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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Settlers torch Palestinian vehicles after prisoner releaseMa`an - Extremist settlers torched three Palestinian vehicles in the Dahia agricultural area of Ramallah, near the Israeli settlement of Beit El - apparently in protest at Israel`s release of 26 Palestinian prisoners.Hatim Subuh, a local resident, told that Subuh highlighted that it was the third time settlers torched vehicles in his neighborhood. Slogans spray-painted by the vandals included "blood will flow in Judea and Samaria", "this is war" as well as "Hello, John Kerry," addressing the US Secretary of State, who returns to the region this week to boost the faltering negotiations that he kick-started in late July. ak31/12/2013
Erekat condemns Israel`s bill to annex Jordan ValleyMa`an News Agency - "A chief Palestinian official on Sunday condemned an Israeli committee vote in favor of a Knesset bill that would annex the Jordan Valley, placing it under full Israeli sovereignty"30/12/2013
Israel To Release 26 Veteran DetaineesSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israel will be releasing on Monday [December 30 2013] 26 veteran Palestinian detainees who have been held since before the first Oslo agreement of 1993"30/12/2013
UNRWA condemns Israel’s latest demolitions in the West BankMasood Haider - - “These are Bedouin communities who managed to weather the recent snow storms,” UNRWA said, but now have become entirely dependent on international assistance. bz28/12/2013
`Wave of Palestinian terror`? Not exactlyDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - That Israeli President Shimon Peres argued “Gaza is not under any occupation,” implying that there is no fathomable reason for discontent in Gaza, is simply baffling. It means that the Israeli head of state has completely failed to grasp Palestinian political consciousness. Occupation in the West Bank is occupation in Gaza. It’s not that hard to understand.-rh26/12/2013
O’ empty town of Bethlehem: a trickle of visits to the site of Christ’s birth thanks to intifadas and ongoing tensionsANNE-MARIE O’CONNOR - The Independent - Most visitors come by charter bus, however, and linger just long enough to peer into the grotto at the Church of the Nativity where Jesus is said to have been born. Few stop to buy a string of rosary beads, or enjoy a plate of hummus. Almost all spend the night at hotels inside Israel, which competes with Bethlehem for tourism dollars.-rh25/12/2013
RICHARD FALK interviewStuart Littlewood - Veterans Today - It is difficult to know how to assess the current suspension of peace talks. The Palestinian Authority seems always ready to bend to pressure, although with some outer limits. In this respect, the future of this phase of ‘peace talks’ will be determined not in Ramallah, but in Washington and Tel Aviv.-rh25/12/2013
Abbas to visit Gaza?Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - If the Gaza Strip is indeed part of Palestine, Abbas must do everything he can to help rescue his people, including, if needed, visit. The 90-minute drive from Ramallah to the Gaza Strip will shake up the political situation, and more importantly will give a tiny glimmer of hope to a hopeless population that has long given up on politicians.-rh 25/12/2013
DCI-Palestine and LPHR launch “Know Your Rights” campaign for children on detainee rightsDefence for Children International Palestine - Public Statement - DCI-Palestine will distribute more than 5,000 “Know Your Rights” information cards over the next several weeks to Palestinian children between the ages of 12 and 17 years old living in West Bank communities where children appear to be targeted by Israeli forces for arrest.-rh25/12/2013
Hunger striker Samer Issawi welcomed home in JerusalemMaureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada - Samer Issawi was greeted by family and supporters at his Jerusalem-area village today after his release from Israeli prison, where he has been held for 17 months. Issawi was released as part of an agreement with the Israeli prison authorities reached in April after Issawi refused food for 266 day.-rh25/12/2013
Israel Launches Airstrike on GazaPalestinian News Network - PNN - "A series of explosions could be heard in Gaza City on Tuesday afternoon. Health Ministry official Ashraf al Kidra said one airstrike killed a young girl and wounded three of her relatives." - id25/12/2013
The Poor Man’s SheepYossi Gurvitz - Yesh Din - One night in November, IDF soldiers broke into the wrong house in the village of Tarqumiya and went on rampage. The contents of the cupboards had been spilled, and the soldiers had thrown bedding, clothes and equipment onto the floor. After the soldiers were gone, and as the family members begun examining the results of the small green storm that passed mistakenly through their home, the real disaster was discovered: the 15 years worth savings of one of the family members, Thahani, had been stolen.24/12/2013
Palestinian traffic disrupted after Israeli security man was stabbedMa`an - An Israeli security officer was stabbed by an unidentified attacker in the settlement of Geva Binyamin near Ramallah. In the aftermath, Israeli forces tightened security procedures in the central West Bank. Among other things, Israeli forces closed a checkpoint near Jaba village to Palestinian vehicles for more than two hours, while settlers traveling on the roads were free to pass through the checkpoints. Hundreds of Palestinian vehicles were lined up in both directions, unable to travel to Ramallah or to Bethlehem. None of their passengers had anything to do with the stabbing. ak24/12/2013
While you were sleeping: The systematic terrorization of BurinYossi Gurvitz/Yesh Din - +972 - There’s a standard procedure for these attacks: the Israeli civilians descend on the village in order to attack it, sometimes attacking the school or some of the outlying, isolated buildings; the villagers organize themselves for self defense and throw stones at the invaders; and then, the strongest army in the Middle East rushes in and fires tear gas canisters, stun grenades and from time to time rubber-coated, or even live bullets, at the villagers. bz 24/12/2013
Samer Issawi Released From Prison - but reluctantlyIMEMC - Orders were issued for his father and brother to report for interrogation by Israeli intelligence officers. And the soldiers reportedly added that no marching in celebration of his release would be tolerated at any hour of the day. Samer Issawi`s hunger strike was one of the longest, ever in history, and brought him close to death. He ended the strike only after Israel agreed to release him. bz 24/12/2013
Open Christmas Letter to Pope Francis on Gaza Vacy Vlazna--Imagine truly if this Christmas you were were in Gaza, ‘suffering with” Gazan families. (Photo: Supplied) dn22/12/2013
Even as Gaza reels from floods, Hamas and Fatah remain dividedAmira Hass - Haaretz "Last week’s floods afflicted the street as it did the nearby Jabalya refugee camp. The accompanying disasters – thousands forced out of their homes, boats sailing down flooded roads, schools turned into shelters – have fostered a direct and indirect dialogue between the two rival Palestinian governments, Hamas and Fatah." ca20/12/2013
Palestinians honour Gaza psychiatric pioneer: Dr Eyad El-Sarraj, a Palestinian psychiatrist and human rights defender, dies after long battle with cancer.Jillian Kestler-D`Amours - Aljazeera - El-Sarraj was a staunch critic of both Israeli policies towards Palestinians, and the Palestinian leadership, and was arrested and allegedly tortured by Palestinian authorities in 1996 for condemning rights abuses.He was imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority (PA) three times.Despite this, he continued his work in Gaza and earned widespread international recognition.-rh19/12/2013
The ‘Peace Process’ Delusion is Worse than ApartheidLev Grinberg - Tikkun - Israel has managed to effectively divide the Palestinians into five different discrimination regimes: the Arab citizens of Israel; the residents of East Jerusalem; the inhabitants of the West Bank; the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip; and the Palestinian refugees who are outside Israel’s control. Each of these groups is controlled in a different manner, so that its political struggle has taken a different shape. The Palestinians are thus unable to unite, and it is eminently clear that without massive international support, they can never break free from Israel’s iron grip.-rh 18/12/2013
Winter storm causes humanitarian catastrophe in GazaRasha Abou Jalal - Al Monitor - “I woke up to the screams of my children, who almost drowned in the water that flooded our house. The waters nearly pulled them toward the sewage basin. I rushed to save them and was surprised to see that the water level had risen to about 150 cm [nearly 6 feet],” he told Al-Monitor.-rh 18/12/2013
Attack on Hanan Ashrawi unfairDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Instead of joining the worn out Israeli hasbara (spin) against Ashrawi, Eldar should spend more time looking in the mirror and addressing the decadeslong Israeli occupation and colonization to find who is responsible for the current situation.-rh 18/12/2013
‘Security’ or hidden motives? A video answerAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Is the Jordan Valley really needed for Israel’s security? How could Israeli troops, stationed there, help against missiles which target Israel`s cities? Just an old-fashioned military concept? Or are there hidden motives at work?" - id 18/12/2013
Israeli military drill disrupts daily life at Rashayda Village Chris Carlson - IMEMC - Hundreds of heavily armed Israeli soldiers descended upon stormed the village of Rashayda, south of Bethlehem, erected checkpoints, started a wide scale military drill between the houses and notified locals that they would be unable to leave their houses after 10 a.m. There was no assertion that this was in any way related to any act by any of the inhabitants, simply that the army needed a "realistic" environment for its drill and Rashayda was chosen. The Army`s Legal Branch recently ruled that conducting such drills inside Palestinian villages and towns is acceptable. ak 17/12/2013
Army Arrests Four in Hebron Area, Including Father of Seven PEX WAFA--HEBRON, December 11, 2013 (WAFA) – Israeli forces arrested Wednesday four people in the Hebron area, including a father of seven children, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Club.dn15/12/2013
Ahead of worst winter storm in years, IDF razes Palestinian homes Noam Sheizaf--The Middle East is experiencing one of the worst winter storms to hit the region in years. All almost all of the mountain ranges from Syria to Sinai are covered in snow and the coastal areas are seeing very large amounts of rainfall. State and local authorities throughout the region are working to bring homeless people into shelters and rescue those caught in the storm.dn15/12/2013
WATCH: Jordan Valley settlements drying up Palestinian water supplySocial TV - "Many of these villages exist on just 40% of the World Health Organization’s recommended minimum for water consumption, while in some Bedouin communities, that number falls to 20%. And yet, Israeli settlements continue to farm water-intensive species and use advanced technology to draw water that would otherwise go to Palestinian villages." ca13/12/2013
How The West Lost Respect For International LawRobert Fisk - Information Clearing House - Karsten has put together a book of immense research which will remain the volume on Israel’s shame in Lebanon and its historical defeat. That’s the title of the English edition – Goodbye Lebanon: Israel’s First Defeat. His detailed questioning of torture victims – hanged by their arms, electrocuted, in one case apparently raped and in another mistreated in an Israeli hospital – have an unstoppable power to convince. Not only did he cover the events on the ground in southern Lebanon, he interviewed Israeli veterans in Israel itself.-rh11/12/2013
A letter from al-Walaja: Wars, walls and now roadsAnne Paq and Hisham Abu Ali - +972 - A new Israeli-planned road, ostensibly meant to give the Cremisan Monastery access to Israel and Jerusalem, will cut off the Bethlehem-area village of al-Walaja from its lands. Its lands were taken and villagers displaced in first in 1948; in recent years Israel began completely surrounding it with the separation wall, taking even more land. Village resident Hisham Abu Ali is done being silent.-rh11/12/2013
International Human Rights Day | Remember Palestinian Political Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli jailsUFree Network - Since the occupation of Palestine in 1948, more than 800,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned. Different groups of the Palestinian society are exposed to Israeli arrest campaigns, including children, women and the elderly. For decades, Palestinian female prisoners and detainees have been jailed by Israel and exposed to physical and psychological torture, in violation of humanitarian law. Mothers are disconnected from their families and young female prisoners grow up within jails. The result: a humanitarian crisis storming in a large number of Palestinian families.-rh11/12/2013
Increasing number of Palestinians hit by military and settler carsIMEMC - Within twenty four hours, there were two cases of Palestinians being hit and injured by Israeli cars. A young Palestinian man was injured after being rammed by an Israeli military jeep in Nahhalin village. In the Al-Walaja road, west of Beit Jala, two 17-year old twin girls were hit and wounded by a settler car. There were many earlier such cases in recent months, ending in the injury (in some cases, death) of Palestinian pedestrians being hit by military or settler cars. No objective inquiry is likely to ever take place into whether these were accidents or deliberate acts. ak 10/12/2013
Palestinians alarmed by Kerry `security proposals`AFP/Ma`an - Palestinians strongly criticise proposals by US Secretary of State Kerry which would reportedly allow Israel to maintain a military presence in the Jordan Valley, which would make a mockery of their sovereignty and merely perpetuate the occupation. PLO official Yasser Abed Rabbo asserted that "These ideas will drive Kerry`s efforts to an impasse and to total failure. "(Kerry) only wants to win over the Israelis and (allow) settlement expansion at our expense". ak10/12/2013
PHOTOS: Bethlehem youth shot with live ammoAIC - "Two Palestinians were shot Friday with live ammunition fired from a silenced .22 caliber rifle by Israeli snipers atop the separation wall in Bethlehem. Clashes have taken place almost every day in Bethlehem’s Aida Refugee Camp since three Palestinian militants were killed by Israeli soldiers last week in Yatta"9/12/2013
EU Grants PA €11 Million For Pensions And SalariesIMEMC & Agencies Report post - "EU representative John Gatt-Rutter stated that the EU has been the biggest donor, and most reliable partner with the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank. He added that this contribution and support is part of the EU’s persistent support of the Palestinian people, and that this support would continue in 2014." ca 6/12/2013
WATCH: IDF officer fires tear gas directly at photographer Noam Sheizaf - +972 "A video shot in the West Bank town of Beit Ummar last Wednesday shows an IDF officer shooting a tear gas canister directly at a volunteer videographer from human rights organization B’Tselem." ca6/12/2013
Photos: A visit to the Gaza fish auctionCharlie Andreasson - International Solidarity Movement - "In 2009, the total catch was 1,526 tons, down 42% since 2000. And as the shallow waters are increasingly overfished, the catch will continue its steep decline. The fish are in deeper water, still in Palestinian waters, but where the fishermen are not allowed. Where they are attacked, have their gear destroyed and boats seized by the Israeli military." - id 11/12/2013
Human Rights Organizations Call for Israeli AccountabilityPNN - Palestine News Network - "This came as a joint statement released on Monday by the council, which consists of 12 Palestinian human rights organizations, on the occasion of the international human rights day, December 10, 2013." - id 11/12/2013
Ex-Shin Bet head: Lack of peace bigger threat than IranItay Blumenthal - Ynet - According to the former Shin Bet chief, the lack of a permanent peace agreement with the Palestinians poses a greater threat to Israel than Iran`s nuclear program. In a conference held in Tel Aviv Museum marking ten years to the Geneva Initiative, Diskin called for the formation of a new government coalition formed of pro-peace parties.-rh 5/12/2013
The Plot Thickens: Gaza is Flooded with Sewage and ConspiraciesRamzy Baroud - The Palestinian Chronicle - Even before the latest crisis resulting from a severe shortage of electricity and diesel fuel that is usually smuggled through Egypt, Gaza was rendered gradually uninhabitable. A comprehensive UN report last year said that if no urgent action were taken, Gaza would be ‘unlivable’ by 2020. Since the report was issued in August 2012, the situation has grown much worse.-rh 5/12/2013
Newsletter - November 2013Military Court Watch - In October 2013, Military Order 1726 came into effect reducing the time period in which a child can be held on remand before being charged from 150 days to 130 days. The new time limit is still more than twice as long as the time period applied to Israeli children living in the West Bank. The order is currently only available in Hebrew.-rh5/12/2013
Armed Salafist movement emerges in West BankShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - We learned last week that Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have at least one thing in common. They are all concerned about the changes underway in the West Bank Salafist movement, which is transforming itself from a welfare movement into an armed terrorist organization that is actively planning attacks.-rh4/12/2013
An unending settler pogromMichael Sfard - Haaretz - The military authorities have also failed to protect Palestinians from violent settler elements. According to human rights group Yesh Din, 90% of complaints against settlers in 2005-2013 were closed with no charges filed. In 97.4% of 200 cases of assaults on orchards, mainly olive groves, the police did not charge those responsible.-rh 4/12/2013
Gaza Need Not Be a SewerALON TAL and YOUSEF ABU MAYLA - NYT - "The price of inaction, protracted conflict and unsustainable policies is being paid today by the 1.7 million residents of Gaza, who face catastrophic conditions thanks to the collapse of Gaza’s sewage system." - id 4/12/2013
Daily brutality towards Palestinians in occupied Al-KhalilKhalil Team - International Solidarity Movement - "The regularity of this unjust behaviour towards Palestinians by Israeli forces serves to intensify the daily impact of the Occupation." - id 4/12/2013
Jordan Valley: Homes and water wells demolished, 50 left homeless and waterlessMa`an - Monday and Tuesday saw an ongoing campaign of demolitions in the Jordan Valley. Yesterday Israeli foreces destroyed four houses and eight agricultural structures in the southern Jordan Valley. This was followed today by destruction further north. Aref Daraghmeh, Mayor of al-Malih, told that two Israeli bulldozers destroyed dwellings and then filled up two water wells. Altogether, the last two days` Israeli acts left at least fifty Palestinians homeless as well as deprived of water for themselves and their herds. Israeli relentless harassment of Palestinians in the Jiordan Valley is tied with the firm demand of the Netanyhau Government to keep permanent Israeli control of this area, amounting to about a third of the West Bank. ak 3/12/2013
Life in Gaza: ‘We wake up to terrifying sonic booms and try to sleep while Israelis are shelling’ Sally Idwedar - The Independent - Last week, the United Nations warned that a blockade on the Gaza Strip imposed by Israel and Egypt was making Gaza ‘uninhabitable’. The following is a personal account of what life is like for one resident, Sally Idwedar, in Gaza City2/12/2013
Palestinians say teen killed by Israeli army in West BankJack Khoury and Gili Cohen--A 14-year-old Palestinian boy was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers on Saturday, Palestinian sources said. dn8/12/2013
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