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Life under occupation

Palestinians unite to rebuild housesAmanda Edmonton - AIC - Within six hours, locals donated over $25,000 dollars. A few days later, over $70,000 dollars, as well as furniture and household items, were secured for the family. Now, the Akkari family lives in a newly built apartment a block away from the ruins of their last home. [bz]30/12/2015
Israeli forces raid charity, shut down prisoners` rights groupMa`an News Agency - " Israeli forces on Tuesday ransacked the Bethlehem headquarters of the district’s Palestinian Authority-run committee for charitable work as well as a prisoners’ rights group office in Nablus, destroying and confiscating property. The treasurer of the Bethlehem charity, Mahmoud Khalifa, told Ma’an that "occupation forces broke into the headquarters at 2:40 a.m. and ravaged the place, breaking down the doors of administrative and accounting offices." Soldiers cut open two safes in the headquarters and confiscated all materials, as well as a number of files and hard discs from office shelves.Khalifa told Ma’an that the headquarters sponsors around 1200 orphans from Bethlehem-area villages, cities, and refugee camps." ca30/12/2015
In rare move, Palestinian police kick Israeli soldiers out of West Bank townAllison Deger - Mondoweiss "A group of red-beret-wearing Palestinian police scuffled with Israeli soldiers near Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ residence last week and ordered the military to leave the area of the West Bank under Palestinian security control. Footage of the December 21, 2015 incident was published by local media. It shows Palestinian presidential guards threatening Israeli forces outside of the city of Beitunia near Ramallah." ca30/12/2015
Israel to demolish Palestinian home months after alleged attackMa`an - Several demolitions have been carried out, despite past recommendations by an Israeli military committee that said the practice is not only ineffective in preventing attacks, but increases hostility towards Israel. Israeli rights group B’Tselem meanwhile condemned the practice as “court sanctioned revenge” carried out on family members who have not committed crimes, amounting to collective punishment and illegal under international law.[bz]29/12/2015
Two Palestinians Killed In The Gaza StripIMEMC & Agencies - "Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip have reported, Sunday, that one Palestinian died of wounds suffered several days ago, after Israeli soldiers shot him while working on his land, and Hamas fighter was killed in a tunnel collapse accident" [ry] 28/12/2015
Is the PLO facing a legitimacy crisis?Nigel Wilson - AlJazeera - As violence continues to grip the occupied West Bank, many say the Palestinian leadership has lost its relevance [ry]28/12/2015
Forces raid Silwan home, detain family of Palestinian killed by policeMa`an - According to the uncle, Musab had mental disabilities, and he denied statements made by police that his nephew attempted to attack an Israeli officer earlier in the day. He said Musab had left the home that morning to collect empty bottles that the young man deposits for money, as he has not been able to find employment. [bz]26/12/2015
Video: O little invasion of BethlehemTom Suarez - Mondoweiss "VIDEO: Tom Suarez’s video shows the occupation of Bethlehem as you may not have seen it before. We particularly recommend that you watch the scenes of skunk gas, a foul liquid, being sprayed indiscriminately over an urban area where demonstrators had gathered. And, at 9:30, a deeply distressing scene of two young men asking permission of soldiers to walk unharmed down a street." ca25/12/2015
Israeli Settlers Flood Hebron Lands with WastewaterIMEMC - "The inhabitants of this area suffer from the constant risk of displacement and prosecution by the Israeli army and settlers, in addition to restricting their access through shutting down the main road leading to the Khirba." - id 24/12/2015
Violence hurts Bethlehem`s Christmas tourism businessAl Jazeera - ""Every year, when we light the tree, usually there is a huge display of fireworks, but this year we will ring church bells instead," Baboun said. The bells, she added, would remind everyone "that we exist despite all the catastrophes"." - id 24/12/2015
West Bank village punished for exposing Israel’s brutalityNancy Murray - The Electronic Intifada - "For Palestinians, including children, there is no presumption of innocence and little likelihood of acquittal, given the 99.74 percent conviction rate in military courts." - id 23/12/2015
A Crushed Generation: Photography under Siege in GazaRamzy Baroud - Al Ray - "When Taghreed goes on her photography spree in Gaza City, she wears her favorite black dress and checkered headscarf. She is captivated by old people for, unlike the young, frustrated by their confinement and yet unable to channel their anger and energy, the old just set outside their homes and gaze at the passerby." - id23/12/2015
Soldiers Kidnap Ten Gaza Fishers, Woman Injured By Army Fire In Khan YounisIMEMC - "Israeli Navy ships attacked, Tuesday, several Palestinian fishing boats, close to the Gaza City shore, opened fire on them, before kidnapping ten fishers, and confiscated their boats." - id23/12/2015
After 2,000 years, Christians disappearing from GazaMatthew Vickery - USA TODAY - Although Israel rarely grants permits to leave the Palestinian territory, dozens of Christians are allowed to visit Bethlehem and Jerusalem during Easter and Christmas, and some take the opportunity to never return home. (...) “People might think we’re leaving because of Hamas, but no it’s because of ... (Israeli) policies on Gaza,” Jaber Jilder, an official with the Greek Orthodox Church said. [bz] 22/12/2015
Army Kidnaps 26 Palestinians In The West BankIMEMC News - "Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Monday, twenty-six Palestinians in different districts of the occupied West Bank, during extensive military invasions and searches of homes and property, the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported" [ry]21/12/2015
Israel threatens to demolish MAP-supported kindergarten in the Jordan ValleyMAP, Medical Aid for Palestinians - “The Israeli soldiers came to our school on 22 November in broad daylight to hand us a demolition order for the kindergarten. The children were very scared and did not understand what was happening. […] The water container you see just next to the school is fenced off and we cannot use the water. If they could, they would take away the air that we breathe” [ry]21/12/2015
Shooting of teen attackers sparks concern at Israeli use of forceJoe Dyke - Yahoo! News - “Amnesty International`s Philip Luther welcomed the probe by the justice ministry as a positive development but warned other cases did not appear to be getting the same treatment. ‘The fact that this is the first such investigation into killings by police since... October is deeply troubling, particularly given the strong indications that many Palestinians were killed when they were not posing an imminent threat to life or of serious injury,’ Luther said” [ry]21/12/2015
Medics risk lives on front lines of West Bank clashesJonathan Brown - AlJazeera - Amid a wave of violence in Israel and Palestine, dozens of medics have been injured while trying to save others [ry]21/12/2015
Palestinian dies after being shot in chest during Friday clashes in the village of Sinjil north of RamallahMa`an - Nashaat Asfour, 33, father of three and an avid fan of volleyball, could not be saved by an operation at the Ramallah hospital. (...) The use of explosive bullets, also called expanding bullets or "dum dum" bullets, is illegal under international law due to the brutal damage inflicted on the victim, as the bullets are made to splinter apart and become lodged, instead of making a clean exit through the body. [bz]19/12/2015
Video: Palestinian laborers on why they work in Israel despite checkpoints and danger Sheren Khalel and Abed Al Qaisi - Mondoweiss "Workers say they work in Israel for a variety of reason, but most point to a lack of opportunity, high unemployment and low wages in the occupied West Bank. West Bank Palestinian workers in Israel make an average of around $65 a day, more than double the average daily wage in the West Bank. However, with a high demand for work permits, which are only granted to a fraction of applicants, workers have no job security, creating dangerously helpless situations for thousands. With the onslaught of recent violence, things have only gotten worse for these men urgently trying to make a living for their families." ca18/12/2015
PPS: Ex-detainee Tells of Torture in Israeli PrisonIMEMC News & Agencies - "On his first speech after being released, Palestinian ex-detainee Waseem Marouf has asserted that Israeli forces and jailers tortured him while in their custody... PPS disrector Raed Ammar has called for trying Israeli jailers for these inhuman crimes, stressing the need to close Hawara prison, which has become a center of torture and maltreatment. Israeli forces abducted Marouf last month and released him Wednesday at night." CA 18/12/2015
The university where Israeli soldiers train on campus and shoot Palestinian protesters .Ben White - Middle East Monitor - There can’t be many universities around the world where an occupying army has built a firing range on campus. But that is the reality for Palestine Technical University in the West Bank. Since October, the Tulkarm campus has been under repeated attack by Israeli forces, with student demonstrations suppressed by rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas - and even live ammunition. In an approximately six week period, 350 students were injured by the Israeli army.-rh 16/12/2015
Hares Boys Sentenced to 15 YearsAmanda Edmonton - IMEMC - The sentencing of the Hares boys is another clear example of the way the Israeli court system functions to criminalize Palestinians, without any concern for due process or any notion of justice. The Israeli military court system convicts 99.7% of the Palestinians that come before it.-rh 16/12/2015
Hungry Warrior: The Untold Story of Hana ShalabiDr. Ramzy Baroud - Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency Report - "I interviewed Hana recently, through a series of discussions that extended for hours, trying to understand what compelled her to risk her life to obtain conditional freedom in Gaza." - id16/12/2015
Five Palestinian teens blackmailed into accepting 15 years prison term and exorbitant ‘fines’ for a crime that never happenedReports - ISM - "There was never any evidence of the boys’ guilt but it is sadly a reality in the Israeli military court system that does not comply with due process and convicts Palestinians at a 99.7% rate." - id 16/12/2015
Demolished, Rebuilt and Razed Again: A Bedouin Community Left Without Shelter Gideon Levy and Alex Levac - Haaretz - Two months ago, the villagers began preparing their homes for winter, spreading gravel on the dirt road to Al Hadidya, to allow access on days when rain turns the trail into a muddy quagmire. The children have to be driven to school, water tanks have to be brought in for both people and sheep (...) On November 15, troops of the Civil Administration arrived and handed the villagers a “stop-work order” for the road. The villagers’ lawyer was able to get implementation of the order postponed until December 31, but on November 25, the Civil Administration brought a bulldozer to the site and destroyed part of the trail, which is now a heap of gravel. On November 26, Israel Defense Forces and Civil Administration jeeps arrived with two bulldozers and embarked upon the demolition of the little enclave itself. [bz]15/12/2015
Five Palestinian Teens Blackmailed Into Accepting 15 Years Prison Term and Exorbitant `Fines` for a Crime That Never HappenedPRESS RELEASE by Free The Hares Boys campaign - It is with great sadness and anger that we hereby inform you of the outcome of the Hares Boys case: the five teenagers are being sentenced to 15 years in prison and are to pay a total of NIS 150,000 (~US $39,000 or €35,000) to the Israeli authorities. Failure to provide the exorbitant sum would, it is implied, result in more years of prison added to the boys` sentences. Ali Shamlawi, Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Suleiman, Ammar Souf, and Tamer Souf have been kept in prison for 2 years and 8 months and are now being sentenced for a crime that never happened. The five teenagers (16-17 years old at the time) from the village of Hares (Salfit governorate, West Bank, occupied Palestine) were kidnapped from their homes by the Israeli army in March 2013. dn13/12/2015
Palestinian Family Buries Second Child in 6 Weeks MAAN--A Palestinian family in Hebron on Friday buried its second child to be killed by Israeli forces in the last two months, locals told Ma’an. dn13/12/2015
Israel attacks West Bank college twice in one week Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada - Nine Palestinians were shot Thursday as Israeli soldiers tried to suppress a protest on the campus. On Monday, five students had to be hospitalized for gunshot wounds. Known as Kadoorie, the university has been subject to a series of such attacks since early October, when students began organizing marches against the Israeli occupation. The Israeli army’s presence in Kadoorie amounts to a violation of the 1993 Oslo accords, Kadoorie being in Area A which is supposed to be under full Palestinian control. [bz]12/12/2015
Israeli Soldiers Occupy Palestinian House to Set Up Military BaseInternational Solidarity Movement Report - IMEMC "For the last 15 days the family of Abu Shykri Al-Atrarshi have had no access to the top two floors of their house, which was illegally taken over by the IThe soldiers never leave the apartment empty, but a few times per day there is a shift change. This happens at different times every day so there is no knowing when, and the soldiers move in and out as they please. This means there can be soldiers moving throughout the building at any time, terrifying the family- especially the young children who no longer dare to leave the house on their own.sraeli occupation forces and where they set up a military base...The soldiers never leave the apartment empty, but a few times per day there is a shift change. This happens at different times every day so there is no knowing when, and the soldiers move in and out as they please. This means there can be soldiers moving throughout the building at any time, terrifying the family- especially the young children who no longer dare to leave the house on their own." CA11/12/2015
Israeli settlers prevent Hebron children from reaching primary schoolMa`an News Agency - "Bassam Tahboub said Anat Cohen, a well-known extremist who frequently harasses Palestinian residents in the area, first "attacked" the school children, "preventing" them from reaching Qurtuba middle school. Following Cohen`s initial attack, other extremists reportedly joined in and began cursing and scaring the children. Instead of attempting to continue to school, the children decided to turn back and head home, Tahboub said.Hebron’s city center is home to some 800 notoriously aggressive Israeli settlers, who live under the protection of thousands of Israeli forces, surrounded by more than 30,000 Palestinians." ca11/12/2015
What does it say when the IDF is the sanest voice in Israel?Yoni Mendel - +972 - The latest phenomenon reveals that both the army and the security establishment know that while the gut thinking of people like Netanyahu and Herzog might win elections, it is not good for the citizens of Israel. Palestinians live under occupation, and there is nobody who knows this better than the power hat occupies them: the commanders of the Central Command, which has been in control of the West Bank since 1967. They know that Palestinians in Al-Fawar refugee camp are desperate and frustrated.-rh10/12/2015
5 Signs That Benjamin Netanyahu`s Split With Israel Security Chiefs Is a CrisisJ.J. Goldberg - Forward - Netanyahu and his allies generally believe that the Palestinian terror wave, which began in October, is fueled by deep-seated hatred of Israel and Jews, with incitement by Palestinian leaders providing the spark. Most believe that only iron-fist tactics will restore calm. But Israel’s intelligence agencies maintain that while incitement plays a role, the young attackers are driven as much or more by frustration over the circumstances of their lives — personal, economic and national.-rh 9/12/2015
Will Israel`s military intervene in the West Bank?Adnan Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - Abdel Sattar Qassem, a political science professor at An-Najah National University in Nablus, told Al-Monitor, “A wide-scale invasion would further complicate the situation and would not calm the intifada, as the Palestinian attacks are individual attacks. The invasion of the West Bank would not allow Israel to either define the goals [of the attacks] or provide prior information about the perpetrators.”-rh 9/12/2015
What took Israel so long to arrest Douma murder suspects?Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Now... it has been reported that the Shin Bet has arrested several people suspected of being implicated in that arson attack. The gag order was (partially) lifted due to petitions from Israeli news outlets as well as a myriad of rumors that flooded social media. Identifying the suspects by name remains prohibited, as is the disclosure of any information about the locality they live in. The laconic information that was released for publication suggests that the Shin Bet apparently still does not have sufficient evidence to bring those suspects to trial.-rh9/12/2015
Former member of Jewish terror group wounded in West Bank shootingMa`an News - Shaul Nir, a former member of the Jewish Underground, a group which carried out a string of terror attacks in the 1980s, was seriously to moderately wounded in the shooting near Tulkarem, and his wife, Rachel Nir was lightly wounded. Shaul, along with three other members of the group, was sentenced to life after being convicted of a 1983 shooting attack on the Islamic College of Hebron, which killed three students and wounded 33. His sentence was later reduced, and Shaul was released.-rh9/12/2015
Number of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons doublesCharlotte Silver - EI - "The girls live in constant fear and avoid sleeping, the group says. The three are being held in a filthy cell with two bunk beds, a blanket and a mattress. Israel Prison Service guards confiscated the girls’ warm clothes and headscarves, and keep them shackled during their recreation period." - id 9/12/2015
Surgeon: "Malek Was Shot In The Head With A Hollow-Point Bullet"IMEMC - "...the Israeli bullet that killed the teen in the Deheishe refugee camp, in Bethlehem, is a new type of internationally banned hollow-point bullets, which expand upon impact." - id 9/12/2015
Palestinian teen jailed for six days on trumped up chargesMichael Salisbury-Corech - +972 - "Ahmed sat in jail for six days after being accused of trying to attack soldiers with a knife. How many other Palestinians are sitting in jail because of planted evidence?" - id 9/12/2015
Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian teen slain in DuheishaMa`an - Malik Akram Shahin was killed when large numbers of Israeli forces stormed Duheisha camp in the early hours of Tuesday, detaining a number of local residents and delivering summons to others. The left-wing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine later said that Shahin had been one of its supporters. The group said in a statement that he fell "during fierce clashes with Israeli troops who raided the camp to detain young men affiliated to the PFLP." [bz]8/12/2015
If only the army could investigate soldiers who harm PalestiniansYossi Gurvitz, written for Yesh Din - +972 - When it comes to prosecuting its own soldiers, it seems the military investigation system is set up to allow the IDF to dodge accountability [ry]7/12/2015
Silencing Hebron: Israel closes Arab radio stations accused of inciting terrorBen Lynfield - The Independent - Israel insists Palestinian media is stoking the unrest that has left 19 Israelis, one American and 101 Palestinians dead since 1 October [ry]7/12/2015
`Palestinian children live in trauma without end`Creede Newton - AlJazeera - Chronic warfare in the Gaza Strip is leaving a generation of children with post-traumatic stress disorder [ry]7/12/2015
Within an hour two Palestinians killed by the IOFPNN - Palestine News Network - "Another Palestinian was shot and killed by the Israeli occupation forces this Friday afternoon, after the IOF claimed he run over Israeli soldiers." - id 4/12/2015
Many injured during the friday protests in GazaPhoto Story - International Solidarity Movement - "In total, 42 were injured in the Gaza Strip today, most of them by live ammunition shot by snipers. At least one is in serious condition." - id 4/12/2015
Siegman says Palestinians are turning to violence ‘to achieve freedom and self-determination’ Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Henry Siegman has an important piece up at the Nation in which he explains the recent Palestinian violence as a natural political response to an unending occupation.-rh 3/12/2015
West Bank water crisis puts Palestinians in firing zone – in picturesJovita Sandaite - The Guardian - Awdeh rests while minding his sheep about 3km from his village. Twice a day, the herd must be taken to graze in an Israeli ‘firing zone’ – a closed military zone used for training. Israeli restrictions on building and access to water in the occupied Palestinian territories have long been a source of intense resentment.-rh2/12/2015
Palestinian teen shot dead after alleged knife attack in Gush EtzionMa`an News - A Palestinian teenage boy was shot dead by Israeli forces in the illegal settlement bloc of Gush Etzion on Tuesday morning after he allegedly attempted to attack a settler with a knife, Israel`s army said. The Palestinian was identified as 16-year-old Mamoun al-Khatib from the village of Doha in Bethlehem district.-rh2/12/2015
Hebron radio stations closed for `exercising incitement`Daoud Kuttab - During November, the Israeli army confiscated broadcasting equipment and closed three Palestinian radio stations in the Hebron area. While the unprecedented move coincided with the increase in anti-Israeli attacks in the Hebron area, this action against private media reveals a change in Israeli policy.-rh 2/12/2015
Key suspect makes last-minute insanity plea over burning to death of Palestinian teenager that started Gaza WarIndependent - A Jerusalem court has convicted two Israeli youths over the killing of 16-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was burned to death in east Jerusalem. The court delayed the verdict against a third suspect in the case, 31-year-old Yosef Haim Ben David, following a last-minute insanity disorder plea.-rh 2/12/2015
Illegal Israeli settlers threaten to burn a family of 11International Solidarity Movement - The settlers, some of whom were armed with rifles, were standing within 100-150 metres from the family’s house when they were yelling at the family. The illegal settlers were threatening the family with facing the same end as the Dawasheh family, referring to a previous attack this year where a settler firebombed a Palestinian family. 18 month old Ali Dawasheh was burned alive and both his parents later succumbed from the arson attack, leaving 4 year old Ahmed as the only surviving member of the family.-rh2/12/2015
Month in Photos: Unabating violence, fighting for a better futureActivestills - +972 - "More than 6,000 Palestinians and over 80 Israelis were injured, and 1,195 Palestinians including 177 underage children were arrested." - id 2/12/2015
Israeli forces invade homes and threaten families with nine children in Deir IstyiaFeatures - International Solidarity Movement - "They don’t know if the goal is to take over their land or just to try to make their lives so unbearable that they will themselves decide to move from the land on which they have been living peacefully for many generations." - id 2/12/2015
‘Major development’ reported in Jewish terror probeStuart Winer - The Times of Israel - There has been a dramatic development in an ongoing investigation into a terror attack allegedly carried out by Jewish extremists, Israeli media outlets reported Monday, although details of the case were placed under a strict gag order. The case has been at the center of a joint Israel Police and Shin Bet security service operation in recent months, Channel 2 television said. [ak] 1/12/2015
Supreme Court cancels punitive demolition of Palestinian homeTelem Yahav - Ynet - The Supreme Court canceled the demolition order on the family home of Nur al-Din Abu Hashayeh, the Palestinian who stabbed soldier Almog Shiloni to death near a train station in south Tel Aviv in November 2014. In earlier verdicts, the judges ruled that it is principle legal to punish an entire family for the act of one of its members, if such an act would "help create a deterrence",and they already approved several demolition orders. However, in this specific case, In their opinions on the decision, Judges Meni Mazuz and Zvi Zylbertal pointed to the fact that the rapid carrying out of orders such as these is central to fair and correct administration, and that such a long delay "undermines the intended deterrent effect of the home demolitions" - and therefore, they rejected the state`s request. [ak]1/12/2015
Army kills a Palestinian teen south of BethlehemIMEMC - Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian teen, sixteen years of age south of Bethlehem. Palestinian medical sources identified the slain teen as Ma’moun Raed al-Khatib, 16 years of age, from Doha in the Bethlehem district. According to the army, al- Khatib “approached a settler with the intention to stab him,” when a soldier shot and injured him. He was then left bleeding on the ground, and died of his wounds. Palestinian medical sources identified the slain teen as Ma’moun Raed al-Khatib, 16 years of age, from Doha in the Bethlehem district. [ak] 1/12/2015
19-year old Palestinian girl shot and killed after alleged attack near TulkaremMa`an - An Israeli military officer shot and killed a 19-year-old Palestinian woman at a checkpoint east of Tulkarem on Tuesday, saying that she had attempted to stab him.The Red Crescent initially estimated the woman to be around 15 years old. However, a Palestinian family later identified her from photos circulating social meda as their 19-year-old daughter, Maram Ramiz Hassouna, from Rafidia in Nablus. The family told Ma`an that she had spent a year in Israeli custody after she was charged with attempting to stab an Israeli soldier at the same checkpoint two years ago. [Israeli media, taking for granted the veracity of the army`s version, asserted that she had tried to use an ax. ak]1/12/2015
Israeli police stop workers from repairing Al-Aqsa Mosque water leakMA’AN NEWS AGENCY - Israeli police forces on Wednesday prevented workers from repairing a water leak in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and threatened to detain workers, head of the Ministry of Endowment`s Jerusalem department said. Azzam al-Khatib said Israeli police also seized identity papers of a ministry employee during the incident.-rh 17/12/2015
ACT NOW ! Put an end to the ‘Closed Military Zone’ in Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street, HebronInternational Solidarity Movement - The `closed military zone`, first declared on November 1st 2015, was designed to include Palestinian neighborhoods while excluding adjacent illegal Israeli settlements. This discriminatory closure is being upheld by continuously renewed `military orders` that lack official signatures or stamps. Palestinian residents were forced to register with the army or else risk being barred from their homes, while Israeli settlers are free to roam the streets without being stopped. “This is yet another step in pushing Palestinians out of Tel Rumeida and Shuhada street”, says Jenny, from the ISM team in al Khalil.-rh 16/12/2015
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