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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Incident in which soldiers set dogs on Palestinian youth was part of official policyBtselem press release - A dog handler takes the dog off the leash, the dog chases a group of civilians, clamps its teeth onto a person who did not manage to escape, and holds on until the handler arrives. In some cases documented by B’Tselem, the dog refused to release the person and the dog handler had to use a taser to release his grip. Previous responses [to Btselem complaints] centered on professional mistakes made in some of the cases, according to the MAG Corps, and not on the policy of allowing dog attacks against unarmed civilians. [bz]3/3/2015
Israeli navy opens fire at Gaza fishing boats Ma`an - The Aug. 26 ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinian militant groups stipulated that Israel would immediately expand the fishing zone off Gaza`s coast, allowing fishermen to sail as far as six nautical miles from shore, and would continue to expand the area gradually. Since then, there have been widespread reports that Israeli forces have at times opened fire at fishermen within those new limits, and that the zone has not been expanded. [bz]2/3/2015
In the West Bank, the Kids Aren’t All RightBeth Maschinot--But lawn-mowing is not an option in the West Bank, in part because the Palestinian Authority has nominal control over some areas, but also because the presence of more than 350,000 Israeli settlers rules out a full-scale military siege. Instead, the reigning strategy appears to be mass intimidation and collective punishment of the Palestinian population, most visibly when Israel can offer a rationale. For example, in June 2014, Israel announced the official goals of Operation Brother’s Keeper: To find three kidnapped teenage settlers and then root out the parties responsible. That month, Israeli forces launched a wide sweep of the West Bank, arresting 400 Palestinians and raiding more than 1,000 homes, according to a report from the British Foreign and Commonwealth. At least six Palestinians (including two children) were killed. dn1/3/2015
Israel to let water flow to West Bank development at center of political feudAnne-Marie O`Connor and William Booth--The $1 billion planned community of Rawabi, hailed as a model city in the West Bank, has seen its grand opening delayed for months by Israel’s refusal to provide water. dn28/2/2015
Palestinian girl recounts imprisonmentRasha Abou Jalal - Al-Monitor "As I returned home from school, I was surprised by four Israeli soldiers who were armed to the teeth. They attacked me and dragged me to the ground as they handcuffed me and threw me inside a military vehicle,” Malak al-Khatib, a 14-year-old Palestinian from the town of Bitayn in the eastern province of Ramallah, told Al-Monitor." ca 28/2/2015
Palestinian Coke bottler boasts success despite daily strugglesPaul Crompton - Al Arabiya News - “To send to Gaza from West Bank, you have to go through several checkpoints and do several back to back,” said Hindi. “Each container costs us around $2,200. The same container [can be sent] to China for $1,600.” [bz]28/2/2015
Autopsy shows Palestinian teen was shot at close rangeMa`an News Agency - "Sabri al-Aloul said that the autopsy results show that 19-year-old Jihad al-Jaafari bled to death after being hit with an M16 bullet that penetrated his body through the left shoulder and struck his lungs before exiting and causing severe bleeding in his arteries and around his spine. The killing was "similar to an execution" because he was shot from very close range, al-Aloul said." ca27/2/2015
No matter who wins the Israeli elections, Palestinians loseJamie Stern-Weiner - Mondoweiss - The only actor capable of frustrating the above developments and forcing the two-state solution back on the table is a mass non-violent Palestinian movement. But don’t hold your breath for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to pursue this approach. As the Zionist Union’s candidate for defense minister, Amos Yadlin, explains, ‘it is not at all clear that such a popular uprising would not be aimed first and foremost at the PA leadership itself’.-rh 25/2/2015
“If you don’t open the door in 5 minutes, we will blow it up”Khalil Team - ISM - "At least thirty soldiers invaded the homes of Yahya Edies and Saleh Edies at around 2:30 am on Sunday morning." - id25/2/2015
Israel denies Gaza govt floodwater allegationsMa`an - "In a statement, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories said Israel did not operate dams in the south, contrary to claims that it had opened them deliberately to alleviate flooding." - id 25/2/2015
10-year-old boy attacked and arrested for playing in the snowInternational Solidarity Movement - The following day, at 2:40pm, Saleh was again playing in the snow on the hills of Tel Rumeida when he was kidnapped by soldiers and brought to the military base in the Tel Rumeida’s illegal settlement. The 10-year-old boy was kept for about 20 minutes before Israeli police took him to the DCO (District Coordinator Office). After that the boy was handed over to the Palestinian police who informed his father about his whereabouts.-rh25/2/2015
Civil Administration dismantles, confiscates water pipes in Khirbet Yarza, Jordan ValleyB`Tselem - The measures taken against the residents of Khirbet Yarza – disconnecting them from the water network, preventing vehicular access to the village, and demolishing their homes – are all part of Israeli authorities’ efforts to relocate thousands of Palestinian scattered in small communities throughout Area C in the West Bank. Some 2,700 people currently live in some 20 shepherding communities in the Jordan Valley, and the Civil Administration is taking various steps to try and remove them from their homes. These steps include repeated demolition of their homes, evacuation of the residents for short periods to enable military training in the area, and confiscation of water tanks.-rh25/2/2015
Israeli electric company begins West Bank power cuts over debtReuters - The Daily Star - Israel`s state-owned electric company briefly cut power to two Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank Monday to press for payment of what it said was $492 million owed by the Palestinian government.-rh25/2/2015
14-year-old Palestinian jailed for stone-throwing maintains innocencePeter Beaumont - The Guardian - At a reception last week to mark her return home to the West Bank village of Beitin, near Ramallah, Malak and her family continued to insist she was innocent and had only admitted to the charges of throwing stones and carrying a knife because she had felt intimidated during her time in custody.-rh25/2/2015
Nine Kidnapped from West Bank, Shepherds Prevented from Grazing LivestockIMEMC - "Israeli soldiers and snipers who took over the rooftops of several houses opened live fire on young men, who, in turn, hurled stones and empty bottles at them." - id 25/2/2015
15-year old accused of stone throwing detained since December - denied family visits, medical treatmentSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The Ahrar Center for Detainees’ Studies and Human Rights said Khaled Husam Sheikh, 15 years of age, suffers from anemia, and other health issues. [bz]24/2/2015
Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in Duheisha refugee campMa`an - Jihad Shehada al-Jaafari, 19, was shot under his left shoulder while standing on the roof of his family home near the main road by the camp, during a predawn arrest raid in Bethlehem`s Duheisha refugee camp. In the clashes, an Israeli soldier was struck by a Molotov cocktail and sustained burns. [bz]24/2/2015
Aida Refugee Camp flooded by excess settlement waterIMEMC - Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem city, was flooded after Israeli barrages at Gilo settlement were opened, diverting all excess rain and melted snow water onto the Palestinian camp. Similarly, the opening of Israeli dams near the Gaza border caused large streams of water to flow into inhabited areas on the Gazan side of the border. [ak]23/2/2015
How does the army please settlers? By upping its violenceYossi Gurvitz for Yesh Din--When the settlers of Halamish complained that the IDF it isn’t being violent enough, the brigadier-general assured them that he orders his troops to use unnecessary force against Palestinians. dn22/2/2015
Checkpoint morningsGiedre Steikunaite - New Internationalist - It’s 2.30 am. ‘Where else in the world have you seen people leaving for work in the middle of the night?’ asks a middle-aged man, without requiring an answer. ‘This is the most racist state in the world,’ he comments and rushes off. His hurry is justified: the queue is already forming inside the terminal and he needs to take his place.-rh19/2/2015
American Officials Silent on Israeli Abuse of Palestinian ChildrenMATT PEPPE - Counterpunch - Six weeks after being abducted on her way home from school in the occupied West Bank, 14-year-old Malak al-Khatib was released on Friday from the jail where she was being imprisoned by Israeli occupation forces. The youngest Palestinian girl ever to be incarcerated, Malak is one of hundreds of children to be prosecuted through the Israeli military court system each year.-rh19/2/2015
Israel uses water to blackmail PalestiniansNasouh Nazzal - Gulf News - Despite approval by the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank, the Israeli National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalon has refused to connect the newly built Palestinian Rawabi city near Ramallah to the water network.-rh18/2/2015
Israeli Soldiers Target Shepherds and Fishermen in Khan Younis, JabaliyaIMEMC - "In 2013, Israeli forces carried out 147 documented attacks against fishermen, according to Al Ray, injuring 10, arresting 22, confiscating 9 boats, and destroying extensive amounts of fishing equipment." - id 18/2/2015
Desperation Drives Gazans Over a Fence and Into Israeli PrisonsJODI RUDOREN and MAJD AL WAHEIDIFEB - NYT - "Moments after Ibrahim al-Awawda climbed over the nine-foot fence separating the Bureij refugee camp on Gaza’s eastern edge from Israel, he was surrounded by six Israeli soldiers. They arrested him, interrogated him and, after he had spent a month in two Israeli prisons, sent him back to the poverty, death and destruction in Gaza that had led him to flee." - id 18/2/2015
Rawabi`s dried-up pipe could land Israel in deep waterNahum Barnea - Ynet - Israel refused to connect them to the joint pipe because its government is involved in a conflict with the Palestinian Authority. The PA won`t sign on water supply to the settlements; our government won`t approve water for the Palestinians as long as the PA won`t sign. [Meanwhile] quite a few settlements were connected. [bz] 17/2/2015
Israeli Army Uproots Dozens of Olive Trees near Tubas WAFA - In al-Malih village trees were reportedly uprooted by a military force along with staff from the civil administration and “the protection of nature society” [sic!]. [bz]17/2/2015
Israeli forces to question young East Jerusalem brothersMa`an - "The occupation soldiers forced me to wake my 10 and 12 year old sons up so they can make sure that there was a sign of a dog bite on Muhammad`s hand. They then took photos of the boys and handed me a summons demanding that I bring them to the Russian Compound police station for questioning." [bz]17/2/2015
Eyes Wide Open | Photo Blog - Khirbet `Ein Karzaliyah: Israeli authorities continue persecution of a tiny community in Jordan ValleyB’Tselem - "`Ein Karzaliyah is a very small community of 24, including 14 minors, who live off farming and shepherding in the Jordan Valley. Israeli authorities have repeatedly attempted to expel the community from their place of residence and have repeatedly demolished their homes, as part of a decades-long policy to expel thousands of Palestinians living in dozens of shepherding communities scattered throughout Area C" [ry]16/2/2015
The truth about West Bank demolitionsBen White--Driving Palestinians out of Area C will facilitate its future annexation to Israel. dn15/2/2015
VIDEO! Childhood in East JerusalemIvan Karakashian - Alternative Information Center "Ivan Karakashian from Defence of Children International-Palestine Section, speaks about Palestinian childhood in East Jerusalem, with a particular emphasis on the psychological impact of detention and home arrest on the child`s development and his wider family." ca13/2/2015
Israel Examines Remains Of 134 Palestinians Buried in “Numbers Graveyard”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Committee said that Israel was still refraining from providing details on how many numbered graveyards it has, and the exact number of persons buried there, and that Tel Aviv is holding remains of slain Palestinians despite an order by Israel’s Supreme Court ordering the release of 38 persons by the end of December 2013." ca13/2/2015
Taxes on fuel paralyze Gaza’s only power plantAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor "Political conflicts are impeding solving the various crises in the Gaza Strip, such as the unpaid wages of government employees, the closing of the Rafah crossing and the purchase of industrial fuel for Gaza’s power plant. The consensus government in Ramallah is imposing a tax — dubbed the “blue tax” — on industrial diesel before it is sold in Gaza." ca13/2/2015
Killing by another means : Israeli policies and unhealthy environment to blame for premature mortality of Palestinians.Charlotte Silver - Aljazeera - Looking at the grim findings in the report we learn that infant mortality among Palestinian children is five times higher than that of Israeli children; Palestinian life expectancy is, on average, 10 years less than Israelis (a gap that appears to be growing); and Palestinian women die in childbirth - in cases that are nearly all preventable - at a rate that is four times greater than Israeli women.-rh , 12/2/2015
When the Other Isn’t Perceived as Human Everything is PossibleTamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - For six hours the ambulance had waited on the Palestinian side of the checkpoint for someone to solve the bureaucratic mess. But apparently no one thought it to be an urgent matter. No one on the other side of the rifle or of the computer or of the phone thought that letting a person suffer like that for six hours was terrible.-rh12/2/2015
Palestinians call for boycott of Israeli goodsAssociated Press - Ynet - Activists from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas` Fatah movement launched a campaign in the West Bank on Wednesday, calling on people to boycott products made by six major Israeli food companies.-rh11/2/2015
19-year-old shot and killed by Israeli forces in BurinNablus Team - International Solidarity Movement - "The three young men were beside the settler road outside their village of Burin when the army opened fire. Israeli soldiers were present at the road before they arrived, patrolling the area. The soldiers opened fire with live ammunition, shooting Ahmad Najar in the face and Mohammed Asaos in his side." - id11/2/2015
Palestinian children in Israeli custody victims of `forced confession`Maan - "The Israeli military detention system subjects Palestinian children to several days of prolonged interrogation and isolation with the apparent goal of obtaining a confession at all costs," said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program director at Defense for Children International Palestine, on Monday.-rh 11/2/2015
Israel Drops All Charges Against Tariq Abu Khdeir JTA - The Jewish Daily Forward - The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem announced last week that Tariq Abu Khdeir, 15, of Tampa, Fla., was cleared of wrongdoing during the July 3 riot.-rh 11/2/2015
No Voice: Hopes for Israeli elections from those who cannot voteBassam Almohor - +972 - The argument heats up at one of the tables in this men-only café in a Palestinian city. (...) A loud shaved-headed man argues that we need the Right — or even the far-right — to win. They are extreme, and with their measures against the Palestinians, their indifference to international resolutions and their violations of human rights and war crimes against the occupied people — they will lose in the international arena. The Palestinians would gain more support in international institutions, which in turn would create major pressure on Israel to give up. [bz]10/2/2015
Soldiers Demolish A Palestinian Home In JerusalemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The family never received a prior notice regarding date of the destruction of their property, deemed illegal by the Jerusalem Municipality. [bz]10/2/2015
Hundreds of rabbis from around the world call on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes Lizzie Dearden--More than 400 rabbis from Israel, Britain and around the world have called on Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes.dn8/2/2015
Anemic 14-year-old Awaits Trial for Alleged Stone Throwing, Public Order CrimesMalak Hasan--Hussam al-Sheikh, Khaled’s father told WAFA that his youngest child, who has been in detention for over 40 days, has lost so much weight and is visibly exhausted, but is courageously facing the harsh conditions in prison despite of his poor health and weak body. dn8/2/2015
Israel’s Suppression of Peaceful Rallies, Demolition of EU-funded Facilities Focus of DailiesWAFA`s Feb. 7, Newspaper Review in English of the Palestinian dailies Al-Quds, Al-Ayyam and al-Hayat al-Jadida [bz]7/2/2015
VIDEO: "Hebron is Beautiful"Alex Shams - IMEMC - "The short documentary "Khelil Helwa (Hebron is Beautiful)" follows a young boy from Hebron`s Tel Rumeida neighborhood as he goes about his daily life, uncovering the matrix of Israeli military control that defines every aspect of life in the occupied West Bank." - id for rh 5/2/2015
Israeli occupation kidnaps 15 Youngsters Including 9 ChildrenPNN - Palestine News Network - "The kidnap increased the number of children kidnapped from Hebron this year to 35 children." - id for rh 5/2/2015
The Most Ugly Form Of Brutality Is That Against A ChildErynn Baker - IMEMC - "Israel continues its abuse on Palestinian children in hopes of quelling the resistance but after 70 years, it is obvious that the resistance will never die out. With each injustice, it grows stronger." - id 4/2/2015
Demolitions in QusraNablus Team - International Solidarity Movement - "All of the destroyed property was on land belonging to brothers Anwar and Akram Tayseer."..."Since 1967, Israel has demolished over 27,000 Palestinian structures in the Occupied West Bank." - id 4/2/2015
Raids, arrests, new roadblocks and the case of Osama QabahaIMEMC & Agencies - On Monday, the Salem Israeli Military Court sentenced university student Osama Qabaha, 22, to a ten-month imprisonment, and a 3000 New Israeli Shekels fine. He had been arrested May 28 2014 and since then kept behind bars. [Judging from the relatively light sentence, he seems not to be considered a security threat-bz] 3/2/2015
Israel to continue withholding PA tax moneyMa`an - Netanyahu gave orders to withhold $100 million the PA was supposed to receive as tax revenues for January. Israel was already withholding another $100 million of PA tax revenue for December. The PA government uses the tax revenues to pay its employees. On Sunday, Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah urged government employees to be patient and promised to issue a partial payment of salaries "soon." [bz]3/2/2015
IDF suspends plan to minimize nighttime arrests of childrenGerard Horton - +972 - The program was announced by Israel’s military authorities in February 2014, and called for issueing written summonses instead of arresting children during night raids in the West Bank. The announcement followed concerns raised in the UK, The Netherlands and Australia. [bz]3/2/2015
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