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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Why I Still Dislike IsraelPHILIP GIRALDI- The Unz Review - "The United States government was created to serve the American people, not a powerful foreign interest. My fervent New Year’s wish is for the monstrous Bibi Netanyahu or whoever succeeds him in office to just leave us alone in 2015. Israel will have to stand on its own two feet for a change while Washington will not have to be constantly looking over its collective shoulder concerned about “Israeli interests.” It would be a divorce that would be beneficial for everyone involved." - id 31/12/2014
A virtual visit to the birthplace of Christianity, BethlehemRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "The fight to me is between extremists and moderates. Moderates are those who support peace based on compromise and the only real solution to the conflict which has claimed and continues to claim so many lives, the Two-State Solution. One State of Israel and one State of Palestine, sharing Jerusalem and where the people on both sides can live in freedom and security." - id 31/12/2014
About diplomatic subversion and pressure cookersAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "El-Matan was one of the illegal settlement outposts which PM Sharon was supposed to evacuate, back in 2003 (so he promised ...) On the same year that Sharon pledged to the Americans to evacuate El-Matan, the child Ayala Shapira was born there." - id 31/12/2014
Why Palestinian Statehood Poses Such A Threat To IsraelCatherine Shakdam - MintPress News - Beyond Israel’s refusal to recognize an independent state of Palestine as a reality lies a very real fear that years of occupation and abuses will need to be addressed before the International Criminal Court. [bz]30/12/2014
The Davidization of Jerusalem: On the politics of symbolsDana Hercbergs - +972 - It’s no coincidence that images of the Tower of David are popping up everywhere in the holy city: right-wing settlers and real estate moguls alike have been using the symbol to gain power [ry]29/12/2014
My Glorious Brothers Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - “All this may reaffirm the saying that ‘nothing changes as much as the past’. Or, in the words of Goethe: ‘What you call the spirit of the times is nothing but the spirit of the lords in which the times are reflected’" [ry]29/12/2014
Five Reasons Why 2014 Was a Game Changer in Palestine Ramzy Baroud--In terms of losses in human lives, 2014 has been a horrific year for Palestinians, when an Israeli war against the Gaza Strip killed and wounded thousands. While some aspects of the conflict are stagnating between a corrupt, ineffectual Palestinian Authority (PA), and the criminality of Israeli wars and occupation, it would also be fair to argue that 2014 was also a game changer to some degree—and it is not all bad news. And here are five reasons why. dn28/12/2014
Yes, I call on the world to interveneAkiva Eldar--ln every meeting with a European parliamentarian or American diplomat, I say that no one for whom the future of Israel is close to their heart is allowed to oppose an initiative that brings the end of the occupation nearer. Yes, I know that my position contradicts the policy of my elected government. In every conversation with a Jewish activist from the United States or with a Jewish friend from Belgium, when I am asked what my opinion is of the Jewish nation-state law proposed by my prime minister, I say it is an anti-democratic law that distances a fifth of Israeli citizens from their country. dn 28/12/2014
Zionism and its Discontents. A Century of Radical Dissent in Israel/Palestine [book review]Reviewed by Ludwig Watzal--Nationalist narratives and political movements have dominated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for a long time. They all ended up in a dead end. This insight has led Ran Greenstein, Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, not to look at history in retrospect, knowing the outcome, but rather from a contemporaneous perspective of the actors. None of the anti-Zionist actors, discussed in the book, achieved their goals, but they all made valuable contributions, which can serve as a starting point for new actions.dn28/12/2014
Israel, a Jewish Republic?Kai Bird - NYT - Why does Mr. Netanyahu want to define his nation-state with precisely the same phrases used by Hamas, a nonsecular, fundamentalist party dedicated to the formation of an Islamic republic? (...) Israelis need to celebrate their “Israeli” national identity. They should talk about Israel’s cultural and technological achievements. And talk about Israel’s security, too, and where its borders should be drawn so that the endless conflict between Arabs and Israelis can finally come to an end. [bz]28/12/2014
Is Israel held to an unfairly high standard?Are we unfairly ignoring the fact that Israel treats LGBTIs better than ISIS or Boko Haram does? Norman Finkelstein and Paul Jay discuss a full-page ad in the NYT. gm27/12/2014
2014: the year Israel’s illusions of normalcy diedAsher Schechter - Haaretz "Because 2014 was the year in which so many of the things about ourselves we had tried to ignore came back to bite us. Our deepest delusions, our highest aspirations about our country, hit the brick wall of reality — and died." ca26/12/2014
Analysis: The customs union and the Israeli no-state solutionAmal Ahmad/Al-Shabaka - Ma`an - Israel gives Palestinians 20 percent of the import quota but none of the corresponding export quota. For example, if country Z pledges to buy 2,000 tons of tomatoes from Israel in exchange, 100 percent of these tomatoes come from Israeli producers. Effectively, then, Israel is using the Palestinian economy to divert pressure off its own market by reducing the penetration of cheap imports by 20 percent, while reserving the full benefits of export deals to itself. [bz]23/12/2014
Will the real unilateralists please stand up?Peter Beinart - Haaretz - Why is Israel suddenly so offended by unilateralism? The Gaza disengagement was unilateral. So was building the separation barrier. It’s hard to think of anything more unilateral than settlement expansion: Virtually the entire world opposes it, and yet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does it anyway. In fact, unilateralism – the idea that Jews should rely on themselves rather than the tender mercies of the gentile world – is deeply ingrained in Israeli political culture. As David Ben-Gurion famously said, “What matters is not what the goyim say, but what the Jews do.” As recently as last month, while speaking about Iran, Netanyahu proclaimed his unilateralism proudly. Israel, he said, “reserves its right to defend itself by itself.” [bz]19/12/2014
A Century Of Radical Dissent In Israel/PalestineLudwig Watzal - Countercurrents - Nationalist narratives and political movements have dominated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for a long time. They all ended up in a dead end. This insight has led Ran Greenstein, Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, not to look at history in retrospect, knowing the outcome, but rather from a contemporaneous perspective of the actors.-rh 24/12/2014
Is Europe Running Out of Patience With Israel?Cnaan Liphshiz - The Jewish Daily Forward - Israel has long suffered in public opinion across Europe, where it has struggled to stave off mounting calls for divestment and the labeling of goods produced in its settlements. But since October, there have been signs that governments are beginning to embody those sentiments in legislation. The French vote follows similar measures undertaken by the parliaments of Britain, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Sweden, and comparable steps are pending in Denmark and Slovenia.-rh 24/12/2014
France waters down Arab draft resolution on PalestineDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Both drafts reaffirm the 1947 General Assembly Partition Plan, but the French version published by the Montreal-based Center for Research on Globalization clearly hints at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The French version added to the clause a line saying that the 1947 resolution recommendation on the question of Palestine was for the establishment of “the independence of the Arab and Jewish States.”-rh 24/12/2014
The Myth of Abraham and America’s Allegiance to IsraelGARY LEUPP - Counter Punch - "Those serious about challenging the default-mode Israelophilia that pervades U.S. policy ought, in my humble view, to hone in on this myth—this fountainhead of racism, colonialism, and messianic End Times craziness—and challenge it at every turn, urging their deluded friends to wake up." - id 24/12/2014
Rebel songs to rap: the history of Palestine’s musicSarah Irving - The Electronic Intifada - "What is the interplay between Palestinian musicians and their audiences? And what about the impact of “politics” other than that of the Israeli occupation — the historical influence of colonialism, for example, or the current effects of Islamist parties?" - id 24/12/2014
Postponing UN bid won`t reverse Palestinian momentumShlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - "The Palestinians need not worry about postponing the vote on their UN bid until after the Israeli elections, since even if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is re-elected, the push toward Palestinian statehood is inevitable."= id24/12/2014
Is Palestinian state only guarantee against Hamas?Akiva Eldar - Al-Monitor "In November, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi offered Israel his help in preventing the establishment of Hamastan in the West Bank. In an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera published on Nov. 23, Sisi expressed willingness to deploy an Egyptian force in the West Bank to help the local police increase the sense of security on both sides and strengthen mutual trust. “Israel’s security cannot be compromised,” the Egyptian president said. “The Palestinians must stop carrying out serious actions that can be destructive for them.” He nonetheless stressed that sending a force to a Palestinian state, in full coordination with Israel and as part of confidence-building measures, can only be carried out after the creation of Palestine." ca 26/12/2014
WATCH: Rightists campaign on hate, incitement and arroganceMairav Zonszein - +972 "In a highly incendiary video, Likud Knesset member Danny Danon, who was fired from his position as deputy defense minister for publicly slamming Netanyahu’s “restraint” during this past summer’s assault on Gaza, has released a campaign video in which he brands himself as “the real Likud.” ca26/12/2014
Bypassing Israel: The necessity of recognition in European capitalsScott Ratner - Mondoweiss - Essentially every state in the international community has made it clear since at least the 1970s that the Palestinian people are entitled to a sovereign state on the 22 percent of Mandatory Palestine that Zionist forces did not conquer in 1948. This recognition does not, nor has ever, come with the stipulation that such a state must be premised or conditioned upon adhering to what Israel defines as its “national security.” -rh 17/12/2014
Israel tries to head off UN resolution calling for West Bank withdrawal in two yearsBEN LYNFIELD - The Independent - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today mounted a last-ditch effort to thwart a Palestinian and Arab bid to pass a UN Security Council resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank within two years.-rh17/12/2014
European Parliament wants Palestinian state as part of two-state solutionAssociate Press - Compromise resolution supports `in principle recognition of Palestinian statehood` but as part of two-state solution with Israel.-rh17/12/2014
Hamas removed from EU terrorist list on technicalityReuters, AP - Ynet News - European Union General Court annuls decision to keep Hamas on list of terrorist organizations, but temporarily maintained measures against it for three months or until an appeal was closed.-rh17/12/2014
A united Israeli-Arab party could force Netanyahu outMazal Mualem - Al-Monitor - "Ultimately, all the Arab parties and their Knesset members will have to rise above themselves, their egos and quarrels, and unite in a genuine way. Otherwise they will squander an historic opportunity to increase their political strength and have real influence in replacing Netanyahu.” id 17/12/2014
Automatic American veto era is coming to an endAlon Pinkas - Ynet - Israel`s residents can`t remember a situation in which the United States did not veto an anti-Israel proposal at the United Nations Security Council. They can`t remember because it never happened." - id 17/12/2014
The first step toward Jewish-Arab cooperation is a knock at the doorChibli Mallat - +972 - The political scene in Israel is in disarray. The traditional separation of 1948 territory into two states is giving way to a one-state discourse introduced by Zionist leaders, mostly from the Right, designed to avoid giving up any territory. Extremism rules the day, threatening to swallow any remaining decency. But, if Tzipi Livni or Isaac Herzog were to knock on Haneen Zoabi or Ahmad Tibi’s door, or vice-versa, with a view to form some sort of humanist understanding of the future, the chess deck might suddenly brighten up with new trajectories. [The writer is a law professor in Lebanon and the U.S. and the chairman of Right to Nonviolence, a Middle East NGO based in Beirut-bz]16/12/2014
Anti-BDS Professors Launch Push To Ban 4 Far Right Israeli LeadersDebra Nussbaum Cohen--A nascent group of well-known academics is calling on the U.S. government and European Union to impose personal sanctions on four prominent Israelis “who lead efforts to insure permanent Israeli occupation of the West Bank and to annex all or parts of it unilaterally in violation of international law.” dn14/12/2014
Suicide Note from Palestine (2014)Freedom Theatre--One day before her final exams, Amal has a concerning nightmare: she is Palestine and she has decided to die. Amal’s nightmare drafts between confusion, torture and despair – notions set as strange characters that symbolise some of the key players in world politics that shape the history, land, politics and occupation of her country. dn14/12/2014
U.S. torture report shows the danger of Israel`s legal loopholesNadeem Shehadeh and Amjad Iraqi--In American discourse, torture is a dark stain on the country’s recent history. In Israel, there is no law against torture and the justification of its use is still mainstream. dn14/12/2014
Herzl’s Vision Realized: Israel as ‘Outpost of Western Civilisation in Asia’ Chandra Kumar--Western countries have used Israel to advance Western imperial interests, with remarkable levels of hypocrisy and racism. (WH) dn14/12/2014
Why does the U.S. support Israel’s ‘Jim Crow’ government?Stanley Heller--The intention of the Israeli government to have its parliament declare Israel to be the “nation state of the Jewish people” has created a political storm. A thousand Israeli Jews led by Peace Now protested in Tel Aviv against the legislation. The bill’s consideration played a part in the sudden collapse of the Netanyahu government. In the U.S. most are bewildered. Who cares about a few words? The words do matter. They were to become part of Israel’s Basic Laws (Israel has no constitution). dn14/12/2014
Why is Israel preventing rights experts from entering Gaza?Amira Hass--Israel prevented experts from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch from entering the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge, and it still is preventing them. As a result, no independent professionals (for example, a certain retired British military officer) have been able to check in real time the army’s claims and versions; for example, about weapons caches or firing near or from inside UN buildings. If the Israel Defense Forces and its legal advisers were so sure they were adhering to international law, why were they scared to let these experts enter Gaza – alongside the many journalists who were allowed in? dn 14/12/2014
European states should welcome and facilitate the return of surviving European Jews and their descendants. Ghada Karmi--Some 60,000 Jews from Thessaloniki were deported to Nazi concentration camps in 1943 [Reuters] While on a visit to Thessaloniki in northern Greece, I was taken to the old Jewish quarter in the south of the city by the waterfront. This sad, deserted place had once been the centre of a thriving Jewish community which had lived there until 1942. It had been composed of mainly Sephardic Jews who had fled Christian persecution in Spain.dn 13/12/2014
We Will Never Know Whether Torture Works. That Shouldn`t Matter.Yishai Schwartz - The New Republic "It would be lovely if we lived in a just world where efficacy and morality were always aligned, where we never had to ask ourselves difficult, gut-wrenching questions—because, after all, torture never works anyway. But wishing doesn’t make it so, and too-fervent wishing has veered some commentators into dangerous over-readings of the available empirical evidence" ca12/12/2014
What does French vote really mean for Palestine? To really make a difference, France must go beyond rhetorical statements.Alain Gresh - Aljazeera - To really make a difference, it is necessary to go beyond rhetorical statements and clearly point to the Israeli government`s responsibility in blocking the process. Thus, bear the consequences by imposing sanctions, as France did against Russia or Iran. In that sense, the EU, being the first partner of Israel, could impose a ban on all products made in the settlements.-rh 11/12/2014
How Netanyahu Committed Political SuicideAlon Ben-Meir - History News Network - Prime Minster Netanyahu’s insistence on passing a bill that will define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people is as disgraceful as his denial that Israel is not an occupying power. If the bill were to pass now or in the future, it would blow up what’s left of Israel’s democracy and destroy rather than save the Jews’ last haven for which they have yearned for centuries.-rh 11/12/2014
How Israel Treats African `Infiltrators` : Law Mistreats Asylum Seekers — and Shames Jewish HistoryYehuda Bauer - The Jewish Daily Forward - In fact, Israel grants the right to work in Israel to a very large number of migrant workers, who outnumber the refugees from Sudan and Eritrea. The migrant workers are invited from non-African countries where people don’t face harm if they return, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc. It appears that the refugees from Eritrea and Sudan who are threatened by their regimes endure discrimination in Israel mostly for the color of their skin.-rh 11/12/2014
2014: The Political Year in ReviewRami G. Khouri - This Week in Palestine - This year may a historic shift away from the two dominant failed legacies - American-mediated peace negotiations and armed-struggle resistance leading to savage Israeli attacks, primarily against Gaza - towards a new and potentially more effective diplomatic strategy. This combines the use of international organisations and the power of European recognition to achieve meaningful Palestinian statehood, together with bottom-up activism such as the BDS movement. ak9/12/2014
What to look out for in Israeli electionsDan Perry (Associated Press) - Ynet - From Lieberman`s peace plan, to Kachlon`s new party, to a rise in Israeli Arab voter turnout – these are a number of the less discussed factors that could prove decisive in upcoming election. [bz]6/12/2014
Israelis, listen to the worldEditorial - Haaretz "The world’s message must become an important issue in the election campaign. Israelis will be required to choose between a government that increases Israel’s isolation and one that brings Israel back to the family of nations." ca5/12/2014
What Israel`s founding fathers never imaginedZeev Sternhell - Haaretz "The gravediggers of liberty and equality of our time are dragging Israel down toward the violent and fanatic Third World that surrounds us. The politicians of the centrist parties would do well to draw their own conclusions as the election approaches, and use all the energy and honesty that they still have to prevent the disasters that are on their way." ca5/12/2014
Abbas and the ISIS schemeDina Ezzat - Al-Ahram "Arab heavyweights are backing Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, not in the hope of reaching a final status deal with Israel, but in order to focus on ISIS and militant threats...“It is not about what we prefer; it is rather about what we can deliver,” the PA diplomat said. With this mind set, Palestinian and other Arab, including Egyptian, diplomats are speaking of “intensive and progressing” consultations that bring together the PA, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the US and the EU." ca5/12/2014
Israeli Anti-Semitism - Social Pathology of NihilismNorman Pollack - CounterPunch - "How can a Jewish nation be anti-Semitic? That’s just it, its exclusiveness—the pending Nationality Law, passed by the Cabinet, and now to be introduced in the Knesset–predicated on the exclusion of the Other as the means of affirming the self, represents the social pathology of nihilism (the cheapening of all life except that of its own; denial of the suffering and degradation caused the Other, in the name of its imagined superiority and closeness to God)" [ry]8/12/2014
Israel`s Druze ambassador can`t defend the nation-state lawBahij Mansour--Jerusalem`s envoy to the Dominican Republic says the Jewish nation-state bill sends a clear message to the Druze of Israel: You are not our allies. Last May Israel celebrated its 66th Independence Day. For all those years the Druze community struggled and strived for full equality and for full integration into Israeli society. Now, the government intends to pass a bill that would ignore the existence of our community and its contributions and sacrifices towards the vision of establishing the nation-state of the Jewish people as a Jewish, democratic and equitable state. dn7/12/2014
Indyk tells Bennett: You are living in a different realityYitzhak Benhorin--Economy minister criticizes `peace-making industry` for trying to solve an `unsolvable problem,` as interviewer Indyk accuses Israeli right of treating US officials with lack of respect without having to pay a price. dn7/12/2014
Israel opposition leader: peace is "absolutely possible" with the Palestinians The Guardian-- video about 2 minutes7/12/2014
French MPs vote in favor of recognizing Palestine state Ma`an News - Palestinians are seeking to achieve statehood in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank with east Jerusalem as the capital. With little progress on reaching a settlement, they have been lobbying foreign powers for international recognition.-rh4/12/2014
The Insecurity That Lies Beneath Israel`s `Jewish Nation` Bill : Right Wing Backers Worry About One-State FutureJ.J. Goldberg - The Jewish Daily Forward - Holding onto the territories, maintaining a single state between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, means creating a binational state. The advocates face growing pressure — and anger — from the military, academic, arts and legal communities and other sectors, all demanding to know how Israel can absorb two million-plus West Bank Palestinians without losing the Zionist vision of a Jewish state.-rh 4/12/2014
A defensive Netanyahu announces elections hours after firing opposition members Lapid and LivniAllison Deger - Mondoweiss - Within hours of giving their statements decrying Netanyahu, both Knesset members were dismissed from their posts. The prime minister’s office circulated a notice of the termination two hours before Netanyahu called for an unusual 8:00 pm press conference where he announced the coming elections.-rh4/12/2014
Palestinians prepare push for UN resolution on statehoodDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The Arab League has agreed to submit a draft resolution calling for recognition of the state of Palestine as Palestinians gear up for a diplomatic showdown at the UN Security Council.-rh 4/12/2014
Israel`s elections: A referendum on NetanyahuNoam Sheizaf - +972 - "There won’t be any new Bibi. Only the old Bibi, older. Netanyahu is closer than ever to Naftali Bennett and the settlers." - id3/12/2014
When Israel needed unity, Netanyahu went to divissive voteOmer Benjakob - Ynet - "Timing of Netanyahu`s call for election almost as disquieting as reason he gave, but however dismal current situation is, we can be sure Netanyahu`s next government will only be worse." - id 3/12/2014
Israeli nationality bill negates Palestinian self-determinationAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stubborn insistence on pushing through the nationality bill is not driven by political motives alone, but reflect his and his cohorts` belief that the Palestinians are not even a people." - id 2/12/2014
Israel Provoking Violence as a Political WeaponRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Ever since he was elected prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has said one thing very clearly: He opposes the peace process and creation of a Palestinian State as surely as rightwing Republicans who support him oppose the Affordable Care Act introduced by President Barack Obama." - id 2/12/2014
Why is Jewish violence always a reaction to Palestinian violence?Fady Khoury - +972 - The arson attack against the bilingual school in Jerusalem was committed within a broader political framework: it is an extension of institutionalized violence and ought to be traced back to incitement by right-wing Israeli politicians preaching for blind patriotism and hatred of the ‘other’ [ry]1/12/2014
Government sponsored price tagEli Aminov - AIC - The visits by representatives of the Israeli government who arrived at the vandalised school were a clear display of the regime`s hypocrisy; While they support the state of the Jewish race, they denounce those who implement the conclusions resulting from this [ry]1/12/2014
What Will Israel Become?Roger Cohen - New York Times - “We are not willing to accept that mothers and fathers on the other side don’t want peace. They also want it, and I understand that they have a lack of hope just like here.” ak21/12/2014
Who says Palestinians don’t have a vote in Israeli elections?By Michael Schaeffer - +972 - By warning that a Palestinian UN resolution might strengthen Netanyahu, Kerry is actually suggesting that Palestinians can influence Israeli elections — just not in the direction Washington was hoping for. But why should the Palestinians hold off on their aspirations for equality and national self- determination in order to give the Israelis time to elect a new government, when it is not clear that that government would have anything to offer them? ak 21/12/2014
Gaza rocket could start a fire Alex Fishman - Ynet - Since the end of the fighting in late August, Israel favored the calm in the Gaza vicinity over dealing with Hamas` military rehabilitation process. No one is naïve here: Israel saw that Hamas was rebuilding its power, but preferred the calm over a resumption of the conflict. We should only hope, therefore, that the change in the Israeli policy we witnessed over the past weekend has nothing to do with the upcoming elections and only stems from clear security-related considerations. [bz]21/12/2014
Europe`s symbolic solidarity with PalestinePatrick Strickland - Al-Jazeera - "As various European parliaments express support for a Palestinian state, critics say more substantive action is needed." - id 20/12/2014
The hand that holds the status quo togetherNoam Sheizaf - +972 - "The negotiations are not balanced: one side is holding all the cards while the other depends on its good will; one side is in a state of emergency, and the other can ignore the issue altogether." - id 20/12/2014
Zionist Christians’ war on the true meaning of ChristmasActivestills - +972 - "It’s time to stop calling such groups Christian Zionists and instead use the term Zionist Christians, to more accurately reflect their priorities." - id 20/12/2014
Podcast: Larry Derfner of on Israeli electionsRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Netanyahu has been one of the most rightwing extremists in Israel and he has carefully redirected Israel away from the peace process and used his office to provoke violence and confrontation." - id 17/12/2014
Triple Race to Fiftieth AnniversaryAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "For the first time in quite a while, the Likud winning the elections and Netanyahu`s remaining in power no longer seem to be a self-evident outcome." - id 17/12/2014
The wave of Jerusalem attacks Israelis don’t hear aboutLarry Derfner - +972 - One hundred Palestinian bus drivers in the capital have actually quit their jobs... [but] even the head of transportation for the Jerusalem Municipality didn’t know that local Palestinian bus drivers had been getting attacked regularly until one of them was found hanged in his bus last month. [bz]16/12/2014
Majority of Israeli Jews support bus segregation, survey findsDahlia Scheindlin - +972 "Surveys by Israeli Democracy Index and Tel Aviv University find that most Israeli Jews prefer separate buses for Jews and Palestinians in the West Bank; one-quarter of Arab respondents support the torching of Jerusalem’s only mixed Jewish-Arab school." ca12/12/2014
Israel-Hezbollah deterrence game continuesBen Caspit - Al Monitor - "The reported airstrike against a convoy on its way from Lebanon to Syria has not yet sparked a strong reaction by Hezbollah against Israel, probably because its patron Iran is still negotiating a nuclear deal." - id 10/12/2014
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