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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

The Big Bad (Israeli) Wolf is Nothing But a Coward Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Last Thursday was apparently the "Arrest Palestinian Children Day" for Israel`s army. Ahmad Sabbah, a 13-year old boy from Tuqu` south of Bethlehem was also handcuffed and blindfolded before being carted off to an Israeli detention camp. As I read about Ahmad`s story, told by his distressed mother, all I could think about was my own son and how this could be him one day. 28/4/2010
Israel expels citizen from Hebron to GazaMa`an News Agency - According to witnesses, Israeli forces took Al-Azazma from his workplace in Hebron and detained him for hours before deporting him to Gaza via the Erez crossing. Al-Azazma refused to enter the Strip, remaining with a growing number of expelled West Bankers at a tent set up by the de facto government near the crossing point. Wa’ed Prisoners Society representative Abdulla Qandil said the expulsion was carried out using Israel`s controversial military order 1650. He demanded a task force be created with officials from the West Bank and Gaza to "counter this threat which has now become a terrible reality." 28/4/2010
Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish House on Top of Palestinian in the Southwest of HebronPCHR - "At approximately 7:00, the bulldozer lifted the body of Swaiti out of the rubble and dropped it onto a road close to the demolished house before moving it another 10 m away. At approximately 7:30, an Israeli soldier fired at least two shots at the body of Swaiti from a distance of three meters."28/4/2010
Gaza: Israeli Navy Attack Palestinian Fishing BoatsGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - "Fishermen said that navy vessels opened fire at them while still close to the shore and forced them to go back."28/4/2010
Hamas fighter killed by Israeli forces - demolishing the house around himMa`an - Eyewitnesses told that Israeli soldiers were seen taking Ali Sweiti`s body after demolishing the home of his wife`s sister, where he was believed to be hiding. The shooting six years ago for which the military said Sweiti was responsible killed an Israeli border policeman and injured two others. 27/4/2010
25 Insanities of the Israeli Occupation in PalestinePaulette Schroeder - CPT’s neighbor must enter her house, carrying groceries, first up a ladder, over the roof entrance, down into her home. She is one of many Palestinians who are not able to use their front doors because their front doors are facing a now settler-only street. Insanity nr 15. 27/4/2010
Israel expels Beersheba man to GazaMa`an News Agency "... rights groups believe the expulsions are related to Israel`s military order number 1650, which went into effect on 13 April. The orders expanded the definition of an `infiltrator` to any individual residing in an area under Israeli control who does not have express permission to be in the area from the Israeli government. The law does not specify what kind of permission individuals need in order to remain in their homes"26/4/2010
Witnesses: Hamas fighter killed by Israeli forcesMa`an News Agency - "Eyewitnesses told Ma`an that Israeli soldiers were seen taking Ali Sweiti`s body after demolishing the home of his wife`s sister, where he was believed to be hiding"26/4/2010
Jerusalem court pays $120,000 to family of victim murdered by settler in 1993Lawyers with the Gaza-based rights center said the decision came pursuant to a lawsuit before the Israeli Magistrate Court in May 2009, on behalf of the family of the 22-year-old Al-Madhoun, killed by an Israeli settler near Erez crossing while returning to Gaza after work on 8 March 1993. According to PCHR, in its decision, the court held Israel completely responsible for the killing of Al-Madhoun, and rejected an appeal filed by the Israeli prosecution.24/4/2010
VIDEO Sleepless in Gaza Day 54Join Eman and Nagham in their tour to a number of the most famous archaeological sites in the Gaza Strip. Accompanied by a tour guide, they visited Tal Zo`rob in Rafah where excavations are carried out, it is a hill located in the highest area in the Gaza Strip...See what they found there! 24/4/2010
Pitch black under siege : The siege of Gaza continues to destroy lives as the struggle to end it continuesSaleh Al-Naami - Al Ahram Weekly - Dr Moawya Hassanein, head of Emergency Medicine at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, warns that the lives of thousands of patients with kidney failure who require dialysis three times a week are at risk because of power failures. "There is little we can do at hospitals for patients with heart disease, cancer, in the ICU or premature babies," Hassanein declared. "We have power generators but no one can guarantee that they are enough or will not run out of fuel." 22/4/2010
Israeli forces besiege Prisoners Day commemoration Mel Frykberg, The Electronic Intifada, "BEIT UMMAR, occupied West Bank (IPS) - A young Palestinian man died in Israeli custody as hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets of villages and towns across the West Bank and Gaza to commemorate Palestinian Prisoners Day on Friday, 16 April." 21/4/2010
Palestinian Factions Meet In Gazaby Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies "Palestinian factions, including the rival Fateh and Hamas movements, held on Tuesday a meeting in northern Gaza to discuss the latest Israeli decision to deport thousands of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank. "21/4/2010
Israeli Settlers Uproot Olive Trees In Northern West Bank by Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC News & Agencies " Israeli settlers uprooted on Tuesday dozens of olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers form the village of Qarwit near Nablus city, northern West Bank."21/4/2010
MachsomWatch: Blacklisted Palestinians, Bethlehem Sunday, April 11MachsomWatch Team - Sunday Morning, April 11 "At this point we have to rush to meet a Palestinian friend, A, who has been in touch with Sylvia by phone for three years already. It is high time for a meeting face to face… In fact she has never been blacklisted but many of her family members have been. They don’t need a working or merchant permit. They are Christian and they need a permit to come to the Holy Places in Jerusalem during the Christian Holidays. The Church used to ask for a permit for them every Christmas and Easter and they were refused."17/4/2010
Israeli shells killed three of his daughters, but a Palestinian father refuses to hateThe amazing Izzadin Abu-El-Eish has written his first book, "I shall not hate". He blames the Occupation for the suffering of his family and the rest of the Palestinian people, but advocates a peaceful road to freedom.17/4/2010
Army Obstructs Firefighters Causing Further Damage, Losses near Jeninby Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies "Palestinian sources reported on Thursday that after several storehouses for household and sponge products caught fire, the Israeli army obstructed Palestinian firefighters and rescue teams from reaching the area, causing even more damage and losses. "16/4/2010
IDF concerned over `Fayyad intifada` Hanan Greenberg - Ynet - " Army says escalation in West Bank violence unacceptable, taking measures to contain demonstrations against security barrier. `A stone can be deadly,` senior IDF officer says. "14/4/2010
Several Palestinians wounded in Hebron clashesby Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies "Three Palestinians were wounded by rubber-coated bullets fired by the army at a group of Palestinian protesters on Tuesday, while several other residents received medical treatment after inhaling gas fired by the soldiers in Beit Ummar town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. "14/4/2010
The Injured Continue To Suffer In GazaBy Stefan Christoff - "Thousands across Gaza live with severe injuries: youth war amputees, mothers severely burned by phosphorus bombs, countless Palestinians coping with physiological wounds, all injuries stemming from the disaster wrought on Gaza by the Israeli military assault in the winter of 2008/2009." 14/4/2010
Army Invades Bil’inSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Israeli soldiers invaded early Tuesday morning the village of Bil’in, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and broke into the home of Khalil Ibrahim, a 16-year-old youth, who just two months ago had been released after spending one month in detention for his involvement in nonviolent protest against the Wall and settlements [if he would have been charged with stone-throwing he would have been kept longer-ed] 13/4/2010
Settlers Uproot 15 Olive Trees near Dir Estiaby Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies "A group of extremist Jewish settlers uprooted on Thursday 15 Olive trees in Wadi Qana area, north east of Dir Estia, near the central West Bank district of Salfit."9/4/2010
CLOSURE CONTINUES AFTER OUR `FREEDOM HOLIDAYS`Three MW women MACHSOM WATCH REPORT - Sunday, March 28, Palm Sunday, a demonstration of Bethlehem residents dared to march in the direction of Jerusalem to protest the very small amount of permits issued this year to Palestinians of the Christian faith to attend religious ceremonies in Jerusalem during the Easter holidays." 9/4/2010
Hamas imposes new Gaza taxes to pay for burgeoning bureaucracyRory McCarthy - The Guardian "Taxes even levied on smuggle goods as Gaza`s rulers unable to cover pay for 30,000 staff three years into Israeli blockade" Thursday 8 April 2010 15.02 BST 9/4/2010
Palestinian girl struck by settler car in HebronMa`an "Hebron – Ma`an – A car driven by an Israeli settler struck a seven-year-old Palestinian girl in occupied Hebron on Thursday, officials said."9/4/2010
Israel knows apartheid has no future - Mustafa Barghouthi - Maan News Agency "After decades of military rule over Palestinians and theft of our land, Israeli leaders are increasingly seeing the writing on the wall. They are at least acknowledging reality, if not yet grappling with the consequences." 9/4/2010
Israel destroys Gaza dairy for second time by Rami Almeghari - Electronic Intifada "Israeli warplanes bombed the factory shortly after midnight last Thursday through Friday night, 1-2 April, leaving the building, all its equipment and the distribution van completely destroyed."9/4/2010
Small comfort for traders as Gaza blockade loosened Israel allows in clothes for the first time in three years but Palestinians say storage has ruined garmentsRory McCarthy - The Guardian - Ten containers were allowed into Gaza on Sunday and a further 10 today of goods have sat in storage for three years, costing their owners thousands of pounds in fees and in some cases arriving so riddled with damp that the items are unsellable. Israel has imposed a full economic blockade on Gaza, which it calls a "hostile entity", since the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas seized control in June 2007. Nearly all exports and imports are banned and only a tightly limited supply of food and medical aid is allowed in. 8/4/2010
Easter in Jerusalem Lacks Palestinians [March 28- April 3] MIFTAH - This week marks both Easter and the Jewish holiday of Passover. On these two occasions, thousands of Christian and Jewish worshippers from around the world flocked to Jerusalem to observe the holidays along with an approximate 2,500 Israeli military personnel patrolling the streets. One group that was clearly absent, however, were Palestinian Christians, many of whom were not allowed into the holy city. On March 28, Israeli authorities imposed a closure on the West Bank for a period of eight days, or the entire Passover period. Christian Palestinians, who usually are granted permits into Jerusalem for Easter, were reported to have been turned back at checkpoints when trying to enter. 8/4/2010
what we were told and what we sawAya Kaniuk - mahsanmilim - And the Secret Services guy let the soldiers search me, Faisal continued. Not even a special kind of search. Normal. Not even a hand stuck in my pocket. And then they asked me for my ID and I said I lost it. And the captain said, okay, and he didn’t even care that I had no ID on me, and said, you come to my office at such and such a time. And then he asked me, what’s your name? He asked so that the soldier would note it in their piece of paper. 8/4/2010
Israel deports West Bank Palestinian to Gaza upon release from prison By Amira Hass - Haaretz "A Palestinian prisoner from the West Bank was forcibly deported to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, immediately after his release from prison in Israel. Ahmad Sabah, 39, who was released from Ketziot prison after serving his sentence, was put on a bus to Gaza while his wife, son and other relatives waited for him since the morning hours at the Tarqumiya checkpoint in the West Bank." 23/4/2010
Israel’s Messianic Terroristsby Patrick Seale - Agence Global " In the Arab world, Islamic extremists such as al-Qaida are pursued, jailed or killed. Two of Al-Qaida’s top leaders were killed in Iraq this week. In Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has no wish or will to confront his home grown terrorists. Indeed, representatives of the religious settlers sit in his government." 23/4/2010
Al-Haq Action Alert: Human Rights Defender Arbitrarily Detained and Tortured Al-Haq - The policeman told „Ala‟-al-Din to shut up, took him off the bus and beat his leg with the wooden handle of a broken shovel. This was the beginning of a harrowing seen days in detention. 6/4/2010
Israel allows clothes, shoes into Gaza for first time since Hamas takeoverHaaretz - Israel allowed a shipment of clothes and shoes to be delivered to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Sunday for the first time in its almost three-year-old blockade of the Hamas-controlled enclave.4/4/2010
Who will a Palestinian boycott of settler economy really hurt? By Chaim Levinson - Haaretz steps taken by the Palestinian Authority in its war against the settlements may make the debate irrelevant. The PA has been burning goods produced in settlements, and now there is a proposal to ban Palestinians from working in settlements." "2/4/2010
Hamas hangs on No mention of author From The Economist print edition - "Hamas has done well to survive but it is threatened by rivalry among Islamists. Israel’s siege still causes misery. Yet some economists say the strip is growing faster than the West Bank run by Hamas’s rival Palestinian Authority "2/4/2010
The Jordan River ValleySusan Lourenco - Machsomwatch - Israel`s policy of colonizing Palestine through land grab, settlement creation, expropriation and annexation of Palestinian lands for settlement creation has been written about ad infinitum. There are various military orders which authorize and facilitate land grab from Palestinians, and the exercise of pressure to evacuate their land through the threat of house demolition and land seizure for military purposes. Often these concepts linger as words, just words. A trip, or a MachsomWatch shift, to the Jordan Valley makes it all too real – bringing it all home. 1/4/2010
Israeli soldiers ransack Palestinian homes and damageCPT Tuwani Team - The police forced Tuba residents from their homes and told them that they were searching for two goats which settlers from the outpost of Havat Ma`on had reported missing. The police also accused the villagers of possessing weapons, and while questioning nearly a dozen villagers, the police upended nearly every belonging in both homes. The police ransacked three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a storage unit. International activists and Tuba residents reported that the police left the scene without confiscating any weapons or sheep and without making any arrests. During the search police personnel refused to let international activists observe the search of the homes or the interrogations of the residents. 2/4/2010
Former Minister Of Detainees Released From Israeli PrisonSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli deported to Gaza on Wednesday detainee Ahmad Sabah after ten years imprisonment. Sabah is from the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem and Israel insisted that he will not allowed to go to the West Bank upon his release. Sabah refused to be deported to Gaza and installed a protest tent near the Erez terminal leading to Gaza. The Hamas movement issued a press release slamming the Israeli illegal measures and deportation orders, and stated that Israel wants to deport the detainees and hundreds of families from the occupied West Bank in order to replace them with Jewish settlers.22/4/2010
IMAGES: More Destroyed Homes in West BankIn Khader, because they were "too close to Wall". In Khares, reason not given.17/4/2010
Sick prisoner in solitary confinement dies in Israeli custodyBethlehem – Ma`an – Palestinian Minster of Prisoners Affairs Issa Qaraqe identified a Palestinian prisoner in Israel, announced dead Friday afternoon, as 26 year old Raed Muhammad Ahmad Hammad. The death comes on the Day of the Palestinian Prisoner17/4/2010
Israel seizes 4 water pumps in Jordan ValleyTubas – Ma`an – Israeli forces raided the village of Khirbet Al-Farsieyah in the northern Jordan Valley and seized four water pumps used for agricultural irrigation and the provision of drinking water for the small farming community17/4/2010
Sleepless in Gaza The latest in a series of video diaries about life in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories11/4/2010
Sometimes Dreams Do Come True: Children`s Music Center in Salem OpensEleven girls and 7 boys gather three times a week, for 3 hours each time, in the rooms provided by the Salem local council in the council`s building. Leading the program is Jubier Ishtayya from the village of Salem. Follow the link for story and pictures.10/4/2010
Hundreds join protests across West Bank, JerusalemSummary of Friday`s protests from Ma`an, including the arrest of the indomitable Bil`in video-journalist Haitham Al-Khatib.10/4/2010
Play shows that for Gaza women, everything is not fineIt is not commonplace for women to take center stage in Gaza, but 36-year-old Abu Seif tackles head on the thorny issue of their discrimination in the well-received play staged in Gaza City. On stage, three women play the roles of the diverse situations of Palestinian women in a an overwhelmingly conservative and male-dominated society, on top of a crippling occupation and blockade that also tends to shape the dynamics between women and men.10/4/2010
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