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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

The Insulting Logic of Tel Aviv By Ron Jacobs - The Counterpunch - "From where I sit, that soldier appears to have become one more pawn in Tel Aviv`s attempt to destroy forever the Palestinian hope of a homeland. Like expansionist armies everywhere, the foot soldier is never more than a pawn in the game of the rulers."30/6/2006
A Race Against Time: An interview with Sam BahourChristopher Brown - The Electronic Intifada - "Sam Bahour: I’ve been there since 1994, so I’ve seen ups and downs regularly for the last 12 years. However, during the last six months specifically, the Israelis basically in my opinion have been spinning out of control. They have unleashed, literally daily attacks on Palestinians."30/6/2006
A murder and mass arrestsToday`s Situation - Thursday, June 29, 2006 -"... doing outside the frame of the camera crews watching the operation unfold, it is obvious to everyone that without very precise intelligence, no Entebbe-style raid to free Shalit is possible. Still, there are more people asking why Israel isn’t trying an Entebbe-style rescue than asking why Israel thinks that more force will succeed where force has already failed. "30/6/2006
Israel rejects Mubarak deal on soldier Aljazeera - "Palestinian fighters have agreed to a conditional release of the kidnapped Israeli soldier, but Israel has not yet accepted their terms, an Egyptian newspaper quoted Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, as saying."30/6/2006
Arab MK: Gaza operation endangers kidnapped soldierIlan Marciano - Ynet - "The Hadash faction submitted a no-confidence motion in the Knesset against the government over its decision to launch the military operation in the Gaza Strip to free Shalit. "The operation endangers the life of captive soldier." 29/6/2006
Israeli tanks turn screw on besieged Gaza StripChris McGreal - The Guardian - "Last night, the Israel army fired artillery shells every minute or so around two towns in northern Gaza, Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia, as tanks and troops waited to cross the border. Residents in towns in the line of fire rushed to stock up on food as they took on board a warning from the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, that "we won`t hesitate to carry out extreme action to bring Gilad back to his family"." 29/6/2006
Israeli missiles pound Gaza into new Dark Age in `collective punishment` Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Had they hit the huge cylindrical diesel tank 100 metres away they would have set the whole power station alight. But the strike was clinically effective, cutting all the electricity to 700,000 Gaza consumers, threatening water supplies and depriving its public of light, cooking, broadcast news, and ­ a crucial issue in scorching summer temperatures ­ fans." 29/6/2006
Israel`s return to Gaza: multiple motivesIlene R. Prusher and Joshua Mitnick - Christian Science Monitor - "The goal of the ground and air assault launched early Wednesday in Gaza, say Israeli army officers here, is to free a kidnapped soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit. But the analysis offered by rank-and-file soldiers may be closer to the truth." 29/6/2006
Former Israeli Knesset member, mother of slain soldier question Israeli `Rambo tactics`IMEMC Staff - "In an exclusive interview with IMEMC, Uri Avnery, a former Member of the Israeli Knesset, and founder of the Israeli peace bloc Gush Shalom, warned, "If the Israeli army continues carrying out this operation, the life of the soldier will be in danger", referring to an ongoing Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that aims to pressure Palestinian resistance groups to release a soldier abducted on Sunday." 29/6/2006
Israel hunts down Hamas leadershipAljazeerz - "Israeli forces have rounded up dozens of Palestinian Cabinet ministers and lawmakers from Hamas, increasing pressure on militants to release a captured Israeli soldier." 29/6/2006
Footballs instead of BulletsUri Avnery - Palestine Chronicle - "From all these perspectives, football is a positive thing that replaces many negative ones. Provided, of course, President Bush does not use the opportunity to attack Iran, and we don`t use it to bomb children in Gaza." 28/6/2006
Gush Shalom : Press Release , Translation from Yediot signed editorial Yael Gvirtz- Yediot Aharonot editorial - " All members of this cycle are quick to back themselves up by upholding "the system" - instead of backing a critical examination the drawing of lessons. As long as leadership is defined as giving an automatic backing rather than taking responsibility, failures and fiascos will always remain built in. So used did we become to this automatic backing and to the Gordian Knot tying malehood with "a suitable response". Who remembers still that, with all due respect to the IDF, the saving response which had cut short the cycle of killings in Lebanon has come from "Four Mothers"? 27/6/2006
Outpost attack almost legitimate Ofer Shelah - YNET - " It may not be nice to say, but world will have hard time condemning Kerem Shalom attack. " 27/6/2006
`Escalation`, `retaliation` and BBC double standards in GazaJonathan Cook - The Electronic Intifada - " In other words, on the scale of moral outrage the BBC ranks the deaths of Israeli soldiers enforcing an illegal occupation far above those of Palestinian civilians enduring the illegal occupation... Was the Israeli army’s incursion into Gaza a day earlier to capture two alleged Palestinian militants not an equal escalation? Was it not an equal violation of Palestinian sovereignty? Of course not. The BBC knows, as do the rest of us, that the army never really left Gaza and the occupation never really ended. But you won’t hear that from any of its reporters. " 27/6/2006
The Ideology of Occupation RevisitedRan HaCohen -- The Electronic Intifada -- "Alas, colonialism does not disappear by being denied; in fact, the Israeli occupation is at its peak, worse than ever before. There is no better evidence for that than the discussion about whether or not there is a humanitarian crisis in Palestine, once a rich Land of Milk and Honey"26/6/2006
Lisa Taraki: Confront the Colluders in Israel`s AcademyLisa Taraki -- The Times Higher Education Supplement via The Palestine Chronicle -- "where have Israeli academics been during the long siege of Palestinian higher education? Aside from a handful of progressive academics, the Israeli academy has remained silent. Business as usual has been the order of the day for nearly four decades"26/6/2006
Kidnap poses challenge for OlmertJon Leyne -- BBC News -- "Ehud Olmert faces a twin dilemma. Firstly, how can he order the sort of retaliation that`s already been threatened while an Israeli soldier may still be alive in Palestinian hands? And secondly, what effect would any Israeli action have on the current international isolation of the Hamas-led Palestinian government?"26/6/2006
US Corporate Media Misses Target in Israel’s Aerial Assault on GazaPatrick O`Connor - The Electronic Intifada - "Most American newspaper readers wouldn’t have learned of the thousands of shells and missiles Israel has fired into Gaza, or the vast disparity in Palestinians killed relative to Israelis by missiles and rockets. These newspapers never told readers that Israel likely escalated its assault on Gaza as part of the campaign to overthrow the democratically elected, Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, nor that this assault is just one element in Israel’s 39 year occupation."25/6/2006
Indispensable for the historic compromiseGhassan Khatib - - "Marwan Barghouti is seen as a political phenomenon by Palestinians. There are three main reasons that made him for a few years the second or third most popular Palestinian personality."25/6/2006
Dangerous exemptionZbigniew Brzezinski - Foreign Policy - Anyone who recalls World War II knows that anti-Semitism is the unbridled and irrational hatred of Jews. The case made by Mearsheimer and Walt did not warrant the hysterical charges of anti-Semitism leveled at them by several academics in self-demeaning attacks published in leading U.S. newspapers24/6/2006
Today`s situation from ariga.comRobert Rosenberg - Three Qassams were fired from Gaza into the Western Negev today causing no damage or harm to people, while the Islamic Jihad, under increasing pressure from the Hamas, is now saying it would consider ending its Qassam fire -- if Israel ceases its attacks on Qassam launchers24/6/2006
Palestine`s `other` WarJoharah Baker -- MIFTAH -- "The question Israel has always asked itself and has continued to find ways of answering is how to seize control of the maximum amount of land with the minimum number of Palestinians on it"23/6/2006
Stopgap measuresErica Silverman -- Al-Ahram -- The international community is avoiding the real issues as moves are made to alleviate the worst of the Palestinian humanitarian crisis23/6/2006
Israel beach probe `not credible`BBC News - "A US-based human rights group has questioned an Israel army report that exonerated troops of killing eight Palestinian civilians on a Gaza beach"22/6/2006
Groups Slam Palestinian DocumentOri Nir - Forward - "Echoing Israel`s position, Jewish organizations say that the "document of national reconciliation" stakes out a series of positions that could end up undermining Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Known as the "prisoners` document," the proposed agreement was drafted last month by Palestinian faction leaders who were being held in Israeli jails."22/6/2006
Climbdown as Hamas agrees to Israeli stateChris McGreal - The Guardian - "Hamas has made a major political climbdown by agreeing to sections of a document that recognise Israel`s right to exist and a negotiated two-state solution, according to Palestinian leaders."22/6/2006
We don`t need no occupationYnet - "The barrier was the first stop on a visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories for Waters, who had been criticized by some fans for planning to play a concert in the Jewish state." 22/6/2006
Abbas says Hamas may recognise Jewish state Mahmoud Habboush - Jordan Times - "“Hamas could accept the plan through dialogue,” Abbas told Nobel Peace laureate Elie Wiesel during a chat attended by around 25 Nobel Prize laureates, including Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres." 22/6/2006
A Week of Israeli RestraintTanya Reinhart - Yediot Aharonot - "In Israeli discourse, Israel is always the side exercising restraint in its conflict with the Palestinians. This was true again for the events of the past week: As the Qassam rockets were falling on the Southern Israeli town of Sderot, it was “leaked” that the Israeli Minister of Defense had directed the army to show restraint" 22/6/2006
A PALESTINIAN VIEWMarwan Barghouti - bitterlemons - "The prisoners were hoping to see the document enjoy support and be welcomed, but the support the document got was beyond their expectations." 21/6/2006
How can killing of innocents be explained?Ronny Sofer - Ynet - `Shalom identifies mistakes in Israel’s current public relations tactics. “The mistake comes from the government’s stuttering."21/6/2006
A responsibility to make peace Abdullah II bin Al Hussein - International Herald Tribune - "To achieve peace, patterns of fear, resentment, mistrust and indifference to the suffering of others must be broken."21/6/2006
Sending shameful signals James Carroll - Herald Tribune - " ...The result was the Nuremberg tribunals, where the rights of defendants, even those defendants, were affirmed. Those trials, from 1945 to 1949, involving more than 200 accused war criminals, demonstrated the values for which the United States had just fought the brutal war. More than that: In a recovery from brutality, the Nuremberg trials rescued those values.The opposite has been occurring in Guantánamo Bay... " 20/6/2006
A negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis is within reachNoam Chomsky - Guardian[portside] - " Mohamed ElBaradei: "There is no military solution to this situation. It is inconceivable. The only durable solution is a negotiated solution." And it is within reach. "20/6/2006
War on Children in PalestineJohn Pilger -- The Palestine Chronicle -- The vote for Hamas was actually a vote for peace. The reason Israel fears Hamas is that Hamas is unlikely to be a trusted collaborator in subjugating its own people on Israel`s behalf19/6/2006
The Power of the Israel LobbyKathleen and Bill Christison -- CounterPunch -- “There is no question that Israel has served the interests of the U.S. government and the military-industrial complex in many areas of the world[…] There is also no question that, no matter which party has been in power, the U.S. has over the decades advanced an essentially conservative global political and pro-business agenda in areas far afield of the Middle East, without reference to Israel or the lobby[…] But these facts do not minimize the power the lobby has exerted in countless instances over the course of decades, and particularly in recent years, to lead the U.S. into situations that Israel initiated, that the U.S. did not plan, and that have done harm, both singly and cumulatively, to U.S. interests” 19/6/2006
Math related problemsRay Hanania - Ynet News - " When you really sit down and examine Palestinian-Israeli conflict, much of it has to do with math." 18/6/2006
Crying StonesUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - " (A Lesson in Ethnic Cleansing)" 18/6/2006
Time is Running Out. Palestine on the BrinkRamzy Baroud - The Counterpunch - "It`s time fore Palestinian factions, and those who still posses the wisdom and the courage to unite, to speak out and to divert their energies to serve their nation`s honorable fight for freedom. Indeed, Palestinians are living in one of the most critical and historic times. Let it not be the most shameful as well."17/6/2006
A letter from JerusalemObservations and commentary on current events by Rev. Clarence Musgrave - Circular Letter No 269 - "Two sad comments... The first was with a senior figure in the Palestinian community in East Jerusalem. “All my friends when I was growing up were Jewish. We played together without any problem. Now, I am appalled at the level of hatred which is developing in my grandchildren and their friends as a result of the Occupation and the humiliations they receive from the Israeli soldiers.” The second was with a woman in Bethlehem area: “I am alarmed when I see the hatred developing in my children, when they see this Wall, and realise what it is doing to them and their way of life.”` 15/6/2006
Both governments gainGhassan Khatib - - "After an intensification of Israeli attacks on Palestinians, especially in Gaza, Hamas, for the first time since its victory in parliamentary elections and after over 15 months, declared that it has ended the ceasefire and will respond violently to these ever more frequent Israeli attacks. There may be different causes for this dramatic announcement.`17/6/2006
Israel Spinning Out of ControlSam Bahour - The Electronic Intifada - "Israel`s Defense Minister Amir Peretz announced today that Israel is preparing a global "propaganda offensive" to counter the recent barrage of news reports and writings that condemned Israel for the recent killing of 10 civilians, including 5 children, on a Gaza beach. In political and media lingo this is called spin, to twist and turn an event so as to give an intended interpretation, and Israel excels at it. "17/6/2006
The (Anti-) Palestinian Authority Joseph Massad - AL-AHRAM - " The real rift in Palestinian society is between those fighting to preserve the class privileges of Oslo and their opponents who uphold the essentials of the Palestinian cause. "16/6/2006
Hamas minister takes $20m into GazaConal Urquhart - The Guardian - "The Palestinian foreign minister returned from a trip abroad to the Gaza Strip yesterday with an estimated $20m (£11m) packed in 12 separate suitcases, according to officials." 15/6/2006
Revealed: the shrapnel evidence that points to Israel`sDonald Macintyre - The Independent - "the official interpretation was strongly challenged by a former Pentagon battle damage expert who has surveyed the scene of the beach explosion. He said yesterday that "all the evidence points" to a 155mm Israeli land-based artillery shell as its cause." 15/6/2006
Israel: Hamas Militants End Rocket FireLAURIE COPANS - The Washington Post - "Hamas militants have stopped firing rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip in recent days after Israel made threats against the Islamic militant group, Israeli officials said Thursday." 15/6/2006
Bilateral ceasefire Gershon Baskin - Ynet - " The current temporary calm in the shooting of qassams ordered by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh is a convenient opportunity to re-evaluate Israel’s tactics in dealing with this acute problem."15/6/2006
Annan, US expert doubt Gaza beach blast findingsYnet - " Former Pentagon analyst, now senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, says evidence gathered in Gaza points to Israeli shell as cause of blast that left seven Palestinians dead; Annan: I don`t believe it is plausible that the Palestinians planted charges in a place where civilians often spend their time." 14/6/2006
Israel`s policies assassinate Jews, tooIra Chernus - Commondreams - “The Israeli government yesterday carried out a targeted assassination on an unspecified number of unnamed, randomly selected Israeli Jews.” That’s how the headlines should read14/6/2006
Today`s situation Robert Rosenberg - Ariga - a roundup of political and military developments from within Israel14/6/2006
Does Israel have a policy of killing Palestinian civilians?Nigel Parry - Electronic Intifada - "Of the several Palestinians who I saw shot dead at these 30 clashes [in Ramallah over 4 years], not a single one of them was killed within any range that they could have hit an Israeli soldier with a stone. In the single clash where I witnessed an Israeli soldier grazed by a stone, the killing that took place happened much later14/6/2006
A duplicitous referendum: setting the record straight on HamasJennifer Loewenstein - Counterpunch - Not surprisingly, there is more to the referendum story than ever makes it into the press. In this case, the information omitted from the public record makes it possible for the United States, Israel and their allies to continue to justify the economic siege imposed on the Palestinian territories14/6/2006
We must wake upDavid Grossman - Maariv (translated by TOI) - "The view of the girl from the gaza beach, whose life was torn to pieces in front of our eyes, must wake us up from a years-long hypnotic slumber."13/6/2006
Occupied Palestine: Prisoners, Colonial Elites, and FundamentalistsBashir Abu-Manneh -- ZNet -- "By claiming to adopt a document which if implemented would mean the end of his rule as privileged colonial enforcer, i.e. a document which goes against his own social and political interests, Abbas is misleading the Palestinians yet again. In fact, Abbas seeks to convince Palestinians that it is either Fatah elite rule of a neo-colonial dependency type, dependent on Israel (as ex-Foreign Minister Ben Ami once put it), or starvation and international siege with Hamas, with the added catastrophic prospect of civil war looming on the horizon"13/6/2006
Nobel Laureate flays BushGunter Grass: “As for Bush and Tony Blair… whenever their lies lack persuasive power, they put God into harness… They are like the priests and missionaries of old who used to bless weapons and carry death with their Bibles into distant countries" 13/6/2006
MIFTAH Interviews PLC Member, Dr. Hanan AshrawiDr. Hanan Ashrawi: “Unfortunately, in the post-September 11 universe, we have been branded as terrorist, and on the side of the terrorists. Ironically, Israel became an innocent victim and in a state of self-defense while the people under occupation were presented as aggressive and terrorist and were condemned and punished”12/6/2006
Death of a Jailbird -- Zarqawi`s End is Not a Famous VictoryRobert Fisk – CounterPunch – “Because Zarqawi met Bin Laden in 2002 and then took up residence in a squalid valley in northern Iraq--inside Kurdistan but well outside the control of both the Kurds and Saddam--Messrs Bush and Blair concocted the fable that this ‘proved’ the essential link between the Beast of Baghdad and the international crimes against humanity of 11 September 2001” 12/6/2006
By way of deceptionKhaled Amayreh -- Al Ahram – “Coaxing a man who didn`t require much convincing anyway, Olmert told Bush that Israel, in the absence of a reliable Palestinian partner, must act alone to ensure security and a semblance of peace for its citizens. The Israeli premier didn`t bother to explain why there was no Palestinian partner, nor did Bush bother to ask what qualifications a Palestinian ‘partner’ needed to possess in order to be accepted by Israel”12/6/2006
Olmert government got rid of an inconvenient cease-fireMessage from Gush-Shalom; Gush-Shalom ad in Ha`aretz,and Uri Avnery`s "Oh, What A Wonderful Plan!" 11/6/2006
Commentary on events in the last 24 hours in Gaza Sol Salbe of the Middle East News Service on the shelling (accidentally or otherwise) of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the end of the Hamas ceasefire. 10/6/2006
Begging for a Response Sam Bahour - "Israel`s ongoing air strikes on Gaza are politically motivated".."The Israelis are a stiff necked people. They refuse to accept anything less than full acquiescence by anyone involved in their plans, no matter the cost -- human, political, financial, or otherwise. Israel`s non-stop aggression against Palestinians - averaging two Palestinian deaths a day for several years now - is much more than what is popularly being coined in Israel and abroad as low-intensity warfare. "10/6/2006
Population Transfers, Land Theft and Bankrupt Ghettos. Palestine: It`s All OverAlexander Cockburn - Counterpunch - "The end of the story? I`d say the basic strategy is what it was in 1948: population transfer, to be achieved by making life so awful for Palestinians that most of them will depart, leaving a few bankrupt ghettoes behind as memorials to all those foolish hopes of a sovereign Palestinian state. "9/6/2006
`Never again`A poem by Ellen Rohlfs, a German peace activist, based on Erich Fried’s "A Dry Poem"9/6/2006
Dangerous dirty tricks in PalestineAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - " Abbas` referendum needs to be seen for what it is -- another sordid attempt in the Bush administration style to use "democracy" not to reveal the will of the people, but to frustrate it. Palestinians should be aware of the danger, but should not be distracted; they should remain fully focussed on opposing the apartheid state that Israel, with western connivance, is building in their country. "9/6/2006
Jordan no substitute homeland for Palestinians — KING ABDULLAHMahmoud Habboush - The Jordan Times - " Monarch says unilateral moves would deprive Palestinians of their legitimate, internationally recognised right for independent state...Some seek to settle their problems at the expense of neighbouring countries; others want to ignite this situation and spread chaos and destruction in more than one place, to enhance their influence and control over the whole region. ” 9/6/2006
If Iran is ready to talk, the US must do so unconditionallyJonathan Steele -- The Guardian -- It is absurd to demand that Tehran should have made concessions before sitting down with the Americans5/6/2006
Two out of threeGraham Usher -- Al Ahram -- "Olmert convergence is predicated on Abbas`s manifest weakness and Hamas`s presence in government: both enable and justify its unilateral character. Bush still prefers that convergence be `coordinated` with Abbas and the possibility of Hamas`s removal, if only to keep the fiction of a peace process or a roadmap alive"5/6/2006
The Myth of Unilateralism and ConvergenceAm Johal -- The Electronic Intifada -- “What will be building up over the next two years is an increasingly vocal call for economic sanctions against Israel largely led by churches and labour unions in North America and Europe. As Israeli public policy has willfully championed the use of time to solidify new realities on the ground such as the expansion of West Bank settlements and the construction of the Separation Wall, Israel will be held to a new standard as their cyclical strategy of denouncing the Palestinian leadership will be increasingly called into question”5/6/2006
The boycott of Palestinian educationThe Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University - In the flurry of letters and comments against the boycott of Israeli academics who, according to Natfhe, are complicit through their work or silence, in the military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the reality facing the other side of the coin, that of Palestinian academics, researchers and educational institutions, has been ignored. 4/6/2006
On the academic boycottV. Buch - Occupation Magazine - "You know what - if the British hypocrisy will slow down the relentless occupation bulldozer, so be it."3/6/2006
Voting for nothingKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - `"What did recognition bring us," asked Gazan farmer Said Abu Salah, 40. "We`ve been through 10 years of negotiations and yeses for nothing. All American initiatives have failed. Oslo was merely institutionalised occupation. So now we give them one more `yes` for what? To continue their annexation plan in the West Bank, to continue to strangle us here in Gaza?"`3/6/2006
Haniya pained by Palestinian fightingKhalid Amayreh (interview witih Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya) - al-Jazeera - "There can be peace, but let me ask you a question: Is Israel ready to give up all the territories occupied in 1967 even in return for full peace with the Palestinians?" 7/6/2006
An important, historic roleGhazi Hamed (Palestinian government spokesman) - We welcome Egypt`s role. The Egyptians, both the government and the people, support the Palestinians and their national demands. There is a very open relationship. The only passage to the outside world from Gaza is through Egypt7/6/2006
It depends on IsraelGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The chances of this latest summit being successful in enhancing any future Egyptian role largely depend on whether Israel wants to give Egypt such weight. If Israel insists on proceeding with its unilateral policies and continues to ignore the Palestinian leadership, there is little room for Egypt to exercise influence7/6/2006
Heading into a tailspin: today`s situation in IsraelRobert Rosenberg - Ariga - "Some time today or tonight, Abbas was to announce that he is setting in motion the procedures for a national referendum on the document, which Israel meanwhile says is a non-starter, because of its inclusion of the right of return; even though the document does not specify that the refugees’ right of return is to Israel"7/6/2006
Testing democracyRAMZY BAROUD - Khaleej Times - " Those who expressed shock of why the Arabs are not doing much to quell the tragedy created by the economic siege of the Palestinians, failed to comprehend the challenge, if not the threat, posed by the first official defeat of the elites in Palestine and its socio-economic implications for the whole region. "2/6/2006
Israeli Authorities Deport Al-Haq Human Rights Defender Maureen Murphy Electronic Intifada - In the late afternoon of 28 May 2005, Al-Haq human rights defender and American citizen Maureen Murphy arrived at Ben Gurion airport in Israel, on her way back from the USA to Ramallah in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). She was questioned, denied entry into Israel, declared persona non grata and deported on a plane at 00:55 am on 29 May. 2/6/2006
Occupation ‘hollows out Israel’, peace activist says Jenna Rosman - Canadian Jewish News - Reuven Kaminer, the grandfather of Matan Kaminer, who was jailed for refusing to serve in the Israeli army, said that if Israel doesn’t find a way to end to the occupation, it “will bring about the total end of Israel and break down the life and pulse of the Jewish people.” 24/6/2006
DO SOMETHING - STOP IT!!! Gush-Shalom ad in Haaretz 23.6.06. Every time it is unintentional. Every time civilians, women and children are being killed. And every time it invites more Qassam missiles. 23/6/2006
Olmert: Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian ones By Donald Macintyre in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip - The Independent 23/6/2006
Let`s go to the West BankNina Mayorek - MachsomWatch - (as above, in the form of PowerPoint presentation, 9.39MB). 30/6/2006
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