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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Clashes Reported In Different Parts of Occupied West BankSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Clashes took place in front of the Qalandia terminal, between Jerusalem and Ramallah; Israeli soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs, rubber-coated metal bullets and gas bombs at Palestinian youths who hurled stones at them. Medical sources reported that several Palestinians have been treated for the effects of teargas inhalation.-rh 28/2/2013
Why hasn`t a third intifada broken out yet among the Palestinians?Amira Hass - Haaretz - The prevailing conclusion is that the leadership of both movements is more interested in maintaining its hegemony than in genuinely working to get rid of the dual government or heal the rift that undermines the Palestinians` ability to build a unified strategy against the occupation.-rh28/2/2013
Obama’s Israel TripJONATHAN COOK - Counterpunch - The prospect of reviving the peace track between Israel and the Palestinians is not one that is appetising for either Obama or Netanyahu. Both are bruised from locking horns over a settlement freeze — the key plank of the US president’s efforts — during his first term.-rh 27/2/2013
In light of findings of autopsy report on Arafat Jaradat’s body, PCHR calls for independent Internal investigationPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - The autopsy report prepared by Dr Saber al-‘Aloul, Director of the Palestinian Medico-legal Institute on Arafat Jaradat, a Palestinian detainee who died in an Israeli prison, has concluded that Jaradat’s death was caused by nervous shock resulting from severe pain, which was caused by multiple injuries inflicted through direct and extreme torture.-rh 27/2/2013
G4S accused over links to Palestinian `torture` death jail : Company told to end complicity with unlawful Israeli detention of prisonersWar on Want - The charity War on Want demanded that the company withdraws from contracts to supply Israeli prisons, after Arafat JaradatˇŻs death at Megiddo prison, in the wake of his reported torture at the Al Jalameh interrogation centre..-rh 27/2/2013
How Israel legitimises torturing Palestinians to deathCharlotte Silver - Al Jazeera - "In the first week of February, two weeks before Arafat was killed, the High Court of Justice threw out Adalah`s petition that demanded the GSS videotape and audio record all of its interrogations in order to comply with requirements of the United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT) to which Israel is a signatory." - id27/2/2013
Palestinian Boy Allegedly Used As Human Shield Near OferDefense For Children International - IMEMC - "“At home, Mustafa was still very scared,” said Mohammad Wahdan, Mustafa’s father. “He was silent and did not have his dinner. In the morning, my wife told me that Mustafa was shaking while he was sleeping. The following night, he wet himself.”" - id 27/2/2013
UN Calls for Independent Investigation into Prisoner`s DeathPNN - "Jaradat, 30, married with two young children, died Saturday while in Israeli detention six days after his arrest from his Sair, Hebron area, home." - id 27/2/2013
12 year old boy shot by army is in critical condition at Hadassah HospitalPNN - Odai Sarhan from Aida Refugee camp in Bethlehem was shot yesterday by a bullet to the head in clashes near Rachel`s Tomb in Bethlehem. At the time, soldiers prevented medical crews from reaching the boy to provide him with immediate medical treatment. Now he is at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, where medical crews make great efforts to save his life. ak 26/2/2013
Israel concerned new Palestinian uprising could eruptJeffrey Heller - Reuters - Avi Dichter, Homeland Security Minister in Netanyahu`s government and former head of the Shabak security service, called upon the army to avoid the killing of Palestinians. As he stated, "The previous two Intifadas ... came about as a result of a high number of dead (during protests). Fatalities are almost a proven recipe for a sharper escalation." [It is noteworthy that in the past, Dichter had spoken in an opposite vein, calling for sharp retaliations for the shooting of rockets from Gaza, even at the price of civilian casualties-ak]26/2/2013
Prisoner Released in Exchange to Serve Remainder of his term behind BarsWAFA Palestinians News & Info Agency - The Salem military court sentenced on Monday Mahmoud Tayyem, from Nablus, to 11 months in prison, of which 10 months were the period left in his earlier 34-month sentence. A military court had earlier in February sentenced another released prisoner to serve the remaining five years in his earlier 9-year sentence in jail. The court used the controversial article 186 of military order 1651, adopted in 2009, enabling them to automatically implement the earlier verdict on re-arrested prisoners after having been released in an exchange deal. bz26/2/2013
Temple Mount: Settler `pilgrimage` precipitates police incursion and detentionsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - On the second day of the Purim Holiday, hundreds of extremist settlers staged a "pilgrimage" to the highly sensitive Temple Mount/Haram a-Sharif compound in East Jerusalem. A confrontation between settlers and Palestinians was followed by a large-scale police incursion and the detention of four Palestinians. ak26/2/2013
Gaza rocket slams South for first time since truceYaakov Lappin, Reuters - Jerusalem Post - Grad explodes in Ashkelon; first such attack from Gaza since the ceasefire following Operation Pillar of Defense. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades took resonsibilty for the attack, Palestinian news agency Ma`an reported, as a response to the "liquidation" of the prisoner Jaradat. bz26/2/2013
Palestinian prisoner`s autopsy reveals `extensive signs of beatings`Hugh Naylor - The National - "The report, by a Palestinian doctor who attended the autopsy yesterday at Israel`s main forensics institute, said the injuries to Arafat Jaradat`s body - that included bruising, signs of lashings and broken ribs - show he died of `shock` and not from a heart attack as the Israeli prison authorities claimed" 25/2/2013
Arab-Israeli in Haifa uses art to help Palestinian refugee sisterGideon Levy and Alex Levac--The struggle to save Lutfia, an 84 year-old Palestinian refugee, is being conducted by her brother Abed Abdi, a respected Palestinian artist who resides in Haifa. dn24/2/2013
El-Eesawy Sentenced To Eight Months, His Hunger Strike ContinuesSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The decision to sentence him to eight months does not necessarily mean that he will be released as the Israeli Military Court in Ofer still has “pending charges” against him.The rulings of the District Court are separate from the Military Court as the detainee is illegally being prosecuted in two different courts on the same charges." ca 22/2/2013
Dozens Injured As Army Attacks Nonviolent Protesters In HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The protesters marched towards the Bet Hagai illegal settlement, built on privately-owned Palestinian lands in the Al-Harayeq area, in the southern Hebron hills. Dozens of residents, Israeli and international peace activists participated in the protest.The road was blockaded by the Israeli army 12 years ago forcing nearly 150.000 Palestinians to take alternate, longer, unpaved routes in order to reach the nearby city of Hebron." ca 22/2/2013
Gaza Gags Civil LibertiesMel Frykberg - Inter Press Service - “Hamas is on a gradual track of the Islamisation of Gazan society, which goes against their early promises,” Dr Samir Awad from Birzeit University near Ramallah tells IPS. “Most people in Gaza, even the most conservative, oppose this. Gazans are already very conservative and they don’t need Hamas dictating their religion to them.”-rh 21/2/2013
Former Irish Hunger Striker to Samer Al Issawi "Stay Strong"UFree Network - When I recently read Samer’s published letter from Prison it brought me right back to when I was also on hunger strike alongside our great hero Bobby Sands who was the first of ten men to die. Samer said in his prison letter: “There is no going back, only in my victory” This reminds me of the words of Bobby Sands when he said “We must see our present fight right through to the very end.”-rh 21/2/2013
Israeli settlers renew attack on Palestinians in West Bankahramonline - Israeli rights group Yesh Din said in a study published on Sunday that it had logged 35 attacks targeting olive trees, grapevines and other fruit trees between September 2011 and July 2012, but that in 99 percent of cases police had closed the investigation files for lack of evidence.-rh 21/2/2013
Israeli Court Dismisses Three Cast Lead Cases, Denying Palestinians the Right to Judicial Remedy and Compensation PCHR - These cases were of a civil nature, and sought reparations for the victims of these attacks; PCHR also filed separate criminal complaints for all three incidents before the Military Advocate General (MAG). PCHR has not received any responses from the MAG in relation to two of these cases. In the third case, although the Israeli authorities commenced an examination back in 2009, its outcome has not yet been made available despite PCHR’s repeated requests to the concerned authorities.-rh21/2/2013
Addameer calls on civil society to unite against Military Order 1651Addameer - Press Release - Article 186 allows for a special Israeli military committee to sentence released prisoners to serve the remainder of their previous sentence based on secret evidence provided by the military prosecution without disclosing the evidence to the prisoner or his lawyer.-rh 20/2/2013
For Samer Issawi: a poemSusan Abulhawa - EI - "Our tears will rain and the wadis flood Until another thousand years Have sunk in Jerusalem’s mud" - id20/2/2013
Draconian arrests of PalestiniansEditorial - Haaretz - "Five of them might serve from 16 to 28 years in prison due to secret or negligible offenses they are accused of committing after their release." - id20/2/2013
Several College Students Injured By Army Fire Near RamallahSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "...after Israeli soldiers attacked a nonviolent protest held in support of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel." - id 20/2/2013
Fishermen arrested and boat confiscatedPalestinian Center for Human Rights - Palsolidarity - "The Israeli soldiers fired directly at the boat, cordoned it and ordered the fishermen on board to take their clothes off, jump into the water and swim towards the gunboat." - id20/2/2013
Palestinian prisoner in isolation struggles to recall languageYnet/News agencies - Dirar Abu Sisi exhibits health, speech problems. In February 2011, he was traveling on a train in the Ukraine with his wife, when she lost track of him. Train attendants told her that two men had taken him away. A month later, the Israeli gag order had to be partially lifted. Abu Sisi remains since then in solitary confinement in a prison in the Negev. bz19/2/2013
Palestinians struggle to farm in West BankHugh Naylor - The National - "Palestinian leaders envisage the Jordan Valley as the breadbasket of their hoped-for state, but the Palestinian Authority (PA) has little remit over the region. Israel directly administers about 90 per cent of the area and has lavished subsidised water, tax breaks and cheap land on its expanding agricultural settlements to maintain its grip. As a result, the settlers` farms have flourished and the Palestinian farmers cannot compete" 18/2/2013
Letter from Palestinian Prisoner Samer al-Issawi: There is no going back because I’m the owner of RightSamer al-Issawi--I turn with admiration to the masses of our heroic Palestinian people, to our Palestinian leadership, to all forces, parties and national institutions. I salute them for standing by our fight to defend our right to freedom and dignity. dn17/2/2013
Going Against the Grain Bilal Yousef--Journalist Gideon Levy is arguably the most hated man in Israel for his reports on the occupied Palestinian territories.[40 minute excellent documentary dn]16/2/2013
World Press Photo of the Year 2012 winner - picture of the dayGuardian--A photographic highlight selected by the picture desk. Paul Hansen, has won the World Press Photo of the Year 2012 dn16/2/2013
The Ramallah bubble: Prosperity under occupation?Lia Tarachansky and Max Blumenthal - +972 "These figures, promoted also by Palestinian Authority officials, come from World Bank reports, but as Palestinian economist Ibrahim Shikaki points out, behind this veneer of prosperity is an uncomfortable reality." ca 15/2/2013
From prisoner releases to Gaza beaches: A week in photos - February - "Released political prisoner Bassem Tamimi hugs his wife Neriman during his welcoming party at his home in Nabi Saleh, after spending three months in an Israeli jail, February 10, 2013. Tamimi was arrested during an action calling for the boycott of settlement products inside an Israeli supermarket located in the West Bank settlement of Geva Binyamin. (Photo by: Keren Manor/" ca15/2/2013
PCHR Weekly Report: 7 civilians wounded, 80 abducted by Israeli troops this weekIMEMC Staff - "In its Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 07- 13 February 2013, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) found that the Israeli forces wounded 7 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children and 2 journalists, in the West Bank; 3 of whom, including a child and a journalist, were wounded in peaceful protests against the annexation wall and settlement activities, while the 4 others, including a child and a journalist, were wounded during 2 separate incursions. In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces continued to open fire at the Palestinian civilians near the border fence." ca15/2/2013
UN concerned about Palestinian detaineesAl-Jazeera - "Pillay said: "Persons detained must be charged and face trial with judicial guarantees in accordance with international standards, or be promptly released." Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, went further and called for the immediate release of the three men - calling the conditions the men were being held under as "inhumane". All three are reportedly near death." ca 15/2/2013
If You Speak Out, You End Up Here: Hassan Karajeh at Ofer Prison Anna Lekas Miller - Truthout - Spending time with Palestinian activists, the common statistic that 20 percent of Palestine`s total population and 40 percent of its male population is, or has been, imprisoned in Israeli jails begins to come to life. According to the most recent report from B`Tselem, 4,517 Palestinian security detainees and prisoners are currently being held in Israeli prisons, with another few dozen Palestinians being held in facilities for shorter periods of time.-rh 14/2/2013
Rising From RuinsRAJA SHEHADEH - International Herald Tribune - No official, neither Israeli nor Palestinian, manned the entrance to the site, and no guard protected the relics from robbers. In the course of the entire day we spent in Sebastia we saw only two small clusters of tourists, one of South Koreans and the other a small American church group from Georgia.-rh 13/2/2013
Israel: Gaza Airstrikes Violated Laws of War Human Rights Watch - At least 18 Israeli airstrikes during the fighting in Gaza in November 2012 were in apparent violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today after a detailed investigation into the attacks. These airstrikes killed at least 43 Palestinian civilians, including 12 children.-rh 13/2/2013
The Depths of Malaise in PalestineDaniel DePetris - Foreign Policy in Focus - Two of the latest polls, one from the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) and the other from the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR), are particularly telling. Unlike other surveys that confirm what most in the international community already think, the results of these polls are unprecedented, revealing a stark and disturbing malaise in the Palestinian territories.-rh 13/2/2013
We Grow, They Bulldoze, We Re-Plant’Eva Bartlett - Inter Press Service - “While the EU has been quite outspoken in condemning settlements and their expansion, they continue to import produce from these same settlements and in doing so, help to sustain their very existence,” Al-Haq director general Shawan Jabarin notes in the Al-Haq press release.-rh 13/2/2013
Shepherd released from Israeli imprisonment - but forbiden to graze his sheep International Solidarity Movement - Thanks to international protests Mamun Nasser has been released from Israeli imprisonment. It is dangerous to be a shepeherd like Mamun, whose grazing lands in Madama lie next to Yizhar, the most violent settlement in the West Bank. Being released is no real solution for him, as he is now forbidden to come near the settlement and is therefore unable to go to his daily work.12/2/2013
Hamas says IDF wants to sabotage Palestinian reconciliation Khaled Abu Toameh - Jerusalem Post - Palestinian sources said that the IDF arrested several Hamas members in pre-dawn raids on their homes in various West Bank cities. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that Tuesday`s arrests were also designed to "negatively impact" the results of future elections in the Palestinian territories. 12/2/2013
Palestinian judge sent to prison by Israeli court Palestine Information Center (PIC) - The Israeli Salem Military Court sent Palestinian judge Mohammad Ahmad Freihat to 15 months imprisonement. Freihat is a judge at the Islamic Court in Jenin and has a master`s degree in jurisprudence and legislation of Najah National University. The Israeli judges paid no special attention to the fact that this defenadnt in the dock was a clleague... 12/2/2013
Army Invades Ya’bod Near JeninSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday afternoon, the schools area in the village of Ya’bod, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, clashed with dozens of school students, and fired round of live ammunition, gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets. Injuries were reported." ca8/2/2013
Hungry for Justice: Why Palestinian Hunger Strikers Matter Tariq Shadid - The Palestine Chronicle " may have noticed that a good number of pro-Palestinian activists all around the world have embraced the cause of Palestinian hunger striker Samer Issawi, and are actively campaigning for his release via Twitter, petitions, and demonstrations. You may also have noticed that in sharp contrast to these fervent activities, regular media barely make any mention of Samer or other hunger striking Palestinian prisoners, and that pro-Palestinian organizations and institutions who are not directly dedicated to the situation of the political prisoners, are granting somewhat limited attention to this cause." ca8/2/2013
New entry permits grant Israeli nationality to Palestinian, but without the rightsLisa Goldman - +972 "The procedure apparently changed overnight, with no prior announcement. The person who received the document in the photo crosses the bridge frequently but was given this piece of paper for the first time on Monday crossing. A cousin who crossed on the day before (February 3) said that he did not receive this entry permit, nor did he see any of his fellow travelers receive it that day." ca8/2/2013
Creative resistance, Israeli intransigenceKhaled Amayreh - Al Ahram "The impromptu hamlet is called “Al-Manateer”, meaning gatekeepers, and is located in Area-B according to the Oslo Accords, which is supposed to fall under Palestinian Authority control. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the so-called “civil administration” had informed the Israeli army that Al-Manateer was outside Israeli control and that it had no authority to enter the village.However, Israeli army commanders in the region refused to heed the instructions, apparently in deference to settlers." ca 8/2/2013
Child survivor of Gaza massacre denied medical treatment by IsraelRami Almeghari - EI - ""Israeli intelligence personnel often ask patients or those escorting them to collaborate with the security services, in return for a smooth entry through the crossing.”" - id 6/2/2013
Israeli military court sentence teenagers to a total of 10 years for smashing a settler`s car windowMiddle East Monitor - Such controversial sentences "came in light of settlers` continued attacks on Beit Umar and a number of Palestinian villages and towns. Those attacks were documented with the photos, often by the settlers themselves; yet they were not deemed serious enough to indict any settler," says activist Mohamed Awad. bz5/2/2013
`The only choices I have are to triumph or die a martyr. I feel I am closer to martyrdom.` Ma`an - Samer Issawi - on hungerstrike 188 days - was released in the Oct. 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner swap agreement between Israel and Hamas - and rearrested for violating the terms of his release by leaving Jerusalem. He told KM Ahmed Tibi that he is willing to be tried in a magistrates court and serve a short sentence for entering areas "which are in the first place part of my homeland," but he will not agree to serve another 20 years in Israeli jails. bz5/2/2013
Army Invades Yatta Near HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday at night, Yatta town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, broke into several homes and searched them. The soldiers invaded Khirbit Z’ayma area, located east of Yatta, and broke into several homes before violently searching them after forcing the residents out of their property, local sources reported.-rh 6/2/2013
UFree Network condemns Israeli arrests of Palestinian MPs, call for urgent International action to release themUFree Network - Israeli arrest operation started Monday down, 4th Feb. 2013, where a number of three Palestinian parliamentarians (Members of Palestinian Legislative Council – PLC) have been arrested. The arrested MPs are, Ahmed Attoun who is already exiled from Jerusalem to Ramallah, Hatim Kufaisha MP and Muhammad Al Tal MP from Hebron. Add to this, a number of 18 civilians were arrested -mostly academics and students- across the West Bank cities.-rh 6/2/2013
“They deny me the chance to say the word ‘Daddy’” PCRH - Narratives - Jumana Alaa’ Shahada Abu Jazar (11) was just 4 months old when her mother died and, shortly afterwards, her father was imprisoned in an Israeli jail. Alaa’ (37) was arrested while accompanying his father to Israel for medical treatment. Jumana has not been allowed to visit her father in prison since she was two years old, denied access to Israel “for security reasons”.-rh 6/2/2013
WITNESS: The Brutal Asymmetry of the OccupationDavid Harris-Gershon - Tikkun - For the third time in as many weeks, Palestinians set up such a protest camp on village lands, only to be attacked by local settlers and the IDF. This time, approximately 300 villagers erected a “neighborhood” made of tents and metal shacks on privately-owned land in Burin, which resides in Area B-rh 6/2/2013
France, Britain Said To Be Preparing Peace InitiativeSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Palestinian Authority (P.A.) says that it is not placing preconditions to the resumption of direct peace talks, but cannot return to the negotiation table while Israeli continues its violations and attacks, and while it continues to confiscate Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank, and in occupied East Jerusalem, in order to build and expand its illegal settlements." ca 1/2/2013
7 Killed, 300 Kidnapped In JanuarySaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Most of the arrests were carried out in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, as the army kidnapped more than 80 Palestinians. 70 more Palestinians were kidnapped in Jerusalem while the rest were kidnapped in different parts of occupied Palestine. Some of the kidnapped Palestinians are also former political prisoners who previously spent several years in Israeli prisons." ca1/2/2013
Dozens injured in second day of West Bank protestsMa`an - Hundreds of people marched from Birzeit University and gathered outside Ofer prison in Ramallah, where Israeli forces fired rubber bullets at the crowds, injuring eleven people. (...) In Bethlehem, 13-year-old Muhammad Khalid al-Kirdi was seriously injured after being shot in the back and foot with live ammunition near Aida camp. Family members told Ma`an that Muhammad underwent surgery in Beit Jala to remove the bullets, and is in a serious but stable condition. Another unidentified teenager was taken to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem after being shot in the head with a rubber bullet, Red Crescent officials said. bz26/2/2013
Israel demolishes East Jerusalem homeMa`an News Agency - "We are refugees now, we don`t have any shelter. Where should we, our children and elderly people go after our house was demolished?" he said.-rh 7/2/2013
Palestine’s resistance goes to the Oscars Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Palestinian resistance, in all of its forms, has been vilified by Israel and by the western world in general. The Palestinians have been depicted as violent, angry and revengeful people. This film shows, among other things, the life of one real Palestinian trying to do justice to his family, his townspeople and to his country.-rh7/2/2013
More Than a Land GrabRAJA SHEHADEH - The International Herald Tribune - We are witnessing a worsening breach of law that is leading to a serious threat to the international legal system. The settlers are perpetuating a conflict that if it were to erupt again would endanger the peace of the entire Middle East.-rh 7/2/2013
Students suffer as Israel denies Palestinian freedom of movement and education in the occupied territoriesJames Elliott - us1.campaign-archive1 / Mondoweiss - Israel’s education system in the West Bank is based on segregation, granting greater access to education to the illegal settlers – and even incentivizing the settlement enterprise by subsidizing the education of settler children – while choking Palestinians’ access to their own institutions. bz5/2/2013
P.A Said To Be Holding Indirect Talks With Israel On Detainees IssuesIMEMC & Agencies - the Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, are holding extensive talks with European Union officials, in addition to holding talks with officials of several other countries and the United Nations, hoping to end the suffering of the detainees.-rh21/2/2013
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