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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Palestinians fear two-tier road systemEthan Bronner- The Herald Tribune - Built largely on private Palestinian land, the road was first challenged in the Supreme Court in the early 1980s when the justices, in a landmark ruling, permitted it to be built because the army said its primary function was to serve the local Palestinians, not Israeli commuters. In recent years, in the wake of stone-throwing and several drive-by shootings, Israel has blocked Palestinians` access to the road. 31/3/2008
The Great Lake of GazaSUZANNE BAROUD - Counterpunch - I recently spoke with Dr. Suma Baroud about the range of problems and health issues that result from the existence of run-off areas such as the great lake. She explained, "As a medical practitioner working in the field of primary health care in the Khan Younis region for the last 10 years, I have learned from my anecdotal observation that there are a myriad of overwhelming problems and ailments inflicting the health of Gaza residents, especially children as a result of the ever-growing lakes of sewage like that of the `great lake` or the `Majari` as we call it.31/3/2008
Israeli forces seize eight Palestinians in the West Bank Ma`an News - Israeli forces seized eight Palestinians in the West Bank on Sunday night and Monday morning, witnesses and security sources said. Israeli military vehicles invaded the towns of Beit Rima and Deir Nidham, near Ramallah on Monday, witnesses said. The Israeli forces entered at 1:00am, firing sonic bombs before seizing two young men31/3/2008
Hebron prayer concernChristian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - Christian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron is calling for Christians around the world to make Sunday, 30 March a day of prayer for the orphans of Hebron.30/3/2008
West Bank faces toxic waste crisis Mel Frykberg - Aljazeera - "The West Bank has become a dumping site for hazardous waste - which is making residents sick, say Israeli and Palestinian environmental groups."29/3/2008
Occupation DiariesSecurity forces interrogator threatens to jail 13-year-old girl who touched the separation fence - B`Tselem; Israeli army denying cancer patient vital treatment - Amnesty International; Update on the Engabi Family, evicted from their Hebron Old City dwelling - CPT; Don`t say we did not know 101&102 - on persecution of Palestinians in South Hebron Hills by settlers and army - Amos Gvirtz29/3/2008
Houseless on a HillsidePennie Quinton - IMEMC 29/3/2008
Israeli soldiers and settlers invade Palestinian home in Old CityCPTHebron - On Wednesday, March 19, 2008, Israeli soldiers violently evicted the Egnabe family from their home in Hebron Old City. Israeli police arrested the father, Muhammad Egnabe, and B’tselem* field worker Issa Amro, who was documenting the eviction. The mother, Fatima Egnabe, who is pregnant, fearing arrest, called out, “They’re going to arrest me. O.K., I’ll have my baby in jail.” However, the police allowed her to remain with her three children. The children cried and screamed as the Israeli forces threw the family’s furniture out of the house. 28/3/2008
Currency pressures add to economic and political despair Sam Bahour - Bitterlemons - It is here important to note that the Palestinian economy is not only an Israeli-occupied one, but a donor-driven one. International assistance, which at the best of times barely props up the economy, comes to Palestinians mainly in dollars. Thus, every dollar donated to Palestinians in the past two years, when the dollar has lost almost a quarter of its value, has brought much less in terms of real value, in turn causing serious strain on the general Palestinian Authority budget. 28/3/2008
Female Detainee on hunger strike since 17 daysIMEMC - Al Hashlamoon is detained in Al Ramla Israeli prison and subjected to ongoing violations which include ongoing solitary confinement, barring her from receiving proper food, and barring her from showering or even changing her clothes. 28/3/2008
Normality in the West Bank Maria Urkedal York - Electronic Intifada - When I ask students who have to pass through checkpoints everyday to get to their university if they feel afraid, most of them will answer that no, they are usually not afraid. Going through the procedures of waiting in line with hundreds of other people in order to be let through to the other side, only a few meters away, has become normal, a necessary routine for many. They have had to go through it so many times. But not being afraid does not mean that you do not feel humiliated, angry, sad and tired. 27/3/2008
Israeli army denying cancer patient vital treatmentAmnesty International - Karima Abu Dalal, 34, suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer which can be cured if appropriate treatment is provided in time. Her condition has deteriorated recently and she now has difficulty breathing and walking. Her doctors in Gaza consider that her survival depends on her being removed urgently to Israel for treatment at an advanced medical centre. 27/3/2008
Gaza`s situation: frustration and determinationRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "Near the women`s exhibition of homemade craftwork and foods, the local chapter of the Committee for Breaking the Siege held a symbolic funeral procession for Gaza`s local factories."26/3/2008
Palestinian political reconciliation campaign to march for unity on WednesdayMa`an - "Scouts, Palestinian dignitaries, and representatives of more than 160 politically unaffiliated NGOs will take to the streets in a rally to call for rival Palestinian factions to unite." 26/3/2008
Abu Alkass Mini-Market, Gaza cityNarratives Under Siege (7)- PCHR - ""Two years ago we had twice as many goods for sale."" 26/3/2008
5 Palestinians died awaiting treatment - many more don`t even try[[1]] Dan Izenberg - Jerusalem Post - (...) the army refused to allow the baby`s parents to accompany her, on security grounds. As a result, the baby lost her appointment. The family then arranged another appointment in which she was to have been accompanied by other family members. However, she died three days prior to the appointment. [[2]] PHYSICIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS - Many patients in Gaza, knowing the current situation at the crossings, prefer to forego the hopeless process, and die at home, their stories untold and their voices unheard. 25/3/2008
Jenin I: Arab-American University under siegePNN - Israeli forces have besieged the Arab – American University near Jenin City. At least 30 students have been arrested. All roads in the area are closed. Israeli forces “set up barriers and aircraft began flying low and soldiers were jumping out. Journalists were unable to get close, while one photographer was severely beaten. All were threatened with arrest and beatings if they did not leave, including from Reuters and Al Jazeera.25/3/2008
Jenin II: Barak okays deployment of 600 PA officers in JeninRoni Sofer - Ynet - The IDF will maintain military control of Jenin, while the PA officers will be in charge of enforcing law and order in town [sic!].25/3/2008
The curse of the Nablus dream houseAleem Maqbool - BBC - Six years ago, Abdul-Latif Nasif and his two brothers built their family home on one of the hills over-looking the West Bank city of Nablus. Less than a month after it was finished, Mr Nasif says Israeli troops banged on the door and came in with dogs and guns, telling all his family to gather in one room.23/3/2008
IMEMC News from the Occupied Territories Abbas: “Peace process needs truce, and halting settlement activities” ---Efrat settlement near to expand soon---Israeli settlers confiscate a Palestinian privately owned store in East Jerusalem--- Army attacks Bil`in weekly protest21/3/2008
PCHR Weekly Report: 4 Palestinians killed, 15 wounded by Israeli forcesSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - ` According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)`s Weekly Report, during the week of 13 - 19 Mar. 2008, 4 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces. 12 Palestinians, including 3 children, a woman and a mentally disabled person, were wounded by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, and 3 civilians, including 2 human rights defenders, were wounded by Israeli forces in the West Bank. `21/3/2008
US: Israel must stop discriminating against Arab-AmericansYNET - ` State Department says US repeatedly told Israel that Palestinian Americans must be treated like any other US citizen at border crossings; However, Spokesman McCormack says issue is a `continuing problem` 21/3/2008
In prison, who knows why? Mohammed Omer - The Electronic Intifada - Fatima had gone to an Israeli hospital to seek treatment, and had a permit for it, her family members say. But at the checkpoint they arrested her and threw her in jail. She joins thousands of Palestinians inside Israeli jails. Prisoners` families are not always told why they are in prison, whether they have been charged, or convicted, and when, if ever, they will be released.20/3/2008
Israeli Military demolishes 11 Structures in the Southern Hebron HillsCPTHebron - On the morning of 19 March, the Israeli military demolished 11 structures in the agricultural villages of Qawawis, Imneizil, Ad Deirat and Umm Lasafa. Nine of the structures demolished were homes and two were livestock enclosures. 20/3/2008
Barak orders closure ahead of PurimYAAKOV KATZ - J-lem Post - "The IDF began on Tuesday to impose a full closure on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip slated to remain in effect until Sunday." 19/3/2008
From Jersey to Dheisheh: A Love StoryMaysoon Zayid - This Week in Palestine - Author Mourid Barghouti once wrote that Palestine “is not the golden map hanging on a golden chain adorning the throats of women in exile.” I mean, think about it; do Canadian chicks wear the shape of Canada on their necks? What about Norwegians? What shape is Norway? Before I ever went to Palestine, I knew Palestine. It was all that my dad ever talked about.18/3/2008
Symbolic funeral to 3,900 closed Gaza factories Ma`an News Agency (Gaza) - The Popular Committee Against the Siege of the Gaza Strip staged a symbolic funeral to 3,900 factories closed as a result of the ongoing blockade, which left behind 100,000 workers bereaved and unemployed. Legislative Council (PLC) member Jamal Al-Khudari, who heads the Committee, said that 80% of the residents of the Gaza Strip inhabitants are now living under the poverty line after unemployment mushroomed. 18/3/2008
Haniyeh passes Abu Mazen in Palestinian opinion pollsPalestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research/Ma`an News Agency - Palestinian opinion polls show deposed Prime Minister Isma`il Haniyeh of Hamas for the first time slightly passing president Mahmoud Abbas in popularity ratings - 48% to 47% - a result attributed in part to Hamas` breaking down the border wall between Gaza and Egypt. However, were Marwan Barghouthi to contest the elections against Haniyeh, he would win by 57% to 38%.18/3/2008
23 Palestinians captured by army, militants escape ambush near JeninGhassan Bannoura/Ali Samoudi - IMEMC - A total of 23 Palestinians "wanted by the army" were captured by the army in pre-dawn raids at Jenin, Qalqilia, Nablus, Tulkarem, Ramallah and Bethlehem. In Zababda Village, a group of Islamic Jihad militants avoided the Israeli ambush set for them, and soldiers vented their frustaration by wanton shooting at a mosque and a Catholic monastery (without causualties). 18/3/2008
`Police allowed rioters to hurt us’Aviram Zino - Ynet - Residents of Jabel Mukaber upset at police a day after rightists riot in village. “They stood in front of the houses in good positions, but took their time detaining the settlers who were hurling stones.”18/3/2008
Sixty Years of DispossessionZiad Abbas - MECA Newsletter Winter 2008 - "This year, it will be sixty years since al-Nakba—the Catastrophe. Sixty years since we Palestinians became refugees. More than six million Palestinian refugees are still living far from their villages, towns and cities as a result of the Zionist invasion that uprooted them from their homeland in 1948. Generations have been born, have grown up, and have died in refugee camps, but the international community still continues to ignore the political rights of the Palestinian refugees."15/3/2008
A letter from a mother in Gaza to a mother in Sderot Najwa Sheikh - Electronic Intifada - I cannot deny the fact that life becomes very difficult in such circumstances when you realize that you and your family are in danger at any moment; I fully understand your worries, your feelings and concerns. I am addressing this letter to you with the hope that you will understand my pain too. 13/3/2008
Israeli government cracks down on Al-Jazeera Ma`an - The government of Israel has decided to cut off contact with the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera satellite TV network, Israeli Army radio reported on Wednesday. Israeli officials will no longer give interviews to Al Jazeera`s reporters, who will also not be allowed to enter Israeli government buildings, the radio station said. 13/3/2008
A Terror Tour of Israel - Law & Order: IDFNathan Hodge and Sharon Weinberger - Slate - Military courts were set up after the 1967 Six-Day War, when Israel took control of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Golan Heights. The courts fall under the military commander for the region who makes the laws, appoints the judges, and sets up the judicial procedures. 13/3/2008
Don`t say we did not know #100Amos Gvirtz - The inhabitants of Umm El-Kheir do not get construction permits, only demolition orders and demolitions. The settlement expands and new houses are built near Umm El-Kheir. Ever since these house were inhabited, the settlers have tried to expel their Palestinian neighbours.14/3/2008
American activist and feminist Starhawk denied entry and deported from Israel.Mary Firth - IMEMC - Starhawk, author of many works celebrating the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality arrived in Tel Aviv Wednesday, 12 March. She was here to help teach a permaculture course in the northern West Bank as well as working with earth activists to develop a project in the Bethlehem area.14/3/2008
...and the Qassams returned to the Negev areaShmulik Hadad - Ynet - "Just like we don’t tell the IDF whether to enter Gaza or not, we are not telling the army whether to assassinate people or not. We are part of terror`s punching bag and hope that those who have to make decisions see the full picture. 14/3/2008
UN Report: With no waste treatment available, Gaza pumping sewage into seaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - ""This is a disaster. This is a lot of sewage. It is a health issue, as people swim in the sea and it also affects drinking water as the pollutants could harm the ground water."" 12/3/2008
“Jenin Jenin” film on trial in IsraelSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Bakri stated in court that he did not exaggerate events in his portrayal of the “Jenin massacre”, as it has come to be known." 12/3/2008
Israeli army shuts down a Radio station in JeninAli Samoudi - IMEMC - This morning Al-Majd Radio station, Jenin, was ransacked, and closed for two years - the IDF claiming that it`s a terror-linked station. 11/3/2008
Abbas accuses Barak of sabotaging the negotiationsGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - Abbas said that talks of final Status are `ongoing` with the Israelis but are not `going forward` [quotation marks-ed]11/3/2008
Is a third intifada brewing?Ilene R. Prusher - The Christian Science Monitor - Many Palestinians say they do not want to return to the regimen of daily violence10/3/2008
In Gaza, Nowhere is SafeFida Qishta - Rafah9/3/2008
Israeli Settlers attack a Palestinian legislator near NablusIMEMC News - ` Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian legislator Siham Thabit and her family on Friday. The attack occurred while Thabit, a Fatah legislator, was driving with her family and son`s pregnant wife on a road close to the illegal Israeli settlement of Yitzhar. `8/3/2008
Trade union building targeted in GazaMohammed Omer-The Electronic Intifada- "..aside from one dead and 37 injured, mostly women and children, some of them in critical condition in Shifa hospital, there has been considerable damage to the structure of surrounding houses. Countless windows and doors were blown off, and the damage to weight-bearing structural walls mean that rebuilding will be necessary -- but impossible, due to the Israeli siege and lack of building materials. If the Israeli aim was to also terrorize the civilian population, it worked."7/3/2008
Palestinian farmer critically wounded by Israeli army gunfire in Bil’inIMEMC-"Relatives of Burnat confirmed that he was shot by unprovoked fire and that the situation in that area was extremely calm. Eyad Burnat, head of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Bil’in told IMEMC over the phone that the Israeli army opens fire at any moving object that comes near the wall in most cases. He added that the soldiers (exact -Ed.)revenge from the residents of Bil’in because of their ongoing nonviolent resistance to the wall."7/3/2008
Picking Up Pieces, Gazans Debate Israel Incursion STEVEN ERLANGER - The New Yoek Times - “We all support resistance to the Israelis,” said Hitam Abed Rabo, 33, a lawyer with the military court set up by Hamas, which she supports. “They talk about responding to rockets, but nothing justifies what the Israelis did here. They have to be confronted with strong resistance, so they don’t come back.” 6/3/2008
Area C: Palestinian Construction and Demolition Stats - February 2008Hagit Ofran - Peace Now - Recent data provided to Meretz MK Chaim Oron, by the Ministry of Defense, in response to a query he placed, reflected that within the territories under full Israeli control, it is almost impossible for Palestinians to receive permission to construct; details show that over 94% of building requests are denied.6/3/2008
February, 2008: Freedom of Access in the South Hebron HillsCPThebron AT-TUWANI- The team continued its regular monitoring of the military escort of children to school in At-Tuwani. The team also observed additional construction in the illegal settlement outpost Havat Maon (Hill 833). 6/3/2008
PCHR Condemns Decision by Dismissed Government in Gaza to Prevent Correspondents of Palestine Television from Working in Gaza PCHR - Press Release - PCHR strongly condemns a decision taken by the Ministry of Interior in the dismissed Palestinian government in Gaza to prevent correspondents of Palestine Television in Gaza, Sameer Khalifa and ‘Aadel al-Za’noun, from reporting from the Gaza Strip, and stop their media activities for Palestine Television. PCHR stresses that the rights to freedom of expression and to receive an impart information are essential rights ensured by the Palestinian Basic Law and international human rights instruments, and a basic foundation of democratic practice. 5/3/2008
AT-TUWANI REFLECTION: The Stations of Shaadi Christian Peacemaker Teams - "Shaadi`s home is a simple place, closely connected with the homes of his extended family. But even home is a place of scarred memories. Settlers have come and attacked his family. Shaadi shares the painful memory of the time when armed settlers came to the village, and started shooting. His mother was shot in the leg, and his brother was also wounded. For him and his family, there is no safe place of refuge. "15/3/2008
Baby dies as Israel re-enters Gaza Agencies - Al Jazeera - "The clashes come just a day after Israel ended a six-day ground operation in Gaza which left 120 Palestinians dead." 5/3/2008
Narratives Under Siege (6): Abed Rabbo St, East JabaliyaPCHR - "The Palestinians who live in and around Abed Rabbo Street in east Jabaliya suffered intense air strikes by F16 planes and helicopters, tank shelling, snipers, and having their houses invaded and vandalised by Israeli soldiers, who tied adults up with ropes,or else locked whole families into single rooms in order to use their homes as sniper towers to target local Palestinian fighters."5/3/2008
Gaza residents tell of sniper attacks on homesThe Daily Telegraph - Mr Abu Seif, who used to work in a car paint shop, and his wife, Sama, 38, told their seven children to stay down and avoid looking out of the windows.4/3/2008
Fear in GazaMohammed Omer - CounterPunch - I want to be awake, so I know I’m dying -- and by whom3/3/2008
Another bloody day in Gaza: IOF launches fifth day of open war on the StripPalestinian Center for Human Rights - Gaza - PCHR condemns in the strongest possible terms the continuing IOF open war on the civilians of the Gaza Strip. Air and land bombardments have killed 101 Palestinians since 27 February, and injured hundreds of others. 2/3/2008
Inside a failed Palestinian police stateArthur Nelsen - Rootless Cosmopolitan - In private, moderate former cabinet ministers now compare the government of PA president Mahmoud Abbas to France’s Vichy regime under German occupation.2/3/2008
Israel kills scores in the Gaza StripPeter Beaumont - The Guardian - Israel`s military killed at least 60 Palestinians yesterday - almost half of them civilians, including four children - in its most violent assault on the Gaza Strip since the Islamic militant group Hamas seized power last June2/3/2008
Dozens killed in assault on Gazaal-Jazeera - At least 35 people have been killed in the last 24 hours as Israel continues a major assault in Gaza that has left many children and civilians dead. 2/3/2008
Mahsomwatch report 28 February: Jordan Valley checkpointsDafne Banai, Yfat Doron - Mahsomwatch - Another day at the checkpoints in the West Bank2/3/2008
Dozens die in Israel-Gaza clashes BBC News - ` At least 46 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers have been killed in one of the deadliest days of fighting in Gaza since troops withdrew in 2005. `1/3/2008
Death toll reaches 35 as the army continues its military offensive on northern Gaza Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMc News - ` According to the Gaza Ministry of Health the death toll in Gaza due to Israeli attacks since last Sunday now stands at 79, including 17 children. .. Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli troops and tanks invaded Jabalyia and opened fire at resident homes; meanwhile Israeli helicopters fire missiles at civilians homes and cars. Palestinian medics said that the Israeli troops opened fire at them while they were evicting the injured. `1/3/2008
Gazans take to streets for protests against deadly onslaught by Jewish stateAFP - The Daily Star - ` "They`ve killed my right to childhood," read a sign held by a child, who was clad in a red-stained white funeral shroud and attended a large rally in the northern town of Jabaliya...Yossi Beilin, noted that Hamas had offered a truce around Gaza over the past two weeks but the overtures had been rejected by the Israeli leadership, which brands the movement a terror outfit. `1/3/2008
Israel Confiscates Land in 3 Palestinian Villages for ‘Wall’Palestine Media Center ,PMC - ` The commander of the Central Command of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), Gadi Shamni, on February 23 issued a new military order (183/05) for the confiscation of 766 dunam (a dunam is 1000 square meters) of Palestinian land southwest of the southern West Bank city of Hebron to build a security wall around the Jewish colonial settlement of Eshkolot. `1/3/2008
Land Grab - EfrataRHR - ` Farmers from Wad Rakhel, Jorat ash-Sham`a, El-Ma`sara, Wadi an Niס and Um Salamuna are losing 3,000 dunam of agricultural land for the sake of the settlement of Efrat because of the route of the Separation Barrier. Some 500 olive trees and 5,000 grape vines have been cut down up until now to prepare the route of the Barrier. ` 1/3/2008
22 arrested in right-wing demonstrationShelly Paz - The Jerusalem Post - "The protesters, many of whom were settlers, carried signs reading `Expel the Arab Enemy` and `The Land of Israel for the Jewish People.` Some called to `kill the Arabs` and, despite a heavy police blockade at the entrance to Jebl Mukaber and a massive deployment of security forces in the area, the marchers managed to enter the village, stone residents` homes and damage a couple of cars belonging to villagers"17/3/2008
Photos of the seaDiana Buttu - - In September 2000, I decided to do my part to bring peace to the Middle East. As a Canadian attorney of Palestinian origin, I believed I could use my legal skills to help broker a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Naive? Perhaps.16/3/2008
A police state without a stateKhalid Amayreh - Palestinian Information Center - "A government that murders its political opponents, by way of torture or assassination, and then tries to cover up the crime, or mitigate its gravity, is a criminal government, pure and simple." [OM editorial note: the West Bank is still Israeli-occupied territory. That means that under international law, Israel is ultimately responsible for the welfare of the West Bank`s residents - including those who are being tortured by the Palestinian Authority`s Mukhabarat]2/3/2008
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