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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Mayor: Israeli forces assault entire family during al-Issawiya raidMa`an - The two teens, along with their father, resisted the detention, and Israeli forces attacked the three, beating them. When Israeli forces began beating the father and two brothers, other members of the family stepped in. The mother, Tahreer, 37, her daughter, Batoul, 14, and 2-year-old son Darwish all suffered from bruises and lacerations all over their bodies. Israeli forces detained the entire family, including the toddler, after the assault. The family was detained while still barefoot and in pajamas. The Israeli forces ransacked the family home, destroying valuables, before taking the family to a police station. [bz]29/2/2016
Bombs and blockade make Gaza’s floods worseIsra Saleh el-Namey--Located in Rafah, a city near Gaza’s border with Egypt, the farm had previously been shelled by Israel during the summer of 2014. “I did not get any kind of support or compensation after the war and had to manage my work by myself,” Lawalha said. “Now I have to start over once again.” dn 28/2/2016
Torture is a gruesome symptom of military occupationMya Guarnieri--srael’s use of torture is part and parcel of the occupation, and an inseparable part of maintaining the military occupation of Palestinian territories and Jewish hegemony in those lands.dn28/2/2016
A CURFEW IN THE PRISON… A PALESTINIAN STORY Nadia Harhash--By the time you reach the checkpoint, and the visibility of the wall and wires and barrier becomes more and more visible. The scene of people walking between caged pathways to another destination is nothing but a real living image of this reality. Our reality of living in a prison. dn28/2/2016
Prolonging Gaza`s suffering isn’t only unwise, it’s just plain wrongTania Hary - +972 "Israelis woke up on Wednesday to headlines about renewed talks, or rather arguments, about a possible seaport in Gaza. Just hours before, the head of the Israeli army’s Military Intelligence declared that Israel’s security is jeopardized by the misery taking place in Gaza." ca26/2/2016
Gunmen Assassinate A Palestinian Security Officer, Former Political Prisoner, In JeninIMEMC & Agencies - IMEMC "Jaradat was shot during celebrations welcoming Emad Zyoud, who was released from an Israeli detention center...Initial investigation revealed that Jaradat might have been killed in connection with the death of a Palestinian, who was a collaborator with Israel, and was killed in the First Palestinian Intifada of 1987...Jaradat was repeatedly kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel, and that he was sentenced to several life terms, and was released under the Shalit Prison Swap Agreement, after spending 23 years in prison." ca 26/2/2016
Israeli soldiers kill 15-year-old Palestinian near Beita checkpointMA’AN NEWS AGENCY - Israeli forces on Sunday killed a 15-year-old Palestinian after he allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli soldier near Nablus in the occupied West Bank. An Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma’an that a Palestinian attempted to stab a soldier near the Beita checkpoint in the northern West Bank, and that Israeli forces then fired at the man. The Palestinian was declared dead on the scene, she added, saying that no Israelis were wounded. An eyewitness told Ma`an that Israeli soldiers stationed at the Beita checkpoint fired more than 10 rounds at a young Palestinian who was carrying a knife and walking towards them.-rh The teenager was identified to Ma`an as Qusay Diab Abu al-Rub, 15, from the village of Qabatiya near Jenin.24/2/2016
Will economic aid rebuild trust between Israelis, Palestinians?Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - A reluctant, barely visible ray of light has begun to penetrate the ruins of the peace process over the past few weeks, gently illuminating the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians. Two people can be credited for that: Israel’s Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Palestinian Finance Minister Shukri Bishara. On Feb. 18, the two men met for the third time, and Kahlon will soon be presenting a bundle of economic measures that will benefit the Palestinian public.rh 24/2/2016
Israel’s PutinisationAdam Shatz - London Review of Books - Colonial rule, however, is corrosive in its effects. Since the Second Intifada, Palestinian citizens in Israel have been reminded at every turn that they are not welcome, from the police killing of 13 demonstrators in October 2000, to Benjamin Netanyahu’s election day warning last May: ‘Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls. Left-wing organisations are busing them out.’ The spectre of ‘Arab voters’ was hardly new: the Israeli right has never looked fondly on Arabs exercising their voting rights, unless they can be presented as evidence of the virtues of ‘Jewish democracy’. What is novel is the intensifying campaign inside Israel against those ‘left-wing organisations’ Netanyahu mentioned: human rights NGOs and their (mostly) Jewish leaders.-rh24/2/2016
Israeli military use stun grenades on young Palestinian school kidsInternational Solidarity Movement - It has become a regular occurance for Palestinian school children to endure physical violence, harrassment, body searches and other demoralizing acts at the hands of the Israeli miltary. For those attending school near the notorious Salaymeh checkpoint in Hebron on Tuesday the 23rd of February, only nine days after Yasmin al-Zarour was gunned down there, it was to be yet another school morning filled with excessive force as Israeli soldiers quickly resorted to stun grenades to control an eight year old Palestinian child. This excessive force experienced daily by the children of Palestine is yet another cruel and inhumane illustration of Israel’s current apartheid regime.-rh24/2/2016
Israel Opens Dams, Floods Agricultural Lands And Homes In GazaIMEMC - "Israel repeatedly opens its dams towards the besieged Gaza Strip during winter time, especially following heavy rain, inflicting serious losses and destruction in various areas of the coastal region, in addition to many injuries." - id 24/2/2016
Israel demolishes 313 Palestinian structures in six weeksNatasha Roth - +972 - "Over 500 Palestinians have been displaced by the demolitions since the start of 2016, the vast majority of them in the West Bank." - id 24/2/2016
IOF kidnaps more than 20 Palestinians, Tuesday overnightPNN - Palestine News Network - "Palestinian Prisoners’ rights group Addameer estimates that around 40 percent of the Palestinian male population in the occupied West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem has been detained at some point in their lives." - id 24/2/2016
Soldiers harass farmers preparing fields in GazaFeatures - International Solidarity Movement - "At 8 am, around 30 farmers from the village of Khuzaa reached their lands near the border. They intended to clean them from weeds before the beginning of the harvest season." - id 24/2/2016
For many Palestinians, Israel settlement work the only optionAli Sawafta - Reuters - It is here that Israel has established one of several industrial zones, comprising around 1,000 businesses in all, many of which benefit from tax breaks and other business concessions, including access to cheaper Palestinian labor. [bz]23/2/2016
Israeli soldiers expel Beit Ummar family from their field at gunpointMa`an - Muhammad Abd al-Hamid Sleibi and his family were pruning trees in their field in Wadi Abu al-Reish area when Israeli soldiers approached them. Sleibi had previously obtained an order from Israel’s High Court allowing him full access to his land, but Israeli Civil Administration officers who arrived with the armed soldiers told Sleibi that only one person could stay on the land at a time. Much of the outskirts of Beit Ummar village -- located around 10 kilometers north of the city of Hebron -- were designated as Area C following the Oslo Accords, and are under full civil and military control of Israel. [bz]23/2/2016
Israeli forces demolish sole school in Bedouin communityMa`an News Agency - "Atallah al-Jahalin told Ma`an that Israeli forces, accompanied by 30 vehicles and a delegation from Israeli`s Civil Administration, raided the area and destroyed the sole school in the community. Residents said Israeli forces told them the school was demolished because concrete structures were forbidden in the area. Israeli forces also reportedly seized the contents of the school" [ry] 22/2/2016
The logic of Palestinian hunger strikesRamzy Baroud--By Friday, 29 January, Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeq had spent 66 days on hunger strike in Israeli jails. Just before he fell into his third coma, a day earlier, he sent a public message through his lawyers, the gist of which was: freedom or death. dn21/2/2016
Negotiations continue for release of Palestinian hunger strikerMa`an - The committee said according to the potential agreement, Israel would release al-Qiq on May 21, 2016, and pledge not to place the journalist in administrative detention in the future. [bz]20/2/2016
UN: Over 400 Palestinians displaced by Israel in 6 weeksMa`an News Agency - "Coordinator for Humanitarian and UN Development Activities for the occupied Palestinian territory Robert Piper in a statement called the number of demolitions “alarming.” The number of Palestinians displaced in 2016 is already equivalent to over half of the total number displaced in all of 2015, the official said.Piper called on Israel to immediately halt all demolitions in the occupied West Bank, which he said were in violation of international law." ca19/2/2016
Israeli interrogators threatened to rape al-Qiq and his family– so he launched hunger strike, lawyer says Dan Cohen - Mondoweiss "In the beginning of the investigation of Mohammed they told him that they will keep him under administrative detention for seven years if he did not confess,” Abu Sneineh told Mondoweiss by telephone Wednesday morning. “He said ‘I have nothing to confess to and I don’t want to continue this investigation in this manner.’ So they threatened to rape him, his wife and his kids.” ca19/2/2016
Building the OccupationMegan O’Toole - Aljazeera - A story in three chapters : Demolition - Construction - Separation.-rh 17/2/2016
Still in shock from Dawabsha murders, West Bank village of Duma, fears settlers will attack againMatthew Vickery - Mondoweiss - While the deadly arson attack was over half a year ago, residents in Duma say they must remain vigilant, worried that another similar attack may be just around the corner. The overwhelming feeling in the community is that the Israeli government has done nothing to deter further attacks against the vulnerable rural village.-rh17/2/2016
Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria seek home in GazaGaza team - International Solidarity Movement - Palestinian refugee Heesham Ahmed El Khoranin and his family have already survived 2 Israeli assaults against the Gaza Strip since he returned after fleeing from Syria in 2011." - id "17/2/2016
Palestinian hunger-striker refuses `compromise` offered by Israeli courtMa`an - “When people are been treated tyrannically, they are no longer worried about the consequences even if the toll is life. Thus, I entrusted myself in God’s hands and I will continue with this hunger strike, until martyrdom or freedom,” al-Qiq said. [bz]16/2/2016
Video: Israeli soldiers push disabled man from wheelchair after shootingMa`an News Agency [ry] 15/2/2016
Army Kills Three Palestinian Children In Bethlehem and JeninIMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Sunday, three Palestinian children, in two separate incidents in the West Bank districts of Bethlehem and Jenin" [ry] 15/2/2016
How I Learned to Fall in Love With Sanctions Shlomo Sand--Just a short way from the our daily lives in Tel Aviv and Haifa, a population without human rights and without the most essential civil rights has been living for close to half-a-century. We, the Israelis, work, study, dream and live in freedom and comfort, while not far from us people are at the mercy of soldiers and the gargantuan appetite for land of settlers supported by the government. dn14/2/2016
Just another arbitrary detention of a Palestinian childYossi Gurvitz, written for Yesh Din--Soldiers detain a child in his pajamas and slippers, harshly interrogate him without a parent or attorney present, and then release him 12 hours later as if nothing ever happened. We can already tell you what the military’s investigation will look like. dn13/2/2016
Israeli soldier gets 7 months after filming his abuse of Palestinian detaineeGili Cohen - Haaretz "The soldier, from the religious Netzah Yehuda Battalion, was originally indicted on four counts of abuse, but admitted two of them as part of a plea bargain agreement.One of the cases involved a detainee from the West Bank village of Safarin, who was arrested and taken to the base, near Jenin, where soldiers from the battalion served. The soldier hit the prisoner on the head, kicked him and stepped on his feet, while another soldier, who was also indicted, gave the prisoner an electric shock with a medical device.The soldier filmed the acts on his cell phone, and laughter could be heard." ca 12/2/2016
How Palestine plans to shift its media strategyDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Dajani, who was also vice president for the Middle East and North Africa section at the US-based Internews Network, said that it’s basic communications to reach out to the population you represent, noting, “The job of any government communicator is to reach out and be transparent. You have to give people hope, but not false hope.”-rh 10/2/2016
Gaza patients battle cancer and Israeli siegeIsra Saleh el-Namey - The Electronic Intifada - "A delay in obtaining a permit to enter Israel can have dire consequences. If appointments are missed, patients will have to go through the whole application process again. “We are left to die in silence.” - id 10/2/2016
Gaza - a human time bombAlex Fishman - Ynet - "Defense officials posit that if there isn`t a substantive shift in the reconstruction of Gaza this year, the number of infiltrators into Israel could reach thousands." - id 10/2/2016
Intimidating military patrol of Palestinian marketal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement = "Any male adult or youth was stopped on their way to work and forced by the Israeli soldiers to lift up their shirts and trouser-pants, as well as throw their IDs on the ground. After throwing their IDs on the ground Israeli soldiers ordered the men to move back, so they could pick up the IDs from a ‘safe distance’." - id10/2/2016
Israel sprays Gazan farmland close to border fence, destroying crops and causing heavy lossesB`tselem - This action was undertaken despite the fact that in 2014, the military informed Palestinians that they could farm land up to 100 meters from the fence. Moreover, due to the prevailing winds at the time of the spraying, extensive damage was also caused to farmland further away. [bz]9/2/2016
Lawyer: Palestinian female prisoners suffering in cold winter weatherMa`an - While extra blankets are available for purchase at the prison, prisoners in past years have said the prices are not affordable. The lawyer said the recent bout of freezing weather has "increased the suffering of the women, who don`t have adequate bed covers or heating." The prison cells, she added, are also inadequately insulated and poorly equipped for such weather conditions. Among the 29 women prisoners are 11 minors, the youngest ones age-13, and several of them healing from a gunshot wound. [bz]9/2/2016
Palestinian villagers fear further home demolitions by Israeli army Kate Shuttleworth - The Guardian - An injunction is to decide if the Israeli army has a legal grounding to destroy more residences, a week after 23 homes were bulldozed [ry] 8/2/2016
Gazans Suffer, and the World Looks AwayRichard Falk, Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency - IMEMC - "After nearly 10 years of a sustained and unlawful Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza, it is scandalous that the world takes such little notice of this people so long beleaguered" [ry] 8/2/2016
When Israel turns houses into jailsBudour Youssef Hassan - EI - "Fadi Shaludi, 14, has not left his house since November. Every day, he sees the children from his neighborhood go off to school. He especially misses playing football with his friends and walking around Jerusalem’s Old City. Fadi is under house arrest. [...] His punishment came after he was charged with throwing stones at Israeli troops during confrontations in Silwan, the area of occupied East Jerusalem where he lives, in October. That incident also resulted in his mother, Shifa Obeido, being put under house arrest on charges of `incitement.` She awaits a trial that will likely see her forcibly transferred from Jerusalem" [ry] 8/2/2016
A gruelling life for Palestinian workers in IsraelSheren Khalel, Abed al Qaisi - AlJazeera - Palestinians can earn more by working in Israel, but their days are extremely long because of movement restrictions [ry] 8/2/2016
Israel revokes Israeli work permits from Qabatiya village residentsMa`an - The spokesman highlighted that the decision to revoke permits came hours after Israeli forces lifted a three-day blockade imposed on the village following the deadly attack committed by the village`s three teens in occupied East Jerusalem which killed one 19-year-old border police officer and injured another. [BZ]7/2/2016
Imprisoned hunger striker al-Qiq refuses Israeli offer to be released in MayMa`an - Muhammad al-Qiq rejected an offer by an Israeli military court to be released on May 1 and demanded an immediate end to his administrative detention. An Israeli doctor at the hospital where al-Qiq is being detained said on Saturday that the Palestinian journalist was in a critical condition, and that “each minute marks serious threat to his life.” Al-Qiq refuses any offer that does not include his release from administrative detention, as well as the guarantee that he will receive medical treatment in a Palestinian hospital once freed. [bz]7/2/2016
Palestinian PM decries Israel’s ‘collective punishment’ of QabatiyaMa`an - “Ongoing Israeli policies of collective punishment, field executions, and blockading Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps will worsen the security situation in the area,” Hamdallah said.Qabatiya is blockaded for the third day in a row after three residents of the town carried out a deadly attack in Jerusalem.[bz]6/2/2016
Told to leave, determined to stay: Bedouins of the Jordan ValleyMohammad Alhaj - The Electronic Intifada - "Neglected by both the Palestinian Authority and harassed by the Israeli military, these families have to survive without running water or electricity. Any water wells dug by the families themselves will likely be destroyed by Israel, which maintains strict control over water resources in the occupied West Bank." - id 3/2/2016
GMO Report: 51 Israeli Violations against Palestinian Journalists in JanuaryIMEMC - "These violations were varied to include detentions and extensions, field attacks, the banning of media coverage, summons to interrogation, and house raids." - id 3/2/2016
IDF destroys 20 Palestinian structures in West Bank `firing zone`Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "Israel has been trying to evict impoverished Palestinian communities from their lands for over 15 years — in order to save a few bucks on military trainings." - id 3/2/2016
Daily violence on the way to schoolal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Teachers tried to bring the children, who were coughing badly, to safety inside the school-building, but were tear-gassed even there as soldiers were shooting tear gas directly into the school-yards." - id3/2/2016
The `Professional Journalism` Behind the Silencing of Israeli Violence Amira Hass - Haaretz - In an earlier op-ed I wrote the following sentence, which contradicts the reality: “It is very tempting to say that the road to disaster is paved with logical steps, but the disaster is long in coming.” That’s nonsense of course, if you’ll excuse me. The Palestinians live in a routine of ongoing and incremental disasters. What is the deliberate imprisonment of 1.8 million people in a narrow strip of 360 square kilometers, if not ongoing calamity? And what is “Area C” and the prohibitions against construction and movement and drinking and irrigating there, if not an endless man-made disaster? [bz]2/2/2016
Israeli forces storm al-Quds University, seize documentsMa`an News Agency - "Hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed Abu Dis` al-Quds Open University early Friday and confiscated equipment and documents belonging to its student union, staff members told Ma`an" [ry] 1/2/2016
Employer turns Palestinian union organizer into a `security threat`Haggai Matar - 972 - "“If there was a justification for the dismissal — fine. Let the court decide. But delaying the verdict makes it increasingly hard to create a reality where a union can exist, in fact it prevents it. There have been no negotiations since July 2014. The workers are worried that they do not have their chairman, and we are unable to create proper work relations. It is clear that a decision to return the chairman is cardinal here.”" - id 17/2/2016
Nonviolent Resistance in the South Hebron HillsCassandra Dixon - Information Clearing House -The worst worries of a child’s school day should be homework. Maybe a lost book, or an argument with a friend. No child’s walk to school should routinely involve armed soldiers and fear of sometimes being chased and assaulted by angry adults. But for the Palestinian children who live with their families in the small rural villages that make up the South Hebron Hills, this is how the school day begins. Illegal settlements and outposts isolate and separate their villages and soldiers are a constant in their lives.-rh 3/2/2016
Despite total lack of evidence, Israeli court sentences ‘Hares Boys’ to 15 years in prison - See more at: Robbins - Mondoweiss - No evidence, no eye witnesses, and no crime preceded the capture, torture and forced confessions of the Hares Boys, 5 Palestinian youths from the West Bank village of Hares. And yet Ali Shamlawi, Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Suleiman, Ammar Souf, and Tamer Souf were recently sentenced, after almost 3 years of imprisonment and over 100 hearings, by the Israeli occupation military court to 15 years in prison.-rh3/2/2016
Netanyahu thinks mild Ban Ki-moon incites terrorRobert Fisk - Independent - I suspect that it was Ban’s comment about the Jewish colonisation of Arab land that the Israeli Prime Minister didn’t like. What he said was that “continued settlement activities are an affront to the Palestinian people and to the international community”, and I rather got his point. Because we know, just as Ban said, that people who are occupied do indeed resist occupation, which becomes “a potent incubator of hate and extremism”. Is that not how Iraqis reacted to us? And how Afghans react? And, indeed, how Palestinian Jews decided to act when they’d had enough of Britain in Palestine?-rh3/2/2016
Palestinian Vehicles and Equipment Seized in Jordan Valley IMEMC - The Jordan Valley -- occupied with the rest of the West Bank in 1967 -- is in Area C, under full Israeli military and administrative control, and residents of the area face a constant threat of destruction of structures and property. Threats of displacement for the thousands of Bedouins living in the area have reportedly increased dramatically since 2012, notably the use of Israeli military training exercises as a means of forcible displacement. Rights groups argue that Israel aims to fully annex the strategic area of land and is unlikely to return the occupied area to Palestinians. [bz]2/2/2016
Israeli forces tighten grip on Ramallah as closure continuesMa`an - Israeli forces continued their blockade of the central West Bank city of Ramallah and its neighboring villages and towns for the second straight day on Monday after a shooting at an Israeli military checkpoint. Israeli forces began the blockade just hours after the shooting near the illegal Israeli settlement of Beit El north of Ramallah, in which a Palestinian Authority staff sergeant shot and injured three Israeli soldiers before he was shot dead at the scene. The Israeli army has yet to announce when forces will pull back to allow freedom of movement through the major West Bank hub. [bz]2/2/2016
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