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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Reduced to a number – robbing Palestinians of their humanityal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Imagine ‘loosing’ your identity to a foreign occupying army not only taking your land, but attempting to take your personality, your identity, your whole existence; reducing you to a simple number on a piece of paper, stripping you of your humanity." - id28/9/2016
`Not Done With Life Yet`Alice S. Yousef - Review of Wafa Darwish`s autobiography, "Not Done With Life Yet", for "This Week in Palestine - Wafa Darwish had to contend not only with the general situation of growing up under Israeli occupation, but also with the personal tragedy of gradually losing her eyesight.(...) Far from the classic romanticization frequently associated with writings about Palestine, and far from political diction and jargon, the book is written in a simple manner, narrated as if spoken, and packed with action and movement. There’s a whiff of every place: the jasmine of summer and taste the mujadara made for friends in Lebanon. Despite extensive losses, bitterness rarely exists, and the tone of the writing tends to be lighthearted, at times even funny.[ak] 27/9/2016
East Jerusalem Palestinian released after serving 18 years in Israeli custodyMa`an - Ibrahim al-Abbasi, a 55-year-old father of four, was greeted by hundreds upon his arrival in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. However, Israeli forces then raided the area where the reception was held. [bz]27/9/2016
In latest Cases of Travel Ban; Israeli Authorities Prevent Nadia Abu Nahla from Travelling for Medical TreatmentThe Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the Israeli forces decision to prevent Nadia Abu Nahla (al-Bakri) (52), a cancer patient, from travelling via Beit Hanoun “Erez” crossing to receive medical treatment in Tel Hashomer Hospital.[bz]27/9/2016
13-year-old Palestinian shot in Duheisha last month detained, medically neglectedMa`an - Ramzi Abu Ajamiyeh was detained from his home two days ago, during massive military raids across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem when 40 other Palestinians were detained, including six other minors. He is still recovering from being shot in both of his legs during a detention raid in the camp in the beginning of August. Since then, he has had to undergo six surgeries due to his injuries. Throughout his detention over the past two days, Israeli forces have reportedly prevented Ramzi from taking his medication. [bz]25/9/2016
15 Families to be Homeless in Lieu of Israeli Military DrillIMEMC News & Agencies - "Local anti-settlement activist Motaz Bisharat told the Palestine News Net Work (PNN) that the Israeli Civil Administration served evacuation notifications to 15 Palestinian families, in preparation for army drills." ca23/9/2016
Mahmoud Abbas: Out to Push Palestinian Cause Back to Top of AgendaPeter Baker - NYT "Mr. Abbas hopes to put Mr. Netanyahu on the spot in the most prominent venue available to a not-quite head of state." ca23/9/2016
Two Palestinian killed in Hebron and one wounded in Jerusalem in less than 12 hoursal-Khalil team |- International Solidarity Movement - "where Palestinians are still allowed to walk (but not drive). Israeli forces later fired stun grenades and tear gas at Palestinians demonstrating the shooting of the two Palestinians in the Bab al- Zawwiya area near Shuhada checkpoint." - id21/9/2016
Owners of war-destroyed homes in Gaza to receive Kuwaiti aid moneyWAFA - "Israel’s war in the summer of 2014, the third in six years, left more than 2200 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians with over 500 children, and thousands of homes either totally or partially destroyed." - id 21/9/2016
Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen near Bani Naim after alleged attempted attackMa`an - An eyewitness told Ma`an that a bus traveling from Bani Naim to Hebron stopped at the Wadi al-Joz junction, at which point a youth stepped out of the bus, "then Israeli troops fired at him." He is the seventh Palestinian in the Hebron district, as well as the second resident of Bani Naim, to be killed by Israeli forces since Thursday, amid an uptick in violence after a period of relative calm. [bz] 20/9/2016
Israel places 36 Palestinians in administrative detentionWAFA - 19 orders were issued against detainees who have spent months and years in detention without charge or trial, whereas the remainder received new administrative orders. [bz]20/9/2016
Israeli settlers escorted by MKs reportedly assault Palestinians in SusiyaMa`an - Susiya local council head Jihad al-Nawajaa told Ma’an that the group of settlers “physically and verbally assaulted Palestinians in the village as other Palestinian locals confronted the group and forced them to leave the area.” Al-Nawajaa said it was the first time Knesset members set foot in Susiya, and he considered the development to be “bad omen.” [bz]20/9/2016
Palestinians with Disabilities are Not Immune from Israeli ViolenceRichard Hardigan - CounterPunch - "Because people with disabilities are less able to take care of themselves, it is incumbent upon Israel to provide them with an extra measure of protection, something it has shown time after time it is unwilling to do. Killings such as these are particularly egregious, and the international community has the obligation to no longer remain silent about them" [ry]19/9/2016
Prisoners begin mass hunger strike to support jailed student “fighting death”Charlotte Silver--Approximately 100 Palestinian prisoners have started to refuse food in support of 25-year-old Malik al-Qadi, who fell into a coma on 10 September after eight weeks on hunger strike.dn18/9/2016
UN welcome agreement reached by Israeli and PA to resolve the issue of the outstanding electricity debtsPNN/Bethlehem - "Mr. Nickolay Mladenov said in the statement that Palestine News Net Work received:“I welcome the agreement reached by Israeli and Palestinian authorities to resolve the issue of the outstanding electricity debts and to create a new energy market. The agreement includes the transfer of authority to the Palestinian government for collecting payments for electricity distributed to Palestinian territory and will provide an important increase to the Palestinian revenue base.Such a significant step is in line with the Quartet’s recommendations calling on both sides to take steps to strengthen Palestinian institutions and develop a sustainable economy, consistent with the transition to greater Palestinian civil authority as contemplated by prior agreements." ca 16/9/2016
Army Kidnaps A Palestinian Near BethlehemIMEMC -| "The soldiers stopped and searched dozens of cars, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards, and kidnapped the Palestinian." id 14/9/2016
UN Report Confirms Staggering Cost of Occupation to Palestinian EconomyRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Factors involved in styming Palestinian development are: …The confiscation of Palestinian land, water and other natural resources; loss of policy space; restrictions on the movement of people and goods; destruction of assets and the productive base; expansion of Israeli settlements; fragmentation of domestic markets; separation from international markets and forced dependence on the Israeli economy." - id14/9/2016
In the West Bank, even calling the fire dept. has an ethnic dimensionYossi Gurvitz, for Yesh Din - How does the IDF deal with brush fire? Depends whether it threatens Jewish or Palestinian property [ry] 12/9/2016
The politics of an accident in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoriesImran Khan - AlJazeera - Tragic death of a six-year-old girl a reminder for some of the tension and double standards that persist in these hills. [ry] 12/9/2016
Malik al-Qadi’s Lapses into a Coma After 56 Days of Hunger Strike Palestine Chronicle--Al-Qadi has been on hunger strike for 56 days, beginning on July 16 in protest of being placed under administrative detention, without charge or trial, and based on undisclosed evidence. dn11/9/2016
After Hunger Strikes, Israel Punishes Imprisoned PalestiniansBudour Hassan--On Sept. 8, the International Committee for the Red Cross informed Thameena Husary that she was not allowed to visit her imprisoned husband, Hasan Karajah. Husary had been hoping to see him for the first time in two months, but Israel is still denying her this most basic right. Karajah, 31, is one of dozens of prisoners in Ofer military prison who are banned from receiving family visits. Israel’s ban came as a punishment for the hunger strike held by those prisoners in solidarity with their comrade Bilal Kayed. The ban is especially heart-wrenching as the families desperately wanted to see their loved ones during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. dn 11/9/2016
PHRI Concerned by Recent Court and Hospital Decisions IMEMC - "In this cycle the detainee – once he reaches a critical condition – is urged to break the hunger strike, a non-violent strategy which requires massive psychological stamina, while the very problem about which the detainee launched his hunger strike is left unresolved." - id 9/9/2016
Israeli Navy Releases Six Fishers Abducted ThursdayIMEMC - "Although the navy released the six kidnapped fishers, it refused to return their fishing boat." - id 9/9/2016
Israel indicts “Palestinian Gandhi”Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada "Amro’s lawyer, Gaby Laski, told the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz that the sudden resuscitation of past events for which Amro was arrested and released at the time, “absolutely seems to be a matter of political persecution.” ca7/9/2016
IDF shuts down Palestinian radio station — but won`t explain whyHaggai Matar - +972 "The Israeli army shuts down the West Bank-based ‘A-Sanabel,’ claiming it incites against Israelis without so much as providing any evidence. Such is life under a military regime. " ca7/9/2016
Palestinian man who filmed IDF soldier shooting attacker dead `threatened with arrest while reporting death threats`Lizzie Dearden - The Independent - Imad Abushamsiya’s footage sparked international condemnation and is evidence in ongoing trial [ry] 5/9/2016
Army Kills One Palestinian, Injures Another, In Shu’fat Refugee CampIMEMC News - "Medical sources later identified the slain young Palestinian man as Mustafa Nimir, 24, from the Salaam area in Anata town, northeast of occupied Jerusalem. [...] The wounded Palestinian has been identified as Ali Nimir, 28; he was shot with a live round in his thigh" [ry] 5/9/2016
Israel clears soldiers involved in checkpoint killing of U.S. teen Nahal Toosi - Politico - "Israeli authorities have told U.S. officials that they found no criminal wrongdoing by soldiers involved in the February killing of an American teenager whom the troops allege tried to stab them, and that Israel will not further pursue the case" [ry] 5/9/2016
West Bank villagers suffer from sewer politicsClare Maxwell--Approximately half of Israel’s environmental regulations do not apply in the occupied territory. With such lax legislation, companies producing metals, chemicals and plastics flock to settlement industrial zones, such as West Ariel and Barkan. Both Israeli and international companies are drawn to areas where they can pollute more freely, often at the expense of surrounding Palestinian communities. dn4/9/2016
City Hall gets ever more creative in ignoring E. Jerusalem school shortageAviv Tatarsky--As the Jerusalem municipality is gradually forced to acknowledge a catastrophic shortage of classrooms in the city’s Palestinian districts, it also finds brave new ways to avoid tackling it. dn4/9/2016
Back home in Gaza, Sanaa el-Hafi recounts her ‘terrifying’ ordeal in Israeli prisonsIsra Saleh El-Namy--Palestinian women hold portrait of jailed compatriot Hana Shalabi, a female Palestinian prisoner jailed in Israel, outside the Red Cross building in Gaza City on March 26, 2012. (Photo: Mohammed Asad/APA Images) Palestinian women hold portrait of jailed compatriot Hana Shalabi, a female Palestinian prisoner jailed in Israel, outside the Red Cross building in Gaza City on March 26, 2012. (Photo: Mohammed Asad/APA Images) dn4/9/2016
Carrot and Stick Carve-up Will Not Work For IsraelJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House "An Israeli strategy that failed decades ago – before the PA even existed – is not going to succeed now. Social media campaigns and paltry handouts will not persuade Palestinians they are nothing more than a humanitarian problem.They are not about to shelve their dreams of liberation just because Mr Lieberman colour-codes them in red and green." ca 2/9/2016
Israeli soldier injured in overnight clashes near Joseph`s TombMa`an News Agency - "Joseph`s Tomb -- revered by Jews, Muslims, Christians and Samaritans -- is the site of regular visits by Israelis, who are escorted by Israeli military forces to the area, often leading to clashes with local Palestinians.Under the 1993 Oslo Accords, Joseph`s Tomb was to remain under Israeli control, but the Palestinian Authority (PA) took over the site after the Israeli army withdrew during the Second Intifada." ca2/9/2016
Report: 750 Palestinians Held Without Charge or Trial in Israeli PrisonsIMEMC News & Agencies - "The commission said, in a press statement, that the Israeli government continues to violate the Fourth Geneva Conventions related to administrative detention, an archaic Israeli policy, dating back to the time of British Mandate, in which detainees are held, for renewable periods of up to 6 months, without charge or trial." ca2/9/2016
Two Palestinian Children Tell Stories of Abuse in Israeli JailsIMEMC News & Agencies - "Prime Minister for the Palestinian Authority, Rami Hamdallah, in response, condemned the ongoing abuse of Palestinian minors held in Israeli jails and their ill-treatment in interrogation rooms." ca2/9/2016
We, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, have been suffering from a slow death sentence for a long time Israel/Palestine Tamam Abusalama - Mondoweiss "We, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, have been suffering from a slow-death sentence for a long time. We are being punished collectively for no reason, without any crime. The Egyptian and Jordanian authorities in cooperation with the Israeli colonial regime have been successful at turning the life of Gazans into hell. This injustice has to come to an end. A resolution for this siege has to come. People have to wake up and make some actions.( Tamam Abusalama is a 19- year old Palestinian blogger and journalism student at Ankara university in Turkey. She’s originally from Beit Jirja-Palestine.)" ca2/9/2016
Israeli Commander Violently Threatens Palestinian YouthTelesur TV - "An Israeli army commander has made shocking threats to Palestinian youth held in the Al-Duheisha, saying he will “make all the youth of the camp disabled,” according to a Palestinian rights group, the Middle East Monitor reported on Friday." ca2/9/2016
Israeli forces detain 2 Gaza fishermen, confiscate boat Ma’an - "According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), Israeli forces detained 71 fishermen and confiscated 22 fishing boats throughout 2015." - id 31/8/2016
School-children tear-gassed on 2nd day of school al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The Salaymeh checkpoint, for many school-children, is one of the unavoidable checkpoints on the daily way to school and back home. At the highly militarised structures, the children attending schools and kindergartens in the area, are subject to bag-searches, harassment, questioning and detention by the Israeli forces." - id 30/8/2016
Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian fatherMaureen Clare Murphy - EI - "Israeli forces killed a reportedly unarmed Palestinian man at a military post outside the village of Silwad, near the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, midday Friday" [ry] 29/8/2016
2 Palestinians shot in Duheisha, as Israeli commander threatens to `disable all youth in the camp`Ma`an News Agency - "Local youth in al-Duheisha told BADIL that Captain Nidal has made statements such as: `I will make all the youth of the camp disabled,` `I will have all of you walking with crutches and in wheelchairs,` `I will make half of you disabled, and let the other half push the wheelchairs,` and `I will make all of you stand in line at the ATM waiting for your disability subsidies and assistance`” [ry]29/8/2016
Water shortages hit West Bank Palestinians, provoking war of wordsSabreen Taha--At the peak of a searing summer, Palestinians living in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank are suffering from severe water shortages, prompting a war of words between Palestinian and Israeli officials over who is responsible. The Palestinians say Israel is preventing them from accessing adequate water at an affordable price, and point out that nearby Israeli settlements have plentiful water supplies. Israel says the Palestinians have been allocated double the amount they were due under an interim 1995 agreement, and have refused to discuss solutions to the current problem. dn 28/8/2016
Unarmed Palestinian running towards IDF guard post shot deadYoav Zitun, Elisha Ben Kimon & Elior Levy--A Palestinian man came running at a West Bank guard post near Ofra; the soldiers followed the procedure for stopping a suspicious person and ended up shooting him; he died at the scene; no weapons or explosives were found on his person; none of the soldiers were injured.dn28/8/2016
Demolitions Again in Um Al KheirErella, The Villages Group--27/8/2016
Palestinians celebrate prisoner Bilal Kayid`s `victory` after ending hunger strikeMa`an News Agency - "Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayid, who ended his 71-day hunger strike on Wednesday, will be released from Israeli custody on December 12, prisoners’ rights group Addameer announced in a press conference on Thursday, with Palestinian officials hailing the agreement marking the end of Kayid’s strike as a “victory” over administrative detention." ca26/8/2016
Nablus: Dozens of Olive Trees Destroyed by Israeli ForcesIMEMC News & Agencies - "Local sources reported, according to Al Ray, that the soldiers destroyed olive trees planted on both sides of the main street, under the pretext of “use as a cover” for Palestinians who throw stones at settlers’ vehicles passing on the street.Olive trees, regularly uprooted or cut down by Israeli soldiers and illegal settlers, are greatly valued by Palestinians and considered as a source of livelihood for many of them." CA 26/8/2016
Control and ID-check of Palestinians al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "... there is no doubt that it¡¯s not for creating safety, but just pure harassment." - id24/8/2016
Palestine journalist ordered to spend three months in admin. detentionHaggai Matar--The Supreme Court upheld the army’s request to extend Omar Nazzal’s remand by three months only, instead of four. The judges did not specify why he posed a security threat, and how he would cease to in three months’ time. dn23/8/2016
Israel Carries Out 50 Strikes Against Gaza, Five Palestinians InjuredIMEMC News - "The Israeli Air Force carried out, Sunday, at least fifty military strikes wounding five Palestinians in different parts of the Gaza Strip, reportedly after a shell was fired earlier from Gaza into an open area in Sderot in the Negev" [ry] 22/8/2016
Army Injures Three In Kufur QaddoumIMEMC News - "Morad Eshteiwy, the media coordinator of the Popular Committee in Kufur Qaddoum, said a large military force invaded Kufur Qaddoum and assaulted locals, holding the weekly nonviolent protest, leading to clashes.The army fired rubber-coated steel bullets, wounding three Palestinians, and many gas bombs, causing dozens to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation." ca 20/8/2016
Learning the enemy’s language Nesma Seyam - Electronic Intifada "Mohammed Alhammami argues that knowing Hebrew is important to gain a proper understanding of Israeli politics.“Learning Hebrew helped me read the Israeli press and Israeli writers,” he said. “A lot of things get lost in translation. It is best to find the original sources.” Alhammami teaches English for AMIDEAST, an American organization that runs educational programs in the Middle East.He studied at Franklin and Marshall College in the US, where he enrolled in a Hebrew class.At the time, he was writing an independent research paper on the idea of a one-state solution in Palestine." ca 19/8/2016
How real-life tragedies have revived theater in Gaza Huda Baroud - Al-Monitor "Abu Yassin said that nine years after the Palestinian split, Gazans are back attending theatrical plays that reflect their daily social and political concerns in a comic way. He explained that theatrical activity has resurged thanks to good directing and to scripts that tackle interesting issues, such as unemployment and the effects of the split on Palestinian society.“Palestinian theater never completely disappeared, but it has gone through highs and lows over the years. The activity of theatrical troupes performing successively in Gaza clearly sparked the interest of the audience,” he said. Abu Yassin noted that the success of theater depends on the spectators attending a performance." ca 19/8/2016
EU logo no shield from Israel’s bulldozersSilvia Boarini - The Electronic Intifada - "Bilal Hammadin looks beyond the tin shacks in the occupied West Bank village of Abu Nuwwar, home to approximately 600 Palestinians, to the red-roofed homes in Maaleh Adumim, an Israeli settlement where nearly 40,000 people live." - id 17/8/2016
Gaza Strip: Attacks in the Border Areas and their Consequences IMEMC - "Following disengagement from the Gaza Strip in September 2005, Israel unilaterally and illegally established a so-called “buffer zone”, an area prohibited to Palestinians along the land and sea borders of the Gaza Strip." - id 17/8/2016
Settlers tour H1, Palestinian movement restricted in Bab E Zawiyeh al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The event lasted several hours, and caused lots of harassment for the Palestinians in Bab E Zawiyeh. This is not the first time Israeli settlers, protected by the Border Police and Army, entered H1." - id 17/8/2016
Palestinian teen dies after being shot in heart by Israeli forces in al-Fawwar clashesMa`an - Israeli forces stormed al-Fawwar at dawn on Tuesday, ransacking homes and interrogating residents. Clashes then broke out between local youth and Israeli soldiers who fired live gunshots, tear gas, and rubber-coated steel bullets at the youth, injuring at least 33, including Abu Hashhash. [bz]16/8/2016
Gaza merchants say Israel withholding permits, stifling tradeTimes of Israel staff and AFP - Gazan businessmen and traders staged a protest at a crossing point Monday over what they said was the mass cancellation of travel permits by Israel, which they blamed for suffocating trade, having scrapped hundreds of travel documents allowing them to enter Israel and the West Bank as well as other countries for trade. [bz]16/8/2016
European lawmakers show solidarity with hunger striking Palestinians prisonersMa`an - Anger directed at the Red Cross for the reduction in visits and at Israeli authorities for denying entry to scores of Palestinians from entering Israel to visit their incarcerated relatives has only intensified in recent weeks, as hunger strikes in Israeli prisons continued to gain momentum. [bz]16/8/2016
WATCH: Activists show solidarity with parched Bedouin village Social TV - +972 - Israel’s National Water Company, Mekorot, supplies water to Israeli settlements in Area C of the West Bank while Palestinians are denied access to wells and pipes that run through their land. Watch Israeli activists show solidarity with Bedouin living on the edge of the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley. [bz]16/8/2016
Israeli forces demolish home of slain Palestinian attacker in Bani NaimMa`an News Agency - "Israeli forces demolished early on Monday morning the family home of a Palestinian teen who was killed in June after stabbing a 13-year-old Israeli girl to death, in the latest instance of Israel’s much denounced policy of punitive home demolitions" [ry] 15/8/2016
Israeli prison `like being inside a grave`Zena Tahhan - AlJazeera - Palestinian Amal al-Sada spent a year in prison after trying to smuggle a SIM card to her jailed brother [ry] 15/8/2016
Israeli treasury looks to scrap Palestinian day workers` tax breaksAla Khatib--Palestinians working in Israel will see thousands of shekels reduced annually from their barely sufficient salary, as per an amendment proposed by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. The arguments he put forth are hair-raisingly infuriating. dn13/8/2016
Jenin; Israeli Soldiers Demolish A Brick Factory, Confiscate Its EquipmentIMEMC News - "Local sources said dozens of soldiers invaded the town, and fired many live rounds, sound bombs, and concussion grenades.Last week, the soldiers handed demolition orders to four Palestinian shop owners in the Industrial Zone, in Jenin." ca 12/8/2016
Ahmad Dawabsha Transferred to Tel Hashomer Hospital after Severe Health DeteriorationIMEMC News & Agencies - "Five-year-old sole survivor of an arson attack in the village of Douma, in the occupied West Bank district of Nablus, last year, Ahmad Dawabsha, was taken to Israel’s Tel Hashomer hospital Wednesday night, after his health deteriorated... The young boy was severely injured in the high-profile attack which took place in the town of Douma, in the Nablus district, in July of 2015. He has undergone a series of complex surgeries since." ca12/8/2016
No sweet relief for Gaza watermelon farmers Isra Saleh el-Namey - The Electronic Intifada - "Spending more than $10 to buy three or four watermelons for the family is too much for a government-employed teacher." - id 10/8/2016
PCHR Follows Up With Concern Excessive Use Of Force By The Palestinian Security Services In The West Bank Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "PCHR highlights that security services’ duty is to ban the possession of firearms and maintain the security of civilians within the boundaries of the law with a strict commitment to the relevant international standards, especially the 1979 Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials." - id 10/8/2016
Everything we don`t know about the World Vision in Gaza story Dahlia Scheindlin - +972 - "Reporting stories like this is difficult. Man gets arrested. Man gets held for weeks with no legal access. The charges come in a statement from Shin Bet that you can’t cross examine, and are fleshed out in anonymous briefings to Israeli media based on confession evidence. It may be true. It may not. Or it may exist in some space in between." - id 10/8/2016
Hunger strike escalates for prisoner Bilal Kayed Dezeray Lyn - The Arab Daily News - "Palestinian political dissident remains in Israeli Gulag in failing health in protest of Israeli brutality." - id 10/8/2016
Israeli authorities force Palestinian man to demolish own barn near NablusMa`an - Israeli forces enforced the demolition without a court order, while Jamal had filed a suit in Israeli courts, which had yet to make a ruling on his appeal. Jamal built the barn in order to raise cattle and sheep, his main source of income. He was forced to demolish it himself to keep his livestock, and to avoid paying a demolition fee to Israeli authorities, as he was already set to lose tens of thousands of shekels with the loss of the barn. [bz]9/8/2016
Israeli Border Police fire black sponge round at chest of 10-year-old boy in a-Ram, killing himB`Tselem - "On Tuesday, 19 July 2016, at around 6:00 P.M., 10-year-old Muhyi a-Din a-Tabakhi was critically injured by a black sponge round fired by Israeli Border Police officers in the town of a-Ram, al-Quds District. The Palestinian boy died shortly afterwards in hospital" [ry] 8/8/2016
Israel passes law allowing imprisonment of East Jerusalem Palestinians ages 14 and underMa`an - The law is intended to punish primarily Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem who attempt attacks on Israeli civilians and military. Palestinians of all ages from the occupied West Bank, including young minors, have long been tried, sentenced and detained in Israel`s military court system. [bz]6/8/2016
Why some Gazans are telecommuting with Israeli firms Fadi N. Shafei - Al Monitor "Young Palestinians in the Gaza Strip use the internet to work with Israeli institutions, despite the challenges posed by the permanently tense relationship between Gaza and Israel." ca 5/8/2016
Gaza’s sick pay price of blockade Isra Saleh el-Namey - The Electronic Intifada - "International observers like the World Health Organization, the United Nations and individual politicians have on numerous occasions reported that the blockade negatively affects the delivery of medical services in Gaza and leads to a shortage of potentially life-saving drugs." - id 3/8/2016
Beit Ummar’s children targeted by the Israeli army al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The Awad family have been especially targeted by the police due to their houses location close to the checkpoint. For many months both of their 2 young sons and the father were in prison, leaving the mother to run the shop and house alone. 3/8/2016
WATCH: Border cop confiscates Palestinian girl`s bicycle in Hebron Edo Konrad - +972 - "Video shows Border Police officer taking away eight-year-old Anwar Burqan’s bicycle and throwing it into the nearby bushes." - id 3/8/2016
World Vision Donor Sponsored a Boy. The Outcome Was a Mystery to Both. DIAA HADID - NYT - "But Mr. Sabateen, a 53-year-old butcher, was suspicious. Who had sent me? What did I really want? The notion of a police officer’s being behind the inquiry hardly helped." - id 3/8/2016
25 Palestinians detained in raids, as Israeli forces close main Hebron entranceMa`an - Palestinian security sources said the undercover officers and soldiers were on a mission to detain Malik Ahmad Ubeid, for reasons they did not specify. The mission reportedly failed as Ubeid was not in the home, and Israelis forces then reportedly detained his two brothers Anas and Hamza. [bz]2/8/2016
Israel to demolish 7 agricultural structures, water wells in southern NablusMa`an - Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah condemned Israel’s illegal practice of destroying Palestinian water infrastructure as "atrocious." “Israel uses every means possible to chase Palestinians away from their ancestral land,” Hamdallah said. "Water is life, and if you don`t have water you cannot exist." [bz]2/8/2016
Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Man Near NablusMEMC News - "Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Sunday evening, a Palestinian man near Huwwara military roadblock, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, reportedly after he tried to stab them" [ry] 1/8/2016
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