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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Encounter Point, excerptsThe people portrayed in these clips are members of the Bereaved Families Forum, a group of bereaved Israelis and Palestinians who work together to end the conflict and build peace30/6/2008
Israelis Assault Award-Winning JournalistMel Frykberg - - “After being unable to produce the prize money, he was ordered to strip naked. ‘At first I refused, but then I had an M-16 pointed in my face and my clothes were forcibly removed, even my underwear,’ Omer said. At this point Omer broke down and pleaded for an end to such treatment. He said he was told ‘you haven`t seen anything yet.’ Every cavity of his body was searched as one of the investigators pinned him down on the floor, placing his boot on Omer`s neck. Omer began vomiting, then fainted”30/6/2008
NewsMa`an: Israeli forces kill Palestinian teenager in the northern West Bank; Israeli troops repress anti-wall demonstration in Nil`in, injuring 13; BBC-News: Israel to reopen Gaza crossings; IMEMC: Israeli military attacks funeral of slain youth; US “concerned” over a UN draft demanding Israel to halt settlement activities 29/6/2008
Testimony: Israel refuses Nufuz al-Husni, a cancer patient from Gaza, entry to Israel for emergency surgeryB`Tselem testimony. A very ill woman sacrificed on the altar of Israel`s State Security29/6/2008
Denied the Right to go HomeZeina Emile Sam`an Ashrawi-".."I was not looking at your file when you called earlier but your Visa was denied and your ID and Travel Document are no longer valid." "Excuse me?" I said in disbelief. "Sorry, I cannot give you a visa and your ID and Travel Document are no longer valid. This decision came from Israel not from me." I cannot describe the feeling I got in the pit of my stomach. "27/6/2008
Occupation by bureaucracy Saree Makdisi-IHT-"..the ongoing Israeli occupation comprehensively infuses all the normally banal activities of Palestinians` everyday lives: applying for permission to access one`s own land; applying for what Israel regards as the privilege - rather than the right - of living with one`s spouse and children; applying for permission to drive one`s car; to dig a well; to visit relatives in the next town; to visit Jerusalem; to go to work; to school; to university; to hospital. There is hardly any dimension of everyday life in Palestine that is not minutely managed by Israeli military or bureaucratic personnel."27/6/2008
Narratives Under Siege (17): Swimming in SewagePCHR-" Gaza’s tap water is undrinkable, and its sea water increasingly unfit to swim in. The June 19 Tahdiya was signed in order to cease hostilities between Israel and the Gaza Strip, and eventually end the siege of Gaza. But to date, the crossings remain closed, and Gaza’s most basic amenities, like its sanitation services, are literally being stretched to breaking point. "27/6/2008
The Predicament of Gaza and Palestine: US/Israeli policies and the role of Academia. Conference: July 2-3 2008 Al-Quds University (Abu-Dis campus) 25/6/2008
Quartet gives support to Berlin meeting to help Palestinians (Extra)Deutsche Agentur - M&C - "The Berlin Conference in Support of Palestinian Civil Security and the Rule of Law was focusing on building a Palestinian police and justice sector, which is a part of efforts toward Palestinian state-building." 25/6/2008
Pain at the pump? Think of Gaza. Laila El-Haddad - A Mother from Gaza - "In fact, he was quick to point out that gas is in such short supply now in Gaza that its selling on the black market for 600 Shekels per 20 liters, the equivalent of $35 per gallon. Yes, you read that correctly: ONE GALLON= $35." 25/6/2008
Gaza crossings to remain closed due to rocket attackHanan Greenberg - Ynet - "It was unclear when the transfer of goods into Gaza would be resumed." 25/6/2008
Israeli Prison Authorities are re-interrogating detainees who are about to be releasedIMEMC News - "Attorney Bothaina Douqmaq, head of the Mandela Society [...] was informed that several detainees who finished they terms and are about to be set free, were moved to Salem prison, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and were interrogated there. The detainees are interrogated on charges they already were sentenced for, and are also asked about their opinion on the current political developments in the Palestinian territories"23/6/2008
Gaza awaits easing of Israeli siege Al Jazeera and agencies - "Word on the ground is that the Israelis are not allowing any increase of goods into Gaza, Al Jazeera`s correspondents say"23/6/2008
Israeli army abuses Palestinian prisonersReuters - Yahoo! News - "Soldiers, the [The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel] report said, were frequently violent towards Palestinian detainees, including minors, in many cases after they had been handcuffed and no longer posed a threat"23/6/2008
NewsBBC: Israelis `rehearse Iran attack`; Iran has said it considers a military attack on its nuclear facilities by Israel as "impossible".; Fragile ceasefire holds in Gaza; Israelis hurt in W Bank shooting; Ma`an: The truce holds: Gaza enters third day of calm; Palestinian groups launch campaign to stop expulsion of Palestinians from Jerusalem; Israeli settlers launch Qassam projectile at Palestinian village; IMEMC: Haniyya: “Gaza siege will be fully lifted after 10 days of truce”; Two Injured in Bilin Weekly Protest; Al Khader village stage its weekly protest against the Israeli illegal Wall; Um Salamunah near Bethlehem protest the Wall; Independent: Oil giants return to Iraq: Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil and Total set to sign deal with Baghdad; CNN:Zakaria: Arab world sees U.S. as hypocritical 21/6/2008
In devastated towns near Khan Younis, some return home, others fear Gaza truce is fragileMa`an21/6/2008
Occupation Justice: The case of Dr. Ghassan Sharif HaledOfra Ben-Artzi - Court Watch / Occupation Magazine21/6/2008
After rejecting deportation, female detainee receives extended administrative detention ordersSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News -"This is the ninth extension of her remand since she was kidnapped by the army in August 2006. Since then, Al Hshlamoon was never charged and remained imprisoned under administrative detention orders. Recently, the Israeli prosecution said that Al Hashlamoon can choose between remaining under administrative detention, which could be repeatedly renewed, or be deported to Jordan for three years. "20/6/2008
Narratives Under Siege: (16) Drivers at Sofa Crossing Wait in HopePCHR-"Gaza used to export citrus fruits, strawberries, vegetables and flowers around the world, but now, due to the Israeli siege and closure of the Gaza Strip which has prevented exports and devastated the economy, Gazans are producing a fraction of the goods they used to, and traders are now, ironically, importing fruit and vegetables from Israel. " 20/6/2008
Means of Expulsion: Violence, Harassment and Lawlessness Toward Palestinians in the Southern Hebron HillsB`Tselem Report- "In November 1999, soldiers and Civil Administration officials expelled the cave residents and confiscated their meager belongings. The army sealed caves, destroyed wells and outhouses, and prohibited the residents from returning to the area....Israel contends that expulsion of the cave residents is justified because they are not permanent residents of the area, and that the expulsion is an “imperative military need.” "20/6/2008
Adalah goes to court to allow families from Gaza to visit their relatives in Israeli detentionGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - "... isolating prisoners from the outside world violates their constitutional rights, including the rights to dignity and to conduct a family life, and contradicts international norms regarding minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners." 18/6/2008
Six Palestinians killed by Israeli shells in Gaza on TuesdaySaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The latest Israeli escalation might overshadow the current talks about the possibility of achieving truce which is intended to take place on Thursday morning." 19/6/2008
Video clip of the attack by settlersJewish settlers attacking Palestinians near Hebron, 8 June 200817/6/2008
West Bank attackers arrested in SusiaBBC - Israeli police say they have arrested two Jewish settlers over an apparent assault of Palestinians that was filmed as part of a human rights project.17/6/2008
Shelter from the siegeRami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - Funded by the Culture and Free Thought Society in Khan Younis, the program "attempts to decrease a great deal of the tension that many of our Palestinian children experience, especially because of sporadic Israeli gunfire and domestic violence," al-Farra added. She said that over the past year Palestinian society has seen increasing social and economic problems due to the Israeli blockade and repeated Israeli army invasions, which have had a negative impact on the children`s way of life and behavior.17/6/2008
Palestinians barred from Dead Sea beaches to `appease Israeli settlers`Donald Macintyre - The Independent - The Association of Civil Rights (Acri) in Israel is challenging what it says is the frequently imposed ban by the military on Palestinians seeking to swim or relax at beaches in the northern Dead Sea. The salt-saturated sea is the only open water accessible to Palestinians from the otherwise landlocked West Bank. 16/6/2008
Narratives Under Siege: (15) “We Could not Even Bury our Daughter” PCHR - “The Israelis can see everything from their planes” says Hamdan Al-Najjar. “They could see Aya was alone outside - and they could see she was just a small child. When we finally saw [the remains of] our daughter, there was almost nothing left of her. We could not even bury her properly, because her body had been completely destroyed.” All that Aya’s parents have left of their daughter now is one small, grainy photograph16/6/2008
The shooting of Ibrahim Bornat 15/6/2008
Soldiers opened fire on Ibrahim Bornat using live ammunitionRabbis for Human Rights - Last Friday, during the weekly demonstration against the wall in Bil`in, soldiers opened fire on Ibrahim Bornat using live ammunition and hitting his right thigh. If you will be willing to urgently donate blood for Ibrahim in Ramallah, and your blood type is AB+, please call Sarah at 052399189715/6/2008
PHR-Israel issues public protest after its employee is unfairly interrogated and intimidated by the General Security ServicesPhysicians for Human Rights-Israel update 3.6.08 - "Haj Yehya was was presented with photographs of his house, and the GSS interrogator "Danny" reminded him that details of his personal life are known to them, including where each of the members of his family sleeps in his house, and where his children go to school." 14/6/2008
12 June `08: Soldiers help settlers attack Palestinian putting out a fire near `Asira al-Qibliya B`Tselem14/6/2008
On life in GazaLife in Gaza: One year on BBC video-report; Gaza `genius` helps besieged city survive a year of Israel`s blockade; 12 months of Hamas rule - Donald Macintyre - The Independent; 14/6/2008
NewsPalestinian officials have expressed outrage at Israeli plans to build about 2,000 new housing units in occupied east Jerusalem - Aljazeera; Security Council to discuss resolution against settlements - Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC News; More talk, more fire The Independent; Labor backs Likud bill to dissolve Knesset in bid to oust Olmert - Ilene R. Prusher The Christian Science Monitor; Palestinians barred from Dead Sea beaches to `appease Israeli settlers` - Donald Macintyre - The Independent 14/6/2008
Occupation video-diariesSettler violence exposed - BBC / B`Tselem video project; Settlers at the Door in Hebron - B`Tselem video project; How an IDF Raid Looks Like / Youtube; A pro-Palestine protestor shot "like a mosquito" - youtube / The Observers; Israeli Army Uses Live Rounds on Bil`in demonstrators -13-06-2008 - Youtube + report14/6/2008
Hebron Update: 15 April – 14 May 2008CPT-Update 15 April to 14 May 2008-"Arbour was called to the Al Rahma bakery operated by the Islamic Charitable Society, which supplies bread to their children’s orphanages. He photographed the results of a raid by soldiers during the night— walk-in ovens and heating ducts wrecked, and all raw materials, equipment and most of the inventory confiscated."13/6/2008
Held Back: Students Trapped in GazaGisha - We issue the report as part of Gisha`s campaign on behalf of the rights of Palestinian students to leave Gaza for study programs abroad and as part of our advocacy on behalf of the 1.5 million residents of Gaza trapped by a year-long closure of the Gaza Strip.In the past week and half, we have experienced progress in the student campaign, but severe restrictions are still in place, and we continue to work to change the policy banning students in Gaza from studying abroad and to call attention to the illegal and destructive nature of the year-long closure of Gaza. 12/6/2008
WHAT IS THE UK GOVERNMENT AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY DOING AS ISRAELI MILITARY TARGETS AND DESTROYS MUSLIM CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS IN HEBRON?Mairead Maguire (Nobel Peace Laureate)- We also visited a Boys’ and Girls’ Orphanage both under military orders of closure. The ICS will challenge these closures in court, but in the meantime the Israeli military are systematically during the night, raiding and destroying the buildings. The fear now is that the orphanages and school will be raided and destroyed. In an attempt to stop this Islamic Charitable Society have invited people, including internationals to sleep overnight in these buildings in the hope that the presence of internationals might deter the Israeli military nightly raids of destruction. I join 4 friends in sleeping overnight in the Girls’ Orphanage, and we were alone in this building, as the children have gone to friends for the summer school period. Luckily the army did not arrive, but what will happen when there are no internationals to sleep over? And the world sleeps while this destruction takes place. 11/6/2008
Blair offers support to `trapped` Gaza studentDonald Macintyre - Independent - "Mr Blair said the plight of such students was "tragic" and added: "Both this case and others we will raise with the Israelis and try and get the situation changed."" 11/6/2008
Don`t travel on Route 443: the Apartheid road - silence of the judgesBoaz Okon - Yedioth Aharonoth - Had words been capable of dying of shame, the words "Fabric of Life Roads" would have died long ago. In the 1980`s, a narrow village road was widened into a full-fledged inter-city highway, the present Route 443; in order to achieve that, the land of Palestinian villagers was confiscated; now, these villagers are forbidden to use that route.17/6/2008
Hatred is too heavy a burden to carry Cathy Sultan - EI - ""It is very simple," she replied. "No matter how badly the Israeli soldiers treat us they will never be able to defeat us. Knowing that gives me my strength."" 11/6/2008
Gaza: the Israeli military kills 9-year old girl, a resistance fighter and wounds two other civiliansSaed Bannoura & Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - "The Israeli troops opened fire at Palestinian ambulance cars while they were trying to evacuate the killed and injured. He added that this is the 15th attack by the Israeli army on Palestinian medical staff this month." 11/6/2008
An award for the voiceless in GazaMohammed Omer - IMEMC - "I will continue to tell the truth from Gaza, in the hope that one day we will be free of this deadly siege and be able to travel like any human being." 11/6/2008
Abbas gains some public support after renewing dialogue with HamasPSR - With Abbas taking the initiative by renewing dialogue with Hamas, and with Hamas failing to open the Rafah Crossing or force Israel to agree to a ceasefire, Abbas gains some public support and Hamas’s popularity drops, according to the latest poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. 10/6/2008
Forced to go green in GazaRami Almeghari & IMEMC - Al-Khozendar Electronics in Gaza City has become a recent point of pilgrimage for many Palestinians. The visitors come to observe Gaza`s latest invention of necessity: an electric car. Gazan engineers Wasim al-Khozendar and Fayez Annas recently designed a car that runs entirely on electricity as a solution to the fuel scarcity caused by the nearly a year-long Israeli blockade that has included severe cuts in fuel imports. 10/6/2008
Israeli Ministers call for attack on Gaza, but ceasefire efforts may get another chance Roni Sofer - Y-net - `We must act in Gaza; the question is when and to what extent,` says Shas chairman Yishai. Minister Boim: Hamas under pressure; blockade did its job. On the other hand, Minister Raleb Majadele (Labor) said an Israeli operation in the Strip would be futile. "What will we gain by attacking Gaza? We`ve been attacking there for the past five years and nothing is happening – 1,200 Palestinian deaths compared with 15 Israeli deaths. We must exhaust the negotiation process, because there is no other way. It is better to talk than shoot." 10/6/2008
Two Palestinians killed in Rafah as underground tunnels collapsedGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - The 20-year old Fadi Khalifa and 27-year-old Majdi Khdair were killed in two separate cases of Rafah tunnels collapsing. Israel claims that armed Palestinian groups use tunnels to move weapons into the blockaded Gaza Strip, while locals say that those tunnels are used now to smuggle food and fuel into Gaza. [When state-of-the-art fighter airplanes and other heavy weapons are imported into Israel, none dare call it "smuggling" and no one needs to risk their lives in order to bring the weapons into the country. Ed.]10/6/2008
American Methodists protest attacks on Hebron Islamic Charitable Society Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - The Methodist Council of Churches in the United States called on its representatives at the US Congress to practice pressure on the Israeli Authorities to stop their decision to shut down the facilities of the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron. 10/6/2008
Palestinian salaries delayed as Israel blocks paymentsReuters - Israel withholding tax funds in response to Palestinian PM Fayyad`s lobbying of European Union against upgrading its relations with Jerusalem, Finance Ministry official says; thousands yet to receive May wages 9/6/2008
An award for the voiceless in GazaMohammed Omer - The Electronoic Intifada/New Statesman - Life forced me, from an early age, to face in justice and oppression. I witnessed the killing of innocents and the demolition of houses in Rafah. And so, aged 17, I felt I had to become a journalist. Initially, I could do little more than observe. I had no camera, no computer, only a small notebook in which I wrote down what was happening. I would write articles and keep them as records, for myself. That notebook lies buried beneath the rubble of our demolished house.8/6/2008
NewsOne Palestinian killed, at least 29 injured in [Thursday] night strikes on Gaza - IMEMC; Olmert hints major Gaza operation is imminent - Ma`an; Hamas detainees welcome recent developments for national unity - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News; U.S. rejects Mofaz comments on `unavoidable` Iran strike - Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies; EU VIPs hurt at West Bank protest - BBC; Gush-Shalom Weekly Ad on Obama 7/6/2008
Machsomwatch Alert for April 2008 To Major General (Res.) Ehud Barak Minister of Defense - "You have promised the removal of blockages in order to relieve the Palestinians` `life fabric` in the West Bank. Not one checkpoint has been dismantled, not one earth-mound removed. Barriers have been added, more concrete walls, more metal gates...every barrier you add reduces security and contributes to growing hatred and violence. You are responsible for the symbiosis generated between all security forces in this area and the Jewish settlers. You are responsible for violating the Palestinians` human rights. You bear the responsibility for the separation/apartheid policy practiced in Hebron ..." 7/6/2008
Occupation Diaries(1) Updates of the Rabbis for Human Rights (2) B`Tselem The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories - Israel refuses to issue ID cards to unregistered Palestinians; Justice Ministry skews facts in response to World Bank report7/6/2008
A Man and a Child Killed and 5 Others Wounded Due to the Use of Weapons in a Clan Dispute in HebronPCHR-Field Update-"PCHR is gravely concerned over the continued use of weapons in personal and clan disputes in the context of the state of security chaos prevailing in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. "6/6/2008
Kafin Villagers Want Access to their LandGush Shalom-"Nowadays, the Kafin villagers are allowed only twice a week to cross the gate and get to their lands, which is not enough to carry on the necessary agricultural work. A few days ago they could only watch helplessly as a fire broke out and many of their olive trees were destroyed (and this is not the first fire of that kind!)"6/6/2008
The capital of Palestinian escapism Aleem Maqbool - BBC News - "Some Palestinians suggest this city is a product of an Israeli plot, to create a place for the foreign diplomats and journalists to visit, and wonder what all the occupation fuss is about." 4/6/2008
Israeli soldiers who beat, tortured Palestinian teens receive light sentence, no demotionSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The ruling went against an agreement made between the military prosecution and the soldiers` attorney." 4/6/2008
Education for peaceH.D.S. Greenway - IHT - "But collective punishment to force Palestinians to heel simply has never worked." 4/6/2008
3 Palestinian police stations openYAAKOV LAPPIN - J-lem Post - "This station covers 25,000 people, and will have 30 police officers, half of them armed," he added. The one vehicle in service for the station "is insufficient," Vericat said." 4/6/2008
Israel relents and agrees to let Gazan students travel for Fulbright study; US decides to restore funding Marian Houk - Ma`an - At 9am on Monday morning, Gisha reports, Israel `s Supreme Court will start to hear petitions that Gisha will argue on behalf of two other Gazan students who want to reach their studies, respectively, in the U.K. and in Germany.3/6/2008
Public feelers for Fatah-Hamas reconciliationRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Ismail Haniya Palestinian Prime Minister of Hamas, welcomed remarks by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas over possible conciliation between the rival Fatah and Hamas parties. [Abu Mazen made the remarks on the same day that he met Israeli PM Olmert, who rebuffed Palestinian protests over the new mass settlement plans in East Jerusalem, and who has little chance of political survival. Ed.] 3/6/2008
Fayyad: Israel trampling upon peace processAssociated Press - YNET - After year in office, Palestinian prime minister deeply pessimistic about a peace deal with Jewish state, saying accelerated settlement construction largely strips negotiations on terms of Palestinian statehood of meaning2/6/2008
Ofer Military court extends administrative detention remand of Qalqilia mayor for the third timeSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "Qawwas was supposed to be released on May 22 this year, and just a couple of hours before his release time, he was informed that he received a four-month extension of his administrative detention remand"2/6/2008
Nafha Association: Israeli authorities issued 183 administrative detention orders in MayMaan News Agency - Palestinians in Israeli administrative detention are held without charges or trial for renewable terms, and neither they nor their lawyers are permitted to know the evidence against them.1/6/2008
Testimony: Soldiers blow up door of family home, killing the mother, and leave body with her children, Gaza, May 2008Samira a-Daghameh - B`Tselem - Suddenly, I heard a huge explosion inside the house and saw a red ray of light. I went to where my mother had been standing and found two soldiers inside the house. One of them looked at my mother, who was lying on the floor, and said in Arabic, "great".1/6/2008
Narratives Under Siege (13): "we are still waiting to visit our children in jail"PCHR-Gaza - Every Monday morning a crowd of women gather in the courtyard of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Gaza city. Most of the women arrive carrying a framed photograph of one or two men. When journalists start to arrive at around 10am, the women ask them to take pictures, and to film the vigil. “We have been forbidden to visit our sons, daughters and husbands for a year” says one of the women.1/6/2008
Israeli military threaten to arrest Palestinian farmers for planting olive trees on their landIWPS - Residents of the village of Deir Istiyia in the Salfit governorate of the Occupied West Bank, along with international and Israeli anti-occupation activists on Friday, May 30 attempted to plant 50 olive seedlings on Palestinian-owned land where the illegal Israeli settlement of Revava is attempting to expand its borders. 1/6/2008
At-Tuwani: Israeli military again blocks main access road in South HebronCPT-Email-"The new roadblock greatly expands a pile of roadblock placed by the Israeli army on 28 May. It is the largest in a series of obstructions erected through the past three months. Unlike pervious roadblocks, the new blockage not only prevents vehicle access, but also traffic by foot and donkey. [Recently closures and rising fuel prices have forced more and more Palestinians to use donkeys for travel throughout the Palestinian territories]"6/6/2008
Narratives Under Siege (14): Gaza’s 700 Stranded StudentsPalestinian Center for Human Rights - According to data from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), almost 700 Palestinian students are still waiting to leave Gaza in order to pursue studies, and scholarships, abroad. “This number will increase within the next month, after the schools announce their exam results and Gaza students want to move onto universities” says Khalil Shaheen, a senior PCHR researcher. “All of these students are stranded inside the Gaza Strip because of the Israeli siege and closure, and they are being denied their rights to pursue their education, and their futures.” 5/6/2008
HEBRON: “It happens to us all the time.” Old City teenager detained for no apparent reason.Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - On 20 June 2008, S.,* a Palestinian teenager, was on the roof of his house, which abuts the Israeli settlement of Avraham Avinu, after having retrieved water from a neighbor’s roof. A soldier accused him of stealing money from the Israeli settlement of Avraham Avinu, and told him to come down to the entrance of his house, where a squad blindfolded and handcuffed him.28/6/2008
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