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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Qatari cash can’t stop Israeli bulletsMaureen Clare Murphy - EI - "More than 220 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza over the past seven months, all but approximately 50 of them fatally wounded during Great March of Return protests in the boundary areas" [ry]12/11/2018
Israel kills seven Palestinians in covert Gaza raidAl Jazeera - Senior Hamas commander killed by Israeli special forces in cross- border operation in which one Israeli soldier died [ry]12/11/2018
Israel bans renovations of Palestinian kindergarten in HebronMa’an News Agency - "Israeli authorities did not provide a reason for the ban" [ry]12/11/2018
Nowhere to go, nowhere to liveAnnelies Verbeek - The Electronic Intifada - "Out of sight Israeli consolidation over the Jordan Valley is continuing apace." … "n al-Hadidiya, in the northern Jordan Valley, the bulldozers arrived on the morning of 11 October leaving Omar Arif Bisharat and eight relatives, including five children, homeless. Doles of doves soared over the rubble of his home. He raised his hands, struggling to convey the calamity of what had happened to him. In addition to his home, the army demolished six other structures, including several animal pens." - id 8/11/2018
Israel commences demolitions east of JerusalemMa`an News Agency - "Israeli bulldozers demolished a Palestinian-owned residential building, on Thursday morning, in the al-Zaayim village, east of Jerusalem." - id Locals reported that a large number of Israeli forces stormed the village and were deployed near the building. Israeli soldiers prevented residents, locals and reporters from approaching the area. Sources confirmed that the building consisted of several floors, pointing out that the demolition was carried out under the pretext that the structure was built without the difficult-to-obtain Israeli permit. Nearly all Palestinian applications for building permits in Area C are denied by the Israeli authorities, forcing communities to build illegally. 8/11/2018
When the occupation dictates your life — and your funeralAviv Tatarsky - +972 - "Long before he died in a work accident on an Israeli construction site, Muhamad Barghouth’s life was dictated by the violent whims of military occupation." - id 8/11/2018
Hebron: Seven weeks after the murder of Wael Fatah Ja’aberi by Israeli Forces, family still awaits his body for burialAl-Khalil Team - International Solidarity Movement - "His 9 year old son was lucky to escape and could run back home, in shock of the cruelty he went trough. As it seems, the armed settler fired at Wael and his son, after which a soldier, present at the checkpoint, continued the shooting with several live bullets." - id8/11/2018
Barkan terrorist still at large, but his house will be demolishedYoav Zitun, Elisha Ben Kimon - Ynet - This is an irregular procedure, since a demolition order was issued before the terrorist is apprehended. In most cases, suspects` confession and recreation of crime are an integral part of demolitions` due process especially in the face of the High Court of Justice, where families of terrorists usually object the demolition of their homes. bz] 6/11/2018
Israel settlers dump sewage on Palestinian school in QalqiliyaMiddle East Monitor - Israeli settlers dumped their sewage on a Palestinian school in the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqilia yesterday. The Azzun Beit Amin School playground was flooded with sewage for the second time in two months as a result of the settlers’ actions. Principal Alaa Marabeh said it would take more than ten days for the sewage water to dry and this has caused a foul smell to spread across the school building and risks damaging the students’ health. The settlers live in the nearby illegal settlement of Sha’arei Tikva which is home to some 4,000 Jewish settlers.-rh6/11/2018
Israel & Gaza Close To Ceasefire says Israeli SourceIMEMC News - Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza are close to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, a report said Saturday, citing a high- level Israeli source. According to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, an unnamed senior political figure leaked that a deal was in the making between Israel and the Gazan administration to allow Qatar to provide the enclave with funds to pay its civil servants, as well as fuel.-rh6/11/2018
Abulhawa: For 36 hours I was detained on a dirty bed in my homeland, then deportedSusan Abulhawa - Mondoweiss - As you all know by now, Israeli authorities have denied me entry into my country and I am therefore unable to attend the festival. It pains me greatly not to be with my friends and fellow writers to explore and celebrate our literary traditions with readers and with each other in our homeland. It pains me that we can meet anywhere in the world except in Palestine, the place to which we belong, from whence our stories emerge and where all our turns eventually lead. We cannot meet on soil that has been fertilized for millennia by the bodies of our ancestors and watered by the tears and blood of Palestine’s sons and daughters who daily fight for her.-rh6/11/2018
IDF soldier charged with beating Palestinian detainee Yoav Zitun - Y-Net - As noted in the charge sheet, presented to the Jaffa military court, in May this year three detained Palestinians were brought to the holding cell at the Shaked outpost. The accused soldiers is mentioned as having entered the cell and mocked the three Palestinian prisoners: "When did you last shower? When did you last put water on your body?". One of them answered "I don`t speak Hebrew" and the soldier - who speaks no Arabic - considered the detainee as having insulted him. The soldier then proceeded to repeatedly beat and kick that detainee - bound and with his eyes covered - and caused bleeding and injuries to his head and back. Only when another soldier intervened did he leave the cell. [ak] 6/11/2018
Settlers take a video of wounded Palestinian, shouting "kill him! Kill him!"IMEMC - At Elias Junction, near the settlement of Kiryat Arba, east of Hebron city, Israeli soldiers shot at a Palestinian who allegedly tried to stab them, wounding him in the leg. The young man, identified as Ahmad Abdul-Nasser Ed’eis from Bani Neim, fell to the ground. Soon a crowd of Israeli settlers gathered nearby, one of them taking a video of the wounded Palestinian while others shouted and cursed him and called upon the soldiers to “finish him off with a bullet in the head.” [However, unlike in the notorious Elior Azaria case, the soldiers did not heed the settler bloodlust and eventually the wounded man was taken under guard to hospital. ak]6/11/2018
Israel orders stop-construction of Palestinian homes near BethlehemMa’an News Agency - "Israeli forces delivered stop-construction orders, on Sunday, to four Palestinian-owned houses that were recently renovated in Shushahla area, in the al-Khader village in the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem" [ry]5/11/2018
Israel confiscates Palestinian-owned tractors in Jordan ValleyMa`an News - "Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley regularly face evacuations and interruption due to Israeli military exercises on or near their land. The district of Tubas, meanwhile, is one of the occupied West Bank`s most important agricultural centers.The majority of the Jordan Valley is under full Israeli military control, despite being within the West Bank. Meanwhile, at least 44 percent of the total land in the Jordan Valley has been re- appropriated by Israeli forces for military purposes and training exercises." ca2/11/2018
Women imprisoned in Israel: life between pressure, suffering and sudden transferDareen Tatour - Mondoweiss "With the news of the renewal of parliament member Khalida Jarrar’s administrative detention for the fourth time in a row for an additional three-month period, I would like to highlight on the suffering of female prisoners in both prisons in which the female prisoners are held, as this is the most important issue to me currently, especially as female prisoners in the HaSharon and Damon prison who suffer greatly of several issues that would not cross your minds." ca2/11/2018
WHO: Only 1% of Applications for Injured Gazans Received Permit for Outside TreatmentIMEMC - "he approval rate, in September, for an Israeli permit to leave Gaza for treatment abroad, for those injured in the March of Return protests near the border fence with Israel, was significantly lower than the overall approval rate: one of 18 applications, or 1%, was approved; one denied; and 16 delayed." - id1/11/2018
Hundreds of Druze Protest Municipal Elections in Israel`s Golan HeightsHaaretz - Hundreds of Druze Arabs, some carrying Syrian flags, gathered outside the gates of a polling station in the Golan Heights on Tuesday, trying to block their townspeople from voting in municipal elections. Israeli police wearing helmets cleared a path for would-be voters outside the balloting center in Majdal Shams. As protesters continued to prevent people from entering, police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.“The Golan’s identity is Arab and Syrian,” chanted the protesters as they put a banner on the entrance reading: “No to elections.” Inside the building election officials sat in mostly empty rooms with blue ballot boxes bearing Israeli insignia. Elections were supposed to be held in four Druze villages, but on Tuesday they were only held in two following all candidates in the other two dropping out. Having been captured in the 1967 and unilaterally annexed to Israel 1981, there is still - after more than fifty years of Israeli rule - a very strong sense of being Syrian citizens under Israeli occupation. [ak] 30/10/2018
UN: Humanitarian aid to Palestinians ‘at an all-time low Fidaa Shurrab - +972 Magazine - The funding crisis is particularly devastating in the Gaza Strip, where humanitarian officials say basic services such as education, health, and food security have been reduced to a minimum. funding for NGOS in the besieged enclave was halved in 2016, compared to the previous year. The lack of funding means that the remaining aid has gone almost exclusively to addressing short-term needs and emergency response projects. Doing so takes away from humanitarian organizations’ sustainability and development goals. 1.57 million of the Gaza Strip’s 1.8 million residents rely on humanitarian assistance. The unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip has reached 32.4 percent — the highest it has been in two decades. The combination of Israel’s siege and internal Palestinian divisions means that the NGO sector often has to provide basic services in place of the weakened Hamas government. The majority of the employment programs in the Palestinian territories depend on international financial aid, but the funding cuts have created a situation where a number of organizations are dramatically decreasing their services. [ak]30/10/2018
Not even in a caravan are the Izbik children allowed to learnAmos Gvirtz - Don`t Say We Didn`t Know - On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, Israeli soldiers came to the Palestinian village Ibzik (in the occupied northern Palestinian Jordan Valley), dismantled and removed two caravans that had been placed in the village to serve as classrooms for the local elementary school children. --- On Thursday, October 25, 2018, Israeli government agents escorted by police demolished once more Al Araqib village in the Negev. This time they also arrested four of the villagers, who were released after a while. [bz] 30/10/2018
Israel sentences hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner to one yearMa`an - Adnan, 40, a father of seven children, has been on an open hunger strike for 58 days and even stopped drinking water, as a form of protest against his "arbitrary" detention by Israel. Adnan, from the Arraba town in the northern West Bank district of Jenin, previously went through two major hunger strikes, one a 66-day long hunger strike in 2012 and another 55-day long in 2015, protesting his administrative detention. However, Adnan is not currently being held in administrative detention. Israeli forces had detained Adnan on December 11th, 2017 accusing him of incitement. [bz]30/10/2018
The Bedouins of al-Khan al-Ahmar Halt the Bulldozers of IsraelDavid Shulman - NYR - "There is even a chance, however slight, that the Bedouins of al- Khan al-Ahmar will in the end be moved to a site only a few hundred yards from their present place, according to the plan that they themselves proposed, long ago, to the Israeli authorities, who rejected it at the time out of hand. Sometimes, it happens that a certain place, like this rocky hill, becomes a battleground between opposing value systems and opposing forces, each of which recognizes what is at stake. For the Israeli right, the Bedouins of al-Khan al- Ahmar are one of the last obstacles to a far-reaching annexationist program. They also have the incorrigible flaw of not being Jews in a Jewish state now run on exclusionary ethno-nationalist principles." ca27/10/2018
In Israeli-occupied Golan, Druze struggle over first ever vote AFP - "An election poster at the entrance to Majdal Shams in the Israeli- occupied Golan Heights offers a rare reminder that the Druze community is about to vote for the first time in more than 50 years. As across Israel, the residents of this mountainous region will have the chance to cast their ballots on October 30 for their local councils.But for the Druze of the Golan plateau these elections are different -- and far more controversial." ca 26/10/2018
Israel-has-chosen-settlements-over-securityAmi Ayalon and Liat Schlesinger - Forward - Netanyahu’s conflict management policy, in Gaza and the West Bank, seeks to keep the two Palestinian entities divided and isolated. The Israeli government chooses not to try to resolve the conflict, and not because this conflict is irresolvable. On the contrary, the conflict is indeed resolvable, but its solution will require dismantling Israeli settlements in the West Bank. In other words, the Israeli government is choosing settlements and occupation over security for its citizens.-rh 24/10/2018
Gaza’s Dying of Thirst, and Its Water Crisis Will Become a Threat to IsraelSandy Tolan - Daily Beast - Studies point to sharp rises in water- borne ailments, as doctors here forecast an outbreak of epidemic disease due to deteriorating water quality. Already, 97 percent of the water from Gaza’s wells is unfit for human consumption—the result of seawater leaking into the aquifer from severe over-pumping. And because there’s insufficient electricity to run Gaza’s sewage plant, 110 million liters of untreated sewage flows into the Mediterranean every day.-rh 24/10/2018
The Apartheid State of Israel and the Palestinian ResistanceNwabisa Sigaba - The Palestine Chronicle - The living conditions of Palestinians are appalling and inhumane and the UN has reported that the Gaza Strip will be unlivable by 2020. The lives of Palestinians do not matter to Israelis and they are treated as a cheap trade-off by Israel for their continued apartheid rule. According to Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, 194 Palestinians have been killed and wounded more than 18,000 people in the Gaza Strip since the commencement of the protests on March 30.-rh24/10/2018
Abbas and Hamas use systematic torture to crush dissent – Human Rights WatchTOI STAFF and AP - The Times of Israel - Human Rights Watch on Tuesday accused both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas of routinely engaging in “systematic” unwarranted arrests and torture of critics, suspected dissidents and political opponents, and of developing “parallel police states” in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, respectively. In a 149-page report based on interviews with 147 witnesses, Human Rights Watch detailed a common method of abuse and torture known as shabeh — used both by the PA and Hamas — in which detainees are placed in painful physical positions for lengthy periods of time. Such practices cause distress and trauma to detainees, while often leaving “little or no trace on the body,” the report said.-rh24/10/2018
THE NEXT INTIFADA MIGHT BE STIRRING IN THE WEST BANKMehul Srivastava - OZY - Tirawi, who ran a militia in the 1990s, was convicted of helping carry out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv during the uprising and was described recently by one Israeli military official as the sort of man the Israel Defense Forces worries about. A member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, he is an outcast from the West Bank leadership who see him as an unreliable rival. He has a grim warning for both groups. Any second now we could see the beginning of a third intifada,” he says solemnly, sitting between two portraits — one of Yasser Arafat in military garb, the other of his more moderate successor, Mahmoud Abbas, in a suit. “The reality is that the fire has already started, but any second now, the flames could get really high — we are talking about total chaos.”-rh24/10/2018
`A cruel choice`: Why Israel targets Palestinian schoolsMaan News Agency - Several Palestinian students, along with teachers and officials, were wounded in the Israeli army attack on a school south of Nablus in the West Bank on October 15. The students of al- Sawiya al-Lubban Mixed School were challenging an Israeli military order to shut down their school based on the ever-versatile accusation of the school being a "site of popular terror and rioting." "Popular terror," is an Israeli army code for protests.rh24/10/2018
Israel Releases Jerusalem Governor, Holds Him Under House ArrestIMEMC - "The Palestinian official was abducted due to his ongoing support and presence in the al-Khan al-Ahmar Bedouin community, which is facing demolition and displacement by Israel." - id24/10/2018
Palestinian vehicles vandalized in West Bank hate crimeTOI STAFF - The Times of Israel - Palestinians in the northern West Bank village of Marda reported Monday that several vehicles parked in the community had been vandalized in an apparent hate crime. Residents of the village, which is located near the Israeli settlement of Ariel, found tires had been slashed on several vehicles, some of which were daubed with Hebrew slogans and Stars of David. Security cameras recorded the perpetrators as they roamed the village causing damage, and police opened an investigation.-rh24/10/2018
Israeli forces dismantle, seize educational caravans in TubasMa`an - The nearest school in the Tubas district is 18 km away from the Ibziq village, making it difficult for students to reach, which would eventually lead to illiteracy of Palestinian children in the area. [This anti-Bedouin action comes immediately after backing down somewhat on the demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar-bz] 23/10/2018
Legislator Jarrar Receives Another Administrative Detention Order For Three MonthsIMEMC News - "The Israeli Authorities renewed, Sunday, the arbitrary Administrative Detention orders against Palestinian legislator, Khaleda Jarrar, for three more months, for the fourth consecutive time" [ry]22/10/2018
Palestinians eager to welcome UN Security Council mission Adnan Abu Amer - Al-Monitor " The last time a Security Council delegation sought to organize a visit to the Palestinian territories was in 2012, but the United States opposed the idea before it was even put to a vote. Palestinians are determined about involving the United Nations in their conflict with Israel. In light of the many supportive resolutions introduced by the UN General Assembly since 1948, they view the body as an ally. Key resolutions have called for respecting human rights in the occupied territories and holding Israel responsible for ensuring the safety of residents." ca 19/10/2018
What it takes to organize a film screening in GazaJen Marlowe - +972 - "Getting an entry permit from the Israeli army, securing permission to screen the film from Hamas, and how to prepare for inevitable power cuts are only some of the hurdles. Imagine what it takes to coordinate humanitarian aid." - id 17/10/2018
Israel denies rights to Palestinian dissident jailed for 20 monthsRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "A young Palestinian man in Israeli detention for a year and eight months in an effort to expel him to Brazil. HaMoked, the Center for the Defense of the Individual, filed an appeal against the detention: Israeli authorities are punishing him for their own failure to legalize his status." - id 17/10/2018
Gaza’s Dying of Thirst, and Its Water Crisis Will Become a Threat to IsraelSandy Tolan - The Daily Beast - "With Gaza’s water system on the verge of “collapse” a humanitarian catastrophe looms, including potential epidemics. The consequences will reach far beyond Gaza’s borders." - id 17/10/2018
Israeli settlers assault Palestinian farmer near NablusMa`an - Israeli settlers assaulted a Palestinian farmer, while he was harvesting olives, on Monday, in Deir al-Hatab village, east of the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus. Abed al-Karim Hussein, head of the Deir al-Hatab village council, told Ma`an that a group of Israeli settlers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Elon Moreh assaulted a Palestinian farmer by repeatedly beating him. The farmer was identified as Amjad Khaled Odeh, 45, a resident from the Deir al-Hatab village. Hussein confirmed that Odeh was assaulted while harvesting olives in his land, that is adjacent to the Elon Moreh settlement, east of the village. Odeh suffered various bruises all over his body. The Israeli human rights group B`Tselem reported that "settler violence and vandalism takes place with full backing by the Israeli authorities. Sometimes soldiers take part in the assault; at other times, they stand idly by. The police makes no substantial effort to investigate the incidents, nor takes measures to prevent them or stop them in real time." [bz]16/10/2018
Palestinian shot dead after alleged stabbing attempt near SalfitMa`an - A Palestinian was shot and killed by Israeli forces, on Monday, after he allegedly attempted to stab Israeli soldiers in the Barkan industrial area, near the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel near Salfit City in the northern occupied West Bank. Hebrew-language news outlets reported Israeli forces opened fire at a Palestinian after he allegedly attempted to stab several Israeli soldiers at the Gitai Avishar Junction. Locals identified the identity of the killed Palestinian as Elias Saleh Yassin, 22, from the Bidya village in western Salfit. The Israeli army confirmed that no injuries were reported among Israelis.Israeli West Bank Regional Council Head, Yossi Dagan, applauded the killing of the Palestinian and pledged that the occupation would remain and even expand on the expense of the Palestinian people in the West Bank. [bz]16/10/2018
A crime against cultureMousa Tawfiq - EI - "I clearly remember the first time I learned about the Said al-Mishal Cultural Center. `Haven’t you seen it yet?` asked Muhammad, a boy older than me. `It’s the most beautiful stage in Gaza. It has a shiny wooden floor with fancy red chairs. When the curtains open, the audience goes completely silent`” [ry]15/10/2018
How Gaza brings Israel, Qatar closerShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor "Israel and Qatar have been growing closer over the last few months as a result of their joint efforts to save Gaza from collapse and prevent another war between Hamas and Israel. Still, the relationship is something of a paradox. In the past, Israel regarded Qatar as a country that aided Hamas, a terrorist organization. (Much to Israel’s chagrin, the former ruler, Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani funneled huge amounts of money to Gaza). But now Israel is pleased that the current ruler, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, is providing Gaza with financial support. While Qatar is continuing its tradition of aiding the Hamas regime, it is also helping Israel avoid another war. In that way, everyone benefits from the wealth and munificence of the tiny emirate." ca 13/10/2018
Israel, Syria agree to reopen border crossing — USTOI staff - Times of Israel "In a statement Friday welcoming the move, Haley said the decision by Israel, Syria and the United Nations to reopen the Quneitra Crossing was part of the return of UN peacekeepers to the area. She said it would allow them to “step up their efforts to prevent hostilities in the Golan Heights region.” ca13/10/2018
PCHR: In Serious Escalation of Using Excessive Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protestors in Eastern Gaza Strip, Israeli Forces Kill 7 Civilians, Including Child, and Wound 224 Others, Including 42 Children, 3 Women, 3 Journalists and Paramedic”IMEMC - "Investigations and observations by PCHR’s fieldworkers emphasize that the demonstrations in all areas were as always fully peaceful, and neither weapons nor armed persons were seen. However, the Israeli forces’ snipers continued to position on the hills, behind the sand berms and in military jeeps along the border fence." ca13/10/2018
Beating stress with storiesGhada Al-Haddad - Electronic Intifada "In June, the organization Save the Children published the findings of a survey involving 150 children and their caregivers in Gaza. It found that 95 percent of children in the sample have such symptoms as depression, hyperactivity, a preference for being alone or a tendency towards aggressive behavior.“I am afraid that those children will grow up without having books in their memories,” said Abu Jaber. “I am afraid they will not have credible and neutral sources of information to depend on when making decisions.”Between 150 and 180 children visit the library each day." ca 13/10/2018
WHO: 14 demonstrators killed and 1,400 injured by Israel within two weeksPNN - Palestine News Network - "...during the demonstrations between 23rd September and 6th October, 14 Palestinians including four children were killed and 1,434 were injured by the Israeli forces...Of the hospitalized injured, 12 cases were critically life threatening." - id 10/10/2018
Israeli soldiers, police harass olive pickers in As-Sawiya villageReports - International Solidarity Movement - "A group of Israeli soldiers, one Israeli policeman, and one Israeli settler harassed a group of Palestinian and international olive pickers in As-Sawiya village yesterday, demanding identification and threatening to expel the harvesters from the area." - id 10/10/2018
In photos - Palestinian prisoner forced to dress in Israeli military uniform Maann - On September 11, Palestinian human rights activist Hasan Karajeh was detained at his home at Safa village in the Ramallah District, and denied lawyer`s visits. Three weeks later, soldiers suddenly brought him along on a raid to his family home. During the raid, Israeli forces shouted insults at Hasan`s family members, damaged furniture and personal belongings of the family, physically assaulted Hasan`s brother, Muhammad and subjected his wife to prolonged interrogation. Though Hasan was made to witness the raid, there was no way for him to communicate with his family members. Hasan`s brother, Muhannad Karajeh, managed to take several photos of Hasan when the Israeli forces were withdrawing and taking him back to detention, handcuffed. From the photos it is evident that he had been made to wear and Israeli military uniform. Family members were not in any position to inquire why was this done. [International Law takes a very dim view of people wearing the uniform of an army of which they are not members, but this mainly refers to people doing it of their own initiative, for deception. AK] 9/10/2018
The Israeli activists helping protect the Palestinian olive harvestOrly Noy - +972 - For the past decade and a half, dozens of left-wing Israeli activists have come together to accompany Palestinians to their groves during the olive harvest. Despite recurring settler violence, the situation has improved over the years [ry]8/10/2018
Lieberman slams Europeans for `interfering` in Khan al-AhmarMa’an News Agency - “According to a French-language news outlet, European ambassadors from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom reportedly received a letter from Lieberman last week, calling their joint statement on the demolition of the of Khan al-Ahmar ‘absurd’” [ry]8/10/2018
Israel putting popular Palestinian leader on trial for `incitement` on FacebookYoav Haifawi - +972 "Raja Eghbarieh, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and leader of a movement that boycotts the Knesset elections, was charged last month with incitement for a number of posts he wrote on Facebook. The judge, for now, remains unconvinced." ca6/10/2018
Has the PA punished prisoners’ families to please Trump?Rami Almeghari - Electronic Intifada "It’s hard to care for children as a single, unemployed parent. It’s almost impossible when official financial assistance is suddenly slashed in half.This is what happened to Hazem Abu Kmail and his seven children. Since March, Abu Kmail, his four daughters and three sons have been hit by an apparent Palestinian Authority decision – officially denied – to cut allowances for Gaza families of prisoners associated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad held in Israeli jails.The PA has officially denied yielding to pressure from Israel and the US to end what are stipends to help support the families of prisoners where typically the main breadwinner has been incarcerated." ca 6/10/2018
Israeli settlers set house on fire in Hebron`s Old CityMa`an News - "According to the Hebron Reconstruction Committee, Israeli settlers set fire to a house, belonging to Palestinian resident, Izz al-Din al-Sharabati, and is in an area declared a closed military zone by Israel near the illegal Israeli outpost of Abraham Avino in center of Hebron`s Old City. The al-Sharabati family lived in the four-story building for several years until they were forced to leave due to continued harassment by Israeli settlers, who continuously threw rocks at the house and residents." - id3/10/2018
In video - Israeli forces assault, injure Jerusalemite youthsMaan - As shown on this video, Israeli forces surrounded a group of Palestinian youths who were present at Damascus Gate`s square. Verbal confrontations were followed by the Israelis pushing, kicking and beating the young Palestinians as well as using pepper-spray which resulted in severe burns in the youths` faces and chased the youths outside the square towards the al-Musrara Street, detaining two. No information was available on the background to the confrontation. However, on Jewish holidays - such as took place yesterday - Israeli security forces are notoriously nervous and short-tempered towards Palestinians. [ak] 2/10/2018
Dirty drinking water - a new interrogation technique IMEMC - 41-year-old detainee Abu Rejleya told a lawyer that during his interrogation at Jalama detention center, the prison administration intentionally supplied dirty, unhealthy water. The dirty water that he drunk, having no other, caused pain in his two kidneys, but the Prison Service did not pay attention to his suffering. [ak] 2/10/2018
Israeli settlers flood Khan al-Ahmar with wastewaterMa`an - As Israel threatened to raid and demolish the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar at any moment since the evacuation period ended, Israeli settlers stormed the village and flooded the area with wastewater, on Tuesday afternoon. Locals said that Israeli settlers from the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Kfar Adummim stormed the village, and were confronted by international and local activists along with residents of Khan al-Ahmar. Israeli settlers managed to flood the area with wastewater before activists and residents were able to stop them. [bz]2/10/2018
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