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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Series of suspicious fires afflicting Palestinians living near Tel Rumeida Israeli SettlementJerry Levin - CPT Hebron - The third of three fires that broke out during the past ten days in tall weeds and grass in terraced Palestinian fields above the Tel Rumeida settlement has resulted in a claim of settler arson. 31/8/2005
Suspicious fires in HebronJerry Levin - Christian Peacemaker Teams - The third of three fires that broke out during the past ten days in tall weeds and grass in terraced Palestinian fields above the Tel Rumeida settlement has resulted in a claim of settler arson.31/8/2005
Hebron Report: "800 stores closed in Hebron, 2200 others inaccessible" Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - The Hebron Reconstruction Committee, in the old city of Hebron, reported that residents of the old city are suffering from the presence of 400 settlers living their and heavily guarded by the army. 31/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 31.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Two Settlers arrested in Hebron for sabotaging military cameras; Resident sentenced to 30 years; Israeli army arrests four residents, north of Tulkarem; Two detainees deported to Jordan; Army arrests 8, Including 2 children, in Gaza and WB; PRCS: Israeli Army Continues to Violate Humanitarian Law; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Daily Newspapers; 31/8/2005
PA minister Hind Khoury: Jerusalem holds our national heritageLaila el-Haddad in Gaza - Al Jazeera - The holy city of Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and represents one of its most symbolic and explosive issues. 30/8/2005
IOF Demolishes House in Qalqilya WAFA - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) demolished Tuesday a house in the West Bank city of Qalqilya, witnesses said. 31/8/2005
Three Hebron residents badly beaten by soldiers Saed Bannoura - IMEMC and Agencies - A medical source in Hebron reported that three residents were attacked by Israeli soldiers and sustained moderate injuries in addition to bruises to several parts of their bodies. 31/8/2005
US court freezes Palestinian assets Al-Jazeera - A federal court in Rhode Island has frozen all US-based assets of the Palestinian Authority after it failed to pay $116 million in damages imposed by the court last year. 31/8/2005
Gaza militants renew truce pledge to Egypt envoyNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - Palestinian militants renewed their pledge on Tuesday to respect a truce to the end of the year at meetings with an Egyptian envoy helping prepare for Israel`s withdrawal from the occupied Gaza Strip.31/8/2005
The Israeli Prison Authority is preventing two Palestinian Women prisoners from registering for academic studyFatma Nasser - Machsom website - In Sharon prison Medua Jayyousi and Taghrid Saadi are being denied the opportunity to register for higher education in the framework of the Open University. 30/8/2005
Behind the images of children with guns"Ayyesh" - The Electronic Intifada - Residents of Balata Refugee Camp assembled in the youth centre for yet another ta`been (memorial) last Friday. The event marked forty days since the assassination of the resistance fighter Mohammed Sufwat Al Assi (Nino), the shooting of sixteen-year-old fighter Khalid Mohammed Msyme and the anniversaries of many more killings. 29/8/2005
Happy to be going back to schoolMonica Awad - UNICEF - Electronic Intifada - UNICEF is supporting the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education with a `Back to School` campaign. 29/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 30.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers arrest two residents, attack a reporter in Jerusalem; Settlers burned trees in Hebron; Army broke into Palestinian homes in Jerusalem; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Daily Newspapers; The army invaded Bardalah Village east of Tubas; The army arrested three residents in Beit Leqia in Ramallah district; Army leveled warehouse house in Al Fondok village; Army invaded Bal’a village, one resident seriously injured; Army invaded Anza village west of Jenin; Army arrested two residents from Tulkarem; 30/8/2005
Palestinian civilians living near Gaza settlements pay the "disengagement" billPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Location: Southern Gaza Strip: al-Mawasi sealed enclave in Khan Yunis and Kissufim settler road near al Qarara. Central Gaza Strip: houses near the evacuated settlement of Kfar Darom. Northern Gaza Strip: al-Sayafa sealed enclave between the evacuated settlements of Dogit and Elli Sinai. 28/8/2005
Joy fades as grim reality hits - Palestinians harbour few illusions for the future after Israel`s pullout from Gaza, which they believe fooled the world and will do nothing to transform the territory. 28/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 29.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers assault a resident at checkpoint; Resident badly beaten in Hebron; Army arrests two residents in Beit-Kahel villages north of Hebron; Curfew imposed over village near Jericho; Soldier injured in Neveh Dekalim area; Army invades Habla village south of Qalqilia; Army seals off Nablus; Two killed in Nablus blast; Israeli Army Arrests 3 Citizens in WB; 2005 Olive Harvest Campaign in WB Starts on October 15 29/8/2005
IDF soldiers attack Peaceful Demonstration with Rubber Bullets Neta Golan - A Peaceful Demonstration in Bil`in Village, Palestine, was attacked today by the Israeli military, using rubber bullets, tear gas and sound grenades.28/8/2005
Hebron Letter: "They said they were here to protect Palestinians."Christina Gibb - CPTnet - Twice in the last week, the IDF have taken over Palestinian homes for 2 to 3days, preventing any of the family from going in or out during that time. We kept watch outside one of these homes and rang the IDF with our concerns. 27/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 27.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Israeli soldiers attack Bil`ein nonviolent demonstration; Army confiscated one car in Tammoun; Settlers threw cocktails bomb at wedding in Qalqilia; Army invades Azoon, near Qalqila; Army arrests one resident in Al Mawasi; Abu Al Haija in solitary confinement in Asqalan Prison; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 27/8/2005
At-Tuwani: Palestinian Villagers Prepare for Possible Night Assaults by Israeli SettlersJoe Carr - CPTnet - On 21 August 2005, a group of Israeli settlers terrorized Palestinian villagers during the night around Nablus in the northern West Bank. Settlers marched through eight villages chanting, threatening, and destroying Palestinian property. 27/8/2005
AT-TUWANI DIARY: Yousef returnsJoe Carr - CPTnet - Entering Tuwani was like a homecoming. Children ran out of their houses yelling "Yousef, Yousef!" Some ollered "What`s your name" and others hit them saying "that`s Yousef don`t you remember!" Villagers looked up from their work with the animals and household chores to welcome me back. 27/8/2005
Palestinians fight move to declare Gaza occupation over - Israel wants control of Gaza borders post-pullout - Palestinians fear Gaza health crisisAgence France Presse - Kibush Magazine Editor`s note: Three items about the ongoing occupation of the gaza strip, which has not ended with the removal of th esettlements inside it 26/8/2005
Urgent Appeal: the `Security` Wall bars education in JerusalemSari Nusseibeh - East Jerusalem - As Arab schools in EastJerusalem prepare to start the new academic year in earlySeptember, nearly seven hundred teachers employed by those schools will beunable to reach their classrooms.26/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 26.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - 40 wounded in Anti-Wall demonstration in Bil`in Resident arrested in Hebron, several areas closed; Army installs a military camp, north of the Gaza Strip; Explosive detonates near army jeep in Gaza; Resident loses leg in bomb blast in Rafah; Homemade shell fired at army post at Gush Katif; Child arrested at a village near Salfit; Palestinian man stabs Israeli soldier in Hebron; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 26/8/2005
It`s ours againErica Silverman - Al-Aharam Weekly - With all the settlers removed, Gazans are wiping their eyes, in disbelief and emotion 25/8/2005
Palestinians fear Gaza health crisisAgence France Presse (AFP) - Palestinian medical experts fear a looming health crisis after Israel`s pullout from the Gaza Strip unless patients are guaranteed access to life-saving treatment beyond the territory. 26/8/2005
Gaza is Beautiful: Orientalism on the left and rightCecilie Surasky - Jewish Voice for Peace - Of course, the American tourist wasn`t talking about the Gaza Strip I had just seen. She was talking about Israeli settlements like those in Gush Katif, the gorgeous beachside suburbs surrounded by walls and military posts that stand just a few hundred yards away from the Khan Younis refugee camp, where the buildings that remain standing are packed in amidst empty fields of rubble, rebar, and scraps of household belongings. 26/8/2005
Israeli wall to ruin Palestinian economyAl Jazeera - The Palestinian economy has deteriorated sharply since the start of the uprising in 2000, and Israel`s separation barrier in the West Bank will depress it further, a United Nations agency said25/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 25.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Settlers attack stores, residents in Jerusalem; Extremist Jewish group calls for leveling Al Aqsa Mosque; Resistance fires at army posts in Gaza; Army invades Nablus, Balata refugee camp; Army invades al Far`a refugee camp in Tubas; Army attacks three residents in Hebron; Israelis will continue military occupation of 4 West Bank settlements;25/8/2005
Not so disengaged in Burqa Ben Granby - The Electronic Intifada - " There will be no celebrations in Burqa. The neighboring Israeli settlement of Homesh was cleared of its residents on August 23. Instead of the land reverting to its former Palestinian owners, however, it is again going to serve as a military base. "This is a joke," remarks Mohammed Abu Rabi of Burqa`s town council."25/8/2005
Eyewitness report from Bil`in: August 19thBy Ashraf Ashkar. These anti-wall demonstrators did not pour acid on the soldiers. But no army "sensitivity training" was in evidence towards the demonstrators. 25/8/2005
Five Palestinians were killed in Tulkarem raid George Rishmawi- IMEMC & Agencies - "Five Palestinians were killed in an Israeli army raid in the West Bank city of Tulkarem overnight, one of them was an Islamic Jihad operative and the other four were civilians, Palestinian sources reported." 25/8/2005
ISM Digest: Destruction in the West Bank while the world watches GazaUpdates of the International Solidarity Movement. Israel spreading destruction in Idna. Bil`in demonstration: "Gaza Disengagement means more West Bank Settlers". Belfast Women Protest expansion of settlements on West Bank. Protest, Grief as Barrier Segregates Palestinian Village from Farms 25/8/2005
Hebron update, 13-19 August 2005CPTnet - another week in the besieged Palestinian city of Hebron24/8/2005
UNRWA to increase refugee services to Gaza PNN Gaza Strip - Commissioner General of UNRWA, Karin Abu Zaid, told a meeting of Palestinian private institution representatives Monday that instead of diminishing UN services to refugees in the Gaza Strip, it will expand them. 23/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 24.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - ;Resident arrested in Al Shiokh village, near Hebron; Army expands Al Hamra checkpoint; Soldiers close Qalqilia – Nablus road; Resident arrested in Qalqilia; Israeli military will continue to occupy N West Bank settlements; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies;24/8/2005
Israel`s Gaza withdrawal a smoke-screen for further confiscation in JerusalemMaisa Abu Gazaleh - Palestine News Network - Israeli occupation authorities issued military orders today to confiscate another 1,500 dunams of Palestinian land in Jerusalem, including 809 dunums from Abu Dis. 24/8/2005
Israeli army invades Marda and closes all entrances to the villageIWPS - Human Rights Report No. 219 - At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Sunday August 21st two jeeps entered the village of Marda. While one jeep was reportedly driven directly into the village, the other one installed a checkpoint at the only open entrance to the village and prevented civilians from leaving or entering Marda. 22/8/2005
Hebron Update 6-12 August 2005By the Christan Peacemaker Team. Observations of the occupation in the city of Hebron23/8/2005
Report on a visit to SusyaEhud Krinis - Taayush. On the very hard life in Khirbet Susya 22/8/2005
On the streets of GazaRaji Sourani - The Electronic Intifada - Many Palestinians are expressing delight over the pull-out of Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip. But as human rights lawyer Raji Sourani argues, the celebrations maybe premature. 20/8/2005
Is the world ready to fulfill our dreams? Ghada Ageel - The Guardian - As someone who has lived all my life next to these colonies, and as a mother of two children, their dismantling marks the beginning of a new era in my life.20/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 22.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Settlers attack residents near Nablus; Soldiers close Gaza coastal road; Army digs trench by the wall in Salfet area; Soldiers wounded in Gaza, Abu Al-Reesh brigades claims responsibility; Settlers attacks residents of villages south of Nablus; Army arrests two residents in Hebron; Army invades AL Khader; Settler attacks, wounds one resident in Qalqilia; Settlers attack Palestinian gas station in Jenin; Molotov cocktails hurled at army near Ramallah; Resistance fires at military posts in Gaza; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 22/8/2005
Today Gaza... tomorrow JerusalemStuart Reigeluth - Al-Ahram Weekly - Friday`s festival gives hope for a brighter Palestinian future20/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 20.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers block Nablus entrance; Resident arrested in Doura; Army court sentences one Palestinian to a high term; Army invades Nablus; Colonizers Assault International Female Activists in Hebron; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 20/8/2005
At-Tuwani Update: 30 July - 13 August 2005CPTnet - At-Tuwani team members during this time included members of the Italian peace group, Operation Dove ( called "Doves") and CPTers Diane Janzen, Mary Yoder, Matt Chandler, Joe Carr and CPT volunteer Nic Albert. 20/8/2005
Al Qassam, a street hijacked and else….Majeda Al Saqqa - Khan Younis, Gaza - Al Qassam has nothing to do with Hamas or Sdirot. Its my street where I grew up and used to gamble with Apricot seeds, play football with socks full of sand, its walls were our blackboard where the older taught the younger to write, and its pavements were the workshop where the older kids taught us to make wheels with the cover of the Coca-Cola bottle caps. 20/8/2005
At-Tuwani: Havat Ma`on settlement expands as world watches evacuation of Gaza settlementsCPTnet - While world attention has recently focused on the removal of Israeli settlers from Gaza, internationals from CPT and Operation Dove living in the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani in the West Bank, have documented the expansion of an illegal Israeli outpost known as Havat Ma`on. 19/8/2005
Young Palestinian artists depict their hopes for a better future in GazaStuart Reigeluth - The Daily Star - After a string of demonstrations in the past few days by various militant factions showing their strength, there is finally a sign of peaceful celebration: young Palestinian artists are painting a long mural, depicting hope for a better future. 19/8/2005
Settler kills three Palestinians, rattling Gaza pulloutThe Daily Star - Israeli troops dragged settlers screaming and sobbing from homes and synagogues, beginning a forced evacuation of Gaza settlements after nearly four decades of occupation. 18/8/2005
Hebron Reflection: Is Deheishe a graveyard?Howard Taylor - CPTnet - "I was born here and I hope I will not die here," said a forty-year-old resident of Deheishe, a refugee camp just outside Bethlehem. To say refugee camp might lead you to think of temporary dwellings and a cluster of UN tents. This is not the picture of Deheishe. 18/8/2005
Excerpts from the Weekly Report of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights11-17 August, 2005. 4 Palestinian workers killed by a settler. Locking of Palestinians during the disengagement. Annexation Wall construction, razing of agricultural land, destruction of property. Settler and military violence.18/8/2005
Anti-occupation activists reporting from the West BankBy Ehud Krinis, about an unarmed man who was shot in the legs at a checkpoint, on his way home with wife and new-born baby. David Nir, on an encounter with residents of the demolished Hirbeit Tanna.18/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 18.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Settlers of Shirat Hayam hurl stones at Palestinians in Al Mawassi; Army arrests two in AL Fara`a refugee camp; Army invades Tubas and Tamon; Settlers attack Sabastia village near Nablus; Army arrests five in Tulkarem; PCBS: Expectations of Job Oppurtunities Decreased; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 19/8/2005
The lone warriorRahel Shabi - The Guardian - on the extraordinary story of Tali Fahima, the 29-year-old Israeli who dared befriend one of her country`s most wanted 18/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 17.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Settler terror hits again: three Palestinians killed, four injured; Army arrests one resident in Bethlehem; Four brothers injured due to explosion south of Hebron; Army closes Al Matahen, Abu Holy checkpoints in the Gaza strip; Army invaded Bethlehem and surrounding villages; Resident arrested at military checkpoint in Nablus; Army arrested two Palestinains west of Khan Younis; Israeli Army bulldozed agricultural lands near Jerusalem; Homesh setters attack two homes near Jenin; Army invades Qabatia village, arrests three; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies17/8/2005
Palestinians under withdrawal curfewLaila El-Haddad - Aljazeera - "Palestinian communities living near Jewish settlements are bracing themselves for a month-long Israeli-imposed closure set to start on Tuesday. "17/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 16.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army opens fire on peaceful procession near AL Tufah Checkpoint: Army levels barns and three commercial structures west of Hebron; Army invades Deir AL-Balah in the Gaza strip; Army invades Beit Lahia; Army invades AL Mawassi area in Khan Younis; Army seals off Jericho; Settlers attack al-Mawassi area; PRCS: Israeli Army Violates Humanitarian Law; Palestinian Daily Newspaoers` Op Eds and Editorials16/8/2005
Extremist settlers attempt to attack al-Aqsa mosque Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli police reported that two extremist settlers, identified as that Itamar Ben-Gvir, and Avigdor Askin, accompanied by a group settler teenagers arrived at the entrance of the mosque and tired to break into its compound. "16/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 15.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - PCHR reports on military violations against medical teams; Soldiers close abu Holy, al-Matahin checkpoints; Army arrests six residents in Tulkarem; Army occupy two houses near Nablus; Army closed Shaveh Shamron checkpoint; Israeli human rights organizations warn of possible wave of settler attacks; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 15/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 14.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers invade village east of Tulkarem; Army shells homes in Khan Younis; Four children injured near Hebron; IOF Seizes 2 Houses in Hebron; IOF Prevents Citizens from Reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque; PCBS: The Consumer Price Increases; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 14/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 13.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Troops fire at a peaceful procession in Khan Younis; Soldiers invade Hebron, Doura; Army invades Tammoun, arrests two; Army invades al-Obaidiyyah village; Troops invade Nablus, arrest five; Army arrests one resident in Taiaseer checkpoint; Eight residents arrested near Hebron; Eight injured in Bil’in, 35 arrested; Seven Islamic Jihad members arrested last night near Jenin; Youth arrested in Khan Younis; 2 Citizens Arrested by IOF, 3 Assaulted by Colonizers; Eight injured east of Qalqilia; Editorials and Opinion Articles in Palestinian Dailies 13/8/2005
At-Tuwani: Expansion of Havot Ma`on Illegal OutpostCPT - "While world attention focused on the removal of Israeli settlers from the Israeli occupied Palestinian Territory of Gaza, internationals living in At-Tuwani in the West Bank have documented the expansion of an illegal Israeli outpost.19/8/2005
The view from Khan YounisMajeda Al Saqqa - "I guess they widened the cell called the Gaza Strip. It might be a good sign after all."19/8/2005
The Smokescreen of the Gaza Disengagement: A Fact SheetInternational Solidarity Movement - " With the deluge of coverage about Israel`s "disengagement" from Gaza, it`s easy to be lulled into the idea that the occupation is nearing some sort of conclusion. It`s important to keep in mind the information offered in this fact sheet. 19/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 19.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army attacks a peaceful procession in Bil’in, 30 injured; Fearing further settler attacks, army intensifies presence in W. Bank; Jewish Protestors flee into Gaza, army digs trench in Gush Katif; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 19/8/2005
A Palestinian Perspective: Israeli Violations of Palestinian Rights in the oPt. The Department of Arab and International Relations(Dair)- 1- Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, the road to where? 2- Summary of the Israeli violations against Palestinian Human rights (July 2005). 3- Assassination in cold blood. 4- The Apartheid Segregation Wall and Land Confiscation. 5- Violations against the Health sector. 6- Violations against Palestinian Education Sector. 7- Prisoners and Detainees. 8- Demolition of houses. 9- Israeli stands. 14/8/2005
Palestinians `set sail for freedom` ahead of pulloutDaily Star - Tens of thousands of Palestinians crowded into Gaza City`s small fishing harbor to celebrate the impending Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, waving flags and hearing promises from their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, that the West Bank and Jerusalem will be next 13/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories – 9.8.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Israeli right-wing demonstrators try to invade al Aqsa mosque; Three arrested east of Tubas; Court sentences a boy from Qalqilia; Army arrests three brothers in Balata refugee camp;PRCS: 5 Citizens Killed and 29 Others Wounded During period 30 July- 05 August ; Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) beat and wounded a citizen and arrested 4 others; 9/8/2005
An Invitation after midnightAbdelFattah Abu-Srour, reporting from the Aida Camp - "..several vehicles of the occupation army invaded Aida Camp with a huge uproars. Their screams and noises shouting at the people in their houses and knocking at the doors and windows of peacefully sleeping inhabitants torn this peace into pieces and scattered our hope of a calm night...The just have done all of this to invite 3 people in the camp to meet with Israeli intelligence" 12/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 12.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies -Hundreds of Palestinian, Israeli and International activists demonstrated against the Wall; Settlers conduct a provocative march in Tulkarem; Dozens of cars vandalized in Be’er Sheva; Ten arrested south of Jenin; Roadblock installed near Tubas; PCHR Report: “2 killed, 9 injured, 45 arrested last week”; 12/8/2005
Gaza town to be closed during pulloutLaila El-Haddad - Al Jazeera - Israeli forces have notified Palestinians living near a Gaza settlement of a month-long closure of their community, just days prior to the upcoming withdrawal from the area. 12/8/2005
CPT delegation witnesses against prison gates in Hebron`s Old CityEileen Hanson - CPTnet Hebron - Prophet Amos proclaims, "Hate evil and love good, and establish justice in the gate." (Amos 5:15) Justice and peace cannot come about through separation and confinement. 14/8/2005
Qawawis: Settlers threaten an age-old way of life Henry Norr - IMEMC - Life in the tiny Palestinian hamlet of Qawawis seems straight out of the Old Testament, but that doesn’t stop the Jewish settlers in the hilltop outposts that surround the place from doing their best to destroy it.13/8/2005
Palestinian family looks to Israeli pullout to end nightmareAgence France Presse (AFP) - Few Palestinians will be more glad to see the back of the Israeli presence in the Gaza Strip than the family of Khalil Bashir who have seen their daily lives turned into a seemingly endless ordeal, trapped in a house which adjoins one of the doomed Jewish settlements11/8/2005
Excerpts from the weekly summary of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 04 - 10 August 2005"On 07 August 2005, IOF opened fire at Palestinian houses in Rafah and killed a Palestinian civilian. On 08 August 2005, IOF shot dead a Palestinian child in Nour Shams refugee camp, east of Tulkarm. The child had not participated in the clashes that two place between the IOF and a number Palestinian children - he was visiting his relatives in the camp. During the reported period, 9 Palestinian civilians were wounded by the Israeli gunfire."11/8/2005
Democracies don`t act this wayKhalid Amayreh - on the plight of Palestinian journalists in the Occupied Territories11/8/2005
Last night`s Israeli invasion of Nablus worries residents Amin Abu Wardeh - Palestine News Network - Nablus City awoke this morning to the sound of loud speakers calling to save the besieged Old City. At 2 am Israeli occupation forces invaded the Nablus and surrounded the Old City. 11/8/2005
Women`s Struggle against Occupation and WarProgram for the WIB International Conference11/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 11.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Resident arrested near Bethlehem; Resident arrested near Qalqilia; Israelis use wife’s arrest to pressure detainee; Soldiers attack a resident near Qalqilia; Resident arrested east of Tulkarem; Resident arrested in al-Mawassi; Troops invade Nablus; Soldiers invade al-Khader; 11/8/2005
Hebron Update: 29 July-05 August 2005Daily observations of the occupation in Hebron, by the Christian Peacemaker Teams11/8/2005
B`Tselem Update 10 Aug 05(a) Possible Wave of Settler Attacks; (b) Knesset Denies Palestinians the Right to Compensation; (c) Knesset Approves Amendment to Citizenship Law; (d) Soldiers Take over a House and Kick out the Family 11/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories – 7.8.2005IMEMC and Agencies -Settlers Attack, wound two residents near Bethlehem; Child injured in Tulkarem refugee camp; Roadblock installed near Tubas; Army breaks into school in Jerusalem, arrested Director of Al Quds Center; Twenty settlers attempt to break into Al- Aqsa mosque; IOF Uproots Trees, Seizes Houses and Continues Arrests; Israeli Soldiers Wound University Student, Arrest Another; 9/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 6.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - One resident injured in Gaza; Army invades al-Mighraqa village; Army fires heavy machine guns on Khan-Younis; Army invaded Nur A`Shams camp and arredsted one person; Shells fired at a Gaza settlement; IOF Arrests Citizen, Opens Fire at Citizens` Homes; ATFP Warns of Israel`s Decision to Expand Beitar Illit Colony; IOF Prevents 52 Patients to Have Treatment Abroad; 6/8/2005
The Murderer is Not AloneBen Caspit - Maariv, Print Edition - This year the days of awe [From the Jewish New Year to the Day of Atonement] will be more menacing than they usually are. The situation is like an enormous barrel brimming over with gasoline, with detonators floating around it and trying to reach it, to set it alight and blow everything up. 6/8/2005
Analysis of the Murderer: Not InsaneNahum Barnea - Yedioth Aharonoth - Don’t help the murderer, that is the call that should be directed to the Shfaram residents who crowded around the bus, to the Arab citizens of Israel, to the Palestinians who live in the territories. That is the call that should emanate today from the mouths of all responsible politicians in this sensitive sector. 6/8/2005
Good Bye GazaGila Svirsky - Coalition of Women for Peace - First, the good news about the Gaza disengagement: Above all, the million plus Palestinians in Gaza who have had the Israeli boot in their neck for 38 years will finally see that boot lifted, beginning in 10 days. 6/8/2005
Presbyterian Church puts companies with links to Israeli Army under pressure Kristoffer Larsson - A Presbyterian committee in the U.S. has declared that the church will use its stock holdings to stop five companies with links to Israel from contributing to the "ongoing violence that plagues Israel and Palestine"6/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 5.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Five injured, 17 arrested in Anti-wall protest in West Bank; Resident arrested in Hebron, three homes occupied; Army invades Beit Fajjar town arrests 17 residents; ;Detainees receive 4th consecutive administrative detention order; Soldiers close al-Tuffah checkpoint; Resident arrested in Hebron; 5/8/2005
Kassam Rocket Hits Children of Palestinian MinisterAmit Cohen - Ma’ariv print edition - The family of Hisham Abdul Razek, a former minister in the Palestinian government, paid the price of the Kassam rocket fire at Sderot.4/8/2005
Islamic jihad decleared halt of Firing Rockets during the Withdrawal phase: Agree to a Palestinian State within the 67` bordersAl Ayyam - Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, announced that it issued instructions to all its groups to halt firing rockets from Gaza Strip at Israeli targets in order to give a chance for a calm Israeli withdrawal from the region after two weeks.4/8/2005
Israeli Gov to Build 72 Housing Units in Betar Ilit Colony Wafa - Israeli Housing Ministry issued two tenders for the building of 72 housing units in the colony of Betar Ilit, between Jerusalem and the Etzion Bloc of colonies in the West Bank (WB). 4/8/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies WAFA - Main Palestinian Daily Newspapers tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues 4/8/2005
Excerpts from the Weekly Report of the Palestinian Centre for Human RightsFor the week 28.7-3.8.2005. A Palestinian was extra-judicially killed by IOF. 8 Palestinian civilians, including five children and two women, were injured by IOF. IOF conducted 35 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and one incursion into the Gaza Strip. Construction of the Annexation Wall, house demolitions, land grab, Palestinians attacked by settlers.4/8/2005
Some thoughts during an afternoon shift at Qalandiya, by a MachsomWatcherRoni Hammermann, MachsomWatch - " I observed the new terminal which is in an advanced stage of completion and I began to contemplate. As far as can be seen from outside we find the same basic elements which compose the “old” ceckpoint: concrete walls, barbed wire, small windows and, thanks heaven, turnstiles.. The big difference will be, that without a new kind of magnetic card, a Palestinian can not even start on this electronic via dolorosa and thus the authorities will have complete control over the population which is allowed to pass. "4/8/2005
Digest of the International Solidarity Movement1) "Boys in Marda abducted by Israeli soldiers" 2) "Israel deports peace" 3) "ISM defeats military court" 4) "This much I can say is true," 5) "Nonviolent resistance presents Israel with toughest hurdle" 6) "Snake Vs. Dove in Bil`in" 7) "Nonviolent Action set for Deir Ballut Checkpoint" 4/8/2005
Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies RAMALLAH, August 2, 2005 (WAFA)- Main Palestinian Daily Newspapers tackled in their editorials and articles several political issues 2/8/2005
Hamas, Islamic Jihad want a peacefull withdrawal IMEMC Staff & Agencies - The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that it will cooperate with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian factions in order to turn the Gaza withdrawal into a national liberation, which serves as the initial point of liberation the rest of the occupied territories. 3/8/2005
Roads leading to settlements will be closed for one month Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Jamal Jaradat, head of the Palestinian District Coordination Office on Jenin, said that all roads adjacent to the settlements slated for evacuation will be closed, starting on August 15, 2005. 4/8/2005
Update on the Marda FiveIWPS: This is an update on the “Marda five,” youth who were arrested for resisting Wall construction in the village of Marda last month. Last night, four younger boys were arrested in the village (see the Human Rights Report sent to this list this morning). We will send out additional information about the recent arrests later today. 3/8/2005
Call to Action: Free Child Detainees in MardaIWPS - On the night of August 2nd, Israeli army jeeps invaded the village of Marda. Soldiers forcibly entered village homes and seized about 15 teenage boys, claiming that they were looking for someone who had thrown stones at the road earlier in the day.4/8/2005
Report from Khirbet TanaBy Nina Mayorek - MachsomWatch. On the recent destruction of a Palestinian village of Khirbet Tana. (pdf file,1.1 MB)4/8/2005
Fatah sets up `popular army` to cope with Gaza pulloutAgence France Presse - Fatah, the ruling Palestinian party, has begun recruiting a "popular army" responsible for helping to keep law and order after Israel`s pullout from the Gaza Strip, a spokesman said. 3/8/2005
ISM DigestRachel Corrie: Answers needed; Threats and worry in al-Asa`asa on the eve of Israeli disengagement; In Gaza, we don`t yet see the peace; Anti-Wall protests; ISM activist`s killer sentenced; will similar legal action now be available for Palestinian victims?16/8/2005
And the Occupation is `well and alive`, Participants` descriptions on what is happening at recent anti-Wall demonstrations. (1) By Ashraf, a student and an anti-Wall acivist. (2)By Adar Grayevsky, of Anarchists Against Fences16/8/2005
Palestinian detainees tortured, suffering from bad health conditions Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Sana’ Harbawi, reported that she visited several detainees in Asqalan detention center on Wednesday, who informed her of the bad living conditions and treatment they face on daily basis.11/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 3.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Settlers repeatedly attack residents near Nablus; Army invades Tulkarem, arrest 15 residents; Settlers grab land near Bethlehem; Army starts to bulldoze lands in Azon and Kofer Thoulth; Army invades Bethlehem, two children arrested; Jenin residents fear settler attacks during northern West Bank withdrawal; Anti-Gaza withdrawal settlers attack West Bank farmlands; Jenin area residents fear settler attacks; 3/8/2005
Abdullah Abu-Rahme releasedISM - Abdullah Abu-Rahme was released from the jail in Ofer Military Base on Monday, Aug.1, at 2.30 pm. Abdullah was arrested July 17 during a nonviolent demonstration against the wall in his home village of Bil`in. 2/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 2.8.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Abdullah Abu-Rahme released; Army invaded Jenin, arrests one; Israeli soldier mildly injured in Gaza; Peaceful protest in Salfit against checkpoints and abuse of residents; Palestinian prisoners suffer from brutal abuse in Kadomem detention center; Palestinian special unit officers protesting in Tulkarem; Army invades areas, south east of Bethlehem; Army invades Tubas;2/8/2005
CPT - Immediate ReleaseAt-Tuwani: Israeli soldiers chase Palestinian shepherds out of their fields; At-Tuwani Update: 15-21 July 2005 2/8/2005
Israel Admits Wall is Not Just About Security, Not TemporaryThe Palestine Monitor - A PNGO Information Clearinghouse Update - Israel has publicly acknowledged that the route of the so-called Security Wall is not determined solely by security considerations. 2/8/2005
Big Brother`s Eye open 24 Hours !!Sharon Weil - Reporting from Ma`ariv print edition: As of Next Week: Every Car that Travels in the Territories—Will be Photographed (by Amir Rappaport ) 1/8/2005
Israel plans triple-fencing of Gaza after pulloutMatt Spetalnick - AlertNet - "Israel is rushing to complete a three-layer-deep barrier of fences and walls on its border with Gaza to keep Palestinian infiltrators out after it pulls out of the territory, military officials said on Thursday. ". (Editor`s comment: Gaza - to become the world`s biggest concentration camp.)1/8/2005
7000 work permits cancelled S. Bannoura - IMEMC - "Israeli authorities cancelled recently 7,000 work permits that had been given to Palestinian workers in the Gaza Strip, a source at the Palestinian Authority reported. "1/8/2005
A "welcome" by the Israeli security for a tourist at the Allenby BridgeA description by a Spanish visitor.1/8/2005
Excerpts the weekly report by the Palestinian Centre for Human RightsFor the week 21-27.7.05. Four Palestinians killed, 19 injurded. Incursions, raids, attacks by settlers, home demolitions.1/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 1.8.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Army invaded Kofer Kadom village east of Qalqilia; Prisoners at Yamoun Israeli Jail Live in Bad Conditions; Peaceful Demonstration in Protest against Homes Demolishing in WB; Crossing between Gaza and Israel will require visa; Army invades the Obeidyeh village east of Bethlehem; Army: "Gaza closure to be lifted"; 7000 work permits cancelled; Four residents arrested in Tulkarem; 1/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 21.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Soldiers invaded Atteel, arreste one resident; Three arrested in Qalqilia; Wall gates in West Bank trap Palestinian residents; Resident arrested north of Tubas; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies;21/8/2005
Gazans venture to "death zones" as settlers leaveMohammed Assadi - Reuters - KHAN YOUNIS - Khadija Salama grinned broadly as she sat on a mattress in the battered remains of a home she had not visited for four years. 20/8/2005
Report from the West BankEhud Krinis - some thoughts by an Israeli anti-occupation activist based on his recent visits to Palestinian villages. On the Israeli policy, and what it means3/8/2005
Military violence injures five in peaceful protest near Ariel settlementISM release - A nonviolent demonstration meant to take place at the entrance to the West Bank village of Kifl Haris against the destruction of Palestinian olive groves for the construction of an Israeli-only bypass road was attacked in route by Israeli soldiers.2/8/2005
ISM DigestISM - 1) Mansour: We Shall overcome; 2) Aaron: Silence of the Lambs; 3) Uri Avnery: Dear Settlers; 4) Andrew: Disengagement in Gaza, a land grab in the West Bank 28/8/2005
Hebron Update: 20-26 August 2005COTnet Hebron - In the morning John Lynes and Dianne Roe walked up Worshippers` Way for Shabbat patrol. Roe asked an Israeli soldier where he lived. When he replied "Gush Etzion", Roe told him she had heard many stories about friendly relations in the past between Israelis in Etzion and Palestinians from Beit Ummar.28/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 28.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies -Resident injured near Jerusalem; Suicide bombing in Be’er Sheva; Palestinian woman injured after being stoned by settlers; Soldiers uncover pipe bombs near Ramallah; Resident arrested near Salfit; Three arrested in Hebron; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies; 28/8/2005
Five dead in West Bank camp raid BBC Online - Five Palestinians have been killed in a gunfight with Israeli troops in Tulkarm refugee camp in the West Bank. Palestinian witnesses said some of the Tulkarm victims were unarmed. 25/8/2005
Israeli army injured five Palestinians at non-violent demonstration.IWPS - Human Rights Report No. 210 - "After about ten minutes the soldiers began shooting tear gas, again without provocation. Ahmad was hit by a canister fired from a distance of less than five meters."10/8/2005
Israel to Retain Full Security Control of Northern West BankPalestine Media Center – PMC - The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) on Tuesday reported to the United States security envoy William Wards and the international Quartet of peace mediators that Israel would retain overall security responsibility and the “right to take action” in the northern West Bank after evacuating four small Jewish colonies from the area early next month.10/8/2005
Elderly man dies while waiting to pass Wall gateMustafa Sabre - PNN - Eyewitnesses confirmed that Israeli soldiers at the gate delayed the ambulance from passing through the gate to take the 70 year old man, suffering from a heart attack, to the hospital. The delay, claimed to be for security reasons, aggravated his situation and led to his death. 10/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories – 10.8.2005IMEMC and Agencies - Elderly man died yesterday while waiting to pass Wall gate; Several residents injured in Bil’in; Army invades a village near Jenin, raids a farm; Army invades Nablus; Army invades Nour Shams refugee camp, arrests four; Nine injured near Ramallah; Two settlers hurt in shooting attack near Hebron;Resident arrested in Azzoun; Two brothers arrested in Bethlehem; Editorials and Op-Ed Articles in Palestinian Dailies;10/8/2005
Bil’in, a test field for new Israeli weapons Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Israeli and International leftist peace activists accused the Israeli army of using the West Bank village of Bil’in, and the protestors against the Separation Wall, as a “test field” for its new weapons for dispersing protests.9/8/2005
CARE: Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza Suffering from Chronic Humanitarian Crisis "CARE" - Humanitarian Organization said thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are suffering from a chronic humanitarian crisis that is deepening during the disengagement period. 23/8/2005
News Flashes from The Occupied Territories - 23.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army blocked all roads leading to Ariel settlement in the W.B.; Salfit area sealed off for the third day; Army sealed off Ras A`Tira near Qalqilia; Army arrested one resident south of Tulkarem; Army demolished tents and animal shades in Al-Rashaida village; Army invaded Hebron, broke into homes; Settlers attacked eight villages in the W. Bank; Army invaded Qabatia, injured three residents; Settlers invaded the village of Gen-Saffoot near Qalqilia; Army wounded one resident in Khan Younis; Home leveled in Khan Younis; Editorials and Articles in Palestinian Dailies 23/8/2005
In Pictures: Defiance and JoyBBC News Online - The Gaza Settlrmernts evacuation 22/8/2005
Gaza diary: Hakeem Abu Samra Hakeem Abu Samra - BBC News Online - A 47-year-old Palestinian Authority employee living in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, begins a diary for the BBC News website about his view of Israeli withdrawal from the strip. 12/8/2005
Gaza diary 2 Hakeem Abu Samra - BBC News Online - In the second instalment of his diary for the BBC News website, Hakeem Abu Samra, a 47-year-old Palestinian Authority employee living in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, describes the tight security as settlers are given 48 hours to leave. 15/8/2005
Gaza diary 3Hakeem Abu Samra - BBC News Online - In the third instalment of his diary for the BBC News website, Hakeem Abu Samra, a 47-year-old Palestinian Authority employee living in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, reflects on the settlers who live so close to him but remain separate from his life. 16/8/2005
Gaza diary 4Hakeem Abu Samra - BBC News Online - In the fourth instalment of his diary for the BBC News website, Hakeem Abu Samra, a 47-year-old Palestinian Authority employee living in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, looks ahead to the celebrations planned when the withdrawal is complete. 17/8/2005
Gaza diary 5Hakeem Abu Samra - In the fifth instalment of his diary for the BBC News website, Hakeem Abu Samra, a 47-year-old Palestinian Authority employee living in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, thinks ahead to the future and what he could do with land on which Jewish settlers lived that he hopes to reclaim. 18/8/2005
Rafah watches as Israel withdraws Alan Johnston - BBC News - Many Palestinians in Rafah are happy that the settlers are leaving. A Palestinian family called the Othmans has been following the evacuation of Gaza`s settlements on satellite television. They have watched the Israeli soldiers work with determination, but compassion and restraint. Very much unlike the treatment they got from the same army. 22/8/2005
600 Gaza settlers to move to W BankAl Jazeera - At least 600 Jewish settlers to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip will move to a West Bank settlement, an official in the settlement said on Sunday. 22/8/2005
Farming becomes illegal Mustafa Sabre -PNN (Palestine News Network) 2/8/2005
Palestinian hurt in anti-fence rallyAli Waked -YNET -A Palestinian was seriously injured and four others sustained light injuries during a rally in protest of the West Bank security fence 2/8/2005
Explosion rocks home of P.A attorney General Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "A source at the Palestinian Authority said that the explosion is linked to death sentences approved by Assi."2/8/2005
Call for Action: Support the people of Salfit! IWPS - A non violent action will take place tomorrow at the Qarawat Bani Hassan Roadblock as part of a week of actions in the Salfit area. The week of actions in Salfit is in protest of the apartheid wall and the continued occupation and theft of Palestinian land. Almost all the villages in the area will lose most of their land when the wall is completed. Please come and join us. 1/8/2005
Israeli Government Bears Responsibility for Shfaram MassacreThe Palestine Monitor - A PNGO Information Clearinghouse Update - On Thursday, August 4, a young man in an Israeli army uniform opened fire on the passengers of a civilian bus in the Arab town of Shfaram a city of 35,000 Muslims, Christians and Druze in the Galilee. 7/8/2005
Palestinian Groom-to-be shot and killed by IDF in RafahThe Palestine Monitor - A PNGO Information Clearinghouse Update - Yesterday Mohammad Hamdan Qishta, 21 years old, was shot to death by IDF gunfire as he was walking to a market in a neighborhood south of Rafah in preparation for his wedding the next day. 9/8/2005
A visit in A-Tuwani, by MachsomWatch Nina Mayorek. About state-sponsored robbery and harassment of Palestinians9/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories - 4.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Two residents injured, two arrested in Hebron; Soldiers invaded Atteel, arrest two residents; Jihad leader and three residents arrested in Jenin; Army invades Tamon village; Army arrests one resident near Nablus; Two injured in Tulkarem; Praying in Israeli prisons becomes an act of resistance; 4/8/2005
News Flashes from the Occupied Territories – 8.8.2005 IMEMC and Agencies - Army invades Al Mawasi in Khan Younis, one arrested; Army shells Khan Younis refugee camp; Resistance fires at army posts in Gaza; Army invades Obeidiyah village near Bethlehem; Resistance fires at settlers in Azzoun; Resistance attacks settlements in Gaza; Army invades Azzoun; Resident seriously injured in Qalqilia; 8/8/2005
New law may encourage increase in Israeli attacks against PalestiniansGeorge Rishmawi- IMEMC & Agencies - "The new Israeli law that prohibits Palestinians who were injured or had their property damaged by Israeli army troops from suing the government encourages Israeli soldiers to commit more crimes against Palestinians, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said in a press release published on Tuesday."9/8/2005
They still find ways to have fun in Kifl HaresDevon - ISM volunteer - Sixty percent of the West Bank village of Kifl Haris are children under the age of 17. On August first some of the village`s children demonstrated with us and stayed absolutely non-violent in the face of the Israeli military shooting teargas and sound bombs. 7/8/2005
Why when it comes to Israel the international law becomes debatable ???By the Applied Research Institute. Link to an article on Palestinian home demolitions.11/8/2005
Palestinian women political prisonersNewsletter July 2005 - "The conditions in the cells are very bad: The windows cannot be opened because they are covered with metal covers that do not let in any daylight and only very little air to breathe."11/8/2005
What`s new?Beny Gefen. Letter of a bereaved father of a soldier11/8/2005
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