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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Red Rag column: Holocaust memorial day, Col. Eisner, Günter Grass, VanunuGideon Spiro - They have not learned lesson of the Holocaust - The Occupation colonel - More on Günter Grass - Some rightous people remain in Israel - Free Mordechai Vanunu! I do not want Israel destroyed29/4/2012
The conscience of a liberal: the crisis of ZionismPaul Krugman - New York Times - "The truth is that like many liberal American Jews — and most American Jews are still liberal — I basically avoid thinking about where Israel is going. It seems obvious from here that the narrow-minded policies of the current government are basically a gradual, long-run form of national suicide."28/4/2012
Peter Beinart and the specter haunting US JewryJack Ross - - Since even before its release last month, Peter Beinart’s The Crisis of Zionism has been extravagantly denounced and praised. To his everlasting credit, Beinart has described in vivid and uncompromising terms the corrupting and corrosive impact of the American Jewish establishment.28/4/2012
Laugh at my dreams Merav Michaeli - Haaretz ""Hatikva" was inscribed in law in 2004, thanks to Druze MK Ayoob Kara, who only asked that it be recorded in the minutes that Imber received land in the area of Daliat al-Carmel from his grandfather, Salman Kara, and there he wrote "Hatikva." That same year MK Mohammed Barakeh proposed Shaul Tchernichovsky`s poem "I Believe" ("Laugh, laugh at all my dreams" ) as the anthem. " ca27/4/2012
The `rehabilitated` IDFYossi Sarid - Haaretz "I won a bet recently over Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner. My friend said to me, "That lieutenant colonel is going to be booted from here to kingdom come." And I said, "He`ll be suspended, so that he can stay on." I won." ca 27/4/2012
‘Crying terrorism’: Israel’s political use cheapens the termLara Friedman - +972 "The term “terrorism” (or its cousin, “warfare”), in the mouths of some Israeli spokesmen and hasbaraniks, increasingly seems capable of expanding to include any action that is perceived as hostile to the policies and ideological proclivities of the current Israeli government and its hard-line supporters.Thus, we’ve seen Land Day protests denounced by Israeli officials as “political terrorism”; Palestinian efforts to seek recognition from the UN and other nations termed “diplomatic terrorism”; efforts by Palestinians and others in the international community to use the courts to challenge Israeli actions and policies denounced as “lawfare”; settler leaders denounce boycotts of settlements as “economic terrorism”; academic boycotts denounced as “academic terrorism”; and in general, non-violent Palestinian efforts to fight Israeli policies are increasingly viewed as “non-violent warfare.” ca 27/4/2012
Israel’s Big Day, Under Sun and CloudETHAN BRONNER - The New York Times - Israel’s settlement building in the West Bank drew more international condemnation this week after the government retroactively legalized three Jewish outposts there. The Palestinians described the move as another example of why there is no peace. For the two-day commemoration of Memorial Day and Independence Day, Israel closed access to the country from the West Bank.-rh 26/4/2012
Tom Friedman’s latest advice to Palestinians: accept a farce of a stateTitus North - EI - "Will it shield them from bullets, or prevent them from getting thrown in prison? Would Rachel Corrie still be alive if only she had that map in her hands?" - id 25/4/2012
Oren should apologize for comments RAY HANANIA - J-Post - "Israelis do discriminate against Christian Palestinians, but not because they are Christian, rather because they are not Jewish and they are Arab." - id 25/4/2012
Laugh at my dreams Merav Michaeli - Haaretz - "Quite a few countries changed their national anthem. Shouldn`t we?"... ""Laugh at my belief in man, At my belief in you."" - id 25/4/2012
About Holocaust deniers and access roadsAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "An 18-year old dares to confront, head on, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Defense, and the Minister of Education, and the Army Chief of Staff, and all officers of the Israeli Defense Forces." - id25/4/2012
The One-State Condition Ariella Azoulay and Adi Ophir - Stanford University Press - Since the start of the occupation of Palestinian territories in 1967, Israel`s domination of the Palestinians has deprived an entire population of any political status or protection. But even decades on, most people speak of this rule—both in everyday political discussion and in legal and academic debates—as temporary, as a state of affairs incidental and external to the Israeli regime. In "The One-State Condition Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine", Ariella Azoulay and Adi Ophir directly challenge this belief.24/4/2012
“Stupid and Mean and Brutal” Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - “I would like to quote Albert Einstein, a Jew and a Zionist: `Should we be unable to find a way to honest cooperation and honest pacts with the Arabs, then we have learned absolutely nothing during our two thousand years of suffering and deserve all that will come to us`”23/4/2012
The Israeli government`s badge of shameHaaretz Editorial - If Netanyahu feels he lacks the political power to obey the High Court`s directives he must dissolve the government and demand an electoral mandate for its peace and settlement policies23/4/2012
Israel’s Mental IllnessFranklin Lamb--Lots of walls have been built throughout history to preserve occupied lands.The Romans built Hadrian’s Wall in England to keeep the Picts out and the East Germans built the Berlin wall to keep the people in.But no regime in history has built, in the span of six decades, the number of walls as the paranoid regime in Tel Aviv has erected. And it plans at least five more “anti-terrorist protective walls” including one slated to begin soon along the Lebanese-Palestine border at the Lebanese village of Kfar Kila. And that one may present a problem. dn22/4/2012
Violent IDF officer provides snapshot of Israeli society Gideon Levy--But once the brief comic relief is over, the depressing reality returns and strikes you full in the face. It`s now clear that Eisner`s action was not a momentary outburst. The thought that an officer like Eisner was to preside as deputy commander of the Officers` Training school (had it not been for the accident with the cameras ) should be a cause for concern - first and foremost to the IDF itself. dn22/4/2012
Terry Crawford-Browne’s Highly Anticipated Sequel to Eye on the Money: Eye on the DiamondsTracey--Eye on the Diamonds’ focus on diamonds links the colonial and apartheid histories of South Africa with the close histories of Israel and Palestine. It demonstrates how De Beers, the South African originated company which dominated the diamond cartel for more than a century, is fast losing control to far more ruthless Israeli players. dn22/4/2012
Israel fights anarchy on all fronts, except in West BankHaaretz Editorial--In contrast to the authorities` resolve in their struggle against peace and human rights activists, the settlers are immune to the law and its enforcers, and bask in the open support of elected officials. dn22/4/2012
The world`s largest open-air gulagRalph Nader - Counterpunch - Have you heard much lately about the 1.5 million Palestinians illegally imprisoned by the Israeli government in the world’s largest open-air Gulag? Their dire living conditions, worsened by a selective Israeli siege limiting the importation of necessities of life – medical items, food, water, building materials, and fuel to list a few – has resulted in an 80 percent unemployment rate and widespread suffering from unlawful punishment, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment in Israeli jails. 22/4/2012
My grandfather’s keyHani Azzam--Generally, we use the word “key” to describe positive things. A business may purport to hold the “the key to success”; lovers will give each other “the keys to their hearts”; a coach boosts morale by telling his athletes that they are all “key players.” A key connotes the ability to open doors that seem shut, a burgeoning of possibilities, the power to surmount barriers. I’ve noticed that as I grow older, the number of keys I own has grown with my responsibilities: My first key was to a piggy bank that guarded the precious dollars I would save from lemonade stands opened with my neighbors. Later on, my house keys let me into my home, representing membership in my family and the trust they placed in me. My car keys came along and allowed me to travel, see friends and attend events. Now, my room key grants me a solitary space inside a hectic college life, a home away from home. Yet one key haunts me to this day: my grandfather’s key.dn 21/4/2012
Dan Meridor: we misquoted AhmadinejadDan Meridor - Al Jazeera - "They [Iranian leaders] all come basically ideologically, religiously with the statement that Israel is an unnatural creature, it will not survive," Meridor says. "They didn`t say `we`ll wipe it out`, you are right, but `it will not survive, it is a cancerous tumour, it should be removed`. They repeatedly said `Israel is not legitimate, it should not exist`." gm21/4/2012
The mandatory VIP visit to Yad Vashem: A vital history lesson or emotional blackmail?Raphael Ahren - The Times of Israel - “I don’t think Yad Vashem should be the gateway through which every official guest should go through, because that’s emotional blackmailing rather than confidence building,” said former Knesset speaker and Jewish Agency chairman Avraham Burg.-rh 19/4/2012
Confessions of an optimistUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - On Israel’s 64th Independence Day, the situation looks grim. Peace is a dirty word. Most Israelis are saying: “Peace would be wonderful. I would pay any price for peace. But unfortunately, peace is impossible. The Arabs will never accept us. Therefore the war will go on forever.” That is a very convenient pessimism, absolving us from all guilt, allowing us not to do anything.29/4/2012
Holocaust survivors struggling to make ends meet in Israel Harriet Sherwood - The Guardian - But, now, in the last years of her life, Ros is ashamed. One of the 198,000 Holocaust survivors still alive in Israel, she is also one of the growing proportion who cannot make ends meet, who struggle with insufficient funds on a daily basis. Wiping a single tear with a shaking hand, she says: "For the first time, I don`t have enough money for food or clothes. I used to have pride, now I am ashamed."-rh 19/4/2012
Israel has been taken over by a deep, horrifying apathyHaaretz - Editorial - If in the past Israelis looked away so as not to see what was happening in the state`s backyard, now they`re doing the same when the offense takes place in the state`s shop window, right in front of their lounge chairs.-rh19/4/2012
New Clothes for Old Naked LiesPeter Casey - Antiwar - "Since the turn of the year, anti-Iran propaganda has intensified into a storm of hysterical nonsense." - id18/4/2012
Israel rides the rollercoaster of mass hysteriaIlan Pappe - EI - "French grandmas, a retired poet and nuclear holocaust are all threats of the same magnitude in the post-modern world of the current captains of the Israeli Titanic." - id 18/4/2012
Once Taboo, Germans’ Anti-Israel Whispers Grow LouderNICHOLAS KULISH--BERLIN — To judge by the outpouring of comments from politicians and writers and from the newspaper and magazine articles in response to the Nobel laureate Günter Grass’s poem criticizing Israel’s aggressive posture toward Iran, it would appear that the public had resoundingly rejected his work. But even a quick dip into the comments left by readers on various Web sites reveals quite another reality. dn 15/4/2012
Israel`s poetry critics LA Times Editorial--Barring German author Gunter Grass for expressing his political views is the kind of reaction expected from Iran`s mullahs. dn15/4/2012
A lack of vision is making Israel a short-term state Gideon Levy--Nobody is doing anything to stop democracy from rupturing, nobody is stopping Israel on its way to becoming a pariah, even more than it is already.dn15/4/2012
Israel should greet pro-Palestinian activists with flowersHaaretz Editorial--A country that respects human rights in the territories under its control, including the right to nonviolent protest against foreign occupation, must invite peace activists to visit anywhere.dn15/4/2012
Welcome to Palestine: `Even prisoners are allowed visits` Robert Naiman--Even Jews can be barred by Israel from travelling to Bethlehem - for the thought crime of supporting Palestinian rights. dn15/4/2012
Surveillance of American Muslims: A tale of three cities Faiza Patel and Michael Price--The NYPD`s decision to monitor Muslims solely on the basis of their religion is not conducive to building trust. dn15/4/2012
Don`t Give Up on Mideast PeaceJimmy Carter - New York Times - Peace in the Middle East, based on the two-state solution, is still feasible — but not for much longer.(...) During my last conversation with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon before his stroke, he discussed with approval the "small land swaps" along the 1967 border. His proposal was that Israeli settlers living near Jerusalem should remain, with Palestinians given a land corridor to connect the West Bank and Gaza, on which a highway and railroad could be established. ak14/4/2012
Zionism and Anti-SemitismEdward C Corrigan--One of the favourite tactics of supporters of Israel and Zionism is to accuse their opponents of ‘anti-Semitism’. This argument is advanced in an attempt to prevent criticism of Israel from being presented, or to attack the individual or group, that is defending Palestinian human rights. Implicit in this criticism is the idea that all Jews, except a handful of ‘self haters’ support the Israeli state. Such an argument is inherently anti-Semitic, based as it is on the notion of a collective ethnic adherence to a particular political position. It also ascribes guilt for Israel’s crimes upon Jewish people collectively. dn 14/4/2012
Amb. Oren concedes Israelfs interference in U.S. politics Mairav Zonszein--Ambassador Oren is prolific these days. In a letter to the editor of the New York Times published on April 11, he addresses a piece that appeared a few days earlier, entitled gA friendship dating to 1976 resonates in 2012g, describing the longtime friendship between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who worked together in Boston in the 1970Œs. dn14/4/2012
Günter the Terrible Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - I see no reason for Germans to abstain from criticizing Israel. There is nothing in Günter Grass` text that de-legitimizes the State of Israel, On the contrary, he declares his solidarity with Israel. He explicitly mentions the Holocaust as an indelible crime. He also calls the Iranians “a people enslaved by a “bigmouth”.14/4/2012
Israeli ambassador to New York Times: Netanyahu does not interfere in U.S. electionsBarak Ravid - Haaretz "In Michael Barbaro`s article, which was published on the front page of the New York Times on Monday, it was mentioned that several weeks ago on Super Tuesday, Netanyahu personally briefed Romney on the phone regarding the situation in Iran." ca13/4/2012
Are Israelis living in a ‘fear society,’ or a ‘free society’?Larry Derfner - +972 - As much as left-wing protesters have to fear Israeli cops, they have to fear even more the Israeli “street” the cops are shielding them from30/4/2012
Celebrating our "Warrior President"Glenn Greenwald - Salon - A delusional aspect of the Democratic glorification of Obama’s foreign policy is the ludicrous notion that continuously killing civilians in the Muslim world — more than a decade after 9/11 — is Keeping Us Safe rather than exacerbating the very Terrorist threat it is ostensibly intended to solve. The crux of the Bush/Cheney mentality was that Terrorism will end just as soon as you kill all the Terrorists — even as those efforts did more to ensure the continuation and escalation of anti-US hatred than any other single cause — and that’s the same mindset at the core of the Obama defense.29/4/2012
Nothing has changed in Israel since 1948Gideon Levy - Haaretz - The attitude of the state and its institutions to this act of theft in Samaria sends a single, clear message to Israelis and the world: We will never stop this crushing, ultranationalist melody - then as now, in 1948 and in 2012. gm29/4/2012
If even a Nobel laureate isn`t allowed to speak out, then who is?Christina Patterson - The Independent - And it`s possible that when he said that he had decided to speak out anyway, because he was old and might not have many more opportunities, and because he thought that Germans, already "burdened" with a terrible past, might be "complicit" in future horrors if they didn`t, that is exactly what he meant.-rh 12/4/2012
Deir Yassin: No passing over historyYousef Munayyer - Al Jazeera - When you actually look at the history - even versions documented by Israeli historians using official Israeli archival material - what you learn is that a very significant portion of the total refugees were created long before May 15, 1948.-rh 12/4/2012
Netanyahu Caught in Facebook Scandal : Prime Minister called “manipulative” for claiming people like himDan Klein - The Scroll - After a Likud spokeswoman bragged that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had hit 200,000 “likes” on Facebook, the office of Labor leader Shelly Yachimovich sprang into action, releasing a report showing that most of the Prime Minister’s erstwhile friends were Americans, only 17 percent were Israeli and, weirdly, 3 percent are Indonesian.-rh12/4/2012
Günter Grass and criticism of IsraelHasan Abu Nimah - Al Arabiya News - If Israel and its supporters worldwide continue to consider criticism of Israel’s policy as an anti-Semitic act that means that all Jews are somehow implicated in Israel’s wrongs, which is most definitely not the case. The consequences of such a generalization is terrible for those Jews who neither accept nor want to be associated with Israel’s illegal practices, occupation and ongoing aggression.-rh 12/4/2012
Fear of heightsGideon Levy - Haaretz - But the State of Israel will not stand by idly. It certainly won`t miss an opportunity to look ridiculous and even more contemptible in the eyes of the world. It will immediately turn them into personae non grata, as it did to Gunter Grass, as well as an airborne threat.-rh 12/4/2012
The disgusting attacks on Gunter Grass: why no sympathy for the Palestinians?Tariq Ali - Counterpunch - German citizens should ponder the following: it was not the Palestinians who were responsible for the murder of millions of Jews during the Second World War. Yet they, the Palestinians, have become the indirect victims of the Judeocide. Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return to others. So why no sympathy for the Palestinians?11/4/2012
In defense of Gunter GrassMatthew Rothschild - The Progressive - The controversy over Gunter Grass’s poem about Israel and Iran only confirms what Grass was saying: That it’s impossible to criticize Israel without being lambasted.11/4/2012
One swallow does not make a springAdam Keller - Crazy Country - Pesach in Hebron 44 years ago - not long after Israel`s army conquered this city during the war which lasted six days, and the Israeli military government was still at its beginning, and there were those who still spoke seriously about "The Liberal Occupation". A group calling themselves "settlers" (a new concept at the time) arrived in Hebron, headed by Rabbi Moshe Levinger. They set themselves up at the city`s Park Hotel, ostensibly in order to celebrate the Passover and in fact to embark on the creation of "accomplished facts".11/4/2012
Deir Yassin: No passing over historyYousef Munayyer - Al Jazeera - Israelis and Palestinians alike cannot move forward without addressing massacres from the past.11/4/2012
“Pour Out Your Wrath!”Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The Passover Haggadah was written by and for helpless Jews living in perpetual danger. It raised their spirits once a year, when they felt safe for a moment, protected by their God, surrounded by their families. Taken out of this context and applied to a new, completely different situation, it can set us on an evil course. 11/4/2012
Red Rag column: Günter Grass, PassoverGideon Spiro - Günter Grass said what needed to be said - From freedom to slavery11/4/2012
Israel’s dumb Zionist atomic bomb Uri Yacobi-Keller - - There is too big a chance that in a typical Zionist move lacking all long-term thought, the Bibi-Barak duo in power will decide to attack Iran in order to grasp at Israel’s dying military hegemony in the region. The implications of such a move will be disastrous for Israel in the best case scenario, and for the entire world in the worst case. 10/4/2012
Is There a Chance To Democratize Israel/Palestine?Lev Grinberg - Berkeley University lecture - [hostile] transcription IAM [thanks anyway-bz] - It must be clear that the border of Israel, the so-called border of Israel, the green line, before 67, (...) this border does not make any difference for the Israeli Jew. But it makes a difference if you are a Palestinian. 10/4/2012
Political is personal: The allure of Peter BeinartMairav Zonszein - +972 - The author of a new book describing a crisis in Zionism may not be telling us anything we didn’t already know – but in tracing his own personal journey of his anguished relationship to Israel, Peter Beinar has touched a nerve no one in the American Jewish community can ignore9/4/2012
Obama turns his back on ZionismAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - US President Barack Obama is not blind, and nor is he deaf or dumb. He is just another politician who has turned his back on the values with which he grew up and the people who believed in him, in order to remain in office9/4/2012
Israelis can be angry with Gunter Grass, but they must listen to himGideon Levy--After we denounce the exaggeration, after we shake off the unjustified part of the charge, we must listen to the condemnation of these great people. dn8/4/2012
Coverage of hate crime against Jew highlights media biasesMya Guarnieri--A group of Arab teenagers were indicted yesterday for the racially-motivated shooting death of a 51-year-old Jewish man. Comparing coverage of a similar incident in 2011 – in which a Palestinian man was stabbed to death by Jewish youth – reveals deep bias in Israel’s media. dn8/4/2012
Boycott Divest and SanctionsABBAS ALAWIEH BAYAN FOUNAS AND AHMED HASAN--As we write this piece, more than 5,300 Palestinians are imprisoned in Israeli jails. Zero Israelis are imprisoned in Palestinian jails. A total of 24,813 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967. Zero Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians since then. Some 172 Jewish-only settlements and 101 “outposts” have been erected on confiscated Palestinian land. Zero Palestinian settlements exist on any Israeli land. These facts and many like them make clear that what is happening in Israel and the Palestinian territories is not simply a “conflict.” It’s a decades-long colonial campaign led by the Israeli military that aims to disenfranchise the indigenous race and to purify the land of non-Jews by implementing an apartheid system. dn7/4/2012
More Power to Guenter Grass for `What must be said`Larry Derfner--[Derfner does not mention that Guenter Grass correctly noted yesterday that objections to his poem were cast at him as a person (e.g., anti-Semite`) rather than on his arguments. He is correct in so saying, meaning, in other words, that those who objected had no real counter arguments to what he said! dn]7/4/2012
The real radical leftGideon Levy - Haaretz - From now we need only take care with our definitions: The extreme left is whoever endeavors toward a single state - the plundering settlers, the establishment that embraces them and the majority of Israelis, who do not lift a finger to stop them.-rh 5/4/2012
Abbas to accuse Netanyahu government of undermining Palestinian Authority Barak Ravid - Haaretz - According to both Israeli and Palestinian sources, an envoy headed by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad will deliver the letter, which places responsibility for the freeze in negotiations on Israel, during a meeting with Netanyahu over the Passover holiday.-rh 4/4/2012
`Make Israel morally insecure` Thomas L. Friedman - NYT - Marwan Barghouti`s call for nonviolent resistance is noteworthy. I can certainly see the efficacy [of such an approach] on one condition: They accompany any boycotts, sit-ins or hunger strikes with a detailed map of the final two-state settlement they are seeking. bz4/4/2012
UN probe must take West Bank out of Israeli handsHaaretz Editorial - The map of "available" land for settlements, revealed in Haaretz on Friday by Akiva Eldar, shows that while successive Israeli governments have trumpeted their desire to establish a sustainable Palestinian state alongside Israel, they have spared no economic effort or legal creativity to thwart this solution. The map shows that for decades the Civil Administration has been seeking and mapping West Bank land that outdated Ottoman law defined as "state land." 1/4/2012
Red Rag - Murder in Toulouse - A.B. Yehoshua`s categorization of JewsGideon Spiro - A necessary comparison - a state that robs its citizens - 1/4/2012
The double tongue of the Philosopher-MinisterAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "At the beginning of this opening of this summer`s campaign, we will say loud and clear to the economic oligarchy: We have had enough, return Israel to the Israelis!" - id 14/4/2012
Israeli response to fly-in proves West Bank is the Palestinians’ prisonNoam Sheizaf - +972 - By refusing to allow members of the flytilla entry into the West Bank, Israel actually proved right their original claim: that the level of control Israel exercises over the Palestinian population in the occupied territories for nearly half a century makes the occupation a unique phenomenon, well deserving of the world’s attention. 17/4/2012
Dr. Mustafa Barghouti: Nonviolent resistance is more effectiveElsa Rassbach - +972 - It works better because it allows everybody, and not just a small group of people, to participate. It works better because it does not allow the Israelis to claim that they are victims in this conflict. It reveals and exposes them as they are in reality: the oppressors, the occupiers, and the creators of an apartheid system. 17/4/2012
If Tarek Mehanna is guilty, so am IRoss Caputi - Common Dreams - I too support the right of Muslims to defend themselves against US troops, even if that means they have to kill them, and I try to give the Iraqi resistance a voice through my website. I have done everything that Tarek Mehanna has done, and there are only two possibilities why I am not sitting in a cell with him: 1) The FBI is incompetent and hasn’t been able to smoke me out. 2) The US judicial system would never dream of violating my freedom of speech because I am white and I am a veteran of the Occupation of Iraq. AK17/4/2012
Avnery: Netanyahu compares Israel to Syria and Iran, thereby himself contributing to the delegitimation of Israel.Gush Shalom press release - "The massive aggressive play staged today at Ben Gurion Airport; the systematic hunt for every traveler openly admitting to being headed to Bethlehem; the hysterical assault on Israeli peace activists who dared to express a dissident opinion; the worldwide campaign of pressures and threats to make airlines cancel the flights of hundreds of passengers.
Had the government set out to exhibit to the world the image of an ugly Israel, tolerating no criticism, then today was a huge success.
Of Herrings and Elephants: Benny Morris and `Palestinian Rejectionism` Daniel Levy - The Daily Beast - Morris’ claim of Palestinian rejectionism rests on the idea that the Palestinians wrongly refuse to accept the legitimacy of the expulsion he, Benny Morris, was a chronicler of, before he became a champion of the cleansing of the Palestinians. bz17/4/2012
The ugly face of IsraelZiv Lenchner - Ynet - The blow delivered by Lieutenant Colonel Eisner is particularly painful because it was delivered by a senior officer, rather than a young, inexperienced soldier who lost his head. bz17/4/2012
Yalla Peace: Out of place with irrationality Ray Hanania - Jerusalem Post - Calling the West Bank Judea and Samaria in the face of collapsing peace based on two states is the equivalent of describing the Jewish state as “the Zionist entity.” Calling Israel an apartheid state is (...) an example of throwing kerosene on an already raging fire. bz4/4/2012
The Israeli government gave in to the settlersHaaretz Editorial - Netanyahu`s inappropriate intervention shows he does not understand that the law in Hebron is not the law in Tel Aviv. A state that does not allow a Hebron resident to settle in Tel Aviv cannot allow a Tel Avivian to settle in Hebron. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat also spares no effort to undermine the delicate balance between Israel and the Palestinians, while citing "the principle of equality" in vain. bz4/4/2012
The First Amendment Does Not Apply To IsraelMJ Rosenberg - Foreign Policy Matters - Peter Beinart also demonstrates that the "pro-Israel" organizational establishment in the U.S. (the people trying to shut Beinart down) are representative of no one except the multi-millionaire and billionaire donors who keep their organizations going. bz4/4/2012
Israelis can`t resist following the occupation`s pied piper Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz - Nor should we falsely blame everything on the ideological basis of that same bizarre movement. Nor on the petty politicians who participated in this bloody adventure. What is central is the state itself, the state - which from the very beginning of the occupation did not cease to conspire and to sabotage the chances of establishing a Palestinian state. bz4/4/2012
Obama Won’t Pressure Israel If He Wins Second TermPeter Beinart - The Daily Beast - As a lover of Israel who worries about its current path, I hope I’m wrong. But Obama’s an unsentimental guy. The unsentimental path is to focus on Asia (...) and to let Benjamin Netanyahu make of Israel’s future what he will. 3/4/2012
Ending the occupation: No way around direct pressure on IsraelNoam Sheizaf - +972 - Pressure is likely to make most of the Israeli public hostile, angry and bitter, but also more open to change, as the status quo seems less and less preferable. This would be our moment of truth, in which we will witness what sort of transformation – if any – our country is still capable of. 3/4/2012
Freedom for Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and PalestineAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - In view of Israel`s hawkish governing coalition and the Palestinian leadership`s long crisis in the territories, it`s hard to believe that next year we`ll be free people in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and Palestine2/4/2012
Michael Sfard: Is Israel on the high road to fascism?Dimi Reider - +972 - Will the anti-democratic legislation underway in Israel soon make progressive advocacy redundant? Is it an exaggeration to say Israel is on the high road to fascism? And what can the Left do to reverse the process? An interview with Israel’s pre-eminent human rights lawyer, Michael Sfard2/4/2012
Palestinians forge new strategies of resistance Ben White--A new generation of Palestinian activists is breaking down old divisions imposed by Israel. dn1/4/2012
Losing the media gameYakir Elkariv - Ynet - Op-ed: Would it have been so terrible to let global activists enter Israel en route to Bethlehem? 16/4/2012
Amira Hass explains why Israel’s U.S. model of ethnic cleansing failed, and why ‘Jewish regime’ will ‘crumble’Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss "It is very common these days to hear supporters of Israel seek to justify ethnic cleansing by saying that You did it-- you Americans. Amira Hass has a fabulous piece up at Haaretz that takes on this model head on. She exposes the Israeli desire to defeat the Palestinian people, as the U.S. defeated the Native Americans, and then only have to deal with the "remnant" (a reference to Eastern European Jewry after the Holocaust). And she explains why this is not possible, and why we are now in the endgame of "the Jewish regime" because Israel did not want a two-state solution." ca13/4/2012
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