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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Two FingersUri Avnery - AMIN - Amid all this clamor, Olmert has found the time and the energy for the speech at the Geneva Initiative meeting, in which he described in detail his efforts to achieve peace with the Palestinians. With the help of his two forefingers, he asserted that peace had been very close, and that a full and final agreement could be achieved now. Thus he adopted a position that is far to the left of that renowned leftist, Yossi Beilin. 30/9/2010
Journal of a voyageYonatan Shapira - impressions and reflections by the skipper of the Irene, the Jewish boat to Gaza that was intercepted by the Israeli navy on 28 September29/9/2010
How Israel founded the Palestinian stateDaniel Friedmann - Ynet - One would assume that Israel would have done everything in its power to reach an agreement with Jordan – but in reality the opposite was done. Despite awareness of the risks, Israel has done everything possible to strengthen the Palestinian people and now finds itself stuck between two options: a Palestinian state or a binational one. [NB: recommended for reading, though this article from the former Justice Minister does not express the views of OM - bz] 28/9/2010
Israel’s settlement follyUri Misgav - Ynet - The settlements may have succeeded in settling in political circles, but not in the hearts or feet of the people. The other Israelis barely travel to Judea and Samaria, or to the Jordan Rift Valley. They barely know the area. 28/9/2010
Policies Defying Rationality? Why Does Israel Still Occupy the Palestinians? Shir Hever - CounterPunch - "Only external pressure can truly bring change to this society, and allow democracy to take hold in the region, not only for the benefit of Palestinians, but for the benefit of Israelis too. External pressure, by using political and economic tools such as sanctions and boycott, returns the issues of civil rights and democracy to the fore, and deprives Israel of the option to use its military might to make the problem go away"27/9/2010
Gandhis Wisdom Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "I propose to return to Gandhis wisdom. It is impossible to move masses of people without a vision. Peace is not just an absence of hostilities, not the product of a labyrinth of walls and fences. Neither is it a utopia of `the wolf dwelling with the lamb`. It is a real state of reconciliation, of partnership between peoples and between human beings, who respect each other, who are ready to satisfy each others interests, to trade with each other, to create social relationships and who knows here and there even to like each other"27/9/2010
A Jewish state or an Israeli democracy? Shlomo Sand--Benjamin Netanyahu is unsure of his identity: His insecurity is behind his pointless demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as uniquely Jewish. 26/9/2010
Israel`s unreasonable demand : Asking Palestinians to recognise Israel as a Jewish state is like urging the IRA to see Northern Ireland as a Protestant entityOmar Rahman - The Guardian - Recognising Israel`s right to exist in peace and security was an existential question, and a necessary preamble to real and sustained peace between Israel and its neighbours. In so doing, the Palestinians had accepted the partition of their historic land and the two-state solution. Recognising Israel as a "Jewish" state, however, is a question of national character, and is not relevant to the Palestinians living as a foreign nation outside Israel. This is a domestic issue and it is up to the citizens of every country to decide the identity and character of their own state. 23/9/2010
Special Place in Hell / Breaking Israel to fix it rightists rethink holding the West BankBradley Burston - Haaretz - Another shift in thinking is increasing sentiment for the possibility of a unilateral West Bank withdrawal outside the context of negotiations with the Palestinians. For many Israelis, this dovetails with fast-evaporating hopes for an eventual peace agreement with a deeply divided Palestinian body politic. 23/9/2010
The True Meaning of `Jewish Democracy` Michael Khaled - MIFTAH - Far from a democracy, the Israeli state can more accurately be described as an ethnocentric republic, or an ethnorepublic, that is a state that gives preference in democratic representation and empowerment to one race. Recent statements by Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman call to revoke the citizenship of Arab citizens of Israel who refuse to declare loyalty to a Jewish state. He said the status of the 1.3 million Palestinian Arabs with Israeli citizenship should be a top issue to be addressed in the current round of peace talks with the Palestinian Authority. 23/9/2010
Facts Behind MFA Report on "Easing" of Gaza ClosureGisha - In advance of today`s meeting of the Ad-hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) for assistance to the Palestinians, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) released a report detailing steps taken to improve Gaza`s economy pursuant to a June 20, 2010 Israeli Cabinet decision to "ease" the closure. The following is a summary of the main points of the MFA report and data which places the information in context. 23/9/2010
Peace Talks And War FeverMJ Rosenberg - Political Correction - The whole settlement freeze issue is one of the three most unnecessary obstacles to peace. The other two are: (1) the belief, on the part of some Palestinians, that the 1948 refugees and their progeny will return to Israel (rather than to a Palestinian state) and (2) Netanyahu`s insistence that Palestinians recognize Israel "as a Jewish state." 23/9/2010
Killing of Hamas operative raises questions about conduct of elite Israeli units in pursuing militantsJoel Greenberg - Washington Post - Ghassan Khatib, the spokesman for the Palestinian government in the West Bank, said actions such as the killing of Abu Shilbaya, which he called an assassination, damaged the Palestinian Authority`s standing among its own people, giving it the image of a "sort of a subcontractor of the Israeli occupation." 23/9/2010
The Last Summit?Leon Hadar - Antiwar - "The Israelis and the Palestinian will have to come to terms with each other eventually. But the ability of the United States to make that happen is diminishing in a very dramatic way." 22/9/2010
Cartoon says it all 21/9/2010
American public opinion and the special relationship with IsraelJohn Mearsheimer - Mondoweiss - "There is no question that the United States has a relationship with Israel that has no parallel in modern history. Washington gives Israel consistent, almost unconditional diplomatic backing and more foreign aid than any other country. In other words, Israel gets this aid even when it does things that the United States opposes, like building settlements"20/9/2010
Peace Talks? Whats on TV?ROGER COHEN - IHT - "Question: What kind of government has its prime minister and foreign minister on different planets, spans secular-Labor to rightist-religious parties, and talks of peace within a year as it calls peace impossible for generations?" 19/9/2010
An explicit promise - and moreAdam Keller - Blog - " unprecedented explicit promise which Obama made to AbuMazen: A Palestinian state a viable one, with territorial contiguity etc. would come into being within a one year..." 19/9/2010
Netanyahu and the freezeNahum Barnea - Ynet - "...woe is on a State that expects another people to recognize its ethnic identity. This isnt Zionistic. It isnt Israeli. Its hopeless."19/9/2010
Lieberman: Israel won`t extend settlement freezeRonen Medzini and Attila Somfalvi - Ynet - ""Israel will gladly continue negotiating without preconditions, including those related to the moratorium."" 19/9/2010
Book Review--To the End of the Land by David GrossmanJacqueline Rose -- For some time now, David Grossman has been describing his writing as a means of survival, as a way of no longer feeling a victim in the "disaster zone" of the seemingly eternal conflict that is Israel-Palestine. At moments he has talked of the risk of dispassion, of being paralysed with fear and despair. With the publication of this extraordinary, impassioned novel, such purpose or hope acquires a new meaning and intensity. It now seems that the life to be saved by writing, even though the struggle may be doomed, could only be � perhaps always has been � the life of a child.19/9/2010
Carter in new book: Obama turned back on settlement freezeAssociated Press and Haaretz Service--The former U.S. president also criticizes Bill Clinton, writing that Israeli settlement building in the West Bank was especially rapid under his administration.19/9/2010
Rejecting the �self-hatred� labelLillian Rosengarten -- The insulting accusation "Self-hating Jew" is intended by intolerant dogmatists to undermine and intimidate those of us who speak and act in defiance of the Zionists` embrace of nationalism and militarism, and the decades of suppression and hatred toward the Palestinians. Those who invoke the label are desperate to quell opposition to the continuing oppression, and occupation of Palestinian lands. By building a psychological wall against their critics, they hope to justify their policies to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this includes those members of AIPAC and many of those who so far have been unwilling to face the painful truths. But the fact is that extreme Jewish nationalists have shattered the once-beautiful dream of Israel as a beacon of hope and light for the rest of the world to appreciate and admire. 19/9/2010
Scrutinizing the Guardians of Zion - Part Iby Louis Frankenthaler +972 Independent Commentary "It is, quite frankly, a waste of time to argue about Israel as a gJewish and Democratich state. We know, that if we were to logically pursue either of these lines the State would come out as a failure in many aspects of both accounts. "17/9/2010
Palestinian Sam Bahour`s take on the peace process [forwarded by Lora Gordon]Sam Bahour--The facts on the ground are bitter, very bitter. To extract the region from never-ending turmoil to that of permanent stability and normalcy much more self-reflection will need to be made by all the parties involved. 26/9/2010
A Jewish state or an Israeli democracy? Shlomo Sand--There`s a wall-to-wall consensus, from Yisrael Beiteinu to Meretz, from enlightened journalists to learned professors, on Israel`s definition as a Jewish state. But this definition strikingly resembles the definition of Iran as an Islamic republic or the United States as a Christian country. True, some American evangelists believe that the United States` Christian character is at risk and seek to cement it in legislation. But the United States, like the rest of the enlightened world, still sees itself as belonging to all its citizens, regardless of religion and creed.26/9/2010
Politeness x 2Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "Killing them was just an unfortunate and regrettable mistake, nothing more. Isn`t it enough that we say sorry?" 16/9/2010
Why I doubt NetanyahuGilead Sher - Guardian - "...reconciliation between the Arab world and Israel will require healing collective wounds, amending relationships, and building bridges by forgiveness."15/9/2010
Academic research collaboration emboldens Israeli apartheidDiane Shammas - EI - " feigns a non-partisan and apolitical agenda by reducing the Palestinian struggle against occupation and dispossession to mere differences of opinion among ostensibly rival equals." 15/9/2010
Palestinians have already recognized IsraelRAY HANANIA - J-Post - "Both sides want peace. Even the fanatics want peace. They just want it at the end of a war with their opponents vanquished." 15/9/2010
A new type of talkCalev Ben-Dor - Ynet - "Rather than borders, security, refugees, Jerusalem, water and economic arrangements, Israel might consider a new division of `intrusive issues`, `conventional issues`, `personal security issues`, and `historic issues." 15/9/2010
National Jewish State: Not a Good Idea, for Palestinian and Jews AlikeOfra Yeshua-Lyth - Huffington Post - Middle East pundits would be well advised to ask Israel to move towards secularity and real democracy. This will be a real step to enable "moving beyond the differences" for the parties in our long suffering region. En route they will be doing a favor to many Israeli Jews.14/9/2010
Two September deadlines, one strategy for hope John V. Whitbeck - Jerusalem Post - Framing the choice with such clarity would ensure that the Israeli leadership would, at last, be inspired indeed, compelled to make the most attractive twostate offer which Israeli public opinion could conceivably find acceptable.14/9/2010
Answer to PACBI`s belittling of the actors` refusal to appear in ArielReuven Kaminer - Precisely out of concern for the campaign of the Israeli left against the occupation it is necessary to come out clearly against Palestinian friends who desire to insult with callousness and derision courageous and effective protest. 14/9/2010
Red Rag columnGideon Spiro - Heart-rending scenes - peace talks or media show? Delegitimizing "delegitimization" - boycott of Ariel13/9/2010
Week 2258 of OccupationDaniel Breslau - Occupation Magazine - Archaeology and politics: "Hello to everyone. You have not arrived at an academic conference today. You have arrived at a conference of racism, a conference of hate"13/9/2010
The Military and the Academy - The Silence of the Israeli Intelligentsia Lisa Taraki - CounterPunch - "It is instructive to note that while American academics are up in arms about the collaboration of their colleagues with the army under the Pentagons Human Terrain Teams and the Minerva Research Initiative, we find no similar protest from the professional associations of physicists, geographers, mathematicians, political scientists and others in Israel about the moral and professional implications of collaboration with their army"13/9/2010
Israel refuses to meet European ministers for settlement talksCatrina Stewart - The Independent - Jerusalem says EU demand for discussions on eve of Yom Kippur is highly insensitive 13/9/2010
Time for disengagement Gideon Levy - Haaretz - After the (limited ) success of the disengagement from Gaza, the time has come for another disengagement - that which will release Israel from the chains of the corrupting influence of wealthy Jewish men13/9/2010
Nine years, two wars, hundreds of thousands dead and nothing learntRobert Fisk--Indeed, on this grim ninth anniversary and heaven spare us next year from the 10th 9/11 appears to have produced not peace or justice or democracy or human rights, but monsters. They have prowled Iraq both the Western and the local variety and slaughtered 100,000 souls, or 500,000, or a million; and who cares? They have killed tens of thousands in Afghanistan; and who cares? And as the sickness has spread across the Middle East and then the globe, they the air force pilots and the insurgents, the Marines and the suicide bombers, the al-Qa`idas of the Maghreb and of the Khalij and of the Caliphate of Iraq and the special forces and the close air support boys and the throat-cutters have torn the heads off women and children and the old and the sick and the young and healthy, from the Indus to the Mediterranean, from Bali to the London Tube; quite a memorial to the 2,966 innocents who were killed nine years ago. All in their name, it seems, has been our holocaust of fire and blood, enshrined now in the crazed pastor of Gainesville. 12/9/2010
Focus U.S.A. / 9-11 bereaved families group: We support efforts to build NYC Islamic centerNatasha Mozgovaya-- Interview with Donna Marsh O`Connor, national spokesperson for September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, who lost her pregnant daughter Vanessa in the second tower on 9-11. 12/9/2010
If the `Mosque` Isn`t Built, This Is No Longer AmericaMichael Moore--There`s been so much that`s been said about this manufactured controversy, I really don`t want to waste any time on this day of remembrance talking about it. But I hate bigotry and I hate liars, and so in case you missed any of the truth that`s been lost in this, let me point out a few facts: 12/9/2010
Islamophobia, sexism and American demagoguery in the 21st centuryBetsy Taylor [from Mondoweiss forwarded by Ofer N]--Mainstream media are flooding us with sensationalized images of Americans who fear and hate Islam. Ugly as these images are, there is a deeper brutality. The worst ugliness is in what they are not showing. There are dangerous blind spots in the media coverage of American Islam. For instance, there has been a brute blindness to women and to women`s concerns in news coverage of the proposed Islamic Center in New York City. 12/9/2010
Ariel and us DAVID ROSENBERG--The settlers are Israeli citizens, and the government has done everything it can to make it seem as if the settlements are no different than Holon or Kiryat Ono. Indeed, settlers are not just equal citizens, they are more equal. If they choose, Ariels residents can pass quickly through the checkpoints and enjoy an evening at Habimah or Cameri in Tel Aviv, just like the rest of us. But how many towns of fewer than 20,000 people inside the Green Line can have the evening out in a NIS 40 million arts center? CONTRARY TO the assertions by Livnat and Netanyahu, Ariel and the rest of the West Bank settlements are not a part of Israel. After 43 years, there is still a Green Line. And, if that isnt clear enough a signal, the history of the last two decades is a history of gradual separation. 12/9/2010
Galant, Why?--Gaza: For Top Israeli General War Is the Only OptionAl-Ahram (Cairo)--The general belief in Tel Aviv is that Galant will champion any Israeli military operation against Iranian nuclear targets, although there are many red flags that should prevent Israel from attempting a military move against Iran. All signs indicate that if Tel Aviv decides to attack Iranian nuclear installations, Galant will be the commander in charge of carrying out the mission as the Armed Forces chief of staff. 12/9/2010
Tel Aviv Apt. Vacancy Sign Stipulates "Israeli Tenants Only"Haggai Matar: "there is something different something new and frightening in the way the sign is posted on the street. Since it appeared sometime in the last month, many people have passed it daily"11/9/2010
Nine years, two wars, hundreds of thousands dead and nothing learntIndeed, on this grim ninth anniversary and heaven spare us next year from the 10th 9/11 appears to have produced not peace or justice or democracy or human rights, but monsters. They have prowled Iraq both the Western and the local variety and slaughtered 100,000 souls, or 500,000, or a million; and who cares? They have killed tens of thousands in Afghanistan; and who cares? And as the sickness has spread across the Middle East and then the globe11/9/2010
Renew our days Haaretz - Editorial "On the eve of 5771, the need to disengage from the stigma of the "occupation state" is already seen by many, even within the ranks of the realistic right, not as a luxury but as an emergency lifesaving operation."10/9/2010
Galant, why?by Saleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram Weekly "Israel`s new prospective army chief of staff is a man who makes war his only option" 10/9/2010
Arafat`s legacy is ignored, but his mistakes should not beTony Karon - The National UAE - The grim reality facing the Palestinians now is that neither a new round of terror attacks nor Mr. Abbas�`s diplomatic efforts offer them much hope. Still their situation is far from hopeless. 7/9/2010
Moving beyond peace processes pastAfif Safieh - Politico - Obama must learn from the failures of the past. He should treat America’s partners in the Quartet — the European Community, Russia and the United Nations — as more than an echo chamber, and engage them fully in the process. A lot of heavy lifting is going to be needed to convince Israel to relinquish the spoils of war, by showing it the benefits of peace as well as the costs of occupation, and it would be best for the U.S. to have others share that burden.7/9/2010
Is Another Israeli Incursion Into Lebanon Looming? A Uniquely Dangerous Border Conn Hallinan - CounterPunch - "As analyst Jim Lobe points out, the Obama administration has little ability to prevent a war because it is hamstrung by its refusal to engage with either Iran or Hezbollah, and because it has allowed the Republicans to derail its efforts to improve relations with Syria"6/9/2010
The indefatigable peacemakers advice GERSHON BASKIN - J-lem Post - "I invite constructive feedback and additional thoughts from all."1/9/2010
Diana Buttu: direct talks bound to fail Nora Barrows-Friedman - EI - "I`m not concerned with the talks, we know they are going to fail. My bigger concern is about what is going to happen once the talks fail, and is there going to be anybody who is going to come forward with a different plan, a different strategy, a different vision? And that is my fear. You can`t teach an old dog new tricks." 1/9/2010
No, Aluf, You HAVE Been CorruptedGideon Levy comments on his editorial page editor`s biographical op-ed detailing his experience as a military prison warden in Lebanon.4/9/2010
Of Genes and MinistersYossi Gurwitz - +972 - A bizarre twist on this theme came recently from Eli Yishai, political leader of the influential Judaist * party Shas and Minister of the Interior. He told the Jerusalem Post that genes are a matter of religious persuasion. To bring the quote in full: He then chose to cite unspecified academic research into the issue of Jewish genes, and asserted curiously that a convert, if he converts through the Orthodox, he has the Jewish gene. If he doesnt convert through the Orthodox, he doesnt have the Jewish gene. As simple as that. 2/9/2010
Who`s suppressing opposition rallies in Ramallah?Amira Hass - Haaretz - About 60 people had been invited to what was termed a "national conference" (as opposed to a "popular" one, open to all ). But the hall in the Protestant Club in downtown Ramallah began to fill with hundreds of young men of similar appearance - well-developed muscles, civilian clothes and stern facial expressions. Some held what appeared to be rolled-up posters. They did not exactly look like senior PLO activists who oppose direct negotiations under American and Israeli pressure. 1/9/2010
US Condemns Murder of Israelis -- But Never of PalestiniansM.J. Rosenberg - The Huffington Post - We did not condemn the Gaza onslaught in which the IDF killed 1,200 Palestinians (including 432 kids). We do not condemn the routine killing of Palestinian civilians by the army or the settlers. We did not condemn the the shooting of the American Jewish girl from Maryland who lost an eye for protesting the Gaza ship raid. We did, however, condemn the Goldstone Report for delineating what the IDF did in Gaza.1/9/2010
Israeli-Palestinian peace talks must be inclusive : Finding a way to bring Gaza representatives into the discussions is critical to a viable two-state solutionSamantha Constant and Edward Sayre - The Guardian - Securing peace is certainly a formidable challenge, but finding ways to sustain peace and prosperity can only be done through total inclusion and unbiased representation. Ultimately, the real test of success will be President`s Abbas`s ability to secure a deal that can bridge the growing political divide between the two territories and meet the economic needs of all Palestinians. 30/9/2010
Israels omniscient earsNicky Hager - Le Monde Diplomatique - Israels powerful position in the Middle East is often associated with its armed forces, nuclear weapons arsenal or covert (Mossad) operatives. But just as important is its intelligence gathering monitoring governments, international organisations, foreign companies, political organisations and individuals. Most of this happens at the installation in the Negev a couple of kilometres to the north of the kibbutz of Urim. Our sources, close to Israeli intelligence, know the base first-hand. They describe lines of satellite dishes of different sizes, and barracks and operations buildings on both sides of the road (the 2333) that leads to the base. High security gates, fences and dogs protect the facility.30/9/2010
Dungeons of ShabakVersion 2.0 (or 3.0?)Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - The problem with Israeli coverage of such security stories is that it acts as a mere cipher for the security services. Reporters dutifully report what the Shabak tells them. While they may once in a while use terms like alleged or reported or concede the story is reported to them by the government, the clear preponderance of credibility is given TO the security apparatus. Hardly any given to the accused. You will struggle to find any quote from a source close to the victim. Not a family member, not a lawyer, not even a Palestinian human rights NGO. And if they do quote a lawyer he has not even been informed of the charges by the government so he cant speak credibly on behalf of his client. 30/9/2010
Strenger than Fiction / Political learnings for make benefit of understanding glorious nation of IsraelCarlo Strenger - Haaretz - Hence Israel after years of dedicated experimentation has developed the Glorious New Method of Government by Chaos. It is my pleasure to introduce readers to the basics of this method, in the hope other countries will benefit from it as well. 30/9/2010
Pro-Israel Neocons Go GlobalIra Chernus - Alternet - "Obama is embracing many enemies of America while punishing its traditional allies, especially you guessed it Israel." 29/9/2010
Fascism is already here By Yossi Sarid - Haaretz "If protesters didn`t exist, Netanyahu, Livnat and Sa`ar would have to invent them. After all, these figures are the last living proof of a democratic regime in Israel. "3/9/2010
A different approach By Ari Shavit - Haaretz "The only way to prevent the collapse of the process that is opening in Washington today is to quickly replace the failed approach with a realistic political one. Perhaps a Palestinian state with temporary borders, perhaps a partial evacuation of settlements, perhaps some other creative solution."3/9/2010
Palestinian source: U.S. pressuring Abbas to continue talks even if settlements expandBy Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz "According to the source, a Palestinian okay to the renewal of construction just as direct talks are resumed is politically impossible. Sources in Ramallah said yesterday that both the Israelis and Americans know Abbas` likely course of action. At first, Abbas will demand that the talks not last longer than a year, culminating with the establishment of a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders, and with Jerusalem as its capital. "3/9/2010
Peace this time? Even a lapsed optimist must hopeBy Shlomo Avineri - The Daily Star E-paper "The resumption in Washington of direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is good news. But whether these talks will lead to an agreement, let alone within one year as US President Barack Obama hopes, is another matter." 3/9/2010
Damage controlUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - A DUTCH journalist asked me last Wednesday to try and divine the thoughts of Binyamin Netanyahu on his way to Washington.9/9/2010
"In war there are no civilians"Nora Barrows-Friedman - Al Jazeera - Sitting in on the Rachel Corrie trial alarmingly reveals an open Israeli policy of indiscrimination towards civilians.9/9/2010
Performing in the Occupied Territories: legitimizing an obstacle to peaceTheodore Bikel - Haaretz - I have often spoken out in opposition to cultural boycotts... but in the political arena, artists make a statement by their presence or their absence.9/9/2010
This time in Washington, honest brokerage is not going to be enoughAvi Shlaim - Guardian - "...there are two possible solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict the realistic and the miraculous. The realistic solution involves divine intervention; the miraculous solution involves a voluntary agreement between the parties themselves."8/9/2010
Ignore the fanaticsRAY HANANIA - J-lem Post - "We need to show Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that we support peace, and that its the only answer." 8/9/2010
A few square miles, so what? & The new leftistAdam Keller - Crazy Country - " could be the terminology of a talented chameleon, who mastered the protective coloring necessary for survival in Obama`s Washington." 8/9/2010
Shock, awe - and denial Gitit Ginat--What is going on here? Without going into who`s right and who`s wrong, the IDF has been dealing in diverse ways with the routine of the occupation for more than 40 years. Or, as one commenter wrote about the Breaking the Silence photos, "And let`s say that not even a single soldier ever had his picture taken next to a dead body - would that make the occupation all right?"5/9/2010
Boycotts are legitimate Op-ed: Boycotts are the Jewish way, so why all the fuss over Ariel theater embargo? Gideon Eshet--So why do actor Dror Keren and author David Grossman deserve all the nonsensical condemnations? For acting like Jews and their governments had been acting for many generations? For doing what any freedom fighter who objects to discrimination and oppression would do? 5/9/2010
Architects Out of ArielEsther Zandberg--After dozens of actors, theater workers, professors and writers declared their refusal to appear in the new cultural hall in Ariel or any other settlement, the time has come for architects and planners to wake up and announce publicly that they will not continue planning new buildings in the settlements.5/9/2010
Pessimism Permeates Mideast Media on TalksETHAN BRONNER--JERUSALEM Palestinian and Israeli commentators were mostly pessimistic on Friday in assessing this weeks meeting of their leaders in Washington. Many described it as political theater dark suits, cordial handshakes and lofty speeches offering little chance to end the conflict. 5/9/2010
Massive Attack Band Explain Why They Boycott Israel"I can`t play in Israel when the Palestinians have no access to the same fundamental benefits that the Israelis do... The boycott is not an action of aggression towards the Israeli people," he says. "It`s towards the government and its policies."4/9/2010
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