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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

An Army That Has a State Gush Shalom ad published in Ha`aretz, February 24, 2006 28/2/2006
`We Do Not Wish to Throw Them Into the Sea`The Washington Post - Interview with Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas designated Prime Minister28/2/2006
Mordechai: "Next Time I Won`t Take A Taxi"-Jerry Levin - CPT - From The Inside Looking Out: Report-69 - " "Have you heard the news?" a smiling Mordechai Vanunu asked as he slid into his customary seat in the front row of tiny court room 216 in the Jerusalem Peace Court building. The third day of his trial for daring to speak to foreigners (especially to foreign journalists on the record) was about to begin. "28/2/2006
An Extraordinary Conference Uri Avnery - "In the poor, little village, with its 1500 inhabitants, which few had ever heard of before the start of its heroic battle against the Wall, an "International Conference on the Joint, Non-violent struggle Against the Wall" took place."28/2/2006
Hamas: The Perils of PowerHussein Agha, Robert Malley - The New York Review of Books - "Hamas suddenly finds itself on the front line, with decisions to make and relations to manage with the world, international donors, Israel, Fatah, and, indeed, its own varied constituents." 27/2/2006
Cash crisis `risks Palestinian collapse` Richard Galpin - BBC News - "Palestinian analysts say the pressure being exerted by Western countries before Hamas even forms a government is proving counter-productive." 27/2/2006
A letter from JerusalemRev. Clarence Musgrave - commentary on current events.26/2/2006
For Those Who Haven`t Noticed: Watching the Dissolution of PalestineJennifer Loewenstein - Counterpunch - "For those who haven`t noticed, Israel opposes a two-state solution. It has been doing everything in its power to prevent a Palestinian state from emerging and will continue to do so as long as it can count on the complicity of its powerful friends and on abundant popular indifference."25/2/2006
Escalations, deliberate or notRobert Rosenberg - Ariga - Today`s Situation - Friday 24.2.0625/2/2006
Hamas determinedKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - "While Israel talks of starving the Palestinians, Hamas continues its preparations for government, reports Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank "25/2/2006
Looking For A Partner Who Will Say `Uncle.`Jerry Levin - CPT - From The Inside Looking Out: Reports-67 and 68. "... So until a puppet government for Israel is established in the Palestinian Authority that would be a blind follower of Israeli policy and Israeli desires, then, according to the Israeli meaning of partner, there will never be a partner for peace." 24/2/2006
Arab democracy is exposing the blind spot of US policyDavid Hirst - the Guardian - "Arafat and his now-fallen Fatah leadership persuaded his people to accept that historic concession, and reports from the occupied territories suggest that, in spite of Hamas, they still largely do. But that is not much use so long as Israel fails to honour the historically much less onerous, reciprocal concession that the world should now be urgently demanding of it." 24/2/2006
Sanction Hamas Moderation by Moderating SanctionsMartin van Creveld - Forward Forum - " Yet another possibility is that growing economic hardships will cause the West Bank to slide into chaos and become as ungovernable as Gaza already is. None of these scenarios is exactly in the interests of Israel, the United States, the E.U., Russia or even moderate Arab states such as Egypt and Jordan." 24/2/2006
Punishing Hamas is punishing the Palestinian peopleHasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada - "Hamas was elected on a political platform which Palestinians and those outside the country are free to accept or reject. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who claims that he was also democratically elected by the same Palestinians just a year ago, but on a different political programme, opposes Hamas. So does the EU, the US, Israel and others." 23/2/2006
Israel: Sharon the blessedDominique Vidal - Le Monde Diplomatique - "The victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections has come when the mirage of a peace settlement (invoked in the encomiums for Ariel Sharon) had blinded the world to what is really happening." 23/2/2006
Naveh: “King Abdullah is liable to be the last king of Jordan” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Israeli-Jordanian relations faced a cloud of uncertainty following the statements of GOC Central Command leader at the Israeli army, Yair Naveh, who said that 80% of Jordan`s population are Palestinians who could pose regional threats even to King Abdullah “who is liable to be the last Hashemite king to lead Jordan”."23/2/2006
Jordan demands Israeli general be disciplined Jordan Times -"Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz slapped down one of his top generals Wednesday for claiming that an Islamic axis extending from Tehran to Gaza would envelop Jordan in the future and affect the country and its leadership." 23/2/2006
“Final Borders” and “Security Zones” outline Palestinian Bantustan “State”: Israeli occupation pursuing next stage of controlGabi Becker - Znet - Escalating Israeli declarations around “final borders” are alarming, particularly in the face of ongoing Occupation pursuits to devour more Palestinian land22/2/2006
Deepening the conflict Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The Israeli restrictions on the movement of people and goods in the Jordan Valley and various statements from politicians have indicated an intention to confiscate most of the Valley22/2/2006
Online Newshour: Hamas appoints PM in Palestinian TerritoriesTwo experts discuss the Palestinian election and Hamas` victory22/2/2006
Middle East updateAvraham Oz - The Israeli government is convening to confirm a premeditated scenario: punishing the Palestinian Authority for having democratically elected the (heavily flawed and objectionable) Hamas movement into power. Hamas is, of course, the creation of the Israeli security forces22/2/2006
More Palestinian voices neededBy Ray Hanania - Ynet - "A few weeks ago in a column, a senior editor at the Chicago Tribune, one of America’s largest daily newspapers and a formidable voice on foreign policy, came out of the closet on the issue of media bias against the Palestinians." 20/2/2006
Israel Suspends Tax Money Flow to Palestinians STEVEN ERLANGER - New York Times - "The Israeli move means that the immediate shortfall of the functionally bankrupt Palestinian Authority will grow from what had been about $60 million a month of its budget to about $110 million. The budget largely goes to pay 135,000 workers, including about 58,000 in the security services." 20/2/2006
On Hamas VictoryEyad El Sarraj - Gaza Community Mental Health Programme - Palestine was hit with a powerful political Tsunami which has the promise of dramatically changing the Middle East and beyond. This is the first time ever that an Islamic movement rises to power in the Arab world and in very peaceful and clean democratic elections. The religion part contribution to victory was not more than 15%, the rest was a beating vote against the Authorities and Fatah for their dismal record on all fronts and a defiant call against the Israeli occupation and the American policies. 14/2/2006
Two States or One? Let Israel chooseJohn V. Whitbeck - Demonized though it may be in the West, Hamas won the recent Palestinian elections not simply because it was perceived as clean but also because it was perceived, justifiably, as competent and coherent. It is capable of clear, constructive and original thinking which is just what is so much needed at this stage. 17/2/2006
Comments from the Holy LandZalman Amit - Beilin wants to join-in with a Kadima lead coalition - this is where the founder of Geneva and the "only hope of Voters" stands; as far as I am concerned, the Geneva Accord is as dead as a door nail and nothing will ressurect it, with Meretz in the Government or without. 17/2/2006
How stupid can you get? Gush Shalom ad in Ha`aretz18/2/2006
Hamas is in power. Who`s to blame and what will happen?Vera Reider - "Israel announces that it will not permit the newly elected leader to travel from Gaza to Ramallah, the capital of the Palestinian autonomous area. It delays the transfer of Palestinian money from its banks. It continues «targeted assassinations». They already tried all this when Arafat was in power. We`ll see what happens now with Khaled Mashal. "18/2/2006
In the Mideast, the Third Way Is a MythShibley Telhami - The Washington Post - "The reality shown by Hamas`s victory in the Palestinian elections is this: If fully free elections were held today in the rest of the Arab world, Islamist parties would win in most states." 18/2/2006
Bush Faces Big Choices as Hamas Takes ReinsJim Lobe - Inter Press Service - "the administration has strenuously denied a New York Times report earlier this week that it was working with the government of Israeli acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to destabilize a Hamas-led government through diplomatic isolation and economic strangulation in hopes of forcing new elections that would bring more moderate forces to power." 18/2/2006
We must avoid a war of civilizationsAmos Bardea - Maariv/NRG - Before we go to war against Islam, Amos Bardea reminds us that it was precisely in the centres of “enlightenment” in the West that the most barbaric societies emerged 18/2/2006
Radical LeftGideon Spiro - Hagada Hasmalit - After listening to the interview Olmert granted to the Second Channel, his first interview since he replaced Prime Minister Sharon, it became clear to me that Olmert did not yet declare war on the settlements, and not only is he not in the "Radical Left", but he is actually still immersed in the Occupation Swamp. 17/2/2006
Demographic Threat is a Racist LieIdan Landu - Yoram Ettinger, Arnon Sofer are demographic scare mongers 16/2/2006
Stop the Building of the Tolerance Museum on a Muslim Cemetary Gershon Baskin -IPCRI - "The Wiesenthal Center is constructing a “Museum of Tolerance” on top of a very important Jerusalem Muslim Cemetery... We call on the Government of Israel to stop this madness – who could ever imagine a Museum of Tolerance built on such bad foundations?! "14/2/2006
Questions asked of IsraelGhassan Khatib - - "In simple terms, when Israel closed down any political prospects for Mahmoud Abbas and the peace camp, it left Palestinians with only one alternative: Hamas."14/2/2006
The Secret of KadimaUri Avnery - Gush-Shalom - "Once upon a time, a jocular remark made the rounds in America: "What I hate most is racists and niggers." Now the average Israeli wants "Peace without Arabs". Kadima`s "unilateral" approach reflects this position precisely - and that`s the secret of its success. "14/2/2006
Isolation, liquidation, denialThe Other Israel`s weekly email updates - "Last week, there was the mediagenic confrontation with the settlers. Immediately afterwards, Olmert made territorial claims amounting to more than half of the West Bank. As Sharon`s lieutenant he seemed ready to go further, but standing at the pinnacle he has become his comatose master`s voice. "14/2/2006
Give law a chanceLaurie King-Irani - The Electronic Intifada - "After reading a number of tentative eulogies for now brain-damaged Ariel Sharon in the mainstream US press, one wishes that more sound-bites and column space could be devoted to those who bore the brunt of “the Bulldozer’s” morally troubling and legally insupportable policies and decisions. "14/2/2006
The Cartoons war Yael Lotan -Hagada Hasmalit - A series of cartoons on the topic of the `Prophet Muhamad` in the Danish newspaper `Yelland Possten` reignited the controversy that erupted, at the time, around Salman Rushdie`s book, `Satanic Verses`. 12/2/2006
The Palestinian Left paid the price of Fatah’s failures Pierre Barbancey - L`Humanité/Hagada Hasmalit - interview with Hanna Amira of the Palestinian People`s Party: "Hamas will not be able to govern if it persists in its desire to try to realize its platform"12/2/2006
Arafat`s role behind Hamas` victoryShaker Naboulsi - Al-Siyassah (Kuwait)- Naboulsi, a Kuwaiti writer who lives in the United States, says Hamas` victory was certainly not a surprise at all because political evidence pointed to the outcome. He lists several factors, including the Fatah administration’s corruption and disorder particularly during Arafat’s period.12/2/2006
Talking with the guys from HamasRami G. Khouri - Daily Star - "A Hamas-led Palestinian government and the new Israeli government to be elected next month face a historic opportunity, if they are prepared to see each other as representing peoples and nations with equal rights. Hamas has reached this triumphant moment precisely because it has insisted on such equality, rather than pandering to Israeli-American promises as other Palestinian leaders did without success."11/2/2006
A border for warGush Shalom ad in Ha`aretz, Feb. 10, 2006 11/2/2006
Singling out the Palestinians? Reciprocal demands are the key to peaceMoshe Behar - The Electronic Intifada - "Even entering students in Sderot understand that any political tango takes two to succeed and that singling out Hamas for special treatment is certain to benefit neither Israelis nor Palestinians in this troubled land. Why, therefore, has the Quartet never declared that "Israel must be committed to nonviolence, recognize a Palestinian state and accept the previous agreements and commitments"? "11/2/2006
Not David but Samson. On the book `Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli-Arab Tragedy` by Shlomo Ben-AmiIan Black - the Guardian.11/2/2006
Hamas, the peace partyAluf Benn - the Guardian - "Would he [Khalid Mesh`al] and his colleagues shelve their unacceptable ideology in return for political legitimacy? The past year has shown that Hamas is highly disciplined and adept at realpolitik. If pursued earnestly, this policy could be the kernel of the next stage of Middle East diplomacy."11/2/2006
A Muslim Call From Europe For Faith in CivilityTariq Ramadan - "To those of you who cherish freedom, who know the importance of mutual respect and who understand the necessity of opening constructive and critical debate, I say this: If you are not ready to stand up, speak out and be more committed to resisting the dangerous currents of our times, we can only expect sad and painful tomorrows."11/2/2006
Palestinian National Security Options after DisengagementGeoffrey Aronson - The Foundation for Middle East Peace - Recently released "Palestinian National Security Options after Disengagement", a paper prepared by Geoffrey Aronson for Canada’s International Development Research Center (IDRC). (Appendix: Creating Rules of the Game - A Post-Disengagement Timeline Prepared by Nitzan Goldberger and Maher Bitar) 10/2/2006
Democracy isn`t for our friends onlyRobert Fisk - The Independent - Oh no, not more democracy again! Didn`t we award this to those Algerians in 1990? And didn`t they reward us with that nice gift of an Islamist government -- and then they so benevolently canceled the second round of elections? Thank goodness for that! 10/2/2006
Does Israel have a strategy? Ze`ev Schiff - Haarerz - What is Israel`s strategy for dealing with the anticipated Hamas takeover of the Palestinian Authority? 10/2/2006
Hamas`s campaign to end corruption may have spurred the inquiry into millions in stolen aid.Joshua Mitnick- The Christian Science Monitor - "In the wake of Hamas`s parliamentary landslide, government embezzlement and graft have moved to the top of the Palestinian domestic agenda. This week, the Palestinian Authority`s attorney general announced 50 investigations that account for about $700 million stolen from the government treasury." 9/2/2006
What would Muhammad do?Jamil Momand - Los Angeles Times - "the prophet cared deeply about public opinion. Now if only Muslims would follow his lead. We need to learn to ignore these insignificant attacks and focus Muslims` attention on immensely more important issues: homelessness, world hunger, the widening gulf that separates rich and poor, and freedom." 9/2/2006
An axis of defianceHasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times -A new axis is taking shape in our region and it is not made up of rickety regimes that the US can knock over very easily; an interconnected circle of stubborn, determined and defiant forces which includes Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, and Iran under the leadership of President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. 8/2/2006
Hamas `ready to talk to Israel`BBC News - Khaled Mash`al, the political leader of Palestinian militant group Hamas has said the group is willing to take a serious step towards peace if Israel does the same. Israel must withdraw to the boundaries it had until the 1967 Middle East war and recognize the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees.8/2/2006
Israel unveils plan to encircle Palestinian stateChris McGreal - The Guardian - The acting Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, said yesterday that he plans to annex the Jordan Valley and major Jewish settlement blocks to Israel in drawing new borders, according to a television station that recorded an interview with him yesterday8/2/2006
Red Rag: Bless me – I am an OrphanGideon Spiro - Hagada Hasmalit - Following the sweeping victory of the Hamas in the elections for the Palestinian Parliament, the achievement of absolute majority, I decided to read the Hamas Charter in its entirety, chapter by chapter. 8/2/2006
Am I the only one worried? Sol Salbe - Maybe it’s the heat but my politically sensitive moustache is twitching. Ten executions in around three days? Is Israel trying to press Hamas’s button? It is patently avoiding provoking the Hamas directly but how long can the Hamas keep calm when Palestinian activists (who may or may not have been involved in terrorist activities) are being executed daily? 8/2/2006
In Defense of EnlightenmentStatement - The publication of a series of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in a number of European newspapers has led to official protests by Islamic governments, boycotts of European products, demonstrations, and attacks on several western embassies in the Middle East...8/2/2006
Israel created the conditions for Hamas` success: why Hamas wonNeve Gordon - Counterpunch - Hamas was elected not only because it is considered an alternative to the corrupt Palestinian Authority, but also because Israel created the conditions that made it an indispensable social movement8/2/2006
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins Ran HaCohen - Antiwar - "Israel birthed and nurtured Hamas. In the past half-decade, Israel has been doing its utmost to weaken the Palestinian Authority. Be it prisoners` release, freedom of movement, work permits, even just high-level meetings - if anything could strengthen the Palestinian Authority, Israel wouldn`t allow it."7/2/2006
Brothers in arms - Israel`s secret pact with Pretoria Chris McGreal - The Guardian - During the second world war the future South African prime minister John Vorster was interned as a Nazi sympathiser. Three decades later he was being feted in Jerusalem. In the second part of his remarkable special report, Chris McGreal investigates the clandestine alliance between Israel and the apartheid regime, cemented with the ultimate gift of friendship - A-bomb technology 7/2/2006
Leverage for AbbasGhassan Khatib - - The Palestinian government that Hamas is going to form as a result of its victory in recent parliamentary elections is heavily dependent on international aid. As such, the international community could have great influence on how events from here are going to develop. 7/2/2006
Politics, Language and the Palestinians Saree Makdisi - The Electronic Intifada - "In no situation is a critical attitude to political language more important than the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, where political language has worked miracles that not only defy, but breathtakingly fly in the face of, the cold hard facts."7/2/2006
The Third IntifadaSam Bahour - The Electronic Intifada - "Welcome to the third Palestinian intifada. The first was with stones, the second a mix between non-violent and more violent means, and this one via a ballot box." 6/2/2006
Worlds apartChris McGreal - Guardian - Israelis have always been horrified at the idea of parallels between their country, a democracy risen from the ashes of genocide, and the racist system that ruled the old South Africa. Yet even within Israel itself, accusations persist that the web of controls affecting every aspect of Palestinian life bears a disturbing resemblance to apartheid. After four years reporting from Jerusalem and more than a decade from Johannesburg before that, the Guardian`s award-winning Middle East correspondent Chris McGreal is exceptionally well placed to assess this explosive comparison. Here we publish the first part of his two-day special report 6/2/2006
"…Shall We Not Revenge?"Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "IF ONE wants to understand what the Palestinians did on election day, one has to see the film "Paradise Now", which has been nominated for an Oscar for the best foreign film, after collecting several prestigious international prizes. It explains better than a million words." 6/2/2006
Israel and Palestine: the world watches and waits - The Hamas landslide Alain Gresh - Le Monde Diplomatique - "Hamas’ landslide win at the Palestinian elections on 25 January has been greeted with indignant warnings and commentaries from the United States and the European Union, including France. We need to put this event in context." 6/2/2006
We have to talk to my sister’s murderersEyyal Shiran - Maariv/NRG - An Israeli who lost his sisters to the Hamas:“Enough people have suffered”; [Editor`s comment: One does not have to one hundred per cent endorse this heart-felt plea from someone who suffered the terrorism of Hamas first hand to be moved by it, Sol Salbe]5/2/2006
UK considers curbing citizens` right to arrest alleged war criminalsGuardian - UK to weaken war crimes laws under pressure from Israel 5/2/2006
Why make it easy for them?Adam Keller - The Other Israel - In between two terms in military prison, refuser Uri Nathan talks to Adam Keller. (*Editor`s Comment: This interview is a highly recommended reading) 5/2/2006
Such a dream deserves to be defendedHassan Khader - Sueddeutsche Zeitung - The following article is an illuminating piece about the threat posed for the Palestinian secular society through Hamas`s electoral victory, written by a Palestinian writer and journalist (comment by the translator Shraga Elam)5/2/2006
A letter from JerusalemRev. Clarence Musgrave - - Commentary on current events - "You recall the song, popular a few years ago; `Where have all the young men gone?`, which has the refrain `When will they ever learn?` Seems somehow still appropriate, having seen Bethsaida and Bethlehem in the same week." 4/2/2006
Stoppage of tax and customs money - nothing but simple robbery Gush Shalom - This week`s ad in Haaretz4/2/2006
What is the relevance of the Hamas Charter?Katerina Heller - We must respect the political choice of the Palestinian people, which was made under tremenduous pressure, under absurd conditions of a 40 years old military occupation and total chaos. Nevertheless we have the right and the duty to question Hamas` intentions instead of blindly subscribing to its philosophy. 4/2/2006
Before Hamas settles in, a reality check on all sides Steven Erlanger - The New York Times - Jerusalem moral declarations may be good for the soul, even for diplomats, but they do not always provide a policy. 1/2/2006
For some Palestinians, worries about Hamas Ian Fisher - The New York Times - TAYBEH, West Bank This is a village of three churches, a brewer of very good beer, and no small fear - if not yet full panic - about what it means now that Hamas, the radical Islamic party, is in control of Palestinian politics. 1/2/2006
Jimmy Carter: Give Hamas a chanceYnetnews - "Former U.S. president says financial aid to PA must not be cut, adds new Hamas government should be recognized" 2/2/2006
Egypt and Jordan join West in pressuring Hamas The Daily Star - "Egypt and Jordan joined the West on Wednesday in pressuring Hamas, declaring that it must recognize Israel and renounce violence if it wants to lead the Palestinians."2/2/2006
Police hurt in battle to clear settlementIan MacKinnon - Times Online - "MORE than 200 hardline Israeli settlers and 65 police and soldiers were injured, one seriously, in fierce clashes yesterday as security forces moved to demolish an illegal settlement in the West Bank."2/2/2006
Bank criticises PA spendingAljazeera - " The Palestinian Authority has held informal talks with the World Bank to discuss ways to ease its budget problems, but the bank has criticised what it calls uncontained government spending." 2/2/2006
Optical illusion: the hidden results of the Palestinian electionsGershon Baskin - Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information - Hamas was not supported by a majority of Palestinian voters1/2/2006
What Hamas is seekingMousa Abu Marzook - Washington Post - As the Israelis value their own security, Palestinians are entitled to their fundamental rights to live in dignity and security; The results of these elections reflect a need for change from the corruption and intransigence of the past government. 1/2/2006
Can this Palestinian election succeed?Mark LeVine - Mother Jones - A win for Hamas could be the best hope for peace 1/2/2006
Hamas will make a dealAzzam Tamimi - The Guardian - If Israel withdraws from the territories it occupied in 1967, Hamas will end armed resistance 1/2/2006
Israel`s shooting of young girl highlights international hypocrisy, say PalestiniansThe Guardian - Chris McGreal - nine-year-old Aya al-Astal got too close to a fence, so a soldier fired several bullets into the child, hitting her in the neck and blowing open her stomach 1/2/2006
The upside-down worldYael Lotan - the visiting German chancellor preaches to the victims without a word of reproach to the oppressors1/2/2006
The Palestinians Have SpokenGeorge Basharat - The overwhelming victory the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza handed to Hamas was not an endorsement of its ideology nor its ultimate aim of an Islamic state in all of former Palestine. They chose a government that will stand up for their rights.3/2/2006
The Gap Between U.S. Rhetoric and RealityAnatol Lieven - International Herald-Tribune - The victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections ought to lead to a fundamental rethinking of U.S. strategy in the Middle East, especially since it follows electoral successes for Islamist parties in Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 3/2/2006
Bewildered by America`s bewildermentRami G. Khouri - The Jordan Times - I nearly fell out of my car window Monday morning while travelling around several of the fine universities in North Carolina, when I read US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice`s statement on the Hamas election victory in Palestine.3/2/2006
The End of a Political Fiction?Adam Hanieh - The Electronic Intifada - Hamas`s landslide victory in the January 25 elections for the 132-seat Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is an unprecedented turning point for politics in both Palestine and the broader Middle East. 3/2/2006
A Palestinian view: at a crossroadsEyad El Serraj - Bitterlemons - Hamas now is challenged by its history to face the future. I believe it has some smart people who will help it climb down the tree, because if Hamas succeeds in running the country and negotiating peace, the next ten years will see the Arab world ruled by Islamic governments15/2/2006
The politics of race and power in PalestineFairouz - ISM - Presenting the [Danish cartoons] story as primarily a free speech debate frames the situation as cultural, not political in nature. ... Still, we must be careful not to exercise double standards while reproaching the West for doing the same.15/2/2006
Occupation hazard: Norman Finkelstein challenges the conventional line on IsraelIlan Pappe - Bookforum - A review essay on Norman Finkelstein`s new book, "Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History"15/2/2006
Rice Nixes Unilateral Moves by IsraelJulie Stahl - Jerusalem Bureau Chief - Jerusalem ( - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice rejected the idea of Israel making additional unilateral pullouts one day after Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert indicated that Israel would move in that direction. 10/2/2006
Don`t Punish the PalestiniansJimmy Carter - The Washington Post - "It would not violate any political principles to at least give the Palestinians their own money; let humanitarian assistance continue through UN and private agencies; encourage Russia, Egypt and other nations to exert maximum influence on Hamas to moderate its negative policies; and support President Abbas in his efforts to ease tension, avoid violence and explore steps toward a lasting peace." 21/2/2006
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