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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

To end the occupation, cripple Israeli banks Terry Crawford-Browne--If international civil society is serious about urgently ending Israel`s violations of Palestinian rights, including ending the occupation, then suspension of SWIFT transactions to and from Israeli banks offers an instrument to help bring about a peaceful resolution of an intractable conflict. With computerization, international banking technology has advanced dramatically in the subsequent 20 years since the South African anti-apartheid campaign.31/10/2010
Israel is proud to present: The aggressor-victimGideon Levy--Israel is proud to present: The aggressor-vicitim. History has known crueler and even longer occupations than the Israeli one, and there have been much worse attacks on civilian populations than Operation Cast Lead. But there has never been an occupier who presented himself like that, as a victim. 31/10/2010
Why I protested the Jewish National FundJesse Benjamin--This Columbus Day weekend, the Jewish National Fund USA held its annual meeting in Atlanta. Like many Jews from the US, I grew up in communities that raised money for seemingly benign JNF campaigns to plant trees in Israel through our purchase of Hanukkah candles. But this year, as the JNF gathered in Atlanta, I stood with many Atlanta Jews and others to protest JNF practices which stand as obstacles in the path to a just peace based on freedom, safety, and equality for Palestinians and Israelis alike.31/10/2010
Greenstein and Fine: debate on BDS and ZionismProfessors Greenstein and Fine - Is Israel being held to an unfairly high standard by the West?29/10/2010
Hamas official: Another Gaza war would cost Israel dearlyBy DPA Haaretz "We seriously consider Israel`s threats to launch another war on Gaza, but we frankly say if Israel tries to enter Gaza, it will cost it a lot and it won`t be able to achieve its goals," said Mahmoud al- Zahar during a workshop in Gaza." ca 29/10/2010
Desmond Tutu Calls to Boycott IsraelAne Irazabal - IMEMC & Agencies - Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu said that it would be "unconscionable" for the Cape Town Opera to perform in Israel while millions of people living in the Palestinian territories are being denied access to culture and education. In his opinion, the opera "Porgy and Bess" has a "universal message of nondiscrimination," which is in complete contradiction to the behavior of Israel toward Palestinians.28/10/2010
Anonymous soldiers Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz - What is the value of public opinion when it will only accept "zero casualties," and all the rest is just manipulation? And what is the value of public opinion if it has the right to decide on the mass murder of people who are citizens of other countries, and who cannot themselves participate in the decision? 28/10/2010
Credit to Obama for sticking with the Middle East.Jonathan Freedland - Guardian - "...there have been crockery-throwing rows with the Israelis, and a nice speech in Cairo, but little tangible progress."27/10/2010
The Israeli left is also focusing on wealth rather than peaceYossi Melman - Haaretz - "To many people, the left and the search for peace, as they are represented faithfully by the Peres Center as well, are identified with monied interests." id27/10/2010
Ameer Makhoul and Israel`s Sham JusticeWhen you are a political activist facing a sentence of life to be handed down by a security state in which all the levers of power are arrayed against you; when you are a father and husband facing the prospect of never seeing your daughters till they themselves are grown.... what do you do? ao30/10/2010
Historic BDS debate in ZeekZeek, the artsy hipstery Jewish journal, published two long pieces on BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) for what I assume is the first time. is the BDS-demonizers who find themselves increasingly having a conversation only with themselves. ao30/10/2010
Would US work against unilateral `Palestine?` Herb Keinon - Jerusalem Post - Diplomacy abhors a vacuum: if you don`t fill it, someone else will do it for you. There are those telling Netanyahu to take note. 26/10/2010
Red Rag: Letter to the judges of the Supreme Court after the rejection of Mordechai Vanunus appealGideon Spiro - Judicial wickedness26/10/2010
Israel`s best diplomatic option is accepting Arab peace initiative, study finds Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - Study by THE establishment thinktank concludes: Accepting initiative would improve Israel`s security and economic situation. **Second part of this column is about Ir Amim, confronting the State Comptroller for pursuing justice in East Jerusalem very selectively. bz26/10/2010
Oh Israelis Sorry for the inconvenienceIssa Qaraqe - "Oh Israelis . After everything that happened between us, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by our refusal to give up our soul. It has more patience than is bearable. You paid a high price militarily, economically and psychologically to control and destroy it but you failed"25/10/2010
Information for all Haaretz Editorial - The WikiLeaks release of hundreds of thousands of classified military documents related to American fighting in Iraq should not just be stirring up the emotions of those who were directly involved25/10/2010
Pete Seeger: Unless we communicate, mankind will disappearAyelet Yagil--"Little by little I understood more how Zionism started. Of course, after the horrible experience of Hitler many people went to Israel. On the other hand, had I known more then, what was going to happen to Jews everywhere, I would consider how to prevent this terrible situation going on right now." 24/10/2010
VIDEO: University of Michigan Students Walk Out of IDF propaganda TalkA Hasbara event on campus is derailed when nearly all the audience turns out to be protesters, who eventually stand and walk out in dignified silence. 2-minute video (link to longer video: ao23/10/2010
Just Knock It OffTHOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - NYT - "Abbas is weak and acts weaker. Netanyahu is strong and acts weak. It is time for both to step it up. And it is time for all the outsiders who spoil them to find another hobby." 20/10/2010
Loyalty oath isn`t racist, but it will destroy IsraelYehuda Ben Meir - Haaretz - A healthy, life-seeking society does not intentionally create conflict with 20 percent of its members [the author comes to this conclusion without sharing OM`s views - bz] 19/10/2010
South Africa mission comes to Ramallah to aid Palestinian reconciliationAmira Hass - Haaretz - South Africa`s diplomatic mission in Ramallah is trying to assist the reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah, on the assumption that internal Palestinian unity is necessary to successfully fight the Israeli occupation21/10/2010
On the academic boycott (again) - plus exchange of lettersArticle on boycott of Israel by Prof. Ran Greenstein, followed by an extended exchange of letters with Prof. Robert Fine21/10/2010
Dr. Avineri and Mr. LiebermanRan Greenstein - Occupation Magazine - A discussion of the liberal Zionist apologetics for an exclusionary Jewish state21/10/2010
Yes Indeed, Show Us All The Map!Alan Hart - Countercurrents - IF Israel was interested in peace on terms virtually all Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept, the map provided would show Israel with borders as they were on the eve of the 1967 war. An accompanying note would say that, subject to agreement in final negotiations, Israel seeks minor border adjustments here and there. The note would also propose that Jerusalem should be an open, undivided city and the capital of two states. 20/10/2010
Israels Loyalty Oath: Lets Drink to New Jewish RepublicRichard Silverstein - Tikkun Olam - As one of my commentators with whom I rarely agree wrote: its an answer to a question no one is asking. There are very few non-Jews seeking to become citizens of Israel. So the oath is a political provocation by Avigdor Lieberman meant to gin up hysteria and support among his far-right nationalist base. As Ive written here, the only reason this bill will become law is as a quid pro quo from Bibi to his farther right allies hoping to retain their support when and if he extends a settlement freeze. 20/10/2010
The international community`s final test Mustafa Barghouthi - EI - "We have reached, and probably surpassed, that critical point at which any more settlements mean the death of the two-state solution." 20/10/2010
Please give generously, but not to armiesKhaled Diab - Guardian - "There is a case to be made for outlawing charities whose purpose is to serve foreign militaries." 20/10/2010
Top 10 worst errors Israel is about to makeBradley Burston - Haaretz - Major mistakes: what they are, why they matter, where they stand, and what you can do. bz19/10/2010
An oath worthy of OrwellI decided to investigate the matter to gain a little perspective and accessed the oaths required of naturalized citizens in a dozen countries...None of them ... require faithfulness to any other religious, ethnic or social group.16/10/2010
The judges of the Deportation ServiceGideon Spiro - Red Rag, Weekly Column, "To the Honourable Dorit Beinish, Asher Grunis, Neal Handel Judges of the Supreme Court, Rami Amir, Judge of the Central District Court"15/10/2010
Israel`s right needs perpetual war By Zeev Sternhell--The facts must be acknowledged: The heads of the rightist parties have a strategic outlook and the ability to take the long view, and they also know how to choose the right tools to carry out their mission.17/10/2010
Israeli MP: Ahmadinejad Must Not Leave Lebanon AliveJason Ditz - - To assassinate Ahmadinejad today is like assassinating Hitler in 1939, he insisted, adding that he must not return home alive. Ahmadinejad is planning to visit a Shiite mosque not far from the border in Southern Lebanon, a replica of the al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, and might well be in range of Israeli snipers during the visit. 14/10/2010
A Special Place in Hell / Top 10 worst errors Israel is about to makeBradley Burston - Haaretz - Making major mistakes: what they are, why they matter, where they stand, and what you can do about it. 14/10/2010
EU police mission complicit in Israeli, PA rights abuses David Cronin - The Electronic Intifada - Contrary to the impression frequently created by news stories, the PA does not have a police force that can justifiably be viewed as independent of Israel. Under the Oslo accords from the 1990s, the PA was given full responsibility for security in a region dubbed "Area A." This comprises six West Bank cities -- Jenin, Nablus, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Tulkarem and Bethlehem -- and part of Hebron. In Area B -- other towns and villages, where 68 percent of Palestinian inhabitants in the West Bank lived -- the authority was tasked with maintaining public order but Israel was allowed "overriding" responsibility for security. Then in Area C -- 62 percent of the West Bank, including Jewish-only settlements and other areas deemed of "strategic importance" to Israel -- total control over security remained in Israeli hands. 13/10/2010
What Does a `One State Solution` Really Mean? ALAIN GRESH - Counterpunch - such a project could only come about through the Palestinians making common cause among themselves, and among some significant part of Israels Jewish population. The example of South Africa is often mentioned. But beyond the question of whether Israel is or is not an apartheid state, the South African model was made possible because the African National Congress (ANC), through its alliance with the Communist party, had a white base; it also adapted its language and combat methods to the will to build a rainbow nation to avoid the exodus of the white population experienced by Angola and Mozambique. It made only limited use of terrorism for fear of alienating support, especially among the white community (19). The ANC, while uncompromising on the principle of one man, one woman, one vote, also knew how to take into account the fears of the white and mixed race communities and offered them firm guarantees. 13/10/2010
The Smell of Apartheid: Israel`s Citizenship LawYacov Ben Efrat - Challenge - In fact, behind this amendment there is a hidden message regarding a debate sparked some five years ago between representatives of the Arab population and the state. The conflict began when former Knesset member Azmi Bishara set up a party under the slogan A state for all its citizens, which opened the way for Arab parties and institutions to challenge the state and expose the structural contradiction in its self-definition as Jewish and democratic. This philosophical clash between the Arab minority and the state served to oil the wheels of Avigdor Lieberman, today Israels foreign minister, whose party won 15 seats in the last general elections with its slogan No citizenship without loyalty. 13/10/2010
I Pledge Allegiance to What? Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - The racist nature of the law is nothing new for Israel. The only difference today is that they are blatantly clear about it, much to the thanks of Israels caricature-like foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, the man behind the initiative. Since Israel was established in 1948, Palestinians living on both sides of the Green Line have endured racist and discriminatory measures against them because of their ethnicity. Until today, Palestinians in Jerusalem must continually prove their center of life is in the city in order to maintain their residency status in the city. 13/10/2010
His Fathers BoyUri Avnery - Antiwar - "The real Netanyahu stand up!"..."If the real Netanyahu were called to stand up, all three, and perhaps a few more, would rise. But the third one is the most real." 13/10/2010
Israel`s other "peace" plan: arm-twisting Obama Jonathan Cook - EI - ""The Israeli government was given the choice between peace and settlements, and it has chosen settlements," the chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said last Friday."13/10/2010
Chronicles of peace or epitaphs of failure GERSHON BASKIN - J-Post - "Neither Abbas nor Netanyahu is worthy of being called a leader, nor are the Americans worthy of being called effective mediators." 13/10/2010
The ethnic cleansing planAhmad Tibi - Ynet - "...Israel is indeed Jewish and democratic democratic to the Jews, and Jewish to the Arabs."13/10/2010
Week 2262 of OccupationDaniel Breslau - Occupation Magazine - Nothing to talk about - A prisoner of conscience is sentenced13/10/2010
What a ridiculous moveDov Weissglass - Ynet - When a new citizen is required to recognize Israel as a "Jewish state", what exactly is expected of him? What is he pledging? To admit to the existence of a Jewish majority in Israel? To support the majority`s right to maintain a Jewish life? Or is he expected to actively work towards preserving the Jewish majority? And how so? Should he convert? [These are the words - not from a bleeding heart leftie but - from former PM Sharon`s confidential adviser-ed]12/10/2010
Meridor: This isn’t the Israel we know Attila Somfalvi - Ynet - This is not a security matter. The government is responsible for all citizens and it`s wrong to create the perception that they are not part of the state on one hand, and demand loyalty on the other - that`s a contradiction. [Likud`s Dan Meridor is Minister of Intelligence Services. bz] "This is the Jewish people` state. We`ve inscribed that in our Basic Laws. Do we really have to keep repeating it? It creates detrimental tensions," he said. 12/10/2010
Israel`s loyalty oath: Discriminatory by designThe Guardian, Editorial - New pledge requires future citizens declare their loyalty to an ideology, one intended to exclude Palestinians11/10/2010
How good news became bad for GazaDonald Macintyre - The Independent - Israel eased the trade embargo - but it`s bringing some Palestinian businesses to their knees11/10/2010
Negotiating One`s Demise - An Evaporating Palestine Rannie Amiri - CounterPunch - "It is remarkable that those representing the Palestinian people would waiver in the slightest about quitting the talks in the face of ongoing land seizure. If this is not a red line, what is?"11/10/2010
The Jewish Republic of Israel Gideon Levy - Haaretz - Swearing an oath to a Jewish state will decide its fate. It is liable to turn the country into a theocracy like Saudi Arabia11/10/2010
An inherently humiliating definition Chaim Gans - Haaretz - The consciousness of Jewish ownership of the entire Land of Israel, will continue to push Israel`s policies to the edge of lunacy, and there is a genuine danger that it will lead to the loss of Israel as an embodiment of the Jewish people`s right to self-determination. But that`s our problem, that of the Jews; it`s not the Arabs` problem.
The Arabs` problem is that for them to recognize Israel`s Jewishness under this interpretation means acceptance of their inferior status in the Land of Israel, to the point that they could even be expelled from it. bz
John Mearsheimer on the State of the Israel Lobby [Fall, 2010] Interview with John Mearsheimer Video- Journal of Palestine Studies "Cla Thouin, assistant editor for the Journal of Palestine Studies, interviews John Mearsheimer on "The State of the Israel Lobby and Obama" 8/10/2010
Re-trial Begins In The Case Of Rachel Corrie, Killed By Israeli Forces In `03by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News "On Thursday morning, the District Court of Haifa began the re-trial of a case they had concluded in March: an Israeli judge ruled that the Court should hear further evidence about Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli armored bulldozer in 2003."8/10/2010
Israel losing its appeal for JewsSaleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram Weekly "Signs are strong that Israel could collapse from within as support amongst the Jewish Diaspora wanes dramatically."8/10/2010
Obamafs Balfour Declaration By Hasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times "As Netanyahu showed he was true to his word and would not extend the "freeze", the Americans became desperate. The Obama administration apparently offered Israel unprecedented promises and guarantees in exchange for virtually nothing."8/10/2010
Judge Bars Major Witness From Terrorism TrialBENJAMIN WEISER - The New York Times - A federal judge barred prosecutors on Wednesday from using a crucial witness in the first trial of a former Guantnamo detainee, adding to the fierce debate over whether the government can successfully prosecute terrorist detainees in civilian court. The trial of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, who faces charges in the 1998 bombings of two United States Embassies in East Africa, has been seen as a test of President Obamas goal of moving many other detainees, like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, into federal court and, ultimately, closing Guantnamo. 7/10/2010
Untenurable: The Firing of Ariella AzoulayNeve Gordon - Countercurrents - Last month, Bar Ilan decided to deny Azoulays bid for tenure, effectively firing her. While the protocols of the university committees that reached this pitiful decision have not been made public, Azoulays curriculum vitae and academic accomplishments are on the web, and anyone who is familiar with academic promotion procedures can readily see that the universitys verdict is illogical. But, then again, maybe matters are more complicated; maybe there is a method to the madness. 7/10/2010
Israeli court welcomes pre-1948 land claims, from Jewish Israelis onlyJesse Bacon - The Only Democracy - It has been pointed out repeatedly, but now its official, the Israeli Supreme Court will accept your pre-1948 claim, if you are Jewish that is. In one of those cases that is a testament to presumably intelligent peoples ability to ignore the larger implications of their actions, the court has been ruling that Jews who left East Jerusalem during the founding of the state of Israel/ Palestinian Nakba/ Catastrophe have a right of return. I hope there are Palestinian refugees filing similar court cases, as many more of them were dispossessed during that time. I would love to hear an Israeli court explain why the Jewish Israelis claims are more valid. 6/10/2010
The Dangers Of Recognition: Lieberman Speaks For All Of Israel Jonathan Cook - Countercurrents - Netanyahu clearly does not simply want the fact of Israel`s existence acknowledged. That is in no doubt and, anyway, the Israeli state has been recognised by the Palestinian leadership since the late 1980s. It is recognition of the state`s Jewishness, not its existence, that matters.6/10/2010
Netanyahu`s Freeze ScamHenry Siegman - The Nation - Palestinians have made a concession to Israel that is unprecedented: in 1988 the PLO agreed formally to recognize the legitimacy of Israeli sovereignty within the 1967 armistice border, an area that includes fully half the territory that, as indicated above, had been recognized as the legitimate patrimony of Palestinian Arabs in the UN Partition Plan. This reduced the Palestinians` territory from 43 to 22 percent of Palestine while enlarging Israel`s territory from 56 to 78 percent.6/10/2010
Risks and Advantages in U.S. Effort in MideastMARK LANDLER - NYT - "There is a desire by both parties to woo the party that is not in the room, said David Makovsky, an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Both want to get the support of the U.S." 6/10/2010
Our Man in PalestineNathan Thrall - New York Review of Books - “Fayyad sets an arbitrary date and says, ‘Okay, now all of you break your heads if you want to avoid a catastrophe,’” Herzog said. “What he did is very risky but also very smart.” [Mike Herzog is former chief of staff to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.]5/10/2010
Israels Arab Citizens Are Not a Negotiating ChipJonathan Cook -m AntiWar - "If the Palestinian president does recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the campaign by Israels Palestinian citizens to reform their country into a true democracy will be over. Netanyahu will have Palestinian backing to label the reformers a fifth column and expel them to the slivers of West Bank territory he may intend to call a Palestinian state. In the meantime, he will also have Palestinian permission to institute a loyalty drive of the kind already being advanced through the Israeli parliament"4/10/2010
Unmaking War, Remaking men: How Empathy Can Reshape Our Politics, Our Soldiers And OurselvesPress Release--Amidst all of the war news that saturates our lives, Kathleen Barry`s new book answers the question "Is war inevitable?" with an empathic "No!" And she offers a way out. Revealing how, in demilitarized states, violence against women persists at high levels, Barry, a sociologist, turns to men and shows how they are made expendable for war. She then asks what is required for men to remake themselves, to disengage from "core masculinity," the socialized expectation of men as protections and aggressors.3/10/2010
The Impending Collapse Of Israel In Palestine [by the JPLO List]Francis A. Boyle--In fact, Israel has never been a State but just an Army masquerading as a State -- a Potemkin Village of a State. Israel is the archetypal Great Band of Robbers described by St. Augustine in Book 4, Chapter 4 of The City of God:3/10/2010
Defining `Jewish state`: For many, term has different meaningsGlenn Kessler, Washington Post Staff Writer--Describing Israel as a "Jewish state" may seem like standard boilerplate in the United States, often used in newspaper articles and television programs. But words can carry deep meanings - especially in Middle East diplomacy. 3/10/2010
Do settlers care about us?Yair Lapid--And if the settlers have a problem with these Israelis, they have a real problem. Because these Israelis, who are Zionistic, Jewish, and hold national feelings are starting to feel that this is happening at their expense. They are not angry at the settlers, yet gradually they are being overcome by the feeling that the entire settlement enterprise is costing them too much. 3/10/2010
Whats Behind The Demolition of Al-Arakib: Netanyahus and Aharonovichs BattleProf. Gadi Algazi analyzes the greater context: "Al-Arakib is like a bone in the throat of those who are keen to redesign the whole northern Negev. Fine, alright, we`ve got no choice, so we`ll give recognition to a few Bedouin villages but almost always on very difficult, if not impossible, terms. Recognition on the condition that they move elsewhere, that they leave their land and blend in with another Bedouin community. We plan for you: We engineer the landscape, we put together and tear apart people and communities, we - the , architects of settlement and internal colonization." ao2/10/2010
Arab League may bring settlement freeze debate to UN By Shlomo Shamir - Haaretz "in Cairo on Wednesday, Arab states will consider initiating an emergency Security Council session on Israel`s refusal to renew West Bank "1/10/2010
Red Rag weekly columnGideon Spiro - can a fascist be idealistic? Triumph of Islamophobia - An Israeli story - Criminals1/10/2010
Avi Dichters Spanish Self-Expulsion, 1492/2010Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - Israeli MK, Avi Dichter faced his own self-induced expulsion from Spain recently after he was invited by a Spanish NGO to address a conference about the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. When the Spanish justice ministry informed him that it could not guarantee him immunity from arrest for his role in the Salah Shehade murders and Operation Cast Lead, he angrily cancelled his trip, thus expelling himself from Spain before he even arrived. 28/10/2010
Will Fatah choose reconciliation or collaboration? Raja Abdulhaq - The Electronic Intifada - It is very clear that if Fatah decides to halt its work with the Israeli army, the US and other donors will cut off financial aid to the PA. This leaves Fatah leaders in a critical position where they must choose between returning to the national Palestinian camp, or remaining on good terms with Israel and its occupation army. 27/10/2010
Forget the Details, its all about the Land Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - The Palestinian-Israeli conflict may seem unbelievably complicated to most an endless web of historical narratives, emotional claims and bitter pasts but it all comes down to a simple premise: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is about land, plain and simple. 27/10/2010
Mystery and `Why can`t they deport me, instead?` Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "Indeed, it is also quite possible that the mosque was torched by aliens who arrived during the night in a spaceship from Mars." 6/10/2010
Obama’s cave-in to Israel: letter suggests US not honest broker Jonathan Cook - Redress Information & Analysis - “...without the Jordan Valley, the creation of a viable Palestinian state ... would be inconceivable. Statehood would instead resemble the Swiss-cheese model the Palestinians have long feared is all Israel is proposing.” bz 5/10/2010
Arab League meet haunted by memory of 2000 talksJonathan Cook - - Rather than investing wasted energy in doomed talks, the two sides appear to be adopting the same alternative strategy: cutting a deal directly with Washington that circumvents the other party. 12/10/2010
Can the OECD stand up to Israel?Sam Bahour and Charles Shamas - - At Israel`s invitation, the 86th session of the OECD tourism committee will take place in Jerusalem on 20 and 21 October to discuss supporting a sustainable and competitive tourism industry for the benefit of the members` economies. Despite OECD efforts to the contrary, photographs of touristic sites in occupied territory have been incorporated in a website that Israel has constructed under OECD auspices. 12/10/2010
Kahane`s vision for loyalty oath was not so different than Barak`sBy Chaim Levinson - Haaretz " Late extremist rabbi proposed every non-Jew wishing to become a naturalized Israeli would have to pledge to `the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence." 15/10/2010
PAs challenge to Israel: Set your bordersby Ira Glunts - Mondoweiss "The Palestinian Authority (PA) has offered to recognize Israel by whatever name it applies to itself in accordance with international law in exchange for a map of the borders of the state of Israel which they want us to recognize. This according to senior Palestinian official,Yasser Abed Rabbo, in an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP)." 15/10/2010
Red Rag Weekly ColumnGideon Spiro - Judges of the Deportation Service - Dr. Strangelove - Another step towards fascism15/10/2010
No to a third intifadaHussein Ibish - Common Ground News - The prospect of a breakdown again raises the spectre of another intifada, since many Palestinians may conclude that the occupation is either permanent or that diplomacy is simply an ineffective tool in resolving it and that a new uprising is the only remaining way to pressure Israel. 14/10/2010
Israel has no future as a purely Jewish stateAdrian Hamilton - The Independent - There`s simply no point under these circumstances in pursuing peace negotiations. There isn`t the basis on which an Israeli government of this hue would accept let alone support a separate Palestinian state. Which is what most Palestinians and Arabs already conclude. But, under pressure from the US, they feel they have no choice but to persist in the fiction of a possible settlement, just as Netanyahu, also under pressure from Washington, feels that he can`t dismiss the talks outright14/10/2010
PLO Responds To Israeli Demand Of `Jewish State` Recognition: `Show US The Map Of Your Borders`IMEMC - Abed Rabbo told the Palestinian news agency Ma`an News, "Israel is an unknown entity in terms of borders [so] how does it suggest we recognize it as a Jewish state? Israel and the US should first set out Israel`s borders". The state of Israel has never declared its borders since its creation in 1948, and has continually expanded its territory with military force into neighboring Palestinian Territories14/10/2010
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