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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Attili: Israeli settlers draining Palestinian water supplyMa`an - Palestinians received 105 million cubic meters of water, less than the amount allocated in the 1995 Oslo Accords and around a quarter of the 400 million cubic meters needed according to international standards. Israel controls most of the water resources in the West Bank and refuses to increase the amount of water it allocates to Palestinians, forcing Palestinians to buy water from Israel. The Palestinian Water Authority is now billions of shekels in debt. (Shaddad Attilli - head of the Palestinian Water Authority - at a press conference in Ramallah.) 31/7/2012
Tuesday army raids follow Monday killing at checkpointCraig Harrington - IMEMC - Some commentators see a repeated pattern where a killing by the army is followed by a preemptive wave of arrests at locations where the killings might cause outbreaks of resentment. 31/7/2012
Supreme Court: Before demolishing village built on an archeological site state must come up with solutionChaim Levinson - Haaretz - Adv. Nira Shalev: "The Zanuta residents have been in this place since before 1967." Judge Edna Arbel: "It is advisable to think in advance where they will go, not afterwards." The state representative: "It is not the responsibility of the military authority to find a solution." 31/7/2012
Probing the bureaucracy of occupationVered Lee - Haaretz - Attorney Yael Berda`s new book looks inside the daily operations of the Palestinian permit system, where she says no one is in charge and everyone loses30/7/2012
EU effort to change the rules of the game for aid projects in Area-CMa`an - Medico International faced demolition orders on (mostly standalone) wind and solar energy facilities it built in collaboration with the Israeli organization Community, Energy, and Technology in the Middle East in the south Hebron hills, which has become a hotspot of demolitions and forced displacement over the last years. Tsafrir Cohen said his organization had hitherto been able to prevent the demolition of its energy installations through an effective diplomatic and public outreach campaign, in particular in Germany. "But the orders are there and demolition could happen any time." bz28/7/2012
Israel Constructs Military Tower in West Bank Agricultural AreaKelly Joiner - IMEMC "Salah reported that the tower will be used by the military to monitor and control Palestinian farmers in the area as the grape harvest season is approaching. He also says that this is all part of the effort to seize the land to establish and expand settlements. " ca 27/7/2012
Official: Israeli forces close roads in south Hebron hillsMa`an News Agency - "Israeli forces have closed several roads in the south Hebron hills, after Israel ordered the demolition of eight villages in the area to use the land for military training, local official said.Israeli troops closed roads leading to Khirbet al-Majaz, Khirbet al-Tabban, Khirbet al-Fakheit, Halaweh, Mirkez, Jinba and Kharoubeh, a spokesman for Yatta municipality Abed Abu Fannar told Ma`an." ca 27/7/2012
World Bank Declares Palestinian Economy Unfit for StatehoodCraig Harrington - IMEMC News - The PA has faced a fiscal disaster in the past few years and now relies almost exclusively on foreign donations to meet its $1.5 billion in unfunded debt obligations and $500 million of immediate expenses, reports Ahramonline.-rh26/7/2012
Defying the occupation with a camcorderAmira Hass - Haaretz - Eight or nine of those who "carry the burden," to use the jargon of the recent public discourse on military service in Israel, burst into the house in the middle of the night. Their weapons pointed, they wear camouflage helmets, backpacks with walkie-talkies, and streaks of paint on their faces. In the house: parents, four children (two boys, two girls ), a grandmother (paralyzed after a stroke ), and two friends.-rh 26/7/2012
Despite Supreme Court recommendation: State upholds refusal to allow gender studies students to travel from Gaza to the West BankGisha - In a hearing held in May, the state admitted that there were no individual security allegations against the five students, and that the refusal was part of a blanket ban on travel for all students from Gaza who wish to study in the West Bank.-rh25/7/2012
Palestinian villages face demolition to create IDF training ground Phoebe Greenwood - Guardian - ""We have no choice but to be here, this is how we were raised and this is how we live," said one shepherd from Khirbat Zanuta, another village in the area whose homes, sheep pens and water cisterns have all been issued with demolition orders." - id25/7/2012
Censorship? Haaretz deletes Amira Hass article on surging settler violence [the English version]Ali Abunimah - Amira Hass: The anti-Semitism that goes unreported. Tens of thousands of people live in the shadow of terror -- Luckily, The Electronic Intifada captured the text of the article Haaretz didn’t want you to read. bz21/7/2012
Israel frees Hamas speaker of Palestinian parliamentAFP - "Israel freed the Hamas speaker of the Palestinian parliament Aziz Dweik on Thursday after holding him without charge since January, sources on both sides said. "Dr Aziz Dweik was released at the Beit Sira roadblock," in the occupied West Bank, the head of his office, Bahaa Yusef, told AFP. Israel Prison Service spokeswoman Sivan Weizman confirmed: "Mr Dweik has been released from Ofer prison." ca20/7/2012
Israeli Forces Storm Gaza Neighborhood, Raze LandWAFA - "Israeli forces storm, almost daily, Palestinian land located near the northern and eastern borders with Gaza, razing land and firing towards local homes." - id19/7/2012
Israel Issues Demolition Order on Two Water CisternsJack Muir - IMEMC - "The two cisterns were built with the aid of the Improving Livelihood in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Program funded by the Netherlands Representative Office." - id 19/7/2012
Knesset Exempts Shin Bet from Recording Interrogations Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "In fact, the existence of the NGOs, though an inconvenience for the authorities, allows them to tell the world: we are a democracy; look at how our NGOs freely criticize us; what more can you ask of us?" - id 18/7/2012
Non-occupation and water tanksAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "We have lived here for many generations. We have lived by the spring, our spring. We enjoyed the spring. Now, it was taken away from us." - id18/7/2012
Israeli military forcefully shuts down Hebron Old CityCPT - On 10 July Israeli troops entered the old city of Hebron without warning or explanation, and with great force shut down every shop in the old market (suuq). At 16:50, after twenty minutes of searching shops and tunnels, the IDF ordered every shopkeeper in H2* from Bab il Baledeyya to the Mosque gate to close within five minutes and evacuate the area. They also detonated percussion grenades at close range to shopkeepers and pedestrians whom they had trapped in the narrow streets of the suuq and searched many homes. (Note: this happened several days ago - it is interesting to note how much is happening with hardly anyone knowing of it, outside the location directly affected. A.K.) 17/7/2012
Israeli forces detain Hamas lawmaker near RamallahMa`an - Israeli troops surrounded the apartment of Ahmad Abdul-Aziz Mubarak in al-Bireh, near Ramallah, before ransacking his home and detaining the parliamentarian, locals said.17/7/2012
Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament to be released from Israeli custody AFP/Al-Akhbar - Aziz Duwaik, Hamas MP and Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is to be released this week, after six months of Administrative Detention without trial. The Israeli decision not to extend his detention might be connected to the negative international publicity around the case and to the high-profile Palestinian campaign against Administrative Detentions. However, more than twenty Palestinian parliamentarians remain in Israeli prisons. 17/7/2012
Israel slams UN agency over aid to displaced PalestiniansMa`an - OCHA gives them tents and by that is doing illegal work, without seeking Israeli permission," COGAT spokesman Guy Inbar told Ma`an. Humanitarian officials say providing a temporary tent to a displaced family falls under international definitions of emergency humanitarian assistance, rather than a building project that requires a permit.17/7/2012
Israeli Army destroys trees and land near NablusJack Muir - IMEMC - Israeli forces arrived at the land of Mohammad Shahadeh and Saqer Shahadeh in the village of Qasra near Nablus. They razed the fields surrounding about 30 olive trees and then proceeded to uproot the trees. 17/7/2012
Gaza families visit jailed relatives in IsraelMa`an News Agency - "Families in the Gaza Strip will visit relatives detained in Israeli jails on Monday for the first time since 2007, a prisoners group said"16/7/2012
Osama Az-Zaree’ey, The Only Detainee Currently Held Under “Illegitimate Combatant Law”Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "The Detainees’ Study Center reported Wednesday that, following the release of detainee Mahmoud Sarsak on Tuesday, one Palestinian detainee remains imprisoned under the Israeli “Illegitimate Combatant Law”.Detainee Osama Hajjaj Az-Zaree’ey has been held by Israel without charges or trial since June 2, 2008; back then, he received a six-month detention order without charges, and Israel kept renewing these orders against him since then under the claim that he is an “illegitimate combatant”, but never filed charges against him." ca 13/7/2012
Poisoning ArafatUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - But beyond personal considerations, Arafat was the man who was able to make peace with Israel, willing to do so, and – more important - to get his people, including the Islamists, to accept it. This would have put an end to the settlement enterprise.-rh 12/7/2012
Occupation can`t be erased : How can West Bank be `liberated territory` while its residents live under occupation?Boaz Okon - Ynet - The Levy Report on legitimizing Israel’s West Bank outposts cannot legitimize Israel’s actions in the territories. One cannot curb millions of Palestinians’ demands for freedom via legal reports. At the end of the day, the report will be shelved, and its main contribution would be the boosting cynicism and suspicions towards judges. In this context, the report provides an opportunity to recognize the limits of our legal system.-rh 12/7/2012
Israeli Eradication of History: Disappearing MosquesJonathan Cook - - he discovery of a rare aerial photo of Jerusalem in the 1930s, taken by a Zeppelin, has provided the long-sought after proof that when Israel occupied the Old City in 1967 it secretly destroyed an important mosque that dated from the time of Saladin close to the al-Aqsa mosque.-rh 11/7/2012
UN Committee Decries Israeli Treatment of Palestinian ChildrenKelly Joiner - IMEMC -“Large numbers are routinely detained. Children’s homes are surrounded by Israeli soldiers late at night, sound grenades are fired into the houses, doors are broken down, live shots are often fired; no warrant is presented. Children are tightly bound, blindfolded and forced into the backs of military vehicles.”" - id " 25/7/2012
Israel Seeks Army Use of West Bank AreaJodi Rudoren - New York Times - “It was never a declared Israeli policy to take over Area C, it was a policy that was taking hold on the ground,” said Shlomo Lecker, a lawyer who, along with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, represents about 200 families in the area. “It’s in many ways retreating from any agreements with the Palestinians, with the U.S., any kind of arrangement of two states. Where will be the two states if Israel will take over?”24/7/2012
Police fails to trace settler girls who desecrated Koran in Hebron holy place Itamar Fleishman - Y-net - Security cameras in Hebron`s hotly contested Cave the Machpela/Ibrahimi Mosque recorded the two girls tearing up the Koran books and hurling them against the wall. A border guard had seen them in the act and failed to stop them, and in the ensuing four monts the police failed to trace them. 24/7/2012
Israeli army raids homes in HebronJack Muir - IMEMC - The Israeli military stepped up its presence and military actions in Hebron on the fourth day of Ramadan in a tactic which is often used during the Muslim holy month. 24/7/2012
Israel orders demolition of 8 Palestinian villagesKelly Joiner - IMEMC - The IDF and the Civil Administration regard all of them as squatters in Firing Zone 918, even though the villages have existed since at least the 1830s. Evacuation orders were issued against the villages in 1999, but were frozen by an injunction issued by the High Court. [In this article are given extensive quotes of Amira Hass` Haaretz article `Israel orders demolition of 8 Palestinian villages, claims need for IDF training land` which is only accessible for subscribers or by googling for the headline.-bz] 24/7/2012
15 Palestinians Killed By Army Fire In JuneSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "At least 75 residents, including 16 children and five women, were wounded." - id 11/7/2012
The name game: What should we call the situation in the West Bank?Ami Kaufman - +972 - "But we have to call it something!!!!!" - id 11/7/2012
Palestinian Injured By Army Fire In Khan YounisSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - A Palestinian man in his thirties was shot and wounded in the leg by Israeli soldiers stationed at a military tower on the Gaza Strip border at al-Qarara town, east of Khan Younis - the latest of many casualties including among farmers working their own land and workers who collect scrap metal and debris. All Palestinians approaching border areas are treated by the Israeli military as "suspected terrorists". 10/7/2012
Walls Of Palestinian Homes Come Tumbling DownLourdes Garcia-Navarro - NPR - A group of Palestinian men who are laying sewage pipes nearby say just as in Idriss` case, none of the other homes in the area have permits either. They decline to give their names for fear of reprisals. The men say it`s almost impossible to get a permit for a new building from the Israeli authorities. The United Nations has come to a similar conclusion. It says more than 94 percent of all Palestinian permit applications have been rejected in recent years.10/7/2012
U.K. slams Israel with stiff upper lip: Not all Palestinian kids are potential terroristsAmira Hass - Haaretz - British jurists publish their report on IDF treatment of Palestinian children9/7/2012
Soldiers Invade HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers invaded, on Sunday morning, the towns of Doura and Ein Sinjer, south of the [...] city of Hebron. Two Palestinian workers were wounded after being assaulted by settlers near Hebron"9/7/2012
Letter from my friend Walid`s daughterSam Bahour--Dear friends, Many of you may be following the Kafkaesque story of my friend Walid who is being detained by Israel under Administrative Detention. My latest update was posted here: . Today, Walid`s adorable daughter, Mays, 15 years old, emailed me the letter below. She asked that I share it with anyone who can help. To me, that means each and every one of us. Click here to read on: dn 7/7/2012
URGENT: TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE DEMOLITION OF SUSIYA!Email: Moriel Rothman "Take facebook action! Take a picture of yourself inside or outside of your house– which you wouldn`t want to be demolished either- and then upload it to the facebook page "Stand With Susiya: No to Demolition" (which you should also "like") with your Name, Profession and Location." ca 6/7/2012
Welcome to the Buffer Zone Harry Fear "Harry Fear speaks with Gazans living next to Buffer Zone bordering Israel - © - Camera: Salah El Haw."6/7/2012
Nothing resonates like the mistreatment of minors Donald Macintyre - The Independent - It argues that whether or not the children are guilty – usually of throwing stones – their right to equitable treatment cannot be made conditional on the security environment, pointing out that "a major cause of future unrest may well be the resentment of continuing injustice".-rh 5/7/2012
‘It’s a shame they didn’t kill him’: Israelis react to video of soldiers kicking Palestinian child Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - The video, shot by a Palestinian videographer and released by B’Tselem, was widely reported in the Israeli media, and shows Israeli occupation soldiers in Hebron, occupied West Bank, violently assaulting a child whom B’Tselem identified as Abd al-Rahman Burqan, aged 9.-rh 4/7/2012
Israel extends law exempting security forces from documenting investigations of terror suspectsTomer Zarchin - Haaretz - Despite opposition of human rights groups, the Knesset`s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved on Tuesday an extension of temporary legislation exempting the Shin Bet from documenting investigations of suspected security offenders.-rh 4/7/2012
The Human Side of Demolition: A Tour of Susiya Bailey Fisher - MIFTAH - Susiya, a small, agricultural Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills, has been inhabited by Palestinians since the early 19th century. Sustaining themselves through livestock and crops, the people of Susiya have traditionally been a herding community, selling animal products in Jerusalem on a seasonal basis. In 1983, Israel declared the land on which Susiya is located as “state land”, and subsequently established the ever-growing Jewish settlement of Susiya.-rh4/7/2012
Settlers Attack Child In JerusalemSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - " Her father said that Areen also suffered an anxiety attack, and is afraid to leave her home, fearing additional attacks by the settlers." - id 4/7/2012
Army invades Rafah area, uproots FarmlandsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - On Tuesday at dawn a number of armored Israeli military vehicles, accompanied by military bulldozers, invaded an area east of Rafah city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and bulldozed Palestinian farmlands. 3/7/2012
Visualizing Occupation: Distribution of WaterMichal Vexler - +972 - Israel controls the access to water from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Its disproportionate allocation of water, the settlements’ takeover of natural springs, and the prohibition against maintaining and constructing water cisterns in the West Bank without Israeli permits make water a sparse commodity for Palestinians. This illustration is the sixth in a series of infographics on Palestinian civilian life under occupation.3/7/2012
Video - Hebron: Border Police officer kicks Palestinian child, 2012B`Tselem - "A B`Tselem video volunteer documented an Israeli Border Police officer kicking a Palestinian child while another officer held the boy. The incident took place on the 29th of June 2012 near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, in Hebron`s H2 area. The child, Abd a-Rahman Burqan, [...] is nine years old"2/7/2012
‘I Am an Illegal Alien on My Own Land’David Shulman - NYR Blog - "Earlier this year, in February, a settlers’ NGO called `Regavim` (literally `clods of soil` — the name aptly represents the romantic fantasy of belonging that settlers typically cultivate), petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court, demanding that demolition orders issued years ago by the Civil Administration for Palestinian Susya be carried out immediately. The petitioners, many of whom live on stolen land, had the temerity to refer to Palestinian Susya, the last remnant of the ancient village, as an `illegal outpost`”2/7/2012
A critical insight into the Israeli Military Court SystemClaude Durand and Aria Daghighi - AIC - "The occupied territories are under the jurisdiction of Israeli military law. According to the report, approximately 750,000 Palestinians have been detained under Israeli military orders in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) since 1967, which constitutes about 20 percent of the total Palestinian population in the oPt and 40 percent of the total male Palestinian population. There are still currently 4,610 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons"9/7/2012
My Neighborhood--new film by Just VisionJust Vision--I`m thrilled to share that later this month we will be returning to the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for the West Coast premiere of My Neighbourhood. dn7/7/2012
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