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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israel warns of Gaza invasionAl Jazeera-"Israel`s deputy defence minister said that if Palestinian fighters were to use weapons with a longer range they would only risk bringing a "shoah" - the Hebrew word for holocaust - upon the Palestinian people. ..Arye Mekel, Israel`s foreign ministry spokesman, said that Vilnai used the term "in the sense of a disaster or a catastrophe, and not in the sense of a holocaust." But Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas official, strongly criticised Vilnai`s comments."29/2/2008
Israel Sees Escalation in Gazans’ Longer-Range StrikesISABEL KERSHNER-NY Times-"The latest surge of hostilities started on Wednesday morning, when the Israeli Air Force carried out a strike in southern Gaza and killed five members of the Qassam Brigades. Hamas then bombarded Sderot in retaliation." 29/2/2008
Diaries: Live from Palestine: Israeli missiles silence baby`s laughter in GazaSami Abu Salem-Electronic Intifada-"With the first missile, the electricity was cut and darkness filled the ill-fated house. .. The explosions continued as two other missiles hit the building...In the hospital, al-Bor`i became hysterical when he realized that his only child had been killed...Three other children, Anas al-Manama, 10, Bilal Hijazi, 11, and Mohammed Hamada, 11, were also killed in an Israeli air strike."29/2/2008
Narratives Under Siege (5): Hassan Sheikh Hijazi Flower FarmPCHR - "Ten years ago farmers across Gaza were exporting 80 million flowers a year to Europe, including roses" he says. "But the last few years have been extremely difficult, and this one has been the worst yet. I exported exactly 20,000 flowers this year due to the closure. I have lost more than one million Shekels; but so has every flower farmer in Gaza. We are all just losing money now." 28/2/2008
Palestinians die in Israeli raid Breaking News - Al Jazeera - "At least five Palestinians have been killed and several others injured in an Israeli air raid on Khan Younis in southern Gaza Strip." 27/2/2008
Israel decides not to probe the 2006 shelling of Beit Hanoun in which 21 civilians were killedSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Most of the casualties were women and children." 27/2/2008
Popular campaign to pressure Hamas and Fatah to reconcile Ma`an - "We have proposed a plan for nationalist reconciliation through pursuing the origins of the conflict. Many legal experts and specialists in the Palestinian affairs from Arab countries have participated to the plan, and 250 thousand copies have been prepared to be distributed in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip." 26/2/2008
46 killed in Gaza, 5 in the West Bank in FebruaryIMEMC - Most of the casualties were killed during air strikes that targeted civilians areas.26/2/2008
Israel’s Policies Building Checkpoints on the Road to Peace [ About the village Far’un in the WB]Ahmad Jaradat- AIC - ` Far’un, a small village of 3,000 inhabitants in the northern occupied West Bank, sits on a green hill to the south of Tulkarem, just four kilometers from the Green Line...Upon entering the village, you get the sense of being in an animal enclosure with the electric fence serving as a barrier. It’s hard to believe that all of this has been built, not to keep animals in, but human beings. On the street parallel to the fence, Israeli jeeps patrol the area during all hours to control the villagers’ movements. Moreover, it is clear that these restrictions of movement imposed on Palestinians are intended to ensure the free movement of settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. `23/2/2008
Russian Compound report : Protocol amended and redacted by the JudgeCourt Watch - ` Two attorneys representing the suspects brought before the judge ... did not show up, and it is my impression that, as a consequence, those suspects ended up worse off in court, compared to the other suspects. `23/2/2008
Stories by witnesses from the village of Beit UmmarLuisa Morgantini-Liberazione-They kill and they destroy and they are convinced that they deserve to be loved and understood but in order to be loved they themselves have to love and respect others. This does not seem to be the case either of the Israeli government or of the Israeli army. But we should not despair because there are many people in Israel, like Elik, who try to defend the future of their country by demonstrating side by side with the Palestinians against the Wall in Bi`lin or at the Eretz pass in Gaza and fiercely denouncing that this policy of military occupation and colonial expansion will only strengthen extremist and fundamentalist forces in both sides."22/2/2008
Sick, injured detainees continue to be barred from medical treatmentIMEMC - One of the lawyers of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) visited a number of detainees imprisoned by Israel who informed him of the bad treatment and the continued negligence by the Prison Administration to their right to receive medical treatment21/2/2008
Hebron Update: 16-31 January 2008CPTHebron - Key events during this period: Israeli soldiers detain Abuata for “interfering with Israeli security”; soldiers detain Palestinian youth for four hours in the cold; Israeli settler youth beat CPTers while soldiers stand and watch; yoga at checkpoints! Repercussions from Palestinian action at the wall in Gaza; a foot of snow falls in Hebron! 21/2/2008
Convoy`s Provisions Reach Gaza - at last!Coalition against the Gaza Siege - Press Release - At Noon today, there at last arrived in their Gaza destination the goods carried in the supply convoy of the Israeli Peace and Human Rights organizations, two and a half weeks ago. After the authorization was given after long negotiations with the military authorities, some fifteen activists arrived this morning at the warehouses in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom and the Bedouin town of Rahat, where the goods had been stored, loaded them and decorated the cargo with enormous banners reading End the Blockade of Gaza! 21/2/2008
British police feared a “real threat of an armed confrontation” with armed Israelis at Heathrow Airport :IPCC reveals why Israeli war crimes suspect Doron Almog escaped arrest on 11 September 2005PCHR - These are serious failures which raise concerns about the effectiveness of the police in cases where international criminal suspects come to this country. They also reveal an extraordinary assumption that armed Israelis might engage British police on British soil as they try to make an arrest under a lawful warrant issued by a British judge. The fact that this risk was apparently taken into account, and led to police inaction, is a matter of grave concern. 21/2/2008
The `Procedures` on the Way to the CourtHagit Ofran - Peace Now - I called my Palestinian friends: "There are permits! Tomorrow morning you have to..." "Come on, don`t you understand they`re lying to you? Tomorrow it will be exactly the same story. We are not going back there again." And as a matter of fact they were right. How can I promise there will be permits tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow they won`t recognize them again, maybe the officer won`t be there again, and the hearing begins at 11:30 in Jerusalem. 21/2/2008
Egyptian security chief discusses Rafah crossing with his Israeli counterpartRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "Suleiman urged his Israeli counterpart that Israel needs to loosen position."20/2/2008
House demolitions cause Palestinians to leave village IRIN - Ma`an News - Haj Azmi donated land so the people could have a local centre for mobile clinics run by the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. "I watched them write up the order and put it on the clinic building," he said. While only partially built, it too was slated for demolition as of 26 December 2007. "We would have finished building it by now," Haj Azmi said. 19/2/2008
Gaza civilians die along with assassinated leader Mohammed Omer - Electronic Intifada - A targeted leader was killed, but many others were killed too. 19/2/2008
Sixteen Palestinians seized in West BankMa`an - In the city of Tulkarem, the northern West Bank, Ma`an`s reporter stated that Israeli forces entered the city and its refugee camp early in the morning and seized three young Palestinian men. During the arrest, the Israeli soldiers attacked the mother of one of the detainees, 50-year-old Salha Bani `Uda, who was later taken to hospital18/2/2008
Ambulance service in Gaza stops due to fuel supplies cutRami Almeghari - IMEMC & Agencies - The ambulance service in the Gaza Strip announced complete halt of its work on Sunday, due to what the health ministry says a `severe shortage of fuel`18/2/2008
Coalition against the Gaza SiegeInvitation to participate in transporting the supplies to Gaza Monday, Feb. 18. at 6.45 am Tel Aviv, Arlozorov St. Railway Station 16/2/2008
Eight Palestinians killed in an Israeli air strike in GazaIMEMC & Agencies - ` Israeli air force fired missiles at the house of one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad in Al Boreij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. `16/2/2008
Prime Minister Haniyeh of Hamas welcomes initiative for calmRami Almeghari - IMEMC- ` In a statement faxed to press on Tuesday, Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniyeh of the Hamas movement expressed willingness to reach "a state of calm" in the region, saying that any offer or initiative to achieve this "will be considered by his government". 16/2/2008
Faceless CrimesAya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt-/Translated by Tal Haran-MahsanMilim-" In the evening, the coffee vendor was released. They came, threw everything he had on the ground, beat him up, threatened and detained him, and in the evening they released him. Until next time."15/2/2008
2 Boys, 2 Sides, 2 Beds in an Israeli Hospital Ward ISABEL KERSHNER - The New York Times - Two small boys lay sedated in a hospital ward in this Tel Aviv suburb on Tuesday, unaware of each other or of the growing commotion around them. One was Osher Twito, 8, an Israeli boy from the town of Sderot, who was seriously wounded Saturday by shrapnel from a rocket fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza. The other was Yakoub Natil, almost 7, a Palestinian who was brought here three weeks ago from Gaza City after he was badly hurt by shrapnel from an Israeli Air Force strike on Jan. 18. 15/2/2008
Israeli military arrests approximately 40 Palestinians in Beit Ummar and places village under curfew Jessica Frederick - CPT - Since 1 am on 13 February, the Israeli military placed the village of Beit Ummar under curfew and arrested approximately forty men between the ages of 18 and 25. Since early morning, Israeli soldiers have been entering homes. The military has closed four different areas inside the village. Soldiers are stationed around the local mosque area and throughout the village, along with two bulldozers and DCO jeeps. 13/2/2008
`GAZA: The Biggest Prison in the World?`Talk at Columbia University THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14th 5:30-7:30pm Location: 702 Hamilton, Columbia University 13/2/2008
The Rafah Border "Breach" and the media Laila El-Haddad - A Mother from Gaza - "In short, my point was that the Western media tended to view the felling of the wall as something of a "jail break", and the Palestinians filing across as swarming insects, and at best, a deprived people out on a shopping spree."13/2/2008
Ard El Insan Child Nutrition CentreNarratives under Siege (4) - pchr - ""We weigh every child who comes here, and take blood and urine samples. Approximately half the children are mildly malnourished. But 32% are suffering second degree malnutrition - and the remaining 16% are third degree malnourished.""13/2/2008
With the taxi drivers of Beit SiraAya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt - Mahsanmilim - "A few meters away from the highway where Israelis speed by. How can they not see? I wondered."13/2/2008
Army confiscating NIS 3 million from West Bank money changersMa`an News - The Israeli military attacked money changers in several West Bank cities on Tuesday, closing shops and confiscating large sums of money, Israeli and Palestinian sources said. 12/2/2008
Jerusalem police rounding up Palestinians for seeking justice ISM - Palestinians in Silwan who appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court to stop settlers from digging tunnels under their homes were rounded up by the Israel police.12/2/2008
The Palestinian PM: Israeli is not fulfilling it`s obligationsIMEMC - During a speech delivered in the US capital Washington, Fayyad criticized Israel for requesting bids to build 300 additional housing units in Jerusalem during the week that followed the Annapolis conference, as well as not easing restrictions on military checkpoints in the West Bank which led to Israel receiving a rare reprimand from the United States government. Fayyad demanded a removal of the Israeli military checkpoints in the West Bank "the checkpoints cannot disappear overnight but why not start the process."12/2/2008
Egypt deports 3,000 Palestinians to the Gaza StripMa`an -- Egyptian security forces had rounded up Palestinians over the past week, holding them in make-shift detention centers in schools and sports clubs in the cities of Al-Arish and Rafah, preparing to deport them11/2/2008
Fayyad: No chance for peace in 2008Reuters/Y-Net/Jerusalem Post - Palestinian prime minister says prospects of signing accords during President Bush`s remaining time in office bleak, cites Israeli failure to remove settlements as reason for setback in peace talks. A senior Ramallah official said that the Israeli team led by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni lacks the authority to take decisive steps which would lead to formulating a draft final status agreement, and "was not demonstrating flexibility on any issue." 9/2/2008
Silwan residents protest settler excavations under homesDozens of residents of Silwan protested the ongoing Israeli excavations, which damage their homes and streets. Excavations are conducted by the particularly agressive El`ad settler association, seeking to "uncover Jerusalem`s Jewish past" and all to happy with the damage caused to its Arab present. "Rabbis for Human Rights" published a call to support the Silwan residents and take part in the protest. 9/2/2008
RELEASE: Israeli military blocks main access road in South Hebron Hills/CPT At Tuwani Update Feb 08 2008CPT-"Several villages in the South Hebron Hills are now cut off from bringing basic supplies such as fire wood or animal feed. Many of the teachers and students at the primary school in At-Tuwani pass on his road, and now must climb over the roadblock and walk the rest of the way to school. ..a higher ranking officer came and took one of the shepherds aside and threatened to kill the sheep if he sees the shepherd in that area again"8/2/2008
RHR Update: High Court of Justice to Consider Splitting Sheikh SaedRabbis for Human Rights-Update-"Palestinian farmers from Jitt discovered that the seedlings we had provided and were planted on lands close to Khavat Gilad were again uprooted. Some 15 of the seedlings were still lying on the ground. The rest had disappeared. It took great effort to get the security forces to investigate and they didn`t do it very seriously."8/2/2008
Lost Childhoods: Jailed Palestinian youthsMEL FRYKBERG - Middle East Times - Under Israeli military law for Palestinians, children are held in the same detention facilities as adults and are subject to the same sentences, exercised at the discretion of the military court. Israelis, however, are tried under civilian law. Palestinian children are defined as people under 16 years old, but Israeli children are under 18. Palestinian children are tried by military courts, as with Palestinian adults, whereas Israeli children are tried before a juvenile court. 7/2/2008
Fueling disaster Rami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - Reflecting popular sentiment in Gaza, professor As`ad Abu Sharekh, a political analyst in Gaza City, said the policy will only "perpetuate violence in this part of the world," and added that the decision "is not accepted by the Palestinian people, the Arab people, the world or by international law and I think Israel must be punished for making such a stupid decision against the Palestinian people." 7/2/2008
Gaza: From Prison to Zoo Laila El-Haddad - Blogspot - "The policy shift is akin to treating Gazans not as prisoners but rather as animals; the Occupier as zoo-keeper, rather than prison warden."6/2/2008
Israeli strike kills Hamas fighters Agencies - Al Jazeera - ""The men were in afternoon prayers inside the police station when the missile struck," a Hamas security official said." 6/2/2008
A Boy Who Will Not See the Next Sunny DaySamer Jaber - IMEMC - "...can’t the solution be just one phrase; end the Israeli Occupation."6/2/2008
After clashes that left one killed and 20 injured, Egypt asks for more troops on the Gaza bordersGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - On Monday clashes broke out between the Egyptian troops that are closing the border breeches, made by the Palestinians two weeks ago, and Palestinian civilians who are trying to cross the borders into Egypt for supplies. The clashes that lasted several hours left one Palestinian man dead and 10 other Palestinians injured, while Egypt said that 20 soldiers were lightly injured in the clashes.5/2/2008
At-Tuwani Reflection: Why can`t you bring us our donkey?Joy Ellison - cpthebron - Palestinians living in the South Hebron hills have had their livestock stolen before. From experience, they know the Israeli police are unlikely to do anything to help them recover their property or prosecute settlers who attack them. Perhaps the entreaties of a little girl could succeed where the Israeli police fail. 5/2/2008
Inflammatory discrimination: Ben-Gurion Airportophobia Bassem Hatu - Hagada Hasmalit - When entering the Ben-Gurion Airport, they sometimes ask them to stand aside just because they are Arabs. Thus does the joy of a vacation turn into ire, anger, hatred, and a need for revolution. True, in the end they pass through the entry checkpoint, manned by Border Guards, but they feel blatant discrimination because they were stopped simply because they belong to a certain segment of the Israeli population. 5/2/2008
Narratives Under Siege (3): Rafah Fishermen`s SyndicatePCHR - "There are around 3,500 professional fishermen working along the forty kilometre coastline of the Gaza Strip. Between them, they economically support almost 40,000 people, including mechanics, fishmongers and thousands of local fishing families. But the Gaza fishing industry has been decimated, especially over the last five years, because of increasingly punitive Israeli restrictions on how far out to sea the fishermen can sail without being shot or harassed."5/2/2008
The Bitter Taste of FreedomCaelum Moffatt - MIFTAH - A great escape normally leads to freedom. In the case of Gaza they have been returned and relegated to imprisonment in order to serve a sentence they are not guilty of committing. The taste of freedom could psychologically torment the people of Gaza into submission or violence4/2/2008
Egyptian soldiers seal Gaza border after two weeks of trafficRory McCarthy -- The Guardian -- In the past fortnight thousands of Palestinians have crossed back and forth into northern Egypt, shopping for food, medicine, cement and fuel to ease the economic crisis. The UN estimated that as many as 750,000 Palestinians - half of Gaza`s population - had travelled into Egypt, though nearly all have since returned4/2/2008
Rachel`s Grove vulnerable in Bethlehem Adri Nieuwhof and Amer Madi – EI -- Israeli soldiers have been terrorizing Abed Rabo for years in order to try to make him leave. […] The olive trees on his land were planted in honor of Rachel Corrie, who was killed in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, on 16 March 2003 while defending a physician`s home from being destroyed by an Israeli-operated Caterpillar armored bulldozer. However, with no international party seriously acting to stop Israel from committing its illegal construction activities in Palestine, Rachel`s Grove might soon be uprooted4/2/2008
23 January 2008: B`Tselem calls to reject bill denying visits to security prisoners and detaineesB`Tselem -- Israel now holds in detention facilities some 8,500 Palestinians. [...] Every facility holding Palestinians, with one exception, lies within Israeli territory and not in occupied territory, in flagrant breach of international law, which prohibits the transfer of civilians, including detainees and prisoners, from the occupied territory to the territory of the occupying power. This breach brings in its wake other breaches: for example, it severely infringes the right of residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to visit their relatives regularly and in reasonable conditions, and sometimes denies the right completely4/2/2008
Tragedy in Beit Ummar, part II: Rest in peace?Doug Pritchard - Christian Peacemaker Teams - As the funeral procession came within sight of Route 60 and the final approach to the cemetery, the IDF had closed a gate across the street. Before anyone reached the gate, and without any provocation or warning, the IDF began firing on the procession.3/2/2008
Tragedy in Beit Ummar: A closer lookDianne Roe - Christian Peacemaker Teams - Christian Peacemaker Teams is against weapons, whether they are carried by soldiers or civilians. But why do newspapers refer to Palestinians as terrorists when they threaten armed settlers, and not use that term when armed soldiers enter homes and terrorize unarmed families?3/2/2008
Army fires on funeral procession in Beit Ummar ISM - The army was especially aggressive at the funeral of the two young Beit Ummar men who were killed while carrying out last week’s attack on Kfar Etzion settlement, with soldiers firing rubber-coated and live ammunition, tear gas and sound grenades at participated in the funeral procession. [In the Israeli media, the two had been described as dangerous terrorists and the settlers who killed them were hailed as brave heroes - which may have effected the soliders` behaviour at the funeral, where it was they who were the heroes from the Palestinian point of view. Ed.] 2/2/2008
Toward improvement of solid-waste management in PalestineMarkus Luecke - This Week in Palestine - Waste is a big problem for our environment and health in Palestine. Too often garbage is left on the streets, randomly dumped or burned - all these practices harm our environment and health. The Khan Younis and Deir El-Balah governorates in the Gaza Strip built their first sanitary landfill in 1996, and in these places waste can be collected and disposed of in a clean and environmentally sustainable way. About ten years later their work was extended to the Ramallah/Al-Bireh Governorate, with the aim of creating a sustainable solid-waste management system. 2/2/2008
`I don`t know if you heard - Ahmed Sanaqra was killed yesterday in Balata`Mika-email- "Ahmed Sanaqra, nicknamed "Sanquur" by most of Balata, was chatting with three friends in his family`s house early Friday morning. Outside, undercover Israeli gunmen dressed as Palestinians quietly moved through the alley, surrounding his house. Spotting Sanquur through the window, the gunmen opened fire, seriously wounding him. He tried to escape with his friends, but was too injured to keep moving. The Israelis chased him down and fired more bullets into his body, before leaving him to bleed to death."1/2/2008
Beyond despairSaleh Al-Naami -- Al-Ahram -- More than a million and half Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are suffering with no end in sight and only expect this reality to grow worse. What is certain is that this suffering has brought results unintended by the parties placing military and economic pressure on the Palestinians. The Palestinian Centre for Survey and Policy Research led by Khalil Shikaki recently announced the outcomes of a poll showing that support for Hamas has increased among Palestinians, and that most have come to place more trust in the dismissed prime minister Ismail Haniyeh than in President Abu Mazen. 25/2/2008
Gaza Diary: Sewage on our doorstepManal -- Al Jazeera -- The amount of children who have been taken ill has increased considerably. Cases of diarrhea are mounting by the day. Even now, children continue to play outside amongst the raw sewage – where else can they go? And we are now facing a public health crisis. What disgusts me is that this could all have been prevented had the Israelis opened one checkpoint to allow the spare parts and fuel through25/2/2008
A freed detainee talks about the harsh conditions in Shatta prisonSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The rooms are old, very cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. Bugs, cockroaches and insects are filling the rooms due to old toilets. The detainees are also lacking hot eater for shower. The detainees barely see the sunshine, and are only allowed out of their windowless rooms one hour a day. 2/2/2008
`Captain Joe is coming to the village`ISM - press release 1) Army commander in the West Bank town of Azzoun posted hand written messages: "He will start to shoot the fire to kill the people and to arrest the children and to close the stores and this is a final decision and if you don`t stop this thing you will collect your results." // 2) ALI WAKED - YNET - A military inquiry revealed that the incident was an independent initiative carried out by an officer on Thursday night. The matter will be investigated 2/2/2008
90th Palestinian patient dies due to Israeli siege on GazaGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - The insecure opening of the Gaza Strip`s border with Egypt is far from having completely solved all problems caused by the Israeli siege - especially as the Egyptian authorities mostly prevent Gazans from travelling further than Egyptian Rafah, which does not have the medical facilities lacking in the Strip itself. 2/2/2008
Documentary of grassroots popular resistance at DaharyaHenry Lowi- email-"A "must see"video of popular resistence in Daharya"1/2/2008
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