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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Analysis || As U.S. celebrates diplomatic coups, Netanyahu comes to town as Debbie Downer Chemi Shalev--PM’s counterthrust against Rohani’s charm offensive complicated by the looming shutdown showdown and the Republicans’ internal convulsions. dn29/9/2013
Foreign aid to Palestine exists only to support the "peace process" industry Sarah Marusek--Earlier this month, Oxfam published 20 facts about Oslo that painfully illustrate why the "peace talks" between Israel and Palestine have abysmally failed. In the past ten years alone, the number of illegal Israeli settlers has doubled while Israel has constructed a 708 km separation wall around the West Bank and demolished around 15,000 Palestinian structures across the occupied territories. dn29/9/2013
Reading Obama’s Iran SpeechPhyllis Bennis--All of a sudden we’re talking to Iran. Now, granted, that shouldn’t be such an astonishing bombshell. But given the reality of the last several decades, it pretty much is. And that’s all good. It’s been too long coming, it’s still too hesitant, there’s still too much hinting about military force behind it… but we’re talking. Foreign minister to foreign minister, Kerry to Zarif, it’s all a good sign. dn29/9/2013
`They`re all named Mohammad nowadays`Mya Guarnieri--Mya Guarnieri confronts discrimination, identity politics — and the occupation — as she searches for an apartment in Bethlehem. Read her previous post, ‘Reflections on one state from the West Bank.’ dn29/9/2013
Edward Said and his quest for a just peace Sandy Tolan--Edward Said died ten years ago - in September 2003, after a twelve-year battle with leukemia. One of the 20th century`s great intellectuals, Said, author of the masterworks Orientalism and Culture and Imperialism, was also a beloved professor to generations of students at Columbia University, a gifted amateur pianist and an opera critic for The Nation magazine. He was perhaps best known for his fierce defense of the rights of his people, the Palestinians, in numerous books and hundreds of essays and articles published worldwide. dn29/9/2013
An Arab woman in Israel seeks the courage to wear a headscarfNadi Bushnak Tahauka--What if I cover my hair and someone comes up to me and speaks Arabic and, not knowing how to answer him, I respond in Hebrew? dn29/9/2013
Palestinian children`s rightsGuardian Letters-We support the campaign by Action for Palestinian Children to ensure the rights of Palestinian children are upheld in accordance with international human rights treaties and international law. dn29/9/2013
The European Jewish Congress is all too keen to support Israels settlementsJaap Hamburger - The Times of Israel - Instead of urging the Netanyahu government to do all in its power to end the Occupation and reach a peace agreement, the EJC has decided to make an effort in blocking any real pressure to keep both sides – Israelis and Palestinians – at the negotiating table. [Hamburger chairs the EAJG, a Jewish peace group in the Netherlands-bz]28/9/2013
An ominous turn?Khaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - "Many serious observers, Israeli and Palestinian alike, are convinced that time has outrun the peace process and that there is no longer any real chance for a genuine peace settlement, as Israel has effectively killed any remaining possibility for the establishment of a viable and territorially contiguous Palestinian state." - id 27/9/2013
Succot in Sderot and Hebron and a temporary reversed destructionAdam Keller - Crazy Country = ""What peace talks are these, when at the same time the Israelis go on building and expanding settlements, when every night their soldiers raid towns and villages and refugee camps, arrest people, shoot and injure and kill?" These kind of voices were heard also this week from Palestinians, but on the Israeli side there were heard parallel bitter voices : "What peace talks are these when they go and kill two of our soldiers?". Within forty-eight hours two Israeli soldiers killed." - id 27/9/2013
In recognition of his efforts to support human right and the rule of law, Right Livelihood Award Foundation Sourani the 2013Alternative Nobel Prize for this yearPalestinian Center for Human Rights - Sourani is the first Palestinian and third Arab to be awarded this international award. Architect Hassan Fathy received the 1980 Right Livelihood Award, while the Egyptian scientist Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish received the 2003 Right Livelihood Award.-rh 26/9/2013
THINKING OUTSIDE THE TWO-STATE BOXYOUSEF MUNAYYER- The New Yorker - Israelis face a choice today between affording equal rights to the Palestinians in one geographic space or managing conflict through an apartheid system. Neither alternative may be particularly attractive to Israelis, but continuing the apartheid route will only get uglier and costlier over time, as well as being constantly at odds with the state’s claim of democracy.-rh 26/9/2013
How USAID Kills Popular ResistanceAlaa al-Tamimi-Al Akhbar - NEAR EAST NEWS AGENCY - The definition of terrorism, according to USAID, demands that none of the beneficiaries of the project are members of Hamas or other resistance factions, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. It also requires a clear statement declaring resistance by Palestinians to be acts of terrorism and committing to US values and principles.-rh 26/9/2013
"Despite Its Rhetoric, Israel Would not Be Pleased With a Palestinian Mandela" John Gee - The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs - So in fact, the Palestinian leadership made a succession of withdrawals from demanding a restoration of all that the Palestinians lost in 1948, when Israel was founded—each time in the face of opposition from sectors of the Palestinian people.-rh 26/9/2013
Noam Chomsky On The Era Of The DroneSteven Garbas -Information Clearing House - And the criteria are quite interesting. For example, if, say, in Yemen a group of men are spotted by a drone assembling near a truck, it’s possible that they might be planning to do something that would harm us, so why don’t we make sure and kill them? And there’s other things like that.-rh 26/9/2013
Dear Israeli Right: This Is What Anti-Semitism MeansEmily L. Hauser - The Daily Beast - This is not the first time that anti-settlement policies have been likened unto racism, anti-Semitism and/or the Holocaust (because, you know, taking the political position that the West Bank does not, in fact, belong to Israel is just like performing torture experiments on Jewish children, sexually enslaving Jewish women, and gunning down 34,000 men, women and children at Babi Yar. Not to mention gas chambers), and it probably won’t be the last.-rh 26/9/2013
Iran`s new president treads middle ground in United Nations addressSaeed Kamali Dehghan - Guardian - "Breaking from his predecessor`s combative rhetoric, Hassan Rouhani spoke to concerns of both conservatives and liberals." - id 25/9/2013
No other solutionNechama Duek - Ynet - "Under the protection of our spears, the international sanctions and the understandings with the international community, we can take a calculated risk and achieve a cold peace with our most bitter enemy." - id 25/9/2013
Only a balance of power can force Israel to make peaceRAY HANANIA - Saudi Gazette Newspaper = "Instead of Israel withdrawing, it has expanded its control over the occupied Palestinian land." - id 25/9/2013
20 years of Oslo and preventable Palestinian aid dependencyAimee Shalan - New Statesman - Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chair Yasser Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn and signed the Oslo Accords – launching a transitional process towards a permanent peace settlement that was not supposed to exceed five years. (...) The international community has a clear responsibility to ensure that peace negotiations do not continue to provide Israel with the cover to pursue with impunity its illegal colonisation of Palestinian land, which is not only a major obstacle to the health and dignity of Palestinians but is also deepening aid dependency. 24/9/2013
`Israel Should Annul the Oslo Accords`
Deputy Defence Minister on how to preserve the status quo indefinitely
Danny Danon - New York Times - We should implement what I have called a “three-state solution.” In the future, the final status of the Palestinians will be determined in a regional agreement involving Jordan and Egypt, when the latter has been restabilized. bz24/9/2013
We`ll end up all alone here Eitan Haber - Yediot Aharonot (Ynet translation) - America is still holding our hand and another hand, and is affecting us mostly positively. Without it we have no life, certainly no economical and security-related life. Our security at the moment depends entirely, or almost entirely, on the great America, but – please do not forget – the Egyptian army today is fully dependent on the US as well. Can we be comforted by the fact that if America leaves the Middle East behind, both Israel and Egypt will suffer? Absolutely not. bz24/9/2013
EU settlement guidelines do not victimize Israel or endanger peaceWillem-Gert Aldershoff and Michel Waelbroeck - Haaretz - The EU would lose all international credibility if it acceded to Israel`s demand to water down its settlement guidelines - and it would also be in breach of international law 23/9/2013
Netanyahu`s lesson from killing of Israeli soldier in Hebron: Fortify occupationMairav Zonszein - +972 - "The lesson the prime minister wants us to learn from the killing of an Israeli soldier whose duty it is to protect a violent and unsustainable occupation is that we should have much much more of it"23/9/2013
Those A.B. Yehoshua forgotDmitry Shumsky--One of the greatest Israeli writers can’t even conceive of the possibility that an Israeli citizen who identifies as a Palestinian Arab could at the same time have an Israeli identity. dn22/9/2013
Just a dying Palestinian laborerHaaretz Editorial--Considering the magnitude of the accusations concerning Ahsan Abu-Srur`s death, the planned police probe must be given high priority. dn22/9/2013
Roger Waters discusses boycott with Israel`s `newspaper of the nation`Larry Derfner--The interview with rock n’ roll’s lead boycotter of Israel was published in Yedioth Ahronoth, but it could have been put out by the Ministry of Public Diplomacy. dn 22/9/2013
Israel has no Roger WatersGideon Levy--Those who have attacked, poisoned, uprooted and burned will be coming this evening to applaud Ehud Banai, a singer representing Israel`s heart and soul.dn22/9/2013
Let’s Be Honest About Israel’s NukesVICTOR GILINSKY and HENRY D. SOKOLSKI--THE recent agreement between the United States and Russia on Syria’s chemical weapons made clear what should have been obvious long ago: President Obama’s effort to uphold international norms against weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East will entangle the United States in a diplomatic and strategic maze that is about much more than Syria’s chemical arsenal. dn22/9/2013
The show must not go onZiv Lenchner - Ynet - The bottom line is the most important: A performance in a place whose Palestinian residents were expelled from and are not allowed to enter was canceled. But Banai, a great artist and an even greater humanist, should have reached that conclusion in the first place, on his own, regardless of the opposition on the Left or the incitement on the Right. bz21/9/2013
Q and A: The modern day heroes of investigative journalism Frank Barat and John Pilger--John Pilger discusses the role of the media in the contemporary context of whistleblowers and war. dn21/9/2013
Israel and Palestine Vs. ‘Blood and Magic’Hussein Ibish & Saliba Sarsar - The Daily Beast - We are not willing to destroy the only available chance for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, or to dismiss or denigrate it. Instead, we strongly advocate that all people of goodwill join together to find a way to make it work because Prof. Lustick`s alternative—centuries of conflict and a reliance on "blood and magic" as a solution—appears to us to be inexcusably reckless. [An answer to "Two-State Illusion” bz]20/9/2013
Red Rag column: Forty years since the Yom Kippur WarGideon Spiro - What will not be said in the mainstream media I will say here: the Yom Kippur War was unnecessary. The three thousand who fell and double that number who were wounded could have been spared if not for Israel`s rejection of peace. 19/9/2013
Under lockdown, Palestinians in Gaza fear the worstHaidar Eid - Aljazeera - Also lacking a mandate, Hamas has felt the pressure of the Egyptian political turmoil that stripped it of what some had viewed as an ally in the Muslim Brotherhood-led government.-rh 18/9/2013
The Two State Solution Died Over A Decade AgoIlan Pappe - Information Clearing House - After the 1967 war, all the successive Israeli governments were determined to keep the West Bank as part of Israel. It was, for them, both the heart of the ancient homeland and a strategic asset that would prevent the bisection of the state into two should another war break out.-rh 18/9/2013
Russia`s Mideast Role A Plus for PalestiniansDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Overall, a role for Russia in the Arab-Israeli conflict is seen as a plus for Palestinians who are yearning for any side that can weaken the Israeli political hold on US politics and its manifestations in the region.-rh18/9/2013
Israel Still Angling For Attack On Syria And IranJonathan Cook - Countercurrents - But the new US-Russian deal to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons can probably be turned to Israel’s advantage, so long as Israel prevents attention shifting to its own likely stockpiles.-rh 18/9/2013
Netanyahu to US: Iran for Palestine?Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - "Knesset members, settlers, lobbyists and right-wing journalists have all been murmuring — sometimes loudly — about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s move. The big plan. The historic abandonment of Judea and Samaria." - id 18/9/2013
Bedouins slam Israel`s desert development as `Nakba in the Negev` Shira Rubin - Christian Science Monitor - "The Bedouins of the southern Negev desert have volunteered for the Israeli military, worked as trackers along the Lebanese and Egyptian borders, and gone along with various Israeli development projects that have required them to give up their nomadic way of life and relocate." - id 18/9/2013
What is and what isn’t remembered on Yom KippurAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Very many articles and discussion and commentaries about the fortieth anniversary of the Yom Kippur War . And very few articles on the other anniversary which fell on this very day, the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords." - id18/9/2013
Two-State IllusionIan S. Lustick - New York Times - Secretary of State John Kerry is merely the latest in a long line of well-meaning American diplomats wedded to an idea whose time is now past, the notion that there must be two states, one Palestinian and one Israeli. The last three decades are littered with the carcasses of such failed negotiating projects.17/9/2013
From Yom Kippur to Oslo: All roads lead to the 1967 bordersRachel Neeman - Haaretz - Although more and more [settler] houses are being built in the West Bank, everyone knows that one day the construction will stop and a convoy of Israelis will set out on its way home. The reality principle that took us out of Sinai and southern Lebanon is the same principle that took us out of Gaza, and that will force us to leave the West Bank. bz17/9/2013
Oslo failed, long live Oslo Nassar Ibrahim - AIC - "In reality, however, the ultimate failure of Oslo in advancing a comprehensive peace process has its origins in the very basis of the process itself, particularly the insincere intentions of its two dominant actors: Israel and the United States" 16/9/2013
The real RamallahGideon Levy--The West Bank`s roads are relatively open to Palestinians and - wonder of wonders - terror has not resumed. The conclusions should be clear: it is safe to open the West Bank.dn15/9/2013
Analysis || Will Kerry ask Israel to ratify chemical weapons treaty, with Syria plan afoot?Barak Ravid --Should Israel agree to dismantle its own chemical arsenal – if one does in fact exist – it could win the international credit it desperately needs, and also maintain more important strategic security interests. dn15/9/2013
`But you`re not really Mizrahi`: Rewriting an erased identityNaama Katiee (Translated from Hebrew by Rachel Beitarie)--In the face of repeated sexual harassment and offhand racist comments by friends and acquaintances, one writer turns her anger into a reformulation of her identity. The awakening of sorts follows Amnon Levy’s Hebrew-language TV documentary series, “The Ethnic Demon.” dn15/9/2013
A Brilliant MessTimothy Egan - NYT - The net result, accidental or not, is that Syria is no longer just an American problem. They say they will give up the poison gas that, wink, wink, was never used. (...) And, added bonus: the neocon warriors are gone, homeless in both parties. All of this is a hugely positive leap from where we were a week, a month, or a year ago. bz14/9/2013
Oslo, a view from the groundNoam Sheizaf - +972 - I experienced Oslo in service, and this is how it looked to me as a young soldier and officer on the ground: the occupation never ended. It’s as simple as that. I entered the OPT on the day of [the Oslo Accords], and as the years passed, I spent more and more time there. Following every “historic” evacuation there was some other assignment on a nearby hill or at a new checkpoint. bz14/9/2013
A Good WarUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Yes, the Russians are back in the Great Game. They will also play a role in the coming confrontation with Iran. They are just too big to ignore. (...) And the UN is back again, too. The good old UN, so inefficient, so weak, but so necessary in situations like these. bz14/9/2013
Forty years on and we still haven`t learned the true lessonHaaretz Editorial--Israel is convinced that it will live by the sword forever and that therefore there is no point in making efforts for peace. That is the greatest sin. dn 14/9/2013
It`s now clear: the Oslo peace accords were wrecked by Netanyahu`s bad faithAvi Shlaim--I thought the peace accords 20 years ago could work, but Israel used them as cover for its colonial project in Palestine. 14/9/2013
Political solution or not, the bottom line is equal rights for allGerard Horton - +972 - The military law applied to Palestinians must provide rights and protections no less favorable than those afforded to Israeli citizens living in the settlements30/9/2013
The Real Bomb Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Rouhani is the very opposite of his predecessor. If the Mossad had been asked to sketch the worst possible Iranian leader Israel could imagine, they would have come up with someone like him"30/9/2013
Escaping justice: Who killed Bassem Abu Rahme?Yossi Gurvitz - The Daily Beast "To sum: In April 2009, a person wearing Israeli uniform shot an unarmed demonstrator. Four years later, the IDF’s glorious investigative organs – a debriefing and an MPCID investigation – claim “lack of evidence” for an indictment. Didn’t you get the hint, you bleeding hearts? What, do you seriously think we would indict a soldier for killing a Palestinian, and worse – screw up his superior’s career? As Yesh Din’s data sheet showed, the rate of indictment of soldiers and officers for killing Palestinians is very low, and the conviction rate is also rather sparse." ca13/9/2013
By insisting on a Jewish state Israel denies Palestinian rightsBen White - The National - Letting go of the need for a Jewish majority is thus key to the democratisation of the de-facto one state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and to establishing a sustainable future for both Israeli Jews and Palestinians.-rh 12/9/2013
Why the Israel-Palestine ‘negotiations’ are a complete farceNoam Chomsky - Israel Occupation Archive - The negotiations provide a cover for Israel’s takeover of the territories it wishes to control and should spare the United States some further embarrassment at the UN.-rh11/9/2013
Palestinians urge EU to stick with settlement boycottELHANAN MILLER - The Times of Israel - In a statement published by Palestinian establishment daily Al-Ayyam on Monday, Ashrawi said the European guidelines were an important element in the Palestinian decision to resume talks with Israel in the first place. She told The Times of Israel that she was confident the EU would stick by its decision despite American pressure to revoke it.-rh 11/9/2013
Abu Mazen Remains Palestine`s Teflon LeaderDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Despite all the criticism leveled at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, he still polls the highest among Palestinian leaders.-rh 11/9/2013
The silent military coup that took over WashingtonJohn Pilger - The Guardian - This time it`s Syria, last time it was Iraq. Obama chose to accept the entire Pentagon of the Bush era: its wars and war crimes.-rh11/9/2013
Interview | Noam Chomsky: While Syria descends into suicide, Israel and the US are enjoying the spectacleFrank Barat and Noam Chomsky - Ceasefire - "Meanwhile, Israel is looking by and enjoying the spectacle. If you look at the New York Times this morning there’s a quote by an Israeli official essentially expressing their joy at watching Arabs slaughter each other." - id 11/9/2013
Red Rag column: Great, another war!Gideon Spiro - Things are developing much to the satisfaction of the government of Israel. The Israeli and conservative Christian lobby and Israel’s so-called “friends” in Congress have succeeded in goading President Obama into military action against Syria against his will. Israel is playing a cynical game here.9/9/2013
Smoke and Mirrors: The “New” Israeli-Palestinian Peace TalksMitchell Plitnick - Lobe Log - "The so-called `renewed` Israel-Palestine peace process is turning out to be nothing more than an illusion, as many observers from across the political spectrum expected. But the United States is apparently intent on blowing more smoke to maintain that hallucination as long as possible. And the Palestinian Authority, typically, is falling into a trap"9/9/2013
The pillar of fire that went before the peace campGideon Levy--Uri Avnery, who is turning 90, wasn`t just a pioneer of Israeli journalism -he mainly stands out as a statesman and prophet. dn8/9/2013
How a Jewish Agency fellow becomes a one-state activistTom Pessah--When Gila Hashkes arrived at UC Berkeley as a Jewish Agency Israel Fellow, she felt like she was jumping into the heart of pro-Palestinian activism. Her job was to organize Jewish students on campus, strengthen their connection to Israel and give them tools to justify its policies. But after a year-long journey of digging deeper into the conflict, being pushed by both her Jewish and Palestinian peers and glimpsing the ‘mentality of fear’ that grips the American Jewish community, she had an awakening of sorts, moved back to Jerusalem and now works for equal rights for all. Tom Pessah sits down with her and explores the transformation.dn8/9/2013
Israel should be more than Yad Vashem with an air forceHaaretz Editorial--Ten years after the Israel Air Force flyby over Auschwitz, the awareness of the Holocaust and the dread of its recurrence are consciously and deliberately blended into the air force`s policy, and into the IDF and defense establishment`s policy in general. dn8/9/2013
Syrian rebel to Haaretz: U.S. mustn`t turn Syria into another IraqJack Khoury--Syrian rebels do not favor an American intervention which would turn their country into another Iraq, a senior member of the Syrian National Coalition told Haaretz over the weekend. dn8/9/2013
CLASSIC WHY: Real Reason for Syria War Plans, from Gen. Wesley ClarkJames Huang--We originally published this in September, 2012. More relevant now than ever. Also be sure to see this other piece with views from Clark on oil and activism, and our other related stories by typing “Syria” in our search box. dn8/9/2013
Abbas’s Village Leagues and Palestinian SilenceRAMZY BAROUD - Counter Punch - "Palestinians have to face up to the inescapable reality that their leadership has completely acquiesced and their continued silence is an affirmation of that defeat." - id 6/9/2013
Israel`s Right Wing Does Not Care About US CredibilityAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - "For the Syrian criminal to get his just deserts, our friends on the right are willing to stand in line for gas masks and to clean out their fallout shelters." - id6/9/2013
Rouhani’s New YearROGER COHEN - NYT - "Rouhani and Obama will both be at the United Nations this month. They should meet." - id11/9/2013
Oslo Accords a Mixed Memory for IsraelAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "This deeply significant event that saw Arafat accept Israel as a legitimate state competes with the Yom Kippur War for a top spot on the list of the country’s greatest national failures." - id 11/9/2013
A troubled first week & the good sewage newsAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "It’s harder and harder to get rid of occupation sewage." - id 11/9/2013
Is There a Place for Jews Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - On second thought, if I were Abbas, I would be announcing today that Palestine will welcome its Jewish residents with open arms, a willing heart and equal rights. This, on the condition that the state of Israel welcomes with open arms, a willing heart and equal rights its Palestinian residents.-rh 5/9/2013
Striking Syria: Illegal, immoral, and dangerousPhyllis Bennis - Al Jazeera - Whatever Congress may decide, a US military strike against Syria would be a reckless and counterproductive move.-rh 5/9/2013
Obama Stuns Israel With Delay on Syria StrikeBen Caspit - Al-Monitor - "Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz admitted, in briefing sessions held on Sept. 1, that Obama’s announcement had taken Israel by surprise, but he did not express a word of disappointment or criticism." - id 4/9/2013
Gas masks and dancing soldiersAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Against orders and in contravention of their set task, the soldiers decided to enter the hall and join dozens of celebrating young Palestinians." - id4/9/2013
Red Rag Weekly Column: Letters to JudgesGideon Spiro - Over 30 years ago I began the “letters to judges” project, in which I rebuke, criticize and condemn judges at all levels who hand down racist rulings that support the Occupation and violations of human rights, or egregiously unjust rulings in cases related to domestic violence, rape or the sexual exploitation of children. About two thousand letters from 1982 to 2013. 4/9/2013
The American Jewish CocoonPeter Beinart - New York Review of Books - If this isolation from Palestinians were confined to American Jewry, it would be bad enough. But to a striking degree, the same insularity characterizes debate about Israel in Washington. In part that’s because of the weakness of Palestinian and Arab-American groups. And in part it’s because of the effectiveness of the American Jewish establishment. Since 2000, according to the website LegiStorm, members of Congress and their staffs have visited Israel more than one thousand times. That’s almost twice the number of visits to any other foreign country. Roughly three quarters of those trips were sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), AIPAC’s nonprofit arm. bz3/9/2013
For a true reconciliation Israel must apologize to the Palestinians, says Uri AvneryGuila Flint interviews Uri Avnery - Opera Mundi - From the historical point of view there is no doubt that the Zionist idea is based on a historical injustice to the Palestinians. This land was Palestine, an Arab country for 1300 years, and one day outsiders arrive who claim they were here 2000 years ago, (...) What was made is not possible to delete, but it is possible to partly fix through the creation of a Palestinian state and the return of 22% of the land that were occupied during the 1967 war, including East Jerusalem. bz3/9/2013
Obama: I Need Congressional Authorization On Syria Now To Get Iran War LaterMJ Rosenberg - Tikkun Daily - Obama signals to the American public at large that attacking Syria could turn out to be considerably larger than a single surgical strike. It could be the prelude to an infinitely larger war. It is doubtful that public opinion will accept this rationale. More likely, it will lead to intense pressure from the grassroots to defeat the Syrian authorization. Americans have famously supported a “war to end all wars.” But supporting a war to start more wars seems unlikely. bz 3/9/2013
Echoes of Our Civil Rights Movement - My Surprisingly Inspiring Trip to the West BankJeff Cohen - CounterPunch - "We were told over and over: Without outside pressure on Israel, there will be no end to the occupation and no justice. Which is why every Palestinian nonviolent activist urged us to support the boycott of Israel aimed at ending the occupation – and they emphasized that boycotting is a supremely nonviolent tactic"2/9/2013
POOR OBAMA. I pity himUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Trying to understand the mindset of the CIA, I would say that from their point of view, the Egyptian solution is also the best for Syria: topple the dictator and put another dictator in his place. Military dictatorship for everybody in the Arab region. Not the solution Barack Obama would have liked to be identified with in the history books. Poor, poor Obama"2/9/2013
`Moral superpower`? Give me a breakGideon Levy--It`s impossible to claim that the United States, a country responsible for the most bloodshed since World War II in Asia, South America and the Middle East, is driven by moral considerations.dn1/9/2013
In Syria, it`s a case of all or nothing Patrick Cockburn--The discredited justifications that preceded the invasion of Iraq still dominate British and American perception of military intervention in Syria. In a similar way in the 1930s, popular revulsion at the lies and exaggerations of First World War propaganda meant that the first accounts of Nazi atrocities were treated with scepticism. dn1/9/2013
Attempt at mass expulsionHaaretz Editorial--Interior Ministry plans to deport asylum-seekers from Eritrea and Sudan, but at the same time Israel is importing hundreds of foreign workers. dn1/9/2013
Who is a Jew? Who am I?Yossi Sarid--We all speak Hebrew, yet we don’t speak the same language; we are Jews neither by fault nor by merit, only thanks to our parents.dn1/9/2013
‘Religion and politics’ in Israel: The mythology of Jewish nationalismYaacov Yadgar--The State of Israel has never attempted to build a national identity that would be ‘liberated ’from Jewish ‘religion.’ Instead, it has focused on the construction of a national identity distinct in one critical respect: it is reserved for Jews only. dn1/9/2013
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