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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Youngest Palestinian prisoner released from Israeli detention centre / Israeli troops invade a village near Jenin and open fire at civilians / Four Palestinians kidnapped in Hebron during Israeli Invasion 31/12/2007
Eid al-Adha in PalestineDaphne Banai - `How long will we continue to trample on the lives and dignity of these people? `30/12/2007
Welcome to HebronRoni Hammermann -- MachsomWatch29/12/2007
Alasra centre for research warns of the continuous medical negligence in the Israeli detentionsAli Samoudi - IMEMC - "According to Alasra, scores of kidnapped Palestinians are dying as a direct result of the medical negligence policy in Israeli detention centres. "29/12/2007
In Gaza, Santa Is Insolvent Mohammed Omer - - "All forms of celebration are absent," he says, raising his empty palms skyward. "We Christians and Muslims all live in fear and instability. The Israeli tanks, bulldozers, and warplanes have laid siege on us all." 29/12/2007
Urgent protest to PM Olmert on the hunger strike of Nura Jaber elHashlamon 29/12/2007
Twilight Zone / Deer hunters Gideon Levy - Ha`aretz - [The coincidence of two cases of hikers killed in the West Bank - Israelis shot by Palestinian militants in the one case, Palestinians shot by IDF soldiers in the other - shows the disparity in media coverage. The present case needed the specific attention of Gideon Levy, who takes up issues which other journalists show no interest in, and was definitely not dealt with by the industrious Ambassador Danny Gilerman in the UN, who had much to say on the other. Ed.] 29/12/2007
At-Tuwani Update: 1 December-15 DecemberCPT-At Tuwani Update-"The people of At-Tuwani had some unexpected `guests` today. Apparently people in Ma`on organized an `educational` hike for Israelis to acquaint these Israelis with the settlements and all the land that they think will be theirs. They hiked from Susya to Ma?on and were all wearing back packs. They looked like middle class Israelis out on a hiking trip. They casually walked through the village, seemingly without fear, taking pictures of buildings and caves. "28/12/2007
Gaza sanctions: High Court asks State for clarficiationsAviram Zino - Ynet - ""The court`s ruling proves the flaws in the State`s decision to punish first and deal with the humanitarian consequences later," said Sari Bashi of Gisha"26/12/2007
what has happened with them sinceAya Kaniuk - link to, Reports from the West Bank. 25/12/2007
Bethlehem at Christmas 2007Link to YouTube. Produced by: Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC 25/12/2007
Palestinian shepherds forced to move onIRIN -- EI -- "The Israel Civil Administration said the land the Palestinians were living on was an archaeological site under state auspices, and the villagers had been given warnings about the impending evacuation. [?] When the villagers told the soldiers they had nowhere to go, the response was: `That`s not our problem. This is state land.`"24/12/2007
Bethlehem checkpoint, 4:00 AMA short video 23/12/2007
Sealed Off by Israel, Gaza Reduced to BeggaryScott Wilson - Washington Post - The batteries are the size of a button on a man`s shirt, small silvery dots that power hearing aids for several hundred Palestinian students taught by the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza City. Now the batteries, marketed by Radio Shack, are all but used up. The few that are left are losing power, turning voices into unintelligible echoes in the ears of Hala Abu Saif`s 20 first-grade students. 22/12/2007
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel Gaza Update 19 Dec 2007PHR-I Press release - Relief Web - Eighteen urgent new medical cases are currently handled at our offices. The majority of these have waited for weeks without receiving any response - negative or positive - from the Israeli authorities. 22/12/2007
Adalah to Supreme Court: Using water resources to exert pressure on Arab Bedouin to leave the unrecognized villages in the Naqab is illegalAdalah-Newsletter-“These families have not left their land and have not relocated to live in other areas, government-planned towns established by Israel … The main basis for denying the requests of these residents [for access to drinking water] is to exert pressure on them to relocate to these government-planned towns, which violates their basic right to dignity, solely in order to advance Israel’s policy. Not providing the unrecognized villages with drinking water is in practice a severe and totally illegal punishment,”21/12/2007
Muslim feast day marred by Israeli military restrictionsCPT-Hebron Release-"By 6:45 a.m. the streets of Hebron’s Old City were filled with families trying to make their way to the mosque. The crowd waiting to go through the checkpoint swelled at times to thirty or more people waiting at any one time, amongst them young children and elderly worshippers. Those waiting became increasingly restive and angry, but there were no incidents of violence." 21/12/2007
Baby doll permit Lama Hourani - Gaza Sunflower - ""Mummy, do you think that the baby boy doll needs a permit at Hawara checkpoint?".....Every time Luai wants to ask about going from one area to another he raises the questions: Do we need a permit? Are we allowed to go to this area? Will we face the Israeli soldiers and how many checkpoints will we have to cross?" 20/12/2007
World pledges $7.4 billion to PalestiniansElaine Sciolino - IHT - "The United States pledged $555 million, up from $75 million this year."19/12/2007
The occupied Palestinian territories: Dignity Denied International Committee of the Red Cross - "Throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, in the Gaza Strip as well as in the West Bank, Palestinians continuously face hardship in simply going about their lives; they are prevented from doing what makes up the daily fabric of most people`s existence. The Palestinian territories face a deep human crisis, where millions of people are denied their human dignity. Not once in a while, but every day." Download pdf document 1.87 MB.18/12/2007
Where Dignity is Denied: An Inside-Out Crisis in GazaLaray Polk - the Counterpunch - "ICRC director of operations for the Middle East, made it clear why the organization has become decidedly vocal: "Why do we call for political action? Because actually we do not think that humanitarian aid can solve the problem. In Gaza the whole strip is being strangled, economically speaking, life there has become a nightmare."18/12/2007
Checkpoints plague Palestinian economy - 17 Dec 07 Link to YouTube- Al Jazeera`s David Chater travelled to two West Bank cities to speak to businessmen and families about conditions there. Video length: 2:40 18/12/2007
Gaza`s donkeys in demand as fuel crisis mounts Donald Macintyre in Shajaia, Gaza - The Independent - "Israel is not hurting Hamas with these cuts. They are not affected. It is we the people who are suffering." 18/12/2007
Gaza blockade worsens healthcare Motasem A Dalloul - Al Jazeera - " Many of Gaza`s hospitals have fallen into a state of disrepair, leaving 1.5 million people with few healthcare options. Israel has barred their travel to the West Bank, Israel or Egypt for treatment... There are 66 dialysis machines in the hospital. More than 30 of them do not work because they need spare parts that Israel has not allowed the ministry of health to import due to the sanctions imposed on the Strip"18/12/2007
Hisham El Aza- Tel-Rumeida call for help 17/12/2007
Israeli police seize 65 undocumented Palestinian workers in Tel Aviv / Israeli forces abduct two Palestinians near Bethlehem / Israelli authorities shut down youth festival in Jerusalem 17/12/2007
Politicians held as Israel cracks down on Hamas raidsEric Silver -- The Independent -- "Israeli troops have arrested 24 Hamas activists in Nablus and other West Bank towns, with many of those grabbed from their beds politicians and intellectuals rather than the gunmen usually snared in the nightly raids by Israel since Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June. Among those rounded up was Ahmed al-Hajj Ali, a member of the Palestinian legislative council, bringing to 46 the number of MPs now in Israeli custody" 17/12/2007
Israeli sanctions ‘will ruin plans to rebuild Palestinian economy’James Hider -- The Times -- “`Without the political dimension, without sufficient pressure or concern to change the Israeli policy . . . the extra money is going to be of very little help,` Mike Bailey, of Oxfam, said in Jerusalem. `Development aid and investment into economic growth for the Palestinian state is going to be severely undermined, if not completely negated, by the current movement and access restrictions that we see within the West Bank and around the borders of Gaza`”17/12/2007
More than 600 Palestinians killed in extrajudicial killings since 2000Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - when we think of crimes against humanity, we must be aware that governments and governmental groups can be more dangerous than individuals in this regard. Governments have the most power to inflict harm and are most likely to be recidivist. This kind of terrorism is the most dangerous brand.16/12/2007
Dr. Sarraj, meeting with a group of Israeli peace activistsGush Shalom - Local water is undrinkable. Israel does not let in bottled water. Nor does Israel allow the importation of water pumps. (...) The severely sick cannot reach a hospital - neither in Israel, nor in Egypt or Jordan. The few permits issued are often delivered after a fatal delay (...) Palestinians who have contracts to work abroad are not allowed to leave. Some Palestinians were allowed to leave through Israel on the way to Egypt, but were not allowed in by the Egyptian authorities and returned to Gaza. (...) Prices in the Gaza strip have risen sky-high - fivefold and even tenfold. Life is now more expensive in Gaza than in Tel-Aviv.15/12/2007
Red Cross: Israel is holding Palestinian population hostageSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) criticized the Israeli closure and occupation of Palestinian land, which has left hospitals unable to treat the sick and injured, and has left farmers unable to work their land. The Red Cross called on Israel to "lift the retaliatory measures which are paralyzing life in Gaza", and to stop targeting the civilian population. 15/12/2007
Paris Conference - billions promised, doubtful results Ma`an News Agency - Paris - The Paris donors` conference, which aims to bring in financial support for the Palestinian territories, begins on Monday 17 December. The United Kingdom and the United States are supposed to be pledging almost one billion dollars in aid, and the host - Sarkozy`s France - an unspecified additional sum. So far, little of this bounty is to be seen among in the miserable Palestinian daily life. 15/12/2007
Gaza: another day of routine bloodshedMa`an News Agency - Gaza - All on one day: three militants killed in an Israeli air strike, four mourners killed by a grenade thrown by unknown Palestinian assailants on the funeral of the victims of an earlier Israeli attack, three children wounded in an Israeli shooting on another such funeral... 15/12/2007
Skirting Holy City produces Hellish journey around holy cityOakland Ross - THE TORONTO STAR-"People can come from anywhere in the world and go to Jerusalem," says Hindi, "but I cannot....Before, we could travel freely," says Hindi. "Now, we are going more than 180 degrees around Jerusalem." As a result, what was once a straightforward trek has become a circuitous journey that costs about $4.50 each way and extends more than 50 kilometres." 14/12/2007
At-Tuwani Update: 1 November – 30 November 2007CPT Hebron - "Every school day, the team monitored the Israeli army escort of children coming to and going from the Tuwani school. The team accompanied Palestinian shepherds and farmers plowing and sowing, in fields near the Israeli settlement of Ma’on and the settler outpost of Havot Ma’on. They also accompanied Palestinians picking olives. The team monitored several temporary Israeli military checkpoints beside Road 317. The checkpoints restrict movement on the Palestinian road leading from At-Tuwani north to Yatta." 13/12/2007
Israel`s Palestinians speak out Nadim Rouhana - The Nation - "During Israel`s establishment, three-quarters of a million Palestinians were driven from their homes or fled in fear. They remain refugees to this day, scattered throughout the West Bank and Gaza, the Arab world and beyond. We Palestinian citizens of Israel are among the minority who managed to remain on our land. Like many Mexican-Americans, we didn`t cross the border, the border crossed us. "13/12/2007
`Holiday Greetings` – Massive Home Demolitions in the Israeli Negev.Yeela Raanan - Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages - "Yesterday, the seventh day of Hannuka and the second day of the fast before the Moslem holiday of El Adha, Israeli police accompanied bulldozers in a horrific day of demolitions in the unrecognized Bedouin Villages in the Negev. 27 homes were demolished – 27 families were left homeless, with broken dreams, anger and pain towards the government that does not allow them to live in dignity. " 13/12/2007
Detainees families hold a protest in front of the Red Cross office in TulkaremIMEMC Staff - "There are at least 10.000 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel, among them hundreds of women and children. More than 190 detainees died in Israeli prisons since 1967; most of them died of medical negligence and torture." 12/12/2007
Blair sleeps in Bethlehem to show Holy Land safeReuters - Ynet - ""I`m trying to illustrate that message by coming ... To spend the night here in Bethlehem," Blair told a news conference at the hotel. "It`s a safe and good place to come and visit."" 12/12/2007
Head of Birzeit University student council sentenced to 1yrRight to Education Campaign11/12/2007
Nibal. Ayoub`s mother Link to a video on a prisoner`s mother telling about her encounter with a violent soldier - by Tamar Goldschmidt - - Reports from the West Bank.11/12/2007
The grim reality in GazaMohammed Omer - New Statesman - "..cement – already scarce for building – is no longer available even for graves of the many recently dead...Gazans now experience the bitter cold in the same homes unprepared for extremes, and the bitter realization that, once again, they have been left to the whims of imprisonment, Israeli air and ground attacks, and a staggering invisibility in the international realm. "11/12/2007
Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP) -- Newsletter November 2007WOFPP -- There are, at present, about 95 women political prisoners in the Israeli jails10/12/2007
Only 41 percent of Gaza`s food import needs being metElectronic Intifada/IRIN - Food imports into the Gaza Strip are only enough to meet 41 percent of demand, the World Food Program (WFP) has said, though critical UN humanitarian food supplies are being allowed in.9/12/2007
The inner light shines on Susya, Hanukka 2007Ehud and Ariela - Bnei Avraham - Friday. Fourth candle of Hanukka. Ehud and I drive out from (our home kibbutz) Shoval on a routine visit to our Palestinian friends of Tuwane and Susya, 40 minutes to our east. ... Arriving at Susya we detect a chopped-down olive grove along the tiny ravine not far from the dwelling tents of Susya`s few villagers. 32 fruit-bearing trees, faithfully tended by their owner, cut down.9/12/2007
Gaza patient dies untreated. Hamas asks Egypt to break siegeRami Almeghari - IMEMC - Zuhair Hussain, a cancer patient in his sixties - denied acces to Israel for treatment - dies.8/12/2007
Fuel crunch adds to misery in Gaza Associated Press - Ynet - The United Nations has asked Israel to resume full fuel shipments and expressed concern about the station owners` protests. And Israeli human rights groups went to court trying to block the sanctions. "These cuts are designed to gradually and deliberately decrease the level of economic and humanitarian activity that can take place in Gaza at the expense of 1.5 million people who have no way to defend themselves," said Sari Bashi, director of Gisha, one of the rights groups.8/12/2007
Palestinian farmer killed by IDF fire in Gaza, official saysAli Waked- Ynet News -"The 30-year-old farmer, later identified as Bahajadth Abu Daka, was shot from an Israeli army position along the border fence, and another farmer, his cousin, was wounded, according to Dr. Moaiya Hassanain of the Gaza Health Ministry. The Palestinians said the farmers were several hundred meters away from the border fence when they were hit, adding that they had not posed any threat to the soldiers."7/12/2007
IOF Impose additional Collective Punishment Measures and Reduce Gaza’s Fuel SupplyPalestinian Centre for Human Rights-Press Release-“ No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited. Pillage is prohibited. Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited.” 7/12/2007
Head of Student Council accused of belonging to an `illegal` organisationBir Zeit University - "Right to Education Campaign - Under Israeli military law, all student blocs are outlawed making membership to any student branch of a political party illegal, and subjecting thousands of students to arbitrary arrest. In practice, this sweeping power is used by the army as a tool for persecuting certain parties while giving favourable treatment to others. This policy serves to criminalise political activity in the occupied territories and to inflame political tensions amongst student groups, and by extension, amongst their political parties." 6/12/2007
Gazans bury dead after Israeli raidAl-Jazeera - The Israeli army has killed 11 people in Gaza since Tuesday, when the Annapolis peace initiative started in the United States.2/12/2007
Izbat at Tabib and Azzoun villagers remove roadblocks - army reacts violently Azzoun, villagers spontaneously removed the concrete roadblock by the main village entrance. With the help of a truck, villagers pushed and laboured to move one of the many stone blocks, with the end result that for about one hour they were able to enter and exit the village as they wished. The hour of freedom ended with five military vehicles entering the village, announcing their presence by firing sound bombs and flares as they declared over loudspeakers that the village was under curfew.1/12/2007
Marda placed under curfew during yet another invasionISM - Reports, Salfit Region - [This report is significant not becuase it is in any way exceptional but precisely becuase it is a very common sample of the daily routine in this and many other West Bank villages. Ed.]1/12/2007
Supreme Court: Gaza fuel cuts OK, wait with electricityIn the court`s decision, Suprerme Court President Beinisch wrote: "Concerning the petition against the reduction of fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip we were not convinced that the decision harms humanitarian needs in the Strip and the operation of the generators for water pumps and electrical facilities in the area." Meanwhile, more than 100 of Gaza`s 150 gas stations have already shut down.1/12/2007
Gaza`s child labour on the rise Owen Fay - Al Jazeera - "With 70 per cent of people in Gaza living below the poverty line, children are being forced to take on the role of provider for their struggling families." 5/12/2007
Israeli army kidnaps 20 Palestinians from a village near RamallahGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - "Witnesses added that during the search Israeli troops damaged residents` personal property and assaulted some family members of the kidnapped men."5/12/2007
Palestinian civilians as political currencyJESSICA MONTELL - J-lem Post - "It took 10 days to convince officials that the emaciated, bedridden young man posed no security threat. When his ambulance was finally let through the checkpoint, it was too late. He died several hours after entering Israel." 5/12/2007
In the same prison together Sonja Karkar - EI - "Sing as we might this Christmas, the hopes and dreams of all the years is unlikely to be met in Bethlehem for those who live there."26/12/2007
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