attacks were committed against Palestinians, one a suspected terror attack, the other a suspected attempted lynch – both allegedly committed by Israeli Jews. Haaretz was the only website (both Hebrew and English) to put the suspected lynch as a top story, while all the other major news sites lead with Iran’s incitement against Israel. dn18/8/2012
Searching for a solution for a stateless people Mehdi Hasan--After all these years, are Palestinians any closer to a just and democratic solution and just what form might that take? dn18/8/2012
Points of no return, zones of immunity: The constant Israeli hype over IranNima Shirazi--"Propaganda by its very nature is an enterprise for perverting the significance of events and of insinuating false intentions...The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit. He who wants to provoke a war not only proclaims his own peaceful intentions but also accuses the other party of provocation." - Jacques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Men`s Attitudes, 1965 dn 18/8/2012
Yes, slash the defense budgetHaaretz editorial - Every year, for as long as Israel has existed, the army has intimidated the ministers and the public with various threats in order to increase its budget. Once the threat was Egypt, then came Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Hezbollah and the intifada, and now the Iranian bomb. bz18/8/2012
What’s wrong with the Right — Part IMartin Sherman - Jerusalem Post - Sherman`s critique from within on the right-wing alternatives to a two-state solution may interest you. bz18/8/2012
Israel Ups Iran Ante, But Is It Bluff? Trita Parsi - The Forward - If the attack is unsuccessful or only moderately successful (...) the attack, in short, would increase the likelihood of an Iranian nuclear bomb. If the Israeli attack is successful (...) Tehran is likely to expand the war theater to include the entire region — and beyond. bz 18/8/2012
Is Israel Angling for a Commitment from Obama on Iran?Tony Karon - Time - The signals emerging in the Israeli media suggest that Israel is hoping its renewed threats of action will limit Obama’s room for maneuver on the Iran issue next year, and lock in a commitment from him to pursue their preferred solution.-rh 16/8/2012
The Left, the Jews and Defenders of IsraelJoel Beinin - MERIP - Beinart gives a chilling account of the escalating anti-democratic tendencies in Israel, which he attributes to the extended occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip: “Occupying another people requires racism, and breeds it.” Consequently, younger, non-Orthodox American Jews, repelled by the brutalities of the occupation and Israel’s increasingly illiberal character, no longer identify with Israel to the degree that their parents did.-rh15/8/2012
"After Zionism" puts forth debates on one-state solutionSarah Irving - The Electronic Intifada - "After Zionism: One State for Israel and Palestine is a new collection of essays edited by Antony Loewenstein and Ahmed Moor. id15/8/2012
Netanyahu`s mean featSaleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram - "The Americans are not just sugar coating the situation for Netanyahu, but are also offering many incentives to convince him of the credibility of the Obama administration`s position." - id 15/8/2012
The deadly Israeli and the mad TurkPepe Escobar - Asia Times - "The Bibi-Barak warmongering duo may be about to go for broke on an Iran strike - against the advice of Israel`s top defense and intelligence experts." - id 15/8/2012
Preserving Israel`s Uncertain Status QuoAARON DAVID MILLER - NYT - "Israel seems bookended by two major worries that have all but subordinated the Palestinian issue to the back burner: Egypt’s future and Iran’s centrifuges." - id 15/8/2012
Reaffirming the legality of the Occupation: Hanan Hever responds to David Grossman (two Haaretz articles, now translated)Israeli Occupation Archive - "However, Grossman does not draw the conclusion which should follow from his own argument: While blaming the Israeli public’s callous approach towards the occupation, as the culprit in the specific case of the crime allegedly committed by those who dumped Abu-Jariban, he fails to project the status of illegality onto the state of affairs which has made the act possible"15/8/2012
Arab League to present UN with new PA bid?Elior Levy - Y-net - Ramallah wary of possible financial sanctions following its attempt to resubmit statehood bid in next UN General Assembly meeting; said to be looking for alternative `representation`. 14/8/2012
Israel’s ‘Bomb Iran’ TimetableRay McGovern - - "More Washington insiders are coming to the conclusion that Israel’s leaders are planning to attack Iran before the U.S. election in November in the expectation that American forces will be drawn in. There is widespread recognition that, without U.S. military involvement, an Israeli attack would be highly risky and, at best, only marginally successful. At this point, to dissuade Israeli leaders from mounting such an attack might require a public statement by President Barack Obama warning Israel not to count on U.S. forces — not even for the `clean-up.` Though Obama has done pretty much everything short of making such a public statement, he clearly wants to avoid a confrontation with Israel in the weeks before the election"13/8/2012
Week 2357 of OccupationDaniel Breslau - Occupation Magazine - The cleansing of the Jordan Valley and South Hebron Hills12/8/2012
The hour of the warmongers Gideon Levy--Any war - and we are being led with alarming speed into another one - begins with its mongers. Their motives and roles are not homogenous, but their course of action is unchanging and known in advance: They are for war, any war (or any other violent action), at any opportunity. dn12/8/2012
Netanyahu`s dangerous demagoguery on Iran Haaretz Editorial--Iranian nuclear weapons are a threat to Israel - but its leaders` demagoguery is just as dangerous.dn12/8/2012
Contempt for women with a patchouli scentEsther Herzog--IDF uses female sexuality to manipulate soldiers into internalizing `it`s good to die for your country` ethos. dn12/8/2012
Book review: Taking the mask off the ‘Jewish and democratic’ stateMya Guarnieri--Israel at once discriminates against Palestinian citizens of the state while trotting out their limited “rights” as proof positive of our “vibrant democracy.” Ben White’s latest book, Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination, and Democracy, is a response to this farce.dn12/8/2012
The Palestine Romney doesn’t knowZahi Khouri--I am a proud American. I am a hardworking businessman and job creator. I am a faithful Christian. And I am Palestinian. Much as my multiple identities might drive Mitt Romney to head scratching, it is he who needs a lesson in, to borrow his recent words, “culture and a few other things.” dn 12/8/2012
Meet Bibi Netanyahu`s Refusenik Nephew Who Says That Israel Is an Apartheid State Joshua Holland--Jonathan Ben-Artzi, a mathematician at Cambridge University, is a young Israeli who refused to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, and was imprisoned for over a year for doing so. Ben-Artzi echoes the views of many Israeli peace activists – a view almost totally missing from the discourse in this country. He laments the fact that, in his view, the country has indeed become an “apartheid state,” and supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) – positions that are considered way beyond the pale in the U.S. dn12/8/2012
Limits of the right of expropriation (requisition) and of movement restrictions in occupied territoryDiakonia - "On the background of the expected destruction and forced transfer of twelve villages in South Hebron hills, Fire Zone 918, Prof. Michael Bothe has written an expert opinion: Limits of the right of expropriation (requisition) and of movement restrictions in occupied territory." ca10/8/2012
Palestinian Bubble Set to BurstJillian Kestler-D`Amours - Inter Press Service - “It will collapse, and the collapse will be harder when it happens later,” says Tareq Sadeq, Palestinian economist and professor at Birzeit University, about the financial bubble building up in the Palestinian Authority government.-rh 8/8/2012
TrappedPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Anyone with any sense of the real conditions understands that the two state solution is over. That awareness is widespread within the elites and intelligentsia of Israel and all over Palestine. Yossi Sarid said it in Haaretz, and the knowledge is working its way to the United States.-rh 8/8/2012
Racial profiling on Tel Aviv beaches: A shared U.S.-Israeli value?Paul Karolyi - +972 - Inspectors in Tel Aviv once responsible for keeping beaches clean can now stop people they suspect of illegally residing in Israel. Like Arizona’s notorious S.B.1070 law, this could result in gross violations of the rights of both Israeli citizens and immigrants. Is this what politicians mean by “shared values?”-rh 8/8/2012
Breakfast on the steps of the ministry buildingAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "So, this week members of the State of Israel`s parliament gathered to talk about how to distinguish between people according to their looks." - id8/8/2012
Silwan: Conflicting Narratives in East Jerusalem Brian Britt - Jerusalem’s ancient past is changing quickly. Since 1967 when Israel captured the eastern part of the city from Jordan, building and demolition in the name of archaeology have accelerated, and the level of conflict around these projects has intensified.6/8/2012
Week 2356 of OccupationDaniel Breslau - To appreciate the almost sadistic callousness of Mitt Romney’s infamous July 30 comments in Jerusalem, you need to take the perspective of Palestinians. dispersed and stateless, with an embryonic state now reduced to fragmented bantustans under a permanent military occupation.6/8/2012
PA-Israel trade agreements only stabilize occupationHaggai Matar--The trade agreements signed earlier this week between Israel and the Palestinian Authority serve as a reminder of the convenient status quo of occupation. They also illustrate just how irrelevant the PA has become in the struggle against the foreign military regime, and raise the question: When and how will it pay the price?dn5/8/2012
Rethinking aid to PalestineNadia Hijab--Foreign aid to Palestine is desperately in need of rethinking. Wittingly or not, external aid facilitates Israel`s occupation, enables an inept Palestinian leadership to survive, and subverts much of Palestinian civil society. The extent of the dependency on aid means the Palestinian Authority (PA) must spend considerable energy begging for handouts from Arab governments, the European Union, and the United States. Facing a severe cash shortage -- which is not unusual -- the PA was recently unable to pay the salaries on which an estimated one million bureaucrats and their families rely. dn5/8/2012
Leading Novelist Challenges Israel’s PoliticiansDonald Macintyre--Israel’s politicians and the public were today challenged by one of the country’s most celebrated writers over their failure to oppose a unilateral strike on Iran and the “megalomaniacal” vision of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.dn5/8/2012
How UC devalues Arab and Muslim student voices Yaman Salahi--Under pressure, UC President Mark Yudof in 2010 commissioned two committees to issue reports on the so-called "campus climate". One focusing on Jewish students and the other on Arab and Muslim students, the new reports - which characterise criticism of Israel as an affront to Jewish students - have prompted many to believe that the UC intends to curb campus speech critical of Israel.dn4/8/2012
As Netanyahu pushes closer to war with Iran, Israelis cannot keep silentDavid Grossman--Why aren`t ministers and defense officials standing up right now, when it is still possible, and saying: We will not be a party to this megalomaniacal vision, to this messianic-catastrophic worldview? dn4/8/2012
British envoy tells Israelis some un-diplomatic truths, and U.K. Jews should also listen inAnshel Pfeffer--There is nothing new about the U.K.`s foreign policy positions; they have been in favor of a Palestinian state and against West Bank settlements for decades. But Gould was talking about ordinary U.K.citizens who don`t see much to like nowadays in Israel.dn4/8/2012
Baying for Blood - the Netanyahu lunacy on IranHaim Baram - Counterpunch - We are constantly brainwashed by our establishment, and the endless bombardments combining biblical rhetoric, alarmist prophesies and demagogic evocations of the holocaust confuse even the elitist circles, despite their liberal self-image and professed Western outlook. This increasingly pervasive syndrome can partially account for our sheepish acquiesce with the rampant rumours and speculations about the forthcoming Israeli attack on Iran. bz4/8/2012
Israeli Army: Next Lebanon war violent, destructiveThe Daily Star - "The Israeli Army said that it is preparing for another possible war with Lebanon, one which it expects to be much more violent than the 2006 conflict, according to an Israeli daily.The next war will be with very heavy exchanges of fire on both sides, and so both need to make every effort to stop this happening,” said Brigadier-General Hertzi Halevy in comments earlier in July in Haaretz." ca 3/8/2012
Israel`s imprisonment of African migrants is a mark of Cain Haaretz Editorial- Haaretz "Interior Minister Eli Yishai`s decision to arrest tens of thousands of asylum-seekers from Sudan in the near future is one of the gravest and most outrageous decisions the minister has ever made."31/8/2012
Blackmailing the PA into submissionKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly "Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the second-most powerful Israeli official after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has called PA President Mahmoud Abbas "a terrorist who will have to be eliminated". Lieberman also urged the international community, especially the Quartet for the Middle East peace process, which includes, the UN, US, EU, and Russia, to organise new elections that would see the PA replaced by another Palestinian entity that is more acceptable to Israel." ca 31/8/2012
A Culture of Hatred in IsraelPaul Pillar - The National Interest - Two incidents last week underscored how broadly and deeply in Israeli society runs a streak of hatred against Palestinian Arabs. In one, seven Israeli teenagers, including two girls—one thirteen years old—were arrested for what witnesses described as an attempted lynching in West Jerusalem of several Palestinian youths, one of whom was beaten unconscious and is still hospitalized. In the same hospital lies one of the victims of the other incident: the Palestinian driver of a taxi that was firebombed near a West Bank settlement28/8/2012
Red Rag weekly column: terrorist ping-pongGideon Spiro - terrorist ping-pong - chemical weapons - cycle of history - letter to Judge Daphne Barak-Erez6/8/2012
Romney, Netanyahu, and George Washington`s Warning David Bromwich - Huffington Post - The billionaires and the prime minister wanted Romney to bring the United States closer to supporting a war with Iran. Romney obliged, and we are now closer to war.-rh2/8/2012
Palestinian officials say Romney undermining peace processJihan Abdalla - Ma`an News Agency - Palestine Liberation Organization secretary-general Yasser Abed Rabbo said: "American policy makers must abandon hypocrisy and stop attempting to gain votes at the expense of the Palestinian people`s rights."-rh 1/8/2012
Why Not in Vegas?THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - The New York Times - So how about all you U.S. politicians — Republicans and Democrats — stop feeding off this conflict for political gain. Stop using this conflict as a backdrop for campaign photo-ops and fund-raisers. Stop making things even worse by telling the most hard-line Israelis everything that they want to hear, just to grovel for Jewish votes and money, while blatantly ignoring the other side. There are real lives at stake out there. If you’re not going to do something constructive, stay away. They can make enough trouble for themselves on their own.-rh 1/8/2012
Mitt Romney…Just Go HomeJoharah Baker - MIFTAH - Nevertheless, calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel was a bit too much, even for those with very little expectations. Romney was pushing the envelope, even by American standards, given that even the United States does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. On the contrary, officially, the US still considers east Jerusalem as occupied territory; Israel’s unilateral annexation has no bearing on the US’s legal discourse on the conflict.-rh 1/8/2012
Romney exposed his ignorance in the land of the prophetsSam Bahour - Religion News Service - Romney compared Israel’s economic success to that of its Palestinian neighbors and claimed the discrepancy was due to “cultural” differences and the “hand of providence.” Such blatantly racist and bigoted references to the conflicting parties are only occasionally rivaled by Israel’s most right-wing politicians.-rh 1/8/2012
What `unshakeable commitment` to Israel really meansStephen M. Walt- Foreign Policy - Mitt Romney flew to Israel over the weekend, and proceeded to say a lot of silly things designed to show everyone what a good friend to Israel he will be if he is elected. He wasn`t trying to win over Israelis or make up for his various gaffes in London; his goal was to convince Israel`s supporters in America to vote for him and not for Barack Obama.-rh1/8/2012
Syrian war of lies and hypocrisyRobert Fisk - The Independent - the message that goes out is simple: we demand justice and the right to life for Arabs if they are butchered by the West and its Israeli allies; but not when they are being butchered by their fellow Arabs.-rh 1/8/2012
Israel’s Nukes Derail U.S. Nonproliferation GoalsVictor Kattan - Al-Shabaka/Jadaliyya - Strengthening the international nonproliferation regime is one of President Obama’s key foreign policy goals. However, the US’ failure to seriously address Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program and its stockpile of hundreds of such weapons, which include thermonuclear weapons in the megaton range, makes the Administration’s policy towards nuclear nonproliferation elsewhere look two-faced. 7/8/2012
The Palestinian dilemma over Syria Sharif Nashashibi - Guardian/Palestinian Telegraph - Palestinian leaders, organisations and officials were generally silent at the start of Syria`s revolution, mainly out of concern for the fate of the half million Palestinian refugees. That has now changed, and not in President Bashar al-Assad`s favour. Attacks on Palestinian camps by Syrian forces loyal to him – most recently last week against the Yarmouk camp – have resulted in killings, injuries, and the displacement of thousands. 7/8/2012
Lethal Sinai attack is connected to the Gaza blockadeRoi Maor - +972 Magazine - The lethal attack on an Egyptian military outpost, in an attempted incursion into Israel, is another reminder of the terrorist infrastructure in the Sinai Peninsula. This infrastructure was built in part on the basis of the Gaza-Egypt-Israel smuggling industry, which is fueled by the massive restrictions on movement and trade imposed on the Strip by Israel and Egypt.7/8/2012
Sami Michael: ‘Israel – Most racist state in the industrialized world’Lisa Goldman--I was born in 1926 into a generation that is gradually fading away. Very few remember the fall and catastrophic collapse of the second largest empire in the world. France, the great world power that had built the Maginot Line, the most perfectly designed defense line in history, that had at its disposal a mighty army, air force and navy, was vanquished within the course of only three weeks before our astonished eyes. Not only was this a shock, but ever since then my world has become more fractured. Concepts such as permanence, a reality that is self-understood, and a stable life have been discarded from my personal dictionary yet they have acquired a central place in the sacred Israeli lexicon, and serve as a virtual Maginot Line. Perhaps the things I am about to say are harsh, but for me they are a warning bell for my countrymen, and this is why I have chosen to say them in the mother tongue of my children and grandchildren.dn11/8/2012
Israeli Activists Urge IDF Pilots to Refuse Orders to Attack IranRichard Silverstein--Israeli peace activists have created an online petition which calls for IAF pilots to refuse to participate in war against Iran. Though the pilot corps is among the most élite of the entire army, there is a long tradition of resistance within the IDF to serving the Palestinian and Lebanese Occupations. I’m including both the English and Farsi versions (thanks to Prof. Muhammad Sahimi for the translation) of the Call so that Iranians and English-speakers can read and disseminate it. Though Iranians undoubtedly know that there are those who oppose an Israeli war against them, it never hurts to remind them–and the world, that there is dissent within Israel about this course. dn11/8/2012
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