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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

In Pictures: The Bees of Bil`in AlJazeera - Women`s collective in small Ramallah village view bee farming as a way to learn more about community living [ry]21/4/2014
In West Bank, Israeli and Palestinian teens arrested for rock throwing face different fatesAssociated Press - Fox News - "The boys were both 15, with the crackly voices and awkward peach fuzz of adolescence. They lived just a few minutes away from one another in the West Bank. And both were accused of throwing stones at vehicles, one day after the other. But there was a crucial difference that helped to shape each boy`s fate: One was Israeli, and the other Palestinian" [ry]21/4/2014
Clashes break as Israeli troops escort settlers to Joseph`s TombMa`an - Israeli forces clashed with local Palestinians near Joseph`s Tomb east of Nablus on Sunday morning, locals and Palestinian security sources told Ma`an. The clashes broke after hundreds of Jewish Israelis arrived at Joseph`s Tomb around midnight and performed religious rituals at the site, escorted by dozens of Israeli military vehicles. [bz]20/4/2014
Abbas threatens to dismantle Palestinian AuthorityElior Levy - Ynet - The era of the two-state solution may soon be rocked by a decision that could signal its demise. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is mulling the merits of a proposal to dismantle the Palestinian Authority, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday morning. [bz]20/4/2014
Why Israeli officials are chuckling: The `stable` West Bank dilemmaRamzy Baroud Ma`an News Agency - "In a recent interview with The Economist, Elkin used the familiar tone of being conceited and oblivious to such notions as international or human rights, and reaffirmed his rejection of a Palestinian state." ca 18/4/2014
Thousands march across West Bank and Gaza to mark Prisoners DayMa`an News Agency - " Large demonstrations took place in Hebron, Gaza City, Jenin, Nablus, and Ramallah to mark the day of solidarity with the more than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners currently being held in Israeli prisons. The demonstrations took place amid a major row with Israel over its failure to release a batch of prisoners held for more than twenty years as previously agreed upon as a part of ongoing peace negotiations." ca 18/4/2014
Father of young woman killed by soldiers petitions High Court to oblige MAG to handle case promptlyB’Tselem - "Munir al-Hanash, whose daughter Lubna was shot and killed by soldiers on 23 January 2013 near al-‘Arrub refugee camp, filed a petition today to Israel’s High Court of Justice together with Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, demanding that the court oblige Military Advocate General Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni to decide whether to indict the soldiers who killed his daughter or close the case" [ry]15/4/2014
Army Surrounds Ithna Town Near HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The invasion started after an Israeli settler was shot and killed, and three others were injured, apparently by Palestinian fire. Local sources told the Ma`an News Agency that dozens of soldiers invaded the town, and started breaking into homes, stores and various buildings, and interrogated dozens of Palestinians. No arrests were reported until the time of this report" [ry]15/4/2014
Erekat blasts Israeli sanctions as ‘piracy’AP and AFP - "Saeb Erekat said Friday that “the Israeli decision to withhold these funds is piracy. … It cannot be maintained.” He also said talks persist, though “gaps remain big.” ca 12/4/2014
VIDEO: Rabbis Call for Divestment from Hewlett-PackardChris Carlson - IMEMC "Hewlett-Packard makes electronic systems Israel uses to control the movement of Palestinians and has been specifically targeted in a number of divestment campaigns...The Electronic Intifada has previously reported on Israel’s revocation of Palestinian Jerusalemites’ residency rights." ca 11/4/2014
Israel Withholds Palestinian Tax Revenue, Freezes AccountsJason Ditz - "While Israel couched the move as “punishment” for the Palestinians, the PA’s chief negotiator Saeb Erekat dubbed the move “theft,” saying it was also a violation of international law and would further harm the attempts to resume talks." ca11/4/2014
Army Blocks Agricultural Road Leading To Thousands Of Dunams In HebronIMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli army closed a main agricultural road that leads to thousands of Dunams of Palestinian farmlands, east of Beit Ummar town, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron. The road was blocked 1by a 20-centimeter high concrete wall." ca11/4/2014
Palestinian workers in Israeli settlementsAssaf Adiv - Chllenge - "... for those Palestinians employed at the plants and construction sites, there is no employment alternative in PA areas, and thus they have no choice." - id 9/4/2014
Young family threatened by house demolitionInternational Solidarity Movement - ISM - "When an ISM activist asked Wesam and Ansar what they think of their future, they answered: “There’s an occupation here, what can we do?”. 9/4/2014
Thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem Without WaterChris Carlson - IMEMC - "Basic daily tasks, like brushing one`s teeth, have become a challenge -- showers, a luxury. Families often send their clothes to relatives, elsewhere in the city, to wash them." - id 9/4/2014
`Land isn`t enough; the army takes olives, too`Mya Guarnieri - +972 - "No, the Nakba wasn’t enough for Israel. It’s not enough that the Palestinians have been dispossessed, that Israel continues to eat away at what little land the Palestinians have left, that many Palestinian farmers can’t even reach their property. It’s not enough that Israel restricts freedom of movement, hijacks water resources, and stunts the Palestinian economy. No, none of that is enough" [ry] 8/4/2014
Five Palestinians Kidnapped Near NablusIMEMC & Agencies - "The four have been identified as ‘Alaa’ Mahmoud Odeily, 20, Mohammad Odai Odeily, 23, Azzam Rasmy Odeily, 21, and Mazen Nathir Odeily, 16 years of age" [ry]8/4/2014
Video: Bitounia, near Ofer prison, 4.4.2014 5/4/2014
Israeli Forces Demolish Dwellings for Eight Families near Nablus, Car Wash Shop in SalfitChris Carlson - IMEMC - "...soldiers cordoned off the area before embarking on the demolition process without any prior notice." - id2/4/2014
11 Palestinian MPs and Minister Still in PrisonChris Carlson - International Middle East Media Center - "Israeli forces mean to extend the detention of MPs when their service is about to end. They suffer from various diseases and very bad conditions within the prison system." - id 2/4/2014
Visualizing Occupation: Children under Israel`s legal regimeMichal Vexler - +972 - "The visual below demonstrates what would happen should two 12-year-old boys, one Israeli and one Palestinian, get arrested for fighting." - id2/4/2014
`Price Tag` vandals target Christian Monastery in JerusalemIMEMC - During the night Israeli extremists wrote racist graffiti on the walls of the Rafat Latin Monetary in West Jerusalem. The graffiti included insults against the Virgin Mary and threats to "make the Palestinians pay the price for the peace process”, as well as descriptions of the United States as “Nazi Germany”. The Islamic- Christian Committee for protecting Holy Sites warned that the fanatics` attacks on mosques, churches and the graveyards of both religions are on the rise. While more mainstream Israeli right-wingers are trying to cultivate Evangelists and Christian Zionists, more fanatic groups regard all Christians as "idolators" and "enemies of the Jewish people". ak 1/4/2014
Father of Palestinian youth killed by soldiers in Budrus petitions High Court to end delay in investigationB’Tselem - "Whereas the MAG Corps cites the complexity of the investigation as grounds for the prolonged delay in reaching a decision about the case, the petitioners say that `complex investigation` cannot be used as a catchall phrase to relieve the MAG Corps of its responsibility for ensuring that investigation and prosecution procedures are timely and effective. This is of particular concern as the MAG Corps regularly cites the complexity of investigations as grounds for lengthy delays in all cases of Palestinians killed by soldiers" [ry]31/3/2014
Israel offers Palestinians new talks proposal AlJazeera - The move aims to prevent collapse of peace process, after Tel Aviv failed to free 26 Palestinian prisoners [ry]31/3/2014
Israeli bulldozers destroy mosque, medical center in East JerusalemMa`an - Israeli bulldozers demolished a Palestinian-owned building that housed a mosque, a medical center, and apartments in East Jerusalem early Wednesday, witnesses told Ma‘an. The owner, Abu Ghaliya told Ma‘an that his building was demolished "without prior notice". The first floor of the building held a mosque and a medical center, while the second floor consisted of two apartments housing 11 family members. He and his family had tried for 18 years to obtain a construction permits from the Jerusalem municipality. Though the mayor of Jerusalem "approved construction in the area, ... the Israeli ministry of interior opposed construction." [bz]29/3/2014
When Israeli settlers attack and steal, Palestinians now have a strategyDaniel Estrin - PRI - “If a problem erupts, we need to announce it through the mosque declaration system. The whole village will know about it,” Daghlas said. “Secondly, everyone should gather. We need numbers to combat such a situation." "Number three, we need to immediately to let a Palestinian coordination officer know — for contacting Israeli soldiers to evacuate the settlers and avoid Palestinians harming them. (...) Settler attacks can happen as frequently as every week, said Sarit Michaeli of the Israeli rights group Btselem. These spontaneous vigilante groups — neighborhood watch-style — are the only real way Palestinians can protect themselves from settler attacks, she said, because the Israeli security forces aren’t doing their job properly. [bz]29/3/2014
Humanitarian Bulletin: Monthly Report, February 2014Between 11 and 13 March, the Gaza Strip and southern Israel witnessed the most serious escalation in hostilities since the Pillar of Defense operation in November 2012. Tension has also been exacerbated by multiple demonstrations in the restricted areas along Gaza’s perimeter fence, triggering live shooting by Israeli forces.-rh27/3/2014
Urgent Action: Please oppose the creation of a new settlement in Hebron.Christian Peacemaker Teams - Settlers have won a victory in their ongoing attempt to grab land for a new settlement in Hebron. On March 11 the Israeli Supreme Court agreed to hand over the Al-Rajabi building in the Old City of Hebron to settlers, despite the devastating humanitarian impacts of the decision on Palestinians living in the neighborhood. The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) has appealed to the international community to speak out against the creation of a new settlement in the Old City of Hebron, and to appeal to the Defense minister to prevent settlers from moving into the building.-rh27/3/2014
‘Nobody knew where I was, nobody… I was simply disappeared’: An Italian tourist’s Ben Gurion nightmareAndrea Pesce - Mondoweiss - They argued that I was a liar because I didn’t say that somebody was waiting for me in Bethlehem, and that those who lie at the border will be not allowed to enter the country.-rh 27/3/2014
When the "Peace" Process Grinds to a Halt, What Then?Jonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - US interests overlap with those of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel has been the chief beneficiary of the past eight months: diplomatic pressure has largely lifted, Israeli officials have announced an aggressive programme of settlement building in return for releasing a few dozen Palestinian prisoners and the White House has gradually shifted ground even further towards Israel’s hardline positions.-rh 27/3/2014
Senior Fatah Leader links Israeli prisoner release to UN pushDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - A leading Palestinian official has said that the end of March, rather than the end of April, could be the date that the Palestinian leadership moves to join United Nations agencies.- rh27/3/2014
Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinian civilians and armed group member and wound 12 civilians in Jenin refugee campInternational Solidarity Movement - According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 02:00 on the Saturday, 22 March 2014, an Israeli special military force from “Alimam” Unit in the Israeli military, which is described as “an anti-terrorism unit” infiltrated into the south of Jenin refugee camp, west of Jenin. The Israeli force surrounded a two-storey house belonging to the family of ‘Azmi Mohammed Mahmoud al-Hasaniyah (67) in Tal’et al-Ghabes area.-rh 27/3/2014
Mahmoud Abbas vs Mohammed Dahlan: The Showdown BeginsRamzy Baroud - Countercurrents - On March 16, in an ‘interview’ with privately owned Egyptian Dream 2 satellite channel that lasted hours, Dahlan was granted uncontested space to articulate his political agenda as he saw fit. Dahlan called Abbas a “catastrophe” for the Palestinians. “The Palestinian people can no longer bear a catastrophe like Mahmoud Abbas. Since the day he came to power, tragedies have struck the Palestinian people. I may be one of the people who bear the blame for bringing this catastrophe upon the Palestinian people.”-rh 27/3/2014
Israel`s Wildcard: The Man Who Could Stop The Peace ProcessJulia Amalia Heyer - Spiegel online - The former businessman is the head of the nationalist-religious Jewish Home, a party that promotes settlement policies, and one of the most vocal opponents of any development even remotely connected to the "peace process". Since US Secretary of State John Kerry convinced the Israelis and Palestinians to begin negotiating with each other again, Bennett has been sparring with anyone who endorses the talks.-rh 27/3/2014
Water apartheid in Palestine - a crime against humanity?Ayman Rabi - The Ecologist - "...the deliberate, systematic, purposeful water discrimination and resource theft carried out in Occupied Palestine by the Occupation and Mekorot must be recognised for what they are - crimes against humanity." - id 26/3/2014
The Man, the Lad and the Boy: Each Person is in Himself a Sea Tamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - "I decided to talk about the detainment of Palestinians by the army through the story of three people; I attempted to portray the larger picture by using personal stories. These people aren’t heroes nor are they warriors, provocateurs, protestors or people who had made names for themselves. A man, a lad and a boy, they are just three among the thousands that are crushed under the violent and vicious boot of the executors of the policy that aims to break the spirit and daily life of the Palestinian people" [ry]25/3/2014
Tires of 34 cars punctured in East Jerusalem neighborhoodNoam (Dabul) Dvir - Ynet - "Goyim in the country = enemies" also sprayed in Hebrew on a bus in Beit Hanina. Last month, the tires of 21 vehicles were slashed. Police has yet to apprehend any perpetrators. bz24/3/2014
Palestinians in East Jerusalem wreck their own homes to avoid bulldozers and finesSamuel Gilbert - Al Jazeera - "Palestinian communities are denied basic services from the municipality as severe restrictions on growth and development are imposed on them," Sarit Micheaeli, director of the Israeli human rights organisation B`Tselem, told Al Jazeera. "Meanwhile, Israeli communities - or settlements in East Jerusalem - get full support from the government." bz 24/3/2014
The story behind the wanted Hamas man in JeninGideon Levy--I first met Hamzi in June 2003 when he was 11 and both his parents were in jail; two weeks ago when I saw him again, he didn`t seem like a wanted fugitive. He was killed in Jenin Saturday.dn23/3/2014
Israeli Violations Since the Resumption of NegotiationsPLO Negotiations Affairs Department`s March update providing numbers on raids, arrests, killings, injuries, military use of live ammunitions and air raids, house demolitions, settler violence and ongoing settlement building. bz22/3/2014
Three Palestinians killed during IDF operation in JeninYoav Zitun - Ynet - Attempted arrest of wanted Hamas fugitive in West Bank ends in shoot-out; Israeli forces attacked by hundreds of Palestinians after the operation. Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesperson for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, blamed Israel for what he called an "escalation" in the West Bank, and demanded the American administration act immediately "to prevent the collapse of everything." bz 22/3/2014
Hares Boys Anniversary Still Worries Global ActivistsElischa Fludd--March15 was the one-year anniversary of the arrest and detention of five Palestinian boys from Hares accused of attempted murder by way of stone throwing. The Hares Boys are a symbol of oppressed youth under occupation rule. The events surrounding the arrests and subsequent trials held in Israel instead of the West Bank are causing new waves of concern about the injustices the occupied peoples face. dn22/3/2014
Photos of the week: Prayer, protests, and arrests in the streetsActive.Stills Org - "Activestills is a collective of Israeli, Palestinian, and international photographers, united by a conviction that photography is a vehicle for political and social change. Our images are frequently published by many leading human rights, development, and advocacy agencies." ca21/3/2014
Italian “expo” will showcase Israeli propagandaStephanie Westbrook - Electronic Intifada "...boasts of “120 years of agricultural research,” spiriting viewers back to times when the Zionist dream was a mere twinkle in the eye of Theodor Herzl, as well as “inventions that have helped put food on the table of millions of people around the world.” A 2012 United Nations “food security” survey shows that Palestinian families are not among the “millions” who have supposedly benefited. Some 19 percent of households in the occupied West Bank and a staggering 57 percent in Gaza are defined as “food insecure.”ca21/3/2014
Jerusalem Initiative to Sue Israel for Repressive MeasuresChris Carlson - IMEMC - A Jerusalemite initiative, under the name "Worship is my right", started on Wednesday, aiming to expose Israel’s policies and violent practices against Palestinians, Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem, with the hope of securing thousands of signatures -- enough to sue Israel in the international courts.-rh 20/3/2014
Gaza refugees learn of food aid cuts by text messagesRami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - Through a text message on her mobile phone, Naima Abu Hasanin learned that she will stop receiving food aid. The message came from the UN agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA), which told the single middle-aged woman from the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah that she was no longer categorized as poor.-rh 19/3/2014
Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupationManal Ja’bri - +972 - For the past several years, Palestinian women from all walks of life have been taking part in a video project to document human rights violations under occupation. In honor of International Women’s Day, one of them tells her story.-rh19/3/2014
One year on: the Hares BoysInternational Solidarity Movement - Yesterday the Hares Boys, who are being charged with 20 counts of attempted murder with no evidence whatsoever, have been in an Israeli prison for one year. Now is more important than ever to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the unlawful arrest and imprisonment of Mohammad Suleiman, Ammar Souf, Mohammed Kleib, Tamer Souf, and Ali Shamlawi.-rh 19/3/2014
Gaza residents fear new warAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - During interviews with Al-Monitor on the morning of March 13, Gazans expressed their fears of a new war. "We were struck by terror last night after local rockets were launched [at Israel]. We were awaiting an Israeli response, and thought the sound of thunder was shelling. However, every time [we heard a sound], the sky would light up confirming it was thunder, thus we breathed a sigh of relief," said Khitam al-Hamayda.-rh 19/3/2014
Minister`s Temple Mount visits provoke PalestiniansMazal Mualem - Al-Monitor - Despite the tense atmosphere at the site and the riots that occurred there that very morning, Ariel turned down a recommendation by the police that he forgo this visit and decided just to shorten it. The combined religious and nationalist significance of the Purim holiday and the provocative visit by a right-wing minister at the contentious site, accompanied by a security detail as he wandered among the Muslim worshippers, could easily have caused an incident that could have gotten out of control and set the whole region aflame.-rh 19/3/2014
16 year old boy killed by army fire south of HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The 16 years old Nayef Yousef Abu Aker, from Deir al-‘Asal village, south of Doura city in the Hebron district, had reportedly been trying to climb the Annexation Wall in the Ramadeen area, when he was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers. The army is currently withholding the body, and informed the Palestinian side that his body will be handed over to the family in the coming hours. This is the latest in an increasing number of incidents of fatal shooting by soldiers in various parts of the West Bank. ak 19/3/2014
PHOTOS: 13 days without water in East JerusalemRyan Rodrick Beiler - Locals say that Ras Shehada has had problems with water for more than two months, and Ras Khamis for more than 15 days, generally with low pressure and occasional cut-offs, and that this is the worst extended outage that these neighborhoods have ever experienced. With the rooftop reserve tanks now emptied, residents have no choice but to buy water at high prices from local vendors.-rh19/3/2014
Gaza power plant resumes operations - electricity for housholds 8 hours on , 8 hours offMa`an - Gaza`s sole power station resumed generating electricity on Monday after Israel allowed fuel deliveries into the besieged coastal enclave. Jamal Dardasawi, a public information officer for the power plant, told Ma`an that the company would resume the former distribution system to households of eight hours with electricity and eight hours without. ak18/3/2014
“You’re not allowed to use public transportation at all”Ofra Yeshua-Lyth--I arrived at 4 PM at the bus terminal (near what is called the “Shomron Gate Junction”). Until five it looked like nothing was going to happen. Blessed boredom. Travellers get on and get off, including some who look like Palestinians. A military vehicle behind the bus honked with pointless violence and suddenly activated a siren, surely that was nothing more than the simple boorishness of the soldiers who are the lords of the land. dn16/3/2014
The Israeli drone and the Palestinian tent encampmentAmira Hass - Haaretz "A surveillance drone hovers leisurely above Jerusalem’s Old City. Helicopters in the service of the Civil Administration are an integral part of the footwork of demolition-happy inspectors. They hover above Palestinian communities in Area C...There is a direct relationship between Israel’s advanced technology and the denial of basic planning and housing rights. The more developed the technology, the more it succeeds in preventing the Palestinians from maintaining a shred of normalcy in their lives." ca14/3/2014
WATCH: Hebron man faces arrest for waving Palestinian flag on his roofMairav Zonszein - +972 "Video footage released by B’Tselem (here below) was filmed by Shadi Sidr, who lives in the Israeli-controlled H2 area of Hebron, caught a settler on tape trespassing onto his property to try and remove his Palestinian flag from the roof, but getting caught in the barbwire fence and eventually forced to retreat. Several minutes later, five armed Israeli soldiers come up to the roof and threaten to arrest him if he does not pull down the flag. According to Israeli military rule, soldiers can order any person to remove a flag or other symbol or sign if they deem it to be a threat to the public peace/security. The irony of course is that the settler was the one breaking into Sidr’s home." ca14/3/2014
Health Condition of Hunger Striking Prisoners DeterioratingChris Carlson - IMEMC "The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said that 12 Palestinian detainees have declared hunger strike in Israeli jails.PPS said that Ofer prison administration pressured three of the hunger strikers to put an end to their protest steps." CA14/3/2014
Updated: Free the Nabi Saleh threeInternational Solidarity Movement - An Israeli military judge ruled that six demonstrators who were kidnapped from their homes three weeks ago, could be released on bail of 2500 shekels each. With the help of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and the villagers, three of the prisoners, Fadel Tamimi (54) Mohammed Tamimi ( 24) Basel Tamimi (16) have already been released. We need your help to raise the remaining 7000 shekels to release Jihad Tamimi (25) Mahmud Tamimi (21) Rami Tamimi (36). Any amount will help.-rh 13/3/2014
Human rights groups agree: Israel is shooting Palestinian civiliansBen White - Middle East Monitor - Human Rights Watch, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Amnesty International, DCI-Palestine, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, B`Tselem - these different human rights group agree on one, disturbing truth: Israeli soldiers are shooting Palestinian civilians.-rh 13/3/2014
International Women`s Day : 22 Palestinian women held in Israeli jailsUFree - Palestinian female political and detainees suffer harsh detention conditions due to the Israeli prison administration`s deliberate medical negligence, ill-treatment, humiliating strip search, and ban on family visits in a clear violation of basic human rights and international law.-rh13/3/2014
Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupationManal Ja’bri - +972 - Three years ago, I read a wanted ad in the newspaper for field researchers for B’Tselem, an Israeli organization dedicated to documenting human rights violations in the occupied territories. B’Tselem trains Palestinians in specific locations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where tensions are high and clashes are commonplace, to use video cameras to capture those violations. The footage exposes the Israeli and the international public to the reality of life under occupation.-rh 13/3/2014
Decency Without HopeDavid Shulman - NYR - It is hard to fathom how the Israelis themselves can stand to live with the ongoing misery and cruelty they have inflicted, and it’s not so easy to understand how the rest of the world has let them get away with it. Then there is the shadowy space of infinite suspicion and distrust that the occupation naturally breeds among those who live under or in it.-rh12/3/2014
Israeli killing of judge at border provokes backlash in JordanDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The killing took place just two weeks after Amnesty International produced a report detailing how "trigger-happy" Israeli soldiers often abuse their firepower. The shooting of Judge Zeiter very much fits the profile of the way well-armed Israeli soldiers conduct themselves, likely due to the impunity provided by the Israeli establishment.-rh12/3/2014
When Nadia’s Soul was RapedTamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - When she exited the room after three hours, Nadia was a different person to the one she was when she entered it. During the three hours she spent in the room Nadia became a victim to severe verbal sexual assault. Nadia’s soul was raped.-rh 12/3/2014
Israel `regrets` killing judge as row with Jordan widensAFP - Google News - "- `Regret` but no apology - Israel expressed regret over the shooting, but stopped short of apologising to Jordan, which is the only Arab country besides Egypt to have made peace with the Jewish state." - id12/3/2014
Occupation Forces Kidnap 3 from Bethlehem, Desecrate Negev CemeteryChris Carlson - IMEMC - "An Israeli military unit responsible for demolishing houses in the Negev, known as "Yoav", desecrated the Islamic cemetery in Al-Araqeb"..."Al-Araqeb was a target for Israeli house demolition operations more than 65 times!" - id12/3/2014
Palestinian Killed By Army Fire Near RamallahIMEMC & Agencies - "Palestinian medical sources said Saje Darwish, 18, was shot and killed, on Monday evening, by the soldiers as he was heading to the family barn, close to the Givat Asaf illegitimate Israeli settlement, built on lands the belong to residents of Beiteen village, north of Ramallah" [ry]11/3/2014
Palestinian killed near Jordan crossing - "Had tried to steal a soldier`s weapon" Yaakov Lappin, Yasser Okbi - According to Israel Radio, the man was crossing from Jordan to the West Bank and had tried grab a soldier`s rifle. Other soldiers nearby reacted by shooting him dead on the spot. Palestinian sources said that the deceased has been identified as Raed ala a-din Nafa Zaiter, a 38-year-old resident of Nablus. ak10/3/2014
Electricity crisis expected in Gaza as Qatar-donated fuel runs dryMa`an - The last shipment of Qatar-donated diesel - used to fuel the Gaza Strip`s sole power plant - is expected to run out within four or five days. Over the past two months the Qatari donation had helped operate two generators and made electricity available in the Gaza Strip on the basis of eight hours on, eight hours off - which Gazans consider an advantegeous situation. As the last of the fuel runs out, power availability will be reduced to six hours on, twelve hours off. ak10/3/2014
Three Days, No Water for Some 50,000 East Jerusalem ResidentsChris Carlson - IMEMC - Some 50,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem have been without water for three days, after their water supply was cut off, on Tuesday. Water is supplied to the area by Jerusalem`s water utility – Hagihon, the Palestinian News Network reports. The water systems were designed many years ago and are not adequate for the needs of the population, which has grown significantly in recent years. Water tanks on the roofs have already been emptied and now peddlers selling jerry-cans and water tanks at exorbitant prices have begun making the rounds. ak 10/3/2014
Settlers stone AFP photographer`s carChris Carlson - IMEMC - Abbas Momani, a Palestinian photographer working for AFP, had been on the road leading to al-Jalazun Refugee Camp. He passed close to the Israeli settlement of Beit El, where about a hundred settlers were gathered at the roadside. Some of them threw stones at his car, cracking the windscreen and lightly injuring him in the face and hands. Israeli soldiers on the scene did not intervene. ak 10/3/2014
We would like to update you regarding several recent developments in the legal circumstances of Palestinian Susiya.Ehud and Erella on behalf of the Villages Group--March 8, 20149/3/2014
The rights and wrongs of an incarcerated Hamas manGideon Levy and Alex Levac--Jamal Abu al-Haija has been denied visitors for 12 years, from all but one daughter. Now his sick wife wants to visit him. dn9/3/2014
Photos of the week: Climbing the wall in Bil`inActive Stills - Photos "This week: Climbing the wall, filling the streets, remembering the Nakba, resisting displacement and saving the chickens." ca7/3/2014
The Final Nail in the Coffin of the US-led `Peace` Talks: Netanyahu demands Palestinians recognize Israel as `Jewish state`Ma`an News Agency - Information Clearing House - For the Palestinians, the issue is intimately entwined with the fate of their refugees who were forced out of their homes or fled in 1948 when Israel became a state. They see Netanyahu`s demand as a way to sidestep a negotiated solution to the refugee question.-rh 6/3/2014
AREA C : Vulnerability ProfileUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs occupied Palestinian territory - Vulnerability Profile Project - The Vulnerability Profile Project (VPP), launched in 2013, is an inter-agency exercise designed to identify vulnerabilities in Area C1. This feature provides previously unavailable data on Area C of the West Bank, including the most comprehensive information on physical protection, access to land and livelihoods, water and sanitation, education and health.-rh 5/3/2014
Bahaa runs for PalestineRosa Schiano - International Solidarity Movement - ""I’m running to represent my country and my people, to make sure that other people know Palestine. I run to prove that despite the suffering in which we live, some runners emerge from the darkness and manage to do something important.”" - id 5/3/2014
100,000 Archaeological Pieces Smuggled from Palestine Every YearChris Carlson - International Middle East Media Center - "Antiquities expert Dr Hamdan Taha said that the occupation is committing the most dangerous crime against the antiquities, with the aim of changing and falsifying the history of Palestine." - id 5/3/2014
Creative Gazans develop new crafts to cope with siegeAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - The intensification of the siege has spawned creativity in the most unlikely of places, as citizens seek outlets in an attempt to adapt to the crisis. In addition to these projects, there are people extracting gas from water, unemployed doctors who provide delivery medical services and other unsung heroes whom the media have yet to report on.-rh 5/3/2014
Gaza Access and Movement: 2013 SummaryGisha - Israel’s closure of Gaza reached the six year mark. Corresponding with the changes on the Egyptian border, more goods entered Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing and more exits were recorded at Erez Crossing, connecting Gaza to Israel and the West Bank. Nonetheless, sweeping and indiscriminate restrictions on travel and on movement of goods between Gaza and the West Bank and Israel remained nearly unchanged in 2013.-rh5/3/2014
Tuba, ShahinDavid Shulman - Ta`ayush - We find the shepherds from Tuba with their goats just over the hill from the chicken coup of Chavat Maon, of cursed memory and cursed present. They’re scared. In fact, I don’t remember ever seeing Palestinian shepherds so nervous.-rh5/3/2014
Palestinians in Israel reject "colonial, sectarian" lawPatrick Strickland - Electronic Intifada - A group of 18 Palestinian NGOs in present-day Israel subsequently released a joint statement that denounced the law as “sectarian” and “similar to the approaches adopted by the apartheid regime in South Africa, and by the French in its colonial rule in Algeria, among others. It is a policy that seeks to fragment the original people of the land into small groups with narrowed identities to replace their national identity.”-rh 5/3/2014
How ‘trigger-happy’ soldiers killed an unarmed man walking to workAllison Deger - Mondoweiss - What the case of Jihad Aslan, Yunes Jahjouh, Rubin Abd al-Rahman Zayed shows, is that even when soldiers are at risk, this “trigger happy” mode of conduct trumps army regulations. Zayed posed no threat. He had a family, a mortgage and a steady job in a bad economy.-rh5/3/2014
Soldiers Kidnap 22 Palestinians In West BankSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Israeli soldiers invaded various Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank, kidnapping 22 Palestinians, including four political leaders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)." - id 5/3/2014
Open-fire regulations at Gaza border sanction lethal force against civilians who pose no threatSarit Michaeli - B`Tselem - Amneh Qdeih, 57, died of a gunshot wound to her abdomen fired at her when she approached Gaza`s perimeter fence. Her relatives told Qdeih, who was mentally ill, had been at a family wedding not far from the perimeter fence and did not return home. Family members realized she was missing, and began searching for her. They heard gunshots and saw flares. At 6:00 AM, they found Qdeih`s body close to the perimeter fence. ak 4/3/2014
During Netanyahu-Obama meeting, Israeli airstrike kills 2 Palestinians in GazaMa`an - Simultaneously with the Netanyahu-Obama meeting in Washington, an Israeli airstrike on farmland near the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip killed outright Musab Moussa al-Zaaneen, a man in his early 20s. Sharif Nasser, 31, later died of injuries sustained. The Israeli military claimed they had been involved in trying to launch a rocket. ak 4/3/2014
Israeli Army Raids Schools near Jenin, Halts Kindergarten Construction in HebronChris Carlson - IMEMC News - "Israeli forces stormed a kindergarten and a high school in the town of Ya’bod, to the west of Jenin, on Sunday, according to security sources. [Also] Israeli army forces [...] ordered the cease of construction work on a kindergarten facility in the village of Tawani, to the south of Hebron" [ry]3/3/2014
The most moral army in the worldGideon Levy--The Israel Defense Forces believes brute strength is the only way to act, yet Israelis refuse to see what Amnesty International and others tell them.dn2/3/2014
Family of man killed by IDF: We weren’t allowed to convince him to surrenderAmira Hass--Ta’ar said he and his family were woken by the stun grenades fired at the house. Residents also discovered that cell phone services in the area were disrupted from early in the morning, which led them to believe the army was planning a large operation. Residents estimated that some 200 soldiers were spread out in the neighborhood and the areas leading to it. dn2/3/2014
Listen to the Mad Man of Qalandiya Tamar Fleishman--Hundreds of years have passed since the prophet Hosea spoke these words of reproval: “The days of punishment have come, The days of retribution have come; Let Israel know this! The prophet is a fool, The inspired man is demented, Because of the grossness of your iniquity, And because your hostility is so great” (New American Standard Bible, Hosea 9:7) and they are relevant and precise today as they were back then.dn2/3/2014
State confiscates Bedouin playground equipment donated by ItalyAmira Hass--The Civil Administration has issued demolition orders against dozens of structures in the encampment, including the local school. dn2/3/2014
Gaza Catholic church hit by explosionAl-Jazeera - "A hand grenade has exploded in the courtyard of a Roman Catholic church in Gaza City, but there were no reported casualties or damage, a parish official said.An investigation was opened into the attack, which occurred Wednesday night at the city`s southern Zeitun district, Hamas police spokesman Ayoub abu Shaar told the Associated Press news agency on Thursday." ca 1/3/2014
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