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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Top Israeli minister shuts down TV station for Palestinian citizensMakbula Nassar - +972 - Looking at Erdan’s use of “sovereignty” as a reason to shut down the station, one would think Israel respects its side of the Oslo agreements. This sounds especially absurd when taking into account Israel’s daily violations of Palestinian sovereignty in PA-controlled areas, including through arrests of elected officials — not to mention 22 Palestinian journalists. [bz]28/6/2016
“If they had any human decency, they’d let us hook up to the water pipes that run a meter from our tents”B`Tselem - "On Tuesday, 14 June 2016, the temperature recorded in the Jordan Valley surpassed 40°C (104°F). Nonetheless, Civil Administration personnel seized a tractor that was hauling a water tank in the Palestinian community of Khirbet Samrah, and left a demolition order for water reservoirs built by residents in the area of Khirbet al-Malih" [ry] 27/6/2016
UN `gravely concerned` over imminent home demolitions in Palestinian refugee campMa`an News Agency - "The UN agency’s statement noted that 19 Palestinians were displaced and 46 others were affected during a Nov. 16 punitive demolition in the same camp, and two Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during the clashes that erupted during the operation. UNRWA also reiterated in their statement that punitive demolitions are illegal under international law, and that it had most recently communicated its position to Israeli authorities in April 2016 in the context of court ruling regarding demolitions in Qalandiya refugee camp" [ry]27/6/2016
Israel Kills 15-Year-Old Palestinian Bystander as West Bank Protests FlareOri Lewis - Forward - The military said several Palestinians threw petrol bombs and stones at vehicles, injuring three civilians, on a highway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that traverses the West Bank. Israeli media reports said two of those hurt were foreign tourists. Troops gave chase and “after an initial inquiry, it appears that uninvolved bystanders were mistakenly hit during the pursuit,” a military spokeswoman said, identifying one of them as the Palestinian killed in the incident.-rh 22/6/2016
20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses Ben Norton - Salon - The letter describes the occupation as “an unimaginably difficult and at times hopeless environment,” where children “live under the constant fear of arrest detention and violence at the hands of the Israeli military.” Israel’s illegal military occupation marked its 49th anniversary earlier this month. Nearly half, 46 percent, of the roughly 4.7 million Palestinians living in the Israeli-occupied territories are minors under 18 years of age.-rh 22/6/2016
Gaza garbage puts public health at risk Isra Saleh el-Namey - The Electronic Intifada - "“The sight is killing me,” the 37-year-old mother of six said. The overpowering stench is acutely nauseating, especially in the summer: “The smells waft over earlier in the mornings than at any other time of the year.”" - id 22/6/2016
Continuous Restrictions on Religious Freedom in Hebron al-Khalil Team - International Solidarity Movement - "How and in which way these children carrying soup that is donated to families in need, are posing any kind of threat to the Israeli forces or why they have to be stopped, remains unclear." - id 22/6/2016
Qarawah water apartheid Features - ISM - "Since 1982, when the Israeli military sold their control of the West Bank¡¯s water resources to Mekorot for a mere Shekel, the company has become the main enforcer of water apartheid between the Palestinians, and Israelis living in illegal settlements." - id22/6/2016
Palestinian boy `mistakenly` killed by Israeli troops after British man injured in rock throwing attack Raf Sanchez - The Telegraph - A Palestinian teen coming home from the swimming pool was killed by Israeli troops on Tuesday as they chased another group of youths who threw rocks at cars and injured a British tourist and his Belgian wife. Israeli forces pursuing the rock throwers then reportedly opened fire on a Palestinian car driving nearby, killing 15-year-old Mahmoud Rafaat Badran and wounding four other Palestinian teenagers. The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said after the shooting that it appeared none of them was involved in the rock throwing. [As seen from abroad-bz]21/6/2016
Palestinian boy killed, accidentally believed to be involved in a rock and firebomb attackElisha Ben Kimon - Ynet - An Israeli and two foreigners lightly injured when rocks and Molotov Cocktails were hurled on the 443 Israelis-only road which passes through occupied territory. Shortly thereafter, soldiers noticed a Palestinian vehicle on the road parallel. According to initial reports, the soldiers opened fire, injuring two Palestinians and killing one 15-year-old boy. [bz] 21/6/2016
Red Rag column: Muhammad Ali, RIP. Occupation-refuser Giora Neumann. Gideon Spiro - Muhammad Ali embodied the victory of the human and humane spirit of one man in the face of an oppressive, conservative, racist and warmongering system. He was a war-resister who refused to take part in the Vietnam War. He told the racist White establishment the truth to its face, he was not broken and did not submit. gm21/6/2016
Israeli forces demolish two homes south of Hebron, despite pledge to stop demolitions in RamadanCeline Hagbard - IMEMC News - "The Israeli military demolished two homes, an outdoor kitchen and a barn on Saturday in Wadi Jheish and Umm Al-Daraj, in the village of Susiya, in the south Hebron hills [...] despite a pledge by Israeli authorities that they would hold off on destroying Palestinian homes and forcing Palestinian families into homelessness during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan" [ry] 20/6/2016
Palestinian shot in the back by Israeli forces last month succumbs to woundsMa`an News Agency - "Arif Jaradat, 21, who had Down syndrome, was shot by Israeli soldiers with a live bullet to his back on May 4 when clashes erupted after Israeli forces stormed the Ras al-Aroud area of Sair in Hebron" [ry] 20/6/2016
Ben Ehrenreich’s New Palestine Book Explores Life on “Planet Hebron”Charles Glass--When I moved to Lebanon in 1972, a joke was doing the rounds about an Englishman, a Frenchman, and an Arab tasked to write books about elephants. The Englishman wrote How to Hunt Elephants, and the Frenchman came up with Recipes for Cooking Elephants à la Française. The Arab, meanwhile, produced 12 volumes titled The Elephant and the Palestine Problem. Since then, publishers have poured out thousands of tomes on Palestine and Israel, some bad, some good. Ben Ehrenreich’s The Way to Spring: Life and Death in Palestine is the latest, and it is excellent. dn19/6/2016
COGAT: West Bank water supply to Palestinians increased, not decreased TOVAH LAZAROFF, MICHELLE MALKA GROSSMAN - Jerusalem Post "Due to the Ramadan holiday, Israel has increased the water flow to Palestinians at night, when the usage is particularly high after the fast... it also increased the flow of water in the Hebron and Bethlehem area by 5,000 cubic meters per hour, COGAT said.It noted, however, that water demand there exceeds supply in the summer. Israel is working to expand the water infrastructure to fix that shortfall, a step that is made difficult given by the Palestinian refusal to cooperate on water issues, COGAT charged." ca 17/6/2016
Israel to build $570 M underground concrete wall to block Gaza tunnelsPNN/ Bethlehem - "Ynet Israeli newspaper on Thursday revealed Israel’s plans to build a concrete wall along the Gaza-Israeli borders, reportedly to halt the use of tunnels from Gaza.According to Ynet, the wall will be dug to a depth of several dozen meters underground and will also be built above it.It will stretch along the 60 miles of the southern border around the Gaza Strip, and will cost NIS 2.2 billion (approx $570 million)." ca 17/6/2016
Palestinian prisoners struggle against sanctions while separated from their families at RamadanSamidoun - The Prisoners’ Affairs Commission emphasized the importance of supporting prisoners’ families during Ramada, noting that for Palestinian prisoners, their life is not eased during Ramadan but rather face sanctions and repression inside the prisons. They noted that imprisonment is particularly painful when prisoners know their families are gathering together in celebration together, and they are kept apart.-rh15/6/2016
`Ramadan Tov`: How to stop funding Israel`s occupation: A new BDS campaign to encourage Palestinians to boycott Israeli goods in Ramadan and afterwardsZena Tahhan - Aljazeera - Entitled "Ramadan Tov" - meaning "Happy Ramadan" in Hebrew - the campaign has brought together a majority of the local Palestinian boycott movements for the first time under the umbrella of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) group. It aims to encourage Palestinians to boycott Israeli products, food items in particular, during Ramadan, and afterwards. The targets are the biggest Israeli food companies including Jafora, Tnuva, Strauss and Osem. The face of the campaign is an Israeli soldier in his distinguishable green uniform serving a tray of popular Israeli food products regularly consumed by Palestinians during the holy month.-rh 15/6/2016
The End of the Old Israel : How Netanyahu Has Transformed the NationAluf Benn - Foreign Affairs - Israel—at least the largely secular and progressive version of Israel that once captured the world’s imagination—is over. Although that Israel was always in some ways a fantasy, the myth was at least grounded in reality. Today that reality has changed, and the country that has replaced it is profoundly different from the one its founders imagined almost 70 years ago. Since the last elections, in March 2015, a number of slow-moving trends have accelerated dramatically. Should they continue, they could soon render the country unrecognizable.-rh15/6/2016
Forget Diplomacy. Both Netanyahu and Abbas Need Some Serious TherapyJane Eisner - Forward - But here you have Rice reminding that the “situation on the ground is tense. You have violence at a heightened level. You have incitement. You have intensified settlement activity and home demolitions. You have actions taken that are not conducive to a two-state solution.” She could not have been clearer, but Israeli and Palestinian leaders do not seem to see what she and so many others see. Fear of the future has led to the paralysis of the present. If the most skilled diplomats in the world can’t get the two sides together, then maybe those who best understand and treat the psychosis of denial should step in.-rh 15/6/2016
When fear of terror affects Arabs` livelihood Gad Lior and Telem Yahav - Ynet News - With conspicuously greater frequency, Jewish customers, affected by the fear of terror, demand that companies refrain from sending Arab workers to their homes. Many business owners and commercial organizations are facing this request which is particularly commonplace in fields such as paint and renovation companies employing Arabs, on goods transfer companies, on gardening companies, cleaning businesses and the like.-rh 15/6/2016
Palestine hopes to join Interpol this fallDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - Gen. Adnan al-Damiri, a spokesman for the Palestinian police, told Al-Monitor that joining Interpol will improve the security situation in Palestine and at the same time help strengthen Palestinian efforts at state building. He said, “We need Interpol to stop many cases of people fleeing justice and to extradite those criminals who have fled Palestine.”-rh 15/6/2016
Testimony of one of the latest attacks against Gaza’s fishermen Interview - International Solidarity Movement - ""I’m responsible for providing for my family, we are 21 members… Now no one is providing for us, as I’m injured and they took our boat and motor. How I can work now without a boat?”" - id 15/6/2016
Palestinian prisoner placed in admin. detention — after serving 15 years Ahmad al-Bazz - +972 - "Administrative detention is a procedure that Israel uses to imprison detainees based on secret evidence, without charging them or allowing them to defend themselves at trial. Administrative detention orders may be renewed indefinitely." - id 15/6/2016
Israel puts Palestinian prisoner advocate in administrative detentionEdo Konrad - +972 - Hasan Safadi, who works as media coordinator for Addameer, an NGO that supports Palestinian prisoners in both Israeli and Palestinian prisons, was set to be released from detention on June 10 by order of Jerusalem’s Magistrate’s Court, after paying NIS 2,500 in bail and obtaining third-party guarantees. Later the same day, however, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman signed an administrative detention order against Safadi, effectively overriding the court’s decision. [bz]14/6/2016
Painting in a refugee camp, dreaming of the seaLinda Paganelli - The Electronic Intifada - Albaba takes up the Palestinian who lived on the coast before the Nakba, and wound up in a refugee camp, cut off and forbidden from accessing the sea. [bz]14/6/2016
Detention of Palestinian circus performer extended despite international outcryMaan - Israeli authorities ruled to extend Muhammad Faisal Abu Sakha’s remand for another six months from June 13 until Dec. 12, in addition to the six months he has already served in administrative detention -- Israel’s controversial policy of internment without trial or charge. According to prisoner’s rights group Addameer, a confirmation hearing for the ruling is scheduled for June 15, during which a military judge may confirm, limit, or cancel the administrative detention order. [bz]14/6/2016
Review `The Way to the Spring`Rayyan Al-Shawaf--`The Way to the Spring` is a sobering look at Palestinian life and resistance in the West Bank dn11/6/2016
Israel Boycott Has Staying PowerSteven Salaita - The Chronicle of Higher Education - We can debate ad nauseam the probity of academic boycott, but it would be more useful to address the problems of repression and occupation that spurred the boycott movement to begin with.-rh 9/6/2016
Rep. Keith Ellison draws attention to Israeli apartheid in tweet on Palestinian life under occupation Ben Norton - Salon - Rep. Keith Ellison shared a photo on Twitter on Thursday that refers to Israel’s illegal military occupation of the Palestinian territories as apartheid. Ellison, a Democratic congressman representing Minnesota, said he took the photo as he walked down a segregated street in Hebron, a city in the occupied West Bank. It shows a sign reading: “Caution: This was taken by Israel. You are entering apartheid.”-rh 9/6/2016
Khalida Jarrar freed – Palestinian leftist leader calls for action to liberate Palestinian prisonersSamidoun - Arrested in a pre-dawn raid by Israeli occupation soldiers who raided her home on 1 April 2015, Jarrar was first ordered to administrative detention without charge or trial. Following an international outcry, Jarrar was charged in the Israeli military courts with 12 charges based entirely on public political activity, including giving speeches, attending events, and expressing support for Palestinian prisoners and their families. She was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, in addition to a suspended sentence and a fine.-rh8/6/2016
Palestinian children behind bars: 14-year-old sentenced to over 6 years, visits denied, exorbitant finesSamidoun - Palestinian children continue to be targeted for collective punishment and harsh sentences, as 14-year-old Muawiya Alqam was sentenced to six and one-half years in Israeli occupation prisons and fined 26,000 NIS (approximately $6,750).-rh8/6/2016
Netanyahu Frets Over How To tackle French Peace PlanJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - Part of the reason for bringing Mr Lieberman into the government was to provide more diplomatic wriggle room. With Mr Lieberman cementing Mr Netanyahu’s credentials with the far-right, he is now free to spout vague platitudes about peace knowing that his coalition partners are unlikely to take him at his word and bolt the government. But while the domestic front has been secured, rumbles of dissent reverberate abroad.-rh 8/6/2016
To Israel, being “from Gaza” is a crime Ahmed Masoud - The Electronic Intifada - "Not only did Israeli soldiers deny me entry but they were shocked to see someone like me trying to visit the rest of Palestine. Imagine that you are from Manchester or somewhere else up north and tried to fly into London and were told that you were “a northerner, you can’t come here.”" - id 8/6/2016
Interview with mother of youngest Palestinian prisoner’s mother Action Alerts - International Solidarity Movement - "The police took the boys to the Masqubiya interrogation centre. They were interrogated alone, without a legal representative or family member present. The boys were shouted at, beaten and given electric shocks. The interrogators made the boys strip, poured cold water on them then put the air conditioning on to cold." - id 8/6/2016
Adalah calls for return of confiscated Gaza fishing boats Adalah - Adalah wrote to newly-installed Defense Minister Lieberman, demanding the return of boats and equipment, worth tens of thousands of shekels recently confiscated by the Israeli navy from Palestinian fishermen off Gaza. In five incidents, recorded by the The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza, Israeli navy vessels opened fire on or near the fishing boats, ordered the fishermen to remove their clothes, and then detained them a day or two for interrogation, and confiscated their boats and equipment. [ak] 7/6/2016
Families who manage to get the permits are allowed to visit once every three monthsIsra Namey-- Gaza Strip - Eight-year-old Yousef al-Najjar sits quietly on the bus, his hands folded, eager to see his father for the first time. It is 4am, and Yousef`s mother has taken him to visit his father, who is serving a 23-year term in Rimon, a notorious Israeli military prison in Israel`s southern Negev Desert. "I am yearning for a glimpse of my dad," said the boy. Yousef`s father was detained in the occupied West Bank and convicted of having links with the Palestinian resistance groups. dn 5/6/2016
No room for Palestinians at Tel Aviv Pride ParadeFady Khoury - +972 "Until the Israeli LGBTQ community truly begins caring about Palestinian oppression, Palestinian queers will have to keep checking our identity at the door...The parade in Tel Aviv, like Oriented, brands Tel Aviv — whether directly or as a byproduct of partial presentation — as a safe, tolerant, and free city. Israeli propaganda groups (“hasbara”) abroad often speak explicitly of Tel Aviv’s uniqueness regarding the Palestinian LGBTQ community as well. But despite this narrative, issues that Israeli queers face in a safe and secure Tel Aviv never resemble those of Palestinians, queer or otherwise, for whom Tel Aviv is far less safe and secure." ca3/6/2016
Family: Israeli forces to release PFLP MP Khalida Jarrar on FridayMa`an News Agency - "Jarrar, an executive committee member of the PLO and leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was detained on April 2 from her home in Ramallah and initially sentenced to six months of administrative detention -- internment without trial or charge.However, international pressure later forced Israeli authorities to bring charges against her, all 12 of which focused on her political activism." ca3/6/2016
Rubble and dust: 
How EU keeps failing PalestiniansHagai El-Ad - Euobserver - All over the occupied West Bank, one can practically taste the dust in the air: since January 2016 some 300 Palestinians homes and structures have been bulldozed by Israeli authorities. Hundreds have lost their homes to such demolitions, more than half of them children. This cruelty is not random: it is part of a broader strategy by Israel to push Palestinians out of parts of their homeland and further fragment their lands.-rh 1/6/2016
Palestinians get ready for hard-line Liberman as defense ministerAdnan Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - Liberman’s appointment sparked several Palestinian reactions. While Hamas deemed his appointment as a sign of increasing racism and extremism in Israel, Fatah said the appointment is like a bugaboo scaring Palestinians given the empty threats he makes in the media. For its part, Islamic Jihad stressed that Liberman`s appointment is proof of the rising fascism among Israeli leaders.-rh 1/6/2016
Army Invades Palestinians Agricultural Lands In Northern Gaza IMEMC News - "The Israeli army conducts daily invasions into Palestinian lands, in border areas in the northern and eastern parts of the coastal region, and prevents the villagers from entering them." - id 1/6/2016
IDF: Secret intel shows Hamas lawmaker is ... a member of Hamas Haggai Matar - +972 - "Israel is currently holding over 600 Palestinians in administrative detention, according to Palestinian prisoners’ rights group Addameer and Israeli human rights group B’Tselem." - id 1/6/2016
Interview with the wife of the Palestinian prisoner Mohamed Najeeb Nazal, recently kidnapped in an Arab country and handed to Israel Gaza-team - International Solidarity Movement - "But things were just going to get worse, till “finally on the 26th of January we were informed that he was under interrogation in Ashkelon, south Israel, where he stayed for four days before he was taken to Majedo jail. “Now we are waiting for the trial, where he will be judged under false accusations." - id1/6/2016
Israel`s stop-and-frisk law `blatant racism` : The recent legislation is a form of collective punishment towards Jerusalem and its youth, rights groups say.Zena Tahhan - Aljazeera - According to the law, soldiers can inspect any individual, in specific locations, without having to answer for their actions. This has resulted in what rights groups describe as "openly racist" treatment towards Palestinians who are being body searched, sometimes aggressively, based solely on their appearance. "Any Palestinian who is passing by is subject to being searched. Israeli soldiers would make them stand from between 15 minutes to an hour. It is not just that they search them - but the way they are being searched is humiliating," said Nisreen Allayan, the lawyer for the East Jerusalem project at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.-rh 29/6/2016
Ramadan soup kitchen offers brief respite to Gaza`s poorSakher Abou El Oun - The Daily Star - In her modest home in the Gaza Strip, Sahar Sherif’s family watches as she ladles out a broth of meat and vegetables for a rare heart-warming meal.For just a month of the year, a soup kitchen in the Palestinian enclave is offering struggling families like Sherif’s a welcome break from daily worries about where they will find their next meal.-rh29/6/2016
The racial profiling Trump so admires doesn`t even work in IsraelAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Does screening really serve the fight against terror, or do the humiliation and discrimination sow hatred and alienation that generate fury and violence? Can Israel, as Trump said, serve as a success story of the racial screening model, or is the conservative millionaire perhaps like a doctor who prescribes medication that worsens the condition of his patient?.-rh 29/6/2016
Youngest administrative detainee Hamza Hammad ordered to four more months in prison without chargeSamidoun - The Israeli administrative detention order against Palestinian boy, Hamza Hammad, was renewed on Monday, 27 June for an additional four months. Hammad, 16, from Silwad near Ramallah, has been imprisoned without charge or trial on the basis of secret evidence since 28 February 2016.-rh29/6/2016
Israel’s killer bureaucracy Refaat Alareer - The Electronic Intifada - This is the story of my cousin Awad Alareer, who died because Israel imposes severe restrictions on Palestinian patients seeking medical treatment outside the Gaza Strip, especially in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem." - id "29/6/2016
Israeli Forces Fire on Palestinian Farmers IMEMC - "Due to the high frequency of the attacks, live fire often goes unreported." - id 29/6/2016
Water cuts heat up tensions in the West Bank Associated Press - Ynet - "Israel admits it`s been forced to cut water supplies to the parched area, saying that nearby Jewish settlements have also been affected. But Palestinian areas appear to have been hit much harder, and both sides are blaming each other. 29/6/2016
Emad Khalil’s story as a Gazan worker in Israel Israel/Palestine Mohammed Saleem - Mondoweiss "Skin tanned and hands calloused from working forty-two years under the sun, Emad Khalil, a sixty-one year old retired laborer, sits in front of me. For thirty of those years, he worked in Israel. His story documents a tremendous change in attitude and policy towards Palestinian freedom of movement, employment opportunities, healthcare, and relations between Palestinians and Israelis. " ca24/6/2016
Palestine’s ‘prayer for rain’: How Israel uses water as a weapon of warRamzy Baroud - Ma`an News Agency "Entire communities in the West Bank either have no access to water or have had their water supply reduced almost by half.This alarming development has been taking place for weeks, since Israel`s national water company, “Mekorot”, decided to cut off -- or significantly reduce -- its water supply to Jenin, Salfit and many villages around Nablus, among other regions." ca24/6/2016
Israeli Soldiers Injure A Palestinian Near BethlehemIMEMC News - "Israeli soldiers invaded, late on Thursday evening, Doha town, west of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and shot a young Palestinian man, during clashes that took place following the invasion.Medical sources said a young man, 21, was shot with a live round in his leg, and was moved to a local hospital, suffering a moderate injury...Israeli soldiers have kidnapped, earlier on Thursday, at least ten Palestinians, in different parts of the occupied West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem." ca 24/6/2016
Ramadan 2016: Israel `cuts off water supply to West Bank` during Muslim holy monthPeter Yeung - Independent - Israel has cut off the water supply to large areas of the West Bank, Palestinian authorities have claimed. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have reportedly been left without access to safe drinking water during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a period of fasting, at a time when temperatures can exceed 35C.-rh |22/6/2016
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