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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israel kills child and crushes bones in GazaMaureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada "Muhammad Ibrahim Ayyoub, 14, shot in the head east of Jabaliya in northern Gaza on Friday, is the fourth child among the more than 30 Palestinians killed during protests since the rallies began on 30 March." ca 20/4/2018
Gaza Deserves Our SupportJames J. Zogby - Lobelog "I traveled to Gaza many times during the 1990’s, in my capacity as co-Chair of Builders for Peace, which was a project launched by Vice President Al Gore to help grow the Palestinian economy. My colleagues and I were unprepared for what we found. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, who led one of these delegations, described what he saw as “worse than Soweto.”...In the weeks ahead, I hope to see Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and Palestinians in Lebanon and Jordan join this “Great March”." ca 20/4/2018
Palestinian children live life of hardship in Israeli lockupShatha Hammad - Aljazeera "Ayed Abu Eqtaish, the accountability programme director at Defence for Children International - Palestine (DCI-P), argues that Israeli courts fail to respect established rules for detaining and trying children in court.Although Israel is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, it ignores that agreement`s restrictions when dealing with Palestinian children, Abu Eqtaish tells Al Jazeera.Rather than seeking alternatives to prison, Israeli courts regularly impose lengthy sentences on the children and impose costly fines on their families, Abu Eqtaish adds." ca 20/4/2018
Gaza: Palestinians Continue "Great March of Return" Protests for Third Straight WeekAmy Goodman - Truthout - Palestinians gathered at the Israeli-Gaza border for a third Friday in a row as part of the ongoing "Great March of Return" protests. Paramedics say at least 30 Palestinians were injured by Israeli soldiers during Friday`s protest. Israeli soldiers have killed at least 34 Palestinians since the wave of protests against Israel`s occupation began on March 30. We get response from Ramah Kudaimi, director of grassroots organizing at US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. She is also a member of the Syrian Solidarity Collective and on the National Committee of the War Resisters League. She calls for the US to end its military support for Israel, and argues that Palestinian rights cannot be separated from US actions in the region.-rh18/4/2018
Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to ‘Breaking the Silence’Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - When you look at what is happening in Israeli society you would expect after these two years of attacks, that soldiers would stop coming to Breaking the Silence. I was actually fearful of that,” he said. But that has not been the case, and he thanked many organizations for blunting these attacks, including the Meretz Party, Yesh Din, Peace Now, B’Tselem and “our mother and father,” the New Israel Fund.-rh18/4/2018
Bernie Sanders: Ending Israel`s Occupation of Palestine Is in American`s InterestsAmir Tibon - readersupportednews - "The presence of Hamas members among a crowd of tens of thousands does not justify the level of violence we saw, and frankly it’s amazing to me that anyone would find that point controversial," Sanders said. "I have condemned Hamas’ use of terrorist violence and will continue to do so. But that violence cannot excuse shooting at unarmed protesters, and it cannot excuse trapping almost 2 million people inside Gaza.".-rh18/4/2018
PHRI Emergency Delegation to the Gaza StripREPORT from Physicians for Human Rights - ReliefWeb - Physicians for Human Rights Israel’s delegation returned from the Gaza Strip after providing medical treatment to 380 patients and operating on 15 of them: “In the most advanced hospital in Gaza it felt like the 1970s. If things remain this way, most gunshot casualties will have to undergo amputation. (...) We’re talking about the lack in the most basic instruments. (...) We’re talking about the lack in the most basic instruments.” [bz]17/4/2018
Tensions rise due to settlers claiming major archaeological site IMEMC - Repeatedly, relgious-nationalist settlers try to stake a claim to the archaeological site of Sebastia, near the Palestinian village of the same name. As depicted in settler communiques, Sebastia or Samaria was "The Ancient Capital of Israel". This version glosses over the fact that the Bible refers to the place as a sinful, idolatrous city, eventually destroyed by God. Moreover, the impressive ruins to be seen there are much later - from a Roman city inaugurated by King Herod, whose own historical reputation is shady, to say the least. This week, the settlers demanded - and got - intensive military escort for a visit by a group of religious schoolgirls. The girls were conducted around the ruins by settler guides and told that they were seeing "a major site of Jewish historical heritage", while soldiers established an armed perimeter all around and shot heavy barrages of tear gas at Palestinian protesters. Mohammed Azem, Mayor of Sebastia, expressed protest and outrage at the settler incursion and announced that a Palestinian national festival, organized by the municipality, will be held on the same archaeological site next Friday. [ak] 17/4/2018
4 Palestinians, 2 teenagers, killed after Israeli artillery fire targets auto rickshawMa’an News Agency - "Four Palestinians were killed and others injured after Israeli artillery shelling targeted an auto rickshaw in the city of Rafah, in southern Gaza Strip, on Saturday afternoon. [...] Israeli news website Haaretz reported that the Israeli army is `investigating the possibility that the shooting incident was a work accident`” [ry]16/4/2018
The Blockade on Israel`s HeartGideon Levy -Information Clearing House - It’s hard to understand how one can look at tens of thousands of people in their cage and not see them. How is it possible to look at these protesters and not see the disaster wrought first and foremost by Israel?-rh 11/4/2018
Israel and Annexation by LawfareMichael Sfard - The New York Review of Books - I always thought that if Israel were to unilaterally annex the occupied Palestinian territories, it would come under an international spotlight, with denunciations and protests around the world. I was wrong. Annexation is underway, but out of the spotlight, away from international attention. In the dismal offices of the fortified Justice Ministry in East Jerusalem, in the cramped meeting rooms of the Knesset, and in the august chambers of the Supreme Court, Israel’s finest lawyers are working around the clock to shape the biggest paradigm shift since the West Bank was conquered in 1967.-rh11/4/2018
Palestinian ‘return’ touches Israel’s deepest anxietiesZvi Schuldiner - Il Manifesto global edition - The 343-square- kilometer Gaza Strip, in which two million Palestinians live in poverty and on the threshold of an enormous humanitarian crisis, is surrounded by a closed-off military zone, which is not, however, airtight, and some Palestinians often manage to cross it. But in recent weeks, the nervousness of the Israelis had grown to a fever pitch, as everyone feared what would happen when a mass of Palestinians would engage in a peaceful march to try to create a visual representation of what the “return” would mean.-rh11/4/2018
Israeli Forces & Settlers Drive Palestinian Farmers Off Their LandIMEMC - "Hassan Brejieh, member of the anti-wall and anti-settlement committee in Bethlehem, told WAFA that Israeli forces and settlers broke into the land of Ibrahim Sbeih and forced him and his brothers, who were working on their land located near the illegal settlement of Sidi Boez, to leave it, at gunpoint." - id 11/4/2018
From Gaza border to Ahed’s prison cell, Palestinian youth united by pain and resistanceRamzy Baroud - Al-Arabiya - The current generation of Palestinians is embarking on the task of discovering and fulfilling their mission. This mission of Palestinian youth under siege in Gaza is the same as that of Palestinian youth under military occupation in the West Bank. Indeed, the arrest and prolonged detention of Palestinian teen, Ahed Tamimi, starting December 19, highlight the nature of the challenge facing Palestine’s budding generation. They are faced with a brutal Israeli military regime and a self-serving Palestinian leadership.-rh11/4/2018
IDF probing video showing soldier cheering as sniper hits Palestinian Yoav Zitun - Ynet - A video making the rounds on WhatsApp appears to show an IDF sniper shooting a Palestinian near the Gaza border fence, while another soldier exclaims "YES! Son of a b****". The film was apparently made by a soldier standing at the sniper`s side and posted on the net without the army authorities` knowledge. One soldier is heard whispering to the cameraman "Film it, film it," with the filming soldier commenting "what a legendary video." Not only are such comments on killing a person ugly and vulgar, but the video casts strong on whether the Palestinian - shown being hit and falling to the ground - posed any kind of threat. [ak] 10/4/2018
A state-sponsored mass shootingMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - On a day when military snipers shot hundreds of unarmed demonstrators, the army declares that ‘the circumstances in which journalists were wounded are unknown.’ The circumstances couldn’t be clearer[ry]9/4/2018
IDF denies deliberately targeting journalist killed in Gaza protestTimes Of Israel - Murtaja was over 100 meters from the border, wearing a flak jacket marked “press” when he was shot, news agency reports said. "The IDF does not deliberately target journalists. The circumstances in which the journalist was supposedly hit by IDF fire are not known and they are being investigated,” the army reacted. Haniyeh, the head of Hamas, attended the funeral. He said journalists were attacked by Israel while trying to show a “true picture of a blockaded, downtrodden people.” [bz]7/4/2018
Christians in Gaza Denied Access to Holy Week in JerusalemIMEMC News & Agencies - "Christian pilgrims from across the globe visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at Easter. However, Palestinian Christians from Gaza are yet to receive any travel permits from Israel, church leaders have complained." ca1/4/2018
US blocks UNSC statement on Israel`s use of force on Land DayAl Jazeera - "The statement, which was proposed by Kuwait, demanded an "independent and transparent investigation" under international law into the bloody events on Friday`s Land Day protests.The statement also expressed "grave concern at the situation at the border" and stressed "the right to peaceful protest"." ca 1/4/2018
Gaza Mass Protests Force Israeli Military to Maneuver Between Two Contradictory Goals Amos Harel - Haaretz "Some 15,000 Palestinians expected to march on border ■ Commanders will need to stop Palestinians from crossing border while making sure not to fan the flames." ca30/3/2018
UN rights expert decries desperate state of right to health in Occupied Palestinian TerritoryUN Human Rights - "Israel has failed to uphold its obligations under international law to ensure the health and welfare of the Palestinian population under its control, said an independent expert mandated by the United Nations to monitor human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.Michael Lynk, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, stated in a report delivered to the Human Rights Council in Geneva that the healthcare system for Palestinians living in Gaza was on the edge of collapse." ca 24/3/2018
British official says Israel’s detention of Palestinian children a human rights issueWAFA- "Commenting on Israel’s sentencing of Ahed Tamimi, 17, to eight months in prison for slapping an armed Israeli soldier who invaded her home, British Minister for the Middle East, Alistair Burt, said on Friday that Israel’s detention of Palestinian children remains a human rights priority for the United Kingdom...Hundreds of Palestinian children are prosecuted every year through Israeli juvenile military courts. Those arrested are systematically denied their rights and subjected to ill-treatment including in some cases physical violence, said AI. There are currently approximately 350 Palestinian children in Israeli detention." ca24/3/2018
Restoring U.S. Aid Crucial to Avoid a Water Catastrophe in GazaMatthias Schmale - Inter Press Service "World Water Day (March 22) could not come at a more critical time for the people of Gaza who are facing a humanitarian catastrophe The recent decision by the United States to reduce funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), jeopardizes its role as a critical source of clean drinking water when Gaza’s supplies slow to a drip.An estimated 1.2 million Gaza residents have no access to running water. For those who do, up to 97 percent of the water they receive is too polluted with salt and sewage to drink. The salt comes from seawater, which penetrates Gaza’s only aquifer when the water table drops too low. Palestinians in Gaza consume on average fewer liters per person per day than the World Health Organization recommends, and less than a quarter of the average per capita consumption in Israel." ca 24/3/2018
Detainees minister warns of deteriorating health of veteran prisonersWAFA - Minister of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, Issa Qaraqe, warned on Saturday about the deteriorating health and physiological being of veteran Palestinian political detainees who spent more than 20 years in Israeli jails. Speaking during an event for the prisoners’ families in Ramallah city in the West Bank, Qaraqe said most of these prisoners have been suffering various diseases as a result of their prolonged detention and the absence of any prospects for their release.-rh21/3/2018
Israeli army courts violate Palestinian minors’ rights, says NGOAFP - Arab News - "At least 32 Palestinians and five Israelis have been killed since Trump’s Dec. 6 announcement." - id21/3/2018
A recollection of Dima al-Wawi’s imprisonment and a remembrance of Hamza Zamaraal Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "His weeping mother, dressed in black, described his personality after incarceration as withdrawn and psychologically damaged. Hamza’s health was in steady decline and he was severely underweight. His experience and trauma brought him to seek revenge against the Israeli occupation by way of bringing a knife to the checkpoint." - id21/3/2018
Ahed Tamimi to spend 8 months in prison in plea deal+972 Magazine Staff - Ahed Tamimi, the teenager from Nabi Saleh arrested after a video of her attempting to push two armed Israeli soldiers off of her family’s porch went viral, signed a plea deal in Israeli military court on Wednesday, and will serve eight months in prison including three months time served. Her mother, Nariman, and cousin, Nur, also signed plea deals. Nariman will serve eight months, and Nur was sentenced to time served.-rh21/3/2018
Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech – interruptedJonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - You were so happy about Israel’s ambassador to the US – oops, I mean US ambassador to Israel, the settlement-builder David Friedman. “The first ambassador to have the honor of working from that embassy in Jerusalem is a great American ambassador, David Friedman”. It’s all a one big family: “David, thank you for that terrific job that you’re doing”, you said. Of course, he’s doing a terrific job. He’s promoting the notion that the Israeli occupation is just make-believe – by him it’s just an “alleged” occupation, and he’s recently asked State Department officials to stop using the word “occupation”. What a great job. Before we know it, there will simply be no occupation, and it’s all thanks to David Friedman. In this great man all our wishes converge – even the leftists who want to stop the occupation, can get it from Friedman. A great man. Believe me.-rh 21/3/2018
Jerusalem electricity company crippled by Israel, Palestinian Authority Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Ever since the occupation and the Israeli unilateral annexation, JDECO has been seen as an important Palestinian institution. But in recent years, it has been hobbled by debt and its effectiveness has been greatly reduced. JDECO is one of the biggest employers in Jerusalem, with more than 1,000 Palestinians working for the company, according to Omari. As the struggle for Jerusalem and its identity intensifies, the role of a company this large becomes crucial in defending Palestinian national identity and the rights of Palestinians in and around Jerusalem.-rh 21/3/2018
Apartheid IsraelJonathan Cook - AMEU - More than a decade ago, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter incurred the wrath of Israel’s partisans in America by suggesting that Israeli rule over Palestinians in the occupied territories was comparable to apartheid. While his bestseller book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” broke a taboo, in many ways it added to the confusion surrounding discussions of Israel. Since then, others, including John Kerry, when U.S. secretary of state, and former Israeli prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak, have warned that Israeli rule in the occupied territories is in danger of metamorphosing into “apartheid” – though the moment of transformation, in their eyes, never quite seems to arrive.-rh 21/3/2018
World Bank: Gaza economy cannot survive without being connected to outside worldWAFA - Gaza has seen conditions steadily deteriorate over the last two decades, leading to collapsing of the economy and basic social services, the World Bank said in a report published on Thursday. While additional cash inflows are urgently needed to bring relief to the difficult living conditions, a lasting recovery depends on a concerted strategy to revive the Gaza economy through access to external markets and expansion of commercial activities.-rh21/3/2018
Commentary: At 31, my first glimpse of life outside GazaAbier Almasri - Reuters - I was born and grew up in Gaza. My father was a soccer coach for many years and his stories about his travels to other countries always made me want to travel too. But Israel imposed a land, air and sea blockade on Gaza in 2007 and has kept Gaza mostly closed ever since. So I never made it out until now, at age 31, I was allowed to leave – for just a little while.-rh 21/3/2018
Second Arrest in 3 Days, PCHR Denounces Arrest of Patient’s Companion by the Israeli Forces at Beit Hanoun CrossingPCHR press release - Eyad ‘Omer Ibrahim Ba’loushah (42) was arrested after being summoned for a security interview upon his application for a permit to accompany his father, a cancer patient referred for treatment in Hadasa ‘Ein Karem Hospital in Israel. Previously, Na’im Mohammed Hussein Kotkot (44) was arrested after applying for a permit to accompany his son, who suffers from blood disorders and was referred for treatment in Augusta Victoria Hospital “al-Motale’a” in occupied Jerusalem. [bz]20/3/2018
Palestinian assailant shot dead after stabbing and killing Israeli settler in Old CityMa`an - During the attack, 28-year-old Abd al-Rahman Bani Fadel, from the northern occupied West Bank village of Aqraba was shot by an Israeli police officer, with witnesses telling Ma’an that he was shot more than 10 times. The Israeli narrative of “lone wolf” Palestinian assailants under the influence of incitement, which has been perpetuated by the current right-wing Israeli government, has been dismissed by analysts as overly simplistic. Palestinians have instead pointed chiefly to the frustration and despair brought on by Israel`s 50-year military occupation of the Palestinian territory and the absence of a political horizon. [bz]20/3/2018
Israeli forces arrest 19 Palestinians in overnight raidsMa’an News Agency - "According to a report last week, Israeli forces arrested 1,319 Palestinians from the occupied Palestinian territory. Among the detainees were 274 children, 23 women and four journalists. The number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails, as of February 28, 2018, was 6,500, prisoners rights group Addameer reported. Of the 6,500 prisoners, 63 were women, including six girls, and 350 were children" [ry]19/3/2018
Israel passes law to strip residency of Jerusalem`s PalestiniansAljazeera - Despite Israel`s claims that occupied East Jerusalem is part of its "eternal, undivided" capital, the Palestinians who are born and live there do not hold Israeli citizenship, unlike their Jewish counterparts. Palestinians in the city are given "permanent residency" ID cards and temporary Jordanian passports that are only used for travel purposes. They are essentially stateless, stuck in legal limbo - they are not citizens of Israel, nor are they citizens of Jordan or Palestine. The new bill will only worsen the difficult conditions for the 420,000 Palestinians living in occupied East Jerusalem, who are treated as foreign immigrants by the state.-rh15/3/2018
Azaria seeks early release: `I shot a murderous terrorist, release me todayYoav Zitun - YNETnews - The Military Advocate General`s Office opposes cutting Azaria`s sentence by half, but its representatives said they will not oppose to cutting it by a third, which means he would be released on May 10.-rh14/3/2018
Israeli armed forces fire live ammunition at protesters in Kafr Qaddumal Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Today local Palestinian citizens gathered in their village of Kafr Qaddum, protesting against the illegal Israeli settlement of Kadumim and the road blockage that inhibits access to their village." - id14/3/2018
The Right doesn`t want you to know about the violence of occupationFrima (Merphie) Bubis - +972 - "What disturbs the Right is not the occupation, but those who attempt to expose the violence that maintaining military rule over a civilian population requires." - id 14/3/2018
Administrative Detainees Continue Boycott Of Military CourtsIMEMC news - Approximately 450 Palestinian detainees, held by Israel under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial, continued their boycott of Israeli military courts for the 28th consecutive day. The detainees declared their boycott of the Israeli military courts on February 15th and are demanding Israel to end the illegal policies of holding them indefinitely, without charges or trial.They are also calling on all legal and human rights groups to submit their cases, and the ongoing violations, to the International Criminal Court.-rh14/3/2018
From an Israeli prison, Khalida Jarrar salutes feminists struggling for justice the world overYafa Jarrar - Mondoweiss - “Salute to all Palestinian women and women of the world. On this International Women’s Day, I affirm the importance of solidarity among women in their national and social struggles against colonization, discrimination, and social & economic exploitation. March 8th is an opportunity for us to unite in the fight for justice.”- Affidavit to Addameer Attorney at HaSharon Prison on 6 March 2018 with Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar.-rh 14/3/2018
Israel`s military checkpoints: `We live a life of injustice` A photo essay by ActivestillsActivestills - Al Jazeera - Every morning, before dawn, tens of thousands of Palestinian workers cross Israeli military checkpoints on their way to their workplaces, in Israeli and Palestinian cities beyond the Green Line.Hailing from across the occupied West Bank, labourers queue before the checkpoints open, in order to reach their workplaces on time. For many, this means getting up and leaving home at the dead of night. About 70,000 Palestinians with Israeli work permits make this daily commute. They work beyond the Green Line due to the high unemployment rate in the Palestinian territories – a byproduct of the 50-year Israeli occupation.-rh14/3/2018
Gideon Levy on Israeli denial: ‘Anyone who raises a question is demolished’Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Outside pressure is all that will change Israel. BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is the only game in town. The Jewish lobby in the U.S. is the most important force in supporting Israel. The shameful Israeli propaganda over the attacks on the Tamimi family, the protesters in Nabi Saleh, shows how desperate Israel is, and maybe that offers hope.-rh14/3/2018
Hundreds mark 13 years of protests against the wall in Bil’inOren Ziv - +972 - The village that managed to unite the world behind the spirit of nonviolent Palestinian protest marks more than a decade of not only tear gas, night raids and tragedy, but also co-resistance and victories in the struggle against settlements, the separation barrier and the occupation.-rh 14/3/2018
Will Israeli Policies Change If Netanyahu Leaves Office?Ramzy Baroud - Countercurrents - Israeli politics can be complicated, as often displayed in their intricate government coalitions. However, when it comes to Israel’s military Occupation of Palestine, leading Israeli politicians are, more or less, the same. Regardless of Netanyahu’s political future, Israeli policies towards Palestinians will remain unchanged, leaving Palestinians with the urgent responsibility of developing their own unified political strategy to counter the Israeli Occupation, human rights violations and illegal Jewish settlements.-rh14/3/2018
An explosion has struck the convoy of PM Rami Hamdallah upon his entrance into the Gaza StripAl Jazeera - There are "several sides who are benefitting from this explosion", according to Mustafa Ibrahim, a Gaza-based political analyst. "We will hear Fatah saying that some members of Hamas do not want reconciliation, and likewise, we will hear Hamas saying this could have been a fabricated attack by Fatah`s security services," Ibrahim told Al Jazeera. "The ones who will pay the price are the people of Gaza." [bz] 13/3/2018
Palestinian Prisoners suffering from Extreme Cold in Israeli PrisonsAdalah - Wafa News Agency - Israeli prison authorities have refused to provide heat, blankets, warm clothing to Palestinian prisoners who are held without charges in Israeli prisons. Adalah attorney Muna Haddad requested on March 4 that the Israeli Prison Service refrain from limiting the number of blankets an individual may use, and allow heaters in cells. Adalah also demanded the IPS allow families to bring blankets and that it cancel orders that allow the confiscation of blankets as a punitive measure. So far, there was no answer. [ak] 13/3/2018
In first, army uses drones to drop tear gas on Gaza protestersJudah Ari Gross - Times of Israel - Al-Mayadeen, a Lebanese TV station considered to be sympathetic to Hezbollah, screened footage from the Gaza Strip border showing an Israeli UAV (drone) apparently dropping canisters of tear gas on Palestinian protesters, who could then be seen running from the scene. This is the first known such use of a drone, though drones were previously used to monitor Palestinian demonstrators. A spokesperson for the IDForces said the UAV was not operated by the army but by the Border Police. For its part, the Border Police declined to comment on the report. Gazans have been staging weekly demonstrations at the border fence ever since US President Trump announced his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel`s capital. Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, who has the official title of "Israel’s military liaison to the Palestinians", recently released an Arabic- language video stating that “We know that the violent clashes on the border are used as cover for terrorist activity" and warned that Israel "will not let that happen". [ak] 13/3/2018
Israeli forces raid East Jerusalem cemetery, destroy tombstones of slain PalestiniansMaan - At 3 a.m. Husni al-Kilani, supervisor of the al-Mujahideen cemetery in East Jerusalem, was woken up by an urgent call: in an unprecedented move Israeli forces were raiding the cemetery and smashing tombstones. The seven destroyed tombstones were of the Palestinians killed by same Israeli forces during a wave of violence across East Jerusalem and the West Bank that erupted in October 2015. The tombstones were engraved about a year-and-a-half ago with a verse from the Quran and the sentence "graves of martyrs of the Intifada of Jerusalem”. Al-Kilani recounted that Israeli forces had previously demanded that he remove the words "heroic martyr" that were engraved before the name of each of the deceased Palestinians, and threatened to destroy all the tombstones if he did not. Now, evidently, the threat was carried out. [ak] 13/3/2018
In daylight campus raid, undercover commandos nab West Bank student leaderAlexander Fulbright - Times of Israel "The daylight raid by Border Police officers dressed as Palestinian civilians on the campus of Birzeit University, near Ramallah, was caught on camera and shared widely on social media. The student, Omar al-Kiswani, is a member of the Hamas terror group’s student faction at Birzeit, according to reports." ca11/3/2018
Israeli forces kill deaf Palestinian man during clashes in HebronMa`an News Agency - "The man was identified as 24-year-old Muhammad Zain al-Jaabari, a father of two from the city of Hebron. Al-Jaabari was critically injured during clashes between Israeli forces and local Palestinian youth in the city. He was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his wounds shortly after. Witnesses claimed that al-Jaabari was not actively engaged in the confrontations when he was shot." ca10/3/2018
Videos expose shocking IDF crueltyShlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - "More videos have emerged documenting cruel and abusive behavior by IDF soldiers against the civilian Palestinian population." - id 7/3/2018
Israeli soldiers lock down checkpoints for Jewish settler parade, Purim in HebronReports - ISM - "Israeli settlers were celebrating the jewish holiday Purim as they paraded down Al Shuhada street and gathered outside Al Ibrahimi mosque playing loud music and drinking alcohol. Shop owners had to close due to the fear of violence from the settlers." - id7/3/2018
Israelis, Palestinians consider alternatives to two-state solutionAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Given the current state of affairs, with Israel ruled by a right-wing, pro-settlement government and the Palestinian areas governed by chaos, any attempt to promote territorial compromise is doomed to fail. With every failure comes more disappointment. More disappointment generates further radicalization. According to a common saying, insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. In this case, one can assume that repetition of the same activity would result in a worse outcome.-rh 7/3/2018
Ahed’s Generation: Why the Youth in Palestine Must Break Free from Dual OppressionRAMZY BAROUD - Counterpunch - While Palestinian officials continue to pay lip service to Ahed Tamimi and thousands of young Palestinians who continue to endure imprisonment and ill treatment by Israel, in truth, Ahed epitomizes the antithesis of everything that the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah stands for. She is strong, morally-driven and defiant; the PA is subservient, morally bankrupt and quisling. Palestinian youth already understand this, and it is mostly up to them to free themselves from the confines of military occupation and corruption.7/3/2018
Israeli Army’s Lies Can No Longer Salvage Its ImageJONATHAN COOK - Counterpunch - A half-century of occupation has not only corrupted generations of teenage Israeli soldiers who have been allowed to lord it over Palestinians. It has also needed an industry of lies and self-deceptions to make sure the consciences of Israelis are never clouded by a moment of doubt – that maybe their army is not so moral after all.-rh7/3/2018
Who profits from keeping Gaza on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe?Shir Hever - +972 - As long as Gaza remains on the brink of collapse, international donors keep the flow of humanitarian aid money going. If the crisis were ended and the siege lifted, it is safe to assume that that the international donors would change the type of aid they provide and return to focus on the development of the Gazan economy (as they did from 1994—2000, until the outbreak of the Second Intifada). This type of aid would likely compete with certain branches of Israeli companies and therefore threaten the Israeli economy. Keeping Gaza on the verge of collapse keeps international humanitarian aid money flowing exactly to where it benefits Israeli interests.-rh7/3/2018
An intimate portrait of Palestine: Ramzy Baroud’s ‘The Last Earth: A People’s Story of Palestine’Vacy Vlazna - Mondoweiss - With alchemical brilliance, he has, in the crucible of his art, purified hours of recorded interviews on love stories, generations of births, childhoods, disappearances, adversity, torment, deaths into the essence of Love and Truth and the magic is – we too are purified and illumined by a powerful knowing that can never be un-known.-rh7/3/2018
Soldiers invade family home, taking female student off to interrogation and detentionIMEMC - The Jenin office of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said dozens of soldiers invaded the Jarrar family home, after breaking through its front door, and abducted the 20-year old Fatima Jarrar, a female student at a Jenin university. The soldiers detained the entire family for more than two hours, while female officers strip-searched the women in one room. The soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded Fatima, taking her off to interrogation and detention of undetermined duration. As usual in such cases, the soldiers did not make any specific charge, beyond "She is wanted for interrogation on security grounds". The same is true for the other 16 Palestinians detained on the same night at various locations in the West Bank. [ak]6/3/2018
New settlement outpost installed near Hebron, Palestinian inhabitants terrorized. AIC - The Aida family of Beit ‘Einun, northeast of the city of Hebron city, became the target of settlers wanting to build a new outpost on their land, with the active support of the army. On February 7, 2018, Israeli forces leveled about seven dunams of the family’s land - in preparation for the outpost. On February 7, 2018, Israeli forces leveled about seven dunams of the family’s land in preparation for the outpost. About two weeks later, on February 18, settlers attacked family members while they were planting olive trees on their land. Though the settlers were attackers, it was 12 members of the Aida family who were subsequently arrested by the arriving Israeli soldiers. After these preliminaries, on March 5 settlers arrived with a crane and trucks, to install four mobile homes on the land, plant a sign with the new settlement outpost`s Hebrew name - “Havat Mevasere” - and festoon everything with numerous Israeli national flags. Incidentally, the settlers destroyed all that were left of the Aida Family`s olive saplings. Dozens of fully armed Israeli soldiers and private security guards made sure that family members would not be able to intervene.[ak]6/3/2018
Israeli soldiers commandeer Palestinian car for protection, Hebron, 16 Feb. 2018B’Tselem - "The soldiers shouted at my father to drive the car onto a-Shalala Street. My youngest brother, Suheib, who is four, started crying. He was so scared. I was scared, too, that the stones would hit the car. I was also afraid the soldiers would hurt my dad [...] I was worried sick that something would happen to my dad" [ry] 5/3/2018
Video: Israeli soldiers throw tear gas at Palestinian couple running with babyMa’an News Agency - "Israeli NGO Yesh Din posted a video on Friday showing an Israeli soldier throwing a tear gas grenade at a Palestinian couple holding their baby in the northern occupied West Bank village of Burin in Nablus. According to Yesh Din, a Palestinian couple with a young baby were attempting to escape from a house in the village that had come under tear gas fire from Israeli forces raiding the village" [ry]5/3/2018
Israeli troops force woman with Down syndrome to stripMaureen Clare Murphy - EI - "Israel waged a weeks-long campaign of `brutal reprisals` following the 9 January killing of Raziel Shevach in the northern occupied West Bank" [ry]5/3/2018
Palestinians plan their own event to mark US Embassy move Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor "Whether the Palestinians declare “days of rage” or not, the PLO Executive Committee is drawing up plans to invite to Ramallah, the seat of the PA in the West Bank, representatives of countries that have recognized a Palestinian state and those that have yet to declare their recognition." ca 3/3/2018
Gazan mother arrives in Ramallah to reunite with daughter in need of kidney transplantMa`an News Agency - "Following a public outcry and intervention from Palestinian officials, Israel agreed to grant Attar a permit to leave Gaza to the West Bank to be with her daughter in preparation for the kidney transplant.Wafa added that Inaam has been in and out of hospitals in Gaza since birth receiving medical treatment for kidney issues." ca3/3/2018
PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (22 – 27 February 2018)IMEMC News & Agencies - "During the reporting period, Israeli forces killed 2 Palestinian civilians, including a fisherman, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They also wounded 41 other civilians, including 9 children and 2 fishermen. In the Gaza Strip as well, the Israeli forces continued to chase Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Sea and target the border areas." ca2/3/2018
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