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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Orange RampantPeretz Kidron - MERIP - Israels national colors are blue and white. In the summer of 2005, however, an Israeli driver adorning his vehicle with ribbons in those hues runs the risk of a broken antenna or a vandals scratches in the paint job. 15/7/2005
Q&A about Israel`s Unilateral "Disengagement"Diana Buttu - Palestinian Technical Team on Israel`s Evacuation -"[The] formula for the parameters of unilateral solution are: To maximize the number of Jews; minimize the number of Palestinians; not to withdraw to the 1967 border and not to divide Jerusalem." 31/7/2005
Khaled Salameh Seeks a Land of FreedomMatthew B. Stannard - Palestine Chronicle - Khaled Sameer Salameh, a well-paid computer technician, commutes to work in a pickup emblazoned with the Hewlett-Packard logo, watches satellite television at night, and plays Need for Speed 2000 with his younger brother. 31/7/2005
Gaza to Remain Occupied After Pullout: PalestiniansYasser AL Banna - Palestine Chronicle - As long as Israel keeps control over the crossings and the airspace of the Gaza Strip after its planned "pullout", the area will remain an occupied territory, Palestinians officials and human rights activists have said. 28/7/2005
Still no answersOmar Karmi - Palestine Report - After last weeks clashes between Palestinian Authority forces and Hamas in Gaza, the security forces this week came under attack from a different source. 30/7/2005
Israel planning high-tech barrier around Gaza after withdrawal The Jordabn Times - EREZ CROSSING, Gaza Strip (AP) Israel is beefing up its border with the Gaza Strip after next month`s withdrawal, the army said Thursday, disclosing details of a high-tech triple complex to ring the coastal strip with what they hope will be the world`s most impenetrable barrier.31/7/2005
Building to resistMaureen Clare Murphy - Palestine Report - Salim Shawamreh describes July 9, 1998, as "the blackest day of my life. ... I was sitting with my family and eating lunch when my house was surrounded by Israeli soldiers. I was given fifteen minutes to take my possessions and family out of the house They left us with nothing." 30/7/2005
Identity and democracyAzmi Bishara - Amin Org. - One cannot help but notice in the course of the ongoing debate on democracy and reform in the Arab world that those who are most adamant in denying the existence of such a thing as Arab identity are the quickest to lump all these countries together when it comes to criticizing them.30/7/2005
The March of the Orange ShirtsUri Avnery - For some weeks now, a red light has been flickering in my mind, illuminating a word in large Gothic letters: Weimar. 23/7/2005
Disengagement`s Foreplay by Ran HaCohen - - Historic days in Israel: a showdown between the government and the settlers. 30/7/2005
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An Open Letter from Shora Esamilian from Israeli Airport DetentionShora Esamilian - As soon as I arrived at Ben Gurion Airport, 15.00 on Tuesday, I was taken away by Israeli police. After five hours of waiting, I was placed under interrogation by a man from the Israeli Defence Department. He spoke to me in farsi, my mother tongue.29/7/2005
A searchChen Yehezkeli - An Open letter to those who are anxious for Peace and Hope in Israel 30/7/2005
So legal, this jungle Akiva Eldar - Haartez - For the first time, the senior officer-attorney, who was in on the secret of the developments in the West Bank from the period of the second Oslo willing to reveal something of what goes on in the operations rooms of the illegal outposts. To him, everyone is equal before violation of the is hard to find differences between the attitudes of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (Likud) and former prime minister Ehud Barak (Labor) toward settler leader Pinhas Wallerstein, or between the attitudes of Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) and former defense minister Ben-Eliezer (Labor) toward settler leader Zev (Zambish) Hever. Everyone is everyone`s friend. 29/7/2005
Sa`eb Erekat looking for a peace process that means somethingPalestine News Network - After the Israelis announced they would build more settler houses in East Jerusalem, head of Palestinian negotiations, Dr. Sa`eb Erekat, spoke to PNN.29/7/2005
Abbas moves to Gaza for pullout BBC Online - Abbas wants to make sure the withdrawal is not bloody 26/7/2005
Dahlan: Find another scapegoatAli Waked - YnetNews - Palestinian Authority Minister for Civilian Affairs Muhammad Dahlan responded heatedly to charges aired Tuesday morning that he was interfering with the fight against terror in Gaza. 26/7/2005
Things Palestinians and Israelis shareRay Hanania - YnetNews - We have the same noses, accents and blame everyone else for our problems26/7/2005
Qorei: Peace starts and ends in JerusalemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qorei called on the United States, the International Community and the Quartet to hold their responsibilities, and pressure Israel in order to stop its violations in the occupied territories, the Jerusalem siege, settlements and the Wall. 26/7/2005
Economic growth requires safe Palestinian passageGhassan Khatib - The Daily Star - Safe passage is the name that was given in the Oslo Accords to the way the West Bank is supposed to be connected to the Gaza Strip. The accords stressed the need to maintain the integrity and continuity of the Palestinian territories.25/7/2005
Will Hamas soon lead the Palestinians?Mkhaimar Abusada - The Daily Times - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas` decision to postpone indefinitely this month`s scheduled elections for the Legislative Council deepened the rift with Hamas, his Islamist rival.25/7/2005
Arabs working on summit in 2 weeks-spokesmanReuters - CAIRO - The Arab League, Egypt and other Arab states are trying to arrange an Arab summit in Egypt within about 2 weeks to discuss Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an Arab League spokesman said on Monday. 25/7/2005
Sharon to PA: Expect a tougher response to terror after pulloutHerb Keinon - The Jerusalem Post - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warned the Palestinians Sunday that terrorism from Gaza after disengagement will be met with a new and harsh IDF response. 25/7/2005
Sharon vows tough response to Gaza shootingDaily Star staff - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon threatened a harsh military response to Palestinian violence during and after Israel`s pullout from the Gaza Strip following the murder of two Jerusalem grandparents. 25/7/2005
Minister of the Interior admits to institutional discrimination against Arab citizens with regards to planning and buildingFatma Nasser - Mahsom - MK El-Sana: The governments policy is based on the idea of concentrating the maximum number of Arabs on the minimum amount of territory; The Arab public is a victim because of the absence of planning not because of a law-breaking public. 25/7/2005
An infuriating comparisonNoam Livne - Maariv/NRG - A conscientious objector of the left explains to the objectors from the right the profound difference between his personal refusal to serve and their mass refusal. 25/7/2005
Wrong Analysis, Wrong InitiativeBy Michael (Mikado) Warschawski - The unilateral redeployment from Gaza is part of a broader and extremely coherent political project: to help in creating a Gazastan, part of the old Sharon plan of cantonization of the occupied territories. 25/7/2005
Israel prepares plan to attack militants during pulloutXinhua - GAZA - Israeli media said on Monday that the Israeli army has prepared an emergency plan in case Palestinian security forces fail to prevent militants from disrupting the evacuation plan. 25/7/2005
A letter from JerusalemReverend Clarence Musgrave - observations on current events by a foreigner living in Jerusalem25/7/2005
Resort To FearNoam Chomsky - Znet - "The resort to fear by systems of power to discipline the domestic population has left a long and terrible trail of bloodshed and suffering which we ignore at our peril. Recent history provides many shocking illustrations."25/7/2005
Letter from the Middle East: Gaza`s story depends on who spins the taleSteven Erlanger - International Herald Tribune - GAZA Despite the turmoil in Israeli society, there is little doubt that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will yank the nearly 9,000 Israeli settlers out of Gaza, now a closed military zone. 21/7/2005
Israel under fire in Security Council over separation barrierAgence France Presse (AFP - The Daily Star - UNITED NATIONS: Israel came under fire in the UN Security Council over its West Bank separation barrier, but many countries voiced hope the upcoming Israeli withdrawal from Gaza would pave the way for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians. 23/7/2005
Israeli-Palestinian relations bedevilled by lack of framework - UN envoy (1/3)Report, UN DPI - While it is essential for both Israel and the Palestinians not to lose sight of the immediate goal Israels disengagement from Gaza relations between the two sides are being marred because no agreed framework exists for that pull-out, or for what will happen next, a senior United Nations envoy told the Security Council today.23/7/2005
Palestinians: Israel to steal artifactsOrly Halpern - Jerusalem Post - Palestinian archaeologists say they fear that when Israel withdraws from Gaza it will also take priceless archeological artifacts. Israeli officials have acknowledged this is a possibility. 23/7/2005
Arab League takes on Palestinian issues in Cairo parleyOrky Halpern - Jerusalem Post - The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the ever-lengthening security barrier are the hottest topics at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo this week. 23/7/2005
Abbas says left in dark on Israel`s plans for disengagement Reuters - Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said Friday on the eve of talks with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the Palestinians were ready to coordinate the Gaza pullout with Israel but were being left in the dark on crucial issues. 23/7/2005
Failing to combat the QassamZe`ev Schiff - Haaretz22/7/2005
Film Review: "The Syrian Bride" makes for a difficult marriageIsraeli film-director Eran Riklis` new film has won international acclaim. However, at a showing in Nazaretitits uplifting and supposedly non-partisan message was marred by the usual lack of Israeli self-criticism, not to mention self-satisfaction. 22/7/2005
PM: Ariel will forever be an integral part of IsraelAluf Benn - Haaretz 22/7/2005
Under the shadow of the `disengagement`Mijal Grinberg - Zmag - The ease with which I pass through the security check at the Jerusalem bus station reminds me of the privileges I regained when I left At-Tuwani. As I think of At-Tuwani` which I left ony two hours earlier` images of the past week go through my mind. 22/7/2005
Two new Israeli documentaries explore the moral failure of ZionismTwo new Israeli films that premiered at this month`s Jerusalem Film Festival explore the moral failure that is inherent in Zionism.22/7/2005
Occupation Diary: Chronicle of a death foretoldAya Kaniuk - Mahsom - Next to the walls construction site in Kalandia, and along the wall, three children were murdered over the last two years by soldiers at the checkpoint. Small children throwing stones, and soldiers with security vests and helmets sniping at them. 21/7/2005
With the help of G_d, Jerusalem has been divided;B. Michael - Yedioth Ahronot - This week, all the emotional words, all the determined avowals and all the oaths and laments were finally put to everlasting rest. 21/7/2005
Destruction of Abu Ghnaim in PicturesLink to ARIJ - how a wooded mointain near Jerusalem was converted to a settlement21/7/2005
Abbas dismisses Palestine TV chair George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli officials always accused the Palestinian TV corporation of broadcasting inciting material against Israel. "21/7/2005
The Museum of Palestine: Keys to the pastRobert Fisk - The independent - In 1948, 750,000 Palestinians fled their homes, never to return. One of them, Mahmoud Dakwar, has made it his mission to preserve a record of this vanished society for its descendants, as Robert Fisk reports from Matchouk, southern Lebanon 21/7/2005
Palestine: the economy of despair Benjamin Barthe - Le Monde diplomatique - The West Bank city of Nablus is relatively calm at present. Anyone who can raise money, even by selling their jewellery, is investing in the stock market. They want to make enough for a one-way ticket out of Nablus. 21/7/2005
Not to be divided Bitterlemons - An interview with Mohammad el-Samhouri, a Palestinian economist based in Gaza and a former senior economic advisor to the Palestinian minister of foreign affairs. 18/7/2005
Vital for peace Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The economic viability of a future Palestinian state depends on the economic integrity of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. 18/7/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies - 19.7.2005 WAFA - Main Palestinian Daily Newspaper tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues, criticizing the role of Hamas on the Palestinian arena. 19/7/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies - 20.7.2005 Main Palestinian Daily Newspaper tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues, criticizing the role of Hamas on the Palestinian arena. 20/7/2005
Jordan Islamists blast Abbas over refugeesUnited Press International - AMMAN, Jordan - Jordan`s Islamists Tuesday lashed out at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for encouraging Arab countries to naturalize Palestinian refugees. 19/7/2005
Israel set to invade Gaza unless Abbas halts attacksDaily Star staff - Israel is threatening to invade Gaza if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas doesn`t control militants who have stepped up rocket and mortar attacks ahead of Israel`s pullout from Gaza next month.18/7/2005
Extra-judicial Executions Continue in Gaza StripPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Israeli military extra-judicially executes a member of Hamas while standing near his home, this is the fifth death resulting from Israel`s policy of extra-judicial executions in the recent days. 18/7/2005
Israeli forces kill Hamas activists in Gaza clashes Donald Macintyre - The Independent - Israel has assassinated at least six Hamas militants in an apparent shift of policy. They were executed only hours after the Palestinian Authority had itself confronted the faction in fierce clashes that left two Palestinians dead and 30 injured17/7/2005
Aimless in GazaNYT Editorial - The planned withdrawal of Israeli soldiers and settlers from the densely populated Gaza Strip, scheduled to begin about five weeks from now, represents the best chance in five years of moving relations between Israelis and Palestinians to a more peaceful basis. - 16/7/2005
What does Israel want in the War against Terrorism?Sobhi Ghandour - Amin Org. - Since September 11, 2001, Israel has been trying to take full advantage of that tragedy to suit its own selfish international interests and to accomplish objectives condemned by the international community while the rest of the world is busy fighting terrorism. 16/7/2005
A taste of their own medicineDaoud Kuttab - Amin.Org - The upcoming Israeli unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the mess of the wall around East Jerusalem have been producing some unusual statements and positions not heard of since 1967. 16/7/2005
Beyond the wallSomething is astir in Bilin -- mass Palestinian demonstrations based on non-violence and Israeli participation. Graham Usher reports from the West Bank village , Al Ahram Weekly 16/7/2005
Cracks within FatahKhalid Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - Pressured by the quiet growth of Hamas, the movement behind Abbas may soon be ripe to fall16/7/2005
Sharon orders `unlimited` response to terrorismDaily Star staff - Hamas threatens revenge for death of five members killed by Israeli air strikes16/7/2005
The disturbance withinKhalid Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - With Israel consolidating its grip on the West Bank, especially East Jerusalem, and with relations with Hamas and Fatah`s younger leadership turning sour, an increasingly forlorn Palestinian Authority (PA) is facing probably its toughest period since its creation in 1993. 16/7/2005
Palestinian in-fighting in GazaBBC News Online - Clashes in Gaza between Palestinian Authority security forces and members of the Hamas militant organisation have killed two bystanders and injured 20. 15/7/2005
Orange RampantPeretz Kidron - MERIP - Israel`s national colors are blue and white. In the summer of 2005, however, an Israeli driver adorning his vehicle with ribbons in those hues runs the risk of a broken antenna or a vandal`s scratches in the paint job. 15/7/2005
Beyond the wall; something is astir in BilinGraham Usher - Al Ahram Weekly - Mass Palestinian demonstrations based on non-violence and Israeli participation. "We are not against these demonstrations," says Hassan Youssef, Hamas`s West Bank spokesman, "Hamas, like all the Palestinian people, is giving Israel a chance." 15/7/2005
Grim forecastHaim Baram - Kol Hair/Hagada Hasmalit - Most of the `Pinkos` not only in politics but also in the media usually reach correct and right conclusions only when they have already lost every bit of influence or any chance to shape a decision making policy. 15/7/2005
Ostracising Hamas will not help in the search for peace Jonathan Steele - The Guardian - The west has to recognise this group`s growing popularity. The need for even-handedness and cool western heads in the search for peace between Israel and the Palestinians has never been more urgent. 15/7/2005
Enemy of the State Don Atapattu - A conversation with Professor Ilan Pappe - Israeli academic who first came to prominence in the 1980s as a member of the Israel New Historian movement that chronicled the war crimes and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians in the first Arab-Israeli War of 1948 15/7/2005
Background: Netiv Ha`assara was once Gaza Arieh O`Sullivan - The Jerusalem Post - A Palestinian demand to annex Israeli territory north of the Gaza Strip is not as far- fetched as it appears, since the land on which Netiv Ha`asara is currently located was once part of the Gaza Strip7/7/2005
What one has to see ....Photo by 14/7/2005
Not rightThe Jordan Times - Editorial - Israel`s seeking $2.2 billion from the US in return for the promised withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is illegal and audacious. 13/7/2005
Top US officials point to Syria, Iran in Israel bombingAgence France Presse - WASHINGTON July 12- Top US officials on Tuesday pointed fingers at both Syria and Iran as they denounced the deadly suicide bombing at a shopping center in Israel. 13/7/2005
Thin slicing Israel Rima Merriman - The Jordan Times - "This is all due to an intuitive ability scientists are calling thin slicing -- coming to an accurate conclusion or a brilliant decision about a complex situation in a split second without going to the trouble of consciously deconstructing it. "14/7/2005
This week: the bomber, the calm and the balancing actThe Other Israel - "withdrawing from the Gaza Strip - not as a first step in ending the occupation in its entirety but on the contrary as part of a deliberate bolstering of Israeli hold over the West Bank. The success of such a policy would ensure that there will be no further chance for peace, and a very enhanced chance for another and yet another round of bloodshed and hatred" 14/7/2005
Commentary on current eventsProfessor Avraham Oz - "Senseless, cruel and vile terror attacks against civilians, as the ones perpetrated on the steets of London last week or Natanya this week - no wrong may justify such trigger-happy perpetrators of such atrocities. And yet when we see those who are responsible for the killing of civilians in the name of fighting terrorism grieve befrore the cameras at those acts of terror, we cannot but remember the context within which such atrocities are perpetrated."14/7/2005
Sharon orders reprisals for bombing Conal Urquhart - The Guardian - A report and analysis of Sharon`s latest response to the Netanya bombings.14/7/2005
Fatah leader, Farouq Qaddumi,`categorically confirms` that Arafat was poisoned by IsraelAgence France Presse - The Daily Star - Late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was fatally poisoned by Israel, Farouq Qaddumi, the head of the dominant Palestinian movement Fatah, is claiming.13/7/2005
Sharon vows to hunt down Islamic Jihad leadersDaily Star staff - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered a relentless hunt for the leaders of Islamic Jihad, and Israeli troops reoccupied the northern West Bank town of Tulkarem in response to a suicide bombing that killed four Israeli women in the resort town of Netanya a day earlier. 14/7/2005
Letter sent to Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United NationsA year has passed since the recommendations of the International Court of Justice in The Hague were made and a resolution was adopted by the General Assembly regarding the illegality of the Annexation Wall being erected by the Israeli government. 15/7/2005
Is the World blind? ICAHD - Two more families in East-Jerusalem lost their homes today and another two families had their belongings thrown out into the street as a new wave of house demolitions swept through Dahiat Al-Salaam and Silwan. 12/7/2005
Al Qaeda`s Smart BombsRobert A. Pape - The New York Times - WHILE we don`t yet know who organized the terrorist attacks in London on Thursday, it seems likely that they were the latest in a series of bombings, most of them suicide attacks, over the past several years by Al Qaeda and its supporters. 9/7/2005
The democratic challengeGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly - "Yasser Arafat was a symbol of the Palestinian people who believed he would never have to face this day," says Mustafa Sabri, with a glint in his eye. We are sitting beneath a portrait of the late Palestinian president in the mayor`s office in the West Bank town of Qalqiliya.9/7/2005
No, not nowBy Khalid Amayreh - Amman meeting fails to find answers to questions haunting the Palestinian Authority11/7/2005
Palestinians seek EU help to stop settlement spreadDonald Macintyre in Ramallah - The Independent - Nasser al-Kidwa, Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority, has called for the EU to impose economic and other international sanctions to force Israel to stop settlement expansion and further construction of the separation barrier in the occupied West Bank. 12/7/2005
The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRAKaren Armstrong - Fundamentalism is often a form of nationalism in religious disguise12/7/2005
Palestinians rage at proposed fence across JerusalemEric Silver in Jerusalem - Israel`s decision to press ahead with a barrier that will separate 55,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem from the rest of the city has provoked a storm of criticism, prompting the Palestinian Prime Minister to state that the fence will make "a farce" of Ariel Sharon`s peace talks with the Palestinian Authority. 12/7/2005
Barrier Meant to Ensure Jewish MajorityMark Lavie - Associated Press - Israel`s separation barrier in Jerusalem is meant to ensure a Jewish majority in the city and not just serve as a buffer against bombers, an Israeli Cabinet minister acknowledged Monday. 11/7/2005
U. of California Press to Publish Book That Alan Dershowitz Has Criticized as Anti-SemiticJennifer Howard - Chronicle of Higher Education - The University of California Press will proceed with the publication of a controversial book that attacks supporters of Israel despite efforts by its chief target, the Harvard law professor Alan M. Dershowitz, to block the book`s release. The press`s intentions were announced on Friday by its director, Lynne Withey. 11/7/2005
Three forgotten lessons Moshe Negbi - Bitterlemons - Three vital lessons-the lesson of Altalena, the lesson of the Rabin assassination, and the lesson of the Weimar Republic-are now totally ignored by the authorities charged with the responsibility to impose law and order on those who rebel against the democratic system. Israeli democracy, just like the Palestinian Authority, is left defenseless against the zealots who seek to destroy it from within. 11/7/2005
Three forgotten lessons Moshe Negbi - Bitterlemons - Three vital lessons-the lesson of Altalena, the lesson of the Rabin assassination, and the lesson of the Weimar Republic-are now totally ignored by the authorities charged with the responsibility to impose law and order on those who rebel against the democratic system. Israeli democracy, just like the Palestinian Authority, is left defenseless against the zealots who seek to destroy it from within. 12/7/2005
There cannot be two rulers Bitterlemons - An interview with Camille Mansour - professor of international relations at Paris and Versailles universities. Since September 2004he has worked as a UNDP technical assistant on Palestinian judicial reform. In March of this year, he was appointed the secretary of a steering committee, for the development of the judiciary. 11/7/2005
A top priority Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - As borne out by polls as well as the people`s representatives in the Legislative Council, the Palestinian public has identified the issue of law and order as one of the top three priorities for the government to address. The other two-the economy, particularly unemployment and poverty, and reforms and fighting corruption-are hardly unconnected. 11/7/2005
Two-state solution now, or we may end up with noneNaomi Chazan - The Daily Star - The opportunity that emerged after the death of Yasser Arafat, the election of Mahmoud Abbas as the new president of the Palestinian Authority, and the approval of the Sharon disengagement plan, is dissipating quickly. Unless a concerted effort is made in the next few months to resume negotiations on a permanent settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it is likely that the door will close firmly on a workable two-state option. 12/7/2005
West Bank Refugees: Politically Sidelined, Geographically Isolated, Making Their Own PathAmal Bishara - Amin Org - The itinerary itself had the air of myth. One Friday in May, two busloads full of children and adults departed from Aida Refugee Camp in the West Bank town of Bethlehem and went to the beach in Haifa. On the Mediterranean. Inside Israel.11/7/2005
Sharons Disengagement and Unlearned History LessonsRamzy Baroud - Amin Org - There is little in argument that the second Palestinian Uprising is effectively terminated, despite the fact that the causes which led to it remain in place. This claim does not deny the looming prospects of a third revolt, nor does it undermine the unbroken will of the Palestinian people to carry on with their resistance by any channel available. 10/7/2005
One year on: Protest against the Wall in Bil`inMarcy Newman - Electronic Intifada - Yesterday I woke up early and headed for a small village in the West Bank, outside of Ramallah, called Bil`in. I arrived earlier than I had expected so I wandered around trying to see where the new portion of the Apartheid Wall will be built to encircle this town and imprison its inhabitants.10/7/2005
One year after ICJ ruling, Israel OKs Wall in JerusalemArjan El Fassed - The Electronic Intifada - One year after the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in which it made clear that the construction of the Wall and the settlements were illegal, the Israeli cabinet called for "the immediate completion of the security fence [sic] in the Jerusalem area". 12/7/2005
Right of Reply / The meek and the mighty Daniel Bar-Tal and Akiva Eldar - It`s not every day that a journalist is given an important platform for presenting his plan for ending one of the oldest national conflicts in the world. Unfortunately, Ari Shavit has missed his opportunity.10/7/2005
A Red Rag: Judaism as RacismGideon Spiro - Kol Hair/Hagada Hasmalit - Racism in the Jewish religion is very relevant nowadays too. The teacher and hero of the Gush Emunim settlers, Rabbi Cook (the father) wrote that the difference between the Jewish Soul and the soul of the Gentiles in all their varieties is bigger and deeper than the difference between the human soul and the soul of animals. 11/7/2005
A letter from JerusalemRev. Clarence Musgrave - "There is a saying about familiarity breeding contempt, and something that I once heard about age dulling ones senses. Today we took a journey with which we have become familiar over the past 2 or 3 years, from Jerusalem to Jayyous, the village near Qalqilya which we have been visiting fairly regularly."8/7/2005
Mideast divestment movement picks up steamTom Regan - Christian Science Monitor - The approved resolution of United Church of Christ called for the dismantling of what Israel calls a security barrier and what critics have called an `apartheid fence.` Also, a resolution was approved that called for members "to use `economic leverage` to promote peace between Israel and Palestinians." 8/7/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Daily Newspapers RAMALLAH - Wafa - Main Palestinian Daily Newspaper tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues7/7/2005
A Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human RightsPalestinian Civil Society - One year after the historic Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which found Israel`s Wall built on occupied Palestinian territory to be illegal, Israel continues its construction of the colonial Wall with total disregard to the Court`s decision. Thirty eight years into Israel`s occupation of the Palestinian West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Gaza Strip and the Syrian Golan Heights, Israel continues toexpand Jewish colonies. It has unilaterally annexed occupied East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and is now de facto annexing large parts of the West Bank by means of the Wall. 7/7/2005
Mustafa Barghouti: Israel must understand that the liberation of the Israeli people depends on the liberation of the Palestinian peopleMahsom - Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, a founder of the Palestinian Democratic Initiative, criticizes the Palestinian Authority, which he believes is not doing enough to preserve the publics security. "As for Israel, it must understand that the liberation of the Palestinian people means the liberation of the people in Israel, no less."8/7/2005
IncludedV. Buch - `I once saw a perceptive quotation about inclusiveness of fascism. You have the same judge as before - the same teacher - the same policeman - but the system has gone berserk. And the good people continue to serve it. They are motivated by an overpowering need to think and act "business as usual". `7/7/2005
Jews and Palestinians have no demographic `silver bullet`Salim Tamari - The Daily Star - There are few issues in the current debate on the future of Palestine that evoke more passion than demographics - the distillation of ethnic politics into the realm of raw procreative strategies. And there are fewer issues with more false assumptions. 7/7/2005
Hamas to PA: We`ll pass on the governmentJoharah Baker - Palestine Report - AS THE Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the northern West Bank draws closer, the Palestinians are trying to put their house in order. On July 5, Prime Minister Ahmad Qrei called on all political factions and forces to come together to make the withdrawal a success.7/7/2005
Welcome to Costa-del-GazaEoin Murray - The Electronic Intifada - The symbolic opportunity for thousands of Palestinians to reclaim land, parts of which they have had no access to since 1967, and to live on this land, is highly significant. The land where the settlements lie stretches along much of Gaza`s magnificent coastline 5/7/2005
Hamas warns PA it will resist disarmamentThe Daily Star - Islamist movement Hamas is warning the Palestinian Authority it will resist any attempts to disarm its militants after snubbing an offer to serve in a national unity government. 6/7/2005
If Israelis want a wall, let it be one of Arab protectionRajmohan Gandhi - The Daily Star - A wall of protection was what Badshah Khan also desired for minorities, and what he and Gandhi again and again asked India`s majority Hindus to offer to their Muslim neighbours. 5/7/2005
A free Palestinian media will help cut through the liesAli Abunimah - Electronic Intifada - The Palestinian-Israeli conflict gets a disproportionate share of mainstream Western media attention, as compared, say, with conflicts in Africa. Yet the public, particularly in the United States, remains grossly misinformed. 5/7/2005
Hamas rebuffs offer to join CabinetDaily Star staff - The Palestinian group Hamas rebuffed an invitation to join the Palestinian Cabinet, snubbing President Mahmoud Abbas who wants a unity government to help him control Gaza after Israel`s pullout. 5/7/2005
The Killing of Iain Hook: Why the Time for Justice is Now ?Jonathan Cook - The Electronic Intifada - The identity card of UNRWA`s Jenin project manager, Iain John Hook of Britain, who was killed in the West Bank city of Jenin on 22 November 2002. The United Nations challenged Israel`s contention that Palestinians had fired at Israeli troops from a U.N. compound during a gun battle in which soldiers shot and killed Hook.5/7/2005
G8 and Disengagement: Palestine needs justice not charityArjan El Fassed - The Electronic Intifada - Instead of providing charity to the Palestinian Authority or pay for the damage done by 38 years of Israeli occupation, the G8 should consider what action is required to bring to an end the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the Wall and the associated regime. 5/7/2005
New York Times covers up brutal settler attack on Palestinian PMWATCH - "On Wednesday June 29, Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian youth from Muwassi with stones as he lay unconscious on the ground, apparently attempting to kill him. The Palestinian youth was eventually saved from the assault by Palestinians, Israeli journalists, and Israeli soldiers. Virtually all major US newspapers and media outlets reported in detail on this brutal Israeli attack. All expect the newspaper of record, The New York Times. "4/7/2005
Demography negates democracyGhassan Khatib - - "Throughout the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, demography has been regarded as a crucial aspect by the wrong people on the two sides. 4/7/2005
Syria hosts meeting of Abbas and Palestinian factionsThe Daily Star staff - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas promised Syrian President Bashar Assad he would continue to coordinate future moves for establishing a peace settlement in the Middle East, the official Syrian news agency SANA reported.8/7/2005
Are Palestinians just outside observers of settlement debate?Daoud Kuttab - The Daily Star - Are Palestinians just outside observers of settlement debate? The repeated claim by Palestinians that Israelis negotiate among themselves is best proven when it comes to the debate over Jewish settlements in Palestinian lands.4/7/2005
The killing of British activist Tom Hurndall the cover-upYossef Elgazy - Hao Okets - The decision by the Southern Commands military tribunal (27.6) to convict Sergeant Taysir al-Heib for the manslaughter of British peace activist Tom Hurndall more than two years ago, and for giving false evidence and obstructing justice requires some reminders and clarifications that do not exonerate the IDF from responsibility. 2/7/2005
No half measuresRamzy Baroud - Al-Ahram Weekly - The electoral success of Hamas since the first round of local elections held in Gaza last December has signaled a dramatic shift in the way the movement is perceived, both nationally and internationally. Of equal relevance, this success is likely to be mirrored in the way the movement envisages its role on the post-Arafat Palestinian political scene. Europe`s courting Hamas without reigning in Israel is a non-starter. 2/7/2005
The Seeds of Fascism: DisgraceRan HaCohen - Antiwar - "The fact that no atrocity ever made Israeli society, taken as a whole, protest the way the settlers do now, is disgraceful evidence for the complete moral bankruptcy of the Jewish state."2/7/2005
Abbas lays out strategy to reform Fatah and resolve internal conflictThe Daily Star - Abbas met with senior Fatah members to discuss ways of modernizing the party and bringing Hamas and Islamic Jihad into broad-based political organizations.1/7/2005
Hamas to work with PA on Gaza pulloutDaily Star staff - Israel rejects group`s participation in Palestinian government calling it detrimental to peace 2/7/2005
A Red Rag - 38 YearsGideon Spiro - Hagada HaSmalit - 1/7/2005
Evangelicals Eye Middle Ground On Middle East; Christian Right HopesOri Nir - Forward - The nation`s main coalition of evangelical Christian churches is under internal pressure to adopt a Middle East policy for the first time, and observers expect the group to emerge more centrist and moderate than its current image. 1/7/2005
Israel and Palestine: The end of the `calm`Gwynne Dyer - The Jordan Times - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called for a "period of calm" when he took over the late Yasser Arafat`s job in January, and for a while some people allowed themselves to believe that peace was within reach. 20/7/2005
A truce or a fig leaf?Hasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada - The world has suddenly noticed the renewed violence between Israelis and Palestinians, but not because Israel stepped-up extrajudicial executions and other attacks on Palestinians in recent weeks. 20/7/2005
Disengagement and unlearned history lessonsRamzy Baroud - The Jordan Times - There is little argument that the second Palestinian uprising is effectively terminated, despite the fact that the causes which led to its inception remain in place.19/7/2005
Jewish settler seeks to become PalestinianJonathan Saul - Reuters - Jewish settler Avi Farhan, determined not to give up his home overlooking the sea when Israel quits the occupied Gaza Strip, is looking into becoming a Palestinian. 19/7/2005
Arik`s Horror Show All the world saw the horror on TV: a Palestinian boy lying on the ground, unconscious. An Israeli soldier bending over him, not knowing what to do. A settler coming up from behind and throwing a stone at the head of the injured Palestinian. Another settler dropping a big stone on him at point-blank range. A bearded medic, also a settler, approaches the wounded boy, hesitates, and then goes away without treating him, pursued by the chants of a chorus of settler boys and girls: "Let him die! Let him die!" 3/7/2005
Holy insanityShulamit Aloni - Ynet - It is no secret that they were born in sin outside Israels legal jurisdiction, where the occupier has no right to construct its colonies. With the passage of time, through lies, deceit and criminal activity, the colonists accrued self-confidence, resilience, physical assets and money.3/7/2005
Visit HebronBy Nina Mayorek, Machsom-Watch. Images from the besieged city of Hebron."Along the road leading to the Tomb, there are Palestinian houses with all shops closed. The closed doors of Palestinian houses were `decorated` by disgusting graffiti written in Hebrew, see examples below, with translation. "13/7/2005
CPT exhibit of settler graffiti on Arab homes and public walls in HebronYou will not see these images on CNN or in the NYT. If such grafitti had turned up on a synagogue, it would make the top headlines. Yes, you will find some similarly ugly sentiments among Arabs. But the people who did these writings ("Arabs to the Gas Chambers!") know they enjoy impunity from the Israeli law, protection of the Israeli army and lavish funding and support of the State of Israel.24/7/2005
An Excellent Presentation of the Annexation Wall PENGON - The Palestinian Environmental NGO`s Network20/7/2005
Yanun - a village under siegeMaia Carter Hallward - a presentation on the besieged village of Yanun. "The village is surrounded on all sides by outposts from the Itamar settlement..Settlers prevent the Palestinian farmers from farming or grazing their sheep on the hills belonging to the villagers. The settlers attack those seeking to access their land, and use Yanun for their own farming purposes." Also, some quotes from the Itamar`s website 19/7/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Daily Newspapers WAFA - Main Palestinian Daily Newspaper tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues 9/7/2005
On the anniversary of the ruling by the International Court of Justice against the WallPalestinian Civil Society - Calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights 9/7/2005
Terrorism, the War on Terror and the Message of Carnage Norman Solomon - ZNet Commentary - When the French government suggested a diplomatic initiative that might interfere with the White House agenda for war, the president responded by saying that the proposed scenario would "ratify terror." The date was July 24, 1964, the president was Lyndon Johnson and the war was in Vietnam. 9/7/2005
Israeli activist bridges worlds Activist and founder of the International Solidarity Movement talks about her political awakening, her work and her life as an Israeli married to a West Bank Palestinian, living in Nablus, an "illegal unit" as she describes it5/7/2005
G8 and Disengagement: Palestine needs justice not charityG8 leaders are urged to make poverty history. (Indymedia) But while African poverty may feature in the G8 debate, other issues such as rising oil prices, climate change and Gaza disengagement may get more attention. 5/7/2005
Jewish Truce or Colonialism?Oren Yiftachel - 31/7/2005
Jewish Truce or Colonialism?Oren Yiftachel - 31/7/2005
U.S. Muslim Religious Council Issues Fatwa against - WASHINGTON, D.C., 28.7.2005 - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today offered its support for a fatwa, or Islamic religious ruling, against terrorism and extremism issued by the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) and endorsed by more than 120 U.S. Muslim groups, leaders and institutions. (The term "fiqh" refers to Islamic jurisprudence.) 30/7/2005
Palestinians protest Gaza smokescreenLaila El-Haddad - Al-Jazeera/EI - Black smoke seen rising along the wall`s path from the areas of Marda to Qalandia in the Central West Bank on Thursday was an "SOS to the world" to take action to stop Israel`s annexation of their land and "imprisonment of the Palestinian people", according to Ayed Morrar, coordinator of the Popular Committee to Resist the Wall in Ramallah.28/7/2005
Life under constant harassmentEve Sabbagh - Palestine Report - PERCHED ON a south Hebron hill, at first glance Mufaqara seems like a small quiet village sheltered from the troubles of its more famous neighboring city. But the settlers in the region have transformed the shepherds tranquil agricultural life into a hellish struggle against politics.7/7/2005
Israel to deploy huge force during Gaza evacuation Israel will deploy a force of 40,000 soldiers and 4,000 police officers to evacuate around 8,000 settlers from the Gaza Strip, ministers told a special session of the parliament yesterday7/7/2005
A very combustible status-quoMaureen Clare Murphy - The Electronic Intifada - Israel is annexing as much land, water wells, and settlement blocs as possible while taking with it as few Palestinians as possible. 5/7/2005
Response by Palestinian Health Organizations to the comments made by Dr. Shanit on behalf of the Peres Centre for PeacePalestinian Health Organizations - Below please find the response by Palestinian Health Organizations to the comments made by Dr. Shanit on behalf of the Peres Centre for Peace to our Open Letter to the Palestinian and international community regarding Palestinian-Israeli cooperation. 6/7/2005
Palestinians Feel Like Underdogs Against King DavidChristine Hauser - The New York Times - JERUSALEM - Every so often, events surface in Jerusalem that remind its Arab and Jewish residents how easily their city of gentle hills and golden light slips back and forth across time, from the artifacts of the past to the passions of contemporary politics. 9/7/2005
Quartet envoy discusses pullout plan Al Jazeera - James Wolfensohn, the Mideast quartet`s "disengagement" envoy, has held talks with the Palestinian civil affairs minister to help coordinate Israel`s forthcoming withdrawal from Gaza. 10/7/2005
Solana visit to shore up Gaza pulloutDaily Star staff - European foreign policy chief expected to push for further implementation of `road map`9/7/2005
Israel`s wall is simply another `fact on the ground`Samar Assad - The Daily Star - Expert Briefing - One year after the International Court of Justice found that Israel`s construction of the separation barrier in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and East Jerusalem contravenes international law Israel continues construction of the wall and expansion of settlements, particularly around East Jerusalem. 11/7/2005
Israel`s barrier to cut off Palestinians in JerusalemDaily Star staff - Around a quarter of the Palestinian population of Jerusalem face being cut off from the rest of the holy city after Israel`s Cabinet approved a new route for its controversial West Bank barrier. Palestinians accused Israel of trying to shut down argument over the fate of occupied East Jerusalem. 11/7/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Daily Newspapers RAMALLAH, July 10, 2005, (WAFA) - Main Palestinian Daily Newspaper tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues10/7/2005
Israeli Cabinet OKs Jerusalem BarrierAssociated Press - The Washington Post - JERUSALEM - Israel`s Cabinet on Sunday gave final approval to a Jerusalem separation barrier meant to stop suicide bombers, over strident Palestinian objections and U.S. misgivings because it will isolate thousands of Palestinians. 11/7/2005
Death Penalty Must StopPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Press release29/7/2005
Disengagement and Its Discontents: What Will the Israeli Settlers Do? MER - How Israel for the first time evacuates settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories will have profound implications for Israeli-Palestinian relations, but also for Israeli society. 29/7/2005
Can Palestinians manage the Gaza disengagement?Bassem Eid - The Daily Star - With the unilateral Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip approaching, there are increasing concerns about the fate of the 1.3 million inhabitants of the territory after the withdrawal.27/7/2005
Summer break must be exploited to advance Israel-Palestine peaceAluf Benn - The Daily Star - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon`s Gaza disengagement plan has had an important side effect. It has forced the Israeli and Palestinian governments to tackle their respective rejectionists. 29/7/2005
Tali Fahima - Giving up the privilegesSmadar Ben Natan - Haokets - Only because of this double standard by which human lives are valued, can Tali Fahima declare that she will be a human shield for Zakaria Zubeidi, and this declaration does carry some weight. The army will hesitate to eliminate him when it means that the Israeli Jew at his side will also be hit. By choosing to place herself at his side, at the same risk of attack as he, Tali Fahima is challenging the distinction between blood and blood. She says: my life is equal to his.29/7/2005
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