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Life under occupation

Israel must get ready for its own `Irene`Amira Hass - Haaretz - "With or without any connection to September, all the necessary ingredients for a new popular uprising are in place." - id 31/8/2011
Israel Army reopens road near Ramallah, restricts entry into NablusMohammed Mar`i - - Israeli forces on Saturday opened a road near the West Bank city of Ramallah after nine years[sic!] of closure, Palestinian and Israeli sources said. 30/8/2011
Crime and Punishment - An appeal for moral and financial support following a new wave of harassments against The Freedom Theatre by the Israeli armyJacob Gough - Freedom Theater - Due to these cruel and unnecessary arrests The Freedom Theatre has hired a lawyer to represent its members. The fee has risen dramatically and is now around 5000 EUR. We fear that it may increase further as the cycle of Israeli arrests does not seem to end. The Freedom Theatre is unable to allocate this money from our project funding and the families of the innocent arrestees are also unable to cover the fees. We therefore ask our friends and supporters around the world to contribute to the legal costs. 31/8/2011
The loneliness of Gaza`s long-distance runnerDonald Macintyre - Independent - "Just what is preventing al-Masri from leaving Gaza to prepare is far from clear; on the face of it looks like an all too familiar case of "forgotten Gaza" syndrome." - id 31/8/2011
Settlers Uproot Olive Trees, Grapevines, Plum Trees Near Hebron Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Each time the settlers uprooted the lands, Hammad and his brothers, replanted them.25/8/2011
Israeli forces surround Jenin Freedom Theatre for second time in a month; abduct three Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - In Tuesday`s attack, Israeli soldiers forced the Theatre`s Acting General Manager, Jacob Gough, to strip at gunpoint on the street in front of the theatre. When he tried to explain who he was, one of the soldiers told him to "shut up or you will get a proper beating". They then abducted Gough and took him to an unknown location. 25/8/2011
Israeli Video Games in GazaAlison Weir - Antiwar - "Death from a drone strike is not pretty. The small body is charred, ripped apart; internal organs are pouring out." - id 24/8/2011
Barren tables at Ramadan as PA loses $35 million in aid each monthIrin - EI - "...iftar tables in Gaza are often barren, power cuts are frequent and nearly half the population lacks a guaranteed access to adequate nutrition, according to the World Food Program." 24/8/2011
Israel Plans Expulsion of 384 Palestinian Activists From JerusalemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "... they were contacted by the Israeli authorities, and were threatened to be expelled from the city after the holy Muslim month of Ramadan." - id 24/8/2011
We are all victims of terrorist logicYitzhak Laor Haaretz - So this is how the occupation develops into war, which the commentators, in their righteousness, call a war "that neither side wants." Really? Do Military Intelligence and Shin Bet not know that Hamas will fire rockets if the air force kills people in the Gaza Strip? Of course they know. 23/8/2011
Fatah: Reconciliation on hold until SeptemberMa`an News - Reconciliation committees will resume work after Eid-Al-Fitr, the three-day festival after the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the end of August, the Fatah official said in a statement. 23/8/2011
The Light at the End of Our Tunnel Has Yet to Shine Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - So today, we are back to the unenviable situation we have been in so many times before. Instead of focusing on our legitimate bid for statehood at the United Nations, we now find ourselves fending off more attacks from Israel and defending ourselves against unsubstantiated accusations. The seven Israelis who were killed in the Sinai attacks will be used as pawns in Israel’s war against Palestinian independence. And because the West coddles Israel like no other, it will pay off just like it has in the past. 23/8/2011
Have Our Senses Dwindled? Tamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - At the break of dawn of every Friday during the Ramadan month world orders change. From that moment on the laws that regulate the occupation at Qalandiya all these years, every day of the year, that define a person`s "validity", that create a profile with which it is decided whether or not he is a threat- are replaced. Different laws and rules, different in essence and in source, take their place for several hours. 23/8/2011
From Jenin`s Freedom Theater to jailAmira Hass - Haaretz - The military court system`s assembly line had to spit out another convicted Palestinian into the statistics. And so, instead of the Mer-Khamis murder, the investigators and the prosecutor clung onto to Hwayel`s statement during questioning that he had twice spent time in Israel without permission, some time during the last two years. 23/8/2011
Israel Detains Dozens of Palestinians in Hebron, Bethlehem Regions Mikaela Levin - AIC - "The number of detainees is still uncertain; quoting a Hamas official, Ma´an news agency talked about 120 detainees, while witnesses noted between 55 and 75. According to their accounts, Israeli soldiers stormed in the night with a list of names of presumed Hamas associates. Around the same time, another Israeli military unit raided the Deheishe refugee camp in Bethlehem. The AIC could confirm one detention there, a 26-year-old journalist from the Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa TV"22/8/2011
Al Jazeera journalist detained in Israel last week Gili Izikovich - Haaretz - "Government Press Office head Oren Helman stated, "We heard about the matter but it is not within the realm of our responsibilities."" - id 17/8/2011
Udi Aloni: Someone murdered Juliano Mer Khamis 4 months ago. Now the army is trying to murder his legacy. Report from court Udi Aloni: Someone murdered Juliano Mer Khamis 4 months ago. Now the army is trying to murder his legacy. Today I was in court trying to release my student Rami, who plays Pozzo in the Freedom Theater’sWaiting for Godot. Though the judge and the army prosecution agreed that Rami was arrested by mistake, they found a tiny misdemeanor to keep him in prison –- knowing that this might destroy the precarious existence of the theater post-murder of Juliano. After the judge affirmed the defense’s case and denounced the argument of the military police, he added the famous “but” that approved whatever the prosecution wanted. They didn’t let Rami’s mother kiss her son. They didn’t let me give him his script to learn his lines in prison. 17/8/2011
Settlers Torch Dozens Of Dunams Near Homesh Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The repeated attacks by the settlers are part of what they dub as “Price Tag” and include attacking and torching mosques in the West Bank, in addition to attacking farmers and their lands." - id 17/8/2011
Ynet` IDF bombs Gaza, 1 dead // Ma`an: 1 killed, 7 injured as Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza Ynet - Late Monday night, a grad rocket fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in open spaces outside Beersheba. No injuries or damage were reported. But as a siren sounded throughout the city many residents rushed to shelters. The rocket exploded as members of the Trachtenberg Committee were visiting Beersheba`s social protest tent site. Protesters took cover at a nearby educational center.// For Ma`an: 16/8/2011
Silwan Targeted AIC video - Silwan is a Palestinian village in occupied East Jerusalem. Over 55,000 Palestinians live in Silwan, 50 percent of whom are under the age of 18. In recent years, Jewish-Israeli settlers have gradually moved into the neighborhood, bringing with them private security guards; an increased Israeli police and military presence; and an aggressive King David City myth.14/8/2011
Nabi Saleh consumed with raids while fastingFollowing the unusually short demonstration on the first Friday of Ramadan, the Israeli army raided the village of Nabi Saleh just before ISM - Iftar, the Muslim time for breaking fast during Ramadan, resulting in the detaining of a 14 year old boy for approximately two hours and an excessive amount of tear gas in the village. 13/8/2011
Area C feels the effects of Israel`s powerJohn Lyons - The Australian - Palestinian Mayor Abed Kassab says when Israel took control of his village, Jiftlik, in 1967, the population was more than 25,000. It is now 5000. He gives a range of reasons, among them: lack of water and electricity. A tragic aspect of their lack of water is that the pipes providing water to the neighbouring Jewish settlement run through his village, while the village`s spring no longer provides water because Israelis drilled wells below it. bz 13/8/2011
UNRWA operations in Jenin suspended indefinitelyMa`an News Agency - "UNRWA announced on Thursday the suspension of its operations indefinitely in the West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp beginning Friday.UNRWA also appealed to the Palestinian Authority to work on guaranteeing protection and security to all of the agency’s employees and its facilities in order to resume its work soon." ca 12/8/2011
Seven years after the Advisory Opinion of the InternationalOCHA - Barrier Update July 2011 "Because of the extensive humanitarian impact of the Barrier, OCHA has been monitoring and reporting on affected Palestinian communities in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since 2003. The current update summarises the main findings of this research, while outlining developments since the last Barrier report, issued on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion in July 2010. This year, the update will focus on the impact of the Barrier in the East Jerusalem area, in particular on those West Bank communities and households which are now isolated on the Jerusalem side of the Barrier." ca12/8/2011
Mystery surrounds spring discovered near Beit El settlement Chaim Levinson - Haaretz "Conspiracy theories have surfaced that the local council and the IDF colluded to head off the repair of any leaking pipes so that the water spot could serve as a source of recreation." ca12/8/2011
The PA and SeptemberSaleh Al-Naami - Al Ahram Weekly "Determined to petition the UN next month to recognise Palestine, leaders in Ramallah are busy convincing Washington and Tel Aviv that the move is nothing to worry about" ca12/8/2011
While in Gaza: The Other Gilad ShalitsJohnny Barber - The Palestine Chronicle - Unlike Shalit who was taken by Palestinian fighters while on active duty in a tank on the Gaza border, the Israeli’s took Ahmed as he attempted to get treatment for wounds incurred at Israeli hands. Many Palestinians are ‘detained’, or perhaps my email writer’s term is more appropriate, ‘kidnapped’, by Israeli soldiers at checkpoints, from their cars, or from their beds in the middle of the night, and taken to Israel. Although the transfer of detainees to locations within the occupying power’s territory is illegal under international law, all Palestinian prisoners are currently held in Israel. 11/8/2011
Israel uses "primitive, racist" policies against Palestinian prisonersMel Frykberg - The Electronic Intifada - The administrative detention policy is used when Israeli authorities have “secret witnesses” such as Palestinian informants, or has obtained intelligence in a clandestine manner which would not stand up in an Israeli civilian court but are par for the course in Israeli military courts. 11/8/2011
Freedom Theater Actor Still Imprisoned by IDFRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - Rami is still being detained at Jalameh [Kishon, in Hebrew] prison. Udi’s attorney visited him there and found him in good health. It is unclear when he will be freed. Udi says that Rami only thinks of playing Pozzo in the production and isn’t prepared to abandon the role. He asked the attorney to bring him the script so he could continue practicing his lines. 11/8/2011
Population of Gaza fears Israeli invasion in midst of communication blackoutSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Late Tuesday night, residents throughout Gaza lost internet, cell phone and landline phone service, creating a communication blackout similar to one which occurred just before a massive Israeli invasion in 2008." - id10/8/2011
Nablus Area: Army opens one road, delays ambulance at another road Danny Johnes - IMEMC - The Israeli army opened the road from Nablus to the village of An-Naqura, which had been closed for nine years and whose closure caused local residents considerable hardships. But on another road out of Nablus, at the Zatara Checkpoint, soldiers held up a Palestinian ambulance for thirty minutes though it carried severely wounded people (from a traffic accident) needing urgent treatment.9/8/2011
Fayyad: Bring on Statehood, we are readyAl Jazeera in English - "Two years ago, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority set himself a deadline. Salam Fayyad said that by August 2011 he would have in place the institutions and offices that would support an independent state of Palestine.Well those two years are now up, so I travelled to Ramallah last week to ask the PM what progress he had made towards his aim. Surprisingly he told me, “job done”. ca 5/8/2011
Gazan Thalassemic Children Plead For LifeBy Saleh Jadallah - Occupied Palestine Wordpress Palestinian children infected with Thalassemia have called on the international community and human rights organisations to exert pressure on Israel to end its blockade imposed on Gaza since 2007. The Gaza-based ministry of health reported that 75 children are facing a death risk due to shortage of 25 items of drugs needed for Thalassemic patients." ca "5/8/2011
New OCHA report highlights the plight of Palestinians in Area C forced to leave theirOffice for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - UN "Acting UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Ramesh Rajasingham, said, “This new report, based on field visits to 13 communities in Area C, found that in most of these communities Palestinian families are being forced to leave due to the restrictive policies and practices of the Israeli authorities, including movement and access restrictions, settlement activity, and restrictions on Palestinian construction,along with insufficient law enforcement on violent settlers. All of this is increasing the vulnerability of these communities” ca5/8/2011
Narratives under siege: stranglehold on farmers tightensPCHR - In the past, the trucks of the company used to export their goods had refrigerators which kept the goods fresh. He also recalls a time when his produce reached Europe within one day when they were able to use Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing. It now takes two to three days plus one more day for inspection in Israel through Karm Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom). 4/8/2011
In the Jordan Valley, existence is resistance : For Palestinians living amid increasing Israeli repression, simply staying put is a success in its own right.Jillian Kestler-DAmours - Aljazeera - The Israeli army destroyed water wells and confiscated water pumps in three separate Palestinian communities in the northern Jordan Valley on July 12. A few weeks earlier, Israeli military officers and police razed 29 homes in the Bedouin village of Hadidiya, leaving dozens of residents, including 11 children, without shelter in the scorching summer heat. 4/8/2011
The Silent Steel Resistance of Nabi Samuel Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - The village that met us, across from the actual tomb and adjoining mosque (and synagogue to boot) is the epitome of impoverishment. Nothing is allowed here – not one stone can be added to the houses, not one tree can be planted, not one school can be built. The small village is in Area C and the land around the tomb and its surrounding land have all been confiscated and reclassified as a “national park”. Israel has closed off the village to the outside world and has made life well, impossible.4/8/2011
Netanyahu’s Ramadan Greetings Meg Walsh - MIFTAH - And the nightly raid, save for its timing, was not an isolated incident. An Israeli military commander quoted in a recent New York Times article stated that the troops make about six nightly raids in Area A alone. Area A is under Palestinian control during the day, but the Israeli army reserves the right to enter come night time. 4/8/2011
UNRWA: Clear link between settlements and demolitionsMa`an - "Israel only allows Palestinians to build on one percent of Area C under a system UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pilay has condemned as discriminatory. Most demolitions occur in Area C." - id 3/8/2011
Israel Kills Two Palestinians as Raid in West Bank Refugee Camp Goes AwryEthan Bronner - New York Times - The Israeli Army said that its soldiers had gone into Kalandia for “routine arrests.” bz2/8/2011
IDF raids same West Bank town 5 times in last 2 weeksAlex Kane -+972 - Residents of Beit Ommar have already gotten used to military incursions and prevention of access to land – but some residents believe the increase in recent raids is connected to the army’s effort at deterrence ahead of the anticipated popular unrest in September. 18/8/2011
In a New Crime, IOF Kills Disabled Child in Central GazaPCHR - Press Release - According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 18:00 on Tuesday, 16 August 2011, Israeli soldiers stationed at the border northeast of Deir al-Balah opened fire at a Palestinian, who was nearly 400 meters from the border. As a result, he was wounded by 10 bullets in his head and chest. He was left wounded without being offered any first aid. After coordination was made with IOF, at approximately 19:20, medical crews were able to retrieve the body, which was then transferred to al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah. After four hours later, the child was identified as Sa`d Abdul Rahim Mahmoud al-Majdalwai, 17, from al-Nussairat refugee camp. He was hit by 10 live bullets mostly to the head. In his testimony to PCHR, the victim`s father said that his son had been suffering from a mental disability and a speech impairment. 18/8/2011
The defense minister goes green with a new recycling program in GazaGisha - Gestures are all well and good. We can only hope that this time they will actually be implemented in full, and will not end up as unfulfilled promises waiting to be recycled for next time around. 18/8/2011
The `Forgotten Population` Needs a Solution Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Let’s imagine that Bashaar Al Assad’s regime fell tomorrow. The Syrians, in spite of the thousands of deaths, injuries and disappearances they have endured, will rejoice. The Palestinians too will be happy for their Syrian counterparts when the tyrant falls, but that doesn’t mean that their own problems are solved. The refugee problem in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and inside of Palestine deserves a separate and just solution. They are not punching bags for other regimes to pummel. And they should never be forgotten. 18/8/2011
Bethlehem`s taps run dry as West Bank Israelis continue to fill their swimming poolHugh Naylor - - Mohammed Farraj, 16, barely scrounged up enough for a proper wash for his first day working at Bethlehem`s Stars & Bucks Café this week. Luckily for him, his boss, Youssef Juma, 27, was sympathetic. "We had a week without water here," Mr Juma said. "I didn`t bathe." bz9/8/2011
With all the eyes at the Social Protest, soldiers fire gas and bullets randomly into Nabi Saleh`s housesWith all the eyes at the Social Protest, meanwhile a small West Bank village is maltreated by the army. In Nabi Saleh the people hold weekly protests against their lands and water sources being taken over by settlers. This is the opportunity to "teach them." A video and a press release [ed] 9/8/2011
Israeli police remove worshipers from Al-AqsaMa`an News - Israeli police forces raided the Haram Ash-Sharif complex after the Tarawih, the additional extended prayers performed during the holy month of Ramadan after the last obligatory prayer, Ma`an`s reporter said. 8/8/2011
Freedom Theatre Update: First rule about being arrested by Israel is..The Freedom Theatre - Press release - Rami is the third member of The Freedom Theatre that has been taken by the Israeli army recently. On the 27th of July at 3:00 in the morning the Head Technician Adnan Naghnaghiye and the Chairperson Bilal Saadi were captured by a large group of Israeli soldiers. The consequences of these actions only result in more damage to The Freedom Theatre. The theatre once again calls on its friends and supporters around the world to act in order to stop this outrageous harassment by the Israeli army against a cultural establishment. 8/8/2011
Gaza: Five Reasons Israel Should Cease its Attacks on GazaJulie Webb-Pullman - Dissident Voice - Israel has provided the flimsiest of evidence that either the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), or any Gazans at all, were responsible for the attacks near Eilat that killed eight Israelis on Thursday. To claim that Kalashnikov bullets found at the scene are evidence of Gazan involvement because Kalashnikovs are also used in Gaza is a trifle disingenuous and simplistic, given that Kalashnikovs are also used in Israel itself, Egypt, and another 70-odd countries around the world. 23/8/2011
Two Palestinians Killed By Army Fire Near RamallahSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Local sources reported that a large military force invaded the camp on Monday at dawn, stormed into and violently searched several homes causing excessive damage, and leading to clashes with the residents who hurled stones and empty bottles at them"1/8/2011
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