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Life under occupation

Israeli Army Invades Zawiya Village, Near SalfitIMEMC News - "The soldiers conducted excessively violent searches of the invaded homes, causing substantial property damage, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards... The army also invaded and searched homes in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, and summoned several young men for interrogation." ca30/12/2016
Closure, isolation and suffering for a second weekAhmad Jaradat - AIC "More than fifty thousand Palestinians are suffering after Israeli occupation forces besieged multiple villages in Ramallah, West Bank." ca30/12/2016
Demolition Notices Served to 20 Palestinian-owned Facilities in YattaIMEMC News & Agencies - "Local activist Rateb Jabour affirmed, according to the PNN, that Israeli civil administration crews handed demolition notifications against 16 houses south of the town, in addition to a mosque and three solar units.The notified facilities were funded by international organizations." ca 29/12/2016
7-year-old Palestinian caught in IDF stakeoutB`Tselem - Video "Kafr Qadum, 23 December 2016, 12:30 PM, 7-year-old Muamen Shteiwi held by soldiers. Photo by B`Tselem volunteer Abdallah Kadumi. The footage was edited by B`Tselem." ca 29/12/2016
The long road to rebuilding GazaSanaa Kamal - Al-Jazeera - ""Reconstruction in Gaza has stumbled," acknowledged Adnan Abu Hasna, a spokesperson for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). "Unfortunately, the countries who pledged billions to rebuilding the Gaza Strip have not made good on their promises."" - id 28/12/2016
19-year old Palestinian girl sentenced to 16 years in prison, $20,000 fineIMEMC - "During the incident in question, she was shot 4 times and severely wounded by the Israeli settler, who claimed that he was acting “in self defense”." - id 28/12/2016
Israeli officer threatens to kill Palestinian youth and his familyNora Barrows-Friedman - EI - On 18 December, Israeli forces raided the homes of Ahmad al-Seifi and Khalil al-Banna, two youths in Dheisheh refugee camp, near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, and detained them. According to a local source, al-Seifi and al-Banna are still in detention. The source, who is not being named for safety reasons, told The Electronic Intifada that al-Banna was shot in the knee and arrested earlier this year. Residents of Dheisheh say they continue to be targeted with raids and arrests by an Israeli army unit under the command of a notoriously aggressive officer with Israel’s domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet. The officer, who goes by the alias “Captain Nidal,” has previously threatened to make “all youth in the camp disabled.” [bz] 27/12/2016
Dozens of Palestinians injured on day of mourning in HebronAhmad Jaradat - AIC - Israeli forces shoot live fire, rubber bullets, and tear gas in Hebron as the district holds funerals for five martyrs killed months ago [ry]26/12/2016
Israel`s Jordan Valley regulation `discriminatory`Nigel Wilson - Aljazeera - According to the legal rights group Adalah, more than 55,000 Palestinian workers will be affected by the new regulation, which obligates Israeli labour court judges to order non-Israeli residents, including Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and international migrant workers, to deposit a financial guarantee at the beginning of a lawsuit against an Israeli employer. The sum would cover the employer`s court costs. Israeli media labelled the regulation the "Jordan Valley regulation" because it was viewed by the press to be politically motivated to benefit settlers who operate businesses and employ non-Israeli workers in this part of the occupied West Bank.-rh 21/12/2016
Israeli Authorities Deny Winter Clothing to Palestinian Detainees IMEMC - "...all the families of the Palestinian prisoners have bought winter clothes and other kits for their sons, and sent them to the prison. “However, the Israeli Prison Service had accepted the clothes and the other kits, but the prisoners said that they did not receive anything." - id 21/12/2016
IDF soldiers who killed unarmed Palestinian set for community serviceJohn Brown - +972 - "In January 2013, Israeli soldiers killed Palestinian teen Samir Awad in the West Bank village of Budrus, after shooting him eight times from behind. The shooters, A. and B. — a commander and a soldier — were indicted last January, three years after the killing, on charges of “recklessness and negligence.” The names of the accused are barred from publication." - id 21/12/2016
Israel orders evacuation of 15 families in Jordan Valley for military exercisesMa`an - The unpredictability of the training drills leaves rural Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley anxious about when they will be displaced, and whether the next time will be permanent. Israeli NGO Kerem Navot has found that 78 percent of the total area declared as closed military or firing zones in the West Bank were not actually being used for military trainings, leading rights groups to conclude the land has been confiscated for ulterior reasons, most likely Israeli settlement expansion throughout Area C. [bz]20/12/2016
Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Teen Near RamallahIMEMC News - "The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that the slain teen has been identified as Ahmad Hazem Ata Rimawi, 19, from Beit Rima" [ry]19/12/2016
Living on borrowed time: Palestinian village fights for its existence Max Schindler--Threatened with their village’s destruction, Palestinians in Susiya live in a political and psychological limbo. While working, studying and trying to lead a normal life, the residents are also fighting to stop their home from disappearing. dn18/12/2016
Palestine: The End of the Bedouins?Giy Hircefeld--One way to tell the story of the Middle East as a whole is to describe the endemic struggle between peripatetic nomads and settled peasant farmers—a struggle attested already in ancient Mesopotamian documents. For centuries, all the political regimes of the region have tried, with varying success, to get the Bedouin to come to rest on the land. But in Israel and in the occupied territories we see, alongside this familiar policy, persistent attempts to uproot Bedouin populations who have already settled on the land, sometimes generations ago, and who usually have clear claims to ownership of these sites. dn18/12/2016
Video: Google exposes Israeli settlement expansionPNN/ Bethlehem/ "Some settlements added whole new neighborhoods that extended on additional stolen Palestinian land, and some have doubled in size. Others didn’t even exist during the last 10 years!" ca16/12/2016
Video: Women issue list of Israeli violations in the Bedouin community of Umm Al-KheirHuman Rights, National News - PNN/Hebron "the Umm Al-Kheir community, has been demolished several times and is still subject to demolition at any moment now, for being located in Area C which fall under Israeli civil and military control." ca 16/12/2016
Israel Blocks Gaza Women From Breast Cancer TreatmentSarah Algherbawi - Countercurrents - Human rights groups have long documented how Israel has, in effect, sought to blackmail Palestinians who are seriously ill. Patients have been told that they will only be allowed to travel for treatment if they become informers to the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency. Dalia Abu Skhaila, a 34-year-old breast cancer patient from the southern Khan Younis area of Gaza, said that Israeli officers at Erez have tried to recruit her as an informer on a number of occasions. Because she has refused to accept that condition, she has been blocked from traveling.-rh 15/12/2016
Palestine: The End of the Bedouins?David Shulman - The New York Review of Books - Today, most of the Jordan Valley, undoubtedly one of the most ravishing landscapes on the planet, is situated in what is known as Area C of occupied Palestinian territory. This means that, with the exception of the ancient city of Jericho and its surroundings (which are in Area A, under Palestinian rule), the valley is under direct and exclusive Israeli military, legal, and political control, and also that large parts of it are taken up by Israeli settlements or by lands that have been reserved for future Israeli settlement. It also means that a Palestinian population of some 15,000 Bedouins who are settled in the valley is tacitly targeted for expulsion.-rh 15/12/2016
`Apartheid Israel’ is not just a political slogan; it is a daily realityJihad Abu Raya - Middle East Monitor - Around 70 per cent of all towns within Israel — Palestinian land occupied since 1948 — are “for Jews only”; the state’s Arab citizens are banned from living therein. This has been the sustained policy since the establishment of the State of Israel on Palestinian land. The means and methods may have changed, but Israel’s goal has not; establishing “Arab-free” towns, which are solely for those who have Jewish ethnicity, is the official intention. This is no ordinary discrimination in favour of one group of citizens; this is Apartheid itself. Despite this obvious fact, it is an issue which the international community would rather not address and so Israel continues to get away with it.-rh15/12/2016
Israel wants mosques to turn the volume way downWilliam Booth and Ruth Eglash - The Washington Post - When the call to prayer begins in the Palestinian neighborhoods here, the Muslim faithful hear a song beautiful and sublime. Hour by hour, five times a day, it is the soundtrack of their lives. And it stirs deep emotions. Across the walls, across the lines that separate Arabs from Jews, the Muslims’ call to prayer means something very different. The Jews hear noise, they say. And worse.-rh 14/12/2016
Is Gaza seaport construction on its way?Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor "The story being told in the Gaza Strip is that Israel and Turkey have secretly agreed to the construction of a seaport. Once it is built, small ships would be loaded with raw materials and goods at an anchoring station in the open sea, under international supervision. The ships would then sail from there to the new port in Khan Yunis." ca 30/12/2016
Israel to keep Palestinian clown in prison without trialNatasha Roth - +972 - Mohammed Abu Sakha, a circus performer, and Hasan Safadi, a prisoner rights advocate, have both had their administrative detention extended by six months, while being denied family visits. [bz]13/12/2016
Israeli forces seize medical caravan, demolish quarry in Hebron areaMa`an / Wafa - The medical clinic caravan was given to residents by the Italian Cooperation as part of a humanitarian assistance package to Palestinians living in difficult conditions in "Area C" -- the more than 60 percent of the occupied West Bank under full Israeli security and civilian control. [bz]13/12/2016
Army forcing Palestinian families from their homes — to train on their landKeren Manor / - +972 - Ninety-one Palestinians in the Jordan Valley were forced to leave their homes while the army trained near their homes. Military officials have previously admitted that ‘firing zones’ are being used to expel Palestinians from areas of the West Bank [ry]12/12/2016
Video: PA officers prevent Israeli military jeeps from entering JeninMa’an News Agency - "A video that went viral on Facebook purported to show Palestinian officers standing in front of Israeli military vehicles attempting to drive into Jenin. The footage also shows Palestinian officers shouting and cocking their guns, before Israeli soldiers eventually retreated" [ry]12/12/2016
Will Israeli soldier get away with videotaped killing of teen?Ali Abunimah - EI - "An Israeli soldier facing trial for the killing of an unarmed Palestinian teenager that was shown on TV screens around the world may now get away with a slap on the wrist" [ry]12/12/2016
Israel refuses visa to theologian over boycott and divestment activismPeter Beaumont - The Guardian - Israel has denied entry to a prominent theologian and academic for her alleged activism in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement – the first time officials say a foreign national has been refused entry for that reason.Isabel Phiri, who is an assistant general secretary with the World Council of Churches in Geneva, was refused a visa at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport on Monday afternoon.-rh 8/12/2016
Despite Hundreds of Complaints of Shin Bet Torture, Israel Yet to Launch Single Criminal Investigation Yotam Berger - Mivtan, it turns out, has never launched a single criminal investigation against a Shin Bet agent, even though it has examined many hundreds of complaints. Haaretz has learned that the department employs only one investigator, meaning it’s unlikely that complaints can be thoroughly examined. In practice, then, the unit does not interfere with the Shin Bet’s work, even though complainants have reported harsh and prohibited forms of torture – including severe beatings and extensive sleep deprivation.-rh8/12/2016
How Many Israelis Does It Take to Arrest One Palestinian? Amira Hass - Haaretz - So how many is that so far? At least 65 people. It’s clear that every soldier/policeman gets to arrest a few Palestinians every month with the same force often arresting a few all at once, which is much preferred. The same applies to the Nahshon teams and the Shin Bet coordinators, the prison guards, the detectives and the judges. Efficient and resourceful, they pass the detainee from hand to hand in assembly-line fashion.-rh8/12/2016
West Bank village turned into a `prison` in the wake of arson accusationsMa`an - Dozens of Palestinians have been detained -- including a number of children -- and clashes have erupted daily in the occupied West Bank village of Deir Nidham since it was blockaded by the Israeli army three weeks ago, “turning the lives of 1,600 into a prison,” locals told Ma’an on Wednesday. Deir Nidham, northwest of Ramallah city, was placed under a military closure after a fire erupted just a few kilometers away in the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish, which is built on the lands of the village and on the lands of neighboring Nabi Saleh.-rh 8/12/2016
Palestinian circus trainer marks year in Israeli jail without chargeCharlotte Silver - EI - "Abu Sakha is the 25-year-old Palestinian circus trainer and performer who specializes in working with children with severe disabilities." - id 7/12/2016
Israeli Navy Abducts Four Fishermen In Northern Gaza IMEMC - "The Israeli navy boats fired many live rounds at the fishing boats, close to the shore in northern Gaza, and abducted the four fishermen." - id 7/12/2016
Aid Watch Palestine raises awareness of failed reconstruction efforts in GazaLouisa Emslie - AIC - Aid Watch Palestine holds parallel exhibitions in the West Bank and Gaza to advocate for a just reconstruction process in the besieged coastal enclave and assert Palestinian unity [ry] 5/12/2016
Quarrying leaves West Bank villagers on shaky ground Ahmad Melhem - Al-Monitor "The historic village of Kur, southeast of the city of Tulkarm, is known for its architectural heritage, including its domed buildings and castles, the oldest of which dates to the Mamluk era (1260- 1516), while others were built by the Ottomans (1516-1916). According to residents, Kur`s cultural landmarks suffer from general neglect, but what really concerns them is the threat to the buildings, and to their sanity, caused by a nearby stone-crushing operation." ca 2/12/2016
Chilean Court Charges Israeli Officials with War CrimesCeline Hagbard - IMEMC "A lawsuit filed in a federal court in Chile this week charges three Israeli High Court Justices with war crimes for their decision last year to split an ancient monastery in the Bethlehem District from its community by running the Annexation Wall through it." ca2/12/2016
WHO: Latest Health Access Report for the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryIMEMC News & Agencies - "On the occasion of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, marked by the UN since 1977[1], WHO launched a 2-year report on health access at an event in Gaza, to highlight how the Israeli permit system and physical barriers obstruct health access for Palestinian patients, ambulances and health workers." ca2/12/2016
The Real Link Between Israel’s Forest Fires And Muezzin BillJonathan Cook - Counter Currents - Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his support this month for the so-called “muezzin bill”, claiming it was urgently needed to stop the dawn call to prayer from mosques ruining the Israeli public’s sleep. A vote in the parliament is due this week. The use of loudspeakers by muezzins was unnecessarily disruptive, Mr Netanyahu argued, in an age of alarm clocks and phone apps. But the one in five of Israel’s population who are Palestinian, most of them Muslim, and a further 300,000 living under occupation in East Jerusalem, say the legislation is grossly discriminatory. The bill’s environmental rationale is bogus, they note. Moti Yogev, a settler leader who drafted the bill, originally wanted the loudspeaker ban to curb the broadcasting of sermons supposedly full of “incitement” against Israel.-rh 1/12/2016
Now is the moment for us Palestinians to renew our national movementSalem Barahmeh - The Guardian - Fatah has long been the backbone of the Palestinian national movement. Today it is plagued by infighting between its various camps, often headlined by the feud between President Mahmoud Abbas and the former leader Mohammad Dahlan. This infighting is crippling Palestinian politics and society. It is incumbent on Fatah to hold itself to a higher standard and live up to its responsibility as the leader of the national movement. It must take this as a serious opportunity to elect fresh young faces and address its issues – not as an opportunity to further polarise the party and consolidate power. The final opportunity is the rumoured Palestine National Council meeting, which could be held before the year’s end.-rh 1/12/2016
IDF opens investigation after Palestinian teen killed by flareHaggai Matar - +972 - Israel’s military prosecutor is investigating the killing of a Palestinian teenager in the Gaza Strip after IDF soldiers shot a flare at his face, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman recently announced. Footage of the incident, which occurred on September 9, shows that the 15-year-old was not posing a threat to the soldiers at the time he was killed.-rh21/12/2016
Bilal Kayed released after 15 years in Israeli jail : Bilal Kayed`s case caused outrage when he was placed under administrative detention by Israel on June 15.Zena Tahhan - Aljazeera - Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayed has been released after spending 15 years in Israeli jails, his family has confirmed. His case caused outrage within the Palestinian community when he was placed under administrative detention on June 15 - the day he was due to be released after serving his full sentence.-rh 14/12/2016
Gaza Life in Photos, Strawberry harvest beginsMohammed Asad - The Arab Daily News - "Cultivated land area shrunk strawberries than 2,500 acres in 2007 to 600 acres only, for the time being, estimated production of about 1,500 tons." - id 14/12/2016
After a good day comes a bad dayal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "In a city where every Palestinian is at the pure mercy of the occupying forces, expecting even the tiniest bit of humanity to be extended to them – futile." - id 14/12/2016
Bethlehem Lights Christmas Tree With Message Of Peace And Justice (Video)Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Mayor of Bethlehem, Vera George Baboun, delivered this years’ Christmas message of peace and justice during the annual official Christmas tree lighting ceremony, held on December 4th, at the Manger Square in front of the Church of Nativity in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem.The ceremony was carried out with the participation of many officials, scout troops, religious and social figures and thousands of locals." 9/12/2016
Bethlehem Lights Christmas Tree With Message Of Peace And Justice (Video)Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Mayor of Bethlehem, Vera George Baboun, delivered this years’ Christmas message of peace and justice during the annual official Christmas tree lighting ceremony, held on December 4th, at the Manger Square in front of the Church of Nativity in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem." ca 9/12/2016
Palestinians in Israel decry removal of Arabic on buses : Israeli buses remove Arabic-language announcements in southern city of Beersheba after pressure from Jewish residentsPatrick Strickland - Aljazeera - Israel`s Ministry of Transportation instructed the Dan Bus Company to remove Arabic announcements after several local Jewish-Israeli residents lodged complaints to the company and the Beersheba`s city hall.-rh8/12/2016
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