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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

With nine coronavirus cases confirmed, Gaza medics switching focus from border protests to coronavirusAl Jazeera - "All of the tents and medical supplies that had been used during the marches of return have been employed in the ministry`s measures to protect our people against coronavirus," Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said.26/3/2020
Four Palestinians arrested for,,, Disinfecting Public Facilities In JerusalemIMEMC - Four Palestinians who were disinfecting public facilities in the Old City of Jerusalem, as a precaution amidst the spread of Coronavirus, were suddenly arrested by the Israeli Border Guard (semi-military police). Eyewitnesses said the Border Guards abducted the four at the al-Ghazali Square, in Bab Al-Asbat (Lion’s Gate), and took them to a police station. Israeli Police failed to explain what illegal activity they were suspected of having committed.[ak]24/3/2020
How a Palestinian shoemaker started the West Bank’s only mask factory overnightSuha Arraf - +972 - It was not simply profit that motivated him. “This is about helping my people, and a way of providing work opportunities,” he said. “There’s a crisis in Hebron, and many are unemployed.” [bz]24/3/2020
Arab League: Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails threatened by Coronavirus - should be released IMEMC - In view of the Coronavirus spreading in both Israel and the Palestinian territories, The League of Arab States voiced an alarm about the special threat posed to Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. "The International Community must intervene and pressure Israeli authorities for the release of 5,000 Palestinian prisoners, including hundreds of elderly with poor immunity, 180 juveniles and 43 women. "An immediate release is absolutely imperative, to prevent the prison population from contracting and spreading the contagious disease" stated Said Abu Ali, Arab League Deputy-Secretary General who is specifically charged with overseeing the situation of the Palestinians. [ak]24/3/2020
Fear, anxiety as besieged Gaza confirms first 2 coronavirus casesFarah Najjar & Maram Humaid - Aljazeera - Palestinian officials have announced the first two cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, in the besieged Gaza Strip. Deputy Health Minister Youssef Abulreesh said late on Saturday the two Palestinian patients had returned from Pakistan via Gaza`s Rafah border with neighbouring Egypt on Thursday. (rh 24/3/2020
Congress seeks to hold Israel accountable for demolishing Palestinian homesJosh Ruebner - Mondoweiss - A “Dear Colleague” letter was sent by more than 60 Democratic Representatives to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this week seeking to hold Israel accountable for its massive demolition of Palestinian homes last July in the Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood in East Jerusalem.(rh)24/3/2020
Coronavirus: Palestinian workers face difficult choice between livelihood and isolationAkram Al-Waara - Middle East Eye - When the first case of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, was confirmed in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, an immediate sense of panic overwhelmed the small city. As schools, universities, and businesses began to shut down, thousands of the city’s residents retreated to their homes in anticipation of what would happen next. (rh) Bethlehem responds to coronavirus ‘the Palestinian way’ - with sweets and song.But as the city limits were shut off and nearby checkpoints with Israel started to close, a new sense of anxiety began to set in - this time, for the city’s thousands of labourers who work inside Israel. 24/3/2020
Israeli Secret Police Remove Gag Order, Claim Palestinian Mother, Humanitarian Aid Worker is Terror FinancierRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - In my many years of reporting on and exposing the depredation of the Israeli Secret Police aka Shabak or Shin Bet, I’ve only rarely come across an arrest as ludicrous as the one they made last month. I reported yesterday that they arrested a Palestinian humanitarian aid worker, Aya Khatib. As of yesterday, she had appeared in court but no charges had been made publicly against her. Her job as a social welfare activist was to raise funds among Israeli Palestinians for the needy and homeless in Gaza. As such, she collected funds among Israeli Palestinians and used them on humanitarian projects in Israel and Gaza. (rh) 24/3/2020
Israel Joins Totalitarian States Using Coronavirus To Spy On CitizensBarbara Boland - The American Conservative - At 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, Israel joined Iran and China in focusing the powerful intelligence gathering tools of the state on its own citizens—all in the name of containing the coronavirus outbreak. In the dead of the night, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized advanced digital surveillance and monitoring tools to be deployed on Israeli citizens, without court order, in an effort to track coronavirus carriers. Israel’s internal security service, the Shin Bet, will be allowed to use personal cell phone data and information such as which cell tower a device pings to, to retroactively track the movements of carriers of the “coronavirus in order to see with whom they interacted in the days and weeks before they were tested in order to place those people in quarantine,” reportsThe Times of Israel. This means that “any person in Israel could come under surveillance” of the Shin Bet, “an organization with no public transparency requirements” that reports directly to the Prime Minister.(rh)24/3/2020
‘The situation is horrific’: Palestinians face coronavirus crisis at West Bank checkpointsAhmad Al-Bazz - Mondoweiss - On March 21, Israeli authorities announced a military closure of the West Bank and shut down all Green Line checkpoints used by West Bank Palestinians as a precaution against the spread of the novel coronavirus. Due to that Israeli decision, Palestinian workers in the West Bank had two choices: 1) stay in the West Bank, or 2) cross and sleep in their workplaces inside the Green Line until further notice. Many workers were surprised by the Israeli decision and are deciding to climb the wall and cross the fence illegally to reach their workplaces. (rh)24/3/2020
Where did Israel’s Mossad get 100,000 coronavirus testing kits from?Asa Winstanley - Middle East Monitor - there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth by Western liberals on Thursday, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moved to tighten his grip on the state, sidelining calls for him to step down to make way for former general Benny Gantz. With Netanyahu’s approval, Israel’s secret police, the Shin Bet, imposed “emergency” measures to track people’s movements via their mobile phone data. Such all-pervasive violations of privacy have long been used against the Palestinian population by Israel’s racism regime, with not a peep of objection from any Israelis apart from a minority of marginalised dissidents. Now, though, it seems that the “oppressive policies and practices developed and used in contexts of occupation, also end up being used by the occupying power against its own citizens,” to quote the Palestinian digital rights group 7amleh. Yuval Noah Harari, a relatively apolitical Israeli author, decided for once to tweet about the prime minister: “The first coronavirus dictatorship,” is how he described Netanyahu’s power play. (rh)24/3/2020
Israeli MP presents bills to annex Jordan Valley, impose death penalty on PalestiniansMEE staff - Middle East Eye - A right-wing Israeli parliamentarian submitted two bills to the Knesset on Wednesday seeking to permanently annex the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea and the Hebron desert in the occupied West Bank to Israel, as well as impose the death penalty on Palestinian political prisoners. Miki Zohar, the head of the Likud faction in the Knesset, said that the two bills he submitted would “embarrass” former army general Benny Gantz of the Blue and White party and Avigdor Lieberman of Yisrael Beitenu. Gantz is currently speaking with Israeli parties to form a coalition government after receiving a thin majority last week from Israeli Knesset members. (rh)24/3/2020
Israeli Soldiers Kill A Young Palestinian Man In RamallahIMEMC News - "Instead of allowing the Palestinian medics to render the urgently needed aid to the critically wounded young man, the soldiers called for an Israeli ambulance while al-Khawaja continued to bleed" [ry] 23/3/2020
Human rights org calls on Israel to release all Palestinian child detainees in response to COVID-19 crisisNews Michael Arria - Mondoweiss - “According to DCIP, approximately 10,000 Palestinian children have been detained by Israeli forces since 2000. From the testimonies of 739 Palestinian children detained by Israel over a five-year period, DCIP found that 73% of them experienced physical violence after their arrest” [ry] 23/3/2020
Israeli MP presents bills to annex Jordan Valley, impose death penalty on PalestiniansMiddle East Eye - Miki Zohar, the head of the Likud faction in the Knesset, who submitted the two bills, said that the two bills would “embarrass” former army general Benny Gantz of the Blue and White party and Avigdor Lieberman of Yisrael Beitenu. [bz]19/3/2020
No change in prison routine - four Palestinian detainees placed In solitary confinementRami Almeghari - IMEMC - In the past ten days, the administration of Israel`s Ramon Detention Center has been confining to solitary confinement the detainees Hatem Alqawasma, Osama Es’ied, Ibrahim Abdul-Hai, and Omar Khurwat. Reportedly, Khurwat - a 49 yers old resident of Hebron - passively resisted and was dragged by force and thrown into the solitary cell. The four are members of the Fateh Movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whom Netnayhau regards - at least in theory - as a partner for negotiations and an eventual peace agreement. [ak] 17/3/2020
Due to Coronavirus, Israel to let Palestinian workers stay in workplacesIMEMC - Israeli Minister of Defense Bennett decided to let tens of thousands of Palestinian workers stay the night in Israel during the coming month at least. "Palestinians involved in vital sectors, such as health, agriculture and building construction, can reside in Israel, provided that their contractors provide a statement of guarantee to the concerned Israeli authorities” Bennet was quoted as saying. Bennet`s decision constitutes a departure from a fifty year- old policy, which has been set by then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan in the direct aftermath of the 1967 war; until now, Palestinians who got a permit to work in Israel were not allowed to stay the night but had to go every evening back to their homes and come back to Israel the next morning. However, the radical nationalist Bennet was forced to modify this long-established policy by the consideration that in such daily peregrinations Palestinian workers are far more likely to catch and spread the Coronavirus then if they stay in one place. [ak] 17/3/2020
Settler violence: An unofficial state tool for taking over Palestinian land Suhair `Abdi - Data Department Director, B`Tselem - Blocking roads, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at cars and homes, raiding villages by night, torching houses and fields, uprooting trees, damaging property, physically assaulting and shooting: settler violence against Palestinians has long since become routine. This daily, severe violence is meant to drive Palestinians out of their land and make it clear who is in charge – fully backed by Israel’s official policy in the West Bank. I’ve worked in B’Tselem’s data coordination department since 2003 and run it since 2016. Over the years, we’ve documented and investigated thousands of attacks by settlers. Unfortunately, there are too many attacks to publish every single one and some of the cases we documented remain archived. To more fully convey the frequency and severity of these incidents, we decided to start a new blog on B’Tselem’s website, giving voice to the people exposed to these acts of violence. [ak]10/3/2020
Prisoners denied timely treatment dying in Israeli custodyJaclynn Ashly - EI - "The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has adopted a `policy of deliberate medical neglect against prisoners and detainees,` since Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip in 1967, Ehteram Ghazawneh of Addameer, a Palestinian prisoner rights group, said" [ry] 9/3/2020
What Netanyahu learned from Orwell Tzur Shezaf - Ynetnews "Armored vehicles violently dispersing protesters; a nine-year-old Palestinian losing his eye to an IDF rubber bullet; a military bulldozer fighting with young Gazans over the body of a terrorist as the whole world watches and cringes; and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett blockading impoverished Palestinian farmers.Each one of these chapters could stand alone as a short horror story, but when put together they create a disturbingly dark novel whose epilogue will be witnessed by the whole country on the morning of March 3." ca 28/2/2020
Settlers attack Palestinian houses, stores south of NablusK.F. - WAFA "Israeli settlers Thursday late night attacked Palestinian houses and stores in Huwwara town, south of Nablus, said local sources. Sources confirmed that scores of settlers were provided by heavy military protection as they opened fire towards a number of Palestinian houses and stores in the town, smashing their windows. Israeli forces opened fire on the villagers who attempted to fend off the settlers’ attack. No injuries were reported though.Settler violence against Palestinians and their property is routine in the West Bank and is rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities... It includes property and mosque arsons, stone-throwing, uprooting of crops and olive trees, attacks on vulnerable homes, among others." ca28/2/2020
Israel’s Dark Times Are Already With Us, Mr. PresidentIlana Hammerman - Haaretz - Open your eyes and see them, Mr. President – you, Reuven Rivlin, who said the publication of the list of businesses with ties to West Bank settlements was “reminiscent of dark periods in our history.” Those dark periods are here, right here, right now. They’re here in Jerusalem, your city and mine. Go to the Shoafat refugee camp and see the crowded ghetto that has arisen behind the barriers walling in Arab residents of Jerusalem. (rh)25/2/2020
Profiting from loss: how business in illegal Israeli settlements continues uncheckedJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, announced that 112 major companies had been identified as operating in Israeli settlements in ways that violate human rights. Aside from major Israeli banks, transport services, cafes, supermarkets, and energy, building and telecoms firms, prominent international businesses include Airbnb,, Motorola, Trip Advisor, JCB, Expedia and General Mills. Human Rights Watch, a global watchdog, noted in response to the list’s publication that the settlements violate the Fourth Geneva Convention. It argued that the firms’ activities mean they have aided “in the commission of war crimes”. (rh)25/2/2020
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian, Drag His Body with a Bulldozer in Gaza (VIDEO)Shehab Agency - Israeli occupation forces use a bulldozer to pull the body of Palestinian young man after killing him near the barbed fence in the south of Gaza (rh) 25/2/2020
I was meant to talk about Palestinian kids at the UN. Israel forced me out :: Belgium caved into Israeli pressure to disinvite me from the Security Council. In doing so, they helped undermine human rights work for Palestinian children.Brad Parker - +972 - The fact that Belgium was willing to invite a local Palestinian human rights organization like DCIP to brief the Council was commendable, as civil society space at the UN has been shrinking for years. While they urged me to be “balanced” in my statement (which I had shared with them for feedback), they understood that Palestinian children overwhelmingly and disproportionately bear the brunt of the kinds of violations they sought to highlight. (rh) 25/2/2020
Ashrawi: Israel`s new settlement plans leave no room for doubt about Israel`s agenda for permanent occupationWafa - RAMALLAH, Tuesday, February 25, 2020 (WAFA) - Hanan Ashrawi, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) slammed Israel’s new settlement plans as premeditated and clear steps that deal a final and decisive blow to the practicability of the two-state formula and leave no room for doubt about Israel`s agenda for permanent occupation. Since the announcement of the Trump-Netanyahu `plan`, the Israeli government has announced plans to construct nearly fifteen thousand new illegal settlement units and other buildings in Beit Safafa (Givat Hamatos), Jabal Abu Ghuneim (Har Homa), and the Qalandia airport area (Atarot), said Ashrawi in a statement. (rh)25/2/2020
Dignity denied: Life in the settlement area of Hebron cityMonthly Humanitarian Bulletin - OCHA (UN Humanitarian Office) - The living conditions of Palestinians in the settler area of Hebron deteriorated during 2019, following an increase in settler attacks and harassment, as well as in friction and clashes with Israeli forces, affecting primarily school-children. This largely coincided with the departure of the 65 international monitors of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) on 31 January 2019, following Israel’s unilateral termination of its mandate after 22 years. TIPH was the only organization documenting incidents and providing a protective presence that was authorized to access any part of the city on foot and by vehicle, and it had direct channels to address urgent incidents and concerns with the relevant authorities. The departure of TIPH has placed increasing pressure on the other organizations providing a protective presence, which forced them to withdraw or to scale back. In response, humanitarian and human rights partners have put together an action plan aimed at mitigating the continuing deterioration in the situation. Its implementation is contingent on the mobilization of the necessary resources, estimated at some US$ 7 million.[ak]25/2/2020
Netanyahu announces plan to build 3,000 houses in Jerusalem settlementsYnet - Netanyahu said there are plans for at least 4,000 houses to be build, with 3,000 of the units set to be constructed in the settlement of Givat HaMatos in south Jerusalem and another 1,000 in Beit Safafa, a Palestinian town in East Jerusalem, and is meant to benefit the local residents. We are going to build the Givat Hamatos neighborhood, we have removed all of the impediments, " said the prime minister from the nearby Har Homa settlement, which overlooks Givat HaMatos. (rh )25/2/2020
Israel, Palestinian Authority appear to reach arrangement to end trade warAdam Rasgon - Times of Israel - Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Thursday appeared to have come to an agreement to end a major trade dispute in which both sides placed sweeping restrictions on some of each other’s goods.Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said that Israel would be lifting a ban on Palestinian exports, while a Palestinian official said the PA would remove limitations on Israeli imports to Palestinian markets." ca "24/2/2020
East Jerusalem child hit by police "sponge bullet" would lose one or both eyesTimes of Israel - A 9-year old boy, identified by his first name, Malek, is in serious condition in Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital. “He has a fractured skull, bleeding in the brain, his left eye has not yet been treated and he will probably lose it,” his father told Channel 13 TV news. “We don’t have much hope, they gave him a one percent chance of saving the eye.” Malek had been hit by what the Israeli Police insists on terming "a sponge bullet", actually a metal bullet tipped with some sponge. Following increased media attention, police said that its Internal Investigations Unit is probing the case. [By coincidence, PM Netanyahu this week ordered a probe of the Police Internal Investigations Unit itself, and efficacy of its interrogations - motivated not by concern for the Palestinian victims of police brutality, but by a desperate effort to gain the votes of the Israeli Ethiopian community in the March elections. AK]18/2/2020
Dozens of Armed Settlers Attack, Injure 5 Palestinian ShephardsIMEMC - Armed Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian shepherds while grazing their livestock near the town of al-Mughayyir, in the central West Bank, stated the town`s mayor. Marzouq Abu Naim, told WAFA that dozens of armed settlers chased and brutally assaulted several Palestinian civilians, forcing them out of their fields, injuring five, three of whom were transferred to hospital, suffering various fractures and bruises.[ak] 18/2/2020
How do settlers take over Palestinian land? One road gives the answerDror Etkes - +972 - To connect the enclaves that make up Kedumim, settlers seized control of a central road serving Palestinians and blocked their access to it. (rh)18/2/2020
Why does Blue-White run away from Palestinians in government? Israeli-Jewish xenophobiaYossi Gurvitz - Mondoweiss - Blue-White, the largest Jewish party in Israel, announced last week it renounces the idea of creating a stable government: It declared there is no scenario in which it will accept the Joint List, which represents Israeli Palestinians. Blue White’s leader, Benny Gantz, made it clear (Hebrew) that the Joint List won’t be part of his coalition. Spokespersons for Blue White said they will rely on Avigdor Liberman’s party (polling at seven or eight seats of 120) in order to create a government. The numbers, alas, do not add up. Even assuming, generously, that Blue White gets 35 seats; that Labour (which united with Meretz) gets eight seats (again, I’m being generous); and that Liberman will keep his eight seats, this only adds up to 51 (35 + 8 + 8). The magic number is 61. That’s ten seats short. So either Blue White believes it can crack the right-wing block, getting ten seats from those parties, and have already mail-ordered a flying pig. Or they’ll need the Joint List for support. (rh)18/2/2020
What the Trump peace plan doesn`t tell usGideon Biger,Gilead Sher - Ynet News - The plan as it stands will cause irreparable harm to Israel`s relations with both Jordan and Egypt. It will cause violence and terror – destroying the security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and putting our friends and allies in opposition to Israel. A future agreement will not be based on this or any other proposed plan. It will be a political agreement between both sides. (rh)18/2/2020
The Sacred Task of Preventing Palestinians From Reaching WorkAmira Hass - Haaretz - Since 2016 Israel has been revoking entry permits of people whose surnames are identical to those of Palestinian assailants. It’s called deterrence.(rh)18/2/2020
The IDF Spokesman Announces: Continue to Shoot Palestinian ChildrenGideon Levy - Information Clearing House - The spokespeople publish their bloodcurdling statements from a new office tower in Ramat Aviv near Tel Aviv, where the office recently moved. They refer to a 10- year-old boy as a “Palestinian minor” and remark that “the Palestinian claim is known” about a boy fighting for his life because soldiers shot him in the head. The dehumanization of Palestinians has reached the IDF spokespeople. Even children no longer rouse human sentiment such as sorrow or mercy, certainly not in the IDF. The IDF spokesman’s office does its job well. Its statements reflect the spirit of the time and place. There’s no room to express any regret for shooting children in the head, there’s no room for mercy, an apology, an investigation or punishment, and certainly not for any compensation. Shooting a Palestinian child is considered less severe than shooting a stray dog, for which there’s still a chance someone will do some investigating.(rh)18/2/2020
Backing Abbas, Arab League unanimously rejects Trump’s Middle East peace planAGENCIES and TOI STAFF - The Times of Israel - The Arab League on Saturday unanimously rejected US President Donald Trump’s controversial Middle East plan, calling it “unfair” to Palestinians. The pan-Arab bloc said in a statement that it “rejects the US-Israeli ‘deal of the century’ considering that it does not meet the minimum rights and aspirations of Palestinian people.” (rh)11/2/2020
Settler leaders say Netanyahu still pushing for annexation before electionJACOB MAGID - The Times of Israel - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told settler leaders he is still seeking to annex parts of the West Bank before elections early next month, despite US opposition to the move, participants in the meeting said Thursday. The head of an umbrella group of settler mayors and council heads said the sides had a productive meeting, but they were unable to pin down the premier on a timeline. (rh) 11/2/2020
Is West Bank, Gaza unrest a prelude of things to come? Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Israel experienced two shootings and a car-ramming incident against its security forces on the West Bank and in Jerusalem on Feb. 6. With officials viewing the attacks as spontaneous reactions by Palestinians to the unveiling of President Donald Trump’s peace plan, the military began to take more seriously a recent gradual escalation on the Gaza border that had until now generated little attention in Israel. In fact, for the past two weeks, several explosive devices attached to balloons have been launched from Gaza into Israel, as have rockets and artillery shells. Israel treated the latest escalation with a certain equanimity, regarding it as no different from the daily routine that residents of Israel’s southern communities and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have had to contend with for years. Accordingly, the IDF’s response had been relatively minor. Air strikes on what the military described as “Hamas targets” were carried out with precision to avoid hitting armed militants or civilians in Gaza. The attacks were meant to avert further escalation at a time of unprecedented political chaos in Israel and the run-up to the March 2 elections. Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who prior to his appointment in September had been a vocal proponent of harsh measures against Gaza, had been making do with tweets advocating the annexation of the West Bank, for which the Trump plan provides, as a sop to his right-wing voters. As for the IDF, he let it continue with its ineffective and non-deterrent responses of the past years. On Feb. 6, however, Bennett suddenly equated the attacks on soldiers in the West Bank and Jerusalem with the escalation in Gaza, suggesting that both stemmed from Trump`s “deal of the century” unveiled on Jan. 28. (rh) 11/2/2020
Jared Kushner does not see the brutal occupation I helped carry out : As a former soldier, I enforced two separate legal systems for Israelis and Palestinians. The Trump plan wants to make this reality permanent.Yehuda Shaul - +972 - In an interview on CNN last week, Jared Kushner, one of the architects of President Donald Trump’s newly- released “Deal of the Century,” stated: “The reality is that Israel’s there [in the West Bank], and they’re not leaving… I’m not looking at the world as it existed in 1967. I’m looking at the world as it exists in 2020.” These remarks echoed Kushner’s repeated calls for Palestinians to abandon their history and accept today’s facts on the ground. Only this, he says, would make it possible for Palestinians to move forward to a prosperous future. I would urge Kushner to follow his own guidance and take a closer look at the “reality” he claims to see.(rh)11/2/2020
Why Putin needs to be part of Trump-Netanyahu peace plan Akiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Much has been said and written about the absence of “the bride” (why not "the groom"?) from the Jan. 28 White House launch ceremony of the “deal of the century” for Israeli- Palestinian peace. However, in addition to the absence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, all the sponsors of the peace process in the past decades — the states that gave the Israeli-Palestinian agreements international validation and funding — also stayed away from the “historic” event. The absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin — the most important foreign player in the Middle East arena — was particularly glaring. Russia’s UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya told reporters several hours prior to the event that the United States had not consulted with Russia on the plan and had not even briefed it on its content. (rh) 11/2/2020
`Slow death`: Israeli dams flood Gaza crops ahead of harvestMaha Hussaini - MEE - Palestinian farmers accuse Israel of deliberately waging a war on Gaza`s agricultural sector [ry]10/2/2020
‘The occupation broke her once. Now Israel is trying to break her again.’Jaclynn Ashly - +972 "Mais was detained on Aug. 29, 2019. According to the prisoners’ rights group Addameer, heavily armed Israeli forces escorted by security dogs raided the family’s home. The forces, members of the Border Police counterterrorism unit, ransacked the place, damaged the family’s belongings, and confiscated laptops and cellphones before dragging the 23-year-old student from her home into an army jeep.According to a Addameer report published earlier this month, soldiers “cursed Mais, humiliated her, and threatened her with rape” while they transferred her through the Qalandiya military checkpoint. During interrogations by the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, at Jerusalem’s Russian Compound, Mais was subjected to “severe physical and psychological torture and ill-treatment” for about a month, Addameer also stated. She was banned from accessing legal counsel for more than two weeks, said Sahar Francis, the general director of Addameer who is also Mais’ lawyer." ca8/2/2020
It is time for a Palestinian springMarwan Bishara - Al Jazeera - There is a demand for a change of vision based on ethical not religious awakening, one that transcends fetishist archaeology and sacred sites to honour sacred human rights for all.It is time for David to face up to Goliath, for liberty to overcome occupation, for democracy to beat fanaticism, and for justice to defeat and uproot racism. Thirty years after apartheid was dismantled in South Africa, it is time it is done away with in Palestine as well. It is time for a Palestinian and Jewish spring. (rh) 4/2/2020
In first person: a body of testimoniesYesh Din - Settler violence impacts the daily routine of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory. In first person brings the testimonies of Palestinians in their own words as documented by Yesh Din since 2005, describing the violence and ongoing harm to their person, property and land by Israeli settlers in the West Bank. Yesh Din collects testimonies close to the time of the incident, at the site of the incident or at the victim’s home. The testimonies are given in Arabic and translated by Yesh Din’s field researchers into Hebrew. Yesh Din volunteers, who accompany the field workers, document the testimonies in Hebrew. As a rule, testimonies are taken from individuals who were either present at the incident or harmed directly, and not from second-hand witnesses. (rh)4/2/2020
Thousands of Palestinian citizens protest Trump’s ‘transfer plan’Meron Rapoport and Oren Ziv - +972 - Over 2,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel demonstrated Saturday in the city of Baqa al-Gharbiyye against U.S. President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” which could see the population transfer of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the “Triangle” region in central Israel to a future Palestinian state. The protest, organized by the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel and the Baqa al-Gharbiyye municipality, came days after the release of Trump’s plan, which included a clause that proposes redrawing Israel’s borders so that cities, towns, and villages in the Triangle — home to over 200,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel — would no longer be part of Israel. (rh)4/2/2020
Qalandiya - West Bank doctors are not coordinated with the Civil Administration and the patients sufferTamar Fleishman - Machsomwatch - Lamar is an ill girl of 4, released not long ago from a West Bank hospital. Lamar and her mother Nadiya, and her grandmother whose name I do not know, came to the DCO at the checkpoint to receive their permits to continue on home to Gaza. But their designated transport, delivering patients and their accompaniers to Gaza, left already half an hour ago - since the hospital staff in the West Bank are not coordinated with the Israeli Civil Administration and not exactly subject to the army’s orders and perhaps do not know what the woman-soldier behind the armored window pane said: everyone knows they should be here by 3 p.m., repeating the phrase: there’s nothing to be done now. Come back tomorrow. Neither Lamar nor her mother Nadiya nor her grandmother whose name I don’t know knew what that soldier was so sure “everyone knows”. (rh)4/2/2020
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