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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Saeb Erekat: Today`s evictions in East Jerusalem reaffirm what Netanyahu said yesterday at the UNAshraf B Khatib - PLO, Negotations Affairs Dept. - This morning, illegal Israeli settlers protected by occupation forces entered seven apartment buildings in the neighborhood of Silwan. Palestinian families were left homeless. “By denying the occupation and providing settlers a ‘divine right’ to continue their daily attacks against Palestinians, Mr. Netanyahu simply endorsed the acts of those extremists who have never been as much supported by an Israeli government as now. 30/9/2014
Letter to the EU: Help! Everybody here has lost their mindsYoav Shemer Kunz--An open letter to the president of the Council of the EU: Don’t give us any more money to pay for the salaries and air conditioners, not in Tel Aviv and not in Ramallah. As far as I’m concerned, my Horizon 2020 is stuck underneath some house in Gaza that collapsed atop all of its inhabitants from an Israeli missile strike. dn28/9/2014
Gaza and the `crime of crimes` Ronnie Kasrils--Russell Tribunal on Palestine finds that Gaza is on the brink of a genocidal apartheid. dn28/9/2014
U.S. academics bemoan `rigged’ fight in battle against BDSDebra Nussbaum Cohen--Liberal professors say they are becoming increasingly marginalized and threatened by the boycott movement. `Academics have surrendered themselves to slogans on the Israeli-Palestinian issue’ warns one.dn28/9/2014
A slightly ‘less crazy’ IsraelMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man- +972 - "The Israeli commanders on the scene simply decided to carry out the raid “in a way which would not endanger the forces raiding the building,” or in other words, not make any real effort to capture them alive." - id 24/9/2014
Act of military madness in Syria Larry Derfner - +972 Magzine - A Syrian fighter jet strayed over the border with Israel – or rather, over the border with the Israeli- occupied Golan Heights. The Israeli military reportedly consider it an accident, The jet was going to bomb Al-Nusra jihadists on the Syrian side, and the incursion lasted all of two seconds. It got about 800 meters onto the Israeli side and turned back. So what did Israel do? What else? It blew the Syrian jet out of the sky. ak23/9/2014
Your Honor, the investigative judge: I cannot dissemble, sir, and claim that I did not knowB. Michael - Haaretz - I wish to add that I understand that it will not be possible to completely exonerate me. While I did not take an active part in the abominations, I cannot deny that I cooperated with the government. If not by action, then by failure to act. If not in implementation, then in funding. All I can ask from Your Honor is to append to my file a recommendation that I be sentenced to community service and not a prison term. And to save the court expenses, I am willing to serve my sentence here. In The Hague. [bz]23/9/2014
Only half a dozen refusers during the Gaza War, but then: the letter of the 43Michel Warschawski - AIC - If members of the elite Unit 8200 are taking up the flag of refusal, one can predict that a new wave of soldiers from other units will also say "no more!" The dry season of refusal I was complaining about a month ago may be coming to its end. Let`s hope. [bz] 23/9/2014
Space for perpetuating the conflict: Tunnels, deterrence and profitsIdan Landau - +972 - Israeli leaders cannot escape the idea that Palestinians must be controlled, all the time and in all areas of life. Indeed, if controlling the Palestinians is everything we want, then the separation wall and the ‘Iron Dome’ are excellent solutions. The longer this snowball rolls, however, any non-military option is ruled out more aggressively, and even relatively moderate military options become irrelevant [ry]22/9/2014
ICC blocked for Gaza residents Mazin Qumsiyeh - AIC - Israel, the United States and the PA have blocked Gaza residents from turning to the ICC for justice [ry]22/9/2014
Red Rag weekly column: Greetings from BerlinGideon Spiro - When I stand before monuments in memory of the Red Army, I cannot avoid choking up, because I cannot forget that the Red Army saved millions of Jews and others from destruction and enslavement. I never forget that the Soviet Union paid the heaviest price on the hard road to victory, 26 million human beings. In moments like that – and only then – I thank in my heart Stalin, his generals and all the soldiers of the Red Army, because without them we would not be here today.21/9/2014
Beinart predicts J Streeters will tackle immigration before thinking critically about IsraelMatthew Taylor--A day after Rebecca Steinfeld asked in Haaretz whether liberal Zionists will move left to support democracy or move right for permanent ethnocracy in the wake of the two state solution’s autopsy, Peter Beinart on cue considers — and then totally avoids — the question. Writing about J Street-- (several months old, but still worth reading. dn)21/9/2014
Israel & the US: The Delusions of Our DiplomacyNathan Thrall - The New York Review of Books - The US is less a cure than a cause of stasis. It deprives any other third party—whether European or Arab—of a meaningful part in the peace process. (...) Even if the steps I have mentioned were taken, they would be no guarantee of a peaceful future. But unlike current policies, they at least offer the possibility of a better one. [bz]20/9/2014
Why not listen to Khaled Meshal?Shmuel Amir - Hagada Hasmalit - Peace is made with enemies. Israel knows this, but Israel also knows that true peace requires withdrawal from the Occupied Territories. And so Israel represents Hamas as a “murderous organization” which is unwilling to make peace. Israel represented Fatah in exactly the same way, back in the day. gm20/9/2014
The U.S. is also guilty in PalestineSam Bahour - +972 "While Israeli bombs were hammering Gaza, Alice Lynd with the assistance of Staughton Lynd, drafted a 32-page pamphlet which was published by the Palestine-Israel Working Group of Historians Against the War (HAW) titled, Violations by Israel and the Problem of Enforcement (August 2014). The policy paper places the U.S. in front of its own mirror and meticulously documents how one hand of the U.S. government systematically documents Israeli violations of U.S. law and international law, while the other hand unconditionally dishes out financial, military, and diplomatic support to Israel." ca19/9/2014
All Israelis are implicated in the occupationDahlia Scheindlin - +972 "Ironically, the far right has said this repeatedly. They argue that settlers are unfairly demonized, when in fact all of Israel, people and government alike, supports settlements." ca19/9/2014
US guilty of war crimes in PalestineSam Bahour - Congress Blog - The study notes that “United States law states that no military assistance will be provided to a government that engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights. Yet the United States gives more military assistance to Israel than to any other country, currently in excess of $3.1 billion per year. The U.S. participates in joint military exercises, military research, and weapons development.”-rh25/9/2014
Palestine: Israel’s Arms Testing LabElias Akleh - Countercurrents - Israel’s economy is largely engaged in the production of weaponry and is the most militarized economy on earth. Israeli officials like to brag about the steady Israeli economic growth despite all the military conflicts they face. Yet this economic growth (raking money only for Israel’s military industrial complex) is not happening despite military conflicts, rather because of it. Ehud Barak, a previous Israeli defense minister has revealed that 150,000 Israeli households, about one in every ten Israelis, depend economically on military industries.-rh25/9/2014
Why Obama Will Lose His Endless War in Syria and IraqSteve Weissman - Reader Supported News - Islamic State, or ISIL, has only one way to keep the support of Iraq’s Sunni tribesmen and former Baathist supporters of Saddam Hussein. The blood-thirsty “fools of God” need to be seen defending their people against a Western invasion, which is precisely what Obama gives them.-rh 18/9/2014
Jewish extremists try to change status quo at Al-AqsaDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The visit by extreme-right Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin to Al-Aqsa Mosque is yet another example of empowered Jewish extremists seeking to change current agreements over Islam’s third-holiest shrine.-rh 18/9/2014
Listen to the Unit 8200 objectorsHaaretz editorial - A near wall-to-wall coalition, from the Labor Party to the extreme right, vied over which could condemn its signatories more harshly. Several politicians called for them to be punished and jailed. Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz suggested assigning them to guard duty in the Negev; Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Zeev Elkin declared that they had “stuck a knife in the back of the Israel Defense Forces,” and former Unit 8200 commander Hanan Gefen said they should be investigated “in the interrogation rooms of the Shin Bet security service or the investigations unit of the Military Police.” [bz]16/9/2014
The Jerusalem ApproachGershom Gorenberg - National Journal - On a midsummer afternoon, at the King George Street station in the center of downtown Jewish Jerusalem, I boarded one of the silver four-car trams of Jerusalem`s only light-rail line. The electric train swooshed east along Jaffa Road to the City Hall stop. The next stop was the Damascus Gate station, serving downtown Arab Jerusalem. From there the train headed north toward outlying Palestinian and Jewish neighborhoods. It was a normal rush-hour trip —except that there were no Palestinians on the train. (...) The missing passengers weren`t participating in an organized boycott. They were simply afraid. [bz]16/9/2014
Analysis: On victory and false victory in GazaRamzy Baroud - Ma`an - The very idea that powerful Israel, and the likes of Netanyahu, can use Palestinians as a testing ground for weapons or to enhance approval ratings seems to be over. [bz]16/9/2014
Unit 8200 refuseniks are telling the truthNahum Barnea - Yediot Ahronot - In the best-case scenario, the information they gather prevents a terror attack; in many other cases, it contributes to the occupation`s maliciousness, arbitrariness and foolishness, or provides a decent cover to the government`s false policy. [In the cacophony of mainstream reactions to the refusers, Barnea`s is exceptionally mild.-bz]16/9/2014
Short-term memory loss champions of the world: Gaza? What Gaza?Haggai Matar - +972 - "It’s one thing for the politicians to be indifferent, or for the public as a whole to not be interested, but it’s the professional duty of journalists to deal with Gaza, now more than ever, to explain what’s going on right now – if for no other reason, then to provide context for the next war." - id 14/9/2014
Hamas frustrated by Israel’s flouting of cease-fire dealAdnan Abu Amer - Al Monitor - "Two weeks after the end of the Gaza war, the demands made by Hamas have not been realized, in particular lifting the blockade on Gaza and opening the border crossings, which is causing delays in starting postwar reconstruction." - id 14/9/2014
IDF`s `start-up nation` reservists refuse to serve the occupationDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - "One of the most striking points in the unprecedented refusal letter is the forceful argument that Israel’s policies vis-a-vis Palestinians are simply unrelated to defense –and they are a matter of choice." - id 14/9/2014
Hannibal ad PortasUri Avnery - The order to implement the "Hannibal Procedure" in the IDF is based on the conviction that prisoner exchanges must be prevented by all means – quite literally. When soldiers see their comrade being dragged away, they must shoot and kill – even if it is almost certain that their comrade will also be hit. If the captors and their captive disappear, the whole neighborhood has to be flattened indiscriminately, in the hope that the captors are hiding in one of the buildings.13/9/2014
In-depth look at Gaza school attacks (Human Rights Watch)Human Rights Watch - Three Israeli attacks that damaged Gaza schools housing displaced people caused numerous civilian casualties in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today. 13/9/2014
Four Boys, 43 Ex-Soldiers, 5% Opposed to the War - Thoughts on Sadness & HopeMoriel Rothman-Zecher - The Leftern Wall - Easy? Nope. Possible? Maybe. Crucial to believe that [there is still hope] and keep going? Absolutely. [bz] 13/9/2014
Israel`s watershed moment that wasn`tLarry Derfner - +972 - The idea that the Palestinians would stop fighting if Israel took its knee out of their spine, or that Israel’s interlocutor in the West Bank has long since stopped fighting, or that the Palestinians, like every other Middle Eastern nation, would be deterred by Israel’s terrible military might if they, like every other Middle Eastern nation, didn’t have Israel’s knee in their spine – such an idea is swatted like a fly by the national camp. [bz]13/9/2014
Breaking the last taboo: Gaza and the threat of world warJohn Pilger - Counterpunch - The attack on Gaza was an attack on all of us. The siege of Gaza is a siege of all of us. The denial of justice to Palestinians is a symptom of much of humanity under siege and a warning that the threat of a new world war is growing by the day.13/9/2014
Replacing the peace process with a civil rights struggleNoam Sheizaf - +972 - The solution is to replace the diplomatic process with a civil rights struggle, to break the occupation into pieces, and deal with each one of them: The fact that Palestinians do not enjoy freedom of movement. The fact that they have been tried in military courts for almost half a century. The limits on their freedom of speech and their right to freely assemble. The lack of proper detainee rights (including minors). The disrespect for their property rights, and, of course, their lack of political rights.-rh11/9/2014
Death of Israeli Child Reveals Netanyahu`s HypocrisyB. Michael - Information Clearing House - Netanyahu recently told two U.S. congressman that Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamist groups are defying all international norms. So said the man who has just finished killing some 2,100 people.-rh 11/9/2014
Relief aid in Gaza failing to reach the most desperateAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - He pointed out that the delay in distribution and attempt to control all aid by storing it affected its usability. Products would arrive in Gaza and one-third of their expiration dates would have already passed, including those of canned goods.-rh 11/9/2014
Denying Palestinians Their Humanity : A Response to Elie WieselSARA ROY - Counterpunch - Mr. Wiesel, how can you defend the slaughter of over 500 innocent children by arguing that Hamas uses them as human shields? Let us say for the sake of argument that Hamas does use children in this way; does this then justify or vindicate their murder in your eyes? How can any ethical human being make such a grotesque argument?-rh 11/9/2014
The best U.S. ‘strategy’ to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious statesPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Barack Obama is working on his strategy to combat the radical Islamist group ISIS. How about upholding a core principle of democracy, the separation of church and state? We would affirm that principle not by sending drones and special forces to Syria but by opposing the idea of a Jewish state in Israel and Palestine.-rh11/9/2014
Can Palestine Win the Peace?Daoud Kuttab - Project Syndicate - If Palestine’s leaders truly want to end the cycle of violence in Gaza, they must begin by resolving their own internal disagreements and present themselves as a cohesive, reliable, and committed negotiating party. They must band together behind the simple but powerful goal expressed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the General Assembly in New York: “We will build again, but this must be the last time to rebuild.”-rh 10/9/2014
Ceasefires in Which Violations Never Cease Noam Chomsky - Tom Dispatch - "After the disengagement, Israel left behind scorched earth, devastated services, and people with neither a present nor a future." - id 10/9/2014
God Wills It!Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - There may be very little time left to make peace with the Arab national movement, and especially with the Palestinian people – including both the PLO and Hamas – and join the fight against the Islamic State.6/9/2014
Failure in GazaAssaf Sharon - The New York Review of Books - The historic conflict with the Palestinians will not be settled by a single agreement. Reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians—overcoming decades of bloodshed and hatred—will require a long process of acceptance and forgiveness spanning years and probably decades. The armed conflict, however, can certainly be ended. (...) Netanyahu’s “conflict management” is a euphemism for maintaining a status quo of settlement and occupation, allowing no progress. [bz]6/9/2014
Muslim anti-Israeli views are not European anti-SemitismAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor "While the roots of anti-Semitism in Europe are deep, anti-Israel attitudes in the Muslim world can be changed with a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." ca 5/9/2014
Ignoring the Arab Peace Initiative could cost BibiBen Caspit - Al-Monitor "Unlike Ehud Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu ignores the Arab League initiative, which will cost Israel its US backing at a crucial moment in the near future." ca 5/9/2014
Israeli right-wing politician: `Annex territories, grant Palestinians citizenship`Ami Kaufman - +972 "Israeli right-wing politician and former IDF general Efi Eitam has made remarks that few would have expected to hear from him." ca5/9/2014
Israel’s very own PutinYoel Marcus - Haaretz "There is not a smidgen of political or diplomatic reason to the Netanyahu of recent months. It’s all a matter of character. He hasn’t been advancing any policy other than things that create a residue of anger and a lack of trust. He has been running the country as if it were a Greek tragedy, with an ending that is known in advance." ca5/9/2014
How America Made ISIS : Their Videos and Ours, Their “Caliphate” and OursTom Engelhardt - Information Clearing House - What Americans have needed is a little pick-me-up to make us feel better, to make us, in fact, feel distinctly good. Certainly, what official Washington has needed in tough times is a bona fide enemy so darn evil, so brutal, so barbaric, so inhuman that, by contrast, we might know just how exceptional, how truly necessary to this planet we really are.-rh 4/9/2014
Failure in GazaAssaf Sharon - The New York Review of Books - In Israel, endless controversy over Gaza has overlooked one question: How did we get here in the first place? Why, after a considerable period of relative calm, did Hamas resume rocket fire into Israel?-rh3/9/2014
Gazans reject Israel`s calls to disarmRasha Abou Jalal - Al-Monitor - Palestinians believe it`s necessary that the Palestinian resistance remains armed as long as the Israeli occupation persists in the Palestinian territories. They are convinced that the resistance`s disarmament will lead to further losses of their rights.-rh 3/9/2014
Bibi uses Gaza as wedge between Abbas and HamasAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "In seven months, the Arab initiative will celebrate its bar mitzvah, and Netanyahu is stuck in the “initial stages.”" - id3/9/2014
Debunking claims of failure in GazaRon Ben-Yishai - Ynet - "The disappointment and even humiliation felt by large portions of the Israeli public after each round of fighting in Gaza (and Lebanon) has repeated itself." - id 3/9/2014
One- or two-state solution? The answer is both (or neither)Noam Sheizaf - +972 - "My principle political position is opposition to the occupation." - id 3/9/2014
Israel’s ‘land for lives’ is theft. Pure and simple Robert Fisk - The Independent - World View: Israel takes land, Palestine loses land; that’s the way it works [ry]2/9/2014
Standing Up to the Behemoth - Israeli Tunnel VisionJeffrey St. Clair - CounterPunch - “There is a bloody dialectic at work. The path that Israel has chosen, one of separation and isolation enforced by eruptions of extreme violence, will lead inexorably to its own ruin” [ry] 8/9/2014
Israel has empowered, not weakened Hamas Sharif Nashashibi - AlJazeera - With enemies like Israel, who needs friends? [ry]8/9/2014
Why are Palestinian citizens expected to be loyal to Israel?Rami Younis--“Is he also going to grow up to be an enemy of Israel like you?” A. asked as he played with Adi, my one-and-a-half-year-old nephew. “Maybe, if god and Gideon Levy will it, he and a lot more like him will grow up to be a fifth column,” I answered as I put another Winnie the Pooh plate into the shopping cart — I’m babysitting the future demographic threat today, and I must do as it wishes. dn 7/9/2014
U.S. mulls more steps in response to Israel’s land grab in West BankBarak Ravid--Israeli official says expropriation announcement `drove the Americans nuts`; Netanyahu’s advisers say move was not coordinated with them.‬7/9/2014
Death of Israeli child reveals Netanyahu`s hypocrisy B.Michael--Netanyahu recently told two U.S. congressman that Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamist groups are defying all international norms. So said the man who has just finished killing some 2,100 people. dn7/9/2014
Israel`s fatal overreach: is the Salaita case a breakthrough moment? Andrew Levine - Counterpunch - The political class will be the last to break free from reflexive Zionist attitudes, but it can happen even there. The proof will come when someone has the courage to test the waters. [...] This is why a welcome outcome in the protracted struggle ahead is not out of the question. If and when it comes, the Salaita affair will be part of the story.6/9/2014
Israeli academics to Netanyahu: Accept Arab InitiativeMazal Mualem - Al Monitor "Alex Mintz, director of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, explains that accepting the Arab Initiative “with reservations” is needed, as it “would weaken Hamas and the Iranian axis” while opening regional negotiations.Their call was based on the realization that the most recent conflict with Hamas highlighted the existence of a moderate bloc in the Middle East, which fears the growing strength of Islamic extremist groups and the arming of Iran." ca 12/9/2014
If Liberal Zionism Were Dead, What Actions Would That Imply?Robert Naiman - Common Dreams - “The most crucial failing of the Liberal Zionists has not been that they have a morally contradictory ideology that cannot manage the tension between the liberal value of equality and the Zionist assumption of Jewish supremacy in Palestine. The most crucial failing of the Liberal Zionists has been that they have been politically passive, unwilling to fight politically for their stated beliefs, using the same nonviolent political pressure tactics that a labor union or an environmental group or a women`s group would use to force the changes in government policy that they want” [ry]2/9/2014
There`s no whitewashing the Gaza blockadeHaaretz editorial - The Gaza Strip, with its 1.8 million people, doesn’t need generosity or favors. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who speaks vaguely of a “diplomatic horizon,” must end the blockade, fully open the crossings between Gaza and Israel and give a real chance for development to bring quiet, after it’s been proven that the blockade merely foments violent rebellions against Israel. [bz]1/9/2014
Israel needs a new strategy in GazaLev Grinberg - Ynet/translation +972 - The IDF elite won’t dare say publicly that there is no military solution to Palestinian resistance. (...) As long as a new model of relations with the Palestinians isn’t designed, the current situation will continue to deteriorate, and Israeli society will increasingly lose faith in the ability of its military and political elite to shift the status quo and deal with reality. Israelis and Palestinians will need international help to compromise and step forward. [bz]1/9/2014
Also after harsh words, Abbas remains partnerGush Shalom press release - The occupation stalwarts and champions of settlement construction have today burst out in a mighty chorus, shouting ‘Abbas is not a partner!’ From their point of view, they are right. Abbas is certainly not a partner for those who seek to perpetuate military rule over the Occupied Territories, to build and expand settlements and to imprison the Palestinians in tiny enclaves. To those who have such intentions and plans, there is no Palestinian partner and never will be. ak30/9/2014
PLO official says Netanyahu speech full of `hate language and slander` TOVAH LAZAROFF - Jerusalem Post - "Netanyahu has lost touch with reality, particularly in refusing to acknowledge the fact of the occupation itself or the actions of the Israeli army of occupation in committing massacres and war crimes,” Hanan Ashrawi said. She charged that Netanyahu had turned to the Arab world instead of accepting a two-state solution on the pre-1967 lines to buy “more time to create facts that will destroy the chances of peace for the foreseeable future.” [bz] 30/9/2014
Israel PM slams UNHRC criticism of Gaza assaultMa`an - Hamas officials, including senior leader Khaled Meshaal, have repeatedly rejected Netanyahu`s comparisons of Hamas to IS [ISIS], stressing that the Palestinian faction`s armed struggle is against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. [bz] 30/9/2014
Ah, If I Were 25 Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - “Yet in today`s Israel, using the word ‘peace’ in political discourse is almost indecent. A four-letter word (as indeed it is in Hebrew and Arabic). One may still express a wish for a ‘political settlement’, but even that sounds a bit suspicious. It has become fashionable to say that the peace movement is moribund. That the ‘Two-State solution’ is dead, while the so-called ‘One-State solution’ is stillborn. The safest way to put it is ‘I am all for peace, but…’" [ry]29/9/2014
How Israel Silences DissentMAIRAV ZONSZEIN--But the injuries suffered in Tel Aviv that night stemmed not from rocket fire but from a premeditated assault by a group of extremist Israeli Jews. Chanting “Death to Arabs” and “Death to leftists,” they attacked protesters with clubs. Although several demonstrators were beaten and required medical attention, the police made no arrests.dn27/9/2014
Abbas` UN speech gives West another chance to pressure IsraelAmira Hass - Haaretz - The words and phrases selected by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made one thing perfectly clear: The Palestinian President has given up on the Israeli public as his audience. Packaged inside words such as "colonialist occupation," "racism," "a war of genocide" undertaken by Israel, massacres, a nation above the law and so forth (...) The message, aimed primarily at the West, is this one: The negotiations with Israel, as they have been held until now, are over. Forget about the Palestinians continuing to meet and discuss while Israel continues to construct settlements and ignore even the simple commitments it agreed to, such as the release of prisoners. The central headline that emerges from Abbas` speech is this: The Palestinians will not return to any negotiations that do not take as a starting point the final objective of a Palestinian state to stand alongside Israel, based on the `67 borders, and a binding timetable for its establishment. [bz]27/9/2014
How to talk occupation at a Rosh Hashanah dinner and make it out aliveNoam Sheizaf - +972 "The Rosh Hashanah holiday dinner is a dangerous event for Israeli leftists — especially after this past summer. Remember that angry post you uploaded to Facebook about Shujaiya, or the settlement budget, or about people who put Israeli flag badges on their profile pictures? Present at your holiday dinner will be at least two cousins who noticed and have been waiting two months to take it up with you. And let’s not forget about mom’s elderly uncle..." ca26/9/2014
The mirage of Israel`s `diplomatic horizon`Elie Podeh - +972 "The term is probably meaningless to the other side of the conflict. Twenty years after the signing of the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians are not interested in a “diplomatic horizon,” but rather a significant change – both political and economic – in their lives here and now. Too many generations of frustration, despair and disappointment have caused them to lose faith in the future; the question is what to do in the present. As it turns out, there is little that is being offered to them." ca26/9/2014
Senators: Take Gaza Away From HamasEli Lake - Daily Beast "Over the summer, the Obama administration supported a draft cease-fire plan that would have strengthened the Hamas position in Gaza. Now 88 senators are urging the Obama administration to take a very different approach to the group: gradual regime change. Over time, they want to hand Gaza over to the more moderate Palestinian Authority, which oversees the West Bank today." ca26/9/2014
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