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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

NewsTroops kill an elderly woman in Khan Younis - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; Seven Palestinians injured in Hamas-organized protest near Sufa crossing - Ma`an; Human rights groups appeal to Israeli high court to allow patients to leave Gaza for treatment - Ma`an; Israeli forces detain four citizens and invade houses in Al-`Ein camp west of Nablus - Ma`an; Foreign worker hurt in Qassam rocket strike in Negev The Associated Press / - Ethan Bronner - New York Times; Link to May`s Newsletter - Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP); Israeli Housing Minister to permit 1460 new housing units in East Jerusalem settlements - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News; US professor shares Israeli prize with Palestinians - Barbara Ferguson - Arab News; The Gush-Shalom Weekly Message 31/5/2008
Short CutsAndrew O’Hagan - London Review of Books - "Last week, from my window at the Pilgrim Deluxe, Bethlehem initially looked just as it should. The hills in the distance were grey and blue and unmarked by passing arguments. ‘This was once the more prosperous end of town,’ our guide said. ‘But the wall has ended all that. The town cannot grow and the Palestinians are not allowed to look at their own horizon. We are caged here, that is the story.’"31/5/2008
One civilian killed, dozens arrested in a limited Israeli incursion east of Beit Hanoun Ma`an - A Palestinian man died on Thursday morning due to major injuries he sustained in an Israeli incursion on Wednesday in Al-`Omour area east of Khan Yunis and Rafah, Palestinian medical sources announced.He was named as Ahmad Al-`Omour. Also early on Thursday morning, the Israeli army arrested dozens of civilians in the Al-Farta area, east of Beit Hanoun when Israeli military vehicles raided the area under cover of intensive gunfire.29/5/2008
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel Update 27.5.08Physicians for Human Rights - In a hearing yesterday, the Israeli High Court of Justice upheld the decision of the GSS to prevent the exit of a majority of thirteen cases in need of lifesaving medical care outside the Gaza Strip. In its reasoning, the Court has continued to rely on the “shuttles” mechanism as a solution, despite the fact that is currently not functioning. GSS takes advantage of patient`s distress; lures cancer patient from Gaza to undergo interrogation at Erez crossing and arrests him there29/5/2008
Eighteen years of Work Destroyed in Less than four HoursNarratives Under Siege (12) - pchr - "Forty thousand dead chickens lie smashed amidst the rubble and the stench is sickening." 28/5/2008
A Nakba inheritedRami Almeghari - IMEMC - ""As you see, my brother, I am wrapping my tent. Maybe I or my children might need it one day," said Marwan." 28/5/2008
UN Report: 3,000 Palestinian homes under threat of demolitionSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Palestinians, indigenous to the land now occupied by Israel, have to apply for permits in order to build on their own land."28/5/2008
Amnesty: Siege on Gaza gravest humanitarian crisis yetDana Zimmerman - Ynet - ""Israel is the only democratic country conducting a regime of steady occupation,"" 28/5/2008
After seven lost years, Gaza student appeals to BlairGisha - Wissam Abuajwa, a 31-year old Master`s student from Gaza has written to Quartet Special Envoy Tony Blair, asking his help in leaving Gaza and reaching Nottingham University in the U.K, in order to participate in advanced environmental sciences courses and acquire training to understand and alleviate damage from the breakdown of Gaza`s water and sewage system. Already for seven years, he does not succeed in getting an Isrtaeli permit to leave the Gaza Strip.27/5/2008
167th patient dies being denied access to Israeli hospitalRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Severely ill Mohammad Alimawi, 22, was receiving treatment at an Israeli hospital and was supposed to continue the treatment, yet access was delayed. 27/5/2008
The family never received a demolition orderRabbis For Human Rights - (...) the home of Amin Ibrahim Gozlan Abasi and his family ( 7 people and 2 cats) was destroyed. Amin is an invalid who is unemployed and this family was previously expelled from their home in Silwan. They have no money.27/5/2008
Economic Success for Palestinians Requires Political Freedoms and Full Territorial SovereigntyAhmad Jaradat and Sara Venturini - AIC - Israel’s occupation policy in the Bethlehem area provides another perspective on the optimistic reality promoted by the Palestine Investment Conference26/5/2008
News13 Palestinians wounded in the Gaza Strip on Saturday - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; Palestinian fighters confront ongoing Israeli incursion in Gaza - Ma`an; PA officials ask Egypt to allow fuel into Gaza - Ma`an; Fearing Gaza rockets, IDF moves troops, civilian staff from Erez Rami Almeghari - IMEMC & Agencies; Israeli siege leads to soaring anemia in Gaza newborns - Mohammed Omer - IMEMC; Law enforcement source: Olmert`s indictment is just a matter of time Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies ; Israeli authorities imprison, deport and ban Jewish professor from Israel - by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC; UN: No. of roadblocks in W. Bank up 7 percent from last Sept. - The Associated Press and DPA - 25/5/2008
It`s such a shameJimmy Carter - The Times of India - " It is one thing for other leaders to defer to the US on the crucial peace negotiations, but the world must not stand idle while innocent people are treated cruelly. It is time for strong voices in Europe, the US, Israel, and elsewhere to speak out and condemn this human rights tragedy among the Palestinian people. "25/5/2008
The Palestine literature festival was an enlightening experience - but not always for the right reasonsAhdaf Soueif- The Guardian,25/5/2008
One killed 14 injured when Israeli troops attacked a peaceful protest east of GazaGhassan Bannoura-IMEMC News-"The protest was organized to protest the 11 months long Israeli siege on the Palestinian costal region." "..the headmaster of the school told reporters that his school is attacked regularly by the Israeli settlers living illegal on then old part of Hebron city."23/5/2008
Too Quiet in the HarbourMohammed`s blog-Rafa Today-"Despite Israel`s highly publicised `withdrawal` of its illegal colonies in 2005, Gaza remains under virtual occupation through the siege, with its airport, borders and seashore controlled by Israel. Israel controls also the airspace over Gaza, and the lifelines to its economy. All imports and exports, including food, medicine, equipment and fuel are controlled through the Nahal Ozz crossing. "23/5/2008
More than a Stone’s Throw Away, No Justice for Palestinian Child Prisoners Yasmin Abou-Amer - MIFTAH - One issue that has been afforded the least coverage in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is that of child prisoners. Along with checkpoints and roadblocks, prison is yet another of the central features of Palestinian life. There are hundreds of Palestinian children from within the Occupied Palestinian Territories who have been arrested, interrogated and detained in severe violation of international law. According to Defence for Children International, at the end of April 2008, 327 children were held in Israeli detention facilities.22/5/2008
Narratives Under Siege (11): Special Needs Children in Gaza Denied Their Education Because of Chronic Fuel ShortagesPCHR - Every day parents call the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza city, and ask Suad Lubbad when the school will re-open. Suad is the Administrative Director of the school, which has 275 pupils age 4-17, and was forced to close without notice in mid April. Because of chronic fuel shortages, the buses that normally transport the pupils to school were suddenly grounded. 90% of private cars in the Gaza Strip are still off the roads, and taxi rates have doubled in the last eight weeks, so there was no alternative transport for the pupils, who are now stranded at home. 22/5/2008
60 Years of Denial Ramzy Baroud - Ma`an - " Do Israelis realise they live on the rubble of hundreds of Palestinian villages and towns, each destroyed during a most tragic history of blood, pain and tears, resulting in an ethnic cleansing of nearly 800,000 Palestinians?" 21/5/2008
PIC: International investors begin to arrive in the city of BethlehemGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - ""I am against this conference for several reasons, one it’s normalization with the occupation, and they come to our city and block roads we can`t move, and we never saw anything good come out of the conferences they made before."" 21/5/2008
PA pitches West Bank holidaysBLOOMBERG - J-lem Post - "Rockets from the Gaza Strip, drive-by shootings in the West Bank and checkpoints on the edge of Bethlehem won`t stop Khouloud Daibes from promoting the Palestinian territories as a great place for your next vacation." 21/5/2008
Al Haq report on illegal force against civilians during on May 14 Gaza incursion Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - On Wednesday, 14 May 2008 15 Israeli tanks entered the village of ‘Izbet ‘Abed Rabba, engaging in random gun fire despite not being fired upon. At approximately 9:15 am, 17-year old Hamdi Salemeh Khader was riding his bicycle on Al-Karama Road near the local cement factory when he was shot twice (once in the shoulder and once in the upper right quadrant of the chest) by machine gun fire emanating from the tanks, killing him instantly. 20/5/2008
Ramon confirms government talking to Hamas, Barak negotiates and threatens, Gaza bloodshed continuesRami Almeghari/Roni Sofer - IMEMC/Y-Net - Negotiations on a Gaza cease-fire continue amid dire threats of an all-out Israeli invasion, and Israel`s Vice-Premier Haim Ramon officially confirmed the (manifest) fact that Israel is indeed talking to Hamas. The cease-fire, if and when achieved, would come too late for the young Palestinian killed this morning [ed].20/5/2008
"Independence Night" at AfkikisGush Shalom - Indiscriminate destruction at Afkikis Village on Independence Night, and the complaint followed by more of the same.20/5/2008
Gaza lives being put at riskPCHR - EI - Approximately 15 percent of local public services are operating across Gaza, whilst up to 90 percent of private cars remain off the roads, and all of Gaza`s 450 fuel stations remain closed"15/5/2008
`We are almost dead. We have no money, nothing`The Guardian - In the third part of our series on Gaza, Rory McCarthy talks to Ahmad Abu Me`tiq, who lost his wife and four of his children in an Israeli air strike 15/5/2008
Human Rights groups deliver medical aid to GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "On Sunday, Gaza plunged into darkness as its only power plant had to shut down due to the lack of fuel." 14/5/2008
Two mothers – two countries – one story 13/5/2008
Truce negotiations and the question of prisoner exchangeIMEMC/Jerusalem Post - Two earlier Israeli conditions were met by Hamas: that the truce be in Gaza only and not include the West Bank, and that smaller militias operating in Gaza be obliged to respect the truce. Now, Olmert introduced a new demand: the release of captured Israeli soldier Gil`ad Shalit, without Israel releasing most of the prisoners on the Hamas wish list. The Palestinian Center for Defending the Detainees called upon Shalit`s captors to remain steadfast with their demands, as "thousands of detainees and their families have hopes and expectations for a prisoner swap deal". Meanwhile, the continued fighting in and around Gaza claimed the life of a 70-year old Israeli woman, arousing the anger and frustration of Israeli border community inhabitants. [Ed.] 13/5/2008
Gaza Unrest and Corruption Surround Israeli Celebrations [May 4 – 11] MIFTAH - On May 9, a day after Israel officially celebrated its 60th anniversary, Hamas claimed responsibility for a mortar attack on Kfar Aza in southern Israel which killed one Israeli citizen. Jimmy Kdoshim [48] became the 14th victim of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from Gaza in the last seven years. Hamas, who recently signed a ceasefire proposal in Egypt with Egyptian Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman and which will be presented to Israel early next week after being agreed to by 12 other Palestinian factions, responded to the attack through spokesperson Abu Obeida who declared that “we will continue to fire until the last moment before a truce is completed”. 12/5/2008
Blast kills Gaza teacher in front of her childrenDonald Macintyre - The Independent - Wafer Shaker al Daghma, 34, a teacher at a local UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) elementary school, was killed last Wednesday as she stood preparing to open the wooden door of her home to the troops. According to UNRWA and relatives who found her body, the military used an explosive device on the door which blew most of her head from her body. They then confined the traumatised children – aged from two to 13 – for five hours while the body lay outside the door of the room where they were held. 12/5/2008
Palestinian refugees in Gaza still dream of going homeJordan Times-"Abu Jidyan and his family lived in a tent when they arrived in Gaza six decades ago. Eventually they moved into a small house in the camp built by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), charged with aiding Palestinian refugees. That house stood until 2002 when at the height of the second Palestinian Intifada, or uprising, Israeli forces demolished homes in the refugee camp - as they did again in March this year." 9/5/2008
Khalid warns of Israeli decision Police headquarters on to E1 areaIMEMC News -"The police station will be on Palestinian annexed lands belonging to residents of Al Ezariyya (Bethany) and Abu Dis, in east Jerusalem. Khalid said that this plan aims at annexing more Palestinian lands in the area and turning it into a new settlement project in order to link Maali Adumim settlement with Jerusalem." 9/5/2008
Story of a South Hebron Hills Shepherd -two articlesEhud Krinis-Villages Group- "The Avigail colonists prevented Nu`aman from having his sheep graze there, although he holds documents proving his ownership of the area. In one incident, about two years ago, when his elder son attempted to exercise his right to graze the flock on the family`s land, three colonists arrived, beat up the boy, confiscated his document, stoned the sheep and loaded one of them onto their jeep. Nu`aman lost five sheep in this assault (including the one taken by the Avigail colonists and not returned to him). The police investigation into the case was concluded with no results, although the identity of the colonists-assailants – Nu`aman`s neighbors – is well-known to him and to the police investigators. "9/5/2008
IOF Kill Mother in front of her Children inside their House in Khan YunisPCHR- Press Release -"The IOF troops then stormed into the house and covered her body with a rug, having ascertained that she was dead. The troops then detained her 3 children, who had all witnessed the killing of their mother, in one of the rooms of the house. ..The children, who included a two year old, were confined inside the room for the next six and a half hours. "9/5/2008
Gaza improvises under siege The Electronic Intifada - Report - Those who still have jobs -- not a given due to mounting unemployment -- tend to set their alarms earlier and earlier: without fuel for buses and taxis, let alone private cars, people can wait for hours before they manage to get a ride in the general direction of their destination. Bus and taxi fares have gone up two or three times what they were a few moths ago. 8/5/2008
Narratives Under Siege (8): Al Gherbawi Taxi office, Gaza cityPCHR - "We have a good business, with fifteen cars and twenty drivers. But we cannot operate without fuel. When the benzin deliveries were cut in February, we started to rely on diesel; but in the middle of April the diesel supplies were cut too, and now we can only afford enough diesel to keep one of our cars running full time. We manage to run another two cars on domestic cooking gas. But that is all we have now – three cars operating out of fifteen." 8/5/2008
Israeli forces storm Jenin, prompting criticism from security commander Ma`an - Only days ago hundreds of Palestinian security personnel entered the Jenin area as part of a US-backed initiative to move things forward. But the IDF couldn`t care less [ed.] 7/5/2008
Egypt`s Suleiman to ask Olmert and Barak for definite answers to Gaza truce proposal Roee Nahmias - Y-Net - General Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian Intelligence Chief and long-term mediator between Israel and Hamas is expected to arrive in Israel on Monday for talks on Cairo`s proposed truce between Israel with the Palestinian factions. Israel refuses to link the proposed truce to the situation in the West Bank. Unnamed officials are quoted as saying internal Israeli politics, particularly the ongoing police investigation against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, may impede Suleiman`s efforts.7/5/2008
UN suspends Gaza food aid - THE UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees is to suspend its food aid distribution in Gaza tomorrow because of a lack of fuel caused by the Israeli blockade, a spokesman said today5/5/2008
Don`t say we did not know: the death of Sharif Bajes Farid ShatiyaA MachsomWatch activist heard a soldier serving in the Nahal (religious) unit, shouting as he described how the day before a bus had killed "some little Arabush, what a laugh it was, what a show, with the boy smeared all over the road..."4/5/2008
Diaries: live from Palestine: No MercyNajwa Sheikh - The Electronic Intifada - This mother did not know that their clock would soon stop ticking, not by their creator but by their enemy. She did not know that it was the last breakfast she would prepare for her children. She did not know that it was the last time she would hold her baby. She did not know that she would no longer know her children and their future as they also would never know their mother as an old woman. Like any mother, she refused to leave her children alone on their trip. She did not want to let go of her baby and insisted on accompanying them as one family in life and in death.4/5/2008
Sewage flooded the Ascoolah area of Zeitoun neighborhood near Gaza CityUN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - From 7 am to noon yesterday, 2 May (during 6 hours ) there was no power to operate the pumps and sewage first flooded the station and then burst manholes and seeped from the pumping station building into surrounding fields, reaching some houses. The sewage has mostly evaporated leaving sludge and some puddles. The area is full of flies.4/5/2008
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: Gaza Situation Report 29 April 2008Raw sewage has been pouring into the Mediterranean since January4/5/2008
Book Review: `Palestine Inside Out` by Saree MakdisiLena Khalaf Tuffaha - IMEU -"...the book suggests that occupation is merely a feature of an ongoing Israeli policy of slow transfer of the native Palestinian population from their lands. This policy predates the founding of the state, and all of the various practices of the occupier: illegal settlement, land confiscation, home demolition and so on, serve this ultimate purpose."3/5/2008
Two video clips by Aljazeera, on the plight of besieged GazansLinks to YouTube (1) Fuel supplies are in danger of drying up completely forcing Palestinians to resort to desperate measures; (2) The struggle in Gaza`s schools3/5/2008
A strangled peopleSami Abdel-Shafi in Gaza City - The Guardian - "Israel`s current policies are slowly expelling Palestinians from their land and pushing those who remain into indignity, desperation and extremism. The word "siege" no longer seems adequate to describe what is being done to Gaza. The territory`s 1.5 million people have been thrust into a humanitarian catastrophe. It has become a nonsense to speak of peace negotiations while Israel creates more injustices on the ground in the West Bank and East Jerusalem."3/5/2008
Articles on the plight of the besieged Gaza Strip`We didn`t eat at all in the day,` - Donald Macintyre - The Independent; Gaza sewage pumped into the sea over past three months Judith Harel - OCHA. And a related Weekly Ad published in Haaretz by Gush-Shalom3/5/2008
The Bomb Squads: How to survive a Gaza refugee camp Ramzy Baroud - The International News - Garbage accumulated for weeks in our house as the military curfew kept us indoors without a chance to step foot outside. So a few hours earlier, he did what we had urged him to do for days, since we couldn’t cope with the suffocating odour. He opened the double doors for a few seconds and threw one black garbage bag as far as he could to the middle of the open space in front of the house. Little did he know that his desperado act would send the Israeli army on high alert; would invite bomb squads, helicopters and perhaps every available tank and military vehicle to our unsuspecting neighboured. 1/5/2008
Hebron orphanageSeth Freedman - The Guardian - For nearly a month, the scores of children have been living with a sword of Damocles over their heads, after the army issued an eviction order, claiming that the Islamic Charitable Society (ICS) - which runs the orphanage - is a front for Hamas. According to an army spokesman, ICS "masquerades as a charity organisation in order to cover its activities of increasing support of the Hamas terror network", and as such any property connected to the charity must be seized in order to maintain the "general order ... and security of the area". To that end, the IDF ordered several facilities on the site to be evacuated, setting April 28 as the final deadline before they would begin the closure. 1/5/2008
israeli soldiers do not shoot at childrenAya Kaniuk - Mahsanmilim - All soldiers know one must not kill children. For Israel claims to be a state upholding universal values. So how does one kill children without killing children? How does one take life "when one must" without bloodying oneself? Without crossing accepted borders? Very simple. For example, in open-fire regulations (that soldiers are no longer handed out in hardcopy, but only instructed orally), an individual over twelve years of age is not a child. A child is not a child. 1/5/2008
Testimony: Soldiers blow up door of family home, killing the mother, and leave body with her children, Gaza, May 2008B`Tselem Report31/5/2008
Palestine Sabah and the Right of the Public to KnowCourt Watch report - a glimpse into the Israeli military court. transl. Daphna Levit31/5/2008
Murder at HuwaraBy Aya Kaniuk - link to Reports from the West Bank - " This time we came to the checkpoint especially in order to gather testimony about the murder of 15.5-year old Fahmi Abd alJawaad alDarduk, who was shot by the soldiers at this checkpoint on Monday, May 19th 2008. " 31/5/2008
Can we talk?: Parleys with Hamas aren’t unusual for activistsjoe eskenazi- Jewish News Weekly-"Pushing for peace in the Middle East is a job that leaves one searching for even the most infinitesimal silver lining among a ready supply of dark clouds. The blood-soaked daily reality of the region often begs the question, “What good can dialogue do?” "2/5/2008
RAIDED - Hebron Girls Orphanage Sewing WorkshopISM and Elana Wesley -ISM Media Alerts-"How can grown men do this to little children?" 2/5/2008
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel – Update 1 May 2008PHR-Newsletter- "Although Alhurani was in a grave condition, confined to bed in hospital, the GSS demanded that the patient come for security questioning at Erez Crossing on 27 April. However, the Israeli army cancelled the appointment at the last moment and postponed the questioning until 5 May 2008. As noted the patient died yesterday, at Shifa Hospital in Gaza." 2/5/2008
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