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Life under occupation

Palestinians in Lebanon mark International Solidarity Day; Three Palestinians murdered in refugee campMohammed Zaatari - Daily Star - SIDON: Marking International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Palestinians gathered to address the state of their struggle at Lebanon`s largest refuge camp, Ain al-Hilweh, Tuesday. 30/11/2005
Fatah halts primaries over fraud and violenceDaily Star staff - President Mahmoud Abbas suspended primaries for his Fatah Party throughout the Palestinian territories on Tuesday after violence and fraud that fuelled doubts about his grip on power.30/11/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 30 November 2005Courtesy of IMEMC, WAFA - home, barracks leveled south of Bethlehem; five arrested east of Bethlehem; Bethlehem youth sentenced; two arrested, child injured in Jenin; arrest and injuries in Nablus. Also: from today`s Palestinian press 30/11/2005
Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron closed, two residents arrested Saed Bannoura -IMEMC & Agencies - The mosque was closed on Friday afternoon, after the Muslims conducted the Friday prayers in order to receive Jewish worshipers there26/11/2005
The Rafah terminal; hopes and desperations Wissam Afifeh - Palestine News Network - The Palestinian-Israeli agreement on operating the Rafah Crossing does not allow, in the current period, the entry of residents who carry passports, and not Palestinian identity cards.28/11/2005
Bethlehem passport launched to protect city from wall Najib Farraj - Palestine News Network - Carol Sansour, office director of Open Bethlehem, which launched the Bethlehem passport project says this document is an honorary document that will be granted to friends of Bethlehem and friends of the Palestinian cause from all over the world. 27/11/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 29 November 2005IMEMC - Two residents injured in Hebron; Settlers burn olive trees in Qalqilia; Israeli Security officer attacks a Palestinian at Maali Adumim settlement; 15 Dunams confiscated near Nablus; Israeli army detains a mother, her infant in Hebron; Paratroopers dropped east of Tubas; Two arrested in Tulkarem; Army arrests seven residents in Jenin 29/11/2005
Fatah primaries thrown into chaos BBC - The main Palestinian political grouping, Fatah, has halted its primaries because of allegations of widespread fraud. 30/11/2005
Hebron Update: 8 - 15 November 2005CPT Hebron - During this period there was school patrol every day except Friday, 11 November (schools are closed on Fridays). Each day the soldiers allowed children and teachers to pass round the outside of the metal detectors at the Ibrahimiya Boys` School checkpoint. 29/11/2005
Palestinian youths put lives on line with checkpoint arrests Agence France Presse - "Pushed to despair, Palestinian children are putting their lives on the line by feigning attacks on Israeli checkpoints in the occupied West Bank in the hope they will end up in prison. "29/11/2005
Dozens wounded as Palestinians riot in Israeli jailAgence France Presse - "Dozens of Palestinian inmates and Israeli guards were wounded in overnight clashes at a military prison in the occupied West Bank, sources on both sides said Tuesday. "29/11/2005
Reports: Continuing Settler`s vandalismDavid Nir - RHR/CIRR - "Salem: 300 olive trees were chain-sawed last night." 28/11/2005
West Bank landscaping Mary Ellen Davis - IMEMC - "In the heart of the West Bank, checkpoints separate Palestinian youth and instructors from their classrooms." 28/11/2005
Hani Totech`s horror storyHanna Yakin - MachsomWatch - "When the soldiers heard that a court order had been issued to stop the works, they didn’t lose one minute but put their bulldozer to task with lightning speed." 28/11/2005
Two EarthquakesUri Avnery - "One such earthquake was the election of Amir Peretz as leader of the Labor Party. The other is Sharon`s leaving the Likud and forming a new party."28/11/2005
Settlers cut down 200 Olive trees in Salem village, near Nablus Saed Bannoura- IMEMC & Agencies - "An extremist settlers group cut down, on Sunday, more than 200 olive trees which belong to Palestinian farmers from Salem village, near the West Bank city of Nablus."28/11/2005
Olive Trees Uprooted in Bil`in Village WAFA - Private contractor uprooted dozens of Palestinian trees in Bil`in village in the West Bank (WB) city of Ramallah near the Apartheid Wall before eyes of Israeli soldiers.27/11/2005
Colonizers Besiege Internationals, Attack Palestinians in Hebron WAFA - ISM said that a mob of Israeli colonizers besieged five Human Rights Observers (HROs) and a journalist in the West Bank (WB) city of Hebron. 26/11/2005
No olives. David Nir: "The assignment in Hawarta was to pick the olives between the two perimeter fences of Ittamar.. trees were uprooted, burnt or sawed down."26/11/2005
Yitzhak Frankenthal`s new initiativeI have the ability to locate families such as these, and cooperate with them. I wish to take one of these women in my car, from the West Bank towards Jerusalem, stop at a checkpoint (at Hizme – northern Jerusalem) and state that I have with me a resident of the West Bank, that her husband and children are residents of Jerusalem and that she wishes to go and be with them. At this stage, the soldiers will not allow me to move forward. On the Israeli side, the husband and children will be waiting25/11/2005
Human Rights Observer to be Deported from Palestine by Israel.ISM - A Human Rights Observer (HRO) from the UK was arrested in Tel Rumeida, Hebron earlier today. He had just finished escorting Palestinian children to school and was walking home on Shuhaddah street when he was stopped by an armed Border Police unit in a targeted arrest. 25/11/2005
Hebron: On hatredMaureen Jack- Christian Peacemaker Team - "He`s perhaps slightly older than I and he was wearing a green cap, not unlike my red CPT one. By his accent he was clearly originally from London, though he now lives in a settlement. "24/11/2005
Top West Bank militant surrenders BBC News - "A senior Palestinian militant in the West Bank has surrendered to Israeli troops following a day-long siege. "24/11/2005
The open passageYael Gross - Maariv - In a long two page article Gross describes the increasing difficulties Palestinian farmers and businessmen from Gaza have to get their merchandize out of the Gaza strip since the disengagement.24/11/2005
On home demolitions: the miserable occupation on a miserable morningIsraeli Committee Against House Demolition - "Indeed, for Israel, house demolitions are merely "business as usual." The Jerusalem Municipality has a million and a half unused shekels ($300,000) in the demolition line of its annual budget. Since such an amount pays for about 70 demolitions, the Municipality is under pressure to demolish as many homes as possible in the next month and a half." The destruction was perpetrated with a Daewoo machine. Call for protest letters to Daewoo.22/11/2005
News Flashes From the Occupied Territories - November 21 2005WAFA and PMC - Professor of Psychology Prevented from Entering Gaza; IOF Arrests 6 Citizens in WB; Nablus endures ongoing Israeli raids and arrests; PPS: Prisoners Subjected Torture during investigation in Salem Prison; 21/11/2005
Keeping dialogue openGargi Bhattarcharyya - The Guardian - "After attending a series of meetings about the Israeli academic boycott, Gargi Bhattacharyya still maintains that the issue is not about the ban - it`s about the occupation." 21/11/2005
Israel`s uglier face reared towards its Palestinian citizensAvigail Abarbanel - The Electronic Intifada - "Nathan is at first enchanted with Zionism and in love with the idea of the State of Israel and what she believes it represents. However, it isn`t long before that bubble bursts and she begins to see the less than ideal reality of Israel."21/11/2005
O LITTLE town of Bethlehem. O very big wall around itStephen Farrell - The Australian - "Already broke, and haemorrhaging a Christian population reduced to desperation by five years of intifada, the birthplace of Christ was sealed off from Jerusalem last week"21/11/2005
21 year old Palestinian tortured in IOF jailJohan - ISM - "During 25 days in jail, Hamza was subjected to torture and insults on several occasions." 21/11/2005
At-Tuwani: Palestinian landowner forbidden to cultivate his landChristian Peacemaker Teams - "On Thursday, November 17, 2005, Israeli settlers, soldiers and police prevented a Palestinian landowner from the village of Mufakara (a kilometer from At-Tuwani) from cultivating his land."21/11/2005
The children of the French Hill junctionTami Goldschmidt and Aya Kaniuk - Translation: Tal Haran MachsomWatch - "There is this feeling that it is nearly impossible to help Hussam and his three brothers." 21/11/2005
Sharon to quit Likud and form centrist party - Frustrated Israeli leader will force early electionsConal Urquhart - The Guardian - "Mr Sharon wants to take advantage of what he perceives as the weakness of the Palestinians and a favourable international climate to create new borders for Israel out of the West Bank territory it conquered in 1967." 21/11/2005
News Flashes From the Occupied Territories - November 20 2005WAFA - IOF Arrests 3 Citizens in Hebron; IOF Arrests 7 Teenagers, a Security Man; Citizen Killed, Student Arrested, Farmers Banned of Collecting Crops; Al-Quds: Colonization Blocks Path of Peace; Palestinian election poll: 39.5% to Vote for Fateh, 19.9% for Hamas 20/11/2005
Palestinian finance minister submits resignationReuters - Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, who has battled parliament to force it to carry out fiscal belt tightening measures, has submitted his resignation ahead of legislative elections due in January. 20/11/2005
Palestinians protest over poll delayBy Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank - Aljazeera - Thousands of Palestinians have taken to the streets in the southern West Bank town of Hebron to protest against the postponement of local elections by the Palestinian Authority. Many rallysts carried flags of the Islamic resistance movement 20/11/2005
Palestinian youth dies in land disputeAl Jazeera - The clash is the first over former settlement areas in Gaza 20/11/2005
PA police begin crackdown in NablusNablus, West Bank - The Jerusalem Post - Palestinian police began confiscating stolen Israeli cars in the West Bank city of Nablus on Saturday and have beefed up their forces to crack down on growing lawlessness. 20/11/2005
First fatal clashes over Gaza land jolts PAMathew Gutman - The Jerusalem Post - The first violent dispute over land in the former Gaza settlements left a 17-year-old participant dead and several other people wounded in clashes Friday between clans claiming the area and Palestinian Authority police. 20/11/2005
Hebron Update: 1 to 7 November 2005Observations by the Christian Peacemaker Team 20/11/2005
News Flashes From The Palestinian Media - 18.11.05Palestinian factions deny sending children to checkpoints *** “Israel is isolating Jerusalem”18/11/2005
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement 17.11.051. IOF and settlers attack Palestinian villagers November 16th, 2005; 2. ISM Activists retrieve dead body of Mohammed AbuSalah 3. Settlers of Hebron March to Palestinian School 4. Israeli Military Attacks Civilian Houses in Nablus 5. Three Villages Protest the Wall 6. Video available for 11.11.05 Bil`in Demonstration at 7. Abu Ahmed and Jonathan Pollack on Democracy Now 8. Israeli Military Court Acquits Israeli Officer of All Charges Relating to the Killing of a Palestinian Girl 17/11/2005
News from the Occupation 16.11.05IMEMC - Mofaz: “Construction of the Wall will continue, reinforce settlement blocs” ; Settler girls attack Palestinian farmers in the West Bank ; Seven residents arrested in Hebron 16/11/2005
`We are Samah`s parents too`Meital Yas`ur-Beit Or - Yediot Ahronot - Parents of Palestinian boy killed by IDF fire, whose organs were donated to Israeli children, meet with children who received their son’s organs16/11/2005
Israeli forces assassinate two PalestiniansElectronic Intifada - PCHR - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) extra-judicially executed two Palestinians in Jenin and Nablus during the last 24 hours16/11/2005
Gunmen break into Rafah elections officeElectronic Intifada - Al Mezan - At approximately 11amon 14th November, a group of armed persons broke into Central Elections Commission office in Rafah and prevented the functioning of the office.16/11/2005
News from the Occupation, Nov. 15IMEMC - Army shells areas in the northern Gaza Strip; Rice declares deal reached between P.A and Israel on the Rafah Terminal; Army arrests Leader of Islamic Jihad Leader in Hebron; Twelve injured near Jenin; Israeli Court acquits soldier who “confirmed kill” of a Palestinian Child15/11/2005
Commentary: West Bank landscaping Ellen Davis - IMEMC "The 8-metre concrete wall meanders into the distance, cutting through land, neighborhoods, carving East Jerusalem into pieces. 15/11/2005
Report of an olive picking team from Hawarta. Also, report on olive tree burning by settlers.David Nir - "We arrived at the area located near the perimeter security fence of Ittamar. We discovered that two to three days ago the olives were picked and stolen from most of the trees in that plot, and branches were torn.15/11/2005
Administrative detention should be bannedJeff Handmaker and Adri Nieuwhof - The Electronic Intifada - "Israel has a long history of detaining people without trial, quite often for long periods, based on an administrative instead of judicial order based on secret evidence. "14/11/2005
Palestinian killed, three wounded in Gaza StripAssociated Press - "Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian and wounded three more in the eastern Gaza Strip early Monday, Palestinian health officials said. "14/11/2005
Hamas military chief killed by Israeli troopsAgence France Presse - "A top leader of radical Islamist movement Hamas in the West Bank was killed by Israeli troops during an arrest operation on Monday, Palestinian and Israeli sources said. "14/11/2005
We weren’t there – people got hurtRabbi Arik W. Ascherman - Rabbis For Human Rights - Urgent call for volunteers - "This is a very sad e-mail for me to write. Never in the last 3 years that I ever had to tell farmers that we can’t come because we don’t have enough volunteers. Today villagers from A-Zawia did not go their olive groves because we weren’t with them"14/11/2005
News from the OccupationSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Army admits assassinating an injured fighter; Detainees in Qadumim facing bad conditions; Resident killed in Khan Younis; 14/11/2005
Settler attack in Yannun David Nir - Taayush - "The settler ambushed Hallil, and just confined himself to delivering a single powerful blow with his M16 gun - to Hallil`s face near the eye, and escaped away. A striking pattern with the attacks coming from "Avri Ran`s school of thought" is that for many years they employ the technique of hitting the face with a rifle."13/11/2005
Two residents injured, south of Nablus Saed Bannoura- IMEMC & Agencies - An Israeli military source claimed that Palestinians hurled a Molotov cocktail and fired several rounds of live ammunition at military patrols operating in Nablus area. 12/11/2005
Settler groups attack Israeli leftists in Hebron, raid orchards in Qalqilia Saed Bannoura, Manar Jebrin- IMEMC & Agencies - "An Israeli source reported that an extremist settlers group attacked Israeli peace activists, members of Merez Israeli leftist group while touring Hebron. In Qalqilia settlers raided Palestinian olive orchards and stole, picked and stole the olives. "12/11/2005
You Are Not Entering Free GazaTom Hill - London Tribune / The Electronic Intifada - "Gaza today, and for the indefinite future, is something unheard of in human history, never mind international law: an undefined territorial entity in a state of permanent, literal siege."10/11/2005
Border clampdown forces Gaza`s businesses into fight for survivalDonald Macintyre - The Independent - "Palestinian businessmen are having to fight physically to export goods from Gaza in the face of continued security hold-ups that they say have caused the already stricken economy to deteriorate further since Israel`s withdrawal in August. "10/11/2005
Israel Vows to Continue Extra-Judicial ExecutionsPalestinian Centre for Human Rights10/11/2005
Resident killed east of JerusalemCall for a demonstration in Mount Scopus campus against the murder of Samir Ribchi Dary from Isawia. Reprt by Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - "The killed resident was identified as Sameer Dary, 36, a father of six children, and a driver at the Peres Center For Peace. "10/11/2005
A monthly report on the Israeli ViolationsDepartment of Arab and International Relations (DAIR) - PLO - Towards Free Elections for an Inclusive Development; Summary of the Israeli violations against Palestinian Human rights (October 2005); Assassination in Cold Blood; Apartheid segregation Wall, Settling; The Israeli Settlers` Provocations; Judaization of Jerusalem; Arrests; Violations against Education and Health Institutions 10/11/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 9 November 2005IMEMC & agencies - boy killed in Nablus; army closes charities, occupies houses; Internet via electricity; arrests in Ramallah, Tulkarem; sit-in for sick prisoner; student dorm invaded in Tubas; selections from the Palestinian press9/11/2005
Action Alert: Help free Bil`in`s children abducted by Israeli militaryISM - We need your help to get Bil`in`s children out of Israeli prisons. 9/11/2005
Report: `26, including 9 children, killed in October`Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - "Gaza Center for Rights and Law reported that the Israeli army killed, during the month of October, 26 Palestinians, including 9 children, and shot injured at least 96 residents, including 31 children, 5 women and three foreigners. "7/11/2005
Family donates organs for peaceRoee Nahmias - YNETNews - Family of Palestinian boy Ahmad Khatib, 11, who died today in Rambam Hospital after being shot by IDF in Jenin decide to donate his organs to `the children of Israel` 5/11/2005
They shoot at children too.Juliano Merr Hammis - Ahmad (11) happened to be among the playing children. First IDF bullet hit his hip. The second IDF bullet hit his head. It certainly does not look like a mistake. The bullet was aimed to kill Ahmad. 5/11/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 04 November 2005IMEMC - Arab residents of Israel barred from visiting relatives in Gaza *** Reporters Without Borders no longer holds Israel responsible for violations on press freedom in the occupied territories, meaning it has liberated Israel from its duties as an occupying power. 4/11/2005
Israeli troops beat Al-Jazeera cameraman and arrest demonstratorsAgence France Presse - Nabil al-Mazzawi,Al-Jazeera cameraman, was filming one of the Israeli soldiers who was beating activists during a protest in Bil`in. Then, another soldier came on and beat Nabil al-Mazzawi who was later detained.Six Israeli peace activists were also arrested during the protest, rally organiser Abdullah Abu Rahma told AFP. 4/11/2005
Israeli-Palestinian clashes flare in Jenin Agence France Presse - "Gunbattles pitting militants from Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades reverberated throughout Jenin after more than two dozen army jeeps moved into the centre of Jenin, Palestinian security sources said."3/11/2005
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement 3.11.051. Three More Night-time Arrests in Bil`in; Soldiers Use Human Shield 2. More Settler Attacks in Hebron, While Soldiers and Police Watch 3. `The Nonviolent Option` An Article about US Tour by Palestinian and Israeli Non-Violent Activists Ayed Morrar and Jonathan Pollack 4. Round-up of Recent Events in Qawawis 5. Prisoner Solidarity and Anti-Wall Protest to Continue in Bil`in on Friday in the Face of Continued Military Suppression3/11/2005
Child shot in Jenin is clinically deadSaed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - "Palestinian sources in Jenin reported that the child who was shot earlier on Thursday on Jenin refugee camp is clinically dead, earlier it was reported that the child died." 3/11/2005
B`Tselem Update of 1 Nov 2005By the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: Bill will allow holding Palestinians incommunicado for 50 days; High Court prohibits use of civilians in military operations; Soldiers force Palestinians to undress in public;Olive harvest begins in the shadow of IDF restrictions 3/11/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 2 November 2005IMEMC, WAFA & Agencies - Israeli troops invade Jenin, 2 brothers arrested in Khirbet Marka, 8 arrested at Hussan; headlines from today`s Palestinian press 2/11/2005
What can be seen in South Hebron Hills on an ordinary day, or a futile olive-picking expeditionV. Buch29/11/2005
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement Nov 27-28Action Alert and Update on Bil`in Prisoners; Human Rights Observer to be Deported from Palestine by Israel; Settler Mobs Attack Palestinians and Besiege Internationals In Hebron; Aboud Holds Second Demonstration Against the Wall; Army taught a lesson in Bil`in; Israeli Use of Daewoo Tracked Excavators in Palestinian House Destruction; Ynet News: "Olive trees uprooted in Palestinian village"; Ha`aretz: The Killing of Mohammed Abu Salha 29/11/2005
Hebron Reflection: On hatredMaureen Jack - CPTnet - I`d not met him before. He was perhaps slightly older than I, and he was wearing a green cap, not unlike my red CPT one. By his accent I could clearly tell he was clearly originally from London, though he now lives in a settlement. I said hello. "Fuck you. Screw you," he said. 27/11/2005
ISM digestISM - Human Rights Observer to be Deported from Palestine by Israel; Mohammed Mansour`s trial update; Pastoral Calm Faces Military Might; Settlement Expansion Under the Guise of Security24/11/2005
At - Tuwani Update: 1-11 November 2005CPTnet - Update on the life conditiins of Palestinian farmers in South Hebron area and about their suffering on the hands of the Saettlers.27/11/2005
Human Rights Report No. 232IWPS - Army detains and heavily beats student at Huwara Checkpoint; prevents an ambulance to access Deir Istiya 21/11/2005
Human Rights Report No. 233 IWPS - The Israeli Army arrests 5 young men from Qarawat Bani Zeid, invades the village and forces families out of their houses at night.26/11/2005
Palestinians assert control of frontier with EgyptNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - Palestinians asserted control for the first time over an international frontier on Saturday as hundreds of Gazans moved across a newly opened terminal at Rafah into neighbouring Egypt. 26/11/2005
Barghouti wins Fatah primary poll BBC Online - Jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti has emerged as one of the most popular candidates ahead of parliamentary elections in January. 26/11/2005
Child killed in JeninDorothy Naor - New Profile - In a very real sense, Ahmed al-Khatib continues to live in the bodies of others. May that thought comfort his parents, even as they feel the loneliness of his absence. 9/11/2005
Nablus reportSarah - International Solidarity Movement - settler harassment during the olive season 9/11/2005
Two soldiers indicted of abusing three residentsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli Military Prosecutor`s Office indicted, on Monday, two soldiers over charges of abusing three Palestinian residents, after arresting them at the Qalandia roadblock. The two soldiers were not suspended from duty [after the event], and returned to their posts directly after the interrogation with them was over. 8/11/2005
Link to the weekly report of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights During the reporting period, IOF killed 5 Palestinians, including a child, in the West Bank. 8/11/2005
News Flashes From the Occupied Territories - November 22 2005WAFA and INT - PRCS:7 deaths, 2 injuries in a Week; 5 Pupils wounded in Hebron; IOF Arrested 3 Citizens in WB; 22/11/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 11 November 2005Arafat, "still present in the hearts and minds of the Palestinians” *** Residents of Deir al-Balah demand Hamas to halt Qassam shells 11/11/2005
Ahmed`s gift of lifeThe Guardian - The boy`s parents donated his organs to six Israelis. They tell Chris McGreal why their decision was a gesture of both peace and resistance 11/11/2005
News Flashes from the Occupation - 10/11/05Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in Gaza (AF); “Police lied, Esawiyya man was killed without posing danger” (IMEMC); Soldiers invade several villages near Hebron, four injured (IMEMC); Two houses demolished in a Negev town (IMEMC)11/11/2005
Picking olives in RugibDavid Nir - Taayush - "I was leading a delegation of activists organized by the Rabbis for Human Rights last Sunday and Yesterday..."11/11/2005
Palestinians bury Jihad membersAl-Jazeera - AFP - Thousands of Palestinian mourners have buried two Islamic Jihad activists shot dead by Israeli troops in the West Bank after Israel vowed to carry on its offensive against Palestinian fighters. 2/11/2005
PA wants end to West Bank carve-upKhalid Amaryeh - Al-Jazeera - The Palestinian Authority has appealed to the international community to force Israel to stop carving up the West Bank into enclosures, enclaves and Bantustans. 2/11/2005
Israeli cabinet backs Rafah border dealAl-Jazeera - Agencies - Israel`s security cabinet has approved an agreement with Cairo to reopen the Rafah border terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt under EU supervision. 2/11/2005
Israel conducts mass arrest campaignAl-Jazeera - Israeli occupation forces have detained more than 20 Palestinians in an overnight raid across the West Bank. 2/11/2005
`A Dubai on the Mediterranean`: Sara Roy on Gaza`s futureSara Roy - London Review of Books - "Israel and the United States worry that the Islamists will take over. But the real threat lies deeper, with the waning of resolve, the disabling of families and communities, and the disintegration of morale. Can the Gaza Disengagement Plan, with its promise of restricted and externally controlled autonomy, redress any of this? ". By the author of "The Gaza Strip: The Political Economy of De-development".1/11/2005
Israeli cabinet approves the Rafah Terminal arrangements Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli Cabinet approved on Tuesday a proposal which aims to enable European Union personnel to operate the Rafah Border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The approved decision allowed EU personnel to enforce security procedures. "1/11/2005
Azoun Atma; wall and harsh military procedures Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Azoun Atma is inhibited by 1700 residents living in 250 homes, at least 70% of the residents depend on agriculture as the only source of livelihood, and after Israel constructed the Wall there, and isolated the residents, most of the families lost their sources of livelihood. "1/11/2005
Army assassinates two fighters in Gaza Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli air force fired missiles, on Tuesday evening, at a Palestinian car in Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, two fighters were killed; at least nine bystanders were injured. "1/11/2005
Troops teargas West Bank pupils in HebronAl-Jazeera - AP - Palestinian schoolchildren have scuffled with Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint in Hebron in the West Bank and soldiers fired teargas to disperse them.23/11/2005
Hossan villagers protest land seizure policiesWAFA - Citizens of Hossan village waged Tuesday a sit-in to protest the Israeli threats of seizing their lands.23/11/2005
Peretz approves building of housing units in Maale Adumim WAFA - The New-elected Labor Party chairman, Amir Peretz approved Tuesday the building of new housing units in the colony of "Maale Adumim" in the Palestinian Occupied West Bank (WB).23/11/2005
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