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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Sharon’s Final Solution Kristoffer Larsson - IMEMC - Israel has no respect whatsoever for the international community and the international law28/10/2005
Quartet Envoy Blasts Israel’s foot-dragging The Palestine Monitor - Quartet Special Envoy James Wolfensohn has publicly censured the Israeli government for dragging its feet on important issues and acting as if the Disengagement never happened. 26/10/2005
New Price List for Ingratitude - The Unilateralist`s Mentality Reuven Kaminer - The temptation to see an opening for peace in the unilateral Gaza disengagement nurtured a unilateral frame of mind. 26/10/2005
Sharon promises wide-ranging retaliation after suicide attackThe Guardian - The Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, today promised a wide-ranging retaliation against Palestinian militants following yesterday`s suicide bombing that killed five people. 27/10/2005
Israeli and Palestinian leaders must follow their peoples` leadsNaomi Chazan - The Daily Star - The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become the prisoner of public opinion polls and their manipulators. Survey results are paraded, alternately, to support inaction, justify questionable policy, defend recalcitrance, or uphold paralysis. The mercurial role of popular opinion says more about its users and abusers than about the actual state of mind of most of the people involved. 27/10/2005
Abu Mazen`s yellow brick roadmapGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly - This will not trouble Ariel Sharon unduly. He now has the Palestinians, Abbas and the roadmap precisely where he wants them: fighting a useless war in Gaza while Israel imposes its own separate two-state solution inside the West Bank. 28/10/2005
Israel minister rules out peace until next generationAgence France Presse - Israel`s Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz has ruled out the chance of peace with the current Palestinian leadership amid escalating violence, a newspaper quoted him as saying on Friday - Editor`s Note: Shaul Mofaz himself is by no means worthy of being called "a man of peace" 28/10/2005
Barrier under fire for security failingsConal Urquhart in Tel Aviv - The Guardian - Israeli commentators have united in criticising the government for the failure of the security barrier to protect Israel from suicide bombers after three years of construction and expenditure of almost #1bn. 28/10/2005
Setting up AbbasHalper analyses the Palestinians` no-win situation. Sharon has achieved the task set him by Menachem begin: ensuring permanent Israeli control of the West Bank and foreclosing viable Palestinian state. Mohammed Abbas must cooperate with this plan if he is to survive internationally, caught between an ungenerous offer he cannot refuse and Palestinian aspirations, particularly those of radical groups. 27/10/2005
Justification for a terror attackRubenstein points out the hideous symbiosis between Israeli propaganda needs and those of the radical Palestinan factions. The cycle of assassinations, repsrisals, counter-reprisals serves the nefarious needs of both sides and make convenient ammunition for pointing the accusing finger at Syria, Iran or whoever is the current enemy no 1 of the Israeli side. On the Palestinian side, the assassinations provide the excuse for ever more violence, part of the opposition to the official leadership that is struggling to maintain a semblance of order and restraint. 27/10/2005
Open letter to a friendHassan Khader - al-Ayyam - Why did Ahmad Harb nominate Sami Michael for the Nobel Prize for Literature?27/10/2005
Israelis and Palestinians: A tale of parallel talesShira Herzog - The Daily Star - Imagine a textbook in which Israeli and Palestinian children read about their history in their own languages - but from two dramatically different perspectives at once. Well, the textbook exists.25/10/2005
For Abbas, disarmament requires hopeRaafat Dajani - The Daily Star - It was significant that during Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas` meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush in Washington last week, the issue of disarming Hamas prior to Palestinian legislative elections next January was not brought up. 25/10/2005
A Struggle for Palestinian Identity: US Foreign Policy and PalestineBill and Kathleen Christison - Counterpunch - On October 20, Bill and Kathleen Christison spoke in Montpelier, Vermont at the first of several public forums scheduled in connection with an exhibition of Palestinian art, entitled Made in Palestine.26/10/2005
The Wall and the psychological impact on childrenAdri Nieuwhof - The Electronic Intifada - On 26 September 2005, the Palestinian Counseling Centre (the PCC) announced the results of a survey on the psychological implications of the construction of the wall on people from five villages in the Qalqilya district. In 2003, the PCC conducted a pilot study, which was followed by the survey from early 2004 to August 2005. 24/10/2005
Nationalism and its DiscontentsAm Johal - The Electronic Intifada - It feels like the calm before the storm. There is a third intifada brewing and it`s only a matter of time when it begins - probably some time in 2006.23/10/2005
Bush backs away from timetable for setting up Palestinian stateGuy Dinmore in Washington - The Financial Times - President George W. Bush yesterday backed away from the goal he set a year ago to help establish an independent Palestinian state by the end of his second term. 21/10/2005
The invisibility of Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance in the New York TimesPatrick O`Connor - The Electronic Intifada - Most Americans are largely unaware of the struggling but vibrant grassroots nonviolent movement in Palestine, of the fact that thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis are together employing nonviolent tactics similar to those of the U.S. civil rights movement and the South African anti-Apartheid movement. 25/10/2005
Withdrawal from Reality?Eugene Bird - The Electronic Intifada - President Bush rolled out the red carpet for his Palestinian protege, Mahmoud Abbas. The meeting in the Rose Garden, in terms of staging, equaled anything that President Clinton had done with his friend, Yasser Arafat, in the heyday of the Oslo agreements. 24/10/2005
Fear and Contempt in HeavenOmri Essenheim - Kenya - Maariv/NRG - In hotel Paradise Mombassa, crew members were humiliated by the Israeli tourists, it’s no surprise that even after the 2002 terror attack on the hotel, they refuse to forgive, not Al-Qa’eda but rather us (the Israelis). 24/10/2005
No AbsolutionYossi Sarid - Ha`aretz - It is our prime minister who, more than any other person in Israel, through the various positions he has held, in and out of uniform, laid the foundations for the culture of lies, apostasy, corruption and deception.25/10/2005
West Bank Shooting: Why It Pays To Read Hebrew Sol Salbe - A shooting attack near a major Israeli settlement on the West Bank drew a harsh response from Israel, which closed major roads in the southern West Bank. Indications at the time of this writing are that Israel will soon reopen those roads after some slight rebuke from the United States. 22/10/2005
A Turn for the Worse Khaled Amayreh - Al-Aharam Weekly - Israel has resorted to the most draconian measures of collective punishment against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank in alleged retaliation for the killing of three Israeli settlers by suspected Palestinian guerrillas on Sunday. 22/10/2005
For Mr. Abbas: Time to Act The New York Times Editorial - This is a region where the status quo tends to mean carnage, so it is vital that Israelis, Palestinians and all who care about peace in the Middle East take steps to keep the ball rolling. 22/10/2005
Abbas Basks in US Limelight; Leaves Empty-handedMiddle East Times - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas basked in the White House limelight again on Thursday but made little progress in whipping up additional US support in his standoff with Israel, analysts said. 22/10/2005
Freedom Deferred: The Palestinian Quest to Break Away Ramzy Baroud - Baltimore Chronicle - Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza has undoubtedly raised the level of mistrust among Palestinians toward what is now seen as the Sharon government’s irrevocable designs on the whole of the Occupied Territories. 22/10/2005
Palestinians pessimistic - and brokeMatthew Gutman - the JP - It`s not every day that a Palestinian leader is granted an audience with the world`s most powerful man. But few Ramallah residents on Thursday seemed hopeful that the much-anticipated sit-down would yield results. 22/10/2005
Bush backs away from timetable for setting up Palestinian stateGuy Dinmore in Washington - The Financial Times - President George W. Bush yesterday backed away from the goal he set a year ago to help establish an independent Palestinian state by the end of his second term. 21/10/2005
Bush unsure Palestinians will have state before 2009Agence France-Presse - US President George W. Bush said Thursday that he was not sure that the Palestinians would have an independent state before he leaves office in January 2009. 21/10/2005
Hamas slams Bush for dropping statehood timetableAdel Zaanoun - Agence France Presse - The radical Islamist movement Hamas slammed US President George W. Bush Friday for dropping any concept of a fixed timetable for the creation of a Palestinian state and warned against pressure to disarm `resistance` factions. 21/10/2005
On the head of the battalion commander the helmet is burningAssaf Shmueli – Ma’ariv/NRG - I don’t understand how in the most moral army in the world they advance an officer who rammed a Palestinian in his stomach. 21/10/2005
A meaningless act that undermines any belief in good intentionsMIFTAH - Last weekend began on an optimistic note. In a rare gesture, last Friday Israel allowed West Bank ID-holding Palestinians to travel through checkpoints to Jerusalem to pray at the Haram al-Sharif, and restrictions on movement throughout the West Bank were eased for Ramadan.21/10/2005
Muted voicesRima Merriman - The Jordan Times - In making their voices heard, Palestinians often find themselves undermined, not only by Israel and their own lack of coordination but also by a superpower that is pushing aid with one hand and Israel`s agenda with the other.20/10/2005
Israel Forcing Its Agenda on Abbas-Bush SummitPalestine Media Center – PMC - Erakat: Israeli Road Plan Has Ominous Echoes of South Africa’s Apartheid20/10/2005
`All constants and no variables`Hasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times - Leaders tend to stay at home in moments of crises. If caught out of their countries when trouble develops, they rush back. Nothing enhances the confidence of people in their leaders more than when they see them amongst them in hard times. 19/10/2005
NGO Monitor should not be taken seriouslyBy Yacoub Kahlen and Robert E. Foxsohn - The Electronic Intifada - NGO Monitor, founded by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, has for some time now been deliberately spreading false and misleading information about organizations in an attempt to discredit them. Their targets include some of the most established and respected human rights organizations.19/10/2005
Israel Redraws the Roadmap, Building Quietly and Quickly Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Settler population grows as Sharon grabs more West Bank land than he returned in Gaza. At the northern edge of Jerusalem, on the main road to the Palestinian city of Ramallah, three towering concrete walls are converging around a rapidly built maze of cages, turnstiles and bomb-proof rooms. 18/10/2005
Setting up AbbasJeff Halper - Alternative Information Center - Israeli unilateralism means only one thing: it has nothing to offer the Palestinians, nothing worth negotiating over. 18/10/2005
Silence, they are shooting...Avihai Sharon - NRG/Maariv - Avihai Sharon is shocked by Israeli society’s indifference to the deaths of innocent victims in the Occupied Territories. After five years of the Intifada, the IDF has got its responses down pat, like the one we were graced with last Saturday. On that occasion a paratrooper force shot and killed a 13-year-old Palestinian child, Udai Tantawi, during a routine operation in the Askar refugee camp 3/10/2005
Arab League Chief Amr Mousa: What Is the Quartet Thanking Ariel Sharon for? Ghida Fakhri - Asharq Alawsat - Moussa: I have described this excessive exaggeration as an absurd thing that detracts from the Quartet`s political sobriety. What is it thanking Sharon for? For an incomplete withdrawal, for which he gets a daily price that is multiplied hundreds of times? I am astonished at this.17/10/2005
The Palestine Liberation Organisation - Return to Unity Nayef Hawatmeh - Al-Ahram Weekly - Five years have passed since the outbreak of the freedom and independence Intifada. During this period, many significant events took place that brought change after so many years of Oslo delusions warped the truth.15/10/2005
The Politics of Self-interest Azmi Bishara - Al-Ahram Weekly - Apart from the obligatory exigencies necessitated by the bloody cesspool of direct involvement, US policy towards this region has remained unchanged. Democracy was never a goal of US policy, nor was it the aim behind the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the Palestinian presidential elections or the Saudi municipal elections.16/10/2005
Diary of a Palestinian American Jamal Dajani - Pacific News Service - Day One: Ben Gurion Airport: "Next" she yells, handing me my passport and a “security-risk” paper. I am stopped at baggage claim by an Israeli security officer. I look behind him, and there is the State Department guy in his shorts. “Is there a problem?” he asks. “Nothing out of the ordinary,” I reply, “for a Palestinian returning home.” 17/10/2005
Israeli Arabs Treated Like the Enemy in Their Own Country John F. Fink - Book Review - About a million Arabs live in Israel itself and are Israeli citizens. They are descendants of the 150,000 Palestinians who managed to remain when 750,000 Palestinians were terrorized or expelled from their homes in 1948 before the state of Israel was established. 15/10/2005
Lebanese Government, Palestinian Factions Agree to Carry on Dialogue Ramez Masaarani - Al Aharam Weekly - The first phase of talks between Lebanese authorities and Palestinian factions ended Saturday in an agreement to carry on a dialogue over the issue of arms inside and outside Palestinian refugee camps, Palestinian diplomatic representation in the country, and living conditions for Palestinians in Lebanon. 17/10/2005
What is the state of the Nobel Peace Prize?*Gideon Spiro - Hagada Hasmalit - This year`s award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Muhammad al-Baradei was a disappoinment. Mordechai Vanunu was a much more worthy candidate. Eventually justice will be done and he will win. 15/10/2005
Analysis: Contiguity for settlers not Palestinians IMEMC & Agencies - Following the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip and the partial pullout in the West Bank and the redeployment of the Israeli troops, we`re de facto heading towards interim arrangements that are most likely to shape the nature of the final status solution. 16/10/2005
Seeking effective ways to talk to the worldDaoud Kuttab - Amin.Org - Some of the speakers and participants said a conference called for by the Palestinian Authority to discuss how to have an effective public relations campaign was tens of years overdue. 10/10/2005
“Democracy and Freedom for Palestine - American Style”Preston Taran - Amin Org. - According to President Bush democracy and freedom is coming to the Middle East. The Palestinians have much to look forward to, that is, if they desire a future as bad as the conditions they now endure. This freedom entails the “for profit” motive in all their everyday affairs.10/10/2005
United States Afraid to Give the Palestinians a True Democratic Voice Yaron London - Ynetnews - Palestinian identity was created as a result of a 100-years-war against Zionism. They still need this clash in order to develop their national founding narrative. 12/10/2005
Principles That Should Be Agreed UponMohammed Shaker Abdallah - Al Quds - All Palestinian factions must respect is avoiding any dualism in national allegiance: Palestine is but one single country to which all Palestinians - regardless of their political, religious or factional orientations - belong.11/10/2005
The Beautiful Life Without ArafatGideon Levy - Ha`aretz - The year since Arafat`s death has not been beautiful as they promised us, and life here without him has not been better than our life with him. Arafat served as an excellent excuse for Israel to continue the occupation and almost the only significant change that has occurred since his passing is the loss of this excuse.11/10/2005
Getting to "win-win" Akiva Eldar - Bitterlemons - The meeting between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) could be the first between the leader of a sovereign state and the leader of a soon-to-be-sovereign state.10/10/2005
Pleasing the world Ali Jarbawi - Bitterlemons - Whatever the outcome of the upcoming Abbas-Sharon summit, it is not going to yield any fundamental breakthroughs. In fact, the timing of the summit indicates that this is something that has been imposed on both the Palestinians and Israelis by the international community. 10/10/2005
In need of each other Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Although President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon come from two different and contradicting schools of political thought and practice, they now find themselves in a position in which they need each other. 10/10/2005
State solution on life support so unilateralism needs expiration dateBy Raafat Dajani - The Daily Star - The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has added one more milestone to its history: the Gaza and northern West Bank disengagement. While worst-case scenarios never materialized, the disengagement changed the political equation among Israelis and Palestinians themselves, as well as establishing a new paradigm of relations defining Israeli and Palestinian relations for the foreseeable future. 10/10/2005
Judge Israel`s deeds, not wordsNorman G. Finkelstein - The Daily Star - On the night of August 24, 2005, Israeli troops shot dead three teenage boys and two adults in a West Bank Palestinian refugee camp. An army communique claimed the five were terrorists, killed after opening fire on the soldiers. An investigation by Israel`s leading human rights organization, B`Tselem, and its leading newspaper,Haaretz found, however, that the teenagers were unarmed and had no connection with any terrorist organizations, while neither of the two adults was armed or wanted by the Israelis. 10/10/2005
Rachel Was Bulldozed to Death, But Her Words Are a Spur to ActionCindy and Craig Corrie - Guardian/Commondreams - It is disturbing to see our daughter played on stage, but it drives home the impact she has had since her killing in Gaza 9/10/2005
Why a Water Crisis Exists in Gaza?Sonia Nettnin - Palestine Chronicle - Gaza has a water crisis. Most people in the international community do not know the details as to why it exists and the root causes of the resource deficiency. Some Facts and figures 3/10/2005
The Palestinian People Must Have the Right of ReturnRichard Becker - Magazine of the Party for Socialism and Liberation - "The war that established Israel also led to the expulsion of more than three-quarters of the Palestinian population.." 3/10/2005
Eight PercentMeron Benvenisti - Ha`aretz - "Partition, which suits only the Israeli interest, determines different laws and arrangements for each fragment.." 6/10/2005
Al-Qaida raises its head in GazaKhaled Abu Toameh - The Jerusalem Post - Has al-Qaida started operating in the Gaza Strip? A leaflet distributed in Khan Yunis over the weekend by al-Qaida`s "Palestine branch" announced that the terrorist group has begun working towards uniting the Muslims under one Islamic state.9/10/2005
Foul-ups hurt Hamas` election chancesMathew Guttman - The Jerusalem Post - Jalal Zeid has risen rapidly through the ranks of Ramallah`s Hamas organization. Two weeks ago the fleshy-faced activist was merely a grassroots volunteer. Today he is Hamas`s branch manager. 9/10/2005
Analysis: Hamas regroupsHerb Keinon - The Jerusalem Post - One of the major imponderables in the days leading up to the withdrawal from Gaza was how Israel would react once Kassam rockets hit Sderot after the IDF soldiers had left Gaza. 8/10/2005
Warnings against tension between Hamas and PA security Forces IMEMC & PNN - Palestinian writers and politicians warned of the continuing and escalating tension between Hamas and some Palestinian security forces especially the clashes that erupted in the Gaza Strip.9/10/2005
Creation of Israel: An Imperialist-Zionist Joint Venture Nizar Sakhnini - Palestine was not an empty land waiting for the Zionists to build up their contemplated state. Dispossessing the Palestinian Arabs of their lands and driving them out of their country provoked the inevitable reaction of a people attached to their land...and began a long and unrelenting resistance against the colonial settlers and their Imperialist supporters. 2/10/2005
The Zionist project in Palestine: Colonial Settlement, Land Robbery and Ethnic CleansingNizar Sakhnini - Building an exclusive Jewish State in Palestine implied bringing Jews from the four corners of the world, acquisition of the land and ethnically cleansing it from its indigenous Arab population. 7/10/2005
Sharon as the Hero of the LeftReuven Kaminer (long-time Israeli activist) - So as to confirm the worst anxieties, Peace Now has decided to de-emphasize the demand for a speedy resumption of negotiations and the exposure of violations of human rights under the occupation.7/10/2005
2-State Solution on Life Support / Political Drama Can Save the Gaza WithdrawalRafi Dajani - Orlando Sentinel / Rami Khouri - Daily Star: The sad likelihood, given the realities of Israel continued occupation and colonization policies and the mediocre leaderships in Palestine and Israel, is that we should expect continued clashes and some large-scale violence for the near future. 7/10/2005
Setting up AbbasJeff Halper - From Sharon`s point of view it`s a done deal. Israel has won its century-old conflict with the Palestinians. Surveying the landscape - physical and political alike - the Israeli Prime Minister has finally fulfilled the task with which he was charged 38 years ago by Menachem Begin: ensure permanent Israel control over the entire Land of Israel while foreclosing the emergence of a viable Palestinian state. 7/10/2005
From Palestinian to Arab causeAzmi Bishara - Al Ahram Weekly - The lassitude of Arab regimes has transformed the Palestinian cause from a rallying point for Arab dignity to a shameful concert of capitulation7/10/2005
Hard rainGraham Usher - Al Ahram Weekly - Sharon`s post-disengagement strategy is starting to emerge and Palestinians are already killing each other in Gaza, writes Graham Usher in Jerusalem 7/10/2005
Normalizing the abnormal Tamar Hermann - Bitterlemons - Five years after the outbreak of the intifada, the Israeli Jewish public appears to be “living at peace” with an ambiguous situation: not war, but certainly not peace. It is obvious why large sectors of the public are less troubled today than three or four years ago, when traveling in a bus was akin to a game of Russian roulette. 3/10/2005
A Fallen city Mahdi Abdul Hadi - Bitterlemons - Five years ago, this present intifada was sparked by a highly provocative intrusion by Ariel Sharon, then Israeli opposition leader, into the Aqsa Mosque. That Jerusalem should have been the source of five years of heavy fighting seems almost impossible to comprehend now that the city has fallen in a way I have never witnessed before. 3/10/2005
A way of life Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - There are different opinions, among Palestinians as well as others, as to what has been the nature of the intifada--now just over five years old--and as to its duration and objectives. 3/10/2005
Gaza descends into violence againHasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times - "Despite all the optimistic talk about the prospects for Gaza following the pullout of Israeli settlers, the situation quickly descended into violence. This was predictable.."5/10/2005
Political drama can save the Gaza withdrawalRami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - The events of the past week sum up pretty well where we are and where we do not want to be in the Palestine-Israel situation: Israelis and Palestinians traded missile and rocket attacks, Israel rounded up over 440 suspected Palestinian militants in the West Bank and killed nine others in the West Bank and Gaza, and Hamas members and Palestinian Authority policemen fought street battles in Gaza, culminating in Monday`s incident where Palestinian policemen entered into the grounds of the Parliament during a session and shot into the air to demand greater backing from the political establishment.2/10/2005
Back to the routineB. Michael - Yediot Aharonot - At last we are back to normal, to the good old routine. The withdrawal is over, the evacuation is over, the quarrel with Bibi is over, all the exciting extraordinary things are over. Back to the normal routine. 1/10/2005
Re-visiting the roadmapMIFTAH - The world community must not let Israel`s latest penchant for unilateralism undermine the internationally backed roadmap plan for peace 27/10/2005
Back to provocationKhaled Amayreh - Al Aharam Weekly - Targeting Al-Aqsa, pushing ahead with settlements, assassinating activists, interfering in Palestinian affairs: business as usual this week for Israel, reports Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank 27/10/2005
War is a State of MindUri Avnery - onference on "Raising Children without Violence" - We, Israelis and Palestinians, are living in a permanent war. It has lasted now for more than 120 years. A fifth generation of Israelis and Palestinians has been born into the war, like their parents and teachers. Their whole mental outlook has been shaped by the war from earliest childhood. Every day of their lives, violence has dominated the daily news. 20/10/2005
`Bringing the children home` is important to both sidesBy Akiva Eldar - The aily Star - What would have happened if the damage to the wing of the plane that dropped a 1-ton bomb, killing 11 sleeping Palestinian children, had forced the Israeli pilot to eject over Gaza? Would his release not have been the first subject on the agenda of a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)? 15/10/2005
Seeking effective ways to talk to the worldDaoud Kuttab - The Daily Star - Some said that the conference titled "Talking to the world," called for by the Palestinian Authority to discuss how to have an effective public relations campaign was tens of years overdue. 17/10/2005
Silence, they are shooting...Avihai Sharon - NRG/Maariv - Avihai Sharon is shocked by Israeli society’s indifference to the deaths of innocent victims in the Occupied Territories. After five years of the Intifada, the IDF has got its responses down pat, like the one we were graced with last Saturday. On that occasion a paratrooper force shot and killed a 13-year-old Palestinian child, Udai Tantawi, during a routine operation in the Askar refugee camp.3/10/2005
The gladiators: Sharon`s victoryUri Avnery - Gush Shalom/Counterpunch - Since Netanyahu had positioned himself on the extreme right, supporting the settlers and opposing any withdrawal, he made Sharon look like the Man of Peace. But that is, of course, an illusion. The difference between the two, if there is one at all, is negligible. If Netanyahu were Prime Minister, he would behave exactly like Sharon, and in opposition Sharon would behave exactly like Netanyahu.2/10/2005
Book Review: Ghada Karmi Chronicles Her Plight as Refugee In Search Of Fatima - A Palestinian Story, Verso Books - To the sound of gunfire, Ghada Karmi was forced to flee her home in Palestine 57 years ago. Now back in Ramallah, she has chronicled every detail of her harrowing flight. By Donald Macintyre. 29/10/2005
Embracing the Anti-Apartheid Struggle in Israel/Palestine Virginia Tilley - CounterPunch - Debate and reportage from Israel-Palestine continue anxiously to focus on the symptoms, rather than the deeper direction, of the conflict. Media controversy whirls about how the Palestinians can navigate the immense challenges of the Gaza withdrawal, the electoral challenge from Hamas, and whether the PA can contain wildcat militancy. 29/10/2005
Israel Rules out Peace, Roadmap, ‘Interim’ Accord with PNA Palestine Media Center – PMC - Quartet Urges Restraint, Egypt Warns Against Palestinian Civil War. Ignoring a call by the Quartet of the UN, US, EU and Russia for “restraint,” Israel ruled out peace and even an interim accord with the current Palestinian leadership and present generation, and escalated political and military pressure on President Mahmoud Abbas.29/10/2005
The Quiet Occupation ( Part II)Ran HaCohen - - One of the difficulties in writing regularly about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is, in my eyes, that so little ever changes. The basic constants - above all, Israel`s overwhelming military, economic, and political superiority, all serving its colonialist aims - change slightly over years, if at all. 27/10/2005
Kuwaitis Quietly Breach a Taboo: Easing Hostility Toward Israel Hassan M. Fattah - NYT - Kuwaiti newspapers in recent days have floated the idea that the country could take steps to reduce hostility toward Israel as a means of helping the Palestinians, prompting a quiet debate about Kuwait`s decades-old strategy of isolating Israel. 5/10/2005
Lessons from Israel’s Retreat from Gaza Foundation for Middle East Peace - At 7 am on the morning of September 12, 2005, three IDF soldiers unceremoniously locked the gate at Gaza’s Kissufim crossing point. A few Palestinians approached warily from their side of the just-closed border with Israel.11/10/2005
Real Disengagement Plan Now at Work Ramzy Baroud - The Jordan Times - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his right wing government could not have possibly envisioned a more gratifying scenario to the post-disengagement period than the one effectively advancing in the Gaza Strip. 11/10/2005
With no secular leadership, Palestinians turn to IslamMahdi Abdul Hadi - The Daily Star and Bitterlemons - There is only one thing that gathers people and which might draw them out into the street, and that is religion. Islam has become a new focal point, and this is true in general of this intifada.11/10/2005
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