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Life under occupation

Updates of the International Solidarity Movement 27.4.061. Lauren`s Journal: Shaheid means Martyr 2. Teen Shot in the Head in Nablus 3. Timeline of a Nablus Invasion 4. Human Rights Workers` Press Conference: Escalating Settler Violence in Hebron and Open Letter to the Israeli Military and Police 5. JPost: `Volunteers: Settler violence on the rise` 6. Tel Rumeida Journal - Sunday 23/04/06 7. Excerpts from a review of `Letters from Young Activists` 8. Outside The Fence 29/4/2006
AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 16 - 20 April 2006Christian Peacemaker Teams - "Twenty-one family members live in the house that is right next to the bypass road in Zif. Soldiers entered the house around 8:00 am, breaking two windows in the process. The soldiers then occupied the family`s living quarters and said that they would be there four days. ..At about 9:00 pm the soldiers evicted everyone from the house after allowing the family to take out mattresses for sleeping. "29/4/2006
PA: Arrest of Lawmaker Ahmed Mubarak is part of the pressure campaign against government George Rishmawi- IMEMC & PNN29/4/2006
Palestinian dies in Israeli air strike Agence France-Presse - The Jordan Times - " Abbas appeals to EU to unfreeze aid; King orders urgent relief to Gaza " 28/4/2006
That terrible feeling inside From the diaries of Laila El-Haddad, a Gaza journalist - "I feel powerless, even crushed, in the face of an ugly, foreboding, larger than life force that seems to grow and mutate with every passing day. It is everywhere and nowhere at once. And try as you might, you cannot hide from it."29/4/2006
This Week in Palestine - April Week 4 IMEMC - "A nineteen-year-old Palestinian boy drowns while attempting to bypass a closed checkpoint. Bil`in villagers protest Israeli goods in their stores. Israeli forces arrest the wives and mothers of wanted Palestinians as a form of pressure. And Israeli settlers attack international peace activists in Hebron for the third time in three weeks. These stories and more.."29/4/2006
Visiting MohammedLee’s Journal - ISM - " Mohammed, from Askar refugee camp, was shot in the head almost exactly 2 days ago by a rubber coated metal bullet fired from an Israeli military jeep at no more than 20 meters distance. "28/4/2006
Chirac calls for fund to aid PalestiniansAP - Aljazeera.Net- " France has called for the creation of a World Bank fund to pay the salaries of Palestinian officials. "28/4/2006
Gaza assassination: Air Force fires missiles at vehicle carrying Islamic Jihad members Hanan Greenberg - Ynet - "Two Palestinians were killed and several others were wounded after the Air Force fired missiles at two vehicles carrying Islamic Jihad members in the Gaza Strip Thursday morning." 27/4/2006
Palestinian employees are feeling the impact of not receiving salaries Ma`an - "Palestinian people have started to feel the effects after their salaries have been delayed for a second month. The following report reveals some of the stories received from Palestinian workers regarding the delay of their salaries. "26/4/2006
Occupation Justice - Military court at Ofer Camp, 11.4.06 Roni Hammermann - MachsomWatch - "The court room in the military court of the Ofer Camp looks like any other court room. There are judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, translators, typists, docks, defendants and witnesses - as anywhere else. Nevertheless the observer gradually detects in the background a whole system of different value judgments, which receive legitimacy by this respectable court. "26/4/2006
Human rights workers attacked by illegal Israeli settlers near Hebron IMEMC & Agencies - "They also threw stones, punched and kicked a group of Palestinian children playing just outside, and assaulted the 16-year-old owner`s son."25/4/2006
Abbas orders security forces to scrap anti-Hamas rallyYahoo News - "The security forces are still seething over comments by Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal that effectively accused Abbas and his Fatah movement of plotting against the Hamas-led government which took power last month."25/4/2006
Palestinians: Israeli Settlers vandalized our quarryEfrat Weiss -YNet and IMEMC News - "The human rights organization Yesh Din (there is law) received a report on the incident and made a statement that this is “another example of the helplessness of the Israeli legal authorities in the territories in enforcing the law against settlers’ crimes.”25/4/2006
Israel forces kill Palestinian in GazaAl Jazeera - "A Palestinian gunman opened fire along the Gaza border. Soldiers arrived at the scene and exchanged fire with him. We identified a hit," a spokeswoman for the Israeli army said.25/4/2006
PCHR Condemns Extra-Judicial Execution of Two Palestinians by IOF in BethlehemPCHR - Press Release - "Immediately, Israeli soldiers opened fire at the car from a range of less than 10 meters."25/4/2006
Probable Demolition in Sur Bahir tomorrowICAHD - We have been informed that at least one house in Sur Bahir will be demolished tomorrow (24 April). Those interested should plan on arriving quite early as the municipality tends to show up between 6:30am and 8:30am to begin the process. 23/4/2006
Harvest Update - Palestinian Farmers Denied Basic RightsRabbis for human rights - the head of Yanoun was told by a DCO officer that they were not allowed to work. There was no use in arguing with the army because we were told that the farmers would not come back even if the army said they could.23/4/2006
Hebron - A gang of 30 militant Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian grocery shop Indymedia Israel - The settlers flung sharpened metal bars as "spears" through the open doorway smashing produce jars and knocking goods from the shelves. They also threw stones, punched and kicked a group of Palestinian children playing just outside, and assaulted Radi Abu Aeshah (16) who is the owner`s son. 23/4/2006
fundraising for the Shawaora family Taayush - The soldiers tied his hand to the mule`s neck, scared her and rushed her down the dirt road linking between Om-Tuba and Nuaman. Mahmud was found hours later with the left side of his face bruised and bleeding. A few days later he died from his wounds.23/4/2006
At-Tuwani Release: Israelis and Palestinians arrested demonstrating against planned security wallChristian Peacemaker Teams - "Israeli police arrested three Israelis and two Palestinians during a peaceful protest against the planned low security wall. Police and soldiers also assaulted several Palestinians. The proposed wall is an 80cm high concrete barrier on the north side of the road, 14 km long, from the settlement of Tene to the settlement of Carmel. The planned wall would prevent access for Palestinians south of 317 to larger population centers in the north, depress the local economy and accelerate the erosion of basic human rights for the people in the area. "22/4/2006
Vast Israeli Arrest Campaign of Palestinians in the West Bank continues WAFA / IMEMC - "Israeli soldiers launched a large-scale arrest campaign in the West Bank, while intensifying its arbitrary measures around the city of Ramallah and continuing the isolation of northern Jordan Valley for the fourth consecutive week. "22/4/2006
Soldiers attack priests, Christians while celebrating Holy Saturday in JerusalemSaed Bannoura- IMEMC & Agencies 22/4/2006
HR Organisation: 31 Palestinian Children Killed, Wounded and Arrested in a WeekWAFA -- The Palestinian centre for human rights (PCHR) revealed that 31 Palestinian children were killed, wounded and arrested by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) during the last week21/4/2006
News Briefs, 19 & 20 AprilIMEMC & Agencies -- Army arrests five residents near Hebron; Settlers attack schools students in Hebron; Israeli military in Nablus continue arrests of the family members of `wanted` men; Army invades Al Arqa village; Palestinian arrested from Tubas; Army invades Azoun village, east of Qalqilia; Settlers attack Palestinian students in Hebron; Army storms residents` homes in Khresa village near Hebron; Seven residents injured in Nablus invasion; Palestinian arrested from Tulkarem; Israeli military invasions continue in Nablus and more residents arrested; Five residents arrested near Gaza fence 21/4/2006
UN warns of humanitarian crisis in PalestineEI -- "Unlike other humanitarian crises in the world that are notoriously difficult to predict, if PA funding is not forthcoming, many of the dimensions of this one are measurable in advance"21/4/2006
Continuous attacks, another child from Alrowwad injured in Aida CampAbdelFattah Abu-Srour - 19.4.06 - "Since more than 2 hours, the Israeli military jeeps are encircling the camp near the girls school (the second shift of classes for girls age 6 to 9 years old) and the tear gas bombs as well as the rubber bullets empoison the calm in Aida camp."20/4/2006
Palestinian prisoners` dayAlternative Information Center - Prison conditions worsen and attacks against prisoners increase18/4/2006
Gaza on brink of implosion as aid cut-off starts to bite Conal Urquhart - the Observer - "Raji Serani, director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, said that the ultimate effect could be to silence moderate voices. `I have no idea where this will end, but I fear it will be bleak and black,` he said." 17/4/2006
Israel Chief of Staff Major-General Kaplinsky: “If we have to, we will occupy Gaza”Alex Fishman - Yediot Ahronot Sabbath Supplement [Editor`s comment: deja vu] 17/4/2006
Arab residents of Israel barred from entering Jericho Saed Bannoura- IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers barred on Friday and Saturday thousands of Arab residents of Israel from entering the West Bank city of Jericho after Israel announced the Palestinian controlled city as a closed zone to them, yet the decision also affected the Palestinians in the West Bank after Israel isolated the city. "17/4/2006
Israeli destruction of Nablus property and arrests of its citizens continues unabatedAmin Abu Wardeh - PNN / IMEMC - "Merchant Alam Slah told PNN Sunday that his Eastern Market shops were totally destroyed. The destruction occurred during the latest Israeli invasion of the city that has seen nearly nonstop invasions for the past four years, more direct invasions than any other Palestinian city. "17/4/2006
B`Tselem Update , April 2006B`Tselem update, also including: Precedent: Section of Separation Barrier in Jerusalem ruled illegal *** Organizations: Investigate the humiliation of the Jericho detainees *** Targeted killing in Gaza: Grave suspicion of war crime *** Video testimony: Police officers beat and abuse a detainee *** Soldiers disrupt work at factory in the northern West Bank *** Testimony: Soldiers abused high-school student15/4/2006
Bil`in breaks the chainsISM - Palestinians, Israelis and international demonstrators bound themselves together with iron rings, and were led along by other demonstrators bearing US, EU and UN flag symbolising the control and oppression of the Palestinians people by the international community15/4/2006
Two letters A Palestinian woman describes the horrific situation through the eyes of a simple mother and her child who must go to school15/4/2006
Shooting of Nasser SabatinNasser Sabatin, 42, from Husan, was shot in the leg and seriously injured on 1 April 2006. He remains unconscious in Beilinson hospital14/4/2006
Amnesty International Calls for Halt to Gaza AttacksAMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - "On 11 April, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was reported to have stated that “As long as it’s not quiet here [in Israel], it won’t be quiet there [in Gaza.]” 13/4/2006
The Earth is Closing in on UsLeila el Haddad - ISM Media Group - The shells keep falling. They’ve gotten inside my head, so that its not just my house shaking but but my brain throbbing. It’s like someone is banging a gong next to my ear every few minutes; sometimes 5 times a minute, like last night."" 13/4/2006
Israelis arrest Palestinian minister at borderConal Urquhart - Guardian - "Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian cabinet minister as he tried to enter the West Bank from Jerusalem yesterday."10/4/2006
Israel steps up attacks on Gaza military basesEric Silver - Independent, Online Edition - "Israel, frustrated at its failure to stop Palestinian militants firing home-made rockets into the Western Negev, has stepped up its air and artillery offensive on launch sites, training camps and command centres in the Gaza Strip."10/4/2006
9 Palestinians Killed by IOF in the Gaza Strip in Less Than 24 HoursPress Release: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "On Sunday morning, 9 April 2006, a Palestinian civilian was killed as a result of the continuous Israeli artillery shelling on the northern Gaza Strip. This brings the total number of Palestinians killed by IOF in the last two days to 14 and the number of injured persons to 30."10/4/2006
Attacks against Citizens Suspected of Collaboration with Israeli Security ServicesEmail Field Update:Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "The gunmen later claimed that they had shot the two men, because they were believed to be collaborating with Israeli security services." 10/4/2006
Fatah legacy puts Hamas under financial pressure Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "The outgoing Fatah Minister of the Interior, Nasser Yusef, bequeathed the new Hamas administration a volatile new problem by approving a 25 per cent manpower increase in the much-criticised security services between January and March of this year." 6/4/2006
Abbas takes charge of border securityAljazeera - "Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has assumed security control over the Gaza Strip`s border crossings." 6/4/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 5 April 2006IMEMC, WAFA - residents held in the rain near Tubas; two arrested at Dura near Hebron; fifteen arrested, two injured in Nablus; one arrested in Nablus; Far`a camp invaded; woman arrested in Boreen village; night raids in Budrus and Um Shara`it6/4/2006
Israelis target base in Abbas` compoundIbrahim Barzak - Guardian - Israel has attacked a security installation for the first time since Hamas took over the Palestinian government5/4/2006
UN aid workers: Gaza on verge of disasterAkiva Eldar - Ha`Aretz - "A report by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) warns of a lack of basic food supplies due to the frequent closures of the Karni crossing that are preventing goods from reaching Gaza from Egypt. The report also said there has been a significant increase in the number of hungry people since financial aid has been halted."4/4/2006
Palestinian child killed near Ramallah IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian child, and injured two youth, in Qalandia refugee camp, near the West Bank city of Ramallah."4/4/2006
Trying to enjoy a spring day amidst Israeli shellingRami Almeghari -IMEMC News - “ Life should keep going, and that’s why we are here, despite the ongoing shelling, just to be able to enjoy our lives”.4/4/2006
Shells, rockets and leaflets are ammunition in Gaza battleChris McGreal -The Guardian-"The air force also dropped leaflets over Gaza city that read: "Where are the terror organisations leading you? How much longer are you going to allow terrorists to control your lives and your future? The military response will worsen as long as the firing continues."4/4/2006
Hebron Update: 21-27 March 2006Update by the Christian Peacemaker Team4/4/2006
One Palestinian Extra-Judicially Executed and Another Injured and Arrested by IOF in Beit SahourPCHR - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Press Release - " A number of Israeli soldiers, accompanied by trained dogs, went to the fifth floor. They blew open the door of one of the flats and rushed in while firing their weapons. Ra’ed Mohammed Hussein ‘Ebayat, 31, was instantly killed...Also according to eyewitnesses, they heard IOF gunfire only, and no gunfire from other sources. " 3/4/2006
Land Day Actions ( In the West Bank)International Solidarity Movement - " In Beit Sira, about 400 or 500 demonstrators marched down to the village land where they were met by a large presence of Israeli soldiers blocking the path to the area where they wanted to plant olive trees.They were geared up with riot shields, clubs, rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas and live round. "3/4/2006
Separation wall `drowns` Palestinian Laila El-Haddad - Aljazeera- " Raad Taher was rescued by villagers, but his brother Eyad, 26, was found unconscious, caught in the razor-wire of the barrier that separates Bil`in from nearby Jewish settlements. "3/4/2006
15 European diplomats witness violent dispersion of protest by army in Bil`inGush Shalom - 15 European diplomats tour "Separation Fence" at Bil`in Village Villagers and peace activists: Fence steals land on settlers` behalf Diplomats witness violent dispersion of protest by army - will report to their governments2/4/2006
Hawks plan to drive out Hamas militantsUzi Mahnaimi - Sunday Times - "THE Israeli defence ministry has drawn up plans for a massive military operation in the main Palestinian-controlled towns of the West Bank after Tuesday’s elections... "The military aim will be to seize the main Palestinian towns in the West Bank and continue the operation until the last of the militants are dead or under arrest,” said one security source. "1/4/2006
News Briefs 23-24.4.06, from IMEMCIMEMC: Troops storm a Nablus Hospital, attack patients, medical teams; Two fighters assassinated in Bethlehem, one seriously injured; Palestinian man killed in east Gaza Strip 24/4/2006
Updates of the International Solidarity Movement1. Soldiers Beat Non-violent Demonstrators, Arrest Three 2. Settlers Attack 3. Mary`s Journal: Daily Life in Tel Rumeida 4. Corporate Complicity in the Ethnic Cleansing of the Jordan Valley 5. Anamaria`s Journal: Not Welcome Anymore 6. Update on Nablus Incursions 7. Bil`in Demonstration Calls For Boycott of Israeli Products 8. Hamas forms new security branch 24/4/2006
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Completely Isolate the Northern West Bank from the SouthPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "IOF restricted the movement of Palestinians in a way that has not previously been seen since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada... Za`tara checkpoint is currently being developed into an "international" crossing. Za`tara checkpoint separates the northern and southern parts of the West Bank, as well as its eastern and western areas. The checkpoint is part of the Israeli plan, which aims to divide the West Bank into 3 Bantustans. " 24/4/2006
The airport with no planesChris McGreal - The Guardian - "Families in Gaza are relying on jobs that don`t exist - paid for by international handouts" 13/4/2006
Palestinians feel pinch : Cutting aid to the Hamas government is already having an impact on everyday life. Joshua Mitnick - The Christian Science Monitor - "Nofal is one of many Palestinians feeling the pinch of an economic boycott of the Hamas-run Palestinian Authority (PA), as a cutoff in ties by the US, Europe, and Israel touches off a financial crisis that could snowball." 13/4/2006
No medications for the Gaza Strip Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies - "The Palestinian Ministry of Health slammed the Israeli decision to ban the entry of medication to the Gaza Strip, and the American and the European Union decision to halt all aid to the Palestinian people. "11/4/2006
Activist was unlawfully killed in Israel, says inquest jury Terri Judd - The Independent - "A British inquest jury rules Tom Hurndall was deliberately murdered. His parents call on the Government to take further action. His father says he has not lost hope of justice. "11/4/2006
Border Police wound unemployed Palestinian David Nir - "Naser Sabatin, 42 years old, was shot and gravely wounded, on Saturday night, April 1st. He was evacuated by the soldiers to the Beilinson hospital and has been hospitalized there, unconscious. Naser, a father of seven, tried to cross the Green Line to look for work. He has been unemployed for two years. "10/4/2006
More Israeli restrictions on Qalqilia City Palestine News Network / IMEMC - "The bypass roads, checkpoints, land confiscation and Wall construction, which the city of Qalqilia into a prison housing 45 thousand Palestinians, were not enough for the Israeli government. Israeli soldiers and police have lately been imposing restrictions on the Palestinians who come to shop in Qalailia living in Palestinian villages inside Israeli borders such as Kafr Kasem, Jaljoulia, Atirah, and Taybeh. "11/4/2006
The Earth is Closing in on Us Laila El Haddad - "“You know Laila, we’re not just suffocating…we’re asphyxiating. I feel I can’t breathe anymore. And my head is pounding and pounding. All I hear is BOOM boom now.” The Earth is Closing in on Us. And Hadil is dead. "10/4/2006
Israel to boycott inquest into death of British peace activistVikram Dodd - The Guardian - "Israel will boycott an inquest opening today in London which will investigate the death of a British peace activist shot dead in broad daylight by an Israeli soldier. Tom Hurndall, 22, died after being shot in Rafah, Gaza, while trying to lead Palestinian children to safety after the soldier opened fire from a nearby observation tower in April 2003."11/4/2006
Gaza resident: We live in a horror movieAli Waked - Ynet News - "Life in recent weeks is unnatural. It`s a war movie, a horror movie that keeps on becoming more frightening," 27-year-old Osama al-Bidi says.10/4/2006
Israeli troops arrest seven Palestinian womenAgence France Presse - "Israeli troops detained a man and seven female relatives of wanted militants on Wednesday during an incursion into the flashpoint West Bank city of Nablus, security sources said." 20/4/2006
Oslo open to talks with Hamas envoysAgence France Presse (AFP) Daily Star (Lebanon) - "The Norwegian government said Tuesday it was considering meeting representatives of Hamas during their visit to Oslo in May even though some countries have refused to recognize the new Palestinian government."19/4/2006
Activists describe West Bank violence Katherine Cox - The Stanford Daily - “One morning, a Palestinian boy was leaving to go to school and was surrounded by five adult male settlers, one of which put a battery operated power drill to his chest,” Stanley said. “This is a tactic they’ve been using against the children in the neighborhood."19/4/2006
Palestinians demand prisoner releaseLaila El-Haddad in Gaza - Al Jazeera - "Since the beginning of the occupation of Palestinian territories in 1967, Israeli forces have imprisoned more than 650,000 Palestinians - about 20% of the total Palestinian population, and 40% of all Palestinian men."19/4/2006
Hamas MPs barred from Jerusalem after suicide blastEric Silver - The Independent - "Israeli troops yesterday raided the home of Samer Hamad, the young Islamic Jihad bomber who killed nine civilians and wounded about 60 outside a Tel Aviv falafel bar. They arrested his 55-year-old father, Samih."19/4/2006
Israeli airstrike kills two Palestinian gunmenReuters - "An Israeli airstrike killed two Palestinian gunmen on Wednesday near Israel`s border with the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics said." 13/4/2006
Gaza families watch in awe and fear as Israelis pour inConal Urquhart - The Guardian - Abdel Rahim Ghanaim and his extended family have spent the past two weeks sleeping outside their home in the hope that will protect them from Israeli shells12/4/2006
Eleven Children Held Captive by Israeli Army IMEMC & ISM Media Office - IMEMC Web Site -"The hostages are being held in an apartment on the 8th floor of Al-Sharif building in the city, which the army has turned into a sniper nest."8/4/2006
IOF Re-close Karni Commercial CrossingPalestinian Centre for Human Rights -PRESS RELEASE- "PCHR Warns the International Community of an Imminent Health Crisis, and Calls upon It to Pressure Israeli Occupation Authorities to Reopen All Border Crossings and Ensure the Free Passage of Food and Medical Supplies into the Gaza Strip"8/4/2006
Bil`in protests against the Wall Saed Bannoura -IMEMC - "..dozens of residents, Israeli and international peace activists protested against the Israeli annexation Wall in Bil`in and commemorated the resident who was killed recently after he was trapped by the flooded rain water in an Israeli barbed wire installed near the Wall."8/4/2006
News from the Occupation 22 residents arrested in the West Bank, 15 injured in Nablus clashes (IMEMC); Israelis arrest Palestinian minister at border (Guardian); Budrus village, central in Palestinian non-violence, subjected to night raids by Israeli forces (IMEMC); Israeli air force shells two buildings in Gaza (IMEMC); Army uses two Palestinians as human shields in Bethlehem invasion (IMEMC); Bird flu crisis will add to food shortages in Gaza (Jordan Times)7/4/2006
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 30 Mar.- 05 Apr. 2006Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - three Palestinians killed, one during an extrajudicial execution, 27 wounded, shelling of the Gaza Strip, incursions, arrests, settler attacks, continued Annexation Wall construction 7/4/2006
`Don`t worry - it`s just another Palestinian child`sLeigh Brady - The Electronic Intifada - "After hundreds of deaths of Palestinian children, and hundreds of urgent appeals to the international community falling on deaf ears, it is easy to acquire that dangerous "what`s the point in trying?" attitude. As mentioned above, Israel feeds on this."1/4/2006
Israeli military doesn`t waver on shelling populated areasJosef Federman - Associated Press - "The Israeli military said Tuesday that it stood by its new policy of firing artillery shells into populated Palestinian areas in an effort to stop rocket fire at Israel, even after a round killed an 8-year-old Palestinian girl. "12/4/2006
An 8-Year-Old Palestinian Child Killed and 8 Members of Her Family Injured when their Home in the Northern Gaza Strip was Shelled by IOFPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - "PCHR Condemns Retaliation Measures against Civilians"12/4/2006
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