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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Jazz concert offers respite for besieged GazansAbeer Ayyoub - Al Monitor " In a very irregular night in the conservative enclave, hundreds of people of both genders gathered at the fancy Al-Mathaf hotel’s main hall, overlooking the beach, to attend a jazz concert performed by local and Swedish artists." ca 29/11/2013
PNGO and Human Rights Organizations Call for Immediate End to Civilian Suffering Due to ElectricityPress Release - "Network (PNGO) and human rights organizations in the Gaza Strip express their deep concern for the deteriorating humanitarian conditions of the population of the Gaza Strip due to the continued tightened closure imposed by Israel on 1.8 million people and its impact on all aspects of their lives, while the international community remains silent towards human rights violations perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces." ca 29/11/2013
Several Palestinians Injured In BethlehemIMEMC - "Local sources have reported that violent clashes took place at the entrance of the camp, and that the army used a new silenced weapon that fires rounds that cause serious burns and injuries to the flesh. The sources added that scores of residents have been shot by rubber-coated metal bullets, while many have been treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation." ca29/11/2013
Palestinian village facing demolition awaits its fateJohn Davison - Yahoo News - "Faris Samamri and his family of 20 scrape a living grazing sheep from a tin hut on a West Bank hillside but at a hearing that opens Wednesday the Israeli Supreme Court may order it destroyed." - id 27/11/2013
Israeli Settlers Destroy Palestinian Olive Grove Near SalfitSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "A group of Israeli settlers invaded the village of Bruqin, near Salfit in the northern West Bank, early Monday morning, and uprooted a grove of 15 olive trees. This follows a similar uprooting of over 100 trees, the week before, in Yatta village." - id 27/11/2013
West Bank: Israeli Forces Kill 3 Suspected MilitantsTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS - NYT - "The military said the militants were linked to a violent Islamist movement known as the Salafi Jihadis, which draws inspiration from Al Qaeda." - id 27/11/2013
Twins born in Bethlehem from smuggled sperm of prisonerMa`an News Agency - " For the first time in Bethlehem, the wife of a Palestinian prisoner delivered two healthy twins after successful fertilization using sperm smuggled from her jailed husband." ca 26/11/2013
Reviving the Palestine pound to strengthen Palestinian independenceAlex Shams - Ma`an News Agency "The Palestine pound is an inconvenient reminder for many Israelis that a cosmopolitan and tolerant society thrived in Palestine before its dismemberment and exile by the emerging Israeli state." ca26/11/2013
Real estate, racism, and righteousness — a grim visit to IsraelPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss "Every time I go to Israel I like to report on my response to the conflict, and after visiting in September my feelings are bleaker than they’ve ever been. That’s been the trend, the last couple of visits; but this one was particularly bad. The degree of oppression and persecution, of the indifference to it inside Israel, indeed the self-righteousness, the belief that this can all just be managed, and of the hatred it is breeding inside Palestine—all these attitudes just get more pronounced." ca26/11/2013
33 Palestinians Killed Due To Israeli Violations This YearIMEMC News - "Medical and legal sources in the West Bank and Gaza report that Israeli soldiers have killed 33 Palestinians since the beginning of this year; 23, including four detainees, have been killed in the West Bank and 10 in the Gaza Strip." ca26/11/2013
One Year Following the Israeli Offensive on Gaza: Justice for Palestinian Victims Still DeniedPalestinian Center for Human Rights - PCHR Report post - "One year following “Operation Pillar of Defense,” Palestinian civilian victims are still denied justice and remedy. Israeli authorities have imposed legal, physical and monetary barriers in the face of Palestinian victims to prevent the prosecution of suspected Israeli war criminals and compensation of victims." ca 26/11/2013
Sewage floods neighbourhoods in GazaAl Jazeera - VIDEO - "Up to 20,000 people face a new humanitarian crisis after power crisis prompts sewerage pipes to flood streets of Gaza." ca 26/11/2013
At Least 12 Palestinians Kidnapped In West BankIMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers invaded dozens of communities in different parts of the occupied West Bank, broke into and violently searched dozens of homes, and kidnapped at least 12 Palestinians"25/11/2013
As Kerry talks peace, Israeli settlers dispossess PalestiniansNancy Murray - AlJazeera - The US must intercede on new settlement building in West Bank 25/11/2013
A Bedouin community`s last-ditch effort to remain on its landGideon Levy--Residents of Umm al-Hiran are staging a legal battle to remain in their Negev village, where they were moved by the state in the 1950s. dn24/11/2013
Pedagogy of the Oppressed, or the Colonizer?!Nadia Harhash--I usually take the Israeli harassment with a sense of humor. After all, they are occupation. They will not be normal if they treat us well. And somehow treating us well is not something I like to happen, because it makes me subconsciously normalize with their existence. dn23/11/2013
Palestinian Lands Uprooted Near Al-KhaderIMEMC & Agencies - "[Thursday November 21, 2013] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the Baten Al-Ma’sy Mountain area, in the Al-Khader town south of Bethlehem, and bulldozed Palestinians lands, uprooting them in preparation for use in the construction of new settlement units.Israeli soldiers are holding a number of journalists who are trying to report the violation. The army has also detained international peace activists and tried to force them out of the area. ca22/11/2013
USAID halts key project in GazaAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor "The last time these families received aid was in August. Family members refuse to believe that the project has finished. They think that we are lying and that we do not want to help them,” said Fayez Ziyara, a member of the association’s board of directors, in an interview with Al-Monitor." ca 22/11/2013
Palestinian Detainees In Asqalan Conduct Hunger StrikeSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The thirteen detainees held in room 13 were moved out of their room after being strip-searched and cuffed." - id 20/11/2013
“Gaza Book”: Exhibition of photos by Gaza childrenMaria del Mar Fernandez - International Solidarity Movement - "Initiatives like this encourage children to overcome the great difficulties they face in their daily lives under occupation and siege, and under the permanent fear that Israel may launch another military offensive against them." - id 20/11/2013
Data shows worsening situation for children in Israeli military detentionGerard Horton - +972 - "Without exception, every boy reported being subjected to physical violence, including beatings to the head and face or being hit with metal objects." - id 20/11/2013
The Israeli agency that oppresses Palestinians `for their own good`Amira Hass - Haaretz - The Civil Administration’s planning council takes the cake when it comes to doublespeak19/11/2013
White Man`s Burden - the Occupation`s Civil Administration VersionDavid Shulman--By a miracle of sorts, we had a mostly peaceful day in South Hebron today; such an event is so rare that I thought it might be worth mentioning to you. In lieu of a more substantial report, let me just say that Abu Sharif and Fadil plowed three fields, with an iron plow and a donkey, on one end of the wadi at Umm al-`Amad, just under the settlement of Otniel-- lands they were denied access to for some 15 years-- and there was a slightly higher-tech plowing, with an old tractor, at the other end of the wadi as well. The settlers and the soldiers kept their distance. The goats grazed freely. The sun was sweet. If the rains come, there will be crops of barley in these newly regained fields. dn 17/11/2013
Israeli land claims: Archaeology and ideology Samuel Nelson Gilbert--Critics say Holy Basin archaeology is being exploited to advance Israeli claims to its `eternal city`.dn17/11/2013
Archeological site casualty of Israeli-Palestinian conflictDanny Rubinstein - AlMonitor "A national park that could easily match up to Caesarea or to Masada, and that does not fall short of either of the two in terms of its historical importance or its beauty.” That’s how the Samaria National Park (Sebastia) and archaeological site, located northwest of Nablus, were described in an article published last week on the Israeli news site Ynet. However, unlike Masada [National Park, in southern Israel] and Caesarea [National Park, on the Israeli coast], the Samaria National Park stands neglected, in ruins." ca 15/11/2013
The absence of military escort endangers Palestinian children of Tuba and Maghayir Al- AbeedOperation Dove - On Monday, November 11 and Tuesday, November 12, the Israeli army escort, that usually accompanies Palestinian children from the villages of Tuba and Maghayir Al- Abeed to the school of At- Tuwani, didn`t come. So, the children had to walk alone on a longer way, accompanied by two international volunteers, risking to be attacked by settlers from the illegal outpost of Havat Ma`on and the settlement of Ma`on.-rh 14/11/2013
Israeli forces detain 10 in West Bank arrest raids - among them minorsMa`an - Overnight Monday, Israeli forces carried out multiple raids across the West Bank, detaining 10 Palestinian young men and teenagers in a series of sweeps and attacks on villages across the Palestinian territory. All the detentions were for "suspicion of involvement in illegal activity." bz12/11/2013
B`Tselem Investigation finds illegal use of force by Israeli troops in killing of young manIMEMC - A 20-year old Palestinian, Ahmad Tazaz`ah, was killed by Israeli troops on October 31st in Qabatiya, south of Jenin. While the Israeli military has claimed that Tazaz`ah was not killed by Israeli forces, but had been previously killed in internal clashes between Palestinian factions, the extensive investigation by B`Tselem including both physical evidence and exhaustive eyewitness accounts directly contradicts that claim, and has led the army to agree to carry out its own `limited` investigation. bz12/11/2013
Welcome to Bethlehem, Secretary KerryVera Baboun, Mayor of Bethlehem - Ma`an News Agency - "Dear Secretary Kerry, you are most welcome in Bethlehem, a city surrounded by 27 ever-expanding Israeli settlements, sealed off by an annexation wall built deep inside our district’s land. Even under these circumstances, we are working hard to look after our city"11/11/2013
PCHR Calls for Investigation into Death Palestinian Prisoner in Israeli HospitalPalestinian Center for Human Rights - IMEMC "PCHR is deeply concerned that the Israeli authorities may have delayed offering Abu Hamdiya timely and adequate medical treatment for his condition.Furthermore, PCHR further condemns Israel’s ignorance of repeated calls to release al-Turabi who was suffering from leukaemia. Hassan ‘Abdul Halim ‘Abdul Qader al-Turabi, 23, from Surra village near Nablus, died on Tuesday morning, 05 November 2013, in Affoula Hospital inside Israel where he was receiving medical treatment for leukaemia." ca8/11/2013
Kerry’s Path Steepens in Israeli-Palestinian TalksMARK LANDLER and JODI RUDOREN - International New York Times - Secretary of State John Kerry’s uphill path to a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians seemed ever steeper on Wednesday, as the two sides clashed bitterly over Jewish settlements in the West Bank, while the exoneration of a right-wing Israeli politician threatened to inject a volatile element into the talks.-rh 7/11/2013
Israeli Army Avoids Confronting Settler ViolenceShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The destruction of olive trees and attacks against Palestinian property in the territories have become an almost daily occurrence. In most cases, the attack ends with a complaint to the police, submitted by Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations, and nothing is done about it. The case is closed due to a lack of evidence or a scarcity of public interest.-rh 6/11/2013
Israel mooted West Bank barrier `as Palestinian border`AFP - Google - Israel began work on its sprawling "security fence" in 2002 at the height of the second intifada, and has defended its construction as a crucial protective measure, pointing to a drop in attacks inside Israel as proof of its success. But the Palestinians, who refer to its as the "apartheid wall," say the barrier is a land grab, pointing out that when complete, 85 percent of it will have been built inside the West Bank.-rh 6/11/2013
Israeli military rules that mock attacks in Palestinian villages are acceptableCeline Hagbard - IMEMC News - All of the villages where these trainings take place have experienced actual Israeli military invasions on a regular basis, and since the military makes no attempt to differentiate or announce that any particular invasion is a `training exercise`, the villagers are just as terrorized as they are during actual raids.-rh6/11/2013
48 human beings were massacred - and we have forgotten themShirley Racah and Abed Kannaneh - +972 - 48 human beings were massacred - and we have forgotten them When a country accepts responsibility for such a significant event in its past, one might expect it to erect a monument to the victims, to sponsor the annual memorial ceremony and to honor the memory of those murdered rather than leave the matter to the families left behind, as if it were their problem alone-rh 6/11/2013
ShameEldad Kisch - When the ambulance finally arrived at the meeting point, it was clear to all that this was a very sick person. With a lot of tugging and pulling the patient with all his tubes and apparatus was transferred to the Israeli ambulance, and he could continue his journey. All this under close supervision of two soldiers with their weapons at the ready, who shouted at us not to photograph.-rh 6/11/2013
The silent axe: Driving Palestinian olive farmers off their landYossi Gurvitz - Yesh Din - "Amer has almost given up. He is unwilling to waste the time needed to file a complaint with the police. After all, its failure rate in investigating damage to crops is more than 97 percent. This isn’t a coincidence; this is the commander’s spirit we’re seeing." - id 6/11/2013
20 injured as Palestinian prisoners protest death of inmateMa`an - Inmate Hassan Turabi suffered from leukemia, but Israeli medics at Megiddo prison gave him hardly any treatment Even after he started to vomit blood, it still took ten days before he was transfered to the Afula Medical Center, where he died yesterday. Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails declared a day of mourning. In Megiddo, guards attacked protesting detainees, injuring at least twenty of them. PA minister of prisoners` affairs Issa Qaraqe blamed Turabi`s death on "negligence by Israel`s Prison Service". 5/11/2013
Rare appeal granted in policy of education for Palestinian prisonersYonah Jeremy Bob - Jerusalem Post - Netanyahu’s logic was that security prisoners should not have [the] privilege [of learning] while Schalit was being so mistreated by his Hamas captors. Even after Schalit was released, the ban on college studies continued. According to Adalah – the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, who jointly represents the petitioners along with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel – in 2010, there were 270 prisoners taking correspondence courses at the Open University, of whom only 60 were criminal-classified (as opposed to security) prisoners. Criminal prisoners are still allowed to take such courses. bz5/11/2013
Israel`s military advocate: IDF training inside Palestinian villages is legalGili Cohen - Haaretz - After NGO files complaint against Israeli military training inside West Bank villages, IDF`s Military Advocate General says legality of training is anchored in principles of `belligerent occupation`4/11/2013
Jordan Valley fence would finalize the West Bank`s complete enclosureHaggai Matar - +972 - In what might be a shot to the heart of current peace negotiations, Netanyahu is reviving plans to build a ‘security fence’ in the Jordan Valley. If the fence follows the original route it will enclose any future Palestinian state, cement impossible Bantustan borders and give birth to a new map of Israel’s borders4/11/2013
The Bir Nabala / Tel al ‘Adassa Case Study | September 2013 OCHA--The Bir Nabala / Tel al ‘Adassa Bedouin community consists of nine families who have lived in the area between Ramallah and Jerusalem since the late 1950s. It is one of at least 16 Palestinian communities located on the “Jerusalem side” of the Barrier, although the majority of their residents hold West Bank ID cards. In August 2013, Israeli forces demolished all the structures in the community, and, a few days later, the remaining families left to the “West Bank” side of the Barrier, after being instructed to do so by the Israeli authorities. This once intact community of nine families is now dispersed into three separate locations on the “West Bank” side of the Barrier. dn3/11/2013
Israel to drill for oil in the West Bank Jonathan Cook - AlJazeera - A large reserve may lie under Israel and the occupied territories, but Palestinians are unlikely to reap the benefits4/11/2013
Israel agrees to mediation in firing zone, the South Hebron HillsB`Tselem - "Israel plans to expel 1,000 residents of the South Hebron Hills, arguing they are living in a military training firing zone. International law prohibits use of occupied lands for routine military training, and obviously prohibits expulsion of residents to that end. Last month, further to High Court petitions by the villagers, filed by ACRI and Att. Shlomo Lecker, the justices proposed a meditation process to achieve a joint compromise. The villagers’ agreed to the proposed mediation immediately. The State announced its agreement today." ca1/11/2013
Masked settlers assault and injure B`Tselem camera volunteer harvesting olivesB`Tselem - "On 26 October 2013, the Na’asan family of the village of al-Mughayir, Ramallah District, went to harvest their olives. Several masked settlers arrived at the grove and began attacking the family with stones. The family responded by throwing stones back. The settlers then assaulted 75-year-old Ghatib Na’asan and his nephew, Yasser Na’asan, who tried to protect him. The latter, a volunteer in B`Tselem`s camera distribution project, was hit with an iron bar and broken glass. Other family members called for the Israeli security forces, who arrived while the settlers were retreating but made no attempt to apprehend or detain them until police arrived." ca1/11/2013
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