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Life under occupation

Israeli Extrajudicial Execution Policy Resumed: IOF Airstrike Kills Senior Leader of Islamic Jihad, and his Wife, in Gaza Palestinian Center for Human Rights - According to PCHR investigation, at approximately 04:00 on Tuesday, IOF warplanes fired a missile at Bahaa’ Salim Hassan Abulatta’s house (42), member of the al-Quds Brigades’ military bureau which is the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, and he was in charge of its northern Gaza Strip activity. Abulatta and his wife, Israa’ Mohammed Hassan Abulatta (38), were killed during the targeted airstrike on their apartment, on the second floor of a residential building, resulting in complete destruction. The victims’ bodies were extracted from the rubble at the UNRWA school across the street from their apartment due to the extreme intensity of the explosion: his body was found near the gates, while his wife’s was found within the school. Furthermore, 7 others sustained shrapnel wounds in the airstrike, including 4 of the victims’ children (including two little girls): Salim (19); Mohammed (18); Fatima al-Zahra’ (13); Layan (11); two women from the neighborhood: Hanan Shehda Mohyaldeen Helles (26); Shereen Fouad Khalil Helles (21); and Mahmoud Fouad Abdulrahman Abulatta, victim’s bodyguard. The injuries were reported to be minor and moderate. - rh 12/11/2019
What would Israelis do if Palestinians disappeared overnight?Natasha Roth - +972 - Azem’s novel is a work of magical realism: she uses the impossible scenario of millions of Palestinians vanishing in the blink of an eye in order to pull at the loose threads of Zionist mythology about Israel’s establishment. Accordingly, several eerie scenes in the novel have a ring of familiarity to them for anyone who has read about the Nakba: homes with plates of food uneaten on the table; televisions still switched on; house keys still hanging by the front door — empty rooms that are innately disturbing for how undisturbed they looked, as if the residents had been suddenly spirited away in silence.-rh12/11/2019
Jerusalem: Israel approves controversial Old City cable car - A controversial plan to build a cable car network in Jerusalem`s Old City to transport visitors to one of Judaism`s holiest sites has been approved by Israel`s housing cabinet. The cable cars will ferry up to 3,000 people an hour about 1.4km (0.9 miles) from West Jerusalem to the Western Wall in occupied East Jerusalem. Israel`s government says the project will reduce traffic congestion. But opponents say it will damage the area`s historic landscape. They intend to petition Israel`s High Court of Justice to stop it.-rh12/11/2019
Army Kills Four Palestinians, Injures 25, In GazaIMEMC - Zaki Ghannam, 25, was killed when the army fired missiles targeting several militants in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, also leading to the injury of three Palestinians. Earlier, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian teen, identified as Mohammad Atiyya Hammouda, 18, and seriously injured two others, in Jabalia, in northern Gaza. These killings are added to original Israeli attack which set off the present fighting - the extrajudicial assassination of Baha’ Abu al-‘Ata, 42, a senior leader of the Islamic Jihad, by firing missiles at a residential building in Gaza city, also killing his wife Asma’, and wounding their children Salim, Mohammad, Lian, and Fatima az-Zahra’, in addition to their neighbor Hanan Hallas. It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army also attempted to assassinate a senior leader of the Islamic Jihad in the Syrian capital, Damascus, killing two, including his son, and injuring nine others, among them the grandson of the leader.[ak]12/11/2019
`Israel’s return to the policy of extrajudicial assassination is reckless and criminal. WAFA - Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Dept. of Public Diplomacy - "Israel’s return to the illegal and criminal policy of extrajudicial assassination and its wilful disregard for the lives of the Palestinian civilian population is reckless and criminal. Netanyahu is exploiting the culture of impunity to commit unchecked crimes and provoke a grave escalation for petty political and personal gain. On orders from the highest political echelons, the Israeli army is launching an assault on the Palestinian people, providing cover for the cold-blooded extrajudicial killing of a civilian in Hebron on Monday then ordering the assassination of two senior figures in Gaza City and Damascus by bombing their homes and targeting their families. [ak] 12/11/2019
Survey: Health care gaps between Jews & ArabsPhysicians for Human Rights - Without proper investment in primary care, conditions that could have been diagnosed and prevented or treated early, are discovered only at a stage where treatment and rehabilitation are more expensive - with the cost borne by the health care system and taxpayers. The “savings” on preventative medicine are swallowed by the high cost of emergency care, long hospital stays, medication and everything these involve. This state of affairs is enabled by the capitation system, which mostly hurts disempowered groups that require multiple services, particularly preventative care. Under this system, Israeli health funds have little incentive to improve the quality of the services they provide and prefer not to invest too much in these population groups. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance bear a responsibility to find a solution for this situation and ensure a fair and equal distribution of resources within health funds, while strengthening the geographic and social periphery.-rh 12/11/2019
The unbearable heaviness of finding freedom outside GazaSalsabeel H. Hamdan - +972 "For a Palestinian, Gaza is a place from which escape is nearly impossible. Israel has, for the past 13 years, denied all but a tiny number of applicants the right to travel outside the congested, blockaded strip of land that is often described as the world’s largest open-air prison. For those fortunate few who manage to attain a permit to depart, the extreme shock of life outside Gaza is almost unbearable. Freedom is painful: it triggers the release of long-suppressed emotions, and the realization that a lifetime of unending psychological trauma has rendered them unable to normalize the understanding that their lives can be free of fear, scarcity, and helplessness." ca8/11/2019
On Jared Kushner’s PalestinophobiaHaidar Eid - Mondoweiss - Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s Middle East adviser and son-in-law is at it again. In June, he cast doubt about the ability of the Palestinian people to govern themselves. And, as if that was not enough, he made it absolutely clear this week that Israel is not responsible for Palestinian hardship.- rh5/11/2019
Palestinian home destroyed in Silwan, six targeted in Yatta IMEMC - In Silwan, an area of Palestinian East Jerusalem especially targeted by settlers, the Israeli municipal officials - accompanied by Israeli police and special forces - demolished the two-story home of Mu’tasim al-Abbasi and his family. As usual, the reason given was that the house had been ‘built without a permit’. (Israeli authorities have not granted building permits to Palestinian homeowners since they began occupying the city in 1967.) In another part of the West Bank, the Yatta District of the South Hebron Hills, Israeli forces arrived at the hamlets of Maghayir al-Abeed and Khallet ed-Dabaa, bearing written notices of their intention to destroy six homes made of bricks and insulated panels, which local residents built with the help of international organizations. In this case, not only are the individual homes "illegal" but the entire two tiny villages are "illegal" as a whole and "just should not be there" as far as the Israeli authorities are concerned. [ak]5/11/2019
If Not Now, then When? And if Not 2020 Presidential Candidates, then Who?Benay Blend -Palestine Chronicle - According to Kane, for example, Mayer says that IfNotNow plans to publicly question presidential candidates about such issues as Israel’s “52-year” (not 71?) occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza, as well as issues surrounding “Arabs” (not Palestinians?) living in the ’48. Their questions skirt, however, such topics as Palestinian refugees’ legal right of return as well as military aid to Israel. These omissions, Kane explains, are in line with the group’s broader mission of targeting the American Jewish establishment’s support for Israel’s occupation. This stance also seems to fall within IfNotNow’s concern with the future of Judaism which they understand will be in jeopardy if the Occupation continues. As Max Zahn explains, their position derives, too, from “the contradictory demands of allyship and movement building.”-rh5/11/2019
Israeli Soldiers Attack School, Abduct A Child And Injure Many, In JerusalemImemc News - Israeli soldiers invaded, on Saturday morning, a Palestinian school in the al-‘Isawiya town, in occupied East Jerusalem, and abducted one child, in addition to causing many others to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation after throwing gas bombs into their school. Media sources said the soldiers abducted Saleh Tawil, in the al-‘Isawiya Secondary School for Boys, and took him to an unknown destination. They added that the soldiers fired gas bombs, in addition to hurling gas grenades into the campus, causing many children to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) has reported.-rh5/11/2019
Israel to establish waste-to-energy plant in settlement of Ma’ale AdumimB’Tselem - "While this may seem an ecologically positive development, the plant is set to be built within the West Bank, despite the prohibition in international law on exploiting resources in an occupied territory for the benefit of the occupying power" [ry]4/11/2019
`Punitive`: Palestinian rights activist slams Israel`s travel banLinah Alsaafin - Al Jazeera - Laith Abu Zeyad`s travel ban by Israel is a `sinister move` designed to silence critics of the government, Amnesty says [ry] 4/11/2019
Israeli army arrests Palestinian feminist lawmaker, months after her releaseJaclynn Ashly - +972 "Dozens of Israeli soldiers arrested Khalida Jarrar, a prominent Palestinian left-wing lawmaker and activist, after raiding her home in central Ramallah city in the occupied West Bank overnight on Thursday...Suha Ghassan, Jarrar’s 29-year-old daughter, was the only other person at home with her mother during the raid. " ca1/11/2019
95 Civilians Shot and Injured, Including 43 Children, a Woman, 2 Paramedics and a Journalist at 80th weekly Gaza protest Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) - The protests lasted from 15:00 to 18:30 and involved activities such as speeches and theatrical performances. Hundreds of civilians protested at varied distances from the border fence across the Gaza Strip, where some protestors set tires on fire and a few of them attempted to throw stones, Molotov Cocktails and firecrackers at the Israeli forces, who responded with excessive force. [bz]29/10/2019
Israeli settlers attack olive harvesters in NablusWafa - NABLUS, Sunday, October 27, 2019 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers attacked today a Palestinian family with stones as they were picking olives in their own land near the village of Rujib, to the east of Nablus City in the occupied West Bank, according to local sources. They told WAFA that settlers from the nearby illegal settlement of Itamar hurled a barrage of stones at a Palestinian family while harvesting olive trees in their land . There were no reports of injuries though.-rh29/10/2019
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: INSIDE OCCUPIED PALESTINEDEBBIE SHAMIR - Studentnewspaper - This summer, I together with a group of British Jews spent five days exploring the complicated situation between Israel and Palestine. Despite the common misconception that all of Israel-Palestine is characterised by unsolvable conflict and violence, we spoke to several people and organisations who longed for peace. They don’t deny the complications but believe that with a suitable government in power, a peaceful resolution is possible.-rh 29/10/2019
Soldiers and settlers assaulting the olive harvest / Al Arakib againAmos Gvirtz - Don`t Say We Didn`t Know - At the end of the day`s work, armed settler-colonists arrived, chased the family from its own olive grove and trashed the olives. [bz]29/10/2019
Military authorities close 3 more cases of Palestinian fatalities - without holding anyone to accountAmit Gilutz - B’Tselem - In all these three cases of Palestinians who were killed by soldiers, B’Tselem investigated the incidents soon after they occurred in early 2018, and found that all three killings were unjustified, and that there should not have had fatal consequences – not even by the standards of military regulations, to which soldiers are supposed to abide. But in fact, the army launched investigations, once again created an illusion of a functioning apparatus for seeking accountability, but at the end of the day, these belated so-called investigations ended in whitewashing. [ak] 29/10/2019
`Want to know what I`m accused of? Me too`Oren Ziv - +972 - Hiba al-Labadi has been on hunger strike for 35 days after being imprisoned by Israel since August without trial. Now Palestinian and Israeli activists are trying to raise awareness about the case [ry] 28/10/2019
PM said to have nixed IDF request to clear hilltop youth from outpost 5 timesJacob Magid - Times of Israel "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government ignored recommendations received five times over the past year from the Israel Defense Forces to demolish a caravan belonging to some of the most extremist young settlers in an illegal outpost near the flashpoint Yitzhar settlement, Haaretz reported Thursday...Without the defense minister — since last November Netanyahu has held that position — signing off on the demolition, the IDF cannot carry it out." ca25/10/2019
Palestinian Center for Human Rights: Blocking Websites Violates International Standards Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) - Tthe Magistrate Court in Ramallah responded to the Attorney General`s request and issued a decision to block 59 news and political websites, some of which are affiliated with Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movements and others are affiliated with the Democratic Reform Trend in Fatah Movement, as well as other independent and anonymous websites. PCHR stresses that the freedoms of expression and the press are protected by the Palestinian Basic Law and should not be restricted unless a legitimate national interest exists, as defined by law. PCHR affirms that the power to restrict some forms of expression should not be exploited against the opposition, emphasizing that restrictions should be kept at a minimum in accordance with the values of a democratic society where the freedom of criticism in all its forms is respected. [ak]22/10/2019
Physicians for Human Rights meet with Palestinian Prime MinisterRan Goldstein - Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) - During the meeting, volunteer physicians, including those who visit Gaza monthly as part of our medical delegations, discussed ways to mitigate the difficulties Gaza residents have accessing medical treatment outside the Strip, the continuing health care crisis in Gaza and the West Bank and the shortage of drugs and medical equipment. Another topic discussed in the meeting was the decision made a few months ago by the Palestinian Authority to stop referring Palestinian patients to Israeli hospitals.[ak]22/10/2019
Vital medicines run out in Gaza Yousef M. Aljamal - Electronic Intifada "Shaaban is a 10-year-old child with autism. He requires assistance with his education, as well as medical treatment that costs up to $900 per month. Without his medicine, he can begin to scream, has difficulty sleeping at night and sometimes even loses consciousness.Shaaban’s father Ibrahim works as a janitor at a local school. Amid a general economic slowdown caused by Israel’s siege of Gaza, Ibrahim has seen his monthly wages fall from approximately $450 to $350 in recent years.He has four children to care for, including Shaaban. And almost half of Ibrahim’s wages go toward paying a bank loan that was issued to build the family’s home.An additional problem is that most of the medicines Shaaban has been prescribed are not available in Gaza." ca 18/10/2019
Jordan demands Israel release of its two administratively detained citizensIMEMC - The Jordanian Ambassador in Tel Aviv officially demanded of the Israeli government to immediately release two imprisoned Jordanian citizens: "The Hashemite Kingdom rejects holding the two detainees under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial". Hiba al-Lubbadi is still continuing the hunger strike she started on September 24th, in spite of facing health complications - an issue that makes securing her immediate release more urgent. The second Jordanian detainee is Abdul-Rahman Mer’ey was abducted on September 2nd, while heading to the West Bank to attend the wedding of one of his relatives. He also suffers from various health issues and undergone several surgeries in the last few years.[ak] 15/10/2019
Israeli High Court facilitates interrogation of Palestinian under tortureB’Tselem - "On Monday, 7 October 2019, a three justices of Israel’s High Court of Justice (HCJ) ruled to uphold an injunction denying Samer ‘Arbid, a Palestinian from the West Bank, the right to meet with legal counsel. ‘Arbid had been interrogated by the ISA (Shin Bet) with `special means` and admitted to hospital unconscious. The Court justified the decision by `a certain improvement in his medical status`, of which ‘Arbid’s family and lawyers were not informed" [ry] 14/10/2019
Soldiers Invade Headquarters In Work Health Committees In RamallahIMEMC News- "The Work Health Committee issued a statement condemning the Israeli violation and called on various legal and human right groups in the region and around the world, to denounce these escalating violations, and act on stopping them.It added that the invasion is a serious violation to various international laws and treaties, especially those regarding the protection of medical and relief facilities." ca 11/10/2019
Israel releases Hamas senior could mean deal en route Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor "Abu Tir, 67, has spent 37 years of his life in Israeli jails. Upon his release, he told Al-Monitor, “I don’t know why I was detained and no one told me what I am accused of.” ... A Palestinian security source told Al-Monitor that Abu Tir’s release was yet another sign of progress in contacts between Israel and Hamas over a long-term deal in the Gaza Strip. According to the source, the movement’s leadership understands it has been playing with fire ever since Israel threatened a widespread offensive against Gaza in the wake of the rocket fired Sept. 11 from the enclave at the town of Ashdod during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election rally. Under Egyptian mediation and following warnings to Hamas leaders, the sides renewed talks on the understandings they had reached in the past, resulting in an easing of Israeli restrictions and restoration of a measure of calm. A relative lull ensued on the Israel-Gaza border in recent weeks." ca 11/10/2019
Gazan cancer patients denied treatment at East Jerusalem hospital due to mounting PA debts Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) - At least 60 cancer patients from the Gaza Strip, who were referred to al-Mutala` Hospital in East Jerusalem, were surprised with the hospital’s refusal to admit them upon their arrival - due to the accumulating debts owed by the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH). PCHR warns of the serious impact of the ongoing crisis on the life of patients whose treatment is unavailable in the Gaza Strip. PCHR calls upon the Palestinian Ministries of Health and Finance to pay off immediately these accumulating debts, and calls upon the hospital administration to accept the patients referred to it - especially since, if they miss the treatment scheduled, they would be forced to go through a lengthy and complicated bureaucratic process to obtain a new medical referral and wait for exit permits to access West Bank hospitals, including in East Jerusalem. [ak]8/10/2019
10 year-old shot in the head by Israeli forces, family awaits answersMondoweiss/IMEMC - July 12, a typical day of Friday protests at the village of Kafr Qaddum, turned bloody when the 10-year old boy was shot while standing at the entrance of his friend’s house. Since that day, Shteiwi has remained in the Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv. “He can’t move his hands or legs, he can’t speak. He’s awake, but he can’t do anything,” said Murad Shteiwi, a relative of the family and local activist, adding that much of the nearly 100 pieces of shrapnel initially found in the boy’s head are still lodged in his brain today. Despite accounts from eyewitnesses, activists, and the doctors who treated him all saying that Shteiwi was shot with live ammunition, the last reported statement from the Israeli military on Shteiwi’s case was in the Times of Israel that quoted an anonymous source, saying “the army was investigating, but insisted no live fire was used that day and the boy was not targeted.”[ak] 8/10/2019
Israeli Soldiers Injure Several Palestinians, abduct One, In Beit UmmarIMEMC News - "Local nonviolent activist, Mohammad Ayyad Awad, said several army jeeps invaded ‘Aseeda area in Beit Ummar, and attacked Palestinians protesting the invasion.Awad added that the soldiers fired a barrage of gas bombs and concussion grenades, and chased the protesters to abduct them." ca 4/10/2019
What happened to tortured prisoner Samer Arbid?Quds News Network - Palestinian human rights groups called on Israeli authorities to immediately release Palestinian prisoner Samer Arbid (44 years old), who was subjected to brutal torture that endangered his life. The Israeli army immediately tried to escape responsibility stressing that it handed Arbid over to the Shein Bet unharmed. A claim, which was proven false later on. When brought to hospital, Arbid was unconscious and he suffered from rib fractures in addition to bruises and traces of beatings in all parts of his body. He also suffers from severe kidney failure. [ak]1/10/2019
Seven Detainees, Including One Woman, Continue Hunger StrikeIMEMC - The hunger strike is protesting their being held under the arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial. One of the detainees, identified as Ahmad Abdul-Karim Ghannam, 42, from Doura town, southwest of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, started the hunger strike 79 days ago, and is facing serious complications, especially since he also has cancer. [bz]1/10/2019
Democratic countries shouldn`t use torture as punishmentAmos Harel - Ha`aretz - The man is far from being a village saint. From the details released so far, it seems he prepared the bomb and flipped the switch himself when the Shnerb (settler) family was hiking to a spring in the West Bank.But democratic countries may not use interrogation and torture as punishment. The High Court of Justice, in a 1999 ruling on torture during interrogations and a 2017 ruling on the use of “special means,” outlined what the Shin Bet may and may not do. These rulings seem to say that it’s acceptable to use "special means" when an urgent need can be shown; that is, when the interrogator knows about a “ticking bomb” and force is necessary to extract information to prevent a loss of life. [ak] 1/10/2019
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