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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Hamas ministers may step down to secure power deal Donald Macintyre - The Independent - Dr Abu-Eisheh, standing in for one of four Hamas ministers in jail, said the new cabinet had already exceeded international expectations that it would last "two days" or a "few weeks" or "three months" . But he added: "We all know we have to come to a difficult point and that there should be an end to the present economic and political situation."30/9/2006
The human catastrophe of Gaza is a time bombJan Egeland and Jan Eliasson - Le Figaro/ThruthOut - Access by air, sea, and land has been virtually cut off for Gaza. The movements of goods and peoples have practically ceased. Supplies of electricity and water, interrupted by Israeli Defense Forces attacks on electric power stations, is irregular and insignificant. Civilian infrastructures have been affected. Gaza today remains dependent on outside sources for its food and commercial supplies. Hygienic conditions are deteriorating, while access to potable water is inadequate.30/9/2006
A post-Zionist agenda Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - It seems that the choice is between a leader who has effectively relinquished the peace agenda and maintenance of the Jewish majority in accordance with the Zionist platform, and leaders who do not believe in this whole business of peace. If so, leaders like Netanyahu and Lieberman are preferable. They, at least, frighten the neighbors. They will make it possible for the international community to know whom it is dealing with. 30/9/2006
Israel should not be dismissing de facto recognition by HamasYossi Beilin - Ynet - Meretz leader Yossi Beilin begins to recognize that business can be done with Hamas [editor`s comment]30/9/2006
Jewish state sees `different momentum` at work after warDaily Star staff-Daily Star (Lebanon)-"I am making a very great effort to have a dialogue ... I want to meet with him, we should start a process," Olmert said, ....Olmert`s spokesman, Assaf Shariv, said no preparations had been made for any meeting. Senior Abbas aide Saeb Erekat said the Palestinian leader was ready to meet Olmert, adding he also was not aware of any preparations for talks."29/9/2006
Precious clarityDr. Azmi Bishara-Arabic Media Internet Network-"What choices does it have left? Only two: either a just, lasting and comprehensive peace, or political and diplomatic stagnation which can only degenerate into war and, most likely, a protracted one if its adversaries adopt the strategy of resistance. The very clarity of this choice presents Israel with its foremost strategic dilemma."29/9/2006
Palestinian source: US thwarting PA unityAli Waked-YNet-"...difficulties in the talks between Abbas and Hamas regarding a unity government began to surface shortly after Abbas’ meeting with US consul general in Jerusalem, Jack Wallace,.." 29/9/2006
Why Hamas Resists Recognizing IsraelTONY KARON - Time - " Viewpoint: The West is betting that continued Palestinian misery will force Hamas leaders to recognize Israel. But the strategy is as misguided as it is cruel" 28/9/2006
Missing the government of thieves Amira Hass - Haaretz - "The Palestinian leadership and PLO leaders accepted a system whereby they and their business, personal and political associates were granted the freedom of movement that the rest of the population did not enjoy. They owe their personal financial standing, their relative comfort and their feeling of "freedom" to a privilege that the Israeli occupation regime granted them. Under those circumstances, they could not lead a political struggle against the severe and highly destructive Israeli method of control over the Palestinians` time and freedom of movement." 27/9/2006
The U.S. must look to its own Mideast interests Robert Malley and Aaron David Miller - International Herald Tribune - "For a U.S. administration that has essentially deserted the Arab-Israeli arena and in effect followed Israel`s lead, this does not bode well."27/9/2006
Seeing the forest for the treesRima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - "The Quartet (along with the international community generally) has failed to enable the Palestinian president to act credibly"27/9/2006
Not without a political horizon Camille Mansour - Bitterlemons - A UN presence is something Israel, since 1967, has always been very careful to avoid, considering, as it does, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as being under the Israeli sphere of influence. The Oslo agreement came without UN involvement.26/9/2006
A measure of international seriousness Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - One reason for the failure of international efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is that there have been no serious attempts by the international community to impose or at least properly monitor the implementation of the many plans, initiatives and resolutions that received international approval26/9/2006
Muhammad`s swordUri Avnery - Gush Shalom/Mediamonitors - The story about "spreading the faith by the sword" is an evil legend, one of the myths that grew up in Europe during the great wars against the Muslims - the reconquista of Spain by the Christians, the Crusades and the repulsion of the Turks, who almost conquered Vienna26/9/2006
Time to talk peaceShulamit Aloni -- YNET -- "Many peace-making windows were opened over the years. We hindered all of them, because we coveted the whole of the Territorie [...] Now, another possibility for dialogue has opened. Yet our government is again turning its back on it"25/9/2006
Thus spoke Bernard LewisBaruch Kimmerling -- Haaretz -- "The Orientalists know very well that among the more than 1 billion Muslims in the world, there are hundreds of sects and streams that disagree on almost everything and wage cultural wars. But these experts guard this like a secret within the fraternity. There are at most Sunnis and Shi`ites, and Islam is otherwise portrayed as a homogenous entity wholly interested in wiping out the West, and especially the Jews"25/9/2006
Why recognize Israel?Danny Rubinstein -- Haaretz --"The economic siege on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the targeted killings, the raids and checkpoints can be explained as an Israeli defense against terror attacks. But how can one explain the doubling of the number of settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem since the Madrid conference and Oslo agreement?"25/9/2006
Browbeaten and Fatigued -- The Next Palestinian StruggleRamzy Baroud -- CounterPunch -- "If any peace settlement fails to adhere to the democratic concept, according to which Palestinians wish to govern themselves, then Palestinians should ready themselves for another Oslo-style agreement, imposed from the top and rubber stamped by the PLO`s Executive Committee, long-devoid of its democratic principles and dominated by the elitist few"23/9/2006
Bush’s backing imperils IsraelHenry Siegman-Financial Times-" opportunity may now exist to address the fundamental causes of Israel’s regional conflicts rather than the symptoms. The stand-off may open the way to a return to diplomacy between Israel and its adversaries, as happened after the Yom Kippur War of 1973 that paved the way for Israel’s peace with Egypt."22/9/2006
Quartet backs Abbas unity efforts Omar Karmi - Jordan Times - Israeli troops raid branch of Jordan National Bank among number of financial institutions, seize 1.5m in cash from West Bank cities, town" 21/9/2006
Abbas recasts himself as key Palestinian negotiatorJoshua Mitnick - The Christian Science Monitor - "Once dismissed as a lame duck after his Fatah party was routed in January elections, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is angling to reemerge as the linchpin in the peace process with Israel." 21/9/2006
Israeli government fears peace initiativesUri Avnery - The Electronic Intifada - "This is not important only in regard to what happened a few weeks ago, when the leadership spoke of a terrible danger looming on our northern border, but even more so today, when the same leadership is warning of an even more acute "threat" somewhere else." 21/9/2006
The legal status of fighters Meron Benvenisti - Haaretz - "Israel has taken it upon itself to define what legitimate violence is, and it is claiming a monopoly on the use of force, demanding that others accept its unilateral definitions. If they do not, they will be accused of being hostile, or worse. All practical resistance to Israel, whether violent or political, is an act whose purpose is illegitimate."21/9/2006
Government Investigation CommitteeGershon Baskin - Jerusalem Times - "It is appropriate to ask why a committee was never established to investigate the failures of policy and performance of past and present Israeli governments vis-ŕ-vis the peace process?" 20/9/2006
In the name of security, but not for its sake Amira Hass- Haaretz - "... a clear political paradigm: maximum weakening, in every possible way, of the Palestinian national collective "20/9/2006
A roadblock armyYechiam Weitz - Ynetnews - "What do we want – a defense force or a roadblock force?" 20/9/2006
Money not only for Jews Shuli Dichter- Haaretz - "The tradition of discrimination against Arab-Israelis is quiet and rooted."20/9/2006
Today`s situation from ArigaRobert Rosenberg - - The U.S. has apparently fallen into line with the Israeli position (unless it was Israel falling into line with the U.S. position) that says that without an explicit recognition of Israel, a denunciation of violence, and a Palestinian government acceptance of all previous agreements signed by the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, there will be no American recognition of the Hamas-Fateh coalition. 19/9/2006
The Emir from AfghanistanReuven Kaminer -- “On any given day, we on the left will be ready to condemn Hezbollah`s denial of the right of Israel to exist alongside an independent viable Palestinian state. But we are painfully aware that Israel and its major ally cannot be exempted from their share of responsibility”18/9/2006
Help! Peacemongers!Uri Avnery -- Gush Shalom – “In the eyes of the Israeli leadership, the peace initiative - any peace initiative - is nothing but an evil conspiracy of the peacemongers to rob us of these territories. It would compel us to put an end to the settlement enterprise - which has not stopped for a moment since 1968, and which is even now in full swing - and to dismantle the existing settlements”18/9/2006
My Israel questionAnthony Loewenstein - Znet - How often do we hear that the Left is infected with a vicious Jew-hatred? And how often do Jews tell each other that every criticism of Israel is driven by a pathological rejection of Israel’s right to exist? I’m here to tell those Jews that it’s time to stop living like it’s 1948.17/9/2006
The US and Israel: Axis of AggressionEdward S. Herman - Z Magazine - The UN, created specifically to prevent “the scourge of war,” has failed to pose any serious constraining force on the serial aggressions by the United States or those of its Israeli client.17/9/2006
Hostage to 9/11Mahdi Abdul Hadi - Bitterlemons - 9/11 brought the issues of religious identity and national identity, i.e. faith and patriotism, to the fore. But rather than reflecting carefully about what these meant, they were distorted and twisted by all sides in this new climate of fear and vengeance17/9/2006
Not just politics and security Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - The Palestinian cause has become a victim of 9/11 in more than one respect. First and foremost, 9/11 enabled Israel to successfully conflate the legitimate Palestinian struggle and resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation with terrorism. 17/9/2006
Malaysian PM addresses US/Israel from NAM Havana conferenceThe Star - Malaysia - “We support the accord reached by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas to form the unity government as this will bring about stability in the region.16/9/2006
Bashar and Bishara get it Ofer Shinar - Ynet News - "A different reading of reality shows that Syria is reacting logically to the Israeli desire to become enclosed behind high walls and prevent any dialogue between the peoples. In a recent Tel Aviv lecture by New York psychoanalyst Neil Altman, he noted that acts of suicide and terror by young Palestinians may also be interpreted as an attempt to make contact with the Israeli public.16/9/2006
What Aharon Barak leaves behind (Tom Segev tackles legend)Tom Segev - Haaretz - "Barak began his tenure as Israel`s Supreme Court president when it seemed that many countries were entering an era of relative freedom, with the collapse of the Communist empire and the apartheid regime in South Africa. The situation in Gaza and the West Bank, by contrast, persistently worsened; the Palestinians` human rights were increasingly eroded. Again and again they appealed to Aharon Barak`s Supreme Court and usually did not receive the succor they sought. When Effi Eitam`s trucks show up to expel them, it`s unclear whether the Supreme Court will protect them.16/9/2006
Source: Significant progress in talks for Shalit`s releaseAli Waked-YNet News-"Shalit noted that the kidnapping affair has caused pain to "hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians, who have since been suffering from military pressure, a siege and destruction imposed by the State of Israel, in addition to hundreds of people killed and injured.""15/9/2006
Report: Shalit sent letter to IsraelRoee Nahmias/Ahiya Raved-YNet News-"The report said that former deputy Shin Bet head Ofer Dekel, who was appointed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to negotiate Shalit`s release, traveled to Cairo two days ago where he was handed the letter." 15/9/2006
Crisis managementAvi Issacharoff-Haaretz-"Abbas carried out a near mission-impossible in the days following the second Lebanon war: putting the Palestinian issue back in the headlines in Israel, the Arab world and even in Europe."15/9/2006
Israel’s failed invasionAmnon Kapeliouk-Le Monde Diplomatique -"Instead of exchanging the two Israeli soldiers captured by Hizbullah for Hizbullah fighters in Israeli custody (as the foreign minister, Tzippi Livni, finally suggested in mid-August), Peretz sided with his chief of staff."15/9/2006
Olmert should have more of an insight than most into terrorism Geoffrey Wheatcroft - The Guardian - "Sixty years ago the sort of atrocity that Israel`s leaders habitually condemn helped bring the country into being "14/9/2006
Israel encroaching on Lebanon territory Jordan Times - "UN peacekeepers on Wednesday asked Israel`s army to pull down a new barbed-wire barrier that Lebanon said encroached on its territory but Israel denied it was on Lebanese soil, in a test of the month-old ceasefire." 14/9/2006
The Dream Philosophy of Paranoids : Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-SemitismNORMAN FINKELSTEIN - Counterpunch - "A central thesis of my book Beyond Chutzpah is that whenever Israel faces a public relations debacle its apologists sound the alarm that a "new anti-Semitism" is upon us."14/9/2006
When rockets and phosphorous cluster Meron Rapoport - Haaretz - "The commander asserted that there was massive use of MLRS rockets despite the fact that they are known to be very inaccurate - the rockets` deviation from the target reaches to around 1,200 meters - and that a substantial percentage do not explode and become mines. Due to these facts, most experts view cluster ammunitions as a "non-discerning" weapon that is prohibited for use in a civilian environment."14/9/2006
Hamas declares: EU to lift PA siege upon unity government 1) Saed Bannoura - IMEMC; 2) Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz - European states have signaled to the Hamas government that they intend to lift the economic embargo on the Palestinian Authority once a national unity government is established, according to Ahmed Yusef, political adviser to Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.13/9/2006
Hamas returns to the PLO fold, says Fatah spokesmanMaan-Jerusalem correspondent - "The agreement between Abbas and Haniyeh is based on five points: the resignation of the current government, the establishment of a Palestinian state in the 1967 lands, the application of the Cairo agreement including the truce, the PLO as the legitimate representative of Palestinian people, the respect of the Palestinian Authority`s commitments and that the incoming government be the right hand of the president in order to help him apply his program," the Fatah spokesman in the West Bank told Ma`an on Wednesday. 13/9/2006
`The Syrians aren`t eager to arm Hezbollah`Akiva Eldar - Haaretz - "If we don`t all make an effort, we are marching directly to catastrophe. Therefore I often break the rules of political correctness and express myself in strong language. The risk that I`m taking on myself is nothing compared to the dangers lying in wait for you." [Spanish FM Moratinos in interview]13/9/2006
Daughter of German Jewish leader speaks outEvelyn Hecht-Galinski - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - "The stereotypical cycle – Israel destroys and the Europeans reconstruct, until Israel again wreaks havoc, driving the masses into poverty and leading to the economic decline of the Occupied Territories – must be broken.11/9/2006
Free them, nowGideon Levy - Haaretz - If I were, heaven forbid, the father of a soldier who had been abducted to Lebanon or Gaza, I would bitterly raise my voice as loud as possible and tell the government: Free prisoners, now.10/9/2006
A policy of punishmentIsmail Haniyeh - Your people understand the Palestinians suffer a great injustice, Mr Blair - but you are adding to it 10/9/2006
Comments on DershowitzNoam Chomsky - Znet - Alan Dershowitz’s regular little performances are eminently ignorable, including the one reproduced below. But since I’ve been asked several times for comments on this one, a few follow.10/9/2006
The narrative in the Israeli-Palestinian context Walid Salem - Bitterlemons - Should Palestinians understand/recognize the Israeli narrative about their plight? If they do, will it only deepen the asymmetry that characterizes Israeli-Palestinian relations?10/9/2006
Second Madrid Conference - Now!Yossi Beilin - Forward - "The fate of the Middle East, over which recent events in both Gaza and Lebanon cast a foreboding shadow, is dependent on five weak leaders.9/9/2006
The First Post-Zionist WarRoni Ben Efrat - Challenge - "If there`s a single ray of light from this war, it is that it has sharpened the alternatives before which Israel stands. Unilateral solutions, based on military superiority, are no longer viable. In the end, the country will have to decide on a direction. A peace treaty with Syria and Lebanon will not solve the conflict at its root. The question of questions, on which Israel has stumbled time and again, remains that of the Palestinians."7/9/2006
Time for fateful decisionsAzmi Bishara-Haaretz-The conclusions from this quagmire can only be political. There may be technical, operational and military conclusions, but that is not the crux of the public political interest. Politics, public opinion and the citizenry are supposed to be preoccupied with the question of how to change direction and take advantage of the opportunity that exists now for a comprehensive peace that was missed. 6/9/2006
Mind the gap Ghassan Khatib-bitterlemons-The differences in the two narratives are very deep and serious. They encompass the whole array of historical, religious, cultural and political facets of the conflict6/9/2006
Rage of the Elephant: Israel in LebanonRonnie Kasrils - Mail and Guardian, Johannesburg. (Editor`s comment (VB): In contrast to the author, I believe that attacks on any unarmed people anywhere - in Lebanon and Gaza and also Israel - are unjustifiable. But if I could, I would make this article a required reading for the Israeli government and citizens. In addition to being criminal, the latest attack on Lebanon was suicidal.)5/9/2006
Another fatal day in the `war on terror`Patrick Cockburn - The Independent - "The real reason of the increasing violence in the Middle East is the return to imperial control and foreign occupation half a century after the European colonial empires were broken up. This is the fuel for Islamic militancy. This is why fanatical but isolated Islamic groups can suddenly win broader support. The attempts by America and Britain to crush Islamic militancy across the Middle East are making sure it will become stronger. "5/9/2006
New Orientalism`s `barbarians` and `outlaws`Alastair Crooke - The Daily Star - "Since the "new barbarians" live outside of civilization, civilized rules no longer apply to them: if "they" win elections they can still not be part of "us" - office holders and parliamentarians can be abducted and interned without a murmur; members of "barbarian" movements can be arrested and taken away for imprisonment and torture in other countries, and barbarian leaders, whether or not legitimately elected, can be assassinated at the pleasure of Western leaders. 35/9/2006
Olmert backs off from West Bank pull-out with settlements planAmy Teibel in Jerusalem - The Independent - "The government of the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has issued bids to build 700 homes in the West Bank - its largest settlement construction project since taking office in May. "5/9/2006
Errors of the war on terror Financier/philanthropist George Soros - Haaretz - (...) Another weakness of the war-on-terror concept is that it relies on military action and rules out political approaches. Israel withdrew from Lebanon and then from Gaza unilaterally, rather than negotiating political settlements with the Lebanese government and the Palestinian Authority. The strengthening of Hezbollah and Hamas was a direct consequence of that approach. The war-on- terror concept (...) denies the fact that our actions may shape their behavior.4/9/2006
Robert Fisk-ex-president Iran: US aggression is fuelling extremismRobert Fisk - The Independent - "The policies of the neo-conservatives have created a war that creates more extremists and radicals," he told The Independent in Chicago. "The events of 9/11 gave them this ability to create fear and anxiety ... and to create new policies of their own and now events are creating an expansion of extremists on both sides.4/9/2006
Historical narratives and peacemaking Paul Scham - Bitter lemons - In the aftermath of the second Lebanese war, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict almost seems shoved to the side, at least for many Israelis. Yet it is still a fundamental cause of Middle East instability, and its root causes must be dealt with if there is ever to be peace.4/9/2006
Israeli industrialist: Unemployment breeds fundamentalism Tani Goldstein - Ynet News - [Wertheimer:] "Fundamentalism stems from unemployment. A man without a job is desperate; he doesn’t want to live anyway. Add to this strong religious conviction, and he reaches a self-destructive state of mind and is willing to kill himself. Give him work – and he’ll think differently.4/9/2006
Hurtling towards the next IntifadaJonathan Cook - Znet - The nature of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is irreconcilable as long as Israel sees itself as a "Jewish and democratic" state. This is the premise of my book. The Jewish and democratic myth keeps Israelis both from examining the essentially undemocratic nature of their state -- what social scientists often term an ethnic state or an ethnocracy -- and from finding a peaceful solution to their conflict with the Palestinians.3/9/2006
The case against collaboration between India and IsraelRaja Swamy - Znet - It is increasingly apparent that the Indian government cannot continue to expand military and economic ties with Israel, and still expect to be untarnished by this association in the eyes of the world.3/9/2006
The pro-Likud press accuses anti-imperialists of "fascism"Jim Lobe - IPS/Commondreams - The aggressive new campaign by the administration of President George W. Bush to depict U.S. foes in the Middle East as "fascists" and its domestic critics as "appeasers" owes a great deal to steadily intensifying efforts by the right-wing press over the past several months to draw the same comparison. 3/9/2006
Compassion is the only way to peaceD`vorah Kost - Commondreams - Now is the time for all Jews and Muslims who care about their people and humanity to prioritize compassion for all.3/9/2006
Criticize Israel? You`re an anti-Semite!Rosa Brooks - Los Angeles Times/Commondreams - Publish something sharply critical of Israeli government policies and you`ll find out. If you`re lucky, you`ll merely discover that you`ve been uninvited to some dinner parties.3/9/2006
The Question that will not be asked Gershon Baskin - Jerusalem Post & Newsbull - "The conclusions of the national investigation commission will deal with re-arming, military tactics and strategies and the personal failures of officers and leaders during the war – all in preparation for the next war. The one and perhaps most important question that the commission will not even ask is: wasn’t there a way to entirely prevent the eruption of the war and to still achieve the strategic goals put forth by the Government?" 2/9/2006
Their view of the world is through a bombsight Noam Chomsky - The Guardian - "King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Washington`s oldest ally in the region, was compelled to say: "If the peace option is rejected due to the Israeli arrogance, then only the war option remains, and no one knows the repercussions befalling the region, including wars and conflict that will spare no one, including those whose military power is now tempting them to play with fire." 2/9/2006
Anything could happen Robert Rosenberg - Ariga/The Electronic Intifada - "One leading political analyst has been using the image of a dark room in which the politicians are blindfolded, trying to assess the size of the beast they call public furor". 2/9/2006
Unsporting behavior Haaretz Editorial - Haaretz - [Editor`s comment: this Haaretz editorial, bitterly complaining of the European Soccer and Basketball federations refusing to allow Israeli teams to `host` foreign teams, is a new indication of how sensitive Israeli society is to the most light form of international sanctions (as opposed to its insensitivity to the air and sea blockade of Lebanon - not to speak of the by now half-year long total boycott of the Palestinians). A.K.]2/9/2006
Needed: A new mind-setNaomi Chazan - The Jerusalem Post - "The hegemonic mind-set has dominated Israeli thinking in the past few years. Its most obvious characteristic is a heady self-assurance bordering on arrogance. This ubiquitous hubris has been severely jolted by the Lebanon experience, but it is still unclear whether this shock will also inject sufficient doses of humility necessary to dig below its surface." 2/9/2006
The surprise partyB. Michael - Yediot Aharonot - "While our leaders are getting tongue tied in an effort to find the most efficient tactic for political survival, the arch enemy demonstrates how a leader is supposed to conduct himself. There`s no need to believe a single word, but we can certainly appreciate the show."2/9/2006
After Lebanon, Israel Is Looking For More warsJonathan"...Saeb Erekat pointed out the obvious: that the seizure of half the cabinet was making it impossible for Fatah, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, to negotiate with Hamas over joining a government of national unity. "1/9/2006
Peace is neither a privilege nor a luxuryYariv Oppenheimer-Ma`ariv and APN Web Site- "Israeli society must accept the immediate need to quickly move towards peace with Syria and the Palestinians, and to establish a Palestinian state that will live as a neighbor alongside Israel."1/9/2006
Noam Chomsky: You Ask The Questions Noam Chomsky - The Independent-"Do you think Israel is doing the West`s dirty work by combating Hizbollah, i.e., Iran and Syria?"1/9/2006
Doubts Grow Over Bush`s Syria PolicyJim Lobe-Inter Press Service/Common Dreams News Center-‘`Bush has been convinced by self-appointed spokesmen for Israel and the Jewish community that endless war is in Israel`s interest,``1/9/2006
New title: Road Map to Nowhere: Israel/Palestine Since 2003, by Tanya Reinhart"The Road Map to Nowhere is a devastating and timely book, essential to understanding the current state of the Israel/Palestine crisis and the propaganda that infects its coverage. "13/9/2006
"Blair is no help to the Middle East". Two letters of interest to the Guardian1)Chris Doyle - "Having finally obtained his visa from George Bush to visit the Middle East, Tony Blair must rank as one of the most unwelcome British visitors to the region in decades. This visit is too late for those Lebanese and Palestinians whose lives have been destroyed because he failed to stand up for civilised values." 2) Janet Powney - "Perhaps while our prime minister is in Israel he could ask Ehud Olmert why Israel considered it necessary to hinder the 23 Europeans on a Peace Cycle mission from London to Jerusalem as they have tried to travel in the West Bank."13/9/2006
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