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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Collaborators: Palestinians Who Help the Israelis KillWalid Batrawi - IPS News - Israel`s assassination of top Palestinian military and political leaders could have been more difficult without the help of Palestinian informers. The issue of collaborators is becoming a daily debate within Palestinian society. 10/5/2005
U.S. PR Blitz Aimed at PalestiniansKarin Laub - Associated Press - "The United States should prevent Israel from destroying our infrastructure, instead of spending money to fix it," said Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestinian legislator. "Through the Israeli polices and practices, the U.S. loses credibility. It is going to be very difficult to undo the damage through PR campaigns." 26/5/2005
Palestinian teachers union calls for Sari Nusseibeh`s dismissalKhalid Amayreh - Al-Jazeera - A Palestinian teachers union has called for the dismissal of Al-Quds University President Sari Nusseibeh for "normalising ties with Israel" and "serving Israeli propaganda interests". 25/5/2005
Palestinian farmers, women and youths support the AUT position to boycott Israeli universitiesPARC - The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) with its six affiliated associations and 400 hundred community-based organizations and grassroots committees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip would like to express their full support to the proposal of the largest British Association of University Teachers (AUT) to boycott two Israeli universities (Haifa and Bar Ilan) passed on April 22, 2005. 25/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories: 24.5.2005 - 25.5.2005IMEMC & Agencies - Dozens detained, interrogated in Hebron; Home, constructions leveled near Hebro; Child arrested in Nablus; Soldiers use child as human shield near Hebron; Three arrested south of Nablus; 25/5/2005
Take No Prisoners - The Fatal Shooting of Palestinians by Israeli Forces During Arrest OperationsBtselem report - During the second intifada, Israel formally adopted a policy of assassinating Palestinians suspected of membership in armed organizations waging battle against it. In an attempt to counter the sharp criticism against this policy, Israel argued, among other things, that targeted assassinations were only carried out when it was unable to apprehend the persons targeted for assassination. 25/5/2005
Amnesty report slams IsraelRonen Bodoni - Ynetnews - About 700 Palestinians and 109 Israelis died in attacks and shootings in 2004, while house demolitions in Gaza left almost 4,000 Palestinian homeless, human rights group Amnesty International shows in annual report. Zehava Galon: the government was using its Gaza plan as an excuse to continue violence and house demolitions. 25/5/2005
Report: Four killed, 25 injured in one weekIMEMC & Agencies - Israeli soldiers resumed their operations and invasions in the Palestinian territories killing four residents, and injuring 25 others over the last week. A report prepared and published by the Information Center revealed that 347 violations to the truce were reported, including 57 shooting incidents against civilians, causing four deaths and 25 injuries.27/5/2005
Israeli soldiers prevent elderly man from reaching the hospital: "Leave him to die away from us" Muath Shrideh - Palestine News Network - “I started to shout at the soldiers and the soldiers continued to hit me until a number of taxi drivers came and succeeded to take me out of their hands. After 40 minutes they allowed us to carry my uncle with our hands across the checkpoint to bring him to the ambulance without using any stretchers. The ambulance driver came to help us while we were bringing our uncle, and he found that he was already dead.”27/5/2005
News Flashes from the occupied Territories: 26.5.2005 - 27.5.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army breaks into home to watch soccer match-*- Eight arrested south of Ramallah -*- Israeli navy fires at fishing boats in Gaza -*- Soldiers stop school bus, attack children near Qalqilia -*- M. Court sentences two children of Tubas -*- 27/5/2005
Israel prepared to discuss release of fighters who assassinated Ze’evi IMEMC & Agencies - Israel informed the Palestinian Authority that it is prepared to discuss the possibility of releasing the fighters who assassinated the Israeli Tourism Minister, Rehavam Ze’evi, in October 17, 2001, Fatah legislator Abdul-Fattah Hamayel said27/5/2005
Latest Scandal: Israeli Soldiers break into Palestinian home to watch soccer match IMEMC and Agencies - A video footage broadcasted on the Israeli TV channel 10 showed soldiers breaking into a Palestinian home in Hebron area and taking over the TV room in order to watch a soccer match. 27/5/2005
Shot, hurt, and handcuffedMiri Chason - Ynet - Palestinian youngster seriously hurt by IDF fire is handcuffed at hospital. Human rights group: Khayar Baraghoti physically unable to escape; army: youngster is dangerous 27/5/2005
Half-blind 15-year-old boy faces long jail sentenceAction Alert - International Solidarity Movement - Not once did Zaki receive medical attention for his eye, which remained a gaping hole, covered by bandages which were not changed in 20 days. (Photo: International Solidarity Movement) 27/5/2005
Record unemployment in Palestine: UNAssociated Press - economic despair in occupied territories28/5/2005
Hamas: We will not attack during pulloutRoee Namias - Yediot Ahronot - Hamas says no point in attacking during pullout28/5/2005
Rachel Corrie: a North American conscience: filmSonia Nettnin - Znet - "Through interviews, [director Yahya] Barakat presents a collective chastisement of the military occupation, the U.S. and Israeli Governments, as well as U.S. mainstream media." 28/5/2005
Jayyous Gate 25 reopened, permits needed for farming equipmentSonia Nettnin - Znet - developments in a village near the separation fence28/5/2005
Three arrested near RamallahIMEMC and agencies - army says they were carrying firebombs28/5/2005
Two Tubas children sentenced in military courtIMEMC and agencies - the two were accused of carrying explosives28/5/2005
Settlers attack homes in HebronIMEMC and agencies - settlers burn fields, throw stones and bottles in Hebron28/5/2005
Home shelled near HebronIMEMC - Harbi Mahmoud Masalma`s house was damaged, no casualties28/5/2005
Call for help from Beit Likya`at 6pm the army starts to shoot tear gaz at the teenagers and the kids. afterwards they shout from distance that the football field is a military zone.and tell them to: "get the hell out of there"` 28/5/2005
Closure, confiscation, connivance and cupidity Part 4Jerry Levin - CPT - Excellent report of the daily life in the Hebron Old City - "Twenty years of this constant hell means that many of the Palestinians living in the frightening shadow of Tel Rumeida have known no other kind of existence."28/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 27.5.2005 - 28.5.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Detainee sentenced to eight consecutive years; Army invades two areas near Bethlehem; Two Palestinians arrested near Ramallah; Palestinian, claimed to be carrying a wired belt, arrested near Nablus; Palestinian killed in an explosion in Beit Lahya; Three arrested near Ramallah; Army arrests a resident in Hebron 28/5/2005
Hamas and Fatah agree on mixed committeeAA - Zaman - "We have decided to work to empower the political partnership principle"28/5/2005
Israeli HR organization: Israel adopts lethal shooting policyS.A.S. - WAFA - A report by B`tselem "raises the strong suspicion that during this time the military engaged in assassinations in the guise of arrest operations."28/5/2005
Telmond detention for women; a new Guantanamo Wafa - IMEMC - "horrific stories of continuous abuse and daily humiliations"29/5/2005
Child wounded; 6 citizens arrestedH.M. - Wafa - violence in Hebron29/5/2005
News Flashes from the occupied territories - 28.5.2005 - 29.5.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Resident arrested at Huwwara checkpoint; Soldiers invaded area near Tulkarem; Soldiers invaded area near Tulkarem; Army invades Rafidia neighborhood in Nablus; Soldiers shot at civilian car, killing a Palestinian; Three killed in two separates explosions in the Gaza Strip; Soldiers killed a Palestinian in an exchange of fire near Jenin; Army closes al-Hamra checkpoint; Army invades Allar, Shweika, near Tulkarem; Two arrested in Hebron29/5/2005
Abbas insists era of suicide bombers is overDaily Star staff - And Agencies - The era of suicide bombing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be over and the culture of violence is changing in the region, said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in an interview aired on Sunday. 30/5/2005
A visit to NablusMaia Carter Hallward - `Much of Nablus has been destroyed economically, as it was a city of merchants, and now that it is choked by checkpoints, the trade no longer comes through. Even now that the checkpoint is `open` there is no reason for people to come in through Huwarra to buy goods when they have to wait in line for 4 hours to get out. ` 30/5/2005
Palestinians warn Israeli strike in Gaza threatens truce; Hamas rejects Abbas call to renounce violence and enter dialogueAgence France Presse - Compiled by Daily Star staff - Palestinian factions are warning that a de-facto Middle East truce was in jeopardy after Israel launched an aerial strike against militants, wounding two sisters in the Gaza Strip. In the hours after the attack, the radical Islamist movement Hamas, which is committed to the truce, rejected a call from Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to renounce violence, saying this was the language Israel understood. 31/5/2005
Non Violent Direct Action in Bilin- Israeli Soldiers tear down ISM - Report from Biliin - The villager of Bil`in joined by Israeli and International activists built a mock security fence on the bulldozers path to the construction site of the annexation barrier on their land. 31/5/2005
Bil`in - Palestinian protestors releasedISM report - Early evening on the 29th of April Riyad Muhammad Yassin Barnat and `Alain Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Rahmeh, who were arrested on the 28th of April while participating in a non- violent protest against the wall, returned to Bil`in. 30/5/2005
Weekly update from IMEMC IMEMC - Friday, 27 May 2005 - A summary of the major events in the Occupied Territories bettween May 19 and May 26 28/5/2005
Bethlehem: Annexation Wall strangling BethlehemCPT net - Bethlehem - Every time my wife, Sis, and I leave Palestine because our visas are about to expire, we think the situation couldn`t get any worse while we are gone. But it does! And our current cycle has been no exception. It was terribly disheartening to see how much progress Israel`s "annexation" wall builder/Bantustan-creators had made during the few weeks we were gone. 31/5/2005
During pullout, Khazza’a residents not to leave home for 20 days IMEMC & Agencies - "Palestinenet news website reported that Israeli soldiers informed residents of Khazza’a area in Khan Younis, who live near the Kissufim settlement road, to store food enough for twenty days. Apparently the residents will not be allowed out of their homes during the disengagement period "25/5/2005
Al-Aqsa brigades denies army reports of dispatching wired youth IMEMC & Agencies - "The al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fatah, denied military reports that it dispatched two teens carrying explosives to Huwwara check post, south of the West Bank city of Nablus. "25/5/2005
A day in the life of an innocent visitor to Tel-Rumeida, PalestineEldad Kisch - An eyewitness` account - It sounded innocent enough; we would pay a solidarity visit to the Palestinian inhabitants of Tel-Rumeida. In high spirits we set out for Jerusalem to our usual meeting place in the Bell-park, with our sun-hats, water bottles and good walking-shoes. There we were, forty well-meaning citizens, being loaded into four transit vans to get to our destination. 23/5/2005
Abbas embarks on landmark visit to WashingtonDaily Star - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas embarked on his first trip to Washington as Palestinian leader, expressing hope of achieving a diplomatic breakthrough at a summit with U.S. President George W. Bush.25/5/2005
Eight internationals and a Palestinian family attacked in HebronSarah - ISM - Hebron is like no other city in the West Bank. The settlers have illegally established themselves and their homes within the boundary of the Palestinian city. This inevitably creates tension and hostility, quite often to the detriment of Palestinian community 24/5/2005
Bil`in Villagers March to Muqata to deliver letter for George BushISM News Realy - Residents from Bil`in, a village in the Western West Bank, gathered in Ramallah yesterday to march to the Muqata and deliver two letters: One for Abu Mazen and one for him to deliver to US President George Bush when he visits the White House in the next week.24/5/2005
Adding Insult to Injury: Court Martial of Soldier who Killed Tom Hurndall closed on Sunday 22nd MayISM relay - The family of murdered British peace activist Tom Hurndall faced additional attacks during the military trial of the soldier who killed Tom, a 22 year old photographer and International Solidarity Movement volunteer. 24/5/2005
Local Election repeats in disputed locations end of May George Rishmawi-IMEMC Tuesday, 24 May 2005 The high committee for local Palestinian elections declared on Monday that the elections in disputed areas will be repeated on May 31, Palestinian sources reported. 24/5/2005
Home, constructions leveled near Hebron IMEMC & Agencies - Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers leveled a home, and three big constructions used as a farm, seed storage and electricity generators, in the village of Ithna, south of Hebron.24/5/2005
Tuwaini Urgent Action: Stop Ma`on settlement expansion.CPTnet - On Monday, 31 May 2005, a Magistrate court in Jerusalem will hold a pre-trial hearing in the case of a Palestinian farmer who is trying to prevent the expansion of the Israeli settlement of Ma`on onto his land.25/5/2005
A Voice of Sanity - 19 years old ask to be relaesed from military serviceMisha Hadar - "Request for a release from military service (regular and reservist), according to section 36 of the law of security service (combined version) 1986, on grounds of conscience." 24/5/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 24.5.2005Palestinian Mission to the USA presents - Al-Quds: CEC hints to the possibility of delaying elections; Hamas: considers boycotting partial re-elections amd other elections; Al-Ayyam: Students injured during regerettful incident in Al Aqsa University; Abbas: The negotiations is the sole path to reach a just peace based on two states living side by side; Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida: Presideny Abbas: The refugees issue must be solved according to International legitimacy resolutions 24/5/2005
Update on Jaber Dalany – Charges PresentedISM - Jaber Dalany’s family sends thanks to everyone who has made calls on his behalf. Here is the update on his situation. 23/5/2005
Why Israel must make sacrifices A trip to Gaza has convinced a peer of England`s Liberal-Democratic party that Sharon`s policy is self-defeating 23/5/2005
The isolation of the residents of Hebron – a tactic to break their spiritYehudith Harel - Occupation Magazine editorial board - several Israeli peace activists were arrested when they tried to visit Palestinian families in Hebron. A veteran Israeli peace activist examines the possible motives for this seemingly pointless move. 24/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 22.5.2005 - 23.5.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Army invades area near Bethlehem; Clashes near Hebron, child injured; Army:“Boy caught with two pipe bombs”; Army arrested 1900 Palestinian workers in one week; Homes shelled west of Rafah; Resident injured near Nablus; Administrative detention for the tenth time23/5/2005
Israeli military, police and settlers prevent Palestinians from grazing sheep and goatsKristin Anderson - CPTnet Hebron - TUWANI - On Thursday, 19 May 2005, Israeli military, police and settlers prevented Palestinians from Jawiyya, a small village in the south Hebron Hills, from grazing their sheep and goats. 21/5/2005
The lamps in the prison of Ariel are still glowing in the nightGustav Fridolin - Sweedish member of Parliament - "As I read the news about the Swede Johan Persson who was arrested by Israeli police during a protest against the construction of the wall in the West Bank, it makes me wonder how people there manage to stand it all"23/5/2005
Define Your CeasefireISM - Nablus Team - For the fifth consecutive night the Israeli army has invaded Balata Refugee Camp, near Nablus. Last night they entered two homes, cutting water to the houses and electricity to the entire neighbourhood for the night. The night before they arrested four young men and injured another three. 22/5/2005
Illegal demolition of 4 Houses in South Hebron HillOperation Dove - CPT - Four houses destroyed by Israeli Occupation Forces in Massafer Yatta area of South Hebron Hills, the poorest zone of the West Bank 22/5/2005
Arrest of Israeli Peace activists trying to get into HebronISM News relay - One British and 32 Israeli peace activists arrested on Saturday, 21st of May in Hebron whilst attempting to visit Palestinian families in Tel Rumaida. 22/5/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 23.5.2005 Palestinian Mission to the USA - Al Quds: Mashal: Hamas ready to resume Calm on condition that Israel stops all agression and releases prisoners; Al-Ayyam: Israeli security source threatens: Israel is ready to execute military operations in Gaza Strip; Al-Hayyat Al- Jadida: Central election commission discusses final date of PLC elections23/5/2005
Truce and reforms on the agenda as Abbas heads to the White House Agence France Presse (AFP) - Palestinian president to press for application of `road map` 23/5/2005
So Who Broke the Ceasefire This Time? MIFTAH - "Since the ceasefire was agreed upon and the subsequent period of relative calm, Israel gradually increased its long list of continued human rights violations against the Palestinian people. According to the Palestine Monitoring Group (PMG), the Israeli army killed 19 Palestinians of whom eight were children, and injured 238 people during the period since February 8."23/5/2005
Ready to Explode MIFTAH - "Israel added fuel to the fire Wednesday when it resumed its systematic policy of targeted killings. Israeli forces carried out their first air strike against a group of Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza since a de facto truce was made in February, killing one and stirring up a range of doubts, pressure and anxiety about immediate retaliatory violence in the area."23/5/2005
UNRWA shares hopes and fears for Gaza disengagement with donors and host authoritiesThe Electronic Intifada - "The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is holding a two-day meeting with 27 of its major donors and host authorities to discuss the humanitarian assistance provided by the international community to the 4.2 million Palestinians scattered across the Middle East. "23/5/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press 19.5.2005Palestinian Mission to the USA: AlQuds: Israel breaches the calm and resumes assasinations; Al-Ayyam: The PLC rejects full proportional representation; Al-ayyat Al-adida: Israeli policies threaten Calm 19/5/2005
Israeli Peace Activists to Make a Solidarity Visit to Palestinian Families Besieged by Settler Violence in Tel Rumeida, HebronISM News Relay - Hebron`s settler population has taken advantage of the heightened focus on Gaza to escalate their violence against Palestinian families and to expand their settlement, practically unchallenged. 19/5/2005
Update on Johan PerssonISM relay - Johan Persson was deported from Israel by the Israeli Ministry of Interior at 6am this morning, May 19. He will arrive in Gothenburg late this evening. 19/5/2005
Hebron Update: May 19, 2005CPTnet - Daily events in Hebron19/5/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA: Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida: Tension between Israel and Palestinians threatens the Calm; Security official rules out confrontation with armed factions; Al-Quds: A Summit between Abbas and Sharon next month; Ahmad Sa`dat and Shobaki (detainees in Palestinian jail in Jericho) ) demand from the PLC to discuss their cases. 20/5/2005
A - Tuwainy update: 10-16 May 2005CPTnet - A daily diary of events at at-Tuwainy21/5/2005
Dahlan: Israel hinders the success of the pullout IMEMC - The Israeli news website in English YnetNews published an interview they held with the Palestinian Minister of Civil affairs, and in charge of the disengagement file in the Palestinian Authority Mohammad Dahlan. 19/5/2005
Israeli Left-wing activists arrested in Hebron IMEMC & Agencies - Saturday afternoon, Israeli soldiers arrested some 30 left-wing Israeli peace activists in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. 22/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 21.5.2005 - 22.5.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Army invades village near Bethlehem; Dozens detained near Hebron; New markers for wall path near Hebron; Two arrested near Hebron; Five residents sentenced to high terms; Child injured by mine near Jerusalem 22/5/2005
Hebron: 32 Israeli Peace activists arrestedAli Waked and Efrat Weiss -Left-wing Peace activists come to the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida to express solidarity with Palestinians who are being harassed by settlers; say settlers threw objects at them 22/5/2005
The Threat of SolidarityMaia Carter Hallward - On a solidarity visit of Israelis and internationals to Palestinian families in Tel Rumeida. "Later, we were shocked to learn this is the only entrance the family... Their main staircase to the street their house faces is blocked by the new settlement building and piles of rubbish thrown by the settlers." 23/5/2005
32 Israeli Peace Activists Arrested While Attempting to Visit Besieged Palestinian Families in HebronCPT - Hebron - Ten Israeli Activists Hid in Palestinian Homes and Alleyways and Were Able to enter Tel Rumeida with the Assistance of Palestinian Bystanders; One Tel Rumeida Palestinian Detained While Protecting his Children from Settler Violence. 22/5/2005
Jayous Report - May 2005Angela Godfrey - ICAHD - A detailed account of the of the practical closure of Jayous and the isloation of its agricultural lands by the Wall. The attempts by its supporters to open the gates which lead to the agricultural lands of the besieged Palestinain Village. 22/5/2005
Closure, confiscation, connivance and cupidity Part 2Jerry Levin - CPT - "From The Inside Looking Out": Report 51. Excellent report on Occupation in Hebron.23/5/2005
Chronicle of a predetermined death: About the killing of two children in Beit Liqya Wedensday 4.5.05Iyad Haddad - Btselem; Shai Carmeli Pollak - film maker about Beit Likia; Daphne Banai and Tami Pollak - Machsom Watch - Jamal Jaber Ibrahim Assi- 15 years old, and Udai Mufid Mahmud Assi- 14 years old were murderd. 21/5/2005
Ayalon prison ; “a living hell`Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & WAFA - A freed detainee from Tubas area in the West Bank described the situation in al-Ramleh detention, Ayalon branch, as a “living hell”, as a result of the repeated attacks against the detainees and harsh living conditions. 19/5/2005
Sanaqra: “Army never stopped targeting us” Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Resistance fighters in Nablus and Balata refugee camp said that Israeli soldiers did not stop their attempts to arrest or assassinate them since day one of cease fire. 21/5/2005
Family of wounded detainee appeals to know his fate Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Family of detainee Samer Nidal Issa, 20, appealed humanitarian organizations to aid them in locating their son who was injured and arrested by the Israel army 21/5/2005
Palestinians elect new local leaders: six Salfit villages elect 13 womenHanna - International Women`s Peace Service (IWPS) - a report on the recent local elections in Palestine21/5/2005
News flashes from the occupied Territories: 20.5.2005 - 21.5.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Abu Holy, al-Matahin checkpoints closed; Army shells Khan Younis; Five residents sentenced to high terms; Resident arrested near Bethlehem; Two arrested near Hebron; 21/5/2005
Call for the release of two peaceful demonstrators!Amnesty International calls for the immediate release of peaceful protestors at Bil`in - Riyad Muhammad Yassin Barnat, a 28-year-old and ‘Alian Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Rahmeh, a 29-year-old , have been detained by the Israeli army following a peaceful demonstration in their West Bank village of Bil’in on 28 April 2005. 21/5/2005
This is how Jamal and Uday Assi – the children from Beit Liqya – were murderedRibah Halabi - Mahsom - Jamal and Uday Assi were murdered in cold blood by an IDF force that was lying in wait for them.21/5/2005
Friday demonstration in Bil`in: Resident injured , dozens suffer gas inhalation Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - One person ijured by a rubber-coated bullet fired by the army, dozens suffocated from gas inhalation 20/5/2005
A Film in Search of a Cliche`Paul de Rooij - Counterpunch - A review of Saverio Constanzo`s film about Gaza, "Private".20/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories : 19.5.2005 - 20.5.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Three injured in Balata; Settlers uproot farmlands near Bethlehem; Resistance fighter killed in the Gaza Strip; Three arrested in Saida; Army invades Nablus (yesterday 19.5.); Hebron resident arrested in Bethlehem; 20/5/2005
Army to resume assassinations IMEMC & Agencies - An Israeli security source reported that the army will resume its assassination policy against Palestinian resistance fighters. 17/5/2005
Israeli Army: stolen ammunition in Yitzhar might be used to terrorize Palestinians IMEMC & Agencies - Ammunition and night-vision equipment disappeared from the army post at the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar on several occasions, senior army official told Israeli newspaper Haaretz this week.20/5/2005
Settlers attack and wound four residents in Hebron Saed Bannoura - IMEMC&Agencies - Several incidents of settlers attacking and injuring Palestinian residents in the past 24 hours in Tel Rumeida 19/5/2005
Abdalla Zaqut - an ObituaryEitan Bronstein - Zochrot - We mourn the passing of our dear friend Abdalla Zaqut. 19/5/2005
News flashes from the Occupied Territories - 18.5.2005 - 19.5.2005IMEMC&Angencies - More roadblocks and arrests: Army blocks traffic on Salah ed-Deen Road; Roadblock installed south of Bethlehem; Two arrested near Beit Sahour; Resident arrested near Tulkarem19/5/2005
Al-Haq: Israel`s land swap with Palestinians is illegalAl-Haq - Electronic Intifada - "Al-Haq is gravely concerned by recent reports that Palestinians whose land has been seized for the construction of the Annexation Wall will be offered alternative land in the West Bank."18/5/2005
Despite poverty, many Palestinians want Israeli buildings demolishedSoraya Sarhaddi Nelson - Knight Ridder Newspapers - "Mustafa Abdeen`s blood boils when he sees bulldozers tearing down a house. The 35-year-old unemployed construction worker, who lives in a Palestinian refugee camp on the Gaza-Egyptian border, has watched the Israeli military level his homes twice...But as sick as he is of demolitions, Abdeen hopes Israeli soldiers will raze one more group of buildings before they withdraw from the Gaza Strip in mid-August: the 21 Jewish settlements and military bases they`re leaving behind." 18/5/2005
"Not prepared to concede one metre": Apartheid in the GalileeJonathan Cook - The Electronic Intifada - More about the never ending saga of Ali Zbeidat and his family, Palestinian citizens of Israel whose home in the Galilee is threatened with demolition by a Jewish regional council called Misgav. 17/5/2005
News flashes from the Occupied Territories - 17.5.2005 - 18.5.2005IMEMC&Agencies - Clashes near Hebron, four injured; Soldiers, settlers close entrance of Nablus village 18/5/2005
The Unbearable Endless Suffering of the Palestinian Passengers on the Border Crossing with JordanHanan Aruri - Reporting live from Palestine - The freedom of movement and circulation of the Palestinians citizens is highly restricted. This endless and unbearable suffering of every single Palestinian citizen is building up, causing a great deal of bitterness and frustration, until one day, no one can tell when, how and where it will express itself again .... 18/5/2005
While You Were Gone: Closure, Confiscation, Connivance and CupidityJerry Levin - CPT - an excellent eyewitness report on what one can see today in the Bethlehem area20/5/2005
PA court cancels local election results in Rafah IMEMC & Agenies 18/5/2005
Israeli Army to resume assassinations IMEMC&Agencies - An Israeli security source reported that the army will resume its assassination policy against Palestinian resistance fighters.Israel claimed that the decision was made after receiving several warnings that resistance groups are planning to carry bombings in Israel. 17/5/2005
Palestinian police fight each other in GazaReuters - Gaza - GAZA, May 16 (Reuters) - Palestinian police engaged in a brief gun battle with each other in the Gaza Strip on Monday in a flare-up that highlighted problems in the force after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas`s recent security reshuffle. 16/5/2005
90th International Peace Activist To Be Deported By IsraelISM special relay - The Israeli Ministry of Interior has issued another deportation order against an international peace activist. 17/5/2005
Daily News from the occupied territories: arrested,arrested, arrested...IMEMC staff and agencies -Child injured in Khan Younis; B’lehem police uncovers, safely detonates explosives left by army; Settlers erect a tent on villagers` land near Nablus; Two arrested east of Nablus; Three arrested near Nablus; Girl arrested in Hebron, allegedly attempted to stab a soldier; Woman arrested in Hebron; Resident arrested in Hebron 15/5/2005
Daily News from the occupied territories: arrested,arrested, arrested...IMEMC staff and agencies -Child injured in Khan Younis; B’lehem police uncovers, safely detonates explosives left by army; Settlers erect a tent on villagers` land near Nablus; Two arrested east of Nablus; Three arrested near Nablus; Girl arrested in Hebron, allegedly attempted to stab a soldier; Woman arrested in Hebron; Resident arrested in Hebron 15/5/2005
Most Palestinians back Israel`s Gaza pullout-pollJMCC Poll - Reuters - A majority of Palestinians believe Israel`s planned pullout from the Gaza Strip can help Middle East peace efforts, a Palestinian opinion poll showed on Friday. 15/5/2005
Abbas: refugee redress key to peace after land lossMohammed Assadi - Reuters - Sirens wailed on Sunday to mark Palestinians` "Nakba" (catastrophe) of 1948 and President Mahmoud Abbas said there could be no peace without redress for refugees uprooted by Israel`s creation. 15/5/2005
Israel eyes easing "anti-Arab" citizen lawDan Williams - Reuters - JERUSALEM, May 15 (Reuters) - Israel`s cabinet approved new legislation on Sunday allowing some Palestinians married to Israelis to seek citizenship in the Jewish state, loosening a 2003 blanket ban that had been widely decried as anti-Arab. 15/5/2005
Israel troops kill Palestinian trying to stab soldierReuters - TULKARM, West Bank, May 16 - Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian who tried to stab a soldier at an army checkpoint near the West Bank town of Tulkarm on Monday, military officials said. 16/5/2005
Call for Action: Palestinian Families from Tel Rumedia, Hebron Welcome Israelis for an Urgent Solidarity Visit CPT Hebron - Palestinian families near the Tel Rumeida settlement in Hebron are in a crisis situation. CPT offers opportunities to visit besieged Palestinian families. Contacts: Luna Villota: 054-557-3154, Office Tel: 02-222-8485 17/5/2005
Let us raise our voices "open the gate and let the farmers go to their land".ISM News Relay- Urgent Appeal from Jayyous written by Abdul-Latif - The farmers of the palestinian village of Jyypus cannot access their lands and all their crops are in danger of destruction 16/5/2005
Update on situation of Palestinian Women Political PrisonersWomen`s Organization for Political Prisoners - May Newsletter - All the women Palestinian political prisoners are now held in Hasharon prison (Telmond), after the prison authorities have moved the last group of women from Neve Tirza to Hasharon prison, except Tali Fahima.. In many cells in Telmond the windows are covered 24 hours a day, and there is no light and no fresh air. In Hasharon Prison there are 115 women, among them six administrative detainees and 16 minor girls. There are about five women in various detention centers. 14/5/2005
Update on Imprisoned Objectors in Israel Sergeiy Sandler and Dror Mizrachi - New Profile - Three of the objectors on whose cases we have reported in the past - Wissam Qablan, Alex Kohn and Misha Hadar - have been imprisoned again this week. Two other objectors - Eyal Brami and ***** - are at home at present, and will probably be imprisoned again once they return to where they were ordered to report, possibly already within a few days. We will update you if and when this happens. Another objector, refusing to perform reserves service in the Occupied Territories, is held in Military Prison No. 6. - Suggested actions 13/5/2005
Hebron Palestinian families in crisis: settlers escalate violence in Tel RumedaCPT - Hebron - Palestinian families in Hebron who live near the Tel Rumeida settlement are in a crisis situation. Tel Rumeida settlers have escalated their violence and harassment of Palestinians over the last two months, as a proposed new settler road (in violation of the Road Map and Hebron Protocols), will further encircle Palestinian homes and expand the settlement. 13/5/2005
Deir Al Ghasoon-Another Village under Threat Flo - International Solidarity - Movement - "Of the several hundred farming families in Deir Al Ghasoon, only 50 have been granted permission to pass through the gate in the Wall, leaving the rest to slowly wither financially like their lost crops on the other side."12/5/2005
Urgent Action: Jaber Dalany`s condition worsening again!ISM mailing - "After 20 days, Jaber Dalany, the Palestinian with meningitis who was arrested at Huwara chekpoint on his way home from the hospital on April 21, is still being held with no charges"12/5/2005
News flashes from the Occupied TerritoriesIMEMC and agencies - The Occupation never rests, even on the Israeli Independence Day - Kibush Editor`s comment - (1) Army to annex 1000 Dunams near Bethlehem, (2) Dozens held, attacked near Qalqilia, (3) Army shells Khan Younis (4) 800 detainees arrested since February 12/5/2005
Israeli peace activists commemorate killed Palestinian children IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli peace activists displayed dozens of posters of Palestinian children killed by the army during the past four years around Tel Aviv on Wednesday. 12/5/2005
A week of awareness of Palestinan displacement and evictiin and refugees` right of returnElectronic Intifada - On 15 May, Palestinians commemorate their forced displacement and dispossession resulting from the establishment of the state of Israel. Commemorations of this year`s 57th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) aim to draw attention to the need to halt Israel`s ongoing expropriation of Palestinian land and the necessity to recognize and implement Palestinian refugees` right to return to their homes and properties in accordance with international law and UN General Assembly Resolution 194. 12/5/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinuan Mission to the USA: Reporting from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Al-Quds 12/5/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA - Reporting from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Al -Hayyat Al-Jadida 13/5/2005
A detailed public opinion poll conducted by JMCC JMCC - Summary of latest opinion Poll on Palestinian political issues15/5/2005
Army shot dead a Palestinian near RafahIMEMC & Agencies - "Local sources said that Barhoum, a Hamas activist, was guarding the edge of the Rafah refugee camp. "18/5/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 17.5.2005Palestinian Mission to the USA - Presenting headlines from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida 17/5/2005
Tufakji warns of an Israeli scheme to seize Qalandia Airport in fullAl-Quds - The Israeli authorities are preparing to start expanding the apartheid wall around Maale Adumim, the largest settlement in the West Bank, at the end of this month and building this sector of the wall will practically expand the borders of Jerusalem and isolate its Palestinian citizens and threatens the Palestinian aspirations to make the city of Jerusalem the capital of the Palestinian state. 18/5/2005
A Day in the Life of A Palestinian StudentIlan Pappe - ALEF list - This morning a group of Palestinian and Jewish students demonstrated outside the hall of the conference in the university of Haifa titled `The demographic problem and the Demographic policy of Israel` – the euphemism used for talking about the Arab Demographic threat and the need to encounter it; by transfer even, if need be.17/5/2005
Palestinians arrested by Israeli soldiers disguised as melon vendorsAgence France Presse - An Israeli special forces unit disguised as melon vendors arrested four Palestinians in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on Tuesday, Israeli and Palestinian security sources said. 17/5/2005
Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Balata And Askar Refugee Camps - 17.5.2005Jordan News Agency - Israeli occupation forces stormed on Tuesday Balata and Asker refugee camps in the West Bank city of Nablus. 17/5/2005
Extremists arrested for plotting Al Aqsa attackThe Jordan Times - Israeli security services revealed Monday they had arrested nine people suspected of plotting to attack the third holiest site in Islam as Jewish militants stepped-up their bid to wreck the Gaza Strip pullout. 17/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 16.5.2005 - 17.5.2005Yehudith Harel - Imemc and Agencies - Army invaded al-Askar refugee camp and people were arrested in Nablus, in Bethlehem, and near Tul-Karem and Ramallah; under cover units abducted resident in Bethlehem; flying checpoints erected on roads, people were detained and questioned; settlers bulldozed 30 dunam farm land in Kufr Qadum17/5/2005
Destroying settlers` homes to cost $45M IMEMC & Agencies - A report issued this week by Israeli defense ministry estimated the cost of destroying settlers` homes, including the cost of removing the rubble, at NIS 200 million.13/5/2005
Destroying settlers` homes to cost $45M IMEMC & Agencies - 13/5/2005
Breaking News: Police: Temple Mount attack thwartedEfrat Weiss - Ynetnews - Nine far-right activists suspected of plotting to attack holy Jerusalem site with missile, ‘explosive model airplane;’ suspects’ attorney says Shin Bet undercover agent attempted to persuade suspects to purchase missile 16/5/2005
News flashes from the Occupied Territories: more arrests, rockets and all the restIMEMC and agencies - Three children, one resident, arrested near Hebron,Dozens of homes were searched, damage reported; Resident arrested south of Ramallah; Palestinian arrested near Bethlehem; Army opens Gaza industrial zone in Erez (Gaza); Four Israelis hurt in Gaza rocket attack 16/5/2005
Thousands commemorate NakbahOmar Karmi - The Jordan Times - Sirens rang, thousands took to the streets and traffic came to a standstill at midday yesterday as Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip commemorated the 57th anniversary of the Nakbah, the creation of the state of Israel and the displacement of some 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands in 1948. 16/5/2005
Palestinians mark day of catastropheKhaled Amayreh - Aljazeera net - Palestinians have observed the blackest day in their history with warnings that there will be no Middle East peace until they get independence and the plight of their refugees is solved. 16/5/2005
Palestinian killed in TulkaremBahrain News Agency - Eyewitnesses denied Israeli radio claims that an Israeli soldier shot the young man after being threatened with a knife and asserted that the victim was shot for no reason. 16/5/2005
`Drive, drive, drive to Nablus`Anna - ISM - villagers remove two roadblocks near Nablus, with help of ISM volunteers and Israeli activists. 15/5/2005
Palestinian municipal elections: an overviewBex Tyrer - Alternative Information Center - "for the future of Palestinian democracy the challenge is to translate this voice from the municipal councils to the PA’s ministerial cabinet." 15/5/2005
57th Memorial day for the NakbaZochrot - The 8th March of Return to the destroyed villages of Hushe & AlKasayer11/5/2005
HEBRON: Israeli settlers escalate violence against Palestinians at Tel RumedaCPTnet - Palestinian families in Hebron who live near the Tel Rumeida settlement are in a crisis situation. Settler attacks against these families include harassment and stoning of Palestinian children on their way to school, blocking access to Qurtuba girl`s school, stoning and vandalism of homes as well as other types of assault. 11/5/2005
Hebron Urgent Call for Action: Oppose proposed settler road to Tel RumeidaCPT Hebron - An Israeli military order threatens to confiscate more Palestinian land,further restrict Palestinian families` lives, and pave a road through a Muslim cemetery to Tel Rumeida, the oldest part of the city of Hebron. The small Israeli settlement in Tel Rumeida consists of a few houses, close to Palestinian neighbors who suffer constant harassment from Israeli settlers and soldiers. 11/5/2005
After Israel shuts down East Jerusalem voter registration, Palestinian Leadership rallies to “Let Our People Vote"Palestinian Negotiations Affairs Department11/5/2005
There we sat in jailGabe - ISM - "The action consisted of six Palestinians, three Israelis, and four internationals, including myself, chaining themselves to olive trees that were to be destroyed that very day to make way for the Israeli annexation wall. "11/5/2005
Hebron Palestinian families in crisis: settlers escalate violenceChristian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) - " Tel Rumeida settlers have escalated their violence and harassment of Palestinians over the last two months, as a proposed new settler road (in violation of the Road Map and Hebron Protocols), will further encircle Palestinian homes and expand the settlement." Call for action: "Oppose proposed settlerroad in Tel Rumeida area"11/5/2005
B`Tselem testimony: Settler children in Hebron stone a Palestinian womanFrom the May 9 B`Tselem mailing11/5/2005
B`Tselem testimony: Soldiers beat 88-year old Palestinian in his olive grove From the May 9 B`Tselem mailing; and a background on beatings & abuse Palestinians by Israeli security forces11/5/2005
Daily news from the occupied territoriesIMEMC - (1) Ghassan Andoni & Agencies - "The entire Palestinian territories placed under closure until Saturday night" (2) Abbas questions Israel`s belief in democracy - Ghassan Andoni & Agencies (3) George Rishmawi - "PA security Absorbed 200 fighters from Jericho and Tulkarem" (4)George Rishmawi - "Police close Palestinian voter registration office in Jerusalem" 11/5/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA reports from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, Al-Quds 10/5/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press Palestinian Mission to the USA reports from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat al-Jadida11/5/2005
Sharon Ends Prisoner Release, Tells Abbas to Curb Militants;Ken Ellingwood - Los Angeles Times - Amid the growing political clout of armed groups, Palestinian officials say Israel is reneging on promises it made at a summit. 9/5/2005
Palestinians doubt Israeli intention to leave Gaza (AFP)Agence France Presse - RAMALLAH, West Bank - Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qoreisaid on Tuesday he doubted Israel`s intention to leave Gaza after Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said the pullout should be halted if Hamas wins legislative elections. 10/5/2005
57th Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba BADIL - A Week of Awareness of Palestinian Displacement and Eviction and Refugees` Right of Return 10/5/2005
Al-Aqsa brigades exchange fire with Palestinian police in Jenin IMEMC and Agencies - An exchange of fire erupted in the northern West Bank city of Jenin between fighters from the al-Aqsa brigades (a Palestinian armed resistance group) and the Palestinian Police following a dispute between Palestinian policemen and Mohammad Abu Oraj, the leader of the brigades in the city of Jenin. 10/5/2005
News Flashes: another day under occupationIMEMC Staff - Army to remove dirt barrier near Nablus; Army to annex 14 Dunams near Salfit; Farmers and soldiers clash near Hebron; Al-Aqsa brigades exchange fire with Palestinian police in Jenin 10/5/2005
Police to investigate Channel 10 cameraman’s shooting George Rishmawi-IMEMC and Agencies - Israeli Military Police investigators have been instructed to look into the circumstances surrounding the shooting of a Palestinian cameraman in the Gaza Strip in January10/5/2005
Attacks by Settlers against Palestinian Civilian and Property PCHR report - Israeli settlers living in the OPT in violation of international humanitarian law have launched a series of attacks against Palestinian civilians and property. IOF have continued to confiscate areas of Palestinian land for settlement activities. 5/5/2005
Arrests and Attacks on Palestinian Civilians While Crossing Military Checkpoints PCHR report - IOF continued arresting Palestiniam civilians 5/5/2005
Continued Siege on the OPT PCHR report - IOF have continued to impose a tightened siege on the OPT and imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including Jerusalem. 5/5/2005
Video testimonies: One big prisonVideo B`Tselem - Video Testimonies of Nahed a-Za`anin, Faiz Abu `Aker, Jamal Nasser, Muhammad Abu Hashish10/5/2005
Health in Palestine: Access is the key 8/5/2005
Dahlan: “Detainees are the core of the Palestinian cause”Saed Bannourah - Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Mohammad Dahlan said that the case of the detainees in Israeli prisons is the core in any negotiations with the Israeli side. 7/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied TerritoriesIMEMC - Seven arrested near Jenin; 12 detainees deported to Jordan; Eight detainees receive administrative detention orders; Students, soldiers clash in Hebron; Resident arrested near Bethlehem 9/5/2005
Israel freezes prisoner release IMEMC - Israeli Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni officially announced on Sunday that Israel will not proceed with the release of 400 Palestinian detainees held in Israeli prisons. 9/5/2005
Army plans to hold some far-rightists in detention ahead of disengagement George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli Army is planning to hold some far right-wing Israeli settlers under preventive arrest ahead of the intended evacuation of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip, Israeli media sources reported on Monday. 9/5/2005
Arrest of far-Rightist is based on his terror intentions George Rishmawi - IMEMC and Agencies - Israeli Minister of Internal security Gideon Ezra stated on Monday that the arrest of the far-right-wing activist Neria Ofen was based on his intentions to carry out terrorist attacks, not because of his opposition to the disengagement plan, Israeli sources said. 10/5/2005
Dozens injured, one seriously in Jerusalem IMEMC - Monday before noon, dozens of residents were injured in the old city of Jerusalem, one seriously, after the army attacked hundreds of residents who gathered in the area. 9/5/2005
Go Figure Why You Are Alive Tal Belo - Courage to Refuse - That night, I was a bit drunk. We sat around drinking in honor of Daniel who came all the way from France and made aliyah so he could faithfully serve the country, the army and Tali the female military social worker.9/5/2005
Army invades the mourning village of Beit LikiaOfra Katz - MachsomWatch9/5/2005
Killing of children, moral bankruptcy". Arrests during Tel Aviv rally Adam Keller - Gush Shalom - Spontaneous protest rally in Tel Aviv against the killing of two Palestinian youth in Beit Liqiyya.5/5/2005
Palestinians protest `honour` killingsAFP/Al-Jazeera - recent "honour" killings have raised the issue of security for Palestinian women in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.8/5/2005
Palestinian poll shows Hamas strengthKhalid Amayre - al-Jazeera - Abu-Mazen`s Fatah party won most of the seats in the recent local elections, but Hamas made a strong showing. 8/5/2005
The Palestinian predicament: Father dies without seing his sons who are imprisoned or exiledIMEMC - After 38 years of patience and pain, Mohammad Ahmad Fayyad from Jenin refugee camp left this world without seeing his sons, until he uttered his last breath, Fayyad kept asking about his sons, imprisoned in Israeli detentions or living in exile. - 8/5/2005
Palestinian Elections: Hamas won the 15 seats in Qalqyliah ; Fatah took the lead in local elections in Hebron area According to the preliminary Results of the Thursday` local election: Hamas won the 15 seat with a major lead over all other factions in the northern West Bank city of Qalayliah; Fatah won 61 seats out of the 116 seats in 10 local councils in the Hebron area, Hamas won 40, independent candidates won 10, Islamic Jihad, PFLP and people Party each won one seat. 6/5/2005
Islamic Jihad executes an alleged CollaboratorIMEMC and Agencies - Islamic Jihad operatives kidnapped and then executed over the weekend a Palestinian who was suspected of collaborating with Israeli security forces, claiming helped in tracking down the movement`s armed cell in Tul Karim area. 8/5/2005
Palestinian Elections: Fatah local leaders to resign following election` defeatIMEMC staff - Fatah-affiliated prisoners from the West bank city of Qalqylia called Fatah`s city committee to resign over poor show up in local elections in which Hamas won the 15 council seats. 8/5/2005
6 arrested in a Tel Aviv rally against the killing of 2 Palestinian teensIMEMC Staff - Hundreds of Israeli left-wing protesters demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening against the killing Wednesday of two Palestinian youths in the West Bank by Israeli soldiers. 6/5/2005
Disengagement support declines in Israel IMEMC - A public poll released by the Israeli newspaper Maariv revealed that support of disengagement among the Israelis has sharply dropped to 54% after it arrived to 61% over the last few weeks.7/5/2005
Ban on family reunification extended Ghassan Andoni and Agencies - The Israeli ministerial committee for legislation is set to approve Sunday proposed changes in the Citizenship Law that would allow mixed Israeli-Palestinian couples to acquire Israeli citizenship for the Palestinian partner. 8/5/2005
Video portraying Security forces` agression against the peaceceful demonstrators in Bil`in, 28.4.2005 Imad Brand, Shai Polak, Yoni Polak - Special - undercover - forces and regular army brutally attack Palestinian and Israeli non-violent activists, shooting tear gas and ammunition at unarmed people6/5/2005
Palestinian Politics: PLO delegates more power to Abbas IMEMC and Agencies - In a move to strip PLO foreign minister Farouq Qadoumi of authority over PLO representatives in foreign countries, the PLO executive committee decided Friday to delegate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas all the authorities the President of Palestine is entitled to. 8/5/2005
Palestinian Elections: Hamas, Fatah despute election results ; 8 wounded in Hamas-Fatah election clashes in Rafah George Rishmawi and Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - As the second stage of local elections concluded, dispute between Hamas and Fatah is rising over who won more of the different councils; Eight people were wounded Friday night in the southern Gaza strip city of Rafah in clashes between supporters of Fatah and Hamas over claimed irregularities in the second stage of local elections, which took place on Thursday 7/5/2005
ACRI: Wall clear violation of int`l law Ghassan Andoni and Agencies - The route of the West Bank separation wall is a clear violation of international law and must be moved to inside Israel, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel said Thursday. 8/5/2005
From Hanna`s journalHannah - ISM Volunteer - As I`m getting ready to send this, I`m reading that two more Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli army (at a demonstration against the Wall in the Ramallah village of Beit Liqya). I wonder how much longer this one-sided cease fire can last... 5/5/2005
International Activists Set Free After Tree ChainingISM News Relay - Six International peace activists arrested in the West Bank Village of Bil`in for chaining themselves to imperiled olive that were uprooted to make way for The Annexation Wall, were set free today.(5.5.2005) 5/5/2005
Hamas claims victory in main towns after municipal pollsAgence France Presse - A Hamas leader on Friday proclaimed victory for his Islamist fundamentalist group in the main towns where Palestinian municipal polls were held and said the group would respect the election results6/5/2005
Israeli soldier convicted in shooting of unarmed PalestinianAssociated Press - An Israeli military court has convicted an army sergeant of shooting an unarmed Palestinian in the Gaza Strip in late 2003, the army said Friday. 6/5/2005
Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Weekly Report: 28 April - 4 May 20056/5/2005
Hebron: Settler riots stop diplomatic tour; Army declares tour area closedDianne Roe - CPTnet - Thursday morning, 6 May, while preparing to join a diplomatic tour of Tel Rumeida, organized by Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC),* members of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) learned of intense Israeli settler activity near Qurtuba School at the base of Tel Rumeida. 7/5/2005
PA: US Aid Restriction is a `Slap in the FaceIMEMC and Agencies - Palestinian officials are calling restrictions placed on the spending of $200 million aid , approved by the US House of Representatives on Thursday, a `huge slap in the face,`. 8/5/2005
Army receives orders to prepare for Gaza invasion Saed Bannoura, IMEMC&Agecnies 6/5/2005
Killing of children, moral bankruptcyGush-Shalom on the protest demonstration yesterday. "Maybe, the shooting down of two unarmed Palestinian boys at the village of Beit Likia last night was also part of "Jews defending themselves"?" Arrests during Tel Aviv rally. 6/5/2005
Homemade shells fired at Sderot, Salah ed-Deen brigades claims responsibilityIMEMC - "Salah Ed-deen brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees declared responsibility for firing two homemade shells at Sderot."6/5/2005
Child shot because he refused to collaborate with soldiers IMEMC - "Soldiers fired at and seriously wounded wednesday child Ahmad Salah 14, from Al-Kahder village near the west bank city of Bethlehem, because he refused to collaborate and lead soldiers to the homes of stone throwers."6/5/2005
Seeking democracy under occupation IMEMC - "Preliminary unofficial results indicates that the ruling Palestinian Fatah movement has won around 60% of municipal council at 84 Palestinian localities, Hamas won around 30% and 20% were shared between leftist groups, with the popular front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) taking a lead, and independent candidates."6/5/2005
How to turn the world upside downCorinna Hasofferett - Hagada Hasmalit - on the robbery of Palestinian olive trees6/5/2005
The other hand of SarahB. Michael - Yedioth Ahronot - on how the Jerusalem municipality robbed the Palestinian poor during the Passover week6/5/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestiniam Mision to the USA - Presenting headlines from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida5/5/2005
Palestinian Prisoners: Bad conditions in the Negev detention; Female detainees allowed conducting Tawjihi exam Saed Bannoura - IMEMC and Agecnies - Detainees in Ansar 3 detention in the Negev desert complained of bad health conditions, delays in visitations and rapidly increasing number of mice and snakes as summer approaches rising the temperature in the desert climate. 5/5/2005
Detainee dies in al-Ramleh detention hospital Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Abdul-Fatah Yousef Raddad, 22, from the village of Saida, north of Tulkarem, died in al-Ramleh detention hospital, north of Tel Aviv. 5/5/2005
Israeli college offers lodging in illegal outpostsAgence France Presse - JERUSALEM - An Israeli college deep in the occupied West Bank settlement of Ariel set to become the first university at a Jewish settlement, is offering its students accommodation at two unauthorised settlement outposts. The international community considers all Jewish settlements in the occupied territories illegal 5/5/2005
Abbas`s Fatah Party, Hamas Face Off in Town VoteNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - GAZA - Palestinians voted on Thursday in municipal elections with the corruption-tinged Fatah movement of President Mahmoud Abbas facing a stiff challenge from the ascendant Islamic militant faction Hamas. 5/5/2005
Israel inquiry over teen deathsBBC News Online - An Israeli army commander has been suspended after the fatal shooting of two Palestinian teenagers during a protest against the West Bank barrier. 5/5/2005
Two children martyred in Beit Liqya Stop The Wall - The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign today mourns the deaths of two martyred children from Beit Liqya, murdered by the Occupation as they protested against the Apartheid Wall. The village has pledged it will continue their resistance until the Wall is brought down. 5/5/2005
Israel freezes handover, PA won’t disarm resistance Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Wednesday that he is freezing the handover of West Bank towns to Palestinian security control because the Palestinian Authority failed to disarm militants.5/5/2005
School Children Murdered by Israeli Military at Anti-Wall ProtestISM News relay - School children murdered by Israeli Military at Anti-Wall protest. Two cousins, 14 and 15 years old, were shot dead today by Israeli soldiers who opened fire on a demonstration against the Apartheid Wall in the village of Beit Liqya. 5/5/2005
Two children shot dead west of Ramallah Saed Bannoura -IMEMC and Agecnies - Wednesday at night, a Palestinian medical source in Ramallah reported that Israeli soldiers shot and killed two children near the village of Beit Liqya, west of the northern West Bank city of Ramallah. 5/5/2005
Palestinian local elections to test strength of HamasNajib Farraj - Agence France Presse - BETHLEHEM, West Bank May 4-- Palestinians head to the polls in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday in the final test of the strength between the dominant Fatah faction and Hamas before they face off in legislative elections. 4/5/2005
Abbas: Israel wants Palestinian blood to be spilledAssociated Press - Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel on Tuesday of wanting Palestinian blood to be spilled, according to the Palestinian government news agency, WAFA. 4/5/2005
Three Palestinians wounded in beatings by Israeli forces in Nablus BBC Monitoring service - According to Radio Palestine - A force of Israeli occupation soldiers advanced into Dura City in the Hebron Governorate this morning, setting up several roadblocks where several citizens were held. 4/5/2005
Palestinians cry out for justice in face of settler violence (*)Agence France Presse - BEIT DAJAN, West Bank - With blood pouring down his face, 70-year-old Aziz Hneini staggered down the steep hillside in search of help, his limbs aching after a brutal beating by a gang of young Jewish settlers. 4/5/2005
Israel soldier sentenced for killing Palestinian childQatar News Agency - An Israeli military court sentenced an Israeli military officer from the artillery unit to a four month disciplinary works after he was found guilty of killing a thirteen year old Palestinian child at a check point in the occupied West Bank. 4/5/2005
Prisoner in shock due to torture Saed Bannoura - IMEMC and Agecnies - Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Hasan al-Sheikh, reported that detainee Mohammad Ali Rashaida, lost his ability to speak after being tortured and punched on his head and ears. 4/5/2005
Israeli activists tie themselves to Olive trees Saed Bannoura - IMEMC and Agecnies - 4/5/2005
Here and there: One day in the Occupied TerritoriesNews Flashes - IMEMC - * Army invades Atteel, east of Tulkarem * Paratroopers dropped east of Tubas * Checkpoint closed east of Tubas 4/5/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA - Presents Al-Quds, Al-Ayyam, AlHayyat Al-Jadida4/5/2005
A dangerous fantasyMoran Zelikovich -YnetNews - Students, academicians demonstrate at College of Judea and Samaria in West Bank to protest government decision to upgrade school to university status. "How dare they establish a university in occupied territory?" one protester says 4/5/2005
Army uses a new weapon in Belein IMEMC & Agencies - A medical source in Ramallah reported that Israeli soldiers used a new weapon against anti-wall protesters in the village of Belein, west of Ramallah.3/5/2005
Israeli soldier court marshaled for hitting, injuring Palestinian detainee Efrat Weiss - YnetNews - An elite [sic] paratrooper commando was sentenced to 28 days in jail after hitting a Palestinian detainee and causing him injuries that required medical attention. 1/5/2005
Tul Karem: Israeli soldiers raid Dhanaba and arrest a youth on pretext of planning an attackAl-Ayyam - Muhammad Jamal Ibrahim Ghanem was arrested on 1 May near Tul Karem. Israeli authorities allege he was planning an attack.2/5/2005
Excerpts from daily news by the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC)IMEMC and Agencies - 10 wounded in anti-wall protest near Ramallah; PA won`t tolerate display of arms; PA bulldozers raze 3 illegally built homes; Sunday at dawn, Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Tammoun, south of Tubas in the West Bank; homemade shell fired at a settlement in the Gaza Strip 2/5/2005
Palestinian, soldier killed in a clash near Tul KaremIMEMC & Agencies - "Army source said Monday that an Israeli soldier was killed during clashes with a Palestinian gunman on Monday morning. Israeli troops shoot dead Shafiq Abdul Ghani 35, in the village of Sida near the West Bank city of Tul Karim on Monday early morning hours." 2/5/2005
Palestinian workers under `moral terror`Sami Abu Salem - WAFA/Electronic Intifada - a Palestinian refugee in Gaza tells of efforts by the Israeli authorities to recruit him as a collaborator, and the price he has paid for refusing.2/5/2005
Changed positionShosh Mula - Yediot Ahronot - Palestinian prisoners allege that a court ruling against torture by the Israeli General Security Service (Shabak, or Shin Bet), simply led to new forms of torture1/5/2005
Checkpoint of no return Kasper - ISM Volunteer - Everyday life in the occupied territories is as always a continuous chaos of military interference. In a time of empty talk of peace and celebrating Ariel Sharon as a man of peace moderate politics, because of extremists` protest against evacuation from Gaza, the situation on the ground in Palestine sees remarkably little change. 1/5/2005
Al-Aqaba, another Village under AttackFlo - ISM Volunteer - Al Aqaba also has a case of their own in the Israeli court system, fighting to stop the 2 military bases in the area. Since the 1970`s, the Israeli military has used the land around Al Aqaba as a training ground, having told the residents it is due to the similar landscape of southern Lebanon.1/5/2005
Update on Jaber, detainee with meningitis ISM News relay - On Friday April 29 Ha`emek hospital released Jaber, returning him to Salem Detention camp. He had been taken to Ha`emek hospital last week after his medical situation had deteriorated.1/5/2005
On the brinkGhazi Hamad - Palestine Report - `Recent days have seen an unprecedented level of tension between Fateh and Hamas.. The tension got so bad that mediating parties have tried to put an end to the conflict between the two movements, and an Egyptian delegation arrived on May 23 to "discuss the latest developments".`26/5/2005
Closure, confiscation, connivance and cupidity Part 3Jerry Levin - CPT - From The Inside Looking Out: Report-52 - about a `laundered` presentation of the West Bank realities by the New York Times; and a snapshot of some of these realities. 26/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories: 23.5.2005 - 24.5.2005IMEMC & Agencies - Army blocks traffic near Tubas; Dozens detained near Jenin; Dozens detained near Nablus; 12 detainees receive harsh terms; Homemade shell fired at military post in Gaza; Youth arrested near Beit Hanoun 24/5/2005
Ch. 10: Soldiers used Palestinian teenager as a human shield The Associated Press - Israel Defense Forces soldiers used a Palestinian teenager as a shield against rock-throwers in the West Bank last week, Channel 10 reported yesterday. 24/5/2005
Palestinian lawmakers reject full proportional representation in Parliament Elections George Rishmawi-IMEMC - Wednesday, 18 May 2005 On Wednesday afternoon, the Palestinian Legislative Council rejected a proposal submitted by 25 percent of its members to conduct parliamentary elections totally by proportional representation, a senior Palestinian official told IMEMC. 19/5/2005
Open letter from Palestinian Civil Society in Support of AUT Academic Boycott Palestinian Popular Movements and Civil Society Re-Assert Call for Comprehensive Academic Boycott of Apartheid Israel 19/5/2005
Mortar shells hit Gaza settlementsHanan Greenberg and Ali Waked - YnetNews - Earlier, IDF drone fires missile at Hamas mortar crew; Gunbattle between terrorists and PA security personnel results in wounded Palestinian cop 18/5/2005
Here and there: One day in the Occupied TerritoriesNews Flashes - IMEMC - Youth arrested west of Ramallah; Army invades Sur Baher, near Jerusalem; Two arrested in Hebron; Three villages closed, east of Salfit; Three arrested east of Nablus; Village invaded near Bethlehem 3/5/2005
Hiding behind the olive tree- A personal account of the April 28th demonstration Alvin - ISM volunteer - The day in Bil`in had been exceptionally violent; thus it came as no surprise that I was hiding behind an olive tree along with another international, Alvin, and Achmad, a 12 year old Palestinian boy.4/5/2005
Press conference on the use of IDF Special-Ops unit as agent provocateursAIC (Alternative Information Center) - In response to the use of IDF Special-Ops unit as agent provocateurs in a non-violent demonstration in Bil`in - a press conference was held today in the AIC offices in Jerusalem. 4/5/2005
Tour of Historical Sites Threatened with Demolition in Hebron`s Old CityHebron Rehabilitation Committee - HRC would like to invite you to visit the site of Tel Rumaida, in the Old City of Hebron. This Historical site is under a risk of destruction by the Israeli Army. 4/5/2005
Medical Treatment Conditional upon Collaboration Shabtai Gold - Muhammad Radad, a 38 year old cardiac patient and father of five, discovered that the road to medical care passes by the Israeli GSS. (General Security Services - the so called "muchabarat")3/5/2005
Officers sentenced following boy`s death Hanan Greenberg - YnetNews - In July 2003, tragic accident occurred next to Samaria roadblock during which 3-year-old Palestinian boy was shot dead; two junior officers were indicted of neglecting their duties and sentenced to labor on Tuesday 3/5/2005
Today`s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 31.5.2005 Palestinian Mission to the USA presents: Al Hayyat AlJadida: Al-Husseini: The president has not yet decided and doeS not prefer to delay thE PLC elections; Abbas arrives to Tunis to meet Arab leaders; Al Quds: Hamas rules out holding the re-elections tomorrow; Al-Ayyam: Ireneos refuses to step dopwn, tries to salvage his falling throne - and more 31/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories: 25.5.2005 - 26.5.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - P.A security man arrested in Hebron; Paratroopers dropped near Tubas; Resident of Bethlehem arrested near Ramallah; Army invades Tammoun; Child injured in Khan; Younis; Al-Tuffah checkpoint closed; Three arrested south of Nablus; Army invades Nablus; 26/5/2005
Canada bans Kahane ChaiYnetnews - Canada`s parliament has banned the right-wing Kahane Chai organization and added it to the country`s list of terror organizations. "Canada News" reports three organizations banned, first such action under new Prime Minister Paul Martin 26/5/2005
A Day at El Jenia olive grovesNatanya Ginsburg - "As usual we, three female volunteers with the Rabbis for Human Rights, left a bit late ...The army must escort us all the way, since the road to El Jenia fields is a settlers only road. The entrance to El Jenia was closed with road blocks and they were moved in order to let the tractors pass. " 26/5/2005
Petition calling for Ethnic Cleansing of the PalestiniansAllegedly thousands signed this "Referendum for Israel" calling for ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians... [I think that people should know about these things - the Editor]26/5/2005
The Darkest Day of My LifeAhmad Dawas, a Palestinian student - "I consider this day to be the darkest in my life because it left me feeling helpless and filled me with great sadness. I hope this never happens to anyone of you. "26/5/2005
Visit to Silwan with Bat Shalom and Meir Margalit"If you are Palestinian, you can not build because the area is an archaeological site, but if you are Jewish, it is okay to build as much as you like.. Our final stop of the tour was an area down in the valley where between 59 and 88 houses are slated for demolition in order to create an archeological park called `Gan HaMalach` (Garden of the King). "26/5/2005
AT-TUWANI: Israeli military, police and settlers prevent Palestinians from grazing sheep and goatsKristin Anderson - CPTnet - On Thursday, 19 May 2005, Israeli soldiers, police and settlers prevented Palestinians from Jawiyya, a small village in the south Hebron Hills, from grazing their sheep and goats. 24/5/2005
Reaching the un-reached - immunization campaign in Hebron areaMonica Awad - “Our aim is to reach 1.2 million children with this campaign. Every child counts and this is why we came today to reach the un-reached children” said Dr. Iyad. 23/5/2005
Palestinians worried about truce,says Fatah leaderReuters - Damascus - Palestinian factions are concerned about the future of a fragile three-month-old ceasefire after Israeli "violations", a Fatah leader said on Sunday after meeting the exiled groups` leaders in Damascus. 22/5/2005
Human Barrels block annexations wall ISM News relay - At 6am yesterday morning 15.5.2005 Israeli forces that were securing the building of the annexation wall in the west bank village of Bil`in found five human barrels blocking the construction route. 16/5/2005
Palestinian Students Talk About Their Daily Lives Under OccupationI am Feras, a student at An Najah University, from Beit Kahel a village in Hebron city. Before I start writing I want to tell you how happy I am that I have found someone who will listen to me. I know that my English isn`t very good but I want to try to help you understand the situation that I live with. I have taken some of the thoughts that I will write about from my diary. I want to tell you about my family conditions and what we have faced over the past two years. (Written in 2002) 16/5/2005
The Power of Mind and Heart Ernie - ISM volunteer - I`ve been avoiding the Old City in Jerusalem lately in an attempt to remedy a case of serious overload during the recent Orthodox Holy Week (which one day I promise I will report on) after which if I heard one more church bell chime I thought I was going to completely lose my mind. 13/5/2005
Two roadblocks removed in Asira al ShamaliyaAnna - ISM Volunteer - Two roadblocks were removed Thursday by the Palestinian residents of Asira al Shamaliya village (four kilometres north west of Nablus), during a demonstration supported by about 40 ISM activists and Israeli Anarchists against the Wall. 13/5/2005
Arrests of Palestinian Civilians While Crossing Military Checkpoints PCHR Gaza - Weekly report - The arrests of Palestiniam citizens while crossing checkpoints continued this week14/5/2005
Continued Siege on the OPT PCHR - Exerpts from thr weekly report - IOF have continued to impose a tightened siege on the OPT and imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including Jerusalem. 14/5/2005
Sheep killed in TuwaniMaureen Jack - Christian Peacemaker Teams - "In total, 27 sheep have died in the last few weeks. This is a devastating blow to the villagers` livelihoods. "3/5/2005
Briton`s family sues over shootingSam Jones - The Guardian - The family of an award-winning British film-maker who was shot dead by the Israeli army has launched a civil action against the Israeli government on the second anniversary of his death. 3/5/2005
Israel founds West Bank universityBBC News Online - The Israeli cabinet has voted to confer university status on a college in the settlement of Ariel in the heart of the occupied West Bank. 2/5/2005
Sharon-Abbas honeymoon over amid mutual recriminationsCharly Wegman - Agence France Presse - The honeymoon between Ariel Sharon and Mahmud Abbas is well and truly over with the Israeli leader accusing his Palestinian counterpart of failing to lift a finger against militants and freezing plans to transfer responsibility for security in the West Bank. 3/5/2005
Israeli army closes W. Bank town of Tulkarem for fifth consecutiveXinhua - RAMALLAH- The Israeli army forces still impose a tightened closure on Tulkarem in northern West Bank for the fifth consecutive day, Palestinian security sources reported Tuesday. 3/5/2005
Two killed in raid on West BankBBC News Online - An Israeli soldier and a member of Islamic Jihad have died in a shootout near the West Bank town of Tulkarm 2/5/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to the USA - Reports from: Al-Ayyam, Al-Quds, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida 3/5/2005
Palestinian cops fire on Hamas membersAli Waked - YnetNews - PA security forces battle, arrest Hamas members who were planning to fire mortar shells on Sderot, Monday evening in Gaza; PA demolish three homes illegaly built by police officers on the Gaza sea-shore3/5/2005
Gaza Dreams of Life After the Israelis Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Fate of abandoned settler homes undecided as Palestinians plan tourist paradise 3/5/2005
Excerpts from daily news by IMEMCSaed Bannoura - International Middle East Media Center: (a) P.A police, Hamas men exchange fire in Beit Lahia; (b) Islamic Jihad: "Truce is about to collapse”3/5/2005
Kid seriously wounded by army fire near Bethlehem IMEMC & Agencies - Soldiers shot and seriously wounded Ahmed Salah 13, in the Village of Al-Khader near the West bank city of Bethlehem on Sunday. 3/5/2005
Today`s News Flashes from the Occupied TerritoriesIMEMC and Agencies - Army invades Tammoun; Youth arrested east of Tulkarem; Army closes Tulkarem1/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories 21.5.2005 - 22.5.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Dozens detained near Hebron; News markers for wall path near Hebron; Two arrested near Hebron; Five residents sentenced to high terms; Resident arrested near Bethlehem;22/5/2005
Israel strikes in GazaAli Waked - YNetNews - Air Force fires three missiles at Qassam rocket-launching cell; two Palestinians sustain moderate wounds. On Sunday, three Palestinians killed in two separate incidents in Gaza after vehicle, mortar shell explode 30/5/2005
Israeli army kills more PalestiniansKhalid Amayreh - Aljazeera -`Israeli occupation soldiers have shot and killed a Palestinian man in the southern West Bank town of Hebron, hours after the killing of another Palestinian near the northern city of Jenin. `29/5/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories: 29.5.2005 - 30.5.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - 3 wounded in an air strike at a Gaza refugee camp; Four stores closed in Hebron; Army invades Tulkarem; Female university student arrested in Hebron; Two residents of Hebron arrested in Bir Shiva; Two barracks leveled near Bethlehem; Resident arrested south of Jenin; Resident arrested in Jenin 30/5/2005
Israel to release 400 Palestinian prisoners as `goodwill gesture`; Qalqilia Mayor among prisoners slated for release Eric Silver in Jerusalem - The Independent - Israeli ministers have agreed to release 400 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas. A spokesman said they would be set free later this week after their names were put on the internet. 30/5/2005
Report: 4032 killed, 44666 injured since September 29, 2000National Information Center - reported that the Israeli army killed since the beginning of the Intifada in September 29, 2000, 4032 residents, and injured 44666, excluding 8435 residents who received treatment by field medical teams. 30/5/2005
SIS: 4,032 Palestinians Killed, Including 750 Children, During IntifadaSIS - (State Information Service) - A report made by the State Information Service (SIS) asserted that during Al Aqsa Intifada, Israeli forces killed 4,032 Palestinians, including 750 children, in addition to wounding about 45,000 others until April 30, 2005. 30/5/2005
Saeb Erekat: Israel Continues Dictation Policy and Avoids NegotiationsIPC - GAZA - The chief negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat asserted that the Israeli government favored the policy of dictations over negotiations, despite the declaration of the US President during his meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas. 30/5/2005
Al Kidwa: USA Confirms a Change in 1949 Armistice Line, be Agreed between the Israelis and PalestiniansIPC - Gaza - Al Kidwa: USA Confirms a Change in 1949 Armistice Line, be Agreed between the Israelis and Palestinians 30/5/2005
State land, state people: Israeli land grab threatens Palestinian village of Wadi FoqeenSpotlight - a Special Correspondent - While the world is blinded by the smokescreen of Sharon`s "Gaza disengagement", Palestinian villages throughout the West Bank are literally facing extinction due to land grabs on which Israel intends to build the separation wall - land grabs which in July 2004 the International Court of Justice declared illegal. One of the latest victims is the Palestinian village of Wadi Foqeen, whose existence is now in question following an Israeli notice of intent to seize a substantial portion of its farmlands.31/5/2005
Abbas: Violence has been 90 per cent down; Al-Kidwa: “Gaza withdrawal does not end the occupation” George Rishmawi - IMEMC & Agencies - Abbas: "We have started to deal with the culture of violence, we stopped the culture of violence and the Palestinian people have started looking at it as something that should be condemned and it should stop." Nasser El Kidwa: "Gaza withdrawal does not end the occupation" 30/5/2005
Call for Action: 38 years of occupation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip This coming week will mark 38 years to the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (labeled the Naksa - the Palestinian defeat); during this week our Palestinian partners are planning many events. We`ve decided to join two of these events: 31/5/2005
Eight internationals and a Palestinian family attacked in Hebron. Sarah - ISM - On May 21st, myself, eight other internationals and a group of forty Israeli peace activists decided to visit a Palestinian family in order to discuss their situation. 22/5/2005
Vote delay to add to Fateh-Hamas tensions Omar Karmi - Jordan Times - It would appear almost certain now that Palestinian parliamentary elections, slated for July 17, will be postponed. Any such delay will add to already high tensions between the largest Palestinian faction Fateh and its main rival Hamas, and must count as a political victory for the former. 25/5/2005
Forced to drink urine, drink or die IMEMC & Agencies - After the horrific story of soldiers abusing two Palestinian workers, and forcing one of them to drink the soldiers’ urine until he fainted, one of the soldiers stood in court and admitted to the hidden truth which even the press was shy to say, “What we did was inhuman”.24/5/2005
Hamas threatens to break truce as Abbas considers delaying pollDonald Macintyre - The Independent - The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, may be forced to delay key parliamentary elections after the Electoral Commission said there was not enough time to prepare if they were to be held under a new poll law. 25/5/2005
Palestinians announce delay in electionsAgencies - The Palestinian Election Commission said Monday that parliamentary elections scheduled for July 17 will be delayed because it needed more time to prepare for the vote — a move threatening to inflame a dispute between the militant group Hamas and the ruling Fatah party. 25/5/2005
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